Title:  Pushing it!
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: The girls decide to make a bet without their boyfriends
knowing it.
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing:  Janeway/Chakotay Torres/Paris   ?Chakotay/ Paris ?
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"Pushing it!"

It was one of those rare moments when all was quiet in the
Delta Quadrant, as Kathryn Janeway sat down with her Chief Engineer
B'Elanna Torres in Sardines to share a drink and a bit of girl talk.

"Okay, as agreed, no shop talk," B'Elanna states as she sits
across from Kathryn who is sipping on her Rhoads island Ice tea, as
B'Elanna took a swig of her bloodwine. "For I don't know about you,
but I've had enough shop talk to last me into next week," she

"Okay, no shop talk," Kathryn grinned. "So, how are things
between you and Tom?"

B'Elanna gave a very content feline smile, "Couldn't be
better," she chuckled with a bit of a giggle mixed in. "You and
Chakotay? What has it been now.three weeks?"

"I know, I know, but as he said once before, I'm only human,"
Kathryn smirked. Then she leaned in and blushed, "and knowing what I
know now.I'm kicking myself!"

"That good, eh?"


The two women giggle like teenagers at a malt shop. Then
B'Elanna looks over Kathryn's shoulder, "Ooh, look who just walked
in," she exclaimed in an excited whisper.

Kathryn turns and sees Greg Alaya and Geron Tem enter arm an
arm, as the two move over to the bar for a drink. "It's just Greg and
Tem," she replies not seeing what B'Elanna does.

"I know that," she replies matter of fact, "But you have to
admit, next to our guys, they are about the cutest runner ups," she
smirked while attempting to drink her bloodwine.

Kathryn also smirks as another blush fills her cheeks. "Okay,
I'll admit that, but only as a woman, not as a Captain. For as a
Captain I'm to remain impartial to all." she burst up laughing.

The two women enjoy their drinks some more, as B'Elanna
starts to give Kathryn a blow by blow detail of what Greg and Tem are
doing. "Now they're moving to the dance floor," she states in a state
of drool.

Kathryn gives a weak grin, "B'El, why are you suddenly
intrigued with what Greg and Tem are doing?"

B'Elanna looks at Kathryn as if she just grew another
head, "look at them? I mean," she leans in closer, "Haven't you ever.
fantasies about guys..you know.doing it.together?"

Kathryn sits back, a bit stunned and blushed, which is enough
for B'Elanna to know she has. "Ah, see? Now, take a look over there,"
B'Elanna states still in a whisper.

Kathryn looks over her shoulder to the dark dance floor and
sees Geron's body wrapped tightly in Greg's strong arms, moving
seductively to the music. She swallows, feeling her own mouth
beginning to drool, and suddenly has to turn and take a deep sip of
her drink when she spotted Greg devour Geron's mouth in a deep
sensuous kiss.  She pants for air, "I don't think that kind of
behavior is suppose to be going on."

"Kathryn, since that `is' who you are tonight. As your
friend, let me put it to you this way. Don't you dare say a word to
stop it! For that little `show' has given me a trunk load of fantasy
material," B'Elanna grins with a leer.

"But what about Tom?"

"What about Tom? He's in them too," B'Elanna replies with a
hardy smirk. "In fact, some of my favorites don't have me in them at
all," she grins, as her eyes scope out Kathryn's reaction. Seeing
she's hit pay dirt once more, she continues, "So.tell me."

Kathryn orders another drink, "You first," she states.

"Chicken," B'Elanna taunts, as she gets another bloodwine.

"I'm the Captain of a Starship, I am not a chicken.I'm just.

"Chicken," B'Elanna laughs. "Okay, but remember you asked for
it."  B'Elanna leans in once again. "Okay, I'll give you the basis. I
have this one fantasy where I walk into my cabin and I hear Tom is
arguing with the Commander."


