Title:  Making the Grade
Series: "Playtime"
Notes: Follows Cop and the Speeder & The Hitch Hiker and the Outlaw
(but stands on on)
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: PWP. the boys decide to play making the Grade.
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris
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"Playtime" Scenario: Making the Grade

It was a beautiful day. Too beautiful to be spending in class, but
like many young people, they saw the value of a good education over a
little fun, especially if it meant sitting in San Francisco
University's top history professor's class. The man was an icon, a
very shy, but dazzling icon. His lectures were well known through out
the campus to turn history into an exciting event that you feel apart

This summer his lecture forum was capable of holding two hundred
students, and like always, not an empty seat in the house. Professor
Ko always greeted his students with a small warm smile and then
proceeded to lie out his books and notes accordingly. He was a very
organized and a man of routine. But it was more than his captivating
lectures and warm personality that filled his class year after year;
under his flat dark hair, rimmed glasses, yellow red bow tie, and
tweed Jacket that matched his dark brown slacks, was a hidden
treasure. The man had a body of a Greek god, and all that gazed upon
it desired it. Problem being, Professor Ko was very, very shy, and
held to a strict policy to never.never be involved with students, past
or present.

Some suspected there may be other reasons for his reclusive lifestyle,
but it was only hearsay, for no one really knew him. Friends at the
school would describe him like most, shy, charming, and a loner. He
was also known for being firm but fair to his students and all that he
knew. In all, Professor Ko was the ultimate catch in over ninety
percent of the female population' opinion at the university, and every
year, there was a privet pool to see who would claim that treasure. To
date, no one held that title, and the professor had taught at the
school for over ten years.

This year proved to be no different. Almost every day Professor Ko
would find letters, flowers, candy, and all kinds of things from
hopeful women. Once and a while he found the young woman herself.  He
returned what he could and gave away that which he could not. The
young woman would be politely turned down and warned to leave him
alone or he'd have to dismiss her from the class. If they proved to be
a problem he'd follow through and dismiss the young woman at once.
Sadly, in one year he had to dismiss twenty women by the end of the
semester. Thankfully he had never had a repeat to that degree again.

As he walked in the large lecture hall, he greeted his students and
received a warm welcome in return. He laid out his books and his
notes, and sat quietly waiting for the clock to indicate it was time
for the class to begin. He took note of those students that were
early, on time, and those that cut it too close. Lateness was not
tolerated; if you were late, you were not permitted into the class
without a damn good excuse, and short of death, there was none.

He watched the clock tick away. It never failed, there was always once
student that made it a habit to cut it close to the wire, and this
year proved no exception again. This year it was the Dean's son. He
was every young schoolgirls dream, tall, lean, blond, blue eyed, and a
killer personality to match. Just as predicted this young blond dashed
in through the doors with only seconds to spare and took his seat that
was being saved by his current court of ladies.

"Glad you could join us, Mr. Thomas," Professor Ko stated as he stood
up to begin his lecture. Some of the students laughed, even the young
blond joined in the fun.

"Wouldn't miss one of your lectures Professor Ko for all the tea in
China," he smiled back.

"Ah, it is good to know that you hold my lectures that valuable,
mister Thomas. Perhaps than you could explain to me and the rest of
the class the reason that you failed your last two exams?"  It seemed
that the firm aspect of the Professor that was in play at the moment,
for the Professor was tolerant of his students, but he didn't like
slackers. He didn't like the idea of having someone in his class that
didn't want to be there, when someone who did was turned down. Dean's
son or not, it was no excuse to be failing. In fact, Mister Thomas was
the first student to be doing so in all his ten years.

"Just lucky I guess," he joked. Some of his friends laughed, though
most of the class remained silent.

"Well, let's see how lucky you are this Friday when your third final
is given, shall we?" Professor Ko replied. Then he gave himself a
moment and shifted modes and relaxed, it was time for the lesson. But
a part of him was still annoyed; he was human after all. "Mister
Thomas, perhaps you could be so kind and tell us, in your own words,
what you learned from your reading last night?"

The young blond smiled charmingly, "Sure," he grinned. " I learned
that if you suck hard enough between the neck and the shoulder and
then bit you can make a person growl," he smirked.

"Mister Thomas!"

"Oh, you meant from the text book reading," he smiled innocently.
"Well, why didn't you say so?"

Professor Ko took a deep breath; no one in all his ten years could get
under his skin like this little imp. "I didn't think I had to specify
your history class reading while in your history class, Mr. Thomas.
However, if you insist.tell me what you have learned from the
'history' lesson I assigned for you to read last night?"

