Title: Unwanted Interference
Series: Unwanted
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Unwanted alien interference causes unwanted situations to
develop, and possibly unwanted results. (See a theme here? Hehe)
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: C/J C/P?
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"Unwanted Interference"

Tom sat at the helm looking forward out the view screen
making it look like that was his focus, where in reality it was fully
behind him while his mind mused about the two sources of power that
kept Voyager going; Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. Though it
was the Commander that truly held his mind captive as was the way for
the past five years since being stuck out here in the Delta quadrant.

His mind started musing from the moment the two commanding
officers entered the bridge and the tension arrived with
them. //Seems like they are at it again,// he thought with a mixture
of sadness and delight. //Wonder which topic it was this time?// he
pondered, for through out the on/off relationship between the
Commander and the Captain over the last few years, they had
established a pattern, or at least one that Tom picked up on; though
it helped that Tom and Chakotay had become close friends and this let
him become privileged to some of the Commander's frustrations.

A thought of the Commander sent a large smile to Tom's face,
the one that if anyone really were to look at him could tell he was
in love, which he was. Then Tom gave a silent sigh, //better to have
his friendship than his disdain,// he mused while making a course
correction, something he could do in his sleep. //Though if he would
only… Oh, don't go there Tommyboy, you tried to get his attention and
he is either straight as an arrow or just not interested in you that
way; besides, have you forgotten, he thinks your with B'Elanna?// Tom
had to check himself before he made a tiny groan, for he didn't want
anyone to hear or take note that his mind was not fully on his

//B'Elanna…poor girl.// He thought as he acknowledged a
specific course change from the Captain. //You would think that by
now Donna Henley would get over her…shyness,// his mind
growled. //Though she is not the only one that has a problem with
everyone knowing they are in a relationship, Janeway is just as bad.
Over 95% of the ship is clueless and the other four point five
percent, outside of me, and the two, are unsure. Damn! I can't see
why Chakotay puts up with that? I can sort of see why B'Elanna asked
me to be her cover, even if same sex relationships are common, Donna
is still…uncomfortable, being that she's technically still married.//
Tom gave a mental sigh, it wasn't like Tom had anyone he wanted…that
he could have, so he agreed, for he was tired of playing the field,
and this led to him and Chakotay building a stronger friendship, and
that alone was worth it.

//But the Captain…? It's like she's afraid we would know she
was human, and damn, how could anyone treat him like that? She treats
him like a lapdog!// Tom's mind growled, feeling the old feelings
start to bubble up in his stomach. //He works a hundred times harder
than anyone on board, and that's defiantly saying something, and she
hardly acknowledges him, and she ignores over half of his
suggestions, and he is almost always right; but she never admits it.
Grrr, I know she's a good Captain, but still…it's not every day that
such a wonderful, loving, gorgeous man as Chakotay comes along….// he
sighed, and then gave a mental cringe for doing it out loud;
thankfully no one called him on it.

He took a quick look over his shoulder and could see the
stiff postures of Chakotay and Janeway, and he had a feeling which of
the two most typical arguments they had had; one being where Chakotay
wanted to be open and upfront with their relationship, and if that
was the case, Janeway would remain sullen and aloof, as would the
Commander. Though it also could be the second, where the Commander
has asked to discuss children…that was always opening a can of worm,
especially on this ship! Not only did Janeway not want
children, "That's why I had a dog," is what Chakotay had told him one
night after a few drinks. //A dog! Sheesh, can't she see how
important family is to him?// Tom had even suggested to Chakotay to
mention that perhaps with modern technology that he carry the kid and
was surprised that the older man had done so, and Janeway had stomped
on that idea as well; "You and I are not expendable and that includes
maternity leave, plus children are a reliability that we can't
afford," was her response.

After hearing that, Tom began to wonder why Naomi was the
only child, and did a little digging, and found Janeway's order to
the EMH that all crew should be current on his/her birth control, and
that the Doc should keep the crew rotation on exams at least two
weeks ahead, so no one slips through; she was very determined not to
have any children on Voyager. //Thankfully for Sam, Janeway didn't
make her do something…// Tom let that thought go, as he heard the
Captain bark a few orders to Harry and Tuvok, sounding very
commanding. //Yep, baby issue,// he confirmed mentally. //She always
get over commanding when the topic of family is brought up,// Tom
mused, while making another course change and triple checking his
instruments. //If I thought for a second…I'd carry the kid for him,
but…// Tom gave another mental sigh, //Stop it, Tommyboy, your only
dragging out the anguish, he'll never leave her, and if and when
she's done with him, he'll be crushed.// Tom almost felt a wave of
total anger hit him, but pushed it down and recalibrated his thoughts
to his job at hand, seconds before the collision klaxon sounded.

