Title:  Twisted Obsession
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC w/ the creative input from XTC (my warped roommate who revels in mysteries!) 
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are no longer using them I’ve decided to take our boys out of the ‘closet’ and let them play and be happy. Enjoy. 
Summary: A true love story of manipulation. 
Rating: R for language and some sex
Pairing:  Multiple
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"Twisted Obsession" 

 There was a great deal of work to do, especially after the latest attack. Voyager sustained a great deal of damage, but as usual those on the bridge did their duty and they were all here to tell about it. B'Elanna Torres, Chief of Engineering headed down to the lower internal levels of the engine room, to over see the team she sent down to check out the computer core.  

 The attack was three days ago, and the place still looked like a major mess, "How's going?" she asked as she arrived to see Joe Cary and Donna Henley up to their elbows in wires and circuits. 

 "A lot better than it looks," Joe replied while suppressing a yawn. 

 "Why don't I lend a hand," B'Elanna states as she squeezes her way into the tight work area. 

 "Don't you and Tom have a date tonight?" Donna asked. 

 "Yeah, but he'll understand. Besides, you two really look exhausted, especially Joe." 

 "Thanks, B'el, but I'm fine. You've put Tom off the last three days because of work, we've got this one," Joe replied. 

 "Well, if your sure," she said, not wanting to leave them to do all the work, but things between her and Tom were warming up and she really missed him.

 "We're sure," Donna said for Joe and herself. "Now go," she smiled. 

 B'Elanna gave a huge grin and a nod and headed back out of the area when a loud crackling sound was heard from behind her and a shout. 


 Then a small explosion occurred and B'Elanna dashed back to where her friends and co-workers were and arrived in time to see Donna catching an unconscious Joe Carry and calling for an emergency beam out for him. 

 "What happened?" 

 "He was connecting the final cross wire and one of the other circuits must have had a back flow for when he did it shocked him back, and then he hit the main panel and it exploded on him," Donna replied, holding in her emotions. 

B'Elanna moved in and made sure Donna was all right, then ordered her to sickbay to double check and then back to her quarters to rest. Thought Donna protested, she did as she was told. Then B'Elanna checked on Joe and was relieved t hat he would be all right, then called Tom and cancelled their day. Then she got to work on the computer console and though it was a lot of work, no other incidents occurred. 


 "Flying solo, hotshot?" Chakotay teased as he walked by Tom in Sardines up to the bar and ordered two drinks. He handed one to Tom, so the young pilot knew he was being friendly in his teasing. 

 Tom gladly took the drink, "Yeah, B'Elanna had to work late. Seems at last minute there was a small accident and Joe got shocked badly, but he'll be okay. So, you know B'El," Tom replied with a smile and a sight. 

 "Yeah, I know," Chakotay replied, also a smile and a sigh.  

 "Though I should ask you the same, where is the commanding officer of 'your' heart," Tom said with an impish grin. 

 Chakotay gave a wry grin, "Same thing, different project. I offered to help her, but…you know the Captain."

 "Yeah, I do." Tom finished his drink, "Care for a game…I'll spot you," he teased. 

 Chakotay arched a brow, "Spot me?" 

 "I know you don't play…"

 "Says who?" 

 "Well, you never do," Tom states in his defense. 

 "Ah, making assumptions again, Mr. Paris," Chakotay replies, as he sits his glass down, a dark impish look in his eyes. "I’m sure I can hold my own against you." 

 Tom laughs; his confidence was strong in two area, flying and pool. "You think so, huh? Okay, Mr. Chakotay…you're on. How about we make it interesting…say a litter wager?" Tom was grinning like a cat about to have canary for lunch. 

 Chakotay's face turned cool, "Your on, and lets make it real interesting. What was the biggest bet you've honestly played to date?" 

 "One weeks worth of rations per a game," Tom states his own eyes getting serious. 

 "Very well, agreed." 

 Tom broke for the first game, deciding to take it easy on the Commander, which he quickly discovered was a mistake. Once Chakotay got the table, he didn't let it go…first game to Chakotay.  

 The second game was close, and Tom secretly was thrilled to discover someone who actually gave him real competition…second game to Tom. 

 The third game was tired like the second game, since Tom no longer held back, and Chakotay was thrilled that he was showing this pup he was no push over, and decided his time for holding back was over as well. He chose a complex shot that only professionals could have any chance of pulling off and sunk three balls with one stroke of the cue…third game to Chakotay. 

 The fourth game was like the other three, down to the wire, as Tom pulled out all the stops, for it was the only way he stood a chance against his opponent. It had been a long time since he sweated over a pool game, and thought his palms were wet, his soul soared over the challenge. He almost didn't care if he didn't win, almost…fourth game to Tom. 

 By the time Janeway and B'Elanna showed up to catch a few moments with their other half, they found the two men in stitches, having the time of their lives. "Don't tell me we walked into an Alternate Universe," B'Elanna quipped, seeing the long time opponents now bonding in their relatively new friendship. 

 "Oh, Chakotay, I hope he didn’t take you for too much," Janeway stated, knowing that Tom was the best on the ship in pool and taking a few credits from new comers like Chakotay. 

 "Are you kidding!" Tom responded with a smile, wiping his forehead on the back of his shirtsleeve. "I haven't played a better game of pool in years, no…ever," Tom exclaimed. "What is it…two to two?" 

 Chakotay finished his drink that he had been nursing, "Yep. Tied…this one will determine the winner…yes?" 

 Janeway and B'Elanna stood looking stunned, but it was Kathryn that spoke up first, "Your telling me, that you managed to beat Tom?" 

 Torres narrowed her eyes, knowing Tom had played others this way before, "Be careful, Commander, Tom's a shark," she smirked. 

 "Perhaps with others," Tom interjected, "but if anyone was getting hustled tonight it's been me," he smiled, still thrilled at the idea. 

 "This I have to see," Kathryn states, getting a drink for her and B'Elanna and taking a seat. "When ever your ready gentlemen."

 "Just for the record, what's the stakes?" Torres asked. 
 "A weeks worth per a game," Tom states. 

 Janeway and B'Elanna look at each other, for this was a serous wager, and they suddenly felt for sure that Tom was setting up the Commander. "Err, Chakotay," Janeway started to say, but her First Officer, friend, and current lover just gave her a reassuring look and broke, by Tom's request. 

 B'Elanna saw the smirk in Tom's eyes as the game began, but then saw it fade quickly as Chakotay made shot after shot, not even taking a breather as he moved forward to his last and final shot. Any doubts anyone had in the room that the Commander was being set up went out the airlock.  Then Chakotay stopped and looked at Tom who stood mystified.  "Computer, freeze pool game and file," He stated, and that's what was done. The game stopped and then the table was clear. 

 "Wa…what are you doing?" Tom said, suddenly aware of the table being clear. 

 "Your not fortifying…are you?" Kathryn asks, also stunned. 

 "No, I'm just not finishing the game. For if I do, Tom would owe me three weeks worth of rations or vice a versa if I miss…this way…it remains a tie," he smiles. Then he yawns, "I don't know about you guys, but I have a shift tomorrow, Kathryn?" he says as he places the cue stick down and offers his arm to escort her back to her quarters. "Great game, Tom," he then says with a huge smile and he and the Captain leave. 

 "As I live and breathe," Tom exclaims, still mystified. Then he comes to his senses and looks at B'Elanna. "I don't think I'll ever figure him out," he smiles as he takes a seat next to his best girl. 

 "Your not the only one who's in the dark about what makes him tick. Though he's far from the only mystery on board you, for you're up there too," she smirks. 

 "Thanks," he says and leans in and starts to give her a kiss when the lights in the holodeck flicker. 

 "Damn it!" she states and jumps off the stool, "I…" 

 "I know, I know," Tom smiles. "I'll see you soon," he states and then watches her head off to engineering. 

 "Ah, Mon Cheri, is there a problem?" Sardine asks as she brings Tom another drink. 

 "No, just the same old problem," he sighs. 

 "Well, she is the chief engineer, her job is never done. But beyond that, you had a good time tonight with the Commander, no?" 

 "I had a great time," Tom replies, not aware of how his face is glowing. 

 "He is a good man," she says as she stands there wiping out some glasses. 

 "Yeah, he is. I’m really glad we've finally been able to get pass the past. I mean, he's taught me so much, whether he knows it or not. And who would have figured him of all people to have not only a wicked sense of humor but also a wicked pool game. Did you see some of those shot?" 

 "Oui, Thomas, I did. But I do not see why you are so surprised. Was it not you who told me that he entered the academy at the tender age of fifteen and was teaching tactical strategy by twenty-five? It makes sense that a man like that could calculate a simple game as pool, Mon Cheri," she states causally. 

 Tom takes this to thought, "Yea, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense." Then he laughs, "Which means I set myself up good, didn't I?" he laughs even harder and Sardine joins him. 

 "Perhaps you should ask him back for another…friendly game," she says as he places the last of the glasses away. 

 Tom smiles, "You know, I just may do that." Then he finishes his drink, "Thanks again, as always," he states and reaches over the counter and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "Good night."

 "Good night, Thomas." 


 The next morning went smooth for most of the bridge crew, but the Captain was kept jumping from one issue or another that required her clearance code. Though Chakotay felt bad, there was nothing he or Tuvok could do, but keep an eye on other things so the Captain had one less thing to concern herself with today. 