"Okay," he smiled mischievously. "I learned that it takes more than
persistence and determination to win a battle. One has to sit back and
evaluate their target and look for their weakness. Once found you
exploit it to the hilt, and whaala you take it down," he stated, his
sapphire eyes locked on the Professor, his smile that of someone in
the know.

For some reason this caused Professor Ko to give a small swallow, and
then clear his throat, "Ah, good. Now." he went into his lesson.

After forty-five minutes.

"Okay. Now, I know some of you will be disappointed as others will be
thrilled, but I have a prior engagement today, so class will be
dismissed early today. Don't forget, tomorrow is test three,
please.please, do something constructive," he grinned, "It's called
studying," he joked. Then as he started to pack up as the students
started to file out in clusters.

"So.were you off to in such a rush," a familiar male voice said from
behind him.

Professor Ko turned around, just placing the last of his books in his
carrying case. To his surprise he saw Mister Thomas behind him, only a
foot away, still smiling that annoying knowing grin. "Mr. Thomas? I
thought you'd be long gone and your nose buried in one of your porn
magazines," he replied. Something about this young man made him feel
off balanced.

The blond laughed, "No. But I did wonder if I could 'talk' to
you.about my grade."

"Well, unless you get an A on the next two exams, I'm afraid you'll
have the distinct honor of being the first in ten years to flunk my
class. So, I suggest you try studying instead of sowing your oats with
the ladies tonight, it just might help. Now, if you'd excuse me," he
said, then tried to get past the young man, who just side stepped back
into his path.

"I happen to know that I'll need more than that to help me pass. In
fact, I was hoping you might consider helping me study.tutor me,
tonight?" he smiled, stepping closer to the older man, his blue eyes
shining brightly.

"I don't tutor students, Mr. Thomas, you know that. Though it may be
too late, I can make a call and see."

"No, I already tried that," the young blond stated, relaxing in his
stance so one hip slipped right, as he leaned one hand on the desk.
"No, I've gotten myself in quiet a fix," he laughed, then gave a small
guilty look. Then he straightened up, "look, Professor. I need to pass
your class. I know it's no one's fault but my own, but I need your
help. Everyone says your firm, but fair. I know a good portion of the
basics for this quarter, I.just need help getting some of the
specifics.please?" he asked, turning on that light behind those sky
blue eyes so they shined with sincerity.

Professor Ko shook his head no, but then when he looked up to see
those soul piercing blue eyes staring at him, begging him to respond
to them, he caved. "All right, Mr. Thomas. I have some time before my
meeting. Come with me to my office," he replies and then moves briskly
out of the classroom. He doesn't take notice of the dark leer he was
receiving from the young man behind him.

It was a short walk from the classroom to his office. It wasn't very
big, but it was comfortable and he didn't have to share. The dark wood
gave it character as did the few personal touched of historic items
that were placed about. As he entered, the Professor spotted today's
tokens to the 'Ko quest' and sat his bag down and proceeded to remove
them from his desk. "Come in, close the door and have a seat. I'll be
with you in a moment," he stated, as he tossed the flowers out his
window, so they'd fertilize his tiny garden, and stashed the other
items on a shelf to be distributed later. He didn't take notice to the
door not only being closed, but locked.

He then turned his attention back on the dean's son. "Now, mister

"Gene, if you please, sir," he replied properly.

The Professor sat on the edge of his desk, in front of the young man.
It was good to see that this rebel knows manners. "Very well, Gene.
What area specifically were you having difficulty?"

Gene smiled, "Well, Professor.would it be okay if I called you Cha?
Short for Charlie?" he grinned that charming grin of his.

"I don't think that would be appropriate," the Professor smiled;
though he couldn't quite keep a small blush from his cheeks. No one
had tried to give him a nickname before, and he had to admit, he liked

"Oh, okay. Well, I was reading over that final charge, and I have a
few questions, if that's okay?" Gene asked as he stood up and pulled
his book from his backpack. Then he opened it to the marked page and
handed it over to the Professor. He then stepped next to him so he
could see the page as well as to be next to the man. He pointed to a
paragraph that was highlighted

"I don't seem to fully understand what is meant by this?" Gene says.

Professor Ko looks over the passage, "You seem to demonstrated you
knowledge of this passage quite well." he looked up to see the young
man was only inches away from him. He swallowed, for he could smell
him, his musk scent went straight from his nose right down to his
groin. "In class," he finished after a second's pause.

"Perhaps," Gene whispered. "But do you really recommend that one truly
exploit an opponents weakness for personal gain?" he said, his lips
inches from the Professor's face, his blue eyes gazing deeply into
dark pools of untainted waters.