"What the hell is going on?" Janeway shouted.

Tom looked at his instruments, "Sensors don't register
anything, but the collision klaxon just went off!" Tom replied,
bringing Voyager to a slow as fast as the ship could do safely, even
if the order wasn't given, it was a `given' that this was what he
should do.

"Get us stopped, Tom," Chakotay ordered, even if he saw the
young man was doing just that.

"Already on it, Sir," Tom replied, just before the ship
rocked as if it made impact with something, and all went black…


The sounds of moans and groans filled the bridge as Janeway
shifted in her chair, holding her head as if it would fall off. She
blinked and looked around, seeing her crew getting up from the floor
looking like they felt like she did. She then closed her eyes a
second, trying to pull herself together, glad that there didn't
appear to be any damage from her first glance.

"Where's the Commander?"

She opened her eyes at hearing Tom's cry of concern and
looked; the seat next to her was vacant. She stood up and could not
see the Commander anywhere. "Computer, location of Commander
Chakotay?" she inquired, her concern sounding in her voice.

<Commander Chakotay is in Sickbay.>

There were several puzzled expressions on how the Commander
got there, but Janeway didn't miss a beat, "Bridge to Sickbay."

It was a moment later, "Sickbay here, Captain," the EMH

"Is Commander Chakotay there and is he alright?" she

"I just came back online," The EMH stated, then there was
silence for a moment, "Ah, yes, Captain, he is here and unconscious…
I'll get back to you on his condition," the EMH stated and closed the

"Captain," Harry stated with concern.

"What is it, Ensign?"

"According to the Chronometer…we've been out for over…five

"Five hours!" She exclaimed and looked directly at Tuvok.

Tuvok checked his equipment, "I must concur that we have been
unconscious for five hours, from the evidence of the time of impact
to now."

"Just what did we hit?" she asked wanting answers.

"I have no idea," Harry replied, though his hands were
working his controls like mad in hopes of finding out.

"Captain, I've located a recorded message," Tuvok stated,
with as much surprise a Vulcan would allow him/herself.

Janeway arched a brow, "Play it."

The voice was gravelly, <Our apologies to you and your crew.
We did not know that your primitive equipment would not allow you to
detect our presence as our ship was passing. It is our law that all
life is sacred, and the loss of your Commander was not acceptable, so
we have revived him and have paid back the indiscretions two fold as
is dictated by our laws, as well as repaired your vessel. Again our
apologies, and we wish you and your kind a safe journey.> The message
ended, with no clue as to who the aliens were.

"The Commander…died?" Tom asked, feeling as if he could faint
from the thought alone.

Janeway turned to face her helmsmen, "I…guess, but he's
alright now, thankfully," she said, her reliefe showing in her eyes.

Tom nodded, but felt another wave of anger, for he could have
sworen that her concern was more for the Commander being well instead
of Chakotay. //Cold bitch,// he thought as he turned around and
checked his instruments, "We are point five of a light year from our
last position, Captain," he stated as flatly as he could.

"Get us back on course, Mr. Paris," she ordered. "I want all
departments to make a full report as soon as possible," she added.

"Sickbay to Captain Janeway"

This got everyone's attention, "Go ahead, Doctor."

"The Commander is well, though I do need you to come to

The feeling of relief could be felt on the bridge, "I'm on my
way, Janeway out." Then she looked at Tuvok, "you have the bridge,"
then headed out.


She walked into sickbay and was glad to see Chakotay sitting
up on the biobed, a bit puzzled as to why he was in a medical
jumpsuit instead of his uniform, but it was enough that he was alive
and well, and she gave him a warm smile as they locked eyes…something
was wrong.

"Ah, Captain," the EMH stated as he finished his latest scan
of the Commander and smiled as she entered.

"I'd like to tell her," Chakotay said, his voice tight and

The EMH looked at the Commander, "Very well, I'll be in my
office if you need me, and call me when you are done, I still have
some treatments that need to be rendered," and with a nod to the
Captain he left the two to talk.

Janeway was now concerned, "We received a message from some
aliens…unknown. It appears that according to them…you…died," she
said, wondering if this was what he wanted to discuss.

"Actually, we found the same message," Chakotay replied,
handing over a data pad, that contained the same exact message as the
one they received on the bridge. "It seems that they did more than…
revive me," he added, his eyes not meeting hers and his face filling
with apprehension.

"What else…?" she started to ask, but couldn't imagine what
they would have done to her First Officer.

He finally looked up at her, "I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant, the Doctor has confirmed it. I'm going to have
a child," he said, a small smile on his lips, though the apprehension
still dominated his face.

"Commander, you…you…you can't have a child," she stated as if
that alone would make this situation go away.

