Title:  Unwanted Undesirable Endings
Series: Unwanted
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Unwanted alien interference causes unwanted situations to
develop, and possibly unwanted results. (See a theme here? Hehe) Part
10, following Unwanted Interference, Unwanted Changes, Unwanted
Emotions, Unwanted Turn of Events, Unwanted Challenges, Unwanted
Developments, Unwanted Tears, Unwanted Consequences, Unwanted Guilt
Rating: R
Pairing:  C/P Mysticmcknight@hotmail.com

"Unwanted Undesirable Endings"

Years of following orders, Harry started rattling off their
current condition, though he overlooked things like the gap in the
ceiling and other details.he.didn't think were important.

Chakotay established that out of the six ships that had
originally attacked, there were still three left to do some serious
damage. Half the bridge was without power and smoke filled the area,
so the ventilation pumps were not working either. Communications were
down, and the ship was still rocking from the pot shots the ships
were still dishing out.

"Jerry, like dancing you move to a rhythm.avoiding enemy fire
is the same, but you want them to guess your rhythm; in other words,
they have you figured out. Your on one, two, three, four count, left
on two and four, switch, them after three rounds, change it up again.
try it," Chakotay ordered. He never realized how sensitive he was to
Voyagers movement, but he was now, and if it could help, he would use

"Who's fixing tactical?" he shouted, hearing voices in that

"Me, Davidson and Connors" Greg shouted, not thinking he
should identify himself.

"Greg, you continue to get weapons back on line at that
station, but can you temporally shift them to Ops?"

"Yes, it'll take me a minute."

"You got thirty seconds. Davidson and Connors, here," he
snapped. He heard the two men move closer, and was suddenly aware
that Jerry had taken his advice and it was keeping the current hits
down to none. "Davidson, take the ladder, get to engineering, inform
B'Elanna that we need all none essential power directed to shields,
weapons, engines, in that order. Also, we need communications back
up, and see if she can get the vent system open, but that is the
priority `exactly' as I gave it to you, understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Go. Connors, sit here," he stated, patting the chair next to
him, then pointed in the general direction of a mini-screen, "read
it, and don't stop reading it till I tell you to.out loud if you
don't mind," he added, just in case the young man didn't understand
his function.

"Aye, sir," the young crewman said and started rattling off
the information that crossed the screen.

"Harry, is there anyplace to get a way from these guys?"
Chakotay shouted over his shoulder.

"Yes, there's a nebula about fifteen minutes away, but the
three ships are on our tail and gaining in speed, Sir," Harry
replied, mentally saying a prayer, thinking that they were in for it

Chakotay sat quietly for a moment, "Jerry, change your
rhythm, you're getting predictable," he stated solemnly, still in
thought. "Okay, make for the nebula, pull every ounce of speed you
can get out of her," he ordered. "Harry, once we're in the nebular,
what's to prevent them from coming in." he stopped when Connors read
something.he grinned. "Never mind, I know how to keep them out," he
said. "Harry you have weapon control?"

There was quiet for a second, "Yes, I have it now."

"Prepare a torpedo with a high tachyon charge. Just before we
enter the nebula, launch it."

Harry was literally about to ask why when he saw the answer
on his own screen, the charge would mix with the chemical make up of
the nebula and turn it into one large sensor blanket. Harry stopped
praying.so hard.

"Sir, we're being hailed by the enemy vessel, same one that
contacted the Captain and demanded our surrender," Harry stated.

Chakotay shifted in his seat, if looks could kill, //Mental
note to self, teach crew how to give an efficient update in a
crisis.// "Stop reading Connors. Stand next to me and whisper
descriptions of everything you see, understand?"

"Aye, sir," Connors replied, also feeling better about the
Commander's presence on the bridge.

"Okay, put it through."

Chakotay listened to Connors describe a golden egg head
shaped alien, with oval black eyes, tiny mouth, and in tacky green
and gold suite. //You did say everything,// he thought quickly.

