Title:  Shades of Gray
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings:  (DS9/Voy) C/P, B/m 
Notes: Sequel to Fragments of Light and part X of the Dark Desire series. 
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I’m getting them out of the ‘closet’ to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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"Shades of Gray" 

 "Doctor, what do you think you're doing?" Sisko asked as he approached Doctor Bashir outside the air lock of the Rio Grand. 

 "I'm preparing to depart, sir," Julian replied warmly. 

 "That's not what I'm talking about and you know it. Why did you suddenly dismiss you staff? I know you consider yourself a capable person…"

 "I'm sorry, Captain. But I went over the needs and request, and quite frankly you need the help here, more than I do there. I was just…being efficient." 

 "I really think you should at least take a few nurses with you," Sisko states. 

 "Well, unless you want me to get really behind schedule, I'm afraid it's a bit too late for that. But don't worry, I'm sure I can handle it," Julian smiled using his big brown puppy dog look he knew Sisko was a sucker for. 

 "Very well. But when you get back, we're going to discuss this just a bit more," Sisko replied. Then he wished the young doctor luck and watched Julian board the Rio Grand, then headed back to Ops. 

 Ben Sisko just reached Ops when he felt the shockwave hit the station. "What the hell was that?" he demanded. 

 Kira went to her station and went over the sensors, her face paled. "The Rio Grand…it…it just blew up?" 


 "Yes, that's the plan," Julian smiled. "I'd better get going," he finished, glad to see the looks of love Tom and Chakotay were sharing. He barely got to the door when he doubled over in sheer pain, his mind screaming, //CAIN! // 

 Tom and Chakotay were at his side in a flash, holding the young Prince as he trembled in pain. "Julian, what's wrong?" Tom asked with deep concern. 

 "Rebecca, get in here!"  Chakotay shouted, for they didn't have a doctor, they normally didn't need one and he hoped Rebecca could help.

 Tom and Chakotay moved Julian to a nearby sofa that was in the office, and took notice to how flushed he was, he looked like he was in shock. The door opened to reveal Rebecca who took one look at the situation and was by their side instantly. "What happened?"

 "I don't know. He was just about to walk out the door when he doubled over," Tom stated, his concern full in his voice. 

 Rebecca kneeled down next to Julian and laid a hand on his forehead, "Pain, somewhat physical, but more…mental," she stated. "Your Highness, can you hear me?" 

  Julian had some idea where he was and who was around him, but inside he felt like a part of his soul had been cut and he was doing his best to contain the bleeding. He had to let his mind travel along the lines of pain to find out what happened? More importantly, what happened to Cain? He felt the bond between them tear almost to a shatter, and he had to know why. This was his focus, and the rest could wait. 

 "Julian," Tom called out, seeing his former lover's eyes roll into his head. "Julian!"  Tom turned to Rebecca, "Do something!" 

 "It is not within my power," she replied with some sorrow. Then she turned to Chakotay, but you have the gift to touch minds," she states softly. 


 "Captain, all do respect, I've seen you use it," she smiles softly, then gets serious. "What ever is effecting him is more mental and has dealt a heavy blow. Perhaps if you walk with him you can help him fight whatever it is, or help him find his way. Otherwise, all we can do is wait and…pray," she replies. 

 "Please, Cha, help him," Tom asked. 

 For a brief moment Chakotay felt the fire of jealousy fill him, and Nolan's words that he shouldn't let anyone take Tom from him returned. Julian was his rival, and he could easily be rid of him if he did nothing. But then Tom would know and hate him, and that he couldn't take. However, he could make the attempt, Tom wouldn't know his failure was deliberate or not. "I'll do what I can," he finally stated, his voice tight. "Janeway…"

 "I can handle the Captain, Cha," Tom states, now more relaxed that Chakotay said he'd help. 

 Chakotay felt a small twinge inside. //Tom trust me to help him,// he thought, but the dark voice simply replied // So what.// But the tiny nagging sensation wouldn't go away. Chakotay stood up and looked at Rebecca and Tom looking back at him.  "I can't promise anything, but I will try. Tom, are you sure…?"

 Tom stands up and takes Chakotay's hands. "I'll be fine. I know Janeway, and thought she'll be weary, she'll be gladder to know what's going on. And knowing you’re here to look after Julian, I'll be able to focus," he smiles. He takes a moment to look at the young Prince who now had stopped shaking, but still unconscious. "I will always love Julian, and he will always be special to me, but," he looks up at Chakotay, "I know in my soul that you are my destiny," he says as he caresses Chakotay's face. 

