Title:  The Morning After
Note:  Sequel to "The Bet" by Haggis my dedication for such a wonderful story.
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are no longer using them I’ve decided to take our boys out of the ‘closet’ and let them play and be happy. Enjoy. 
Rating: R for language and some sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris 
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The Morning After

 By the time I got back from the bathroom, Tom was out like a light. I couldn't stop the smile that crossed my face, even if I wanted to. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. I was gentle as I moved him further up the bed and placed a towel over the wet spot. Then still being as gentle as possible, I cleaned him up and then tended to his back end. He stirred a little, but I reached up with my free hand and stroked his hair and whispered soothing words and in minutes he was back a sleep. When I was satisfied that he was taken care of and no serious damage was done and that he would be okay, I put everything aside and climbed into bed. 

 I got another pleasant surprise as I did, for once Tom felt my body next to his as if on some instinct he cuddled right up to me, using my chest as his pillow. I was not only touched by this action, but seeing the smile that lit up his face as he slept only made my conviction to keep Tom for my very own even stronger. I went to sleep dreaming of the treasure that laid resting safe with in my arms. 

 I don't know how long I was a sleep, but the feeling of being watched woke me. I opened my eyes in time to see Tom looking downward over my resting form, that I was able to catch a glimpse of his eyes unaware. The look of awe and pleasant amazement filled those sparkling gems, and they were shining very brightly. However, when he turned back toward my face and saw me looking at him, I saw the mask, for I was coming to understand that that was just what it was, was being placed back. I reached up and caressed his cheek, and was glad that it was enough to cause hesitation in the mask of indifference from being put into position. 

 I then gently moved my hand from his cheek to the back of his neck and gave slight pressure, indicating that I wanted him to lean down to me. I could see hesitation, not only in his movement, but also in his eyes. I answered him with only a warm smile; it was enough, for he leaned down and I pulled him closer to me. Then I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. I wanted him to feel that he was wanted here, for he was. I knew that I would have to move slow in breaking the news to this young beauty that he was now mine, but as his mouth responded to my own, I began to feel that it wouldn't be half as difficult telling him as I first thought. 

 My hands caressed up and down his supple body, then I gently rolled him over, not sure how sore he may be from last night, but I needed to be on top of him.  "Cha," he said in between kisses. I found I liked the abbreviated version of my name, on his lips anyway. It was after a few more kisses that I realized that he was trying to say something, so I leaned up to let him speak. 

 Though the mask was not in place, I could see his defenses on stand by. "I, I should go," he said in a soft voice. His tone was certain and confident, but his eyes…his now unguarded gateway to his soul, told me otherwise. 

 I startled placing gentle kisses on his cheek, neck, and ear, "Only if you really want to," I replied. Then I gave his creamy neck a light bite and grinned when he moaned, for it was so arousing to hear. "But I don't want you go," I added, so he knew where I stood on the matter. 

 I could feel Tom's body responding to my touch and feel his thoughts of leaving evaporating. I shifted to my side as I continued to kiss his neck and let my right hand stroke the entire length of his body. I soon discovered that as much as I enjoyed touching him, he enjoyed being touched.  "You like that?" I ask in a whisper, my lips pressed gently to his ear.  Spirits is he beautiful! His eyes are closed and his body slightly arches into my touch, and he simply nods yes, and I continue to caress his body, almost if petting him.  I grin when the idea strikes me, "Tomcat," I whisper in his ear. "My Tomcat." 

 I swear the sound he makes when he smiles and I continue to pet his body is as close to a purr as a human can get. I gently shift the remaining covers off of us so I can see all of him, and I then can see how excited I am making him. I let my hand stroke downward to his right thigh, just inches away from his now hard cock.  "What does my Tomcat want?" I ask as seductively as possible, giving the outside of his ear a small lick.

 A small shiver that moves throughout his body rewards me. "You," he pants out, his eyes still closed, enjoying my touch. 

 A dark part of me glows in response to his answer. I feel as if he really does want to be mine after all, but I need to know for sure. I suddenly remove my hand from his body and say in a low voice, "Then show me." 

 I watch Tom's eyes spring open, not only at the loss of my touch, but to my challenge to him. He shifts slowly to his side and looks at me. I know he sees the desire in my eyes for I'm not making any attempt to hide it. I want him, but at this moment I want him to want me. I can see uncertainty of what he should do. I have no intentions of telling him, but I will make it a bit easier for him, for it's also not my intention to chase him off, he's mine.  