"Hey, you asked, now sssh!  Were was I. Oh, yeah, for some
reason they are in my bedroom arguing about.something. Then suddenly
a shoving match breaks out between the two of then and soon the two
of them fall together on top of my bed. Their passions are too clear
to hide anymore and they start to kiss, madly. Tom rolls Chakotay to
his back, and climbs on Top, as his hands go wild in removing the
Commander's jacket, the need to touch flesh overwhelming him.  Soon
the two of them are naked, totally unaware that I'm watching them,
their hard muscular bodies pressing against each other, Tom arched
back, his eyes closed, and Chakotay gasping for air, and it's so
intense. Then Tom opens his eyes and has this wild look in them. He
orders Chakotay to lay on his stomach."

"I can't see Chakotay doing."

"Hey, my fantasy, he does it. He does it willingly, as a
matter of fact. He gets to his hands and knees and starts begging Tom
to take him," B'Elanna states a bit defensively, as she is on her
third bloodwine.

"No, I've always seen it being Tom who begs for it," Kathryn
slurs, as she's on her third ice T. "Chakotay's too much of a top in
any category, including the bedroom."

"Are you saying Tom's a bottom boy?"

"No, just that compared to Chakotay."Kathryn sees this is
going off track. "B'el, it's a fantasy, it doesn't matter. It's not
like we could pair them up and see for ourselves," she teases.

B'Elanna sits up straight as if lighting hit her, "Hey, why

Kathryn stops smiling, "I was kidding," B'el.

"Why? I mean we've both admitted that we fantasies about our
boyfriends making it with each other, why not have make it real. We'd
be there."

"B'El, I think the wine has gone to your head. Besides, there
is no way Chakotay would ever do it, much less Tom. So, how about we
just let this one go."

"I bet you I can get Tom to agree," B'Elanna taunts
Kathryn. "In fact, I'm so sure of the fact that I can and you can't
that I'll even go as far as put my rations where my mouth is. Two
weeks rations that not only will I get Tom to agree to it, but he'll
go through with  it!"

"That's nice, but if you win, that means I lose, and without
Chakotay, there goes the entire plan. But nice try." Kathryn laughs a
bit relieved.

"Oh, I see your point. Then let me put it this way. I can get
Tom to agree first, that'll be two week's rations, and another two
that if you have what it takes to get Chakotay to agree, he'll
chicken out before Tom even gets to first base."

Kathryn looks offended. "What do you mean `if' I have what it
takes? And Chakotay wouldn't `chicken' out of anything, much less
against Tom. No, Tom would go running to the bathroom like a scared
rabbit than let Chakotay take him," she snaps in defense.

"Would not! "

"Would too!"




"Alright! But lets make this a real bet. We get Tom and
Chakotay together and who ever boyfriend is the  first one
to `chicken' out loses. Three months worth of rations!"

B'Elanna narrows her eyes, "Deal! Two weeks from tonight, and
if you and Chakotay don't show, me and Tom will be enjoying your

Janeway smirks coolly, "Well, that goes for you and Tom. I do
hope you like Neelix's latest Leola root dishes he'll be serving for
the next three months."

"We'll be here," B'Elanna snaps, and slams her goblet down
and seals the bet in Klingon and Kathryn agrees.


A week had gone by and B'Elanna still didn't know how to
broach Tom on the subject of the bet she made with Kathryn. She even
tried to see if she could back out of it, but one look of those smug
blue eyes, and she knew she had to go through with it; now only to
figure away to get Tom to go along with it, or at least part of it,
for she was sure Chakotay wouldn't go for it, much less anything else
with a man.

After a while an idea struck her and she invited Tom to
dinner at her place. She kept it casual, even though she knew that
she'd be getting lucky, she needed the relaxed atmosphere. Tom showed
up right on time, sporting a bottle of wine.

"Thanks," she smiled and took the bottle and gestured for Tom
to have a seat on the couch. She poured the wine and joined him, then
leaned in for a small kiss and a cuddle. "Ah, it's so good to have
you here," he breathed out. "You make me feel safe," she purred as
she cuddled closer to him.

Tom kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly. "I
don't care what Chakotay said," she mumbles.

"What about Chakotay?" Tom inquired, his tone annoyed.

"Nothing," she replies quickly and hugs him more, hoping that
Tom's weakness for the Commander's opinion of him  or better yet,
proving his opinion wrong was going to help here.

"No, you said you didn't care what Chakotay said. What did he

"Tom, forget about it, it's ridiculous, really," she says in
a dismissive tone, knowing by the look in Tom's eyes he's on the
right track.

"B'Elanna," he purred, trying to sway her, "you can tell me,
it won't upset me," he said easily.

file://Oh I hope it does,// she thought. She acts like she buys
it, "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. He said that you may be a
ladies man and able to make then feel all warm and cozy, but it takes
a real man to take a man to the same height," she stated
flatly. file://You know, hearing it, it does sound stupid,// she thought,
while keeping her face edgy.

Tom was quiet, file://he's not buying it.damn.//  "He also said
that the only reason you're so good with pussy is because you are

Tom's eyes go wide, "He said that? To you!"

"Well, we were having a few drinks, and we are best friends,
and friends talk about everything," she lied gracefully. "I mean he
tells me all about him and Kathryn and he's told me about his other
lover's. He says if push comes to shove you'd pass out if ever up
against a male lover."

Top looked flabbergasted as he retrieves his arm from around
her shoulder. "I can't believe that.you two."

"Hey, I defended you all the way," she protests. "I told him
you not only wouldn't pass out, but would teach him a thing or two!"

Tom looks blankly at her, then regroups, "You bet I would,"
he states, his pride and ego in full gear.

Then B'Elanna looks  away, "Of course I did kind of
declined." she trailed off on purpose.

"Declined what?"

She looks at Tom, "Well you know how he thinks of you as a
gambler, playboy? Well, he said you'd never be willing to put your
credits where your mouth was. I wanted to say you would, but."

"But what? "

"I'm sorry, Tom. But I'm afraid I left him with the
impression that you would chicken out, for I couldn't actually say
you would step up and meet the bet, now could I?"

Tom stands up frustrated and offended, "You let the Commander
think I'm a chicken shit? Or worse a weltcher?  How could you? You go
and tell that blow heart that I could and would go up against him in
any stupid bet he had! How dare he question me like that? Who does he
think he is?

"Your superior officer," she adds for effect.

Tom growls. "I'll go tell him myself." he says turning toward
the door.

"No.no. I have a better idea. You know, Chakotay, being my
friend, really can be a.big talker, when he's had a few. Come to
think about it, I can't recall him ever telling me about him being
with a man either. I suspect that if you called him on his bluff,
he'd be the one backing out," she grins, seeing that Tom is actually
going for this. file://Like shooting fish in a bucket or what ever that
earth saying is,// she thought.

Tom sat back down next to her, "I."

She saw he was suddenly backing out, "I could arrange it that
Kathryn and me were there to witness the event, so this way it
wouldn't be just your word against his. Plus, if and when he backs
out, you'll not only have the upper hand, you'll have a few
additional credits, and the fact that he chickened out in front of
his girl.huh?"

"He'd back out?" Tom asked, feeling a bit awkward, but
letting his pride take the lead.

"Of course. Just stay calm, say nothing and let me arrange
things. We'll show him, honey" she says, leaning in and kissing Tom,
confident that she had him where she wanted him. file://All you have to do
is show up, and we win,// she grinned to her self.


All week Kathryn had been dropping hints about Chakotay's age
and how uptight people thought he was, especially one Tom Paris. She
knew he had a sore point for the young pilot, and she just needed
Chakotay to agree to show up, the rest would be easy; Tom wouldn't
show, he was too much the ladies man to ever consider being with a

Their schedules kept them busy, but tonight she was going to
hit Chakotay with both blasters. She had her tub full with a hot bath
and dinner ready when her lover showed up, only twenty minutes late,
due to last minute duties.

"Sorry," he said softly as he gave her a small kiss.

"If anyone understands, it's me," she smiles, as she took off
his jacket. "You look tired, and I happen to know there is a hot bath
waiting just through those doors."

