Title: Too Q-ute for Words (or Chakotay gets a life)

Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are no longer using them I’ve decided to take our boys out of the ‘closet’ and let them play and be happy for a change. Enjoy. 

Summary: Everyone seems to have the inside track on how Chakotay should be, but Q helps them appreciate what they had. 

Pairing: C/Q C/P?

Rating: R

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"Too Q-ute for words"

He couldn’t believe it. It had been bad enough, when, as he sat nursing his beer at Sandrine's, Harry and B’Elanna told him he should lighten up a little and enjoy life, but to be sitting here first thing in the morning listening to how he should add some adventure to his life from, of all people, the Captain, it was just too much. Yes, he understood how people perceived him, and how it was his fault for trying too hard to project the perfect officer. It had been necessary at the beginning to set an example for the Maquis to avoid out and out rebellion. After the last few years of doing so nonstop, it was just a bit hard to stop. What he really didn’t need was people butting into his business, especially when they were not willing to help directly. 

Sure, Harry and B’Elanna had told him to lighten up, but when he asked them if they wanted to play a game of pool the night before, it was "No thanks, Commander," as the two lovers giggled out the door. How was he supposed to lighten up if everyone constantly referred to him as Commander, and not Chakotay, and didn't want to even play a lousy game of pool with him? He was beginning to think that he'd been given a first and last name like most humans from Earth…Commander Chakotay, first name Commander. 

Janeway…That was the mind blower. After so many futile years of pursuing her, he'd finally given up, and accepted that there was no one to pair up with who would want him. Then Janeway, the very woman who'd turned him down, had the nerve to tell him to add some adventure and romance in his life. Only years of practice kept his temper in check so that he could quietly sip his tea, and listen to her drone on about how 'a little spice to one's life can work wonders'. This from a woman who was dating a hologram! 

Finally, he was able to escape to the morning briefing, and all ran smoothly as was anticipated. The shift was quiet, and uninterrupted by alien attacks, and the need for emergency food and mineral missions. It was a nice, even day, and he truly appreciated it, because his mind was far from on his job. The first issue that preoccupied him was how to get out of the rut he 'd dug himself into, and the second, was one Tom Paris. If the blond wasn't irritating the hell out of him, he was starring in his fantasies. Either way, it wasn’t a healthy situation. 

If Tom wasn't flirting with insubordination by mouthing off, he was bragging about his latest conquest in the mess hall, or in Sandrine's. Last night it had been a triple play with the Delaney sisters, and Sue Nicholetti, the third twin as some called her. //Sheesh, the man must have vitamin E running through his veins// he thought, then got annoyed that Tom had never given him the opportunity to test out that theory personally. He got even more annoyed thinking about they way he mouthed off. It was about time he got angry about Tom's tendency to open mouth and insert foot, and Chakotay was more than ready to shove his foot down far enough for the smartass to choke on it; today being no exception. Finally, the shift was over, and he was heading to his quarters when luck would have it, Tom Paris joined him in the lift. 

"Commander," Tom grinned, not swayed one bit about how he got his ass chewed today. 

"Lieutenant," he said sharply. 

The rest of the trip was quiet, but just as Tom arrived as his deck he turned to face Chakotay, "Permission to speak frankly," he said with the proper due respect. 

Had Chakotay been thinking clearly, he would have said no. Instead, since he just wanted to get back to his quarters, he sighed, "If you must." 

"What you really need is a lover who will take you by the strings, and really straighten you out," he declared. Then, with a deeply self-satisfied smirk, he walked off. The doors to the lift closed behind him before Chakotay could respond to the remark. 

"What!" he shouted, but by then the doors had closed and he was back on his way to his deck. "Why that son-of-a…." he growled and his fists opened and closed, because he really wanted to hit someone, no, he wanted to hit Tom Paris. He stormed through the lift doors, ignoring everyone he passed, furious as hell, as he stormed in his quarters. "Computer, privacy lock, and I don’t want to be disturbed unless the damn ship is about to blow up!" he barked. He moved across the room, and pulled out the punching bag he had installed months ago, now totally glad he did as he started beating the living hell out of it. 