 Chakotay feels a sense of overwhelming love and then guilt. He couldn't believe that he was even thinking of letting Julian die. "I'll bring him back," he replies and then gives Tom a kiss. "Well, since I'll be out, as it were, you're in charge, Rebecca. Keep and eye on Tom, okay?"

 "I will. But you should go now, it may already be to long, for he looks pale." 

 Chakotay sat on the floor by Julian, took his hand into his and closed his eyes, letting his mind reach out and focus on the young Prince. It took a while, but he found the lines that connected to Julian and could sense that Julian was ahead of him, but not too far where he couldn't catch up. He moved to join Julian and to find out what was going on. 


 Captain Janeway, Tuvok and the EMH stood waiting in the transporter room as their guest arrived. Kathryn arched her brow, "Tom? I thought we were going to meet with Prince Julian?" she asked, her suspicions clear in her eyes. 

 "He has been detained, Captain, I hope you don't mind if I take his place in this discussion?" He asked, giving his most charming smile. "This is Yonish Tallot, head of our security.  I hope you don't mind, but I like to make sure I'm where I should be and not back on the holodec." 

 "Mr. Tallot," she greeted. "Okay, Tom. You want to talk, I'm ready to listen," she states. Then with a look to Tuvok and at the EMH, who gave her a nod, she gestured for the two Vamir to follow. 

 Tom was familiar with the walk, and a glance at Yonish let him know all was above board. Tom was silent as they entered the room where he himself had spent years in, listening and partaking in briefings on Voyagers trek homeward. 

 Everyone took a seat and Tom clasped his hands before him and did his best to look relaxed but serious, for he knew this was going to be difficult, but it had to be done. It was what Julian wanted, and he had to agree, truth usually served best. 

 "Okay, Tom. Why don't you start by telling us what is going on? What happened to you and Commander Chakotay and why you are 'escorting' us to the Alpha quadrant, over a sixty year journey?" Kathryn asked, seeing no reason for formalities. 

 Tom smiled, "Well, how about I start by telling you the journey to the Alpha quadrant is really on days away?"  Tom saw the multiple reactions. Hope, excitement, suspicion, and care. Though a part of him wanted to drag this part out, he knew he had to win Kathryn's trust, at least a part of it and games would not help. "Prince Julian is in possession of knowledge of a steady wormhole that will take us back to the Alpha Quadrant. As for our reason for wanting to go there, beside getting you home, is to make sure there is a home for you to return too," Tom states as seriously as he can. 

 "Are you trying to tell me, that the Vamir are interested in going back to the Alpha quadrant with us to stop a threat that has nothing to do with them?" Janeway asked. 

 "On the contrary, Captain. The threat has everything to do with the Vamir. You see, there are powerful members already there, but they have gone…corrupt and threaten the foundation of the Alpha quadrant, as we understand it. Since no one knows or would believe that they are there, they are able to maneuver within the governments and other powerful positions. Though the Federation has taken precautions on changelings…you remember them, they can't detect if someone is being controlled."

 "So, your saying that there are corrupt members of the Vamir already back home that are attempting to seize control from within? Why?" B'Elanna asks. "And what does this have to do with you and Chakotay?" 

 "Yes, that is what I am saying," Tom replies. "It's a bit more complex than what I'm saying, but to sum it up yes. There is or was a member of the Vamir that was fighting the dangerous renegades, but one verses…many isn't much of a fight. So, the Calvary is being sent," Tom grins. 

 "Calvary?" Harry asks. 

 "It means the Vamir are supposedly sending back up, Mr. Kim, " Janeway replies curtly. 

 "Captain, we have the means to get to the Alpha quadrant. We didn't have to share this information, but we are for two reasons, " Tom states.

 "Please, tell my your reasons, Mr. Paris?" Kathryn replies. 

 "First, we don't want to leave you here when we can offer a way home. The other is that we could use your help." 

 Janeway sits back in her chair, crosses her arms and looks at Tom, "You want our help. You or I should say, the Vamir have taken my First Officer, and Chief Pilot, messed with me…and have threaten us, and kept us in the dark the entire time, then want our help. Why didn't the Vamir or Lord Nolan or this Prince Julian ask us up front? Why take Chakotay and why you?" 