"Ah, you're so good to me," he replies in a sigh, for he was
soar. He headed into the bathroom and stripped of his uniform and
climbed into the bath. "Are you going to join me?" he asked in a
husky tone.

file://Not just yet,// she thought to her self, making ready for
step two of her plan. She walks in and takes a seat behind him and
starts massaging his shoulders. "Hmmm, you are tight."

"Long day," he groans, as she works his tired muscles.

"I guess I don't have to tell you about how the days seem to
get longer ever year," she says easily.  Feeling the tension in his
shoulders, Kathryn gives a tiny grin internally. "You know I was
thinking about us going to Sardines, but as Tom says, you tend to
bring the atmosphere down."

"What? What does he mean `I' bring down the atmosphere?"

"Oh, don't take it personally, Chakotay. I'm sure Tom was
only referring to how. drink dear?" she asked, strategically changing
the subject.

"Spill it, Kathryn. Referring to how.what?"

She gives a sympathetic look, "Don't take this the wrong way,
but some of the crew think that you are too uptight.straight lace,
that the word flexible doesn't exist in your world."

"Hey, I can be just as flexible as the next guy," Chakotay
replies defensively.

"Of course, as long as the next guy is about your age," she
replies easily still rubbing his shoulders.

Chakotay turns around to look at her, "Are you saying I'm
old? Or just that the crew thinks I'm old and stuffy."

"No, not the crew really, just Tom Paris," she replies, as
she gets up and exists out of the bathroom to the living room to get
some drinks and let Chakotay stew in his hot bath.

It didn't take long before Chakotay was out of the tub,
wrapped in a white towel and on her heels. "Just what has that little
upstart been saying about me?" he growls.

file://Target in sight,// she chucks internally. "Chakotay, I'm
sure it's nothing you would care to deal with. So why don't we forget

"No, I want to know," he insisted.

She sits down with her glass of wine and sips it, staring up
at her lover looking perplexed and angry. "He and I were having
drinks, you know Kathryn and Tom, no shop talk. Well, he let it slip
that he first thinks your too old to keep up with him as a lover and
too uptight to ever consider testing him out on that theory."

"Test him out?"

"Well, he said that the only real way to determine if you
could keep up with him is if you were with him, but then that's why
he said you were too uptight."

"Too old and too uptight!" Chakotay's face looked like he was
going to explode. He started gathering his clothes. "I show him who's
too old and uptight as I kick his ass from one end of this ship to
the next," he started muttering.

"Commander.Chakotay, I didn't tell you this so I'd have to
but you in the brig," she replied. She watched him pace her quarters
trying to figure a way how to get even and stay out of the brig. It
was time for the final step. "You know, Tom tends to have a big
mouth," she says carefully.

"Tell me about it," he growls.

"In fact, I bet if you called him on his little bravado, he'd
back down," she says finishing her drink and stands up to place
soothing hands on strong bronze muscular shoulders. "I even believe
that we could teach him a lesson. How about we set the little boy up?"

Chakotay looks at her intense blue eyes and only see the deep
mischievousness, not realizing some of it is directed his way. "What
did you have in mind?"

"Oh, how about you, Tom and B'Elanna, and I get together, and
you make a move on Tom. He'll cower and." seeing Chakotay laugh she
knew she didn't have to say anymore, // direct hit!//


It was the night of the bet, and B'Elanna and Kathryn agreed
to use her quarters for their gathering, since it was the biggest,
though both thought this wouldn't take very much time. At 1800 hrs,
B'Elanna showed up and made the final arrangements, having told the
guys that dinner was at 1830. Kathryn made sure dinner was light and
there was plenty of candle light for atmosphere, while B'Elanna made
sure there was plenty of hard coffee, the alcohol to loosen
inhibitions and the caffeine to stimulate the male libido.

1835 and there was no sign of either of them. "We didn't
discuss what happens if neither of them shows," Kathryn states
casually, feeling annoyed that Chakotay would let her down like this.

