Title: Hitting The Deck
Author: RoseKira@aol.com
Series: VOY Rating: PG
Disclaimer: ST:VOY and all related characters owned by Paramount Studios. Nocopyright infringement intended.
Summary: A post-Endgame drabble. Every new fathers supposed reaction, Starfleet style.

"Ah, Mr. Paris. Come to meet your daughter?" Looking up from his tired patient, Voyager's doctor bit back the cheer from his voice. 


"Daughter, Tom. Our daughter." B'Elanna Torres urged, smiling blearily.

The pilot approached the biobed with stunned trepidition. "She's here?

"I promise."

Paris rubbed his neck, staring down at the tiny bundle. "She's..."

"Hold her?"

"Hold her? Now?" 

"You are her Daddy."

"I think I need to sit down."


Sighing, the EMH peered downward. "Mr. Paris, I'm well aware that you've been recommended exercise regimes, but this is hardly my idea of 'hitting the deck'."

The End