He kept his blows in check at first, not being one to really let go, not of his temper or of any of his emotions, but as he kept assaulting the bag, he would swear the damn thing started to look like Paris and he would hit it harder and harder, till finally he hit it so hard he broke it; something supposedly impossible for a human to do with this model. Sadly, it didn’t alleviate his anger or any of the other pent up emotions he was feeling. 

"Nice work, Chuckles" an annoying and familiar voice suddenly said. 

Chakotay whirled around, and saw the tall medium built man in a Starfleet uniform hovering near by, and at the moment he didn’t care if it was Q, or the President of the Federation, "My name is Chakotay, not Chuckles, not Chak, not Cha, and definitely NOT COMMANDER!" He shouted at the entity. 

Q was taken off guard by this amount of anger and passion tossed in his direction by the usually stoic Commander, but then again not too far off guard, because that’s why he razzed the guy. He knew there was a lot of passion buried in all the bronze muscle just dying to be set free. It would seem that today was the day, and lucky Q was in the right place at the right time. He landed on his feet, and gave a sincere look, "My apologies, Chakotay. I seem to have arrived just in time," he added as he smiled mischievously, taking a step closer to the fuming officer. 

"What are you talking about Q? How can your arrival any time be…just in time," he growled back. 

Q’s grin grew wider, "Ooh, sassy, I like that. You know, I’ll share a little secret with you. I like strong willed, sassy, intelligent humans whose eyes burn with fire when handled just right. And you, my Mystic warrior, have just moved right up to the top of my list, and considering the competition, that’s quiet an accomplishment," he purred as he closed the space between them. 

Chakotay tried to take a step back, but that only led to him backing up into the punching bag, and his reaction of jumping away only landed him in Q’s arms. He turned to tell the man/ entity to release him, but before he could say a word, his mouth was covered by warm sensuous lips, while strong arms embraced him tightly. The first act of trying to protest was met with a deliciously sweet tongue entering in his mouth, and exploring it fully, using tricks that he himself had never experienced. It only took a minute before all protest was gone from his body, and he returned the hot sensuous kiss with equal passion and need. This alone surprised Q. He'd kissed his share of humans, but this one…wow! It was difficult to tell who was moaning, because both men were doing so, as hands were moving on their own, exploring the other’s body. 

//Damn, the man’s a quick study// Q thought as he let his own mouth be assaulted by Chakotay’s talented and sweet sensuous mouth. //I had kissed Picard for six months before the man was able to pick up a quarter of my little kissing tricks. Chakotay…mmm, Tay, he’s got over half of them down, and it’s only our first// his mind purred as he felt strong hands slip under his tunic, and caress against his skin. //Oh, yes, Tay, you have been far too confined// he thought, and let his own hands move into the dark human’s uniform, and touch the bronze skin that had totally tantalized from the moment he’d seen this man. 

Chakotay was so hot he didn’t care about the reason or cause, he only knew he was going to either take this man in his arms or be taken, because at the moment he didn’t care either way…he needed this. He needed to be able to release all the pent of passion that so many accused him of not having. He wanted to be a man, a lover, not the Commander; he wanted this! He would never have admitted, before kissing the entity, how attractive he found Q, but now he couldn’t get enough of him. The true reason he’d never admit it, was that he never admitted even to himself that he had passions that ran so deeply. There didn't seem to be much point when it didn't fit into the image others had of him as the 'stoic Commander. Even when he tried to change his image, people either laughed it off as a joke, or they just wouldn't pay attention. //Well, screw them// he thought. 

"No, screw you, and good," Q purred into Chakotay’s neck, as he sucked on it hard, leaving his mark on the human, something he realized he never did with Picard, or any of the others, but then again, none of the others had set him afire as…his Tay did. "I’m going to take you, Tay, and when I’m done, I’m going to do it again, and again, and then you're going to beg me to do it again," he said as he started to remove the annoying clothing on the beautiful body he desired so much. Normally he’d snap his fingers, but he’d been with enough humans to know that that had a tendency to dampen the experience for them. After a while, he'd begun to agree with the humans. There were some very pleasant advantages to unwrapping one’s present slowly. 

"Yes!" Chakotay moaned, because he was so ripe for the taking, he could cum just by Q’s voice and words alone at the moment. "Do it!" he shouted as Q’s hand cupped his hard erection for the first time, almost sending him over the edge. 