"Tom will be here," B'Elanna replied. file://He better if he knows
what's good for him.//

The door chimed at 1837, "Enter," Janeway replied with hope.

"Tom!" B'Elanna replies, a smug little look at Kathryn "What
kept you?"

"Ah, sorry, got wrapped up in.stuff," he stammered a little
as he tucked in his blue silk shirt into his black jeans. Then he
looked around and saw the Commander wasn't present and this puffed
his ego right up, "So, your other half copping out?" he said with a
bit of arrogance.

Janeway was about to reach for her com badge when B'Elanna
gently grabbed her hand, "I'm sure he'll be here on his own
volition," she states, a taunting gleam in her eyes.

"Would you care for a drink?"

"Love one," Tom replies.

Just then the chime sounds "Enter," Janeway says, almost
yelling it.

Chakotay enters, wearing a white button down shirt and black
slack, "Sorry, I'm late, but I got held up with Tuvok in the
corridor," he states easily. Then seeing Tom he steels himself for
tonight's little game, "Tom," he says with a firm nod and then moved
to get a drink from Kathryn.

The four took a seat at the elegantly prepared table an
enjoyed the light meal that the Captain prepared. Kathryn and
B'Elanna sat next to each other so it would work out that Tom and
Chakotay would sit near one another also.

`Nice shirt, Tom" Chakotay said easily as he sat back in his
chair sipping his third cup of coffee. "I don't think I've ever seen
you wear that before."

The curse of fair skin hindered Tom as a slight blush crept
into his face, "Ah, well, it's not like any things going to happen to
it tonight," he said in a challenging tone.  "Your looking pretty
sharp tonight yourself," he added.

"I stay in shape and can take guys half my age in hand to
hand combat exercises."

"Really?" Tom states casually.

"Really," Chakotay growls slightly.

Kathryn and B'Elanna chose to remain silent as they remove
the dishes and take their drinks to the living room, both taking the
only chairs, leaving the sofa for Tom and Chakotay. "Gentlemen, you
are planning on joining us?" Kathryn says softly, a bit of laughter
in her eyes as she looks at B'Elanna.

Tom and Chakotay moved into the living room and see that the
only place is the sofa, and both men almost charge it, not wanting to
appear bothered by this set up. The four of them sit quietly and a
award silence fills the room.

"B'Elanna, I have this most interesting book to show you,"
Kathryn states as she gets up, eyeing the Klingon woman to follow
her. The two woman move off to the other side of the cabin. "Let's
just give them time to.work it out," she says, a little smirk on her

"Don't get too cocky, Tom's not going anywhere."

The two women do their best to fade into the background.

The awkward silence is still in the living room as the two
men sit quietly on the sofa, both somewhat aware of why the women

file://Okay, let's get this over with,// Chakotay thinks to
himself. He braces himself and turns to face Tom and takes in the
young blond before him, and he reaches out and strokes his the soft
strands of his hair, "I've always wondered if it would feel soft," he
says more gently.

Tom almost flinches but holds still to the gentle touch, "is
that the only thing you've been wondering as you've been staring at
me for the last few years?" he asks, his eyes looking mischievous,
though he's nervousness is hinted in the tightness of his
lips .  file://Your not going to make me back down.//

"What if I said no, that isn't the only thing I've been
thinking of?" Chakotay says in a husky voice while sliding closer to
Tom, still caressing the young man's hair.

Tom feels his breath catching, file://well two can play this game,
buddy,// he thinks. He reaches out and lets his fingers gently caress
up Chakotay's chest, feeling the smooth fabric of the white cotton
shirt. "What if I said you were not alone in these thoughts of
yours," he whispers, leaning forward, so their lips are inches away
from one another.

file://I'll show you who's uptight,// Chakotay thought, seeing
that Tom was going to push things. Making up his mind on what he's
going to do, Chakotay moves in and presses his lips on Tom's while
slipping an arm around the young man's waist for a better hold.

file://You want to kiss? I'll show you a kiss!// Tom is slightly
taken back by this action, but he then relaxes and then wraps his
arms around Chakotay's strong shoulders and neck, pulling the man in
closer, and licking the other man's lips, indicating he wanted to
deepen the kiss.