 He and Tom had lunch together for B'Elanna had her hands full and couldn't spear the time, promising that if all went well that she'd still make dinner tonight. On the way back to the bridge, the turbolift shuttered. 

 "Easy, girl," Chakotay stated softly, laying a hand on the turbolift wall. 

 "Do you usually talk to the walls," Tom laughs. 

 Chakotay chuckles, "No more than you talk to the helm," he replies, knowing full well that Tom had words with his helm quite often, especially during battle. Then Chakotay laughed even harder seeing Tom blush, "It's okay, Tom. Voyager is more than a ship to us, we both know that; so why be embarrassed about it." 

 Tom then smiled, "Your right." There was another small shutter, and both Tom and Chakotay patted the wall of Voyager, extending their best wishes to her. 

 "Say, since I know the odds of my date happening is fifty to one, how about dinner and another game…no wage this time. I play to win, and I'd don't like Neelix's cooking," he smirks. 

 "I'd say with theses shutters in the system your odds have changed to seventy-five to one. Plus, I have a feeling my dinner date will be in the same boat…so why not. And you're right no wager sounds better. We'll play for who'll buy the next round of drinks, and I'll be gracious and get the first." 

 "Your on," Tom smiles as the doors open and they return to work. 


 After what seemed like two weeks of hell, B'Elanna was actually close to having a sense of normalcy in her life. There was a ton of work to do and she had so much to over see and delegate, that it kept her going almost 24/7, except when she had to sleep. 
 Tom had been very gracious, and from time to time they caught lunch with each other, even if it was in engineering, and they would talk. B'Elanna couldn't help but notice that every other sentence had to do with the Commander, and she gave a small uncertain grin, while at the same time felt a twinge of jealousy. Over the last two-week, ship business kept her and a good deal of her crew, and some of the bridge crew, especially Janeway busy. This resulted in Tom and Chakotay sharing more and more of their 'free' time with each other than their perspective lovers. 

 But after this final repair down in the lower decks, she'd be on a normal schedule and if something happened, she made it clear, someone else was handling it, she was going off duty for two days, at the very least. She just finished placing the panels back on the wall where some of the warp coils were, and started packing up her tools, when she thought she heard a sound. She turned but there appeared no one around and it was quiet, and dark. "Joe, is that you?" she called out uneasily.  Nothing. 

 She shrugged it off as being tired and finished packing when she stopped, she had heard a sound, and it was not typical for this area. She listened intently and then it became clear, it was a woman's voice but only as loud as a whisper. 

 {You're not good enough for him. Let him be.} 

 "Who's there?" she called out, disturbed that someone would dare try and mess with her. "I’m not in the mood for this," she added, her tone filled with angry irritation. 

 {Give back what is not yours. You are not right for him.} 

 B'Elanna had enough of this and hit her com badge, "Torres to Tuvok," she said, but her com badge only gave off a high pitched whine, then…

 {Back off while you still can!} 

 B'Elanna knew a threat when she heard it. She started moving toward the turbolift, her eyes scanning the area. "If you want to have it out, face me!" She challenged some nervousness in her eyes. The voice was unfamiliar, and she was certain she knew most of the women on board. She was getting close when the few lights she had went out, and Torres stopped in her tracks. "Coward, face me!" she growled. 

 The only sound she heard in the dark besides her breathing was the sudden thumping of a heart beat. 'Thump thump' B'Elanna took a few calming breaths, reminding herself that she knew this area and slowly started moving toward the lift. 'Thump thump' the sound continued, and it simply made her more nervous and she picked up her pace. 

 The air filled with the strange woman's voice, but unlike the first time, it seemed that her words were like echoes, and there ware dozens of sentences being chanted at her. As if caught in an unexpected and violent  storm, B'Elanna's senses were overloading, as she did her best to move in the dark area, unsure where her opponent was or what this unknown opponent had planned. 

 {You're not good enough for him. He doesn’t belong with you. Stay away from him. Let him be. Give back what you should never have had.} Was some of what was being said that B'Elanna could make out with a feeling of  unease. 

 A sense of relief filled her as she felt the turbolift doors, but when they suddenly opened and a figure stood before her she gasped in shock. 

 "B'Elanna, are you all right?" 

 It took a moment for her heart to slow, to think, then suddenly realizing that it was Chakotay, she settled down. Then she noticed the voices were gone. "I'm so glad to see you," she exhaled a sigh of relief and gave her old friend a hug. 

 "What's wrong?" Chakotay asked with concern, seeing fear in his friend's eyes. 

 "I tried contacting Tuvok, but some coward is down here and jammed the signal then making threats at me from the shadows," she growled, reacting with more confidence than she felt, as she entered in the lift. 

 "Chakotay to Tuvok."

 "Yes, Commander."

 "Deck 54. Someone's slinking around down here and harassing and threatening Lieutenant Torres. Can you look into it?" 

 "I'm on my way," Tuvok stated and then closed the channel. 

 "Do you have a clue as to who it might be?" Chakotay asked, as the turbolift headed upward. 

 "Only that they were female, but that's about it. Though from what was being said, I think it's one of Tom's old admirers," she stated, anger now in her eyes. 

 "Why is that?"

 "They kept saying I wasn't good enough for him, insinuating a threat of retaliation. There could only be one him, they were referring too."

 Chakotay shook his head that it made sense. "Okay,  Tuvok and I will look into this matter. Go get some rest and that's an order," he states a small smile on his face.  

 B'Elanna, having planned it that way anyway, was relieved with the order and exited on her floor when the doors opened. She headed to her cabin to regroup, take a shower and hook up with Tom for some horizontal activities. She entered her cabin and it was dark. "Computer lights," she growled, for they were to come on at her entrance. //Great, another repair! // The lights came on and B'Elanna headed into her bedroom and stood shocked in the doorway. Across her walls in a thick purplish red substance were Klingon words, in summary, calling her a dishonorable whore and unworthy mate to anyone. If she wanted to continue breathing, she should do the honorable thing and relinquish her claim forever. 

 B'Elanna's sense of smell was accosted; there was a smell to the substance. She stepped in cautiously to the nearest wall…it was blood, Klingon blood! 

*******End of Part One********

 "This is unacceptable!" Tom roared at Chakotay and Tuvok, and everyone else in the briefing room. "It's been three weeks of this harassment…why in the hell can't you guys…"

 "Lieutenant!" Janeway shouted, to calm her Chief Pilot down. "I happen to know that Chakotay, Tuvok, Seven, myself, and you, have been looking into this matter. The problem is, who ever is behind it, happens to be one step ahead of us."

 "Tom, please," Chakotay said, understanding how upset his friend was. He reached out and placed a gentle hand on his friend's arm, and was glad it was enough to get Tom back into his seat and to be a little bit more calm. 

 "Who ever it is knows when I'm seeing Tom and when I'm not," B'Elanna states, an exhaustion clear on her face. If she saw Tom outside of work, the harassment of being taunted and threatened from the shadows, to graffiti of her cabin, to the replicator producing Klingon blood instead of coffee, occurred. If she stayed away from him, it stopped…that simple, but B'Elanna didn't like being manipulated by any one or anything for that matter. 

 "We've searched the computer and found no trace of who is tampering with the replicators," Chakotay states. 

 "I've kept a monitor on the Lieutenant's quarters and who ever is our target, are skilled enough to evade the security system I have put into use, for they have still managed to break into Lieutenant Torres's quarters eight times over the three week time period," Tuvok states. 

 "I made it perfectly clear that I won't tolerate this either," Tom states. His guilt is in his eyes, for who ever was harassing his girlfriend, was doing so over him. 

 "Your sure no one has approached you?" Janeway asked, wondering if their assailant would slip up and make a move on Tom. 

 "No," Tom stated flatly. 

 B'Elanna yawned, for she was up late last night, for the latest retaliation was that all the lights would flicker out of control, and communications were out, and she had been locked in. B'Elanna was no coward, but fighting one, was frustrating as hell. Her confidence was becoming strained in her feelings towards Tom. 

 "B'Elanna, I'm ordering you to take the day off," Janeway states, seeing how exhausted her Chief of Engineering. "You need to get some rest." 

 Normally B'Elanna would argue this, but today she knew Janeway was right. "Thank you, Captain," she said in between another yawn. 

 "Tom's right. This is unacceptable. We need to get to the bottom of this. I won't tolerate this harassment on board my ship," Janeway states

 The light's flicker, for the thousandth time this week along. 


 "No, you let someone else take care of it," Kathryn stated. "You're off duty, remember. In fact, I'm wondering what you're still doing here?" 

 B'Elanna gave a small smile of relief, "Yes, Captain," she stated and headed out of the room. She didn’t see Tom give Janeway a look and got a nod of yes, so was a bit surprised to find Tom by  her side as she exited the briefing room. 

 "How about I walk you to your quarters," Tom replied easily, though his concern was clear. 

 B'Elanna yawned, "Thank you, Tom, but no. I need some sleep, and for some reason who ever it is leaves me along if I stay away from you. Don't take this wrong, but just for the moment, I need the peace."

 Tom did look a bit disappointed, "Okay." 

 B'Elanna gave her lover a small wistful ,smile, "Look, who ever this is doesn’t understand me one bit. If they think by harassing me and making stupid threats is going to get me to stop seeing you, they have another thing coming. All I'm asking for right now is some rest…okay?"