A part of Q’s mind recalled why he came here in the first place, and though he was thrilled to new heights by suddenly having Chakotay as a lover, it was not his original reason. He liked humans, and those who really knew him, which many didn’t, knew he liked to pick on those humans he liked the most. Chakotay/Chuckles was one of his favorites. He liked Kathy, and Tom/Helmboy was up there too, but he held a special place for this bronze, beautiful man in his ‘heart’. When Chakotay's nude body rubbed against his, it brought all Q's feelings for the man into sharp focus, making him forget that he'd meant to help him in a more dispassionate way. He'd seen all the passion, wondrous charm, and wit Chakotay possessed going to waste, and decided to show up to lend this man a hand, while giving him a hard time. The hard thing he was giving Chakotay now was not originally on the list, but now it was at the very top, and he could see it remaining so for quite some time. No, he was supposed to have been here to help the crew of Voyager see just what a gem they had in their midst, and have a little fun while he was at it, but now his agenda definitely had changed. 

He broke the kiss, and looked into deep, blazing, black eyes that were filled with fire and passion shooting in his direction. "Come with me, Tay. Let me show you my world," he panted, because he wanted this man to understand him, something he had never really wanted with any of the others. He was unsure what it was that this particular human was stirring in him, but Q lived on impulse; it was his nature, and he gave into it rather than analyze it. He saw some hesitation, and that just simply couldn’t be allowed, so he kissed Chakotay senseless, and then asked again, "Come with me, Tay, be mine," he whispered in his lover’s ear. "I promise to bring you back to this time," he purred in the human’s ear as he licked, and sucked on the tangy, luscious flesh. "Say yes," he breathed in Chakotay’s ear. "Be mine, Tay; just say…yes." 

Chakotay couldn’t resist, he wanted to be taken, to belong to someone, and at the moment he didn’t care about anyone, but the one holding him, making him feel things he hadn’t felt in years, if ever; the temptation was too great. "Yes," he whispered. Then in a flash, both Q and Chakotay were gone from Voyager. 


The next day, the senior staff gathered in the briefing room, except for Commander Chakotay. It was unlike the prim and proper officer to be late, much less not com to say that he was going to be late, which usually meant he’d arrive just on time. Janeway tapped her com badge, a bit of concern on her face. "Janeway to Chakotay." 

There was silence. "Janeway to Chakotay," she said again, her voice a bit louder. 

Still silence. "Computer, location of Commander Chakotay?" 

<Commander Chakotay is in his quarters> the computer replied. 

Janeway saw the looks of concern on the other officer’s face, "Janeway to Chakotay!" If he didn’t answer this time she was sending the EMH because the man had to be seriously hurt. 

"What?" shouted someone who sounded tired and not too pleased to be rudely awakened. It took a while to soak in that someone was Commander Chakotay.

Janeway, along with everyone else, was slightly stunned by this reaction from the normally professional officer. "Commander, are you alright? I had to com you three times, plus you’re late for the morning meeting." 

"Ah, hell," Chakotay’s voice groaned over the com badge. "Son-of-a-bitch was serious," he moaned as the sound of someone shifting roughly around in bed came over the com unit. 

//Cursing?// Janeway was now sure there was a problem. "Do you need security, or the EMH?" she asked, unsure of the nature of her First Officer’s problem. 

"No, I need to be left the fuck alone so I can get some more sleep," Chakotay snapped back. "Especially if I have to deal with you all again," he groaned. 

Okay, that was over the line, and everyone knew this, from the look of fury in the Captain’s face. "You better watch your language, Mister. If you don’t have a medical problem, or a security issue of major proportions, then you better get your butt up here, and I do mean now!" 

"Fine," Chakotay retorted. 

The link was barely closed as Kathryn Janeway prepared to take a moment to gather her wits, when she got a shock.

"Fast enough for you?" 

She opened her eyes to see that the Commander’s regular chair had been replaced with a large, black, crushed velvet one. The man sitting in it almost looked like her First Officer, but there was no way in hell he could be. For one, he looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties, not the Chakotay who was in his late forties with whom she'd spoken yesterday. For another, his hair was down to his waist, and he was wearing a soft, white, silk tunic with matching pants, and no shoes. He was curled up in the soft chair, his feet tucked underneath him, while calmly looking at her, and sipping coffee. 