The two men plundered each other's mouth hungrily, driving
the kiss further and further. When the need for air came they parted
only enough so they could breath, leaning forehead to forehead,
panting, for both seemed to be taken back on the kiss they received.
Then they opened their eyes, and both could feel the heat off the
other's body and the connection that was formed during the passionate

Tom seeing the intensity in Chakotay's dark eyes felt a sense
of vulnerability he had never felt before and it scared him, and on
instinct fell back on his cocky attitude. "Not bad."

Chakotay felt himself falling into a sea of blue, seeing a
strong sensitive soul that held acceptance and understanding and
untapped passion, which seemed to also reflect his own soul. But
hearing the cocky reply snapped that moment closed, and a bit of
anger took over, "I'll show you not bad," he growled, and plunged
forward into another full sizzling kiss.

Chakotay was surprised at how his groin was responding to
Tom's kiss, but there was no denying he was getting hot and hard from
the taste of the young pilot. His kisses were full and sensuous, and
he put everything into them, and the feel of that was the most erotic
for Chakotay. He could sense that Tom wasn't holding back, and one
look into the now dilated blue eyes confirmed this, and it only
served to make him give a soft groan, as he found himself
falling. "Beautiful," he whispered.

Chakotay's kiss was overwhelming and the most fulfilling and
delectable kiss he'd ever experienced. There was no doubting it, the
man could kiss! The little things the man did with his tongue while
pulling him tight to is firm body, drove Tom crazy. He'd never kissed
a man, but now he felt he couldn't get enough of Chakotay. Then
hearing the deep throaty groan of pleasure sent a fiery chill up and
down his spine and his cock shot up like a rocket. Then hearing the
soft word the older man whispered during their kiss, stirred
something in him and all he knew was he wanted more of it.

The two of them continued to kiss, but Tom was now straddling
Chakotay's lap, their hands all over each other, slowly diverging the
other of their shirt. Then Tom leaned back, his lips slightly swollen
from being firmly kissed, his cheeks flushed and saw much of the same
in the face staring back at him, and gone was any animosity had once
been there, to be replaced with an undeniable longing. Slowly Tom
undid the buttons on Chakotay's shirt, their eyes still locked onto
each other. Then when the shirt was undone, Tom gently, slowly parted
the fabric and let his fingers caress the glistening bronze skin of
the rippling strong chest of the man before him. Tom instinctively
licked his lips as more blood raced south.

Chakotay saw the look of desire and felt its fire himself as
he reached up and undid the buttons of the silk shirt Tom was
wearing. Then he too let his hands glide along a sweaty strong smooth
chest, taking not to the contrast of his dark hands to the pale flesh
he was savoring.  Then he removed Tom's shirt and let his hands feel
the strong muscles in the young man's back, all a while feeling how
tight his own pants were becoming. Then he let his hands roam down
and he let his fingers feel the soft yet firm flesh under Tom's
jeans, and the tiny moan that escaped the young man's lips was

"More," Tom whispered, wanting to feel more of those strong
hands on his body. He allowed himself to be pulled in for another
kiss and this time, as Chakotay leaned back, they adjusted their
bodies and soon Tom's erection pressed against Chakotay's and both
men hissed in delight. "Oh yeah."

"Mmmm, that feels good." Chakotay pulled Tom to him and they
started kissing again as their bodies aligned and their hard cocks
pressed against each other, and they started rocking against each
other. Chakotay pulled Tom tighter to him, as he thrusted upward to
feel the young man's cock against his own, for it was so exotic and
it felt so good.

Suddenly Tom stops, and Chakotay groans with disappointment,
but when he sees that they young man is undoing his pants, he gets
the idea and starts removing Tom's jeans. The two men tear off each
other's remaining cloths, taking in the full endowment of the other,
neither having anything to be ashamed of. Once again they started
kissing, letting their hands touch all over the other's body. Soon,
Chakotay shifted so he was almost laying down on the sofa, propped up
against the sofa arm, and he pulled Tom to him tightly, once more
aligning their bodies. There were no words, once their cocks touched
again, they once more started to rock against each other, while they
fully kissed each other.