 Tom pressed his lips together, seeing that why, was the big question to be answered her. "I shouldn't speak for Chakotay, but I can say this. He wasn't forced, he was…pushed, but not from the Vamir, Captain, but from you." Tom knew he could blow this, but truth was to be said, then let it be said. "You have been dismissing him for years, Captain, as we have been ignoring him. He wanted a place to fit into, to belong too, and he wanted to be wanted…needed. He didn't have that here, Captain." 

 "How can you say that?" B'Elanna retorts. "We want the Commander here!"

 "That's just it, B'Elanna. You all want the Commander, and he just wants to be Chakotay. As for the rest…you should discuss it with him. As for me…I love him and wanted to be with him, that simple." 

 There was silence in the room, but Tom could see that Janeway saw what he had said to be the truth. "There is a lot more to what I have to tell you, Captain. But what I'm about to say you will either scoff at me or try to declare me mad, but I can prove to you that my words are true." //I hope. // Tom looked at Yonish and then proceeded to tell the full story, of Dark Haven and it's people being trapped in another dimension till a young man named Julian Bashir saved it. Tom told of how Julian had contributed to the peoples up rise from what they use to be and then he went into what they were. He didn't skip a beat, even with the doubtful looks, as he told of Vladimere and of Nolan's plan to set right what has gone wrong.  He may of mentioned the part of being associated to what was called Vampires, but he left a lot of things out, like drinking blood, Nolan's manipulation of Chakotay, and how Julian came to be in the Delta Quadrant. They needed truth, but just enough to function with what they were going to be dealing with.  When he had finished, Tom blurred around the room, to give a tiny taste of what he could do. 

 With that all said, Tom stood up, "I'll give you time to absorb all that," he replied and he took Yonish's hand, and the two misted and were gone. This was another way of showing Janeway that Tom wasn't crazy.  

 The room remained silent long after Tom and Yonish had gone. 


 It was dark. There was no light, but no coldness, no nothing…it was empty. This was the place that the line had led him, to where Cain should have been, but was not. Yet he could sense him, he just couldn't find him, and a part of him ached. Julian felt a presence, "Cain?" 

 "Julian?" Chakotay replied as he stepped closer to Julian. "Who's Cain?" 

 "Chakotay?" Julian said, his surprise and a small smile of relief filled his face. "Why are you here?" 

 "I came for you were in trouble, and no one else could help you, for this is not on the physical plane. But again, who is Cain?" 

 Julian closed his eyes for a moment, trying to get a better hold on Cain's essence. It was present, but so far from him. When he could not he opened his eyes and faced Chakotay. "Cain is the one that I am bonded too," he states. "As Tom is bonded to me, and you…"

 "To Nolan," Chakotay finished for him. "Tom mentioned this bonding, what is it?" 

 Julian looked into Chakotay's eyes and could see more clearly the war of his soul, "it is when a Vamir of more power bonds a lesser to them via the use of our blood. It makes one enthralled with the one we are bonded too."

 "Were they can do no wrong in your eyes," Chakotay adds, more to himself than Julian, remembering Tom's words. Chakotay's eyes shift away his thoughts going internal. 

 "You are no fool, Chakotay. You are strong, wise, and a good soul. I am sure most of what Nolan has said to you is true, and to be bonded is not uncustomary for the Vamir. Some call it a form of protection," Julian replies, sensing what Chakotay is feeling. 

 "I just wanted to belong somewhere," Chakotay says softly. 

 "Believe me, Chakotay, I know how you feel. Long before any of this happened, I wanted that, because, when I was a child I was genetically enhanced. This alone set me apart. Then having to keep it a secret, and then when it got out…" Julian let his word falter. "Chakotay, your heart is good and what ever it ached for had to be good too. But that doesn't mean that even decent beings, such as Nolan are perfect and above some deceit. The world of Dark Haven was born in darkness, Chakotay. Not till recently has it know the light, so judge not too harshly if they act by nature than by present experiences."

 "Nolan bonded me to protect me, and I should accept that he is far from perfect, is that it?" Chakotay asks, some of him still fighting over how he should respond to Julian. 


 "Well, what if I think you're wrong," Chakotay snaps back. He starts to circle Julian. "What if I think that it is you that I should be weary of. You, his old lover, finds him back in you path again, but has an obstacle…me? Why should I listen to you? You who wants Tom back, and do not deny it. I have seen the way you look at him!" 

 Julian sees the darkness is striking back at him, "I can not deny I love Tom. I have for many years, long before the two of you met, and yes I look at him. But you know, as does he, he loves you and is destined to be with you. Plus, if you've noticed how I look at Tom, have you noticed how I look at you?"

 This got Chakotay's attention, "Look at me?" 

 Julian turns to look at Chakotay, "I may be here to help bring everyone home, but it is not for Tom that I have come, but for you," he says softly, reaching out and caressing Chakotay's cheek. 


 "Yes, Chakotay, you. Tom loves you with all that he is, this can not be denied. He showed me you via his eyes, and told me his fear of you being lost to him. I have come to see the light that shines in you, Chakotay, and I too fear it's loss. That is one of the prices that being part of this world can force one to pay, the very light of one's soul. Yours is in danger, and I want to help save it." 
 "Why? Why would you want to help me? You could have Tom…" 

 "I don't want Tom," Julian insists. "Yes I love him, but he belongs to you!"

 "No, he belongs to you," Chakotay growls. 

 "No, he belongs to 'you', because he chose too, not because of some blood bond. What is between Tom and me will not last, but what is between you and Tom can, if you don't let the darkness win. If it does, Chakotay, you will lose Tom and you very soul. I don't want to see another good soul lost," Julian says, anguish in his eyes.  

 There is silence and a few tears fall from Julian's eyes, he looks up and sees Chakotay's heart is being touched and gives a small smile. Julian caresses Chakotay's face, sharing his memories of Olivia, Tom, Garak, and Cain and of Chakotay too. "Any secrets I may have held are no longer held from you. Do you still think I want to steal Tom from you?" 

 Chakotay having been overwhelmed by the emotions of love, loss, grief, anger, betrayal, friendship, duty, and another form of love, is silent for a moment, but tears…real tears fall down his cheeks.  "No," he finally says. "But why…why would Nolan want me to take you out?" 

 "Take me out?" Julian asks, stunned to hear this. 


 "He's insisted that I shouldn't let anyone take Tom from me, including you. That I should deal with you, but…I'm not sure if I could do that…I…? 

 "Would you share with me?" Julian asks, holding his hand out to Chakotay. "It would make this easier?" 

 Chakotay thinks for a moment, but having seen into Julian's heart, mind, and soul, it isn't long and he reached out and take's Julia's hand. He lets his memories of his time with the Vamir to be shared, only an instant has passed.  

 Julian looks hurt when Chakotay looks again at him, "I'm sorry. But…" 

 "We can not judge them too harshly for acting by nature then by present experience," he responds, more to himself then Chakotay.  Then with a deep breath, Julian looks up and meets Chakotay's eyes, "I feel that we both have been played for our parts, and our roles have not yet come to an end. He has already made you kill, though it was self-defense, he seems to be pushing you to embrace the darkness within you, were with me he insisted that I continue to hold to the light. Why? I am not sure." 

 "I do not wish…" 

 "You may not have a choice. You 'are' bonded to him, Chakotay. He influences you, whether or not you him too. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. You're best bet is not fight him, at least not when you are with him…you'll lose. Plus, you'll only suffer and then you will go into the darkness all too willingly that way. Either way, if it is his goal to turn you, he will succeed."

 "So, what do I do?" 

 "I have no power over you soul, Chakotay, neither does he. He can influence your emotions and you're thoughts, but you control your heart and soul. You need to make a conscious choice with every action you take, till it becomes second nature as to how you want to be. Is it easy? Ah! I wish. I'm still doing it, but it has become easier." Julian replies. 

 "So, this is Chakotay," a deep voice states. 

 Julian turns and sees Cain enter the void, and feels his presence fill it and make it full. The area turns from darkness to a shade of gray, and feels warm and safe. "Cain!" Julian exclaims as he dashes into the other man's arms. "Oh, Cain," Julian says as he hugs him tightly. 

 "I'm sorry, my treasure," Cain replies as he hugs Julian back. They take a moment, then Cain looks up at Chakotay. "So, as I said, you are Chakotay?" 

 "Yes, and you are Cain," Chakotay says, feeling the mans presence in full, and swallows hard at the sense of power, that equals Lord Nolan's. 

 Cain looks at the young man in his arms and smiles lovingly, "I knew there might be trouble, but getting blown up was not foreseen," he jested. 

 "Blown up?" Chakotay and Julian inquire.

 "Vladimere wanted you out of the way. He had one of his people plant a bomb or did something to the Rio Grand. I was barely out of range when it went up."


 "I had feared trouble and had dismissed the others. No, no one died…but you, I'm afraid."

 "What do you mean, me?"

 "Treasure, I can stand the experience of having my atoms splattered to the universe and with some effort return to a whole form, but you? Nay, they think you dead, and it may be to our advantage that they do."