"I see your female has been replaced.by an obese.."

//What is it with the weight thing!//  his mind
growled. "What is it you want? Why did you attack us?" "We didn't
mean you."

"It doesn't matter what you meant or didn't mean to do. You
are fair game, and as to what I want.I want you to surrender or I
will continue to force you."

"Continue in this manner, and all you'll have is a bunch of
scrap metal, I will not surrender Voyager to you or anyone," he
stated firmly, never leaving his seat. Connors was still describing
the area on the screen in grand detail.

"So, you are just as foolish as the female.? You think so

Chakotay was no longer listening to him.he was concentrating.
testing a theory, which could prove useful or a huge disaster.

"There are two other crew men, still pushing buttons." Connor
was whispering when.he stopped. "Ah.ah," he swallowed it was

"BeregNap!" the screechy voice of the alien that was talking
shouted. "What is going on?"

"Ah, sir, he's.ah, floating.in the air. Now.he's moving
toward a wall.just missing by two inches.wait, again, toward the
wall, now missing by half an inch."

"BergeNap! Someone get me down!" the alien shouted, and then
his cry for help was followed with a shout of pain.

"Ah, he hit the wall," Connors stated, and just caught the
tiny smirk on Chakotay's face.

Chakotay felt his blood pressure rising, and felt a sticky
trickle from his left ear, for he was pushing it. It was difficult to
maintain his hold, but he had too, and let this S.O.B know the
score. "Every time my ship takes a hit.so do you," he breathed out,
not sure if anyone heard it or not.

"Every time Voyager takes a hit, so do you!" Connors stated
with more confidence than Chakotay ever recalled the young man

"I will destroy you! I will.Ow!...Ow!"

True to his word, every time Chakotay felt the ship rock from
a hit or near hit, he slammed this leader into a wall; put there was
a price to his actions and he knew it.

They had originally tried cutting the link, but it had no
effect and contacted Voyager again, with the demand of surrender and
to stop this bizarre action. The other aliens seeming afraid to touch
their leader.fearful of the situation stayed away from him; at first.

"Up four feet, sir, they're trying to pull him down," Connors
stated, understanding what his commander was doing. "He's on the
ceiling, Sir."

"Power to shields, weapons and engines have increased,
Commander," Harry called out, letting him know that Davison had done
his job as did B'Elanna.

The strain was tremendous, all he could focus on was his
hold, and that if he should falter, Voyager.Tom.., he had to hold on,
though he started to wonder who would give first; but after what
seemed forever, he heard what he needed too.

"Stop.stop the attack on that ship!" the alien shouted.

Chakotay didn't relax his hold, even with the pain he was
feeling or the trickles of blood that was running down his other ear
and his nose. The Doc told him if he ever pushed it like this he most
likely would remain blind. but it was working.and Voyager was worth
it.Tom was worth it. //Tom, you're more than worth it!// letting the
thought of Tom be his streanght to continue.

"The ships have backed off, Commander," Harry shouted in
amazement and enthusiasm.it had worked.

"Nebula?" Chakotay rasped his voice strained.

"Jerry, how long to the nebula?" Connors inquired,
understanding the commander's thoughts.

"Five minutes."

"Orders.stand." He rasped with a shuttered breath, still not
relinquishing his hold.

"Put me down, I've done what you asked, you BeregNaper!" the
alien screamed.

Connors turned to Harry, "The Commander wants his orders in
reference to the nebula to stand," he stated so the aliens didn't
know what he was talking about. He saw Harry nod. "Understood, sir,"
he said out loud. "Hang in there, sir, we're almost out of this," he
whispered afterwards.

"Cut link" Chakotay whispered, wiping the sweat from his
brow, and used his sleeve to wipe the blood from his nose.

"Harry." Connors called out and gestured for Harry to close
the channel. "Done, sir."

It was a long four minutes, as Chakotay fought to hold on to
his prey.but finally.

"Torpedo away!" Harry called out.

Chakotay collapsed back into the Captain chair, feeling light
headed, nauseous, and joyous.it had worked. "The Spirits taketh and
the spirits giveth," he mumbled with a small chuckle releasing the
tension he had been feeling. The pain was less, but still present.

"We're in the nebula, sir," Jerry shouted.

"Our new sensor blanket is working like a charm, Commander,"
Harry added with pride in the man he was serving.

"How.how long can we stay here.?" he asked while gasping for

"They could search for a month and not find us," Harry
replied with confidence.

Chakotay smiled at the tone in Harry's voice. "Well, I don't
think we'll need that much time, but it's nice to know. Initiate
emergency repairs on all vital systems first." he took a deep breath,
glad that the ventilators were working, his lungs stung from the
smoke. "Ensign, till I or another senior officer arrives, you have
the bridge. Connors, you're with me," he stated, reaching out for the
young man. He felt the strong slim hand and accepted the help up and
the support. He was tempted to say "Home James, and once around the
park," something he and Tom joked about; not knowing for a whole
month what it meant till Tom explained it to him.//Tom.//

He waited till he was in the turbolift and heard the doors
close. "Sickbay. Connors, you did a hell of a job, son."

"Thanks you, Sir. But may I say.you were.amazing..sir."

Chakotay gave a small smile, and then it faded. "You were on
the bridge, what.happened?"

Ben Connors was silent for a moment, for everyone knew about
Commander Paris and his husband, and his ex-lover; though that was a
surprise, the Captain. "The enemy had come out of nowhere and we
avoided them quite nicely, for Lieutenant Paris was at the helm. But
the enemy masked the signal of one of their ships and while the
Captain was talking with the head of that bunch; attempting to make
peace, they hit us dead on. The tactical station blew up at the same
time the impact ruptured the bridge."

"The bridge was penetrated?" he asked surprised and
shaken. //Mental note to self, not only teach crew how to make an
efficient update report in a crisis, but kill Harry Kim!// his mind

"Ah, yes, Sir. It was like suddenly everything went into slow-
motion. The ship shook, the station exploded, then the breach above
the helm. Seconds; that what made the difference, Sir, seconds. Tom
held on as best he could but the force was great, then just before we
could even think, the Captain had a hold of him, but, again, Sir.
seconds. They both headed up, but the force field activated just in
the nick of time. On the other hand, they were by the ceiling and
dropped like stone, Tom landing on the Capitan, both on top of the
helm.hard. Tuvok was injured in the explosion along with others,
including Mr. Kim, but only the most serious; Tuvok, Lieutenant
Paris, and Captain Janeway were sent to sickbay before the
transporters went out.again."

Only the sound of the door opening shook Chakotay from the
horrid image his mind was creating for him as he listened to Connors
tale. He took a firmer hold of the young man's arm as he moved

"Sir, are you all right, I mean, you look paler than before?"

Chakotay simply nodded, he was too stunned to speak, and all
he wanted to do was get to sickbay.find out if Tom would be alright.

By the sounds and smells, Chakotay knew he was there even
before the doors opened and he followed Connors inside. "Where is
he?" he asked, knowing that Ben would understand his question.

"I see him on a far biobed, eyes closed, but only a thick
bandage on his head. He looks better than you do, if you don't mind
me saying, sir."

Chakotay felt relieved by this comment, "Not at the moment,
no," he replied. "Okay, get me over there."

"There you are. If I had not been so buys I would have sent a
detail to fetch you," the EMH scolded from a far. *gasp* "What in the
world happened?" he asked as his voice got closer.

Chakotay urged Connors to get him to Tom but was intervened
by the EMH and the sound of a scanner. "Get him over here," the Doc

"I think he would prefer over there, if he is going to have
to lie down," Connors stated on the Commanders behalf.