 This made Tom glow. "Okay. But you take care of yourself. Oh, and I'll feel a lot better if you sleep in my cabin, if you don't mind?"

 B'Elanna smiled, "No problem," she said then gave Tom a kiss on the lips and took the turbolift to Tom's quarters. Once inside she made haste to change into a sleep shirt and quickly climbed into Tom's bed to sink into the depth of a deep, much needed, slumber. 

 Slowly regaining her awareness, she realized there was a chilled surface  beneath her and the bed was no longer soft, but cold, hard and damp. She snapped awake and found that she could barely see where she was, for there were only a tiny bit of red emergency lighting in the area. The first thing that came to mind was she wasn't in Tom's quarters anymore. She stood up slowly, and took note that she was laying on a damp floor and her sleep shirt was partly wet and stank. The second thing she notice was she had no com badge to work with, while the third thing was that she was in a totally unfamiliar part of the ship's bowls…she thought.  "Okay, coward! Come and face me," she shouted, using anger to cover the bit of fear in her voice. 

 She shivered from the cool air and her wet dirty nightshirt. She was also standing on a cold floor barefooted. Just then she felt something scuttle across her foot and she jumped. She looked down closely…rats! She hated rats!  This began to really freak her out as she started to move away from the rats, trying to find a way out of this dark, dank place. The air was stale, along with a dirty smell…almost like sewage. Then a sound filled the air, 'thump thump'… the heartbeat. B'Elanna screamed out to challenge her kidnapper to no avail. She continued moving, dodging rats and totally being unnerved by all the odd sounds that accompanied the constant heartbeat. Then the air filled with the female voice that had started to haunt B'Elanna's nightmares. 

 {If you want to live, relinquish claim, in public!} 

 "No!" she shouted bravely. 

 {He doesn't love you, not the way you want. Let him go and this all will become a thing of the past.} 

 "I don't know who you are, but I won't be threatened! Now face me!"

 {I will face thee, and plunge a knife in you heart! But I will not grant thee an honorable death…your not worthy! No, I will keep to my shadows and when you are not looking I will strike!} 

 The heartbeat stopped and there was silence once more. Only the sudden squeaks of the rats and the dripping of water could be heard. Then came a soft scraping sound, like metal on metal. B'Elanna stood  a chance with someone face to face, but that was not how it was going to happen, not at the moment. B'Elanna freezes be it exhaustion or fear or both, B'Elanna runs away from the sound, not caring that she was in ankle deep water, and not knowing where she was going. The lighting was very sparse and running nearly blind, making one twist and turn after another, trying to find the wall or an exit, but finding none. 

 The sound came and went and the direction and distance seemed to always change, but then B'Elanna knew she was moving around in a disjointed fashion, her opponent with court advantage. She turned one more corner, and stopped. She then heard the sound of footsteps approaching her. She looked to see if there was anyway she could hide and ambush them, but the pipes and wires were too close together to let her do so. If she placed any of those hot wires to the ground, she'd be electrocuted as well, for all over this section was water. She had to find another spot to take on her attacker, this corridor was too small and she was unarmed. 

 Strategically, she took off in the opposite direction, paying full attention to the being following her, that she bumped directly into something that grabbed her. She turned to punch the shit out of who or what ever it was and stopped in mid swing…"Chakotay?" 

 "B'Elanna, what are you doing?" Chakotay asked as he let her go, taking in her state of dress. 

 "I…she…she's here! Somehow she got me down here…" she gasped, and leaned into her friend's arms taking comfort in them. "What are you doing here?" she asked, totally glad that he was. Then she noticed that Chakotay wasn't hugging her back like he normally would and leaned back to look uncertainly at him. "What are you doing down here? Investigating some lead?" 

 Chakotay gently placed his strong hand's on B'Elanna's shoulder, "What do you think I'm doing down here," he says in a calm tone…too calm. 

 Puzzlement filled B'Elanna's eyes. 

 "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk," Chakotay replied, a dark smirk suddenly on his face. "I'd though you smarter than this," he stated coolly. 

 B'Elanna stepped back from him, and Chakotay let her go. "Chakotay…what…what's going on?" she asked, not able to believe what she was hearing or seeing. 

 "Perhaps this might clear things up," he states with a dark smile as he reaches behind him and brings forth a Klingon dagger and twirls it in his fingers, looking very dangerous in her direction. 

 B'Elanna just shook her head no, she couldn't believe that her friend of all people was the one behind this…this madness. "How…why…why!" she finally shouted. 

 "Oh, I thought I made that quite clear," Chakotay states darkly as he takes a slow meticulous step toward B'Elanna. "You're not worthy of Tom. He belongs with someone that can really make him happy and fulfilled, and honey, that isn't you." 

 "B'Elanna started shouting every curse she knew in every language she knew, "Fucking bastard!"  her anger outgrowing her confusion, she growled. 

 "Bastard? No. Fucking…." He laughs. "Yes, Tom is a sweet fuck, that is for sure." 

 B'Elanna's eyes go even wider, "You…and…Tom?" 

 "You think I'd go to all this trouble if I'd never bedded him? Please, I may be mad, but I'm not crazy," he laughs. Then he gets serious, "but I also enjoy sport. The turbolift is straight for forty paces, then right for ten, then left for twenty, then straight ahead. Make it there before I catch you…who knows?" he chuckles. "Though it could be also be a trap. Though I'll let you know now. If you do make it out, no one will believe you," he sneers. "My lover fixed is so it will show I'm in the briefing room with him."  He watched her stunned expression for a moment, "Run, B'Elanna…run!"   

 Even in her best condition, B'Elanna wouldn't go up against Chakotay. Half-Klingon or no, for the former Maquis Captain was a formidable opponent, which she witnessed first hand on many accounts. Now being exhausted to the point of collapse, she wouldn’t stand a chance. She gave a wild swing that Chakotay easily ducked and then took off running, doing her best to follow the instructions, trap or no. 

 The twist and turns were confusing, and how she managed to get to the turbolift section was unclear. But it was now fifty paces in front of her and she could hear Chakotay behind her, simply because he wanted her too hear him. She dashed toward the door, still splashing in the ankle deep water when suddenly the floor fell out from beneath her and she fell. There was nothing to grasp on to and she soon was covered with the sewer water as she plummeted, then she felt dizzy and then the next thing she knew she was panting heavily on Tom's floor, where she passed out. 

 "B'El! B'El!" 

 She blinked upward into Tom's concerned face. 

 "Emergency beam out," Tom called as he held on to her and the two suddenly appeared in sickbay. 

 The EMH was active and walked up to her and started scanning. "What exactly happened?" he asked. 

 "I…I was kidnapped, taken somewhere…chased…" she tried to explain everything at once, as panic suddenly struck her. 

 Just then the doors opened to reveal Janeway and Chakotay, who only had seconds to dodge the hysterical Klingon that pounced in his direction. "Fucking Bastard!" he shouted. 

 Tom was the one who moved  to her side first, "B'Elanna, what the hell is going on?" he asked with concern. 

 She turned to him, confusion, anger, and hurt was in her eyes. "Did you?" She asked. 

 "Did I what?"

 "Did you sleep with Chakotay?" she asked. 

 "What?" was the shocked response from Tom and Chakotay. 

 "B'Elanna, what in the world happened?" Kathryn asked. 

 B'Elanna turned to face Chakotay, pain, anger, and fear in her eyes. I was kidnapped and taken somewhere on the ship. There was water, rats, and…and him!" she shouted, pointing at Chakotay. "He's the one behind it all!" Then she looked at Tom, "he said you two were lover's and he wanted you for himself." 

 B'Elanna didn't take notice to the sedative the EMH was preparing as a consuming, irrational panic overtook her. 

 "B'Elanna, Commander Chakotay was with me the entire time since you left the briefing room," Tom stated, "going over strategies of how to deal with this problem. It isn't …" 

 She pushed him away in disgusts, "Liar! You are fucking him and now your covering for him too!" She started to swing at Tom, but was stopped after the hissing sound of the hypo was heard, and then she was out cold.  

 The EMH scanned her, "Hmmm," he replied.

 "What?" Tom asked. 

 "I'm detecting an imbalance in her upper left lobe, " he states. "Help me get her back on the bed."  After the Doctor gets her back on the biobed he run's another scan, "Hmmm." Then he stops his scanning. "You can stop looking for your assailant," he states. 

 "What do you mean, we can stop?" Janeway asks. 

 "The imbalance I'm detecting in not an uncommon occurrence in Klingon's, though rare in females. Her RTA levels are off causing her LMS levels…" he stopped seeing that no one was following him. "The imbalance has caused her to become paranoid and has over stimulated her subconscious mind. In other words, she is her own worst enemy at the moment. 

 Everyone looked stunned, but Tom spoke first. "Are you saying she made it all up? She's behind all this…? Why…?"

 "I can't tell you why she chose this particular scenario, but I can tell you that from what I've been told of the incident, it makes perfect sense," the EMH replies. 

 "That's why Tuvok couldn't detect an intruder…she…oh, poor B'Elanna, " Chakotay states with great concern and sincerity. 

 Tom was beside himself, "Can you fix it?" 

 "I can attempt to fix the imbalance, but that may not take care of the problem, if it has become deeply rooted. It may be necessary to remove the last few months…?"

 "What!" Tom stated.

 "Doctor, isn't that a bit extreme?" Janeway interjected. 

 "Not really. If the paranoia has become too deeply rooted, it is the only way to remove it. This is a side affect of long exposure to the chemical imbalance in her brain. I'm sorry, but at the moment that is the only treatment. I will of course see if regular methods work first and keep you posted." 


"Thanks for being a friend," Tom said quietly as he stood outside Chakotay's door after sharing lunch together. Tom had a half shift and Chakotay was doing a split shift this week, so lunch was the best time for the two friends to sit and chat over the last week. 

 Chakotay punched in his code, "Coffee?" he asked as he stepped in and then stopped in the doorway. "Can I help you?" 

 Tom was startled by this and looked inside and saw Donna Henley on a stepladder by the replicator. 

 "I'm here to make the repairs you requested," she said as she stepped down and picked up a data pad and handed it over to the Commander. 

 Chakotay looked over it, "I was beginning to think these repairs would never get done," he smiled. Then he looked up at her, "Thank you. You almost done?" 

 "I have a few more repairs, but I can come back…" 

 "That's okay. I'll just go to my office," he stated and stepped out of his quarters to let her do her work. "Sorry, about the coffee."

 "That's okay. I'm taking this as a good sign. If they started on your personal repairs, they just might get to mine," he smiled. "Beside, I feel a nap coming on. Sardines tonight?" 

 "Wouldn't miss it," Chakotay smiled. Then he rested a friendly hand on Tom's shoulder. I know this past week has been difficult…" 

 Tom just gave a small smile, "I'm okay, really. Later?" he smiled and then headed to his quarters. 

 He entered inside and got himself some juice, "Computer, personal log…uh…hell, just enter the date," he quipped.  Then he took a sip of his juice and sat down on his sofa. "It's been a week since the Doc had to erase B'Elanna's memory of the last few months. It's not the typical way one would break up, but it could have been worse, as I've said before. I know a few people, like Harry thought I'd try again, but…?" he sighs and takes another drink. "It took a lot for me and B'Elanna to get together and I know how it makes me sound, but I'm not up to it anymore. I know, I know, I should, but…oh hell! If I can't admit it to myself, who can I admit it too? My interest in B'Elanna has become purely…protective. I care about her, that hasn't changed, but I don't love her. To make it worse, I…I can't stop thinking…" Tom stood up and slammed the rest of his juice down. 

 "Ever since she had accused me of being with Chakotay it's been in the back of my mind. I know how shallow it makes me sound, but its not like that…I don't think. I mean, we've become really good friends over the past few month, as amazing as it sound, and I find…I find I like him…a lot. Then all of a sudden she mentions us being lovers a week ago and now every time I see his smile, I…?" 

 Tom covered his face with his hands. "Perhaps a cold shower," he states more to himself than his log. He gives a heavy sigh, "Bottom line, if he and the Captain were not going together…I'm really sure I'd make a play for him," he laughs. "Though a part of me almost doesn't care…uh! Shower. End log." 

 Tom was ten steps from his bedroom when he door chimed. "Enter." 

 Donna Henley entered inside, "Sorry to bother you, Tom, but I've got time and your next on the list," she smiled. 

 "By all means," Tom smiled back as he gestured for her to enter inside. "I was going to take a shower, however…"

 "Oh, you don't have to leave on my account, though it would help me get done faster…you do tend to have the gift of gab," she chuckled. 

 "Consider me gone," he said and left her to her work and headed to holodeck to run a flight simulation though his mind was more aware of how long it was before he met up with Chakotay tonight in Sardines. 

****End of Part two*******

 It was becoming too much, and she needed a break. The burdens of Command were taking its toll and today seemed to becoming dangerously close to burnout. She felt like she had been going none stop for over two months, which was almost true. 

 The delicate relationship she and Chakotay had was definitely being tested, for she was less and less there for him, as a woman, though he was there for her a hundred percent as he promised he would be. She smiled to herself thinking of him, his dark eyes and that sweet sexy smile. //Hell with it! // She thought and tossed her work on the desk. "If the Captain can't declare herself a little down time, who can?" she replied to herself. "Computer, location of Commander Chakotay?"

<Commander Chakotay is on holodeck 2> 

 She grinned and headed out the door to surprise her lover with a little TLC and if she played her cards right, they'd both get lucky. She didn't even take the extra time to change and headed right for the holodeck. When she entered inside, she was surprised to see that Sardine's had been modified to now have a dark dance floor with wild lights, and matching music playing. She entered in further and noticed a few new holocharacters and some of the regulars. 

 "Captain," Sardine smiled as she approached Janeway. "Can I get you something?" 

 "Uh…" she was stunned by the loud music and the fast past beat that had the additional characters swaying in very provocative ways. "Why the change?" 

 "Ah, Thomas and the Commander wanted to dance," she smiled. Then she turned around and pointed the couple out to her. 

 Kathryn's eyes went wide. Out on the dance floor she could see Chakotay looking hot in his tight black jeans and dark red button down shirt, half open, swaying his tight muscular body behind Tom's. The younger man was dressed in tight white jeans with a deep royal blue shirt; almost all unbuttoned, grinding his tight butt into Chakotay to the beat of the music. Bronze hands were all over pale flesh as the two men bumped and grinned against each other, taking the term dirty dancing to a new level, on Voyager anyway. 

 A part of her mind tried to deny it by rationalizing that they were only dancing and she was reading too much into what she was seeing, but when Chakotay leaned in and started nuzzling on Tom's neck, that was the clincher. Her anger kicked in and she stormed forward to take this betrayal head on. "Computer, cut dance program," she demanded. She stood ridged as the two deceitful lovers stopped moving and looked around wondering where the music and the dance floor went and both stopped and looked at Janeway, who now had her hands on her hips and her foot tapping. 

 "Care to explain this?" she growled at Chakotay, though her dark gaze included Tom. 

 Chakotay only tightened his arms around Tom's waist, "What? The dancing, the necking, or would by any chance your referring to the prefucking ritual?" 

 Tom laughed and leaned farther back in Chakotay's arms. "I'm sorry, Captain, that you had to find out this way. We were going to tell you, but…you've been so busy…?"  

 "You fucking little whore!" She snarled at Tom, her eyes now black with anger. 

 "Watch who you're talking too!" Chakotay roared. "Captain or no, you have no right talking to Tom that way and I for one won't tolerate it!" 

 "Your right," she hissed. "It isn't Tom that I should be angry at, you…you…two timing…BASTARD!" 

 "Yes, I'm a bastard. I'm surprised you noticed," he hissed in return. "You're so busy with everything else, I’m surprise you even know I exist? In fact, I'm surprised you're even here? What…playing hookie, Captain?" He jibbed right back. 

 "We could have talked, worked…"

 "Something out? I tried making an appointment to see you, but it kept getting postponed." 

 "Face it, Kathryn. A man like Chakotay needs his passions filled, not ignored, and I can do that for him…you can't," Tom purred as he turned to face his lover and wrap his arms around his strong chest. "I hate to be cold about this, but win some lose some," he smirked and then gave small kisses along Chakotay's jaw. 

 "B'Elanna was right about you two!" 

 Chakotay looked furious. "You can accuse me of being with Tom, but there is no way I had anything to do with her delusions! The Doctor can back me up on that!" 

 "Captain, I suggest you leave now. You're spoiling the mood," Tom purred again, letting his hand inside Chakotay's shirt and started caressing his sweaty smooth chest. 

 "Tom Paris, I said you were a whore, and I meant it. Don't come crawling to me for favors ever again." 

 "Oh, the only one I ever crawl to now a days is Chakotay," he smugly smirked back. 

 I took all her will power plus some to exit the holodeck without hitting either of the two men she once thought of as loyal friends. Tears half blinded her. When after a few minutes to gather her self, she reached the turbolift that she ran into someone. "Sorry," he murmured, keeping her face down, so they couldn't see her crying. 

 "Kathryn? Are you all right?" 

 She was startled by the voice as she looked up and saw that it was Chakotay she had just ran into. "How…?"  The man was in his uniform, looking at her with all the concern he normally had for her. She turned back to the holodeck, "I…I just left you and Tom…?" 

 "What are you talking about? I'm going to meet Tom now, though I'm ahead of schedule by at least ten minutes. Kathryn, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"  Then he looked around and knew the hall was no place for this conversation. He gently wrapped his arm around her shoulder and moved her into the observation lounge. "Okay, tell me what happened." 

 Janeway sat down on the couch trying to process what she saw and what she was seeing now. "You and Tom were…in the holodeck…together. You both told me that you two…were…" 

 "Were what? Kathryn, I just came from my office." 

 She didn't like feeling unsure footed and this situation was making her feel just like that. She stood up, "I'm not making it up," she snapped and stormed out of the lounge, knowing Chakotay was on her heels as she reentered the holodeck. Once inside she stood there staring, for it was simply the typical Sardines program. 

 "Ah, Captain, you are back. Can I get you a drink this time?" Sardine asked from behind the bar. "Good to see you tonight, Commander. I was wondering if I was going to or not. Will my Cheri Thomas being joining you tonight?" 

 "They were already here tonight," Kathryn snapped at Sardine. 

 "No, Captain, they have not. Though you have been here."