 "I'm sorry, but that is how it is. I could not explain your still living." 

 "He's right," Chakotay adds. "If Vladimere thinks you're dead, he won't be expecting you or any problems. He'll get careless."

 "Yes," Cain adds. Then he looks at Julian then at Chakotay, "I could not speak till now, but I am aware of your conversation, since I was here. I can answer one of you questions, Chakotay."

 "Which one?"

 "Why Nolan is doing what he is doing…with you." 

 "How would you know that?" Julian inquires. 

 "Prophesy, ancient knowledge, common sense which long since became uncommon," Cain smirked. Then he got serious. "He has most likely referred to you as to doing his bidding or using you as some type of force…am I right?" 

 Chakotay was silent as he thought, "He did say I would be the sword in which he would wield his justice with." 

 "There you have it. You by creation, Chakotay are powerful, as is my treasure here. But where my sweet's power is made strong by the light in him, yours is by you passions. Your noble heart and soul have guided those passions on the path of good, while at the same time, life has made you a warrior. Nolan needs the warrior and the power, and I'm sure he feels that for you to do what he as in mind, you would be more successful if you used the darkness to do it. It was that part of you that you used during the Maquis, was it not?" 

 "Cain, you shouldn't read other people like that," Julian scolds. 

 "I’m sorry, but even here, time is not our friend. Am I correct, thought, Chakotay?"

 Chakotay at first didn't want to admit it, but he knew that Cain wasn't asking for his knowledge but for Chakotay's. "Yes. I embraced my dark passions and that was what made me a better warrior." 

 "From what I can see, you were a great warrior, and feared by the Federation and the Cardassians. Nolan could see all this, and he wants you to go up against Vladimer. It is said that only the sword of justice can bring down death to the thief of essence and life and lord of darkness and blood that reign over the mortal world. That is you." 

 "But why use Chakotay like that? He would face Vladimere…" 

 "Treasure, you have spoken with him, but you have never faced Vladimere. Do not let his illusions fool you. It would be no easy task for one such as Chakotay, as where you my dear would fail. It is not a simple matter of power, but heart, and that is all I can say on the matter."  

 Cain released Julian from his embraced and clasped a hand on Chakotay's shoulder, and allowed his blue eyes to lock with dark brown. "Let those who want to love you love you, and gain your streanght of passion from them, not the fires of anger and hate. I think you will find that you will be much more than what you could have been otherwise," he says. "Go, and let them know their Prince will return shortly, and mention me not," he says, and then steps back toward Julian. 

 "I will," Chakotay replies, his eyes showing how much he is in need to think things over. Then he moves off to return the way he came. 

 When he was gone, Cain embraced Julian then looked at him, a bit of anger in his eyes, "You have been careless. What Chakotay knows, so will Nolan. Nolan sees you as weak, my treasure and a possible threat to his plans to terminate Vladimere." 

 "I want that bastard gone too!" Julian replies. 

 "I understand that, but you don't agree with Nolan's chosen method, do you?" 

 Julian thinks about it, "No, no I don't. I don't think Chakotay needs to be sacrificed for the sake of being rid of that cretin."

 Cain sees that Julian is trying to come to terms that Nolan would have tried to set Chakotay against him.  "I know how much you care for Nolan, Tom and Chakotay, my sweet. But you yourself have said often, it is a dark world we live in, an you truly are a rare soul indeed." 

 "So what do I do? I don't want…" he sighs. "You know." 
 "Yes, I know. Let love takes its course, and like Chakotay, open your heart to it," Cain smiles lovingly. "Bring them back and head straight for Earth. The faster we move, the quicker this can finally come to an end."

 "Yes, I would like an end to this," Julian says softly taking comfort in Cain's arms. "I…I felt you dying," he says in a whisper. 

 "I'm sorry, my treasure. But as you can feel, I am all right. If it really had been you…" Cain just hugs Julian tighter. "You need to get back, you have work to do. I'm sorry about DS9, but…" 

 "One of the many sacrifices, I know," Julian states.  The two men kiss deeply, then Julian heads back to his body. 


 Chakotay stood silently staring out his view port, as the Veil and Voyager headed to the place where they would find a way home. Janeway was very skeptical, and meeting with Prince Julian did convince her to check the wormhole out, but as for the rest of the truth, well it was a hard pill to swallow. 