Chakotay smiled, //Mental note, reevaluate Connors for
promotion.boys got spark after all!// "I agree with him," he stated
nodding toward his escort.  Hearing the snort of disgust, he knew the
Doc had given in even before being moved to the biobed.


"Tom? Tom, are you all right," Chakotay asked, so eager to
move toward the voice, he let go of Connors and did so. He felt
strong soft delicate hands, Tom's hands, reaching out for him. He
grasped them tightly, and then moved closer, and felt strong slim
arms wrap around him.Tom was sitting up, hugging him, he was all
right. If Chakotay had not been so exhausted he would have cried he
was so relieved. "I was so worried about you," he whispered as he
continued to hug his husband.

"You were worried, I come around in sickbay to find out you
never made it here, and I'm not allowed to go find you; computer is
down.oh baby, I'm just glad you are okay. I'm." Tom leaned back and
saw the blood, "What happened?"

"I'll tell you later," Chakotay smiled, caressing the face of
the man he cared so much for. His finger took in the depth and the
angle of Tom's cheek's, his chin, the soft lips.the pounding heart
beat.the tense moment as air crackled around him.the need to reach
out and.

"Enough, Commander, your blood pressure is dangerously high,
not to mention you've ruptured both your eardrums partly.again," The
Doc said, forcing Chakotay away from Tom to lay on the
biobed. "Lieutenant Paris, you are still suffering from a server
concussion," he snapped.

"Listen Closely, Doctor," Chakotay stated in his most, `don't
mess with me' tone. "You have a choice, Captain Janeway, I, Commander
Tuvok or Lieutenant Paris, for there is one senior officer on the
bridge and they too need medical attention. So, whoever you can clear
for duty ASAP, regardless of your better judgment, do it!"

Considering the number of injured and Chakotay's tone, he
understood he had little choice in the matter. "Very well; Commander
Tuvok is scheduled for surgery as soon as I am able to do so, so."

"I'll solve your dilemma," Janeway stated in her most
tenacious tone


"I only have a minor concussion, and a broken arm, granted a
few ribs to boot, but, I am able to get the job done," she stated,
standing next to Chakotay, placing her good hand on his
shoulder. "Let me guess, you were on the bridge," she stated with a
mix of pride and disapproval in her voice.

"Hey, someone had to be," he replied lightly, reaching up and
taking her hand. Though he could not look at her directly his eyes
were still serious, "Thank you," he said in a soft voice, giving her
hand a squeeze, to let her know.he knew what she did. "Thank you."

Before Janeway could say anything, the EMH administered a
sedative, having to bring down Chakotay's pressure, and the Commander
was out like a light. She looked up at him, puzzled.

"I needed to get his pressure down, and he has a small
hemorrhage in his brain. Don't let his looks fool you, Captain,
except for Mr. Tuvok, he would be second to last I would let go back
up there. Now, if you would excuse me, since you are planning on
leaving anyway, I have work to do, Captain."

Janeway moved over to Tom and the two classed hands, a silent
exchange of thanks given and accepted. "You are to stay put and get
some rest, Lieutenant.that's an order," she smiled, then headed
out. "Connors, what's been going on?"

"Captain, it was amazing."


The next few weeks was like no other for the crew of Voyager,
for it was quickly decided that they could not leave the safety of
the nebula if the possibility that they would be greeted by hostiles
again. This meant several months of work was going to have to be
compressed into weeks.

Though Janeway had protested, more so due to health reason,
she could not sway Chakotay to stay on medical leave, short of
tossing him the brig. But, not only due to his magnificent
performance during a crisis, but because he was desperately needed,
she caved.

So, while Tom, Tuvok, Harry, and even herself were in the
trenches, doing repairs, Chakotay and his new aid decamp Ben Connors
held down the bridge. This resulted in the couple never seeing each
other, though Chakotay did get to talk with Tom from time to time,
but their schedules were full, and when Chakotay got home from a
sixteen hour shift, very much against the Doc's judgment, he barely
had enough energy to change and go to bed. Ben made sure he ate and
had plenty of nourishment. When he commented that he acted like Tom,
he stated that he was under penalty of death if he didn't do this, by
the young man in question, and even though he laughed, he knew Tom
was serious, and the Ben knew this too.

So, after three weeks, when Kathryn told him when she
relieved him of his shift that all the vital repairs were done and he
was back on medical leave.he didn't give it a second thought to
protest. He had gotten back to the cabin, stripped, got into a night
shirt, the only thing that fit comfortable, and went straight to bed.
He did recall stirring to the sound of Tom's voice, his words.pig,
slop, and too sexy for his own good .mingled in his head, then once
more he was back asleep.

Then the smell of fresh coffee and cinnamon and raisin bread
filled the air and Chakotay shifted to his side and then stretched.
Slowly he worked his way out of bed and stumbled sleepily into the
living room where he smelled breakfast, all his favorites.including
hot fresh cinnamon raison bread with lots of butter. He then heard
Tom whistling, he was in a good mood. Chakotay yawned as he smiled.

"Morning, sleepy head," Tom teased. "Feeling better?"

Chakotay yawned some more, "I could use some more sleep, but
yes, I'm feeling better. Smells wonderful Tom, did you empty our
ration account on breakfast?" he teased, making his way to the table.

"No, but we haven't used it in so long, we had quite a bit in
there. And if you need more sleep then after breakfast go back to
bed, though after a whole day."

"Are you saying I slept an entire day away?"

"Well, it was more like 32hrs, but who's counting," Tom
joked, pouring Chakotay his coffee, the only time the man like to
drink it outside of long duty shifts.

"Wow, I must have been tired."

Tom smiled warmly at his perplexed husband, then explained
what was where, for Chakotay liked to help himself.his show of
independence, and Tom didn't mind one bit. He then moved around and
started rubbing Chakotay's shoulders.

"Oh, that feels good, Tom. Perhaps you should forgo flying
and become a masseuse," Chakotay said, forgetting all about breakfast
at the moment.

"Hmm, sorry, but my talents are for a select few," Tom
stated, glad that he was making Chakotay relax, he had been overdoing
it for way too long.

"Than I thank the spirits for being among the select few,"
Chakotay chuckled. "Now, cut it out or I'll be back asleep and I'm
hunger and so is our daughter," he teased.  When he felt Tom stop and
heard his laugh he felt a sense of peace, "So, late shift?"

"No, the Captain gave me the day off, saying something about.
neglecting my husband," he laughed as he took a seat across from

Chakotay was enjoying his meal and felt an impish whim come
upon him, "Well then, how about I trade in the bed for the sofa and
you can massage my feet," he grinned wickedly and teasingly.

Tom gave a mock sigh, "I've spoiled you," he stated, trying
to suppress the laughter he felt bubbling up in his throat.

Chakotay heard the effort not to laugh, "True, but you have
no one to blame but yourself," he replied, chuckling.

The two men continued on with breakfast, and then Chakotay
gathered up is favorite blanket and a few pillows and propped himself
on the sofa, wiggling his toes, knowing that Tom was looking at him.

"You are such a brat!"

Chakotay laughed, "As the saying goes, it takes one to know
one." He then felt the sofa dip and then Tom position himself, so all
of Chakotay's legs were on his lap, covered with the blanket, and
started rubbing his feet.

"You know, it's been three weeks and we've hardly been able
to say more than five words to each other outside of ships business,"
Tom stated, his tone slightly serious.

Chakotay relaxed against the pillows that supported his
back, "Hmm, I can vouch for that," he replied enjoying Tom's


The serious concern in that one word was enough for Chakotay
to take notice and inch himself up a bit, "What's wrong?" he asked
with concern, reaching out touching tom's arm, then shifting himself,
with help, so he was now sitting, and then pulled Tom to
him. "What?"  He was surprised to feel Tom shaking.

"I.I heard what you did on the bridge."