"What in the world…" Kathryn started to say, but was stunned into silence as was everyone else. Then she got angry, "What have you done to my First Officer," she demanded, suddenly thinking this was some alien. 

"Ooh, nice one, Kathy," the Chakotay look-alike replied sarcastically. "Let me guess, next you're going to demand a full DNA scan, am I right?" He shifted in the chair, and with a tiny wave of his hand, a soft, white, feather down blanket appeared on his lap. Then he waved his hand toward the Captain, and a very large cup of coffee appeared in front of her. "Perhaps that will lighten up your cranky disposition this morning." 

"How the hell did you do that?" Harry asked in awe. "The only other person I’ve ever seen able to do that was…"

"Q!" Tom interjected as realization dawned on him. "Okay Q, this isn’t funny," he barked. 

But it was Chakotay that laughed, "I'm not Q, Tommy boy. I've picked up a few…talents… here and there over the years, but compared to him, I'm a beginner," he grinned, his eyes sparkling at the thought of Q. 

"What do you mean years? I saw you only yesterday," Janeway snapped, her irritation and confusion getting the better of her. 

"Kathy, Kathy, Kathy," he tsked at her, "How many times has Q told you, time is irrelevant to the Continuum, or any Q, for that matter," he smirked with a touch of pride as he talked about Q. "For the record, I’ve been gone from this bucket of bolts for…ten years," he replied as he refilled his warm drink. 

"Ten years!" several people exclaimed all at once. 

"Yes, ten wonderful years," Chakotay replied, his eyes suddenly dreamy, and then they got cold and serious. "That is, till the damn Continuum got a bug up their collective butts, something about keeping a promise about bringing me back to this…time period." The look of disdain was clear as Chakotay gave a disgusted sigh. Then, he took another deep breath, acceptance of his current predicament, "Oh well, such is life. If I have to be back here, I might as well make the best of it," he sighed. 

There was silence in the room, because no one knew what to say, or how to respond to the sudden change in their First Officer. One day he was too reserved for his own good, the next, he was letting everyone know that he thought he was above everyone in the room, and not particularly happy about being stuck slumming for the next week, or so. 

"Ah, just what exactly can you do?" Tom found himself asking, having watched Chakotay fill his drink, bring a blanket into being, appear in the room, and provide coffee for the Captain. 

"Well, I am very limited, so I can’t get anyone back to the Alpha Quadrant, though at the moment, I doubt any of you would really want to be there, with the war and all. I can do little things, and I can get myself around limited distances." Then he gave a leer toward Tom, "And I’m sure I could put some more sparkle in those baby blues, Bright Eyes, and I probably wouldn’t need my powers." 

Tom felt himself blush under the heated gaze, because even though he liked the Old Chakotay, this one was at least willing to see him in a sexual context. //Too bad you never did before// Tom thought, because he would have been more than willing to alleviate the older man’s sexual tensions. All Tom could do was blush some more, and look away from Chakotay’s heated gaze. 

"Look, even if I bought any of your story, and I'm still reserving judgment about it, what you've been doing with Q is irrelevant. If you ‘are’ Chakotay, then I damn well expect you to act like him, and behave in a professional manner," Janeway snapped. 

"Kathy, I’ve been gone for ten years. You can’t really expect me to simply fit back into that tiny cramped shell? I’ve expanded my horizons, and followed ‘all’ your advice," then he looked at Harry and B’Elanna, "I’ve definitely learned to ‘lighten up’," then he looked at the Captain, "and I’ve added lots of adventure and romance into my life," then leered at Tom, "and I most assuredly found a lover to…take hold of my strings, and straighten me out," he grin, amused at seeing his words hit their target as he planned. "I would think that you would all be happy for me." 

"Commander, did I understand you correctly? Did you say that you have been gone from Voyager for ten years? If so, it is my duty to tell you that such an action can only be described as desertion; therefore, you are not fit to be the First Officer of this, or any other Federation vessel," Tuvok said.

"Oh, I wouldn’t go that far," Q stated as he flashed into being, floating in the center of the table, in a lotus position. "My Tay can do anything he puts his mind to." 

"Q!" Chakotay shouted, as his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Then in a flash, he vanished from the chair, and reappeared on Q’s lap. The two men began kissing deeply, as Chakotay’s arms were wrapped tightly around the other man’s neck, and Q’s around his waist. When the kiss ended, the cutest little pout crossed Chakotay’s face, "Please tell me you’re here to take me away from this drudgery?" he asked, his eyes begging for this to be the case. 

Q looked upset, but not at the man in his arms, "I wish I could, but not yet. Q, Q, and Q are still up in arms about that little incident. Why, I don't know. It’s their own damn fault. They're the ones who gave you the power to say no, and they shouldn't have been upset that you decided to use it!"

Chakotay hugged his lover, "Well, I guess Q and Q are pushing the Q since they still are having a little QT trouble," he chuckled, his face lighting up once more. 

//Damn// Tom thought enviously. He had never seen Chakotay smile like that while he was on Voyager. //Then again, he never had a reason, did he?// his mind replied. 

"Helmboy, doesn't your kind have a commandment that goes something like 'Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's spouse?'" Q asked, though his smile was teasing, his eyes were serious. He was rewarded by Tom’s blush, and Chakotay’s laughter. 

"Don’t be so hard on him, Love. He’s only upset that he wasn’t the one that made me deliriously happy," Chakotay purred. 

Q looked down at Tom Paris, and then at the man in his arms, "Well, he had his chance. He blew it, and now you're mine." The possessive caress was not missed by anyone in the room. Then Q tapped Chakotay’s nose with a tiny glow, and Chakotay laughed because it tickled, "That should help while you wait. But don’t worry, I won’t be far."

"I’m not worried, just put out," Chakotay replied, "but thanks for the update," he smiled lovingly. "I guess if I’m stuck playing officer for awhile, might as well look the part…sort of," he teased. Then with a wave of his hand he vanished from Q’s lap for half a second then was back. This time his hair cut short like it used to be, and he was in uniform, but he still looked young, and too hot for his own good. "I still suspect that Kathy’s about to have a major fit, and I’ll have a lot of free time," he laughed as he kissed his love one more time.

His prediction about the Captain couldn’t have been more accurate. "Stop that right now! Get off my meeting table, and Q!" she demanded as she stood up, her hands on her hips, her eyes ablaze. "Whatever you did to my First Office, you undo it now!" 

Chakotay gave a slight nod to Q, and blinked back into his regular chair as Q blinked behind him, his hands protectively on Chakotay’s shoulders. "I have no intentions of undoing the last ten years for you, or anyone else," he said flatly. "What is between Tay and me is just that, between us. Had I fully comprehended what I had when we first…got together, I’d never had made that stupid promise, and he’d still be with me. I can promise you this though: his return to Voyager is only a layover. I’ll have him back soon enough. So if I were you…Kathy," he emphasized her name, "I’d take very good care of him. Because if he’s not happy, I’m not happy, and let me remind you, Q council or not, if I’m not happy because of anything you do to my Tay, you may not live long enough to regret it!" 

"Q!" Chakotay said as he stood up, and took the entity in his arms, "There's no reason to threaten them, now is there? Besides, you know they’ll just be themselves, and that alone is enough to make me miserable, so we shouldn’t condemn them for that. No, I’ll be fine. Just get Q and Q off my back, and all will be well," Chakotay purred, obviously having Q wrapped around his finger. 

Q kissed his love soundly then looked at Janeway, "Good thing he still likes you," he quipped in a snide manner then blinked away. 

Chakotay turned back to look at the humans that he had to spend sometime with, recalling his previous existence with them as if it was only yesterday, and thanks to the Q concept of time, in a way, it was only yesterday. "Okay, let’s get this over with. Do you, or do you not want me to remain First Officer while I’m still here? If not, then do I confine myself to quarters or what?" 

"Commander, what has gotten into you?" B’Elanna asked, because she never saw him like this. 

Chakotay laughed, "You mean besides Q?" Then he settled down, "I told you, we’ve been together for ten years, and I have traveled the cosmos with him. I’ve seen everything from the primordial beginning of our existence to literally being in the middle of a nova as we made love. Actually, our lovemaking caused it, but it was due to happen around then anyway," he smiled fondly at the memory. I’ve experienced things I can’t explain in words, even though now I can speak a thousand languages. So you want to know what has gotten into me? It’s quite simple, B’Elanna, I’ve just changed with my circumstances, as anyone would." 