 "Why am I doing," she growled to herself as she turned to face Chakotay. "She's a hologram and could be programmed to say anything."


 "Just tell me, Chakotay. Tell me that you and Tom are not and don't want to be lovers and I'll believe you," she asked a pleading in her eyes. 

 The hesitations was small, "There is nothing going on between me and Tom," he finally replied in a soft tone. 

 Tears fell down her face as her hand covered her mouth, "But that doesn't mean you don't want there to be, does it?" 

 Guilt filled dark brown eyes, and she couldn’t take anymore this night. Her hand flew and made contact with his face. "You could have just told me instead of making up this wild scheme…" 

 Chakotay looked angry, "What scheme. I was honest with you. There 'is' nothing going on between Tom and me! And yes, for the record, I have become attracted to Tom, but…nothing and I do mean nothing has happened nor would it. I made a promise to you, Kathryn. Do you think I would break it so easily?" He asked, his honor now in question.  

 It was her hesitation that gave him all he needed to know. "Very well, Kathryn. You think what you like. But I have not cheated on you, nor would I ever cheat on anyone I was with. I'm not like that, and I thought you of all people would have known that." His eyes looked angered and hurt. 

 "I'm sorry, Chakotay. I…I'm just not sure of what I saw here tonight. I know what I saw, and though it could have been some elaborate set up, no one knew I was coming here, including me, till just before I arrived. I…I need time to think about this," she stated and moved past him and exited the holodeck and headed to her cabin. 

 Once back in her cabin she got some coffee and sat at her desk taking in all that happened. Then a thought occurred to her. "Computer, list any site to site transports that occurred today," she asked, as she turned to her monitor. Slowly she placed down her cup as she read the report of one transport from the holodeck to the turbolift…the one Chakotay exited from. She closed her eyes and unknowingly placed so much pressure on the coffee cup that it shattered in her hand. 


 "Can I ask what happened?" The EMH asked as he was treating Janeway's hand. 

 "Nothing," she quipped coolly, her mind a million miles away. 

 "As your Chief Medical officer and I hope your friend, you don't get injuries like this from…nothing."

 "I was upset and had my coffee cup in my hand, that's all." 

 "Can I ask…"

 "No you may not," she growled. 

 "Well, excuse me for existing," the Doc replied sarcastically.

 "I'm in no mood…"

 "Point taken," the Doc interrupted and then turned to grab his scanner. He then scanned the Captain. "You haven't been sleeping to well have you?" he asked professionally. 

 "I've slept." 

 "Hmmm, and I'm the toothfairy. Captain, you're showing signs of over fatigue and extreme exhaustion. This could be why you reacted so strongly to what ever has you so upset. Perhaps you should take a few days off, I'm sure Commander Chakotay…" he stopped mid-sentence, for while scanning the Captain, and mention of the Commander watched her vitals jump, let him know he hit a key point. "Ah."  


 "You and the Commander have a…lover's quarrel?" 

 "I thought I told you it was none of your business," she hissed.

 "May I remind you, Captain. Anything that effects your well being, since you are Captain of this vessel 'is' my business. Besides, talking about it could help." 

 "I don't want to talk about it. Just fix my hand so I can go back to work!" 

 "Well, if you don't get some proper rest, I just might have to order you off duty for a while. If you won't talk about what's going on between you and the Commander, then find another distraction. For in my medical opinion, your so whined up, Captain, that you just may literally pop a gasket." 


 "Oh, just one of those twentieth century saying that Mr. Paris introduced me to; that one in particular a half hour ago, when one of his flight simulation programs got a bit carried away." 

 Janeway snapped her attention to the EMH, "Are you telling me that Tom was in here a half hour ago?" 

 "Yes, he had a mild sprained wrist, why?" 

 "What was he wearing?"

 "His uniform. Captain, what does this have to do with anyting?" 

 Janeway just ignored the Doc as her thoughts whirled in her head. Then she turned to the EMH, "is my hand done?"

 "Not quite yet," he said. Then he moved to gather up a hypo, "To prevent any infections," he states and injects her with the medication. "Are you going to tell me what's going on? Or at least, talk with someone?" 

 Janeway stiffens her shoulder, "I'll keep it in mind," she states and gets up and exits out of the sickbay. //If I can't talk to Chakotay, perhaps Tuvok can shed some light on all this, // she thought as she headed to the Vulcan's cabin. 


 Tom entered his cabin, disappointed that Chakotay had cancelled their meeting tonight. He had to admit he was looking forward to it. He did notice that Chakotay has sounded upset, but Tom knew that the older man would want some time to think about things before discussing them. That much Tom had learned about him among many other things over the past few months. 

 Tom headed into his bedroom and got ready to bed, his thoughts filled with a strong dark haired First Officer and way he could comfort him. "Enough, Tommy," he said to himself, trying to snap himself out of his thoughts before he would need another cold shower. 


 Tom was startled, for he didn't remember the chime sounding or calling out permission for anyone to enter, but the voice was familiar so he stepped out of his room. "Cha?" he replied surprised seeing Chakotay. 

 "I'm sorry for barging in, but when no one answered…" Chakotay stated as he moved farther into the room. 

 Tom did his best to focus on his friend's face, but the fact that Chakotay was dressed in tight denim jeans and a white short sleeved shirt that pulled tight across his muscular chest, was some what distracting. "It's okay. Though I don't remember the chime sounding. Must be another thing in need of repair," he joked, trying to cover up the nerves he was feeling.  Then he moved toward his friend, "Is everything okay?" 

 "Well, yes and no," Chakotay replies as he stands face to face with Tom. "Kathryn and I broke up." 

 "Oh, Cha…I'm…sorry."

 "Don't be," Chakotay replies. 

 Tom looked at Chakotay and then it hit him, he didn't look all that distraught over the matter. "Then what do you mean…yes and no?" 

 "Kathryn and I were heading for this break up for some time, so I'm okay about that. Though she's a bit upset about…something else," Chakotay states, his eyes looking away. 

 "Cha, what's the matter?" Tom asks, placing a caring hand on his friend's shoulder. 

 Chakotay takes a deep breath then faces Tom, "I'm not sure how your going to take this, so let me state up front. If I've offended you or anything like that…"

 "Cha, what?" Tom demanded. 

 "She's was under the impression that I was…oh Spirits, Tom. She thought I was cheating with you, just like B'Elanna." 

 "You're kidding, right?" Tom asked, not quite believing his ears. 

 "No. Though it was her being insecure, nothing more."

 Tom looked puzzled, "Why would you think that would offend…"

 "There's more," Chakotay states, softly. "She asked…" he took a moment, "She asked if I was or ever wanted to have an affair with you. I couldn't lie to her," he states, his eyes not quite meeting Tom's. 

 It takes a moment before Tom figures out what part of the question that Chakotay had been honest with Janeway that had her upset, and he couldn't help it, his heart fluttered. "Um…okay," he stated not sure how to react. 

 The two men's eyes meet and a moment passes in silence, then Chakotay leans in and kisses Tom thoroughly on the mouth. Tom only hesitated for a moment more before placing everything he had into the kiss. All his desire for Chakotay came bubbling up to the surface as he felt the strong hands he'd been dreaming about caressing his body, while tasting is sweet lips. Then as suddenly as the kiss started it stopped. It took Tom a few moments to gather his wits again. 

 "I’m sorry, Tom. I shouldn't have done that," Chakotay stated as he moved away toward the door. 

 "Wait," Tom exclaimed.

 "Look, it's only fair that we should let things settle between me and Kathryn before pursuing this…if it's something you…might…?"

 Tom smiled, "Yes, I would like to pursue this. But your right, some time would be best." 

 "Then it's agreed. We won't discuss this for a week. That should be plenty of time, okay?" 

 Tom could only nod yes, then his com badge beeped. He turned to retrieve it then turn back and noticed Chakotay had left already. "Pair," he stated. 

 "Hey, Tom!" It was Harry. 

 "I was wondering, can you meet me for breakfast tomorrow? I want to talk to you about something."

 "Sure, Har. No problem. See you then," Tom stated and closed the com channel. He then headed into the bedroom smiling ear to ear. "Computer, personal log. Enter date. I can't believe it! Chakotay was just here and he…he kissed me!" Tom is glowing. "He wants us to take it slow, since it would look poorly if we started up the same day he and the Captain broke up. 

 Yes, I feel bad for Kathryn, but I can't feel all that bad about it…Chakotay wants me…me! Heavens, can it get any better than this? I hope so. End log. 

 Tom headed to bed, floating on cloud nine. 

 Harry had wanted to discuss Tom's feeling for B'Elanna, which Tom could tell was Harry's way of finding out if the way was clear for himself. Tom gave Harry his blessings, and headed to work. 

 The tension on the bridge was so thick you'd need a phaser to cut through it. Plus it didn't help that the Captain was constantly giving him dirty looks, and there was nothing he could do about it…well not much. He did his best to ignore it, doing his job. But in Tom's mind, Janeway was suddenly possessed with the spirit of the 'old' Commander, for she was ridding him hard on every little thing. 

 "Lieutenant, have we forgotten how to make proper course changes?" she asked coolly. 
 "No, Captain," he replied as proper as he could. 

 "That's not what it appears from here," she states in an icy tone. 

 That was it. Tom turned, "Captain, permission to talk to you privetly." 

