Title:  The Kiss of Death - The final Battle
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings:  (DS9/Voy) C/P, B/m
Notes: Sequel to The Burning Truth and part XIII and FINAL Chapter of
the Dark Desire series.
WARNING: There is DEATH, but as the saying goes.it isn't over till
it's over.meaning don't jump to any conclusions.even if some maybe
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the `closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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"The Kiss of Death"

He had managed to free himself of his bonds, but not of his
cell. All his streanght and gifts seemed to be useless and it was
then that Tom realized the reason for the strange symbols on the
cell. These walls would normally hold a regular person, but Vladimere
knew he was Vamir and thus used the powers that were mysteriously
embedded into the symbols to keep him captive.

Tom sat in the corner of his cell pondering the situation
when the sound of metal scraping metal attacked his senses along with
the loud creek of a heavy metal door opening. Tom stood up and peered
into the soft light that entered his cell, only to look at the small
boy he had seen earlier. The boy simply stared at him and Tom slowly
moved closer, the boy made no move only continued to stare at Tom.
He took a few more cautious steps and was soon able to look into the
boy's eyes and when he did he shivered, for the depth of darkness he
saw there scared him to the core. He used all his willpower to
control his reaction and knelt down and give a tiny smile, "Hello,"
he said softly.

The boy only continued to stare, and then he raised a hand,
gesturing for Tom to step closer. Tom kept his cool as he stood up
and moved to the door, where he was grabbed by three of Vladimere's
guards. They held him just in the arch way next to the boy, as
Vladimere walked up to him, with a golden goblet in his hand. "I have
something for you," he grinned darkly.

Tom knew he was safe because of his bond with Julian, but he
still didn't want to taste real blood, and absolutely nothing that
this.thing had to offer. He clamped his mouth shut, and steeled his
body for what ever abuse they would use to make him drink or open his
mouth to force the liquid down his throat.

Vladimere was now in Tom's face, leering at him like a prized
whore, and reached out and caressed his fingers through blond curls,
enjoying the defiant though trembling look the young blond was giving
him. Then Vladimere grabbed Tom's face hard, his finger nails digging
into pale skin, drawing droplets of blood. Tom winced, but not from
the pain, but from the wave of thought that was being pushed into his
mind. He struggled to fight it, but this mind was strong and

file://You will cooperate little one, // the voice said, as it
started to become clear in his mind. file://You are very young and not
strong enough to fight me, so why try. //

Tom felt real fear, fear of his mind being taken over by this
thing, and in his desperation his heart and soul called
out.//Chakotay! Julian! Help me! // the thought of those he loved
brought their image clear in his mind, and he clung to it with all
his streanght, and as he did so, he felt them.he felt their strength
become his, and he felt their protection.he felt safe.

Vladimere smirked as he pressed into the young mind, savoring
the fear he felt there, when he saw the desperate flight of Tom's
mind conjure up images of two people, he was starting to laugh at
this meager attempt to avoid the inevitable, the two images glowed
with power and surrounded the young mind, and with unexpected
streanght, pushed Vladimere out!

"What? No!" he hissed as he was physically pushed away from
the baby blond Vamir. "It's not possible!" he roared.

Tom felt all his fear leave him and though still held, he
stood tall in the face of this beast and kept his sense of calm. From
the corner of his eye he saw the boy move away from him as if Tom was
suddenly a threat and dashed to the other side of the hall. Tom
purposely didn't look at the boy move, and kept his stare at
Vladimere that was now approaching him once again, fury in his eyes
and in every aspect of his movement.

"Who are they and how could one such as YOU do that to ME?"
he roared as he gripped Tom's face, once more digging his nails into
the pale flesh of Tom's face.

Without fear, Tom met Vladimere's gaze, "One is my Prince,
and the other the one who will destroy you, and together bring this
evil you have infested our world with to an end."

Tom's face took the backhanded blow that Vladimere delivered
as his response to Tom's words, and when Tom looked back, he could
feel the blood in his mouth from the cut in his lip. He laughed
slightly, for he saw it was Vladimere's turn to have fear in his
eyes, and he knew that he had penetrated this bastard's calm. Tom
didn't even flinch when he suddenly felt Vladimere's nails once again
digging into his flesh, this time in his neck, as the war to kill him
was in Vladimere's eyes.  Then the pressure was gone and Tom was
shoved back into the cell and the door slammed shut. He felt only a
tinge of sympathy for the guards, for Vladimere killed them in his
place. Tom moved back to the far corner, and in his heart said a
prayer of thanks to his love's for being there for him and sat
waiting.Chakotay would be here sooner than even Vladimere thought.


Nolan reappeared in the room where he left Julian and
Chakotay, only to find them gone and the candles were all out. It
took him a moment to realize how much time he had truly been
gone, file://Bastard, Cain! // his mind roared.  Then he reached out his
mind in search of Chakotay and a cold sense filled him.Chakotay was
not there. "I'll kill him!" he vowed in a tight whisper and stormed
out of the side room in time to see Rebecca enter the bedroom. He
followed suit and saw Julian unconscious on the bed, and Rebecca
placing a cool cloth on his forehead.

Nolan stormed over to Julian's side, and grabbed Rebecca's
wrist stopping its motion, "Leave!"

"My Lord!" Rebecca cried out in surprise. "The Prince is ill
and the Captain."

"I said leave!" Nolan roared, but part of Rebecca's words
penetrated his fury, "The Captain? Chakotay? What about him?"  He
asked as he slowly let go of her wrist.

Rebecca collected herself quickly as she stood up. "The
Captain ordered me to look after him while he goes to retrieve Tom."

Nolan wanted to strike her dead for lying, but a simple look
into her eyes and he knew she was not. file://How is that possible? // his
mind whirled. "Chakotay is.alive?"

"Yes, my Lord," Rebecca replied puzzled, for she knew that
Chakotay was bonded to Nolan, and the Lord should have known this
about his bonded. "And has gone to face Vladimere in order to
retrieve Tom and bring him home."  Rebecca watched as Nolan's eyes
shifted from her back to the unconscious Prince, and then grew dark
and hard. "The Prince helped Chakotay from dying, my Lord," she
interjected, hoping to sooth the anger she saw in Nolan's eyes.

"How," was all that Nolan said?

"He shared his essence with him. By all rights, he should be
dead, but he is strong and."

"Leave," Nolan said in a hushed demand.

Rebecca started to move away from Julian, her instincts and
all her gifts started to flare in response to the danger she sensed
toward the helpless Prince. She stopped at the door, never once
letting her gaze leave Nolan or Julian. Something inside her snapped,
and she turned to face Nolan head on. "No."

Nolan was taken back by the single word and all the defiance
that it held. He slowly turned his dark gaze from Julian to
Rebecca, "No?" he asked in slight disbelief. "Have you forgotten who
you are and who `I' am? No?"

Rebecca understood her position quiet well, "I have not
forgotten anything, but it seems you have. Prince Julian is the one
who saved us from the darkness, a darkness that threatened to consume
us, destroy us. I will not allow you to pay back his kindness and
sacrifice with harm."

Nolan snorted in amazed disbelief, "Not allow me? Has this
universe gone mad?" he asked, as if it must be the cause to all the
strange behavior he has encountered as of late. Then he grew serious
and angry, "You have no say in `anything'!" he spat. "In fact, `you'
have no more use to me," he growled, and with a twist of his wrist
and a tiny gesture of his fingers, Rebecca twisted on the floor in
sheer pain.

Her screams echoed through out the room!

"YOU don't tell ME anything! Without ME, YOU don't exist! I
made you! I made Dark Haven! I AM Dark Haven!" he shouted, as he
stepped closer to the woman struggling in pain on the floor. Then his
voice grew quite, "You are.nothing," and with a final flick of his
wrist, Rebecca was dead.


Nolan turned to see that Julian was awake and was moving out
of his bed to kneel by the dead woman's side. But Nolan had other
plans and quickly grabbed Julian up and slammed him against the wall.
He leaned in close to the young man's ear, "Soon, I will not need
you, and I will delight in removing you from my sight!"  Then he let
go and Julian stumbled onto his feet. "I don't know how you managed
to break the bond between me and my love, but it doesn't matter. I
will have him back and I will have all that I desire, mark my words.
There is `nothing' you can do to stop me!" Then Nolan faded away
leaving a dark cold chill in his place, then all was gone.

Julian moved to kneel beside Rebecca, feeling tears fall down
his face. She was a good woman trapped in the darkness, just like so
many others, and though Julian should feel glad she was released from
this dark hell, he only grieved her loss. He was so caught up in his
grief that he didn't sense the danger or expected what happened next.


Chakotay had manifested himself as close to Tom's location as
he could, knowing he would have to move the rest of the way on foot.
He looked around him, now standing on Earth's soil.and never felt so
far from home than he did at this moment. His mind thought about
Voyager and how he was responsible for their being left behind in the
Delta Quadrant, and anger started to fill him as well as shame. Only
the thought of Tom's danger kept it in control of overwhelming him as
he started to move in the direction he felt Tom was located.

He could move quickly, not as fast as Tom, but faster than a
normal human. He kept to the back streets or the woods as he crossed
the Transylvanian land, seeking out his beloved and destined mate.
Even as fast as he could move, it was still taking time for him to
cross the land, for he didn't want to bring attention to himself, and
he found that the sun was painful, and had to take cover and risk the
pain as he moved from shadow to shadow, only stopping when the field
he had to cross to reach his destination was too open to the light;
so he rested, for Vladimere's castle was on the otherside of the open
field, and so was Tom.

He sat in the darkness, peering from the shadows at the tall
castle, thinking about what he had to do, how he had to kill
Vladimere, and knowing he would do so to save Tom. He thought about
how it might not be the case had Tom not been in danger, for he was
not a cold blooded killer, and he had thought that Nolan understood
this.he had been wrong. He had been wrong about so many things, about
his options on board Voyager, Nolan. file://Mistakes, yes.but can I really
hate all that has occurred? I found friends.friends that I needed,
and then there is Tom, // his face glowed with the love he felt for
the young pilot. file://and had this not occurred, Tom would not have
introduced me to Julian, // his face softens with another kind of
love for the young man that saved him from death and darkness. "First
things, first," he said quietly to himself. "Get Tom, get rid of
Dracula, then back to the ship and bring Voyager home!" Chakotay
smiled, it wasn't the best plan, but it was `his' and it felt right.
He leaned back into the shadows, resting while waiting for the night
to fall, taking stock in how good it felt to be himself, and clear of
all the pain and doubt that had filled him when this all
began. file://Soon, it will be over, // he thought and closed his eyes and
slept, for he had no fear.he knew Tom was safe as was Julian, and all
would be well.


As soon as the light faded to provide enough shade, Chakotay
moved from his place of rest and dashed across the open field, no
concern if he was spotted, for he knew he was being expected, perhaps
not so soon, but his arrival was not going to be a surprise. He
crossed the wide wooden draw bridge and entered the port gates and
into the open courtyard, where he made a direct heading to the
doorway to his left.

The first line of resistance was two of Vladimere's men,
which Chakotay took down with only a thought, since they were weak to
his mental illusions that he could create. They were not dead, but
they would not hinder his progression into the castle. He projected a
veil of illusion over himself so others could not see him if they
were in range of his thoughts, so he moved unhindered through the
halls all the way to the main room, where he spotted Vladimere,
sitting on a thrown, with a dagger to Tom's heart. Normally this
wouldn't stop Chakotay, because a regular dagger would only hurt, not
kill, but he knew that Vladimere understood this, and so he stopped.

"So, you are the Sword of Justice that is prophesized about
and sent to kill me?" Vladimere asked in a rhetorical manner.

Chakotay's eyes only flickered to Tom's face, seeing that Tom
was okay, but there was some concern about the dagger at his chest,
and then turned his attention back to his target. "My name is
Chakotay, and I know nothing of you prophesies. I only want my mate,
and I will leave here, leaving you untouched. Do him any harm, and
I `will' destroy you," Chakotay vowed.

Vladimere looks at Chakotay and gives a light laugh, "Are you
telling me, that all I have to do is give over your baby blond here,
and you'll leave? No fight? No, grand finally?"

"That is what I said," Chakotay replied. file://I can finish you
off another time, // his mind whirled.

"I think not," Vