Title: What is meant to be will be
Author: Kim R. a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Tom has postponed the wedding for he can't let go of an old
flame he believes in his heart he was meant to be with.is he?
Rating: Nc-17 (some sex)
Pairing: P/B
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Janeway walked in to see Chakotay running a medical tricorder
over a young man dressed in a blue Starfleet uniform. As she moved
closer, she could see cuts, bruises, and some burns most likely from
exploding consoles. Though even under all the wounds, he was a vision
to behold. His golden skin, delicate features and dark hair was
enticing, she shook her head, the man was injured, (how can you stand
here and think that way,) she chided her self. "How is he?"

"He's suffered minor cuts, burns, and the head injury doesn't
appear to be serious, though I still would like Tom to check him out,"
Chokotey replied.

"What about the other one?" she asked with little hope.

"Sorry Captain, It looks like a console had exploded in his
chest. Short of a miracle, there was nothing I or anyone could have
done, even if the holo Doc was up and running."

Janeway moved next to her First officer as he was running a
regenerator over some of the deeper wounds. "I wonder what they were
doing out here?" she mused.

Just then the doors to the infirmary opened up to reveal Tom
entering. "How they doing?" he smiled moving toward Chakotay and

"He's got some minor cuts and burns, and a mild concussion, I
think. But you still should check him out your self," the older man

Janeway watched as Tom walked up with his usual mask of
confidence then stopped frozen in his tracks. His face paled and his
eyes went wide. "Tom?" she inquired. "Tom, is something wrong?" She
looked at her pilot and saw his eyes were locked on the injured man.
"Tom, do you know him?" "Tom!" she shouted slightly.

Tom blinked, then realized his jaw was open so he shut it. He
looked dazed as he looked up to see the Captain and the First officer
staring at him. They asked him something, what was it. "Captain?"

"Tom, what's wrong? Do you know him?" she asked again.

It took a minute before Paris could respond, then he was able
to snap out of whatever force that had held him captive. "Um.yes, I
do," he responded quietly as he ran the tricorder over the unconscious
man. He looked at the reading and gave a small smile. "Just like you
said, Commander. A very mild concussion and a few cuts and minor
burns. He's going to be all right," he finished with a big sigh of

The man on the table started to come around giving a soft moan
from the pain he was feeling. Tom looked contorted as to what he
should do, and then he moved away, "I'll get him some pain killer.
Commander, if you could keep regenerating those burns till I get back,
I'd appreciate it," he said quickly then moved out of the room.

Janeway looked to her First Officer to see if he had any clue
as to why Tom had suddenly made a hasty retreat, seeing he had none,
she looked down to the waking officer. "Take it easy," she soothed.
"You're going to be all right, you're safe."

The young man opened his eyes, and to Janeway they were large,
dark, inviting eyes that greeted her. The young man looked around and
at the two people hovering over him. Then he spoke, though quietly,
for he was suffering from a bit of smoke inhalation, "Baxter?" he

"I'm sorry," Janeway replied, understanding what he was
asking. "I'm afraid he didn't make it."

The young man closed his eyes with grief for a few moments
before opening them again. Then he looked up once more, "Where.am I?"

Janeway wasn't sure if she should tell him the entire
misfortune to the young man now, but he did have the right to answers.
"You're on board the USS Voyager. I'm Captain Janeway, and This is
Commander Chakotay," she smiled.

"You have a mild concussion, and some minor burns, and a few
cuts, but we'll have you patched up in no time," the older man smiled.

"Do you mind if I ask who you are, Lt." Janeway smiled, she
knew his rank by the pips on his collar. She was hoping by the blue
uniform that he was a nurse, or at least a higher level medic,
anything medical would make her happy right about now.

The young man cleared his throat. "Dr. Julian Bashir, Chief
medical officer of Deep Space Nine," he replied.

Janeway couldn't help it, she was grinning from ear to ear. "A
Doctor?" she asked with delight, but needing to make sure she heard

"Yes," he replied, puzzled by her reaction.

"And a Chief medical officer?" Chakotay followed, he too was
thrilled at the prospect.

Julian looked up from his biobed at the two commanding
officers with puzzlement. Why were they so thrilled about his rank and
profession, then it occurred to him, why was a Commander treating his
wounds? And why was the name of this ship so familiar? "Um.where is
'your' doctor?" he asked softly.

Janeway looked at Julian, seeing that he had a lot of
questions, "We don't really have one," she said. "Look, you should
know. You are no longer in the Alpha quadrant." She replied waiting to
see his reaction before continuing.

Julian processed this bit of information, and then it hit
him.Voyager! He sat up, even against the Commander's protest; he swung
his legs around to look around him and at the two officers before him.
"Voyager! That means.but how did I get out to the Delta quadrant?" he
inquired with puzzled exasperation. Julian felt a bit lightheaded and
held his head for a few minutes though still wouldn't lay back down.
"I'll be all right," he replied. "Just need to see that," he said
pointing to the medical tricorder.

Chakotay handed it to the young doctor, wondering where the
hell Tom had vanished off too. He looked around but didn't see the
young pilot anywhere, and then he looked at Kathryn and shrugged, for
she too was looking for Tom.

"Do you have medical supplies?" Julian inquired.

"Yes," She said.

"Then I need 12 cc's of Thetadexterial for my head, and 15
cc's of Monophelinex for the pain, if you don't mind," he smiled.

"Here you go," Tom said quietly as he came around the corner,
like he was lurking there in the shadows. He was pale, nervous as he
walked toward Julian.

Bashir turned to face the voice that came behind him and his
eye went wide, and then a huge grin crossed his face, "Tom!"

Tom's pale and nervous look was quickly replaced by a flushing
gin that matched the young doctors, "Julian!" he smiled as he handed
the hypos to him, only to be grabbed by the young man into an awkward
embrace, since there was a biobed between them. But Tom hugged the
young man back with great joy. "It's good to see you," he whispered.

"Whoa," Julian replied as another wave of lightheadedness came
over him, and glad Tom was holding him. He sat up and gave himself the
hypos then took a deep breath to steady himself.

"I take it you two know each other," Janeway smiled, then a
though occurred to her. (It couldn't be.) she thought. (Tom has never
indicated that he liked men, this can't be the one he was talking
about. Surly he could know more than one person on DS9?)

"Oh, Tom and I have been friends for quiet some time," Julian
smiled. "It's good to see you looking so well, Tom." Julian was
grinning from ear to ear, just like the blond that was standing behind

"Well, if I'm no longer needed," Chakotay stated warmly. "I'll
leave you two to catch Dr Bashir up to speed on things. Captain," he
said as he handed the regenerator over to Tom and gave Janeway a nod
before leaving to return to the bridge.

"I don't know how much you know about our situation," Janeway

"Only that you were lost in the badlands, presumed lost, till
Starfleet got a communication that you were stuck in the Delta
quadrant, and that you were relying on the EMH for your medical needs.
I'm presuming from the looks I was receiving earlier, that my timing
couldn't be better that your EMH has finally eroded," Julian replied

"A, yes, that would sum it up," Janeway replied. (Bright and
beautiful,) she mused to herself. "I'm sure Tom here will be more than
glad to help you settle in and fill you in on what has been going on
and what you need to know. Since you know the basics," she smiled.
"Welcome to Voyager and your new sickbay, Dr. Bashir." Janeway gave
Julian a firm handshake then a warm look to Tom then exited leaving
old friend to do some catching up.

Tom couldn't help himself, "Oh Julian, I can't say how happy I
am to see you, even if it is out here in the middle of nowhere," he
sighed with joy as his hand stole a caress on Julian's golden, bruised

Julian's eyes shined, then shifted down with a touch of guilt,
"I had almost given up all hope," he said quietly. "I.I tried to

Tom understood, "It's okay, Julian. It's been years," he
smiled though it pained him. "I.tried to wait too, but.well, I
understand," he said softly.

Julian looked up to gaze into the sweet face he had dreamed of
for so many years, reaching out to make sure it was real. "I never
stopped loving you," he replied.

"Nor I you," Tom responded.

The pull between them was just as strong as it always had
been. The two leaned toward each other and with in seconds were locked
in a deep passionate kiss. The painkiller was doing its job, for
Julian didn't think about anything but holding, touching or being
touched by his long lost lover. As they broke the kiss for some air,
Julian swung his legs around so he would be facing Tom and much
closer, and they embraced again, taking the time for another deep
kiss. Then it was Tom who came to his senses first. Huffing and
puffing, "We should get you fixed up first," he smiled. "Then we need
to talk."

"Yes, that's probably a good idea," Julian replied.


B'Elanna was taking as small break, though she hated it, she
knew she needed to eat or Seven would be all over her, stating that
her lack of nutrition was hindering her ability to function correctly.
Torres sat down next to Harry, swearing to her self that if she could
get a way with it she'd space the Borg. Her thoughts were interrupted
by Harry's usual happy voice.

"Hey, did you hear?" he stated with excitement.

"Hear what?" she said with a grumble, not really interested in
the new gossip.

"We have a new doctor!" he chirped.

"What?" she looked up at Harry as if he'd gone insane. "How?"

"The Federation shuttle we saved. The survivor turned out to
be a Doctor, but not any doctor, the former Chief medical officer of
Deep Space Nine. That means he's fully qualified to run the Sickbay
and instruct others in their certifications. Isn't this great?"

B'Elanna locked eyes with Harry, subconsciously bending the
fork in her hand. "Did you say the survivor was from Deep Space Nine?"
she inquired, he mind trying to rationalize the odds against this
person being the one that Tom had told her about, though he said very
little about them.

Harry as usual was totally unaware of the danger he possibly
was in, "Yes, Dr. Julian Bashir. He was the Chief Medical officer." He

"He?" she said easing her grip.

"Yeah," Harry replied puzzled. "Again, he was the Chief
medical Officer. Are you all right?" he asked, wondering why he had to
repeat himself so often.

B'Elanna gave a sigh of relief. "I am now," she smiled. Then
she looked up to see Tom and who must be the new doctor, for she knew
everyone on board. She couldn't help but notice how handsome the new
guy was. (Perhaps if Tom doesn't get his act together, this guy might
prove interesting,) she mused to herself. Then she noticed that Tom
was so caught up in conversation with the new guy that he walked right
by her and Harry. "Uhummm," she said clearing her throat to catch
Tom's attention, it worked.

Tom turned to see B'Elanna, and paled. Then he saw Harry and
was glad for the distraction. "Oh, sorry," he smiled pouring on the
charm. "Julian, this is Ensign Harry Kim Operations, and this is Lt.
B'Elanna Torres, Chief of engineer. Guys, this is Dr. Julian Bashir,
one of the best doctors in the Alpha quadrant," he smiled.

Julian laughed, "I wouldn't go that far," he smiled. "It's
pleasure to meet you," he said offering his hand, which Harry shook
with enthusiasm. Torres Just shook it quickly.

"Ah, the new Doctor," Neelix chimed as he moved over to say
hello. "I fixed you a special welcome-to-the-Delta-quadrant-meal, just
for you. Step this way," he smiled as he moved to clear a table for
the new doctor and his companion.

Julian turned to Tom, "I take this is what you were warning me
about?" he smiled though his eyes were not too excited at the idea of
his first meal. Tom had warned him, so he was glad he had a hypo for
his stomach in his pocket.

"Yep, this is what I warned you about," Tom teased. Then he
turned to face Harry and B'Elanna. "I guess we'll see you later," he
said quickly with a smile than move Julian and himself off to take a
seat where Neelix was making a fuss.

"Ah, here you go," Neelix replied happily as he placed two
plates of something green and brown before the two young men. "Enjoy,
enjoy," he insisted. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes with
desert," he smiled.

Julian looked down at his plate then to Tom, whose eyes were
filled with mischievous joy at witnessing first hand the torture. "Do
you think that there is anyway this won't be as bad as you have
described it to me?" he asked with only a little bit of hope.

Tom's eyes glowed, "I'm beginning to believe 'anything' is
possible," he smiled.

Julian felt his cheeks blush under Tom's stare. His dark
lashes lowered as he looked at the beautiful blond across from him, he
was tempted to forget the meal and go to Tom's quarters so they could
'talk'. He wasn't too comfortable with his new quarters, even if he
did get assigned a Commanders status instead of his Lt. that he should
have. But he felt that was their way of making it up to him for
suddenly being tossed out here in the middle of nowhere, a full size
crew to take care of and no staff in which to speak of. But as the
growl in his stomach reminded him, he needed to eat, and with the
replicators off line, this was going to have to make do. He smiled,
giving his I'm-game smirk and took a bite. He raised an eyebrow, then
after he swallowed. 'You know, this really isn't half-bad," he said
then took another bite.

"You have got to be kidding me?" Tom said with disbelief. He
took a sample and almost choked.

Julian laughed, "I should have said," he smiled. "That this
wasn't half bad, because it reminds me of a cross between Klingon and
Cardassian cuisine, which I happen to like," he smiled.

"You bastard!" Tom shouted as took a small fork full of the
stuff and shot it at Julian.

"Hey," Neelix said with dismay as he came over before a food
fight broke out. "I didn't stand over a hot stove for hours just so
you could toss it around," he snapped. Then he looked at Julian,

Julian smiled. "To be perfectly honest with you, since I'm not
familiar with Delta quadrant cuisine, it's pretty good."

"Pretty good?" Neelix asked, nerved by the remark.

"Well, like I said. I don't have much to compare it too, than
what I've had back home, and it tastes like a cross between Klingon
and Cardassian, so.it's not bad at all," he tried soothingly, for he
didn't want to lie to the man.

"Cardassian?" Neelix asked. "No one has ever mentions
Cardassian food before, what is it like?" he inquired.

"Neelix!" Tom said trying to get Neelix to go away. "That's
because no one on this ship would want it," he said.

"Oh, you should try it sometime, it's quiet good," Julian

"What are you a Cardi lover?" another crewman snapped from another

"Dalby, shut up." Tom snapped in return.

Julian turned to see the dirty look he was getting, his own eyes
narrowed. "Things are 'not' the same as they were when you last were
in the Alpha quadrant," he replied coolly. "And yes, I like Cardassian
food. Yes, one of my best friends happens to be a Cardassian, who if
not for him and what he sacrificed for Starfleet we might not be
wining the war with the Dominion!" he replied with such coldness that
Dalby froze in his place looking at the new doctor.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, please," Neelix said trying to calm the tension
that was building. "As the good doctor has said, no one on this ship
knows how things have changed in the Alpha quadrant while you've been
gone. Perhaps he'll be persuaded to tell us on the Breakfast with
Neelix show?" he offered with much hope.

"Breakfast with Neelix show?" Julian puzzled at Tom.

"Neelix, later okay?" Tom replied.

"Ah, yes. Then perhaps now would be a good time to try the
desert I made. If you like it Tom, I'd be glad to serve it at your
wedding," he said as he turned to hustled to the kitchen.

Julian's eyes went wide. "Wedding?" he repeated barely above a
whisper, his face stunned at the news.

Tom felt his face pale. He wanted to tell Julian about it, but things
were moving along so fast, and he had gotten so caught up on being
with the young man that he literally forgot all about B'Elanna, till
he saw he, and the mess hall was no place to discuss it. "I wanted to
talk to you about that," he replied very quietly, feeling as if all
eyes were on him suddenly, though in reality no one was watching but
Harry and B'el, and they were enough to keep the words stuck in his

"You're getting married?" he hisses quietly, though a flare of hurt
and anger filled his eyes. "Why.why didn't you.I mean, why did you."
Julian couldn't do this right here right now, too much had happened in
such a short time, he needed time to think. Without another word he
was up out of his seat and out the door so fast, that some people had
to do a double take to see that he really had left.

"Hey, he didn't finish his meal, is he okay?" the puzzled Talaxian

Tom ignored Neelix and all the others who were looking puzzled at him.
He got from his seat and started to the door to follow Julian when
B'Elanna stepped in front of him blocking his way.

"Tom, we need to talk," she said in that, let's-make-up, tone.

"Not now," he snapped in frustration.

"Yes, now!" she growled back, "That is if you still want the honor of
being my Fiancée, that is?"

Tom wanted to shout back that he didn't, but the fact that he realized
that they were in the middle of the mess hall, and this was no place
to break her heart, or duck for cover, gave him the sense he needed.
"Look, B'el," he smiled trying to use his charm, but it was lacking at
the moment. "Now is not a good time, we should get together when we
have more time to sit and talk, okay?"

"Fine," she replied. "Dinner, my place, 21:00 hours and don't be
late," she hissed as she turned and walked out the door.

"Tom, what are you doing?" Harry asked as he came up from behind the
young pilot placing a friendly hand on his shoulder. "If you keep this
up, she's going to call it off, just like I said she would."

Tom wanted to ask Harry why B'Elanna hadn't done it by now, and then
he realized that, that was what he had been doing all along. He had
been trying to get her to call off the wedding so he didn't look so
much the heel. (One problem at a time,) he told himself. "Look, Harry,
I appreciate everything you've done, but this is between me and her.
We need to work this out, okay?" he smiled trying to tell him nicely
too but out.

"All right, but I hope you know what you're doing," Harry stated as he
started to move back to finish his lunch.

"I do too," Tom replied, more to himself than anyone else then was out
the door to find Julian.


Julian was pacing his new quarters. He was mixed with a multitude of
emotions. He was so happy to see Tom again that all the old feeling
came rushing back. He didn't even stop to think next thing he knew
they were kiss, and it felt so right. Now, he discovers that Tom is
getting married, and he is hurt, but relieved. There was so much he
never told Tom about himself, and even if StarFleet approved of him,
he had no way of proving it, or how people out here would react. They
didn't know him; they didn't have his record to show how loyal he was,
or how much he gave to his profession. Plus, there was Garak. The
Cardassian was more than his best friend, they were lovers up till a
few weeks ago, when the two of them had that awful fight, and Garak
ended things between them. He accused Julian of not being able to make
a commitment, and he was right. How could Julian explain that he was
still in love with someone lost in the Delta quadrant, he couldn't.

(Oh, life is cruel,) he thought to himself. (The smallest of miracles
and I'm reunited with Tom only to find out he's soon to marry someone
else.) He paced some more. (That kiss! Why, oh why did he have to kiss
me,) he sighed. The door chimed, and Julian knew who it was. "Come

Tom entered to see Julian pacing, he still wasn't sure what he'd say,
but he knew it had to be the truth. "Julian, please! It's not what you
think," he pleaded.

"Did I or did I not hear right, that you are getting married?" He
glared at Tom, his hurt taking over his rational thoughts.

Tom looked down he couldn't look into Julian's dark eyes. "Yes and
no," he replied.

"Either you are or you are not, which is it?"

"Julian, it's not that simple."

"Yes, Tom it is! Are you or are you not getting married?"

"Julian please, sit down and let me explain, please!"

Julian took a deep breath then sat down on the couch as he folded his
arms around his chest protectively and looked up defensively at the
blond that came to stand near him.

"Look, Jewel," Tom soothed as he knelt down to be eye to eye with
Julian, using his pet name for the man he loved for so long. "I tried
to wait, but as time past I got lonely, and me and B'Elanna, the
engineer I introduced you too, well we hit it off." Seeing Julian was
about to interrupt he held up a hand. "We've been seeing each other
for sometime, and to be honest I thought I could put you out of my
mind if not my heart. But I couldn't, I kept postponing the wedding,
and last week I was going to call it off. I couldn't forget about you,
no matter how hard I tried. I knew I could love others, but I couldn't
make a commitment to them, it's always been you, Jewel, always." Tom
smiled a pleading smile hoping Julian would understand.

"Why didn't you call it off?" Julian asked still defensively, though
deep down he understood all too well.

"I tried but Captain Janeway said I should just be patient, that I was
only experiencing cold feet. I tried to tell her she was wrong,
but.after being together so long I just.well," he stammered.

Julian understood too well. "Couldn't do it. Especially on a tiny ship
where everyone would know and mark you for total heel and not let you
forget it. But what does Janeway have to do with this?"

Tom's face flushed and paled at the same time. "Um.B'el has something
of a temper," he smiled shyly. Then he looked up at Julian, "I tried
to talk to her about what I was feeling, without mentioning names or
genders," he added, "And she got so worked up she put me in the
infirmary. Thankfully the Holo Doc was still working," he smiled.

"A Klingon jealous streak," he laughed, "Better than a Cardassian
one," he smiled.

Now it was Tom's turn to look defensive. "Cardassian?"

Julian let go of his defensive posture and looked a bit guilty
himself. "I'm sorry, Tom. I shouldn't have gotten so upset with you,
it was just a surprise, and I couldn't think straight." he gave a
small smile. Then he looked away from Tom's piercing blue eyes.
"You're not the only one that got lonely," he said softly then managed
to face Tom. "A couple of years after I though you were dead, I found
someone too. Though I also had the same problem, especially after I
learned that you were still alive, even if it was over 75 years away.
But unlike you, I didn't have the courage to even try to talk about
it, though I avoided the subject of marriage till he had enough and
called off our relationship two weeks ago."

Tom moved from the floor to sit next to Julian. "Ah, love. Believe me.
If anyone understands it would be me," he smiled as he placed his arms
around Julian's slim waist. "I just want to know what you want? I know
in my heart that it's you that I belong with, always have, and even if
things don't work out between us or you don't want to try, I'm still
going to call things off with B'el. She deserves better, and she
deserves the truth, though I should warn you, she can be dangerous,
and I may be in need of a good doctor afterwards," he joked trying to
get a smile from the sensual mouth so close to him.

Julian did give a small smile. "I too would like to be with you, Tom.
Though there is something else I should tell you," he replied. Julian
took a deep breath, fear was constricting his heart, he was about to
forget it when he felt Tom hug him, he knew he had to come clean or
they would never stand a chance. "There is something about my past
that I never told you," he said, not looking at Tom.

"Julian, there is 'nothing' and I do mean 'nothing' that you could
tell me that would stop me from loving you any more than I do. Hell, I
haven't seen you in ages, and I love you as much if not more than the
last day I saw you." Tom stated as he hugged Julian tighter, so glad
to be able to hold him again.

"I'm not normal," Julian said quietly.


"I said, I'm not normal."

Tom looked at Julian puzzled. "What do you mean you're not normal?" he

"I mean.well.I'm genetically enhanced. I was seven when it happened,
so I didn't have any say in it. Starfleet found out a few years ago,
and Father is finishing up his jail term for it, and I was allowed to
stay in Starfleet, but." he breathed having rushed the words, "I
wanted to tell you. I had never told anyone. Starfleet found out by
accident, and I was really lucky they gave me a second chance," he
finished not looking at Tom, afraid of his reaction to his being a
freak. What he didn't expect was gentle fingers on his jaw pulling him
gently toward looking at Tom. When he did look he didn't see disgust,
anger, or rejection. He saw love, understanding, and amusement.

"So, that was the big secret you were hiding," Tom smiled.

"You knew?"

"Well, I didn't know any facts if that's what you mean, but I knew you
were hiding something, but I didn't care. I loved you and you loved me
for who I was, not for being an Admirals son or anything else, just
for being me," he smiled.

Julian laughed and gave Tom a big kiss. "Good thing we had been going
out together for awhile when I discovered who your dad was, otherwise
I'd have steered clear of you," he smiled.

Tom looked suddenly serious, "Any regrets?"

(End of Part 2)