"It.it would depend," he swallowed, not able to break his gaze from
the sexiest eyes he ever saw in his life. "If the gain is purely
personal, than it would be wrong. But in the case of war, one does
what one must for all, not just selfish need."

"What if there is no.war, and the outcome may serve the personal need
of the attacker, but in someway may be beneficial to the Opponent?" he
whispers, his voice mover breathy, as he risks leaning forward,
resting a hand on the professor's strong thigh. "What if by concurring
your enemy, you.set him free?"

"If.if he's really your enemy, then to conquer him would do him a
disservice. If on the other hand that it is not so much a matter of
enemies and concurring.?" the older man replied, licking his lips, for
the desire to reach out and taste the young man so close to him was
very strong.

Gene slowly caressed his fingers up the older man's thigh, and grinned
when he saw him close his eye. He was affecting this unattainable man,
and the power of it was now coursing through his veins. "So, the means
of conflict doesn't have to mean enemies, just.hidden.aggression?" he
asked, his lips softly brushing up against the Professor's ear. He
could see the older man's breathing suddenly become shallow, but was
startled as the shy man moved away from him as if he was truly the

"Mister Thomas, perhaps it would be wise if you find one of your
friends to assist you in your studies tonight. I...I do not think I'm
able too," he states, moving to a window for some fresh air.

Gene only grinned at this. He slowly started moving toward the older
man while slowly undoing the buttons on his tight blue, come fuck me,
shirt. His strong muscular chest was fully revealed as he maneuvered
his position so the older man was now cornered between him and the
wall. "None of my 'friends' can help me with what I need, Cha," he
said, taking the liberty. "None of them makes me feel the way you
do.the challenge is.monumental!" he breathed out, as he reached out to
undo the bow tie.

The Professor swiped at the fast hands that managed to remove the tie,
"I strongly recommend that you stop this at once.or."

"Or what? Your tell?" Gene grins? "My, my. The word of an esteemed
Professor and that of the dean's son would be interesting. Being that
I am flunking your class and a bit of a trouble maker, you'd have a
case, but.my, my, you would have trouble explaining this!" he says,
reaching out and grasping the older man's crotch, which was hard.
Seeing the older man gasp at his touch gave Gene all the fuel he
needed for his pursuit.

"You like this don't you?" he asked, rubbing his hand up and down the
hardness he was feeling underneath his hands. "In fact, the reason no
woman was able to gain you as a lover was because they were not a
temptation for you, were they?" he said, for stalling the Professor's
weak attempt at pushing him away. The young man leaned in and kissed
the lips he so desired to taste.

At first he felt the resistance, for the older man was trying to push
him away, so he released his hold on the older man's cock and wrapped
both arms around his neck. Then Gene pressed his own hardness against
the older man, while still pressing his mouth to win the battle with
the sensuous mouth beneath him.

"Stop!" Ko said as he broke the kiss, panting heavily. "This.this
isn't right."

During the kiss, Gene took advantage and undid the plain shirt to
reveal a sleeveless undershirt. He then looked up at the older man and
reached up and removed his glasses, brushing his hair back in one
swoop. "I don't care. I have sat in that room day after day, dreaming
of this moment. I don't care if I get tossed out of school, I will
have you, Professor Charles Ko," the young man said with conviction.
Then he grinned wickedly, "and I think you want me too, don't you?" he
asked, as he moved in and started placing kisses down the bronze skin
along the older man's jaw down to his neck.

"Please.please stop this," Charles said, his plea becoming weaker by
the minutes. "You're my student.I.I can't."

Gene leaned back and looked into the beautiful face that haunted his
dreams, it took a moment but he saw it.and he couldn't believe it.
"You've never done this have you?" he grinned. Seeing the older man
blush and shy away gave him his answer.

"It's not like I'm a virgin," he softly protested.

Gene grinned ear to ear, "but you haven't been with a man, have you?"
Again, seeing the older man blush fired up his senses. "I said it
before I'll say it again, woman were never a temptation to you, were

"No," was the whispered responds, dark eyes looking down and
Gene couldn't believe it! This gorgeous man, the stuff of woman's wet
dreams was gay! Then to think that this shy man closed himself off
because he couldn't confront who he was and what he wanted inspired
the young man to fix the situation once and for all.

"Let me teach you," Gene said, laying a soft kiss on firm kissable
lips. This time he didn't meet with any resistance. They were sweet
and welcoming, and he kissed harder, and was rewarded by strong arms
wrapping around is waist. "Hmmm, I can already give you an A in the
kissing department," Gene purred.