"Tom, I did only what I had to do," he replied, hugging Tom
as best as he could.

"No.you didn't have to almost give yourself a brain
embolism," he snapped, suddenly pulling back from Chakotay though not
breaking their connection.

Chakotay could hear the pain, the anguish in Tom's voice. He
reached up Tom's arm till he found his face and caressed his
cheek, "Tom, I had to do whatever I could to see to it Voyager
survived. If our positions were reversed you would have done anything
and all you could in your power to see that Voyager survived, not
only for me and the baby, but for the crew. How could I do any less?"

"I know, Tay, it's." he sighed, and then just leaned in and
hugged the man. "I know," he added, letting Chakotay know, he did
understand, he didn't have to like it, but he understood. After a
moment it was Tom's turn to feel impish and to Chakotay's surprise,
shifted him onto Tom's lap.

"Ah! You are a glutton for punishment, I must weigh a ton,"
Chakotay shouted, half in fun half in being startled.

"No, only half," Tom teased back, hugging Chakotay even more,
but he soon had to admit, this was a bit much, and shifted some more
so Chakotay was leaning against him instead of the pillows, one of
which he got smacked in the head by Tay after the weight comment.

Chakotay laughed, then reached up and finding Tom's arm, then
his hand brought it down to his abdomen, "She takes after you," he
teased, letting Tom feel the baby shifting all over the place, and
kicking up a tiny storm.

Tom didn't think he could be happier, for he held the man he
loved in his arms and who was having his child. He leaned his
forehead on Chakotay's as he continued to watch and feel his daughter
move around. Then he felt Tay's hand had gently climbed his arm, and
now was caressing his face, his strong fingers gently stroking his
chin, his lips; it felt good, Tom closed his eyes to the sensation,
not daring to think of more.

Sweet, hot, sensuous, tender, soul searing.it was the only
words that Tom could think of.after he could think, after Chakotay's
lips gently parted from his own. He didn't know if he should, but he
couldn't stop himself, he reached down and took Chakotay's lips again
with his own, the touch expressing just how much he loved him, wanted
him, and would always be there for him. "I love you," he whispered,
his lips still touching his beloved's.

"And I love you, Tom, I really do," Chakotay replied, his
emotions no longer held back by frivolous stupidity. "You are the
best thing that has ever happened to me, Tom Paris. Though it's taken
me a hell of a lot to see this, I do, more clearly than ever before,"
he replied, still caressing Tom's face, then reaching up kissing him
once more. Tom's taste was fresh, alive, sweet and all the things
Chakotay thought love should taste like and more. He never felt so
happy, so blessed, so. "FUCK!"

Tom sat back, stunned by Tay's reaction, "What?" It took him
a moment to understand it wasn't a request or a demand, Chakotay was
grimacing in pain. "Tay, what's wrong?"

"The baby.I don't know, it's like she's trying to punch her
way out," he gasped, still hurting.

"Computer, medical emergency beam, two, this location," Tom
ordered. In seconds the both were swept away by the beam.


"I should have known her being part Paris would make her
unpredictable," the EMH stated with mock disdain as he looked down at
Chakotay holding his daughter, born five weeks early, but strong
enough and healthy enough not to need any additional incubation.

"That's the part that makes her special," Chakotay said, his
face glowing, his smile ear to ear, as he continued to gently caress
his daughter trying to imagine what the Doc described. She had dark
hair, dark eyes and had Tom's nose and good looks along with a
caramel complexion, and supposedly his strength for even tiny she was
strong.she was beautiful.

"Well, if my part makes her special, and your part makes her
amazing, that would mean she's an extraordinary kid," Tom teased with
much pride, as he held Tay close as he sat propped on the edge of the
biobed, looking also at his daughter.