Chakotay just blinked at her, "Kathryn, apparently I can," he
stated, as if she didn't hear him correctly and thought she was
thinking biologically.

But Janeway understood what he said, "No, I don't mean that
you are not capable of having a child, you can't `have' a child.
Voyager can not afford to have any of her crew on maternity leave,
plus, at your age…" she sighed in exasperation.

"I know I'm not a pup, and the Doctor is concerned…?" he
stared to say, than cringed for he didn't want to mention that…yet.

"Concerned about what?" she said in a cool commanding tone,
letting him know he better be straight with her.

"That because of the alien technology they…used, the
pregnancy may be…difficult on my heart; but it's only a minor
probability," he added.

Janeway started shaking her head no, "I'm sorry, Commander,
but that's unacceptable. There is no way I can allow you to put your
life at risk, when the crew and this ship needs you. If something
were to happen to you…I'm sorry, Commander, but no."

Chakotay looked at her like she wasn't making any
sense, "What do you mean…no?"

Janeway looked up at him, here face set and her eyes
determined, "I'm saying I can't allow you to have the child,
Commander. I'm afraid you'll have to get rid of it."

Chakotay's eyes went wide, "What!" He couldn't believe she
just said that to him, "Are you nuts! I'm not getting rid of my child
for your or anyone!"


"Don't Commander me," he snapped. "I'm not going to do it!"

"Then you give me no choice, I'm ordering you to do it."

"Then I refuse."

"That was a direct order…"

"Just what is going on out here?" The EMH stated hearing the
raised voices.

"Doctor, I can not allow the Commander to carry this child,
you need to abort it," she replied in full command mode.

"There is no way in hell I'm going to let him touch me,"
Chakotay stated rising off the biobed in a defensive posture.

"Captain…" the EMH started to say but was interrupted.

"I gave you a direct order, Mister," she growled.

Chakotay was about to snap back a reply, but than remained
silent and straightened up his poster, "Computer, record, as of this
moment, I Commander Chakotay, First Officer of Voyager hereby resign
my commission, end record," then looked rather smugly at the Captain.

"You can't do that!" she shouted.

"I just did, and as a civilian you can't order me to do

"I could throw you in the brig as a Maquis traitor," she
growled at him, her anger glowing on her face.

"You Bitch! I can't believe after all these years and all
I've done for you and this crew you would have the nerve to even
think…much less…grrr," he stated, taking a seat on the biobed,
suddenly not feeling too well.

The EMH moved forward and scanned Chakotay, "That's enough,"
he stated in a firm tone. "As CMO, I am ordering you Captain to leave
sickbay, you are endangering my patient's health."

Janeway was on the warpath and when this occurred reason
tended to leave her far behind, "All civilian medical care needs to
be approved by the Captain, and I have not done so, there for you
don't have a patient," she snapped, her eyes cold with fury as she
glared at Chakotay.

"Captain, you can't be serious?" The EMH stated in disbelief.

Chakotay simply closed his eyes and took slow deep breaths, for he
knew if the Doc was concerned, it must be about his child, and he
wouldn't let anyone, including…her, do any harm. He did his best to
relax. "That's the whole problem, she is," he said in a cold quite
voice. Then he opened his eyes and slowly stood up feeling much
better, "Than I'll be going to my quarters, and before you say, I'll
start packing, and I would at least think you could be `human' enough
to allow me to find a place were I could survive and with others so I
won't be completely alone," he stated, his eyes cold and distant as
he looked at her, than he headed out, not even waiting for a reply.

"Captain, I don't know what's come over you, but surely…"

"Stow it, Doctor," she growled and turned on her heels and exited

A small ship didn't have many secrets, and soon the word was
out that the Commander had resigned, though not the reason why, only
that he would be leaving at the next viable inhabited planet. The
information came from B'Elanna who ran into Chakotay who had just
left sickbay and vented in her direction as he stormed to his
quarters, though when she asked why, he clamed up, and told her he
was sorry, and that he was placing the Maquis in her hands, since he
didn't think Janeway would look after them…then he amended his words,
and said, that wasn't true, she would care for them, it was simply
him she could never care about, and that was that.

Tom sat stunned as he sat across from B'Elanna, as she once
more relayed the turn of events as she knew them. The Maquis were
furious, but Chakotay wasn't taking any hails, and the Captain would
only comment that it was Chakotay's decision to resign, not hers…end
of story. "She can't let that happen," Tom stated, clearly upset, and
he knew that B'Elanna understood why, as did his friend Harry, for he
too knew the deal between his friends.

"Oh, she is," Harry stated, his voice also angry, "I heard
her tell Sam to keep a look out for an inhabitable planet in the

"To make matters worse," B'Elanna said, leaning forward and
brining her voice to a whisper, "I finally got him to tell me why."

Tom's eyes went wide, "Why?"

"Seems our alien `friends' decided to pay back the loss of
life…two fold," she stated.

"What does that mean," Harry and Tom inquired together.

She leaned in closer, "He's pregnant."

"What!" both men shouted, and then looked embraced as
everyone turned to look in their direction. Then they leaned in close
again, and Tom spoke, "Pregnant? Are you sure?"

"Very, and that…that…bitch…" B'Elanna took a deep breath to
control her temper, "Had the audacity to tell him to abort it. She
made it a direct order, can you believe that? He had no choice but to
resign, and the real topper, she told the Doctor that she would not
approve his medical care."

"No fucking way!" Harry stated, showing how upset he was
since he cursed.

Tom's anger was no longer boiling, but now settling as a cold
frost that flowed through his veins, "And she's going to let him
leave, pregnant and alone on some alien planet, where the odds of the
baby being born is minimal, depending on their technology. That…." he
closed his mouth and his eyes, and breathed. "He can't leave," he
stated, his eyes still closed. "Not only does the ship need him, but
it's the best chance for the baby being born."

"I agree," Greg Alaya said as he joined the group at the
table. "Sorry, did I hear…baby?"

The three friends looked up and saw that Greg had asked that
question out loud and now the whole mess hall was staring at
them. "Shh," B'Elanna said, not thinking that she just confirmed

Greg sat down, "Sorry, but did I?"

"Yes, the aliens gave Chakotay a child to carry, but Janeway
won't let him have it, so he quite for she then had no authority over
him," B'Elanna replied to sum up the situation. "Tom is right, he
can't leave; I'm going to Tuvok…"

"Don't bother, I just came from his office, placing an
appeal, he informed me that he has already filed his own, but the
Captain has made Chakotay's resignation official, and appears to be
serious about this. I get the impression she's trying to put the vice
on our old' Captain." Greg said, shaking his head no.

"Than she really doesn't know him," Tom stated his tone as
cold as his eyes were when he thought about Janeway. "You would think
after all this time and what the two have shared together…"

Greg looked at Tom astonished, "It's true, they're lovers,
and…she's treating him like this? Fuck!" He looked at B'Elanna, "We
ought to stage a protest."

"I agree, but Chakotay said that it won't make any difference
and that if we did, Civilian or not, he would deal with us
personally. He wants us to get Voyager home and the crew back to our
families, and for us to consider that his last order and to follow

"He can't be serious," Harry replied. "He really expects us
to stand by and do nothing?"

"Unfortunately he does," she stated, defeat clear in her

There was silence at the table for some time, and then Tom
looked up, "We can't go through the Captain, for she'll follow
regulations, so what if we use them against her?"

"How are going to do that?" The three asked with hope that
Tom had a plan.

"I have a plan he stated softly, and I'll need all of your
help," Tom replied quietly.

"You got it, and I'm sure as much as you want, for I know the
Maquis will do what ever is needed," Greg stated with conviction.

"Hey, Fleet doesn't want him going anywhere either," Harry
chirped in.

Tom smiled, "Good. Then he looked at B'Elanna I need you and
Donna and the two of you," he said looking at Greg and Harry, "To
meet me in my cabin in…hour and a half."

"What do you have in mind?" Harry asked.

"You'll have to wait and see, I have to check on some things
to see if my plan is feasible first, but meet me there anyway," Tom
said as he stood up, determination in his eyes, and then dumped his
food tray, untouched, and exited the mess hall.

"Do you think there is away around the Captain," Greg asked
with concern.

B'Elanna and Harry grinned, though it was Harry that
spoke, "If anyone can do it, it'll be Tom."

"Trust me," B'Elanna smiled, "He won't let Chakotay leave,"
she added, feeling better seeing Tom was on the case.

"I hope so," Greg said, then got up and moved to another
table to discuss the current issue about Chakotay and try to keep a
lid on things from blowing up in everyone's face.


Chakotay sat quietly on the sofa staring out the port view
not really seeing the stars. It had been two days since he discovered
that thanks to some strange alien intervention that not only was he
alive, since he apparently died in the collision, he was now with
child…a little girl. He packed as much as he could and during that
time he didn't take any visitors, and except for B'Elanna who barged
her way in and the EMH that suddenly just showed up in his quarters,
unauthorized to `check out his emitter' he had not seen or spoken to

The Doc was able to determine that the baby was going to be a
girl and what the parentage was, but all Chakotay asked was if the
child was human, and when the Doc said yes, the rest didn't matter,
the last thing he wanted to think of was that `she' had anything to
do with his daughter, and thanked him for taking the risk to check on
him and his daughter.