The pressure was building and soon Tom found himself simply
panting, his eyes closed and all was focused on the feeling of
Chakotay's cock rubbing against his own. "Oh, Tay, this feels so
good," he replied.

"Oh, Tommy," Chakotay groaned, especially when he opened his
eyes and saw the beautiful flushed face that was becoming lost in
their touching. Then he saw the tightening of the facial muscles
along with feeling them tighten in Tom's lean body, and soon he heard
Tom roar with pleasure as his also felt the wetness of Tom's
organism. The exotic burning of knowing that he brought Tom to this
stage, most beautiful and gorgeous state, took him over the edge and
his own body took hold and he roared out his own triumph. Then the
two men simply laid there panting into each other's arms, letting the
moment wash over them.


"Wow," B'Elanna said softly as she and Kathryn moved into the
bedroom, to give the guys some time to gather themselves. "That was."

"Incredible," Kathryn finished for her, her own face flushed
as she suppressed a shutter of excitement.



The two women move and get a cool drink to ease the fire they
are both feeling in response to watching silently their lover's make
out with each other. "Well, I must say, I really didn't think they'd
do it," B'Elanna says, a nervous laugh, allowing the tension to leave
her body.

"I must admit, I'd thought one of them would have backed
off," Kathryn added, sipping her drink. "I would have never thought
Chakotay would have kissed Tom, much less Tom kiss him back."

"So, I guess that means neither of us wins the bet. They both
showed up and they both went through with it," B'Elanna states.

"We consider it a tie and leave it at that," Kathryn
states. "Besides, this all started just because you wanted to see
your fantasy of them making out."

"My.our," B'Elanna corrects her.

Janeway laughs, "Okay, our fantasy, of seeing them making out
with each other.

B'Elanna grins from ear to ear, "It was pretty great wasn't

"Yeah, it was," Kathryn replies, and once again the teenage
girls fill the room with a giggle.

"So what now?"

"We let them rest then I'll move Chakotay into my bedroom,
you can take Tom into the other bathroom, then we clean them up and
then take their minds off this whole charade," she grins.

"You have it all figured out," B'Elanna chuckles. "I had to
trick Tom and say that Chakotay thought he was less then a man.blah
blah, blah. But it worked, Tom's pride stepped right up and took the

Janeway grins, "Oh, Chakotay took some doing, let my tell
you. I took a week at hinting out how old he was getting, knowing his
ego wouldn't accept this, and then used his insecurities about how
the crew think his uptight and inflexible to sway his thinking. Of
course the real clincher was mentioning that it was Tom that thought
all this," she laughs.

"It's amazing that for two men that profess not to stand each
other how much passion they could generate," B'Elanna observes.

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to go generate some heat
of my own if there's anything left," Janeway teases as she puts her
glass down and moves with B'Elanna back out to the living room, only
to find the room is empty. They look at each other in puzzlement.

"Computer, location of Lieutenant Paris and Commander
Chakotay?" Janeway inquires, for she didn't see their clothes either.

<Lieutenant Paris and Commander Chakotay are in Commander
Chakotay's quarters.>

The two women look puzzled at each other once more, "Janeway
to Chakotay."   She waited, silence. "Janeway to Chakotay," she said
again, this time more insistent.

"The only thing I have to say to you is.fuck you Kathryn!"
Chakotay snapped over the com link.

"I have a better idea, Tay," Tom's voice interjects
sarcastically in the background. "Why don't you fuck me, and let them
hash out from there who comes first."

The eyes of the two women go wide as they realize that they
were over heard in their conversation about the bet.

"You know, Tommy, that's not a half bad idea," Chakotay
replies, his tone less angry and almost seductive as he cuts the

"What do we do now?" B'Elanna asks looking devastated.

"Groveling comes to mind," Janeway stated.

<The End?>