"Really?" Charles asked, his dark eyes looking up into sky blue,
unsure and timid.

Gene saw his golden opportunity here and he wasn't about to blow
it.the professor yes, the opportunity no. He reached up and caressed
the soft bronze skin that was now moist from perspiration, his eyes
taking in all that was before him. This was a man that needed to be
taken, possessed, and for that fortunate one, such hidden delights
awaited.  "I will not conquer thee, for thee will give of thy self
freely, and we shall merge into the dawn as one. You weakness shall be
filled by strength as my weakness will be covered by your strengths,
and as one we shall greet the day and face down our enemies in such
force that we shall never be denied again."

The dark eyes that looked back him after his declaration were that of
innocent trust, and insecurity. He knew then that this man was his. He
leaned in and took deeply of the lips he desired to possess and felt
them part to admit his tongue to explore freely. The kiss continued as
he roamed his hands over the taunt body, removing the material that
blockaded him from his destiny. The feel of smooth skin on a firm
muscular chest sent him skyrocketing with desire for this man.this
forbidden fruit.

Gene started down the man's neck, savoring the small moans that
escaped Cha's lips as soft sounds of surrender to his assault. Then it
was time to test the theory, he first nuzzled the tender area between
the shoulder and the neck, and then he bit it.

"Yes!" Charles growled.

Gene grinned; the theory withstood the test. "You are mine, Charles,
do you hear me?" he whispered in the older man's ear. "Mine and only
mine. Say it, and I will show you the endless pleasures of what that
will entail to be mine alone."

"Yes, Gene. Make me yours, all yours," the older man pleaded, his lips
seeking and finding the young man's mouth, drinking deeply of them as
if they were pure nectar.

After a moment, Gene stepped away from Charles. "Then take off your
clothes," he ordered. He watched as the older man did as he was told.
He saw the body that many only dreamed or talked about, and found that
it was better than words gave it justice. The man was a dark god
hidden under the mounds of worthless material that hid his beauty from
the world. "Beautiful," he grinned. "Now, come here and kneel before

Gene watched the older man, again, do as he was told. He moved slowly
toward him, then knelt before him, his dark eyes look up at him,
pleading not to be rejected. Gene then took off his shirt. "Strip me,"
he ordered.

Strong hands reached up, and with a little shaking, undid his belt and
then proceeded to remove his tight blue jeans. He wasn't wearing any
underwear, so once the zipper was open, his erect cock was fully
visible and ready for some attention. Then the older man pushed the
pants down to the young man's ankles and then removed the young man's
shoes, then the rest of the pants. They were now both naked in the
Professor's office.

"Suck it," the blond ordered, enjoying his power over the lush dark
man on his knees before him. "Show me how much you want it, and I just
may fuck you."

He felt strong hands gently caress his thighs, as a warm moist tongue
flicks out and licks some of the pre cum off his cock. Then he feel s
his cock being taken in between hot moist lips, and then felt the
powerful suction as if Charles would really swallow him whole.  'Oh,
Baby, yes!"

Soon the strong hands moved around to grasp hold of Gene's tight ass
and knead the smooth flesh, as the suction became stronger. Charles
growled and took the cock deeper into his throat; his long denied
hunger taking over his shy timid nature. "That's it, baby! Take it
all!" Gene cried, as he ran his fingers through Charles's dark silky

Feeling the familiar burning in his stomach, he reluctantly moved out
of the hot welcoming mouth. He could see the disappointment in the
older man's face. "It's okay, baby," he reassured him. "I just want to
fuck you now," he smiled. "Now, go lean on your desk and part your
legs for me," he ordered in a husky whisper.

Gene watched as the dark bronze hunk of a man did as he was told
without delay. He could see that the man needed it and needed it
badly. He moved up behind the Professor, his hand reaching down and
kneading the dark flesh beneath his fingers. "Tell me, you want me to
fuck you, don't you?"

"Yes," was the soft response.

"I'm sorry, but I can't hear you," Gene teased.

"Yes, please," the older man replied, a bit louder. "Please take me,
please?" he pleaded.

Hearing the plea from this man's lips bit at the last of his control,
he would do, as this man wanted. Gene reached around and took some of
the pre cum from the older man's weeping cock and used it to slick the
passage he would be using relatively soon. Then he reached around
again, placing his fingers on Cha's lips. "Suck them."

The feeling of that hot mouth, even on his fingers, was almost enough
to send him over the edge, for it was such a talented mouth. "Enough,"
he said, then used the moist saliva to enhance the slickness of the
tight untouched passage. First one finger, then two were added to open
the tight passage.

"Oh, yes," Charles moaned. "More, please," he begged softly.

Then there was three, and Gene hit the sweet spot.


Gene grinned, "easy baby, almost there," he soothed. Then when he felt
all was ready; he removed his fingers and pressed his hard cock head
against the passage. "Here comes the invasion, baby!" he said, then
pushed in.


"Oh you feel so good, baby," the blond purred as he kissed the bronze
skin before him, and started thrusting himself in and out of the tight
hot passage. "So good!"

The older man arched back, resting his head on the slim shoulder of
the man behind him. His face was sweaty and flushed, and the ecstasy
on his face was clear. "Only yours," he started chanting with every
thrust that entered into his body. "I don't want to be anyone's but
yours, Tom.harder.take me!"

"Your mine, Chakotay! All mine, for no one will ever have you but me,
you hear me? NO ONE!" Tom shouted, his thrusts becoming more and more
wild as his passion and desire to possess his love started to run
amok. Then Tom wrapped his arms tightly around Chakotay's chest and on
the last thrust that would send him over the edge he bit down deeply
on Chakotay's shoulder, marking him in a primitive manner as his as
his body exploded!

Between Tom's orgasm and his primitive passion that caused him to bite
Chakotay, the older man was lost in the frenzy and the feeling of
being claimed by Tom was enough to send his own body over the edge as
well. He roared as his orgasm over took him and then felt himself
becoming lost in his lover's arms.

A few moments later, both men found themselves laying on the floor of
Professor Ko's office, panting heavily. Tom gently moved his softening
cock out of his lover, then snuggled up behind him, holding him
tightly.  "That was fantastic," Chakotay panted, his entire body
dripping in sweat.

Tom grinned, then he hugged his love. "I meant what I said, Cha. No
one else will ever have you. Your mine."

Chakotay laughed, "All yours, love."

Tom sat up, a serious look on his face; "I mean it!"

Chakotay turns to see that Tom is totally serious, and just looks at

"I love you, Chakotay, and I won't share you, as I know you won't
share me.right?"

"Right," Chakotay replies, not sure where this is all going.

"Then let's make sure of it. Marry me?"

Chakotay sits up, taken off guard by the sudden proposal. "Tom?"

"I mean it, Cha. Marry me and be mine forever, please?" Tom said, his
eyes shining the intensity of his love for the man before him.

Chakotay only smiled, and then he grabbed Tom and hugged him tightly,
"Yes! Oh, yes, I'll marry you, baby!"

The two men kissed deeply, sealing the bargain, till the bond could be
made official. After a moment Chakotay started to chuckle.


"I must admit, I have been thinking about marriage, but I would never
have thought I'd be proposed to on the floor of my old office after
being royal taken," he laughs.

Tom smiles, "So, this is what your office back at the academy looked
like? Less all the flowers and stuff," he joked.

Chakotay smirked, "who said I was simply making that up?"

Tom was going to say that it was not possible, but then again, looking
at the sexy man before him, he though otherwise. "Well, no one ever
did this with you.did they?" Tom asked, suddenly feeling a bit

Chakotay just laughed. "Oh, love. If you really had been one of my
students, we wouldn't be getting married, for I really did stick to
that principal."

Tom laughed, but deep down he knew it was the truth. "So, do you think
I'm going to pass your class?" he teased.

Chakotay leaned in and kissed his husband to be, then stood up, giving
Tom a hand. "I'll give you and A for first class love making, but as
far as the history class goes.love, or no love, you flunk you fail,
and no fucking in the world could change that."

Tom looked at his love, seeing the truth, he couldn't help but grin,
"I sense a challenge here," he teased, not caring if he won or failed,
it would be the pursuit that counted here.

Chakotay laughed, "Love, you'll have a whole life time to get me to
possibly change my mind, but not today, I've got papers to grade."

"Oh, very funny, Cha," Tom smirked.

Just then the com channel beeped. "I don't mean to disturb you boys,
but if you don't mind, I could use you on the bridge," Janeway's voice
rang out.

"If it's not an emergency, say twenty minutes?" Chakotay responded.

"That'll be fine," she replied and closed channel.

"Computer, run Chakotay-Paris seven," The Commander said, and the room
altered into a large comfortable shower room. Chakotay moved to turn
on the water and noticed the crooked grin on his lover's face. "What?"

"Let's just say that I have come up with the next setting of our next
game," Tom smirked and stared to wash up, knowing that his soon to be
husband was bright enough to figure it out, and if not, would have to
wait. file://Ah.life is good! //

<The End

TBC: "Playtime" Scenario: Command Performance.