Chakotay had told B'Elanna his wishes in the matter, and
therefore for the sake of remaining calm, since he couldn't afford to
get upset, he refused any visitors, even Tom, stating he needed the
time to center himself; which was true. His spirit guide told him to
follow his heart, but not to be too foolish not to listen to reason,
and now Chakotay was sitting pondering what she meant by that, as the
planet that was found was coming into view.

The people were humanoid, and were warp capable, and though
they were not too crazy about having a pregnant male on their world,
they listened to Chakotay's request, and had granted him stay. He
would be sent to a little populated area of the planet to make a
home, and given training in some occupation, and given some basic
medical care. They would be able to deliver the child via a cesarean
when the time came, but they were not experts with human medical
conditions, and could only promise to do their best. He had read via
the ship wide report that the crew would be given shore
leave; //she's hoping I'll change my mind,// he thought, as he
shifted on the sofa for the eighteenth time.

He was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of his door
opening and turned to see Tom walking in. "What the…?"

Tom held up a hand, "I'm sorry, Chakotay, but I `really' need
to talk to you and I couldn't wait till you were gone before doing
so," he said as he moved and took a seat next to him. "I have an idea
that if you hear me out, will be able to keep you here on Voyager and
have access to full medical care and Janeway can't deny it."

Chakotay looked at Tom surprised, for he also tried to find a
way to stay and found none. "What?"

"I'll tell you, but promise you'll hear me out first before

"Okay," Chakotay said, puzzled by why Tom thought he would

"Marry me."

Chakotay started to open his mouth then seeing Tom was going
to say more, clamped his mouth shut, though he was stunned.

"If you marry me, you then would be considered my dependant,
and there for entitled to full medical benefits, and as a civilian
she can't stop you from having the baby."

"You know?"

Tom looked embarrassed for the older man, "Sorry, but you
know B'Elanna has a big mouth when's she's upset, but its okay, we're
behind you hundred percent," Tom smiled, trying to reassure Chakotay
all would be all right.

Chakotay nodded his thanks, than gave a crooked grin, "She'd

"Ah, thought about that," Tom smirked, pleased with
himself. "I've already gone to the Captain…"

Chakotay shot his head up, "She agreed to marry us?"

Tom looked a bit guilty, "Ah…no. I didn't ask her if I could
marry you, I simply asked her for permission to marry, and she signed
the permission papers," Tom stated, handing Chakotay the data pad he
was carrying.

He took it and looked to see that the document was signed and
that it contained Tom's name and the other line was blank. "She
signed it like this?" he asked, suspicious.

Tom gave a crooked grin, "I asked if I could get married, and
that I wanted her permission ahead of time, for I wanted to get
married down on the planet. You see, if they perform the wedding,
since we are in trade agreement with them, the marriage will be
legal," Tom said triumphantly.

Chakotay just looked at Tom, "Ah, Tom…you know I don't…" he
looked embarrassed.

Tom steeled his emotions, for this was too important, "I know
that, Tay," Tom said, using his nickname for the older man, bringing
it to a more personal level. "And it's okay. The point is that you
would not have to leave and get the care you and the baby will need,
besides, it's not like I haven't been doing with out, a few years
more won't kill me," he teased.

Chakotay started to laugh then got serious, "What do you
mean?" Then his mind turned to the next roadblock, "B'Elanna, what

"Relax," Tom said. "I have her permission to tell you this,
so listen up. Donna Henley and she have been in a relationship for
over a year and half now, not me and her. Donna has had issue…as it
were…about making it public for she's married to a guy back home; so
I agreed to be B'Elanna's cover to get the guys off her back.
Besides, I was tired of the market myself," Tom added, with a slight
twinkle in his eye.


"Look, you can contact B'Elanna and she'll tell you the same,
for I did get her permission to tell you first, I wouldn't break a
confidence, you know that."

Chakotay gave a warm smile, "Yes, I know that. But…how did
you…?" he gestured to the pad.

Tom grinned, "Oh, that was simple; I just let the Captain
assume I meant B'Elanna, and if she asks B'Elanna any questions,
she'll simply suggest she said yes without confirming or denying
anything…so no lies. I knew you wouldn't want that."

Chakotay's smile grew, "you are something else, Tom Paris you
know that, right?"

Tom felt a tingle in his body for Chakotay was giving him the
full smile. "I do my best. So, all you have to do is say yes. Then
B'Elanna and I will go down for shore leave. Harry and Greg and a few
others are already setting it up and will bare witness, so it's all
legal. All you have to do is dress nice, and make an excuse to go
down… say to check things out, and I'll meet up with you and we'll
get married."