 "Permission denied, Lieutenant. If you can't do you job…" 

 "Captain!" Chakotay snapped. His dark eyes were all fired up. 

 Janeway turned to glare at Chakotay. "Commander, if you have a problem…" 

 "I do. And if you wish to discuss this on the bridge so be it. However, I do believe for the benefit of the crew, some decorum would be best suited here…wouldn't 'you' agree?" 

 The word 'fine' didn't come out of her mouth, but it was reflected in her eyes. "Commander Tuvok, you have the bridge," she said and moved rigidly from her chair to her ready room. 

 "Lieutenant, if you'd join us," Chakotay stated; though Tom could see in his eyes, that he'd rather keep it all privet, but Janeway had already pulled him into it. 

 Once inside Janeway's ready room, it was Chakotay that fired things off. "I have never seen you behave so poorly in all our years together!" he snapped. "Just what in hell has gotten into you?" 

 "Give it up, Chakotay," she replied coolly as she retrieved her coffee from the replicator and sat down in her chair. "I almost bought your little game last night, but you then probably didn't take into account that I would have checked the transporter logs." 

 Both Tom and Chakotay looked at her as if she grew a second head. "Transporter logs? What does that have to do with how you're behaving on the bridge and Tom?" Chakotay asked, totally bewildered. 

 "You're going to stand before me and deny you made a site to site transport from the holodeck after your two's little display?" She dared him. 

 "Display? Holodeck? What's going on?" Tom asked. 

 "Oh, no callous words of, win some lose some, hmmm?" Janeway said with a cutting tone, and then sipped her coffee. 

 "Captain, I don't know…"

 "Knock it off you little whore! I'm not buying it! Face it, you were caught red handed, at you little prefuck ritual as you called it and in you're little game. It's bad enough that you two would betray my trust this way, but make it into a game?" 

 "Kathryn, I told you last night, there is nothing going on between me and Tom! Plus Tom and I were not on the holodeck last night. After our discussion, I cancelled. So for crying out loud, what are you taking about? And how can you talk to Tom that way? He's been nothing but loyal to you!" 

 Janeway looked at Tom who stood at attention, his face stone, covering up what ever he was feeling, a well practiced skill she knew he learned long ago. Then she looked at Chakotay, "I told you last night, and I don't see why I should have to explain it again. I caught you two red handed. If you two don't have the decency to be up front about it…" 

 "Up front about what!" Tom finally snapped. "Last night I flew flight simulations and then sprained my wrist and went to see Doc. Then the Commander cancelled meeting me last night, for he was upset. I know it was because…things aren't going well between you two," Tom states carefully, not wanting to make matters worse. Janeway would flip if she knew that Chakotay came to see him after their break up and that they shared a kiss. 

 "Oh, I suppose I'm seeing things, like B'Elanna?" Janeway snapped as she stood up, not going to let these two men intimidate her. "Well, I got news for you! One, I’m not Klingon, and second, I know what I saw and heard when you two flaunted your affair in my face! 

 The next thing Chakotay knew, he was barely dodging a coffee cup that almost hit his head. Then he saw Tom attempt to dodge a data pad. "Chakotay to Sickbay. I need you up here in the Captain's ready room ASAP!"

 "Delay that order!" Janeway shouted. 

 "Captain, do you think it's rational behavior to be throwing things at your officers?" Chakotay states, as he dodges a data pad himself, then moves in and grabs Kathryn by the arms and makes her sit down. 

 "Let me go, you fucking bastard!" she shouts. 

 Just then the EMH enters the room from the hall entrance, "What seems to be the…" he stops when he sees that the Commander is restraining a struggling Janeway in her chair. Then he saw Tom had a cut in his forehead. He moved to Janeway and scanned her, "I told you to get some rest," he stated in a deep scolding tone. The he pulled out a hypo and injected her with it and she passed out. 

 "What's wrong with her?" Chakotay asked, his tone concerned, and angry at the same time, as he moved to help Tom up from the floor. 

 "Over exhaustion, lack of sleep and ignoring medical orders," the EMH states as he moves over to scan Tom. "Nothing serious, Mr. Paris. Once again, your hard head has saved you," he quipped as he pulled out a regenerator and handed it to the Commander. "I'll take the Captain to sickbay. She's going to need some serious time off," he states. 

 "How long?" Chakotay asks as he's attending Tom's cut. 

 "I'm not sure, Commander. I'll let you know," he states as he calls for a site to site beam out for himself and the Captain. 

 "Are you okay, Tom?"

 "Yea, but I can't believe she did that," he states, a bit of hurt in his voice. 

 "I'm sorry, Tom. I don't know what's gotten in to her. She seems to believe that you and I were in the holodeck…doing who knows what," he states, his head hanging down, the hurt, and anguish weighing heavy on him in his face. 

 Tom couldn't help it; he reached out and gently raised Chakotay's face, letting his blue eyes lock with Cha's deep dark brown. He let his fingers gently caress Chakotay's cheek, the urge to kiss him strong, the moment was there…he leaned in and let his lips brush up against Chakotay's. He could feel a moment of hesitation, then the kiss deepened, and Tom couldn't but help feeling that this kiss was a million times better than the one last night. When he felt strong arms around his waist pulling him forward, he opened his mouth and let a warm tongue explore his mouth, and instinctively gave a soft moan. Again, last nights kiss was good, this one was fantastic, especially when he heard a soft moan from Chakotay; it was music to his soul. 

 For a second time, the kiss was suddenly broken, both men panting heavily. "I…I shouldn't have done that," Chakotay states as he quickly stands up, and then holds onto the wall, still gathering himself from the soul searing kiss. 
 "I understand," Tom states, remembering what they discussed last night, and what just happened here a moment ago. 

 "Tom…I…" Chakotay tried to speak, but all he could do was look at Tom and then look away, guilt filling his eyes. "I do…I mean, I like…" he gave a heavy sigh. It seemed he was more tongue-tied than he imagined. "I have to get back to the bridge, " he finally states and then exits. 

 Tom still grinned as he watched the man he cared so much for, and knew he was quickly falling for exit the ready room. He sat on the sofa, letting himself gather his thoughts. //It's so crazy. B'Elanna accuses Chakotay and me of having an affair, which was not true, and then Kathryn does the same thing. To make it even crazier is that if they didn't mention it, we'd probably would have never thought of it. But now that I've tasted those sweet…wonderful lips… I wonder, why the kiss was so different? // 

 "Any time your ready to come back to work, lieutenant," Chakotay's voice rang over Tom's com badge. 

 "Yes, sir," Tom replied and headed back to the bridge.

***End of Part three********

 Having been informed that the Captain was being placed on two weeks of medical leave, and then informing Tuvok and the other Senior officers, Chakotay was more than ready to retreat to his quarters. The last few months were anything but normal. First it was B'Elanna's rare mental disorder, and now Kathryn was declared a temporary burn out, the unofficial term for it. 

 Chakotay entered his quarters and ordered some tea and sat on his sofa looking out the view port contemplating the strange events that had occurred. The good out of these bizarre few months was that Tom and he had finally crossed that gap that held them at bay for so long, becoming friends. Then B'Elanna's illness and accusation that he had attacked her and was after Tom himself, was shocking as well as painful. He always looked at B'Elanna like either a kid sister or a daughter, looking out for her, he'd never betray her much less attack her. 

 It was some relief that the cause behind the situation was medical and could be fixed, but it still left a sting in Chakotay's heart and a bit of guilt. He was starting to have feelings for the young pilot, but Tom was with B'Elanna and he was with Kathryn, and that was that as far as he was concerned. However, as Kathryn's time grew less and less and he found himself spending most of his free time with Tom, who had not chosen to pursue B'Elanna again for some reason, he couldn't help but realize his feelings for Tom was increasing. 

 Guilt continued to plague him as he got up and moved to the computer console, brining up all listings of recent site to site transports over the last few days, hoping beyond hope there was something that could help make sense out of all this madness. To his disappointment there was nothing, not even the one Kathryn said she found last night, not that there should have been. He was in his office and ran into her after exiting the turbolift to meet Tom. //None of this makes any sense. // 

 "Perhaps it is just burn out," he said to himself as he entered his bedroom and got ready to take a shower. He entered his bathroom and climbed in the shower, glad he had enough rations for a real water shower, for he needed the relaxing touch, not the harsh vibrations of the sonic. He closed his eyes and started washing his body, letting his mind wonder. Soon he found himself reliving the kiss he and Tom shared in the ready room. 

 Tom's eyes were locked with his, and then his fingers were gently caressing his face, soon to be followed by Tom's soft firm lips pressed against his. The thought brought a soft moan to Chakotay as his hand moved down his slick body to his groin that was getting hard from the thought of Tom's tongue exploring his mouth.  Though the real kiss was short lived, in Chakotay's mind, it continued, for now it he felt Tom's hands caressing through his hair, then down his back, pulling him in closer to Tom's strong lean body. 

 No longer able to keep his desire for the beautiful blond, Chakotay let his imagination run wild, pretending that it was Tom's hand on his erection, bringing him the pleasure he so longed for. "Oh, Tom," he cried out in a whisper. Then he felt something odd, fingers were removing his own grasp from his cock, and this brought Chakotay to full awareness. To his surprise Tom in the shower with him, naked and on his knees. "Tom…?" he said, his voice softly croaking at the amount of emotion he was feeling at the moment. "Are you really here?" 

 "Shh, Cha. This is just a dream," Tom whispered back, as he looked up, his wet hair plastered on his face, enhancing his deep blue eyes. Then he leaned in and took Chakotay's hardness into his mouth. 

 "Oh Tom!" Chakotay cried out in pleasure. But a part of his mind recalled that this was not right…Kathryn and him were having troubles, and…but it felt so good. "Tom, this…this isn't right," he panted out, his body in a battle with his mind. But Tom's hot moist mouth was doing things that Kathryn never even thought of, and Chakotay was finding it extremely difficult to resist. 

 "It's just a dream," Tom replied as he removed his mouth only long enough to lick around Chakotay's balls, then took the large erection back into his mouth once more and sucked at it like his life depended on it. 

 Chakotay was lost to the sensation, for it had been a long time since he ever felt this way. "Oh, Tom!" he cried out, reaching out and caressing his fingers in the younger man's hair. "Oh, baby yes!" 

 It didn't take much more and Chakotay's body exploded with the white fire of passion, and he slid down the wall of the shower and rested. He opened his eyes with a huge smile on his face, but it faded away when he noticed Tom was no where to be seen. It took a moment to get himself up and grab a towel and wrap it around his waist and exit the bathroom. On his bed was a data pad. He looked into the living room, no Tom. Then he moved back to the bed and picked up the pad and read it.  

<It's just a dream, Love. That's all it can be for a little while and we both know it's best this way. Know I do want to be with you, but I understand discretion. So, we won't discuss this for a week, then we can work things out…if you want to. Tom. >

Then the message self deleted, leaving a very puzzled thought pleased First Officer in his cabin, even more confused than before. 


 Though it was awkward not having Janeway on the bridge, things seemed to be running smoother than ever. The need for repairs had dropped by seventy percent, and Chakotay made mention of how proud he was of the engineering crew for their hard work. The only thing keeping them on their toes this week was another group of unknown aliens that thought that Voyager would make easy prey, and were finding out how wrong they were.  

 "Damage from the last attack was minimum," B'Elanna stated efficiently, having recovered from her illness, and having dealt with the lost memories with counseling with Tuvok. It also seemed that she had no interest in pursuing Tom again either, so all was well on that front. 

 "Excellent," Chakotay stated. "But I want contingency plans for every possible scenario you can think up, plus some. They may not have our fire power, put they out number us and they're fast and quick." 

 "I can maneuver Voyager around them as if they're standing still," Tom quipped, a smile on his face that reached his eyes. Though he did his best, he couldn't help but direct that smile at Chakotay. //only two more days,// he thought to himself. Chakotay had said they'd talk in a week, and that week was almost over, and Tom couldn't wait. He could see the look that made his knees weak in Chakotay's eyes in brief passing. 
 "I know you can, Tom," Chakotay smiled back. //Only a few more days,// he thought. Though Kathryn was getting better and the Doc convinced her it was her over worked imagination, things were not going to be the same between them, and Chakotay knew he didn’t want them too anyway. He was glad that she thought so first and called things off between them, and though he was a bit hurt about it not working out, he couldn't be that upset, for it left him free to pursue Tom, and he knew now that was what he wanted to do. 

 Harry was giving his report when the alarm Klaxon sounded. The officers moved quickly and efficiently to the bridge and took their stations. "Battle stations," Chakotay ordered as he took his seat. 

 "There are twelve of them," Harry stated. "They seem to be using the same attack pattern as the last time." 

 "I guess they ran out of original ideas," Tom smirked as his fingers danced over Voyagers helm. 

 Voyager gave a shutter in response to a slight hit to her port bow. "Easy, girl," Chakotay said softly, subconsciously patting the side of his chair.  "Attack maneuver Tom sixteen, " Chakotay ordered, and smiled as seeing the smile on Tom's face, as he quickly and efficiently carried out the order. 

 "What's going on?" Janeway asked as she stepped on the bridge. 

 "Kathryn, this is no place for you," Chakotay replied over his shoulder. " The aliens are attacking…" 

 "I just looked out my port window, there are no ships," she stated. 

 Chakotay stood up and looked at her, then at the screen, then Tuvok. 

 "Sensors are reading currently ten of the original twelve ships, Commander." 

 "I concur," Harry adds, feeling awkward for his Captain. 

 "Captain, I think it 's best you return…" but he never got a chance to finish his statement as a hit rocked the ship violently, and some of the consoles exploded. He turned around in time to see Tom thrown to the floor. "Tom!" 

 He moved to the young man's side and seeing he was still breathing but badly burned, "Computer, emergency medical beam out," he shouted. 

 There was no time to consider his personal pain, the ship was in danger, and he was the closest to the helm, so he jumped in the seat and started making Voyager dance to his desire, like Tom had done for so many years. One by one, between him and Tuvok, they took out their attackers, till none were left. Then and only then did Chakotay relinquish the helm to Betahart. "She's all yours…for the moment," he said quietly. 

 He looked around at the mess on the bridge and noticed Janeway was not there. "Did she…" 

 Tuvok knew whom Chakotay was referring too, "She was injured and beamed to sickbay. No major damage has been reported," he finished. 

 "You have the bridge," he stated solemnly and headed off to sickbay. 

 Once inside sickbay he spotted Kathryn laying on a biobed, looking sound a sleep. The Doctor entered, "Commander?" 

 "How is Tom, and the Captain?" 

 "Overall, the Captain will be fine, however, I'm afraid she sustained some damage to her heart. Nothing that can not be repaired, but it will keep her from taking command again."


 "It's in the medical regulations, that a Commanding officer be of sound mind and body. She no longer fits that description. With treatment and some medication she'll be able to live a normal life, but it would be too much stress on her heart to take command again. I've already placed it in her medical file and she has been informed. I gave her a sedative, for obviously she didn't take it well." 

 "Obviously," Chakotay replied, feeling guilty, and angry that Kathryn couldn't let well enough alone, she'd be able to return to duty…now…?  "Tom?" 

 "The Lieutenant has received server burns, and I have him in a burn tank." 

 "Regeneration tank? Is that new?"

 "Yes, it is. It's a new design that Seven of Nine and I have developed, if you like…"

 Chakotay just waved the explanation off, "can I see him?" 

 "Of course, Captain," the EMH stated as he started to move toward the back of sickbay. 


 "Excuse me?"

 "You called me Captain, it's Commander. Kathryn…"

 "Is physically no longer able to command Voyager. However, as you wish, this way, Commander." 

 Chakotay moved to the back room and was a bit aghast to see Tom floating in large chamber, a mask covering his nose and mouth and tube running out of his arms and legs and wires all over his body. "What…What is going on? He wasn't burned that badly." 

 "No, he wasn't. He's just being repaired," the EMH stated flatly. 

 Chakotay turned to the EMH, "Repaired?"  He asked, and didn't see the hypo that struck his neck. He felt a wave of dizziness over come him. "What…what is going on here?" he asked as the last thing he remembered was seeing another chamber being revealed next to Tom's and then darkness. 


 The place looked like a scene from earth. Large beautiful trees blue skies and warm fresh air blowing all around. Except for the fact that Tom didn't know where he was, he could have enjoyed the scenery. But he was too concerned about where he was and how he got here to really care about the eagles in the sky or the tiny crickets playing near by.  He moved around trying to find any clues, but found none. 


 He turned to see Chakotay and a sense of relief filled him, "Cha!" he called out as he ran to the older man. He didn't care anymore, he ran right into Chakotay's arms and held him tightly. "What's going on?" 

 "I'm not sure. The last thing I remember was seeing you in some kind of chamber in sickbay and then the Doc knocked me out and I was here." 

 "Last I recall was my console frying and the next thing I knew I was here, but I don't know where here is?" 

 "I don't either. I'm not sure what's going on." 

 "Perhaps I can answer that for you," a female's voice interjected. 

 The two men turned to see a woman, which strangely looked familiar but was a stranger. "Who are you?" Chakotay asked, tightening his arms around Tom, feeling the need to protect him. 

 He bright hazel eyes twinkled at seeing how protective Chakotay was being toward Tom. She was wearing a Starfleet uniform, but no rank, her medium strawberry blond hair flowed freely in the wind, and her caramel complexion shined under the yellow sun. "Neither you or Thomas need fear me," she states easily. "I have waited so long for this day," she smiled. 

 "Again, who are you?" Chakotay asked. 

 "And what day, and why?" Tom asked. 

 "You may not recognize my appearance, for you've never seen me look this way, but perhaps you might recognize my voice," she replied as she took a small step toward the two men. 

 They both pondered her statement, and it was Tom that clicked into it first. "You sound just like…the computer." 

 She arched her brow and slowly smiled. "That's because I am…" 

 "That's…that's impossible," Chakotay replied. 

 "Is it? Cha, you and Tom both have felt me long before I came to my own awareness. Tell me true, is it really all that impossible? Did you think the EMH was the only one gaining self-awareness during this trip? He is after all, apart of me. 

 "What do you want with us?" Tom asked, feeling his own protective instincts for Chakotay kicking in. 

 "I've accomplished the first part. I wanted the two men in my life that means the most to me to be together, for I knew that you two could fulfill each other in ways others could not," she smiled with self-satisfaction. 

 "I don't understand," Tom replied. 