"I heard I had a new crewmember," Kathryn said as she entered
in sickbay as word reached her of Chakotay's emergency c-section. She
stopped in her tracks when her eyes graced the beautiful child in
Chakotay's arms, and the glow that would power a warp core, that came
from the little family. //Family.// she pushed the wave of regret
aside, she had her chance.she blew it, now it was time to make full
amends. She walked closer, "Oh, Chakotay, she's.she's beautiful.may

Kathryn Janeway never felt more nervous, but more determined
as she held the tiny Pairs in her arms. //though you'll never know
how sorry I am for almost keeping you from coming here, I'm glad
you're here, and I'll make sure to do my best to see to it you'll
have both your parents to watch you grow up,// she though and
promised, as she gently rocked the small five pound eight once little
girl. "So, did you ever figure out a name for her?" she asked. She
quirked a brow at Tom's face, almost guilt like.

"I can't believe it.all this time and we never." he looked at
Chakotay horrified. "Tay."

Chakotay could hear Tom's distress and took his hand, "It's
okay, she told me her name three weeks ago on my spirit walk," he
smiled. "I was on my way to tell you when all hell broke out."

"Well, don't keep me in suspense," she stated.

"Yes, I need the full name for the records," the Doc stated.

"Airiest JaO'me Paris."

"Wow, what a name full," Tom smiled and chuckled.

"Well, I think it's beautiful, does it mean anything?"
Kathryn asked, somehow knowing it had to.this was Chakotay's daughter
after all.

"Well, in many of the myths and legends that I loved as a
child, there was an Elven goddess called Airiest. She was said to not
only to be beautiful, but as alive as her domain, for she was goddess
of the wind, and said to blow good fortune and blessings to those who
believed in her. Airiest means Wind Spirit. JaO'me is a loose
translation of," he blushed for a moment, "Thomas in my language," he
said, a tiny grin on his face.

Tom was so touched he couldn't speak; he only hugged his love
with all his might, and silently let a few more tears of joy roll
down his face. "Boy, what you saddled that poor kid with," he
teased. "Wind Sprit Thomas Paris.sheesh," he teased.

"I only gave her the same blessings I received," Chakotay
replied softly, reaching up, feeling the tears, wiped them aside, and
then brought Tom's face to his own, softly kissing him. "And there is
no doubt you are one of my blessings, Tom."

Kathryn felt like an intruder as well as stunned, she saw the
love, but didn't think.well obviously once again she had a lot she
could learn from her First Officer.that reminded her, "Ah, by the
way. Since you've proven that you `can' do the job, regardless of
your sight, your request to move to a different department is
officially denied. Now, if you excuse me, I think I'll take my
liberties as Captain, and take my god daughter so she can meet her
new family who is cluttering up the halls," she smiled, then left,
taking the nosey Doc with her.


Chakotay chuckled, "The transfer was a suggestion long ago,
and no longer important. As for Kathryn being Airiest."

"AJ," Tom interjected. "She's too feisty right now for

Tay smiled, "Okay, AJ. As for Kathryn being AJ's godmother.
why not? After everything, I know she'd bend over backwards to
protect her, and though I couldn't see it, I could feel it, she's in
love with AJ already."

"Who couldn't be.she looks like you." he saw the sadness in
his love's eyes. "You'll see her soon, I just know it."

Chakotay gave a little sigh, "Even if I don't, it won't make
me any less happy, and I am happy Tom, very happy. I love you Tom

"And I love you, Chakotay Paris," he replied kissing his
husband soundly.

"Tom.?" Chakotay asked his voice breathy after the deep kiss.


"When we get settled, do you think.I mean would you.?"

"Would I what?" Tom asked, not sure what his husband wanted,
but if he could he would do it.

"Would you make love to me?"

Tom felt his heart skip, then pound into his throat, "Are
you." A deep soul searing kiss answered Tom's question of doubt;
Chakotay wanted to make love.with him. He was wrong he could be
happier. Though he didn't know what the future held for him and his
love or his daughter, today he decided was the best day in his life,
and if his love was up to it, tonight, would be the best night too.

The End