Chakotay, being the type to think things thought, "Tom…are
you sure about this? I mean…"

"Tay, I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure, and you know me
better than most, so relax okay. It's only till the baby is born,
than…if you want…we can divorce…okay?" Tom said, deep down hoping
that the latter part would never happen.

Chakotay sat quietly for a moment looking at Tom, then looked
out of the view port, //Don't be too foolish to listen to reason,//
the words of his spirit guide sang in his head. He knew his best
chances of having a healthy child was here on Voyager and he did want
to go home, plus, Tom was a good man. //Too bad he is a man,// he
thought, for if Tom had been a woman, he was sure he would have
dumped Janeway long ago and snatched Tom up. He gave a slight smile
and turned to face Tom, "Okay, so long as you are sure about this."

"Terrific!" Tom said, and without thinking hugged the older
man. Then sat back, "and I'm sure. Don't worry, Tay, I'll look after
you and I'll take care of all the arrangements. I've got it `all'
planned out. Just meet me down on the planet in an hour, okay?"

"Alright, Tom, I'll be there," Chakotay replied, feeling a
bit nervous, still wondering if they were overlooking something.

"Great, see you then," Tom stated and then left.

"Spirits," Chakotay stated, his hand gently rubbing his
abdomen where his daughter was growing, and he looked down then back
out to the stars and grinned with disbelief that soon he would be
Chakotay Paris.


Chakotay walked with Tom into the garden that the Vaxon's
used to hold joining ceremonies, and was still feeling a bit
apprehensive about all this. Seeing Greg, Harry, B'Elanna, Donna, and
dozen's of others gathered to offer him support aided in giving him
the courage to continue forth with this…charade.

Tom was wearing his dress whites and Chakotay had to admit he
was touched that Tom would go to so much trouble for him, feeling
under dressed as well. He wore a black slacks, and a dark maroon
button down shirt, though Tom commented that he looked nice. He felt
Tom take his hand and though he didn't flinch he felt his body
tense, //Spirits, your really going through with this?// he was
unsure if he was asking himself or referring to Tom.

The priest that was going to perform the joining was standing
on a lone step at the far end of the lovely green, purple, yellow and
pink, garden, standing silent and forthcoming. He waited till Tom and
Chakotay stood before him and lifted up is left hand, palm flat. It
seemed that Tom knew what to do, and still holding Chakotay's hand,
lifted their joined hands up and out toward the priest.

The Vaxon priest removed a flat silver strip of thin cloth
from around his neck and placed it around the two men's wrist till
the cloth was bound tightly. "As there is in all things, there is joy
and sadness, triumphs and tragedies, pleasure and pain," as on cue,
the silver cloth seemed to suddenly burn, though not too harshly,
though Tom and Chakotay did winch a little. "Just like half a wheel
can not roll, nor can half a spirit soar. You stand before all that
is holy to vow to place all that is in your heart into this joining
so that it may always be a successful one, do you so vow?" he looked
at Tom.

"I so vow," Tom stated.

Then the priest looked at Chakotay, "I…so vow," he said,
still wondering if this was a good idea.

"Then by the powers given me by the fates, I acknowledge this
joining, as will all others by the markings you now bare; may the
fates bless you in all your days," the priest stated and removed the
smooth silver cloth and both Tom and Chakotay were a bit surprised to
see that there were intricate designs now etched into their skin, and
so long as they held hands, the design was whole, symbolizing their

"Congratulations," the priest stated, and gave a slight bow,
and then moved off as Tom and Chakotay's friends come up and
congratulated them both.

"This is totally crazy," Greg stated as he hugged his friend,
then leaned back and looked at Chakotay, then Tom, "but I hope it
works, for if you leave, orders or no, you won't be the only human

Before Chakotay could respond, Tom did, "don't worry, it'll
work. She really doesn't want to lose Chakotay either, but is too
prideful to admit she's wrong."

"Nothing new there," B'Elanna quipped.

"And I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but the
thought of losing both her First Officer and her chief Pilot will
make her consider taking this regulation as an out."

"I hope so, Tom, but…I'm not so sure she cares…." Chakotay
was going to say more, but decided not too, for if this didn't work…
he took a cleansing breath and gave a simple smile. "Guess we head

"Ah, not so fast," Tom said, then looked at the other, "you
all go ahead and get things finished, I have some things I need to
discuss with…" he grinned, "My husband."

Chakotay didn't know why, but the way Tom suddenly looked at
him, he felt a blush coming over his face. "What else do we need to

"Not here," Tom said quietly replied and gently placed a hand
on Chakotay's shoulder to lead him away from the group.


Chakotay was unsure why he and Tom were entering in a hotel
room, that Tom had already rented, and seeing the bed, felt very
uncomfortable, "Ah, Tom, why are we here?"