 I grin at him and reach up with my left hand and brush my fingers against his cheek. "I want my Tomcat to show me how much he wants me," I say in a playful soft voice. Seeing the fireworks going off behind those eyes, I can tell Tom's got the idea and the uncertainty is gone from him. The grin that crosses his face is precious and without a doubt, very feline. 

 Tom moves and shifts so he is now straddling my body. I can see he likes the idea of being in charge, so I have no problem letting him think that way, I know better. He leans down, at first I think to kiss me, but he shifts just off to the side and he starts caressing me with his face, like a large cat would.  I give a soft chuckle, since I called him Tomcat; he was going to act like one. Well, if that's what he wanted, I can handle it, with ease. 

 Soon his caresses from his face are replaced by soft licks. I get the impression that Tom has decided to give me a tongue bath, and I shiver at the thought with much anticipation. I reach up and run my fingers through his soft hair, as he continues to lick his way down my face to my neck. I arch my neck, giving him full access, for I want him to know I'm enjoying this, and by the sounds he's making, I can tell he is too. 

 He then makes his way down my chest and starts giving particular attention to my nipples that are quick to become rock hard under his touch. "Oh, baby, yes," I gasp, for it feels so good. After a few minutes of sweet torture he continues downward, licking my stomach, then my abdomen. It's then that I notice something is off, so I open my eyes and I can see slight hesitation in his eyes as he slowly is reaching my weeping cock.  "Come here," I say gently, indicating for Tom to come up and be in my arms. 

 As Tom complies with my request, I can see that he feels that he has let me down. I hug him tightly, and caress his hair, "I don't want my Tomcat doing anything he's not ready for or doesn't want to do," I say. Then I give him a gentle loving kiss so he knows that I mean it and that I am not upset with him. Then I hold him tightly. Yes, my cock aches for release, but it was one thing to take Tom last night, for he wanted it, it's another to force him to do something he's not ready for. Tom trusted me last night, and I want him to keep on trusting me. 

 I then feel Tom's hand snake its way down my body and his delicate fingers caress my throbbing cock and I automatically moan in pleasure.  "Am I?" he asks softly in my ear as his hand continues it's assault. "Am I 'your' Tomcat?" he purrs in my ear, giving my cock a squeeze that sets me all a fire. 

 "YES!" I cry out, in response to his hand as well as his question. 

 "I do want to be with you, Cha, there are just some things I've never done before," he says, his hand dominating the last of my will. 

 "Your doing just fine, baby," I reply in panted breaths. It doesn't take much more when I see the white fire behind my eyes as my body explodes to his touch and I roar his name in delight. 

 "Cha, Cha? Are you okay?" 

 I realize that I must of passed out, for when my senses return, I can feel a warm moist cloth cleaning me, and a small note of concern in Tom's voice. "I'm okay," I say in a small huff. When I open my eyes I can see the relief in Tom's eyes as he looks at me and then smiles, then places the cloth I used last night back on the nightstand and curls up to me. 

 "I, I was just a bit worried," he says, looking away, so I don't see his eyes. He must have figured out that I can read them now. 

 I bring my hand up and gently turn his face so I can see his eyes, for I know I love to look in them as much as I love Tom. "I may be an old man, but you have nothing to worry about," I say with a smile. 

 Seeing the spark of anger in those ardent ocean blues was totally unexpected. "You are 'not' old," he snaps back. 

 Feeling totally chastised, "I know, I was just teasing," I reply, and am grateful to see that storm of anger subside.  I then run my fingers through his hair and he reacts just like I was petting him again. "You really are a Tomcat," I gently tease. 

 His eyes lock with mine, "Your Tomcat," he smiles, though there is still some doubts in his eyes. 

 I decide now is the time to tell him, "Yes, my Tomcat, and 'only' my Tomcat from now own," I state as I gently pull him to me to seal this declaration with a kiss. 

 "Yes, only yours," he whispers in a small voice mixed with a yawn as he curls up to me, for it is still early and we both could use some extra sleep. In minutes he's asleep in my arms, and I no longer have doubts about the morning, for we've already faced it, and surpassed it. Tom is mine, and deep down I know, I'm his. 

