Title: Passionate Games
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings: (DS9/Voy) C/? P/?, B/?
Notes: Sequel to Triangles of the Heart and part V of the Dark Desire
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the 'closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R

"Passionate Games"

Tom beamed over to Voyager. He gave his best friend a crooked
smile, seeing the somewhat astonished look on Harry's face in reaction
to his new appearance. "Sheesh, Har. I haven't changed that much," he

Harry just stared for a moment then got himself together,
"That's a matter of opinion," he replied, a slight smile of his own
creeping on his face.

"I guess you're the only one that wanted to see me," Tom
stated, noticing that only Harry met him in the transporter room.

"Oh, no. It's just that the Captain thought it would be
less.stress on you and everyone if it was just the two of us. You know
how things have been with the Commander gone, now you," he responded.

Tom walked up to his long time friend and gave him a hug and
a apologetic look, "I'm sorry, Harry. I.I should of said something,
but things were happening so fast.I.I had to make a decision."

Harry looked pained, "What decision, Tom? What happened to
you.and the Commander?"

"I.I want to talk about it," Tom said, but he lowered his head
and took a deep breath, reminding himself that he still needed to look
normal. "I.I just can't. it's not that I don't want to.I.just can't."

Harry looked more hurt, and frustrated, "Okay. Why don't we go to my
quarters, relax, get some dinner, okay?" he asked hopefully.

Tom smiled warmly at his friends concern for him, then
remembered, "Oh, I.ate dinner already. But I'd be glad to go back to
your place and you can get a bit if you like," he chuckled, a slight
teasing in his tone.

The two friends walked back to Harry's quarters, and Tom did
notice how empty the corridors were. "Captain afraid I'll influence
some of the crew?" he joked.

Harry smirked, "No, just like I said, trying to make it easier
on everyone, that's all."

They got to Harry's quarters and Tom sat down on the sofa,
//like old times,// he smiled a bit, but he knew old times would never
be again.

Harry moved and got himself a drink, "Want some?"

"I'm fine," Tom stated.

Harry sat down next to Tom, "So, what.'can' you tell me?" he
asked, hope full in his voice.

Tom felt for his friend, "I.never said anything, for I was
afraid people.well, you would laugh at me," he said shyly.

"Laugh at you, for what?"

Tom looked at Harry, his eyes clear as crystal, "I've been in
love with Chakotay for a long time. I.I just never thought.but I was
wrong. He wants me.I want him. I had to make a choice, to be with him
or not. Don't you see? I didn't' want to lose him," Tom implored of
his friend.

"You.you love.Chakotay?" Harry stated, amazed, astonished, and

"I'm sorry, I never told you. But.I really didn't think there
was a snow balls chance in hell." he laughs, "glad I was wrong."

Harry throws back his drink and moves to get another one. He
throws that one back and gets a third. "Sheesh, Har. Are you okay?"
Tom asked.

"Um." Harry turned, unsure of what to say. No, he wasn't
alright. He loved Tom; he would have said something if he even had a
clue that Tom was attracted to men.now.now Tom was with Chakotay. Now,
Tom was in trouble and Harry knew, Chakotay be damned, that Tom needed
rescuing. But he would proceed with causation.

"Are you two.happy?" he asked, dreading the answer. But seeing
the hesitation in Tom's eyes gave him hope, "What's wrong?" he asked
as he moved to sit back down next to his friend.

"I.I can't say. But." Tom really wanted someone to discuss
this with, but as much as he wanted it to be, Harry wasn't it.
"Nothing," he lied. "Tell me, what's been going on here?"

Harry knew Tom well enough to know that was all it was going
to be and since he had to keep Tom here for a while, he started
chattering on about all and everything. Bringing up old times and all
the latest gossip.


Julian returned to his Office and finished some of his regular
work. His mind was a whirl, between almost dying, the overwhelming
pull of Cain's sexuality, and knowing Tom would be returning soon, was
more than enough to keep him distracted.

He had loved Tom with all his heart, and was heart broken when
things went bad for the other man and Tom turned away from him instead
of too him. But Julian, fear of being discovered over his enhancements
also didn't pursue his love in his time of need, like he should have.
There was regret and Julian now knew there always would be. Though at
the moment he was unsure if life was just being cruel again or
offering them another chance, for a part of him would always love Tom.

If Tom was chosen by Nolan and was coming to help him, then
they would be together, and Julian would have someone to share his
dark and lonely world with. Then his thoughts turned to Elim. He did
love his Cardassian lover, very much so, but even with all Garak's
strengths and background, Julian couldn't find the heart to bring him
into his dark world. So little by little they drifted from each other
till Julian became cold and distant, like a Vulcan. Garak had called
him that once, sadly it was true, for by then Julian had made his
mistake with Olivia and swore never to do it again, especially with

Olivia was a beautiful spirit, a good-hearted young woman
that gave of herself freely to all the Bajoran orphans in need. That
was how he met her, while lending aid to the children. She was
Bajoran, and a former freedom fighter like Kira, but unlike others,
her golden heart shined like the sun and warmed the soul.

Julian didn't realize that his gift of insight was only
limited to the heart, not the soul, like Nolan's and so when he saw
how golden and pure hers was, even after all that had occurred, he
felt sure she would be someone he could recruit to help him in his
battle to save the Alpha Quadrant from Vladimere.

They became quick friends, and meet often while Garak was meeting with
the Cardassian rebels to oppose the Founders that over took their home
world. After a few months, Julian made a decision and approached her.
She had agreed and he brought her over. He did his best to keep her
and Vladimere away from each other, but something had changed in
Olivia after being embraced, Julian could see it, but he didn't
understand it.

Vladimere's temptations on the woman to corrupt her dark side
proved to be too much, and she turned on Julian. Julian never hated
her for what happened, it was his choice to bring her over, protect
her, he failed. He knew then that it was not what was in one's heart
but heart and soul that made the difference. He gave Olivia real death
and vowed not to embrace anyone again. If Nolan had the gift of full
sight, so be it. But unless he did, he would never make that mistake

So when it came to Elim, he had a good heart, but it was mixed
with darkness, and Julian feared for him in the worst way. The only
way to protect him was to end things between them and hope Elim could
move on. It took a while, but they did drift apart and now his former
love was now Ambassador of his home world, and home like he always
wanted. Though sorrowful, he really couldn't regret keeping Elim safe,
even if it did hurt his heart.

Deciding to forgo the pretense of work he headed back to his
quarters. He needed to decide on what he should do next. With the war
over, Vladimere would be free to plunge full ahead with his plans to
seize power of the Federation via its government. Julian didn't think
that the war was stopping his enemy, just slowing him down, but
now.Julian was one against.how many?

//Even if Tom does come, he'd have to bring a small army.// he
sighed as he gathered his drink to ease the hunger he was feeling. He
sat staring out of the port, feeling tired, and lonely. //Just
great!// he braced himself for the projected company he was about to

"Seeing if I was dead?" Julian asked as Vladimere's reflection
appeared to replace his own.

"My dear, boy. What ever are you talking about?" Vladimere
replied too innocently.

"Oh, just that I was paid a visit today. You may know
them.Cain?" Julian was rewarded by the look of disbelieving
astonishment on his opponent's face. "A nice guy," Julian quipped.

"You.you couldn't have met." Vladimere stuttered, for he
couldn't believe that Julian would still be alive if the two really

"Ah, but I did," Julian smiled, enjoying this brief victory.
"He only came to see if I was what I claimed to be.I am.so I live.
It's that simple, Vlad. So why don't we stop all this petty stuff and
do what needs to be done, shall we?" he asked, knowing full well that
Vladimere had no intentions what so ever to give up his plans of

"Perhaps we.can talk," Vladimere smiled, changing his tactics.

Julian may have been young, but after going through so much he
was no longer naïve. "Hmmm. Perhaps," he drawled. "When and were?" he
asked, no intentions of showing or believing his opponent to be real.

"I'll get back to you on that," he said and swiftly departed,
leaving Julian once again alone with his own reflection.

"Your really don't have any intentions of meeting him, do

Julian whirled around, startled, for he hadn't been sneaked up
on in years. He was surprised to see Cain standing in his living room.

"No," he said, trying to calm his nerves. "How.?"

Cain moved and sat down next to him, "How did I get in here
without you knowing it?" he smiled his best sexy smile.

Julian only nodded, he felt his body once again willing to
betray him for one touch from this man.

"I'm eons old, sweet treasure," he said as he moved closer to
Julian, seeing that he was having the desired effect on the young
prince that he hoped for. He then leaned in and captured Julian's
lips with his own and kissed the young man in such a way that showed
his centuries of perfecting the art. Julian was so enticed and taken
away from the breath taking, soul-searing kiss, he never felt the
stick of the needle of anything being injected into his system.


Chakotay paced his quarters. He had allowed Tom to beam over
to Voyager, but every instinct told him it was a mistake, but to deny
Tom while he was so emotional was also a mistake. //Why is he so upset
with me? I love him with all my soul, but I belong to Nolan. I told
him that.didn't I? I must of.//

Deciding he had enough of not knowing he headed to the bridge
where Rebecca was holding down the fort. "Was that little mess taken
care of in the dinning area?" he asked casually as he moved in and
took his seat.

"Of course, Captain," she smiled warmly.

He lowered his voice, "do me a favor, and run a scan on Tom's

Rebecca smiled, "I've been keeping track sir, he's on deck 24.
He's been there ever since he's beamed over." By the sudden look in
Chakotay's eyes, she then realized that Tom was not as safe as she had
thought. "Sir?"

"That's the holodeck?" Chakotay replied. He stood up, his
worry full blown on his face, "why would they beam him there.unless."
he started to move toward the lift doors.

"Captain, where are you going?" she asked hot on his heels.

"To get Tom back. Janeway's up to something," he growled. But
he stopped in his track when a firm but gentle arm rested on his.

"Chakotay, if that's true, than you going over there would
only play into her hands. Let me get him," she insisted. I'm older and
more capable than most, okay?" she smiled, letting her friend know, it
was not only out of duty toward her Captain, but as a friend to him
and Tom.


"No buts, sir" she said softly. "You're needed here, that goes
without question. Plus, like I said, you'd only be playing into her
hands. I promise, I'll get him back safely."

Chakotay grudgingly agreed and moved back to the Captain's
seat as his friend and First Officer, Rebecca St. Cloud moved off to
rescue his Tom. He couldn't help but feel angry, //you want to play
games, Kathryn?// he thought to himself darkly. //I'll show you just
how well of a player I can be.//


"Captain," Tuvok stated from his station on the bridge. "The
First Officer of the Veil is requesting to beam over and meet up with
Lieutenant Paris."

Janeway sat in her chair and pondered, "do you think if we
denied her that would bring Chakotay?"

"No. It is my conclusion that they are suspicious of Tom's
situation and have decided to not take the bait, as it were, directly.
The.Commander has obviously seen through the guise."

Janeway sighed, "Very well. Beam her to the holodeck. Have the
Doctor meet her. Perhaps if he can get some reading off of her he can
compare them with the ones he's been taking off Tom," she said with
hope. //Plan one down, but I'm not giving up, Chakotay. Not by a long


Rebecca beamed into what only somewhat appeared to be a
transporter room. But her gifts helped her know immediately that this
was a holographic set up and cold see Tom sitting not that far from
her taking with someone. She also could see all the medical equipment
that was set up just outside the images to take scans and other
readings. //This just won't do.//

She saw the shadowed form of the EMH approach her but she
ignored it and moved throw the deck as if none of the holographic
walls were present. She noted the astonished look not only on the
Holographic person's face, but the ensigns as she came walking in
through the wall. "Tom, this is not what it appears to be. You are on
the holodeck and they have been medically scanning you every since you
arrived. I've been sent to bring you back."

Tom turned to Harry in disbelief, "Say it isn't so!"

Harry couldn't keep the guilty look off his face, "I'm sorry,
Tom. But we just want to help you. I wouldn't let any harm come to
you, you know that!"

Tom stood up hurt, not only was he recently betrayed by the
man he loved, now he was being betrayed by his best friend too. He
couldn't win and he felt like either exploding or shattering.

"Come on, Tom" Rebecca said, her tone soft and comforting, for
she could read how upset Tom was over things. That was one of her
gifts. "His heart was in the right place," she added in Harry's
defense. This seemed to ease some of Tom's pain. She then laid her
hand on his shoulder, then she tapped her wrist bracelet, for that was
what they used instead of com badges. "We're ready to come home now,"
she said softly. Then she looked at Harry. "Please tell your Captain,
that this deception has hindered relations between us," and then
giving a dark scowl her and Tom disappeared from the deck.

Moments later, the EMH appeared as all the other holograms
faded out. "Interesting," was all he said. "She reads as dead too,
but.her brain activity is extremely high. More so than Mr. Paris'."

Harry looked deflated by the turn of events, "Did you learn
anything that explains this or how to fix him?" he asked with hope.

"Not at the moment. But I have a lot of data that I'll be
going over. Don't lose hope, Ensign, I've only just begun," the EMH
smirked with confidence.


When Julian could clear his mind, all he could do was stare
into Cain's beautiful eyes, all he wanted to do was be lost in them,
but he knew he couldn't, so it took all his will power to pull away.
He saw Cain smile, "You are strong, young Prince," he laughed.

"I'm what I am. And I'm doing only what needs to be done,"
Julian responded, using the cause to focus on. "Unlike Vladimere, I
don't have any comic desire to rule the world or the universe. My goal
is to keep things in order and put back what was stolen by Vladimere."

"You know about.my situation?" Cain asked.

"Yes. I know that you are Cain as in Cain and Able. I know
what the literature states and I know what Nolan has told me. But
unlike you, Vladimere took the spirit against it's will as he has done
with sever others to gain in power. Your.bonding was mutual, so I was
told. You are not the issue here."

"What if I said I was?" Cain asked moving an inch closer to
Julian, but Julian just stood up to get some distance between them or
they'd be back to making out again. Even if Julian wanted it, he
couldn't let it happen, Cain was too dangerous to lose oneself over
and there was too much at stake.

"I was told what my mission was and you were not even suppose
to be in the picture. Vladimere brought you in this, not me, and not
Nolan. You said you were not interested in this battle, have you
changed your mind?"

Cain took in the dark beauty before him, "I may have" he
smiled. "Have dinner with me tomorrow night and we'll talk about it.
Say your quarters, oh.2100 hrs?"

"Um.I can eat a little, but."

"Trust me," Cain said as he stood up and gave a charming bow,
"I know the situation well. Till tomorrow, my sweet treasure." Again
like a breath of spring time he vanished.

Julian moved into his bedroom, it had been a long time since
he needed a cold shower.


Chakotay had tried talking with Tom, but the young man just
locked himself away in their room. Rebecca told him that Tom was
perfectly safe, it was just that they were running unwanted and
undetected scans on the young pilot. Chakotay was angry, but more
concern with his love's heart then the EMH on Voyager.

"We won't be able to hide it for ever," he replied to Rebecca,
his eyes locked on the bedroom door.

"I know, but if they are to learn of us, shouldn't it be on
our terms and not theirs?"

"True, but then again, if we tell them, they may not believe
us and they will believe their own scientific material," Chakotay
replied, his mind divided.

"Give him time," she said as she rested a hand on her friend's

He looked at her puzzled, " I love him, but.how can I explain
to him the way things are?"

"Give him time, Captain. When he's ready to listen, do what
I've always said.tell him the truth." She knew this was a matter for
her friend and Tom to work out and knew it was time to step out of it.
"Are you coming back to the bridge or relax her?" she smiled.

"I'll stay here and.relax," he lied. "Thank you, Rebecca." He
was truly grateful that she was able to get Tom back with no problems
or major ones anyway.

"Your welcome, Chakotay," she said then left.

Chakotay moved to a sofa and sat down, his anger and desire to
ease the pain of his love filled him and confused him. He had a
mission, and staying on Janeway's calm side if not good side was
important. He wanted to help bring his old crew home; he felt he did
owe them that, even if they didn't stand by him the way he felt they
should have. But if Janeway kept things up.//I have to protect our
mission, but I also have to keep Tom safe, // he thought.

He thought about things for a while, // the best way to keep
things at a status quo with Voyager is to keep Kathryn busy.but how?
// Then after a few minutes he got a wicked idea.


Lady Kathryn Janeway floated down the spiral staircase, her
dark burgundy dress, flowed easily over the large hoop skirt that
helped keep all ladies figures hour glass shape at this time period.
It was mildly hot, not bad for the Deep South, but perfect for this
evening's ball.

He fanned herself gently and swiped back a few large curls off
her long slender neck as her eyes scanned the room. Her beau was to be
her tonight and she felt her heart pounding in her chest. It had been
almost a year since she last seen him, but they had stayed in touch
through letters, tonight he would be home.

She reached the bottom of the stairwell and didn't see him in
the large crowd of people that had gathered in her beau's honor. He
was a hero through and through and admired by many, and that also made
every woman, single or not, envious of her.she and him were one, and
soon after tonight, she was sure he'd make it official.

"You look radiant, my dear" a tall distinguished man said as
he reached out and took her gloved hand and placed a small kiss on the
back of it.

She gave a soft laugh, "Thank you, Father." Then she looked
beyond him.

"I'm afraid Mark hasn't arrived yet, my dear. But don't fret,
we both know nothing except God himself would keep him from being by
your side tonight," her Father reassured her, "and I'm sure the mighty
Lord would have his hands full doing so," he teased.

She laughed but then her eyes were caught as the door opened
and entered in the man in question. He eyes locked, her heart pounded,
he was magnificent to behold, even after all this time. Captain Mark
Stanley was dashing in his uniform and all she could think was very
unlady like thoughts of getting him out of that outfit.

She watched as her dark beautiful beau spotted her and smiled
the brightest of smiles this side of the Atlantic Ocean. She saw him
be polite but his target was her and he let nothing sway him as he
moved swiftly in her direction.

"Kathryn," he said, took her hand and gave the most gentle and
sweetest of kiss on the back, palm and then being a bit bold, her
cheek. "How I have missed you, my dear."

She felt her face blush under his scrutiny, "As I have you,
kind sir," she replied, a bit of tease in her voice. Then she noticed,
"That.that mark over you left brow.that's new, isn't it.Mark?" she

"Yes, it was.a gift from some of the island people I have to
deal with. This is a marking that shows I am accepted by them," he
stated easily, his dark eyes taking her all in, seeing that she
squirmed under his look. "Dance?"

"I'd love too," she replied and the two gave their wishes to
those around them before moving to the dance floor. She felt his
strong hands around his waist, //I never remembered how strong his
hands were before, // she though.

The two danced, lost in each other's eyes, uncaring to the
rest of the world.


Janeway tossed in her sleep, a huge smile on her face, she was
more than content, even thrilled to be dreaming of Mark.even if he did
look a bit different. She was so happy that she over slept by two
whole hours, too the concern of Tuvok and herself. But secretly she
was hoping to meet Mark again in her dreams.

On the Veil, a semi-content Chakotay smirked to himself as he
sat in his chair, overseeing the functions of his ship. Though he was
still upset about Tom still not wanting to speak to him, and asking
for the day off, he was sure that when he was done with Janeway she'd
never mess with him or his Tom again.

To be continued in: "Black Fire"