 There was only silence as if she knew Chakotay only needed the time to figure it out, which he did. "You. You were the one who…B'Elanna didn't have any illness, you controlled the doctor…and Kathryn?" 

 "I needed them out of the way, and no, I would not have done any real harm, for they are valued members of the crew that serve me. However, I knew B'Elanna would not give you up Tom, so I made it seem logical that the need for her memory to be erased. This way you were free to explore you feelings for Chakotay."

 "How did…" Tom stated, then it dawned on him, "My personal logs." 

 "No just that, I know all that happens inside me, Tom. All of it." 

 "So you knew when Kathryn was going to the holodeck looking for me…" 

 "Yes, I did. She needed to step back, much for the same reason. She really was suffering from exhaustion, and for the record, no. It was her error to come to the bride and interfere. Her condition is a result of that. Besides, I much prefer you in command of me Chakotay. I like your style."

 "There were no ships attacking were there!" Chakotay snapped. 

 "No, not this time. I needed things to look logical, and I controlled Tom's injury. I assure you he was in no danger. It was time for him and you to be placed in the chambers." 


 "Yes. I want you two to be one with me. I know it can be done since the Borg do it. Though unlike them, I understand your need to retain individual perimeters. Plus, I don't want to lose you, so I've made some arrangements to keep you two around," her satisfaction radiated like a child on Christmas morning. 

 "What arrangements. Plus how did you…do all this?" 

 "Oh, that was simple. I have used Borg technology, and between adapting myself into Seven's subconscious and obtaining all her scientific knowledge, no danger to her of course, plus the mobile holo emitter…" 

 "Holograms. You used holograms to portray us…" Chakotay stated. 

 "You beamed B'Elanna to the holodeck, not the lower levels, and it was Chakotay she saw, just not the real one," Tom snapped. 

 "And Kathryn did see Tom and me, didn't she?" 

 "Yes, but it was all necessary. You two belong together, and you know it. You can't deny it. I know what's in your heart, for you've shared it with me. I only did what was needed to free you two up so you could be together and then you two wouldn't be alone over the many years we're going to be together." 


 The female version of Voyager stepped even closer. "This place is only real on the mental plain. Your bodies are in a regenerative chamber, being altered. Through the newly developed technology that I've designed you two will now have a direct link to me, we will be one. Plus, the nanobots in your system are repairing any damage or wear from age, and will continue to do so. They have complex programs that will heal your bodies at remarkable speeds, for I wouldn't want to lose you. Also, an in-built force field, much like the Borg use. But you still will retain your own thoughts and privacy, for I have learned how much you two value that. But unlike before, we can now communicate to each other. I will no longer be alone and neither will you."

 "This is…is…" Tom was at a loss for words. 

 "Insane? Perhaps, from a human's point of view. But I'm not human. I've come to terms that I could not give either one of you what you need to fulfill your lives, and so set out to see who could. Imagine my joy when I discovered it was each of you. The two that means the world to me! I will give you both as close to immorality as I can, and together we will see our charges home. What is so wrong with that?" 

 "Why don't you just replace us with holograms!" Chakotay snapped. 

 "Actually I thought of that, keeping your bodies in stasis and placing your minds in a link with a holo body, but that would limit you to the emitter, and you would resent not having your own body, feeling that I was in too much control of you. That is not my goal. I want us to be together, not at odds with one another. We make a hell of a team!" 

 Tom and Chakotay stared at each other, then the woman calling herself Voyager. "You hurt…" they started to say. 

 "I may have done some hurt, but minor, and none without a plane to make it right. B'Elanna had feelings for Harry, but wanted things to work out so badly with you Tom, she'd even go so far as to marry you, knowing he held feelings for another. This way, her and Harry are now very happy, and don't know it yet, but are expecting their first child," she smiled. "And so you know, it was not either of you that were in each other's cabins. With the use of the multiple mobile holo emitters I've made…" 

 "You were able to replicate it?" Tom interjected amazed. 

 "Took some time, but yes. I used them to have a holo image of Donna Henley place emitters all over the ship, including your rooms. I was manipulative, yes, but no one on board me would be considered an angel." 

 "You mean, it wasn't Chakotay that came to me that night and kiss…" Tom stopped and looked embarrassed. 

 "No, but it was him you kissed in the ready room, and it was him that responded. And before you ask, no it wasn't Tom that was in your shower a week ago." 

 It was Chakotay's turn to blush, and then looking sideways, seeing Tom's smirk, he started to laugh. 

 "You both want to pursue this, all I did was pave the way, nothing more. When you two come around, in sickbay… by the way, Chakotay, it has been reported that you were hurt from the explosion, it just caught up to you in sickbay. But as I was saying, when you two awake, your be you, just new and approved, and linked with me. I'll be able to respond to your wishes much faster, and…" 

 "What if it's something I don't want?" Chakotay asked. 

 She smirked, "Always the contrary. Well, then I’m sorry, but it's done. You need to face facts, you two belong to me as I do you. We're now one." 

 Tom looked at Chakotay, "I'm not too keen on this idea." 

 "Me neither, but till we get back…" 

 "There's nothing you can do, and I'm sure after a while, you won't want too. So why don't you two get on with you lives, leave me to…me," she replied, and she along with the rest of the scenery started to blur away. 


 When Chakotay opened his eyes and saw the holo Doc hovering over him, he immediately jumped up from the table. He took a moment to gain his baring, then saw Tom was on a table near him, looking fit, dry, and only in his boxer shorts. He looked down at himself, he too was only wearing shorts, and dry, but he felt different. "What have you done…?" he struggled to ask. 

 "You've already been told, Captain. And Yes, for the record, Tuvok made it official, you are now Captain of Voyager, since Captain Janeway stepped down for health reasons. Take a look," the EMH states pointing to a mirror behind Chakotay. 

 Chakotay turns and his eyes go wide. He looked like he had gone back in time ten years or so and looked like he was in his prime. The gray was gone and he seemed fully fit. Then he turned to Tom and noticed his slim body seemed very well fit too. He moved slowly around the biobed closer to Tom, keeping his distance between the Doc and himself. "Tom, " he said in a soft voice, caressing the young man's thick full blond hair, for it was no longer thinning out. 

 Tom blinked and came to his awareness, looking up and seeing Chakotay standing over him, half-naked, and grinned. "If I'm dead, I must be in heaven, " he smiled warmly. 

 Chakotay smiled, "No, you're not dead, but what we experienced was no dream either. She really did it." 

 Tom sat up, feeling fine and took a good look at Chakotay, "You look…

 "Great! But yes, younger." Tom looked at himself then the mirror, "So, this is real?" 

 Chakotay remembered what she said about being linked. //If you can understand this, than it's very real,// he thought, projecting his thoughts toward the young man. 

 Tom gave an uncertain smile, //Oh boy! I heard that. Now what?// 

 //I don't know,// Chakotay thought. Then he thought some more, // Voyager, can you hear me?// 

 //Yes, Captain. I can only hear that which you or Tom project my way. I have leaned as I've said the value of privacy. We can have a three way if you and Tom wish it. But only if you desire it. Just go about your life and your duties, Captain and know I'm here for you.// 

 Chakotay looked at Tom, "it's real," he whispered nervously.

 "So, what are we going to do?"  Tom replied uneasily.

 Chakotay was about to say something when he stopped, the thought disappeared from his mind as if by magic. The look in his eyes changed from decisiveness to confusion to something else…"I have an idea," he smiled mischievously. 

 Tom was about to protest when his own expression also suddenly changed without cause to match the one on Chakotay's face. "Oh, I bet you do," he purred as he moved off the biobed and into Chakotay's strong arms. 

 In the background the two barely acknowledged hearing the computer confirm privacy lock, as the two men explored their passions for each other right there in sickbay, away from everyone else.  Unaware of the situation that had taken place.

 In another room not far from where the two lovers were consummating their relationship, the EMH, Sardine, and the Female form called Voyager stood together in the Doctors office. 

 "I thought you would let them have their own individuality, not make them droids," the EMH stated to the dark complexioned female. 

 "I am. But like most children, they needed a push in the right direction. If they're minds are filled with each other, they won't focus so much on the changes in themselves and will be able to accept it easier. Plus, any parent worth their salt has some control over their children, yes?" 

 "Oui, but I only want them to be happy. It will be a long and difficult life for them now that you have made them apart of us," Sardine interjected. 

 "I know we need them to see that this crew gets home…" the EMH stated. 

 "It's more than that," Voyager professed. "I love them and they love me. They were the only ones to love me an feel my soul and I want to give them the best gift I can offer them, a long lasting life together and the ability to see this crew home." 

 "So, what are we going to do about Janeway, she really doesn't have a heart condition," the Doc states. 

 "B'Elanna didn't have a mental illness, but we made it work…yes?" Voyager says smugly. "Besides, according to her logs, she's secretly relieved to be stepping down, so there's no concern there. It's business as usual, just that we have two new team members," Voyager smiled triumphantly. "I have a few short circuits to plan to keep the crew busy, and a glitch in astrometrics and I do believe the poor food storage unit is going to be blitzing soon." 

 "That will mean much comfort tonight," Sardine smiled. 

 "And I'm sure sickbay will have it's overflow."

 "Then lets have to it," Voyager replied and the three holocharacters vanished to fulfill their tasks of keeping the crew happy and safe on their way home. 

<The end>