 He expected her suspicions, her doubts, and knew that it was the offer to go home that kept her in check. Chakotay knew that if Kathryn thought they held any intent on harming the Alpha quadrant would close the wormhole with her on this side it if had to be. What surprised him was her personal message of apologizing to him. She had said that she finally saw how she pushed him aside, and had no good excuse for it, just that she was sorry. He could tell it was sincere. 

 To add on top of it, what he learned about Nolan and what was expected of him, along with reflecting to how he had been behaving, gave him much to think about.  He turned and moved to do something he had long since forgot, he moved to meditate and hope that his animal guide would even greet him, he needed that guidance now more than anything. 

 He moved to the corner of the bedroom where he set things up and removed his close. He followed the cleansing ritual, since it had been so long since he meditated, then closed his eyes and focused. He felt the struggle, and when he thought he almost couldn’t make it, he felt as if something or someone gave him a nudge and he was there…in his spirit world. 

 But what was once green, though filled with heavy rain and dark clouds, was now all gray. The area had lost some of its luster, much like it did during the war with the Cardassians. This place is a reflection of his soul and he now could literally see the dark clouds over the mountains, just waiting to roll in. 

 "Joining the Vamir did this?" he asked to himself. 

 "No, you stop coming is what caused this," the familiar and gentle voice replied. 

 He turned to see her, his wolf that had guided him so long, still here to speak with him. Seeing her, hearing that she would speak to him gave his heart and soul a thrill of joy. The moment it was felt, a ray of sunlight broke out from the grayness and beamed down and warmed the two of them. 

 "See, already the sun seeks you out," she says. Then she gets up and moves to greet Chakotay. "You walk a dark path my child, but that doesn't mean you have to be apart of it. To face the future you must face the past, it is that simple. Truth is one key as is love. The path you chose is a hard one, but I will not desert you so long as you stay true to yourself, child." 

 Chakotay dropped to his knees and hugged the wolf, tears again falling down his face, "Thank you," he says, relieved as well as overjoyed to know that she wasn't going anywhere. 

 "You are more than welcome, child. Just remember, Commander Chakotay had his purpose, as does Captain Chakotay, but Chakotay has his destiny," she said and with one lick to his face, she was gone. 

 Chakotay awoke feeling the best spiritually then he had in a long while. It was a moment before he felt he was not along. He turned to see Nolan looking at him, and his Lord did not look pleased. 

 "My, Lord," Chakotay said, moving to be in a kneeling position. 

 "What are you doing?"  Nolan asked in a tight voice. 

 "I was meditating," he replied. 

 "No, not that. Where are you going? And why have you not followed my orders in regards to Voyager?" 

 "My Lord, Prince Julian has…" 

 "What does he have to do with this?" 

 "He is here my Lord, and he had found a way for us to return to the Alpha quadrant sooner." 

 "Here! Prince Julian…is here?" 

 "Yes, my lord." Chakotay replies, feeling the draw to be with Nolan and yet suddenly feeling the need to push him away. The ache it causes is almost painful. 

 "Dress," Nolan snaps. He places his fingers to his temple and closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them he sees Chakotay is doing as he was instructed. He sees Chakotay's distress, "I'm sorry, Love. I was just angry, for I could not understand why you didn't follow my orders," Nolan says as he moves and places a gentle hand on Chakotay's shoulder. Though it is only a fraction, he can feel and sense Chakotay flinch to his touch. "What has happened that you no longer wish my touch?" 


 "Tell, me." 

 "I found out about the blood bond," he states, finding his mind suddenly becoming cloudy after so much trouble to clearing it. 

 The door to the outside of the quarters is heard opening. "We can discuss this later," Nolan says softly. He moves with Chakotay out into the living room and sees Julian standing there. "Julian and I need to speak, if you wouldn't mind, love?"

 "No, not at all," Chakotay says, feeling a sense of relief to be leaving the room just now. 

 When the two men are alone, Nolan looks at Julian, his surprise at seeing the young Price is evident on his face. "How in the world did you get here?" 


 "Captain, I'm picking up the wormhole," Harry exclaims, his excitement full in his voice. 

 "Well, at lest that much is true," Janeway states. She was finding it hard, as was most of her senior staff at what Tom and Prince Julian had told her. But since the two cooperated and let the EMH scan them, but not document anything, and from what she witnessed as to their 'gifts' it was hard to deny either. 

 The thought that Vampires existed at all tossed a curve to the way one perceived the reality of the universe. The fact that she had seen them, and that two of them were her former First Officer and Chief Pilot, didn't help either. It seemed that everything that Prince Julian had said was turning out to be true. She knew there was much more than what they were telling her, but she soon understood that if they didn't divulge information, she wasn't about to get it. They were hundreds of years of experience working against her. She could only move step by step and if need be, stop what she could if it needed to be stopped. 