 Since sleep is far from me at the moment, I lay here thinking, planning really, just how long Tom and I should 'date' before having him move in, though technically it's just a formality, he's already mine. Two months I decide, though Tom's going to be sleeping here with me from now on. Just then my com unit sounds. I'm glad I can move out of bed and Tom remains sound asleep, otherwise I'd pity the person on the other side of this link right now. 

 I get a robe on and take it out in the living room, "Yes," I say, wiping sleep out of my eyes. It's Tuvok, "Is somebody dead?" I ask, letting him know that unless the answer was yes, this could have waited till I was on duty. 

 "My apologies, commander. But I feel it necessary to report to all those who used the Sardines pool table last night that it was discovered that the table had been rigged. So, any rations you may have lost you can collect." 

 "Rigged? How?" 

 "It was set that who ever broke the start of the game would win, that simple. Though I do not have solid proof, I believe Mr. Paris is responsible."

 "Ah, just how did you find this out?" 

 "Several crewman had discovered the pattern, especially after loosing to other players, shall we say, wouldn't have won otherwise." 

 "Have you discontinued the program and set the crewman's ration accounts straight?" I asked, taking this new bit of information into account. 

 "Yes. All that remains is to gather further evidence and confront Mr. Paris. Though at the moment his ration account does not show any new deposits." 

 "Don't worry about Mr. Paris, I'll handle him," I say in pure Commander mode. 

 "As you wish," Tuvok replies and shuts off the channel. 

 I sit back stunned. 

 "Before you ask, yes, I rigged the table. I just forgot to discontinue it after the game," Tom said from the doorway. 

 I look at him, he's wrapped in my bed cover, and I'm torn between smiling for he truly is beautiful to behold or snarling, for I don't like feeling used. I do neither and just stare at him. I see his defenses kick in, but wisely he remains silent and moves and takes a seat across from me. "Why?" was all I could say after a few more minutes. 

 I see the blush covering Tom's face and body, his eyes finding the floor fascinating once more. "I, I wanted us to both win," he murmurs. 

 "How's that?" I ask, not sure if I heard him correctly. 

 Tom wraps the blanket around him tightly, "I wanted to be with you, but I didn't think you'd give me the time of day, so…I took a lesson you taught me in the Maquis and put it to practice."

 "Which lesson was that?" 

 "You said to me once, if opportunity doesn't present itself then you make one. That’s all I did," Tom said, his body language indicating he was fully preparing himself for my wrath. "I figured if you won, if there was even a tiny chance you'd want me, you'd take it. When I saw the gleam in your eyes that you did want me, it scared me. That's when you got angry and called the bet off." 

 Tom took a deep breath, "I realized this was my only chance at being with you, even if it wasn't under ideal conditions, so, I went for it." Then he looked up at me, and I could see how hard he was struggling to keep the smart-ass at bay, and letting me see just how sincere he was. "Everything I said to you was the truth. You are the first man I've ever been with or even wanted to be with in years. I, I simply wanted to be with you," he said softly, as if there was nothing more he could say, that was the bottom line. 

 Seeing tears well up in his eyes broke any hold my pride or anger may have had on me. It then became clear that Tom had wanted me just as much as I wanted him, but we just never could fine our way clear to each other. I couldn't be angry with Tom for making our union possible, in fact, the more I thought about it, I'm grateful. "Come here," I say softly, opening my arms, hoping Tom will climb within them. 

 He looks at me, a bit confused, then he springs from the chair into my lap, and I wrap my arms tightly around him. "Can I still be your Tomcat?" he asks in a very shy and timid voice. 

 "Oh, yes, baby," I reply and kiss the top of his head, as I hold him. "In fact, after shift, why don't we get your things and get you settled," I find myself saying without any doubt, formalities be dammed. "I want my Tomcat by my side day and night from now on."

 He looks up at me as if surprised, "Isn't that just a…a bit fast?" a

 I look down into his magnificent eyes, "On the contrary, don't you think it's a bit slow? We should have gotten together a long time ago," I smile.  Tom only looks at me for a moment than hugs me with a conviction I never felt before.  I then pick him up and carry him to bed. I lay him down and gently crawl on top of him, kissing him, when another annoying sound hits my ears. 

 "What's that?" Tom asked.

 I lean up and see, it's the chronometer, "It's the alarm, it's time to get up," I say, totally disenchanted by it's poor timing in the scheme of things. 


 I look down at the man I now know will occupy my bed and my life from now on, "Yes?" 

 "Good, Morning." 

The End