Kiss & Tell
By:  Katherina Rosellini 


Code:  P/T 

Rated:  P/G 

October 2001 

Synopsis:  Did anyone wonder what happened after Tom kissed the Doc in "Renaissance Man"?  Well I did too.  This is a short little piece I came up with last night after watching it on tape. 

Paramount owns everything Startrek...but it's fans. 

Thank you to Brigid and BR (B&B).  Thanks for taking the time to humor the unemployed. 

                                                 Kiss & Tell 

"Oh, what I would have given to be a fly on the wall," chuckled Chakotay. 

"You and me both," said Harry. 

"Well take it from me, the proverbial fly, it was a sight to see," said the Captain, while trying to control her laughter. 

"You know?" B'Elanna started, "I should really be upset with all of you.  Laughing at my husband's expense." 

"B'Elanna, we don't mean anything by it.  It's just that I keep picturing him kissing the Doc and...." Harry's laughter started to bubble up just as the butt of their joke entered the mess hall. 

"Hey," said Tom, "What's so funny?" 

Without thinking, Harry said, "Nothing...Sweetheart." 

"Sweetheart, huh?" Tom gave B'Elanna a questionable look. 

While everyone else around the table took drinks out of their cups, or coughed to cover up their snorts of laughter. Harry tried to apologize for his last comment. "Oh...ummm...I meant to say Tom." 

"That's okay, Harry," said B'Elanna, "it must've been a slip of the tongue." Tom could hear the roar of laughter even after the mess hall doors closed behind him. 

The End