Tom waited till the older man was inside the room before
closing and locking the door, then led Chakotay to a comfortable
chair, "sit, we need to discuss a few things." He was glad that
Chakotay did as he was request, and Tom started to pace, for even
though he had rehearsed how he was going to approach this subject, he
couldn't find a delicate way to do so.

Chakotay was now concerned seeing Tom pace, "Tom, what is

Tom turned toward him, his face flushed, "I told you I
thought of everything, well I did, though, I…didn't
mention `everything' to you; I didn't want you to say no. It's too
important that you stay on Voyager, the crew //and I// need you," Tom
stated, obviously concerned that whatever it was he didn't say would
not set well with his new husband.


"I've tried to think of a delicate way to discuss this, but I
can't, so, I have to be direct. Janeway can annul the marriage if…if
it isn't…consummated." There he said it.

"What?" Chakotay's eyes went wide, then shifted to the
bed, "Tom…I…already told you…"

"Relax, Tay, I don't expect us to hop into bed," Tom stated,
a bit of irritation caused from his embarrecment of discussing this
uncomfortable situation. "Like I said, I've thought it all out, but I
do need your cooperation."

Now Chakotay sat there stunned and confused, "how? I mean…I
don't know what I mean," he said shaking his head, not comprehending

Tom took a deep breath, //just spit it out,// he told
himself. "Okay, listen carefully, for I doubt I can go through all
this a second time," Tom said, his face as red as a lobster. "For the
marriage to appear consummated, I need to have physical evidence of…
penetration and residue of your DNA, specifically your…you know," he
said gesturing toward Chakotay, his face getting redder if that was
possible. "I thought about just fixing the EMH, but it's too risky
that someone would discover it, so I have to…fake it. All you have to
do is…" he took a deep breath, he could look at Chakotay, so looked
over his head, "go into the bathroom, and fill the cup. Then I'll go
in there and since I've been with men before, I know how to make it
look good. Then when we beam back to the ship, I'll have the Doc give
me a physical, and he will verify the union, and that will be the end
of that." He sat down on the edge of the bed, feeling that if he had
to say another word he would pass out.

There was silence for a long time, before Tom looked up when
he heard a noise and saw Chakotay getting up from the chair and
heading to the bathroom. He was unsure if Chakotay was going to do it
or be sick. "Um, I…brought you a few things," he said, thinking that
was a safe thing to say.

Chakotay stopped at the door and simply looked at the blond
man that was turning his world upside down. "What?" he asked softly.

Tom moved from the bed to the chest a draws and pulled out a
large soft white robe and a large plastic cup with a cap, soap,
shampoo, and several towels and a washcloth. He took them from Tom,
and looked at the plastic cup, knowing what it was for, "high
expectations," he found himself snickering, knowing it was the only
way he was going to get through this. He looked up to see that Tom
had moved out of the room to the room's patio. He took a deep breath
and entered the bathroom and stopped in his tracks…and smiled. Tom
had been here, for the room was filled with soft candle light, a
music player, and the tub was filled with…a bubble bath. //I haven't
had a bubble bath since I was ten," he smiled to himself, touched by
what Tom had done to make him feel comfortable. He entered inside,
set the music to what he liked, stripped and climbed in the tub, the
container near by, and tried to relax.


Tom was glad that the weather was warm, for he had remained
out on the patio for over an hour, not wanting to intrude on the
man's privacy, nor did he want to catch even the slightest sound of
Chakotay's pleasure, it would be too much. He settled himself
outside, and went over his plan to make sure he really did cover
every possibility. Right now, Greg was telling the crew that the
wedding was done, and B'Elanna was arranging for Tom's stuff to be
moved into Chakotay's quarters, and though the log would say a double
bed was placed in his quarters, it was really another twin, for there
was no way he could lay next to that man and not touch.

Movement caught his eye and he could see that Chakotay was
now out of the bathroom, wrapped in the robe, drying his hair. He
entered inside, "Okay?" he asked, not sure how else to put it.

Chakotay gave a shy smile, and nodded yes. "If you don't
mind, I'm going to take advantage of the bed, I'm kind of tired."

Tom could see he was and nodded, "of course." He watched from
our of the corner of his eye Chakotay climb in the bed under the
single cover, and his body give a little shiver, as Tom was gathering
his stuff and his supplies. He then grabbed another blanket and
simply placed it on his husband.


"No problem," Tom replied and entered in the bathroom, glad
that Chakotay had taken the time to clean up, though the candles and
the music was still going. He locked the door and turned the music up
just a bit more, for he knew that to some degree this wouldn't be
quite, and deep down, he could feel the tingle that accompanied a
good sexual session, even if brought on by himself.