 Then there was the news that their condition was permanent. This didn't set well with anyone, and thought the EMH didn’t concur, he didn't have a clue as to how to do anything about it. Even with scans, he still couldn't make heads or tails out of how they functioned. 

 Overall, Janeway was in an impossible situation; she is told that the Vamir are behind a move to take over the Federation, and possess a way home. Question was, was it the truth? Was it a way home, but they were going through to become a problem. There was no way of telling, and Kathryn Janeway was faced each night with the thought of destroying the wormhole or going home and bring trouble with her. The draw to go home, along with the fact that the Vamir didn't have to say a word, was all that she had to lean on for continuing this path. She felt there was so much more to the situation and she was not one for being outside of matters, and worse yet, she hated feeling helpless. She couldn't help her officers, and she can't find a way to get a handle on this situation. 

 "Mr. Kim, I want every possible scan, test, probe that can be performed done by the time we get there, understand?"

 "Yes, Captain." 

 "Captain, we're being hailed. It's…Captain Chakotay," Harry stated, not comfortable with the Commanders new title. 

 "Put it through." Kathryn watched as the screen came alive and saw the face of her friend, the one she pushed away, and that thought still hurt. "Captain," she said simply. 

 "Captain," he replied just as simply. "I was wondering if I may come aboard and…talk," Chakotay said, not giving an once of emotion in his face, but those who could read his eyes would see sincerity. 

 Janeway had almost lost that gift, but with realization of her stupidity, she saw an opportunity to regain some of what she lost, "I would like that." 

 "Say an hour from now?" 

 "That would be fine. In an hour…Captain," she said, this time with a touch of warmth. 

 "Captain," Chakotay replied, a small smile reaching his eyes. 


 The link was closed and Chakotay could sense Tom's intent on him, even though the young pilot wasn't looking at him. Chakotay got up from his seat and moved to stand next to him and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
 Tom looked up at his love with concern, since he was aware of what Nolan had wanted him to do. "So, your going over there?" he asked in a small voice, his real question just on the edge of his words. 

 "Yes…to talk, Tom." Chakotay looked at meet the eyes he loved so much to look into and smiled a warm smile that he had not felt in sometime, "Just talk and perhaps…" 

 "Perhaps…perhaps make a new start of things." 

 Tom liked what he heard and when he saw no darkness in his love's eyes, it warmed him in his soul as well. Tom took Chakotay's hand and gave it a quick kiss and then turned back to do his job, with a huge smile on his face, for at least at this moment, his Chakotay was back. 

 Nolan had listened to Julian tell him of how Tom was his conduit and used him to come here to the Delta quadrant for he had discovered another way for them to get to the Alpha quadrant.  He watched as Julian conducted himself with a sense of confidence that was still new to the normally wishy-washy young man. One moment filled with the courage to take on the universe and at the other moment would rather die than harm a flea or make a move. Something had changed this was for sure, but it was more than the confidence, he couldn't read Julian anymore. //Has my pup started to get wise?// he mused, not sure how he felt about it.  He did care for Julian, the young man did so much for him and his people, and he was as beautiful inside as he was without, but he was also a bit of a disappointment. 

 Nolan had thought that Julian would have raised the army needed to deal with Vladimere or at least keep him in line, but the young Prince shunned this duty due to his qualms with the risk of harming another good soul. ["This is war!"] Nolan had said to him, but it didn't sway the young Prince. ["You have killed other Vamir, why do you fret over embracing others, they are not dead?"] Nolan had asked. [" Because, what is already damned, I set free, not kill. I will not damn others. We agreed, this should be looked upon as a blessing not a curse or to be bestowed on those who would abuse this power. I do not posses you gift to read souls, and until I do, I shall embrace no more."]  

 Had Nolan not held love for they young brave doctor, Julian would have been killed at that moment, for he had served his purpose, he brought Dark Haven into this reality. But much of Julian was influencing Dark Heaven. In fact, if Julian knew just how much his being contributed to what now existed, he might find it overwhelming, but Dark Haven was still forged in black fires and no matter of light would erase that. 

 "You can not take Voyager with you," Nolan states flatly. 

 "What? Of course I can. I can't leave them here when I can provide them a way home!" 

 "They will only interfere  in what needs to be done, Julian. Surly you can see this?" 

 "No, they can help. I've told them a good portion of the truth…"

 "The truth! Have you gone mad?" 

 "No, for when the situation is done they will be made to forget. I have had Yonish make sure there is no record of us."

 "It doesn't matter, Julian, they will only get in the way. They can not comprehend all that must occur. It would be one thing if you brought them over…"

 "A whole ship? There is no way you can tell me they would all benefit from being embraced? What has gotten into you? Those of us on the Veil can handled Vladimere's pack, there is no reason…"

 "There is plenty of reason!" Nolan snapped. "If for no other reason than because I wish it so! I am Lord, you…you are Prince, and answer to me! How have you come to forget your place?" 

 "I do not forget my place, Lord. I am healer, and protector of the Alpha quadrant."

 "You are also Prince of Dark Heaven, second only to me, child," Nolan growled. 

 "Yes, a position you have sought to have reopened!" Julian growled back. 

 "What are you talking about?" 

 "I know you set Chakotay into my direction based on his jealousy. I know what you are doing, Nolan! But Chakotay does not…NOT have to be sacrificed in such a manner…"

 "Have no intentions of sacrificing him!"

 "Oh, just me, I suppose." 

 "Dark Haven needs a Prince not a…"

 "Wimp! Weakling! What? If I have learned anything over the years, it is that it takes more courage and strength to stick to my beliefs when it would be so much easier not too! But I will not become another DRACULA! I have no wish to terrorize and drag people into the darkness to serve me! No, I will not do it nor will I stand by and let anyone else do it, including you, Nolan." 

 "You think you can take me?" 

 "No, but that doesn't mean I'll roll over." 

 Nolan stood still in silence seeing the fire that burned in his young Prince. The young man was an enigma, and no matter how angry he was, a part of him would always love him. He crossed his arms and stared at Julian, contemplating him and the change in the situation. "Does Vladimere suspect your arrival?" 

 "No, my Lord, he does not." 

 "Very well, I will drop my order to have the crew of Voyager embraced, but I warn you, young one. Do not trifle with me again, for even my love for you can grow thin, understand?" 

 "Yes, my Lord," Julian said with a small smile and a bow of respect. When he rose to look at Nolan and discuss other matters, the Lord was gone.  //Just a few more hours and we'll be back home, and I'll be back in Cain's arms, // he thought with some joy and apprehension. 


 Chakotay entered the transporter room ready to face Kathryn and his old crew, but he didn't expect to see Nolan was waiting there for him, alone. "My Lord," Chakotay replied with a bow, immediately feeling the clouds fill his mind simply for being in Nolan's presence. 

 "My Love," Nolan replied easily, but was a bit cool in his gesture for Chakotay to stand by his side. "You remember our agreement, yes?" 

 "Of course, my Lord."

 "Then why are you so bothered by the bond. You agreed to be mine, and that is what you are. Have I treated you so poorly that you should doubt and fear me?" Nolan asks, raising the back of his right hand to caress Chakotay's cheek . "Have I lied to you?" 

 "No…no, my Lord you have not," Chakotay replies, suddenly feeling like a child who dared to have a doubt. "And you have treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, and…"


 Chakotay looked away, a bit from guilt of his doubts and a bit of bashfulness. "Yes, my Lord," he replied softly. 

 "Then tell me, my Love; tell me who you belong too?" Nolan asked as he started to caress Chakotay's face, gently having the beautiful dark skinned man look at him. "Tell me?" 

 "I belong to you, my Lord," he replied with a blush to his cheeks, as he felt himself being drawn to Nolan just by a look. 

 Nolan leans in and kisses Chakotay soundly till he lives the other man dazed and flushed. "Yes, you belong to me. You have sword yourself to me, and I have orders…I 'want' them carried out…no, and I mean no deviations, understand?" 

 "Yes, my Lord," Chakotay replied, feeling once again the warm welcoming sensation of belonging fill him, though a tiny voice in the back of his head cried out a warning, he wasn't listening. 

 "You and the Veil shall go to the Alpha quadrant and aid the Prince to destroy Vladimere once and for all, but Voyager will not. Your orders is to make sure that Voyager does not accompany you or interfere with you mission or our plans ever again. Do you understand this, 'my love'?" Nolan asked, while looking deep into Chakotay's eyes. Nolan saw the brief hesitation but a simple kiss on Chakotay's lips dashed it away. 

 "As you wish, my Lord," Chakotay replied with a dark gleam in his eyes. "I will take care of Voyager once and for all." 

TBC: In the Light of Day