"Yes, into a spoiled, rotten brat," Janeway chimed in, her face flushed, and barely keeping her temper under control. 

"That’s a spoiled rotten, pampered, and very much loved, brat," Chakotay said. "If you’re going to call me names, you might as well get them right." He finished by giving her a devilish smile, knowing that he was getting to her, and enjoying every minute of it. 

"It seems that whether or not you can now perform your duties, it is highly unlikely that a working relationship between you and the Captain would be feasible, since there appears to be a loss of trust between the two of you. As long as this state of affairs remains unchanged, it is doubtful that your services would benefit either the Captain or the crew," Tuvok stated as efficiently as ever. 

"Oh, that would be an understatement," Chakotay grinned, "The woman positively can’t stand me at the moment." 

"You know this is unacceptable," Kathryn growled. "As much as I want to slap you back to reality, Mister, if I discharged you from the First Officer’s position, the former Maquis will have a fit, and you know it. I don’t think explaining that you’ve been…ah…" she gestured at the Commander, at a loss for words.

"Q’ed" he grinned. "Though technically I’m only a quarter Q, too much responsibility being a full Q or even half," he stated with a lazy sigh, knowing this would blow Kathryn’s gasket. //No wonder Tom picked on me so much// he thought warmly, //Being a smartass is so much fun// 

"That’s it! B’Elanna, you find a way to explain it to them. There is no way I’m allowing…THAT MAN, anywhere near my bridge," she snapped, and then left for her ready room, not even bothering to dismiss anyone. 

From his chair, as he watched Kathryn storm out, Chakotay laughed so hard that tears were in his eyes. Then he looked up at Tom, "You know, you were so on to something here, Bright Eyes. Taunting the prim and proper truly ‘is’ so much fun." Then he wiped the tears from his face, as he looked at the others, "Well, since I’m officially off duty, I’ll go make myself useful," and before anyone could say a word, Chakotay vanished from the room. 


It only took one day for the full story about what happened to the First Officer to make the rounds of the ship, especially since Chakotay wasn't even making a pretense of hiding the truth. He blinked around the ship, fixing things here and there, taunting, teasing, and engaging the crew in mischievous fun, which they always participated in, much to the Captain’s dismay. 

But two weeks later, even the playful crew heartily wished they had the old Commander back. The old Commander cared about the crew's problems, and helped them, while new one would make a joke, about them, and find someone else to party with, or hang out with. The new Chakotay was so carefree and happy that he was almost sickening to be around. Plus, they were discovering on a daily basis just exactly how much Chakotay had done for the ship. Besides, his regular First officer duties, which Tuvok had assumed, and de facto Counselor duties, which no one seemed able to assume, he personally kept an eye on just about every aspect of the ship’s functions. Without his eye for detail, which even Tuvok admitted was astonishing, now that he was faced with having to emulate it, the ship was far from the same. 

Once again, the senior officers, minus Chakotay, since he was not one anymore, were gathered in the briefing room. Everyone looked like shit, because the last two weeks were hell, and there didn’t seem to be any light at the end of this tunnel. "I knew Chakotay kept busy, but hell, I never knew just how much he took on," Janeway huffed as she leaned on her hand, because she like everyone else was exhausted. 

"Once again, I must state that I have never met such an efficient, capable human," Tuvok added, because even he looked exhausted. 

There were some grumbles of agreement, because they were all too tired to say much more. The only one looking worse than the Captain herself was Tom Paris. Even if the beautiful carefree Chakotay did leer at him, he was still just as dedicated to his standards of fidelity as he ever was; meaning he was with Q…end of story. Plus, it did irk him that Chakotay had been right. He was envious that it wasn’t who had made Chakotay happy. His sole reason for rattling Chakotay's cage was to get under his skin, in more than one way. //Too late now, Tommy boy // he thought, not really paying any attention to everyone’s complaints. He had known for a long time just how valuable Chakotay was to Voyager, and on some level was tickled pink that others finally saw it too. Then Tom looked up when it got very quiet, and saw that every one was frozen in place as if they'd been turned into statues. He was the only senior officer who was still capable of movement. 

"Bright boy," Q said from behind Tom.

Tom stood up to see Q standing behind him, still dressed in the Captain’s uniform he enjoyed so much. "What’s going on?" he asked with some concern. 

"Relax, pretty boy. I came to say you're right. It ‘is’ about time they realized what they had in the Commander, and I’m glad that you’ve finally figured out what you could have had too." 

Tom sat down on the edge of the table, folding his arms, "Well, a lot of good it does us," he pouted. 

Q smirked, "Only Tay can work that route with me. But if it was hopeless, do you really think I’d be here…" he gestures around the frozen room, "talking with just you?" 

Tom looked at Q, and wondered just what he was up to, "Okay, I’ll bite. If it’s not hopeless, what can we…"

"Not we, Kimosabe, you. It’s what…you…can do about it. As my Tay has already mentioned, time is irrelevant to us Q. So, it’s simple, Blondie, I take you back in time to the juncture of this alternate time line, letting those simpletons recall their feelings of appreciation for Tay, if not the actual memories that created their appreciation, and then it's up to you. Word of warning, Helmboy? You'd better make him happy. If you don’t, then don’t think for one second that I won’t step in, and reclaim him," Q growled. 

Tom couldn’t believe what he was being told, "Why? You two seemed…so happy together. Why would you do this?"

"For him," Q said, though only two words, even Tom felt the depth of feeling Q imbued them with. "You see, he won’t be happy here without me, and though I won’t be happy without him…I…can survive. The Continuum…they are a bit…"

"Intimidated by him," Tom smiled, though not to be smug. He could see Chakotay being intimidating to any force in the universe. Then he got serious, "They won’t let you two be together, will they?"

"No, not really. Though I’ll have our ten years to relive over and over again, if I wish, there can be no more, or…they would hurt him. I may be powerful, but even I can’t stand against of all of them. So you see, Helmboy, I’m giving you a chance to have what you always wanted, simply because I know you can make his mortal life blissful. Do you want it, or not?" he snapped. 

Tom couldn’t mistake the pain he saw in the eyes before him, //He really does love him// he thought with amazement. 

"Of course I love him! Do you think I would go through all this on a fucking whim?" 

Tom arched his brow, it was not like Q to curse, but then again, nothing was like it used to be. Tom was no fool; he could see the truth when it bit him in the ass, and it was now. "Yes, please. I would like to be the one to make him happy, if I can."

"Oh, don’t worry, Helmboy. I’ll make sure you will," Q stated with a dark gleam in his eyes. "Because even if you won’t recall everything, just enough, you will remember this…I will be watching." Then he snapped his fingers…


Tom suddenly found himself standing next to the Commander, the barbed quip on his lips, because he'd just asked for permission to speak frankly, and a tired Chakotay only sighed "What?" But now he knew better then to say such a stupid thing, because this was the junction to where he could have Chakotay, or lose him again to Q. 


Tom smiled warmly, and moved in and quickly planted a loving kiss on a very surprised Commander’s lips. "I think what you really need…Chakotay, is to let me give a little of what you give to me every time you look at me," he purred. 

By now, the lift doors had closed, and they were heading to Chakotay’s deck. Chakotay simply stared at Tom. He didn't move away from the blond, or toward him, because it was suddenly too much to comprehend. "Ah…Tom, did you just kiss me?" he finally asked, still looking dazed. 

Tom grinned, his blue eyes sparkling with the passion he felt for this man, "Yes, and if you let me, I’d like to do a lot more kissing and other things," he purred as he pressed his body against Chakotay’s loving the firmness of the solid muscle he’d admired for so long. "I’d like the chance to make you happy…Tay." 

Chakotay tipped his head looking at Tom, the man that occupied his nights and half his days, "Tay?" 

"Ah, if you don’t like it…"

Chakotay smiled, the one Tom only dreamt of coming in his direction, and melted right there and then. "No, I like it. It’s…different. Most people call me Chak or Cha, and that doesn’t fit too well, but…I like Tay, at least…from your lips."

Just then the lift beeped, reminding them that they either go for another ride, or get off at the desired deck. Tom let go, and backed up, stepping into the hall that led to Chakotay’s quarters. He watched as the big man moved off the lift, still looking at him with some disbelief. 

Tom felt like he should keep up the aggressiveness; at least until the moment Chakotay felt secure enough to take over. He took the Commander’s hand, and led him down the empty hall, and into Chakotay’s quarters. There, Tom turned, and kissed the luscious lips once more, moaning with delight at tasting them once again. Then he looked at a suddenly vulnerable man looking back at him, "Tay, if you'll let me, I promise to make you happy. No games, no jokes, I mean it. I’ve been such a jerk trying to get you to open up to me, and I've finally realized, //with the help of Q// that I’ve been an idiot. I know that if there's ever going to be an 'us', I’ve got to grow up, take a chance, and tell you what I want. I want you, Chakotay. No one on board knows how wonderful you are, and how lucky we are to have you, but I do, and if you'll let me, I’ll prove it to you."

Chakotay was stunned, because he had dreamed of loving Tom openly, not simply in his mind, but this was so quick, so sudden. "I don’t know, Tom…I would like to…but…" 

Tom knew of his reputation, hell, he was the one who started it, but it was all talk, because his heart belonged to Chakotay. He didn’t want anyone else to feel sorry for him, so he and the Delaney sisters fed the grapevine for the pure joy of messing with everyone’s head. But this was no joke, this was his only chance at being with the man he knew he loved, and would always love. Feeling a bit desperate, he dropped to one knee, still holding Chakotay’s hand, "I’m totally serious, Tay. Marry me, and I’ll make you the happiest man aboard this ship, if not the Delta quadrant."

"Look, if this is some joke…" Chakotay started to growl, but the sincere look in Tom’s eyes made him stop. "You’re serious! You…want to…marry me?" 

"More than breathing itself, Chakotay. I’ve loved you since I first met you. But I knew what a fuck up I was, that I was just a burden to you, but when I saw you again on Voyager, I swore that I would fix that, and I’ve changed, Tay. All that bull about me sleeping around is just that. Meg and Jenny can tell you, it’s all talk…I swear. I haven’t been with anyone since…well, since prison, and…well…" he cleared his throat. "I love you. All I ask is a chance to prove it…please?" 

"Tom, marriage is a serious step…"

"I know, but if you don’t want to marry me…just give me some time to prove myself to you…six months. Give me six months. If you don’t believe that I love you more than life itself, by the end of six months, I’ll…" he shook his head, he knew he’d probably kill himself, "I’ll do whatever you want…please?" 

Chakotay had to sit down. This was a bit much. He sat, and stared at the beautiful blond. "Okay, six months, but we date, like anyone else. I don’t jump into bed like…most people," he said, not wanting to make Tom think that he meant him. If he was going to have a relationship with the blond, it had to be based on trust, and that meant he had to trust Tom on his word. 

"YES!" Tom shouted with joy. "Oh, you won’t be sorry, Tay. I promise. Dating is fine, and I want you to be comfortable when we first make love." 

Chakotay watched as Tom was ready to bounce off the wall he was so thrilled, and he had to admit, he was to, but he still wasn’t comfortable letting it show so much. //Tom will be good for me// he thought warmly. "How about dinner and drinks at Sandrine's tonight?" 

Tom stopped and grinned from ear to ear, "You got it, handsome. Say in an hour?" 

Chakotay found himself blushing at Tom’s enthusiasm, "Okay, an hour." He watched the blond leave, and then jumped off the sofa. //Shit, only an hour to get ready!// He dashed to the bedroom to pick out an outfit that said 'I’m sexy take me home and fuck me silly' as well as 'I don’t put out on the first date'. 


Sitting outside of the Commander’s window, completely unnoticed, Q was looking in earnest as he saw Chakotay dash into the bedroom. Then there was a flash, and Chakotay was cuddled in his arms, and he kissed his love deeply. 

The other Chakotay looked in the window, "AU’s you got to love them," he laughed. 

"Oh, I do," Q purred. "This way we get to stay together, and the Continuum is off our backs for a while. Because Continuum, or no Continuum, I meant what I said, I have no intentions of ever letting you go!"

"Even if I’ve become a spoiled rotten pampered brat?"

"Don’t forget loved, Love. Don’t forget loved," Q laughed warmly as the two vanished to continue on with their lives. 

<The end>