He moved to the tub, where the shower was also, and turned on
the water so it would heat up, while he stripped. Then he moved to
his stuff and pulled out the large dildo that was realistic in more
than one way, in that this type you could fill with water and
simulate ejaculation; though this time it would have more than water
as he took the plastic cup and couldn't help but muse, //I think you
surpassed expectations,// he laughed to himself. He added a little
water to make it more liquefied and used the syringe to fill the
dildo. Then he set the device up on the edge of the tub, for it had a
suction cup at the end that would keep it in place, and a remote that
Tom could use to set it off when he desired.

He then stepped into the shower, letting the warm water
cascade over his body, trying not to think of the man outside the
door, for that would only keep him tense and he needed to relax, or
he really he wanted to relax, he wanted to enjoy this. He first
started to think about how Chakotay was in here seconds ago…but
changed that thought, for he didn't want to know what Chakotay was
thinking just then, he needed to be self absorbed if he was to lose
himself in the fantasy. He leaned against the shower wall, again
letting the water run along his body, and he reached for the soap and
slowly started washing his body, first his chest, taking is time
around his nipples till he felt them harden a bit, then he moved his
soapy hand down to his stomach, and closed his eyes, letting his mind
drift to one of his favorite thoughts, him in the shower in his

The water felt good after a long shift, and he needed to wash
his hair for it was grimy, and so was in the middle of doing so when
he suddenly got a chill; he tried to see what caused it, but just
then shampoo got in his eyes, and he had to wash his eye. Then he
jumped and turned to be eye to eye with Chakotay, standing naked and
inches away from him, smiling, his dark eyes filled with desire…for

Before Tom could say a word, firm soft lips were pressed
against his own as strong arms wrapped around his body pulling them
closer together, and Tom wrapped his own arms around a strong
muscular back, while a sweet moan escaped his lips…in the dream and
in reality…

In the dream, Chakotay kissed him senseless, then dropped to
his knees and slowly started to lick up and down his ever growing
shaft, while in reality, Tom was slowly caressing himself with a well
lathered hand, slowly picking up the pace to simulate what his mind
saw as Chakotay taking him in deep and sucking him. While Tom's
right hand continued to simulate Chakotay's mouth, his left was
sneaking behind him to prepare him for the next stage of his fantasy,
though in Tom's mind it was Chakotay's fingers that would do the

When Tom could take no more, his mind visualized Chakotay
bracing himself back against the wall and pulling Tom to him, after
turning him, so he would have full access to his goal, while in
reality, Tom shifted himself over the toy awaiting him on the edge of
the tub, and pressed down, "Oh, Tay," he moaned softly at the feeling
of being filled. He waited a moment as he knew his lover would do, to
allow him a chance to adjust and then he started moving, in his mind
feeling Chakotay's hands caressing up and down his body, while
thrusting in and out of his body. Tom arched his head back, it felt
good, and though at moments the line between reality and fantasy
blurred, the erotic sensation that he really would have Chakotay's
seed within him thrilled him to new heights; the fact that he would
later think he needed therapy would be just that…a thought he would
have later…this felt too damn good to ruin now with thinking.

He wiggled around a bit till the sweet spot was being brushed
with each thrust and Tom felt the fire fill his veins, he was close,
and he continued his rhythm, till he could take no more, but he
wanted to cum without touching himself, he wanted it to be the
thought of Chakotay within him to take him over the edge, and so he
continued to thrust, taking him closer and closer and when he was not
sure which way he would fall, in ecstasy or disappointment from
missing his goal, he set of the remote and felt the pressure of
Chakotay's seed shooting within him and he exploded at the
sensation… "Yes, baby, yes!"

It took him a while to recover for it had been intense for
him, and then he started feeling self-conscious, for he realized he
had screamed out at the end, and he hoped that between the shower and
the music, Chakotay didn't hear him. He finished showering and then
cleaned up the bathroom and put `everything' way and placed on his
underwear and his robe and slowly opened the door to the room, and
was relieved that Chakotay was out cold. He moved out and placed
the `stuff' away and sat softly on the large bed and couldn't help
himself, he watched the man of his dreams sleep. He reached our and
pulled the covers up so Chakotay wouldn't catch a cold, since the
body temperature had a tendency to drop when a person slept, then he
decided to lie down too. He doubled check, Chakotay was a sleep, and
then settled himself down, giving some space between him and
Chakotay; "I know you of all people don't need it, but I'm going to
look out for you and the baby, Tay. I'm going to take care of you, I
swear it," Tom said in a hushed whisper before closing his eyes, a
blanket over him as well, for he didn't know what the Captain would
do or not do, but he knew that no matter what, Chakotay would not be
alone; with this firm in his mind he fell asleep.

TBC in Unwanted Changes...