Fire and Ice
By Katherina Rosellini

Rated:  PG

Date: September 2001

Code: P/T

Synopsis:  A fun little drabble told from Tomís POV about the things he loves when he and BíElanna fight.

Thanks to you know who.  I posted mine, now you post yours.

Fire and Ice

The defiant look you get in your eyes.
The way your nostrils flare.
Your tight little fists.
Your heaving chest.
The way your pulse throbs at your temple.
The veins bulging in your neck.
The huskiness in your voice when you swear at me in Klingon.
The tension in your spine.
Your frustration.
The way your cheeks get that certain glow.
Your pacing, back and forth.
The way your hair flies wildly around your face.
Your submission.
That final moment when you realize that you've let your Klingon side get the best of you...again.
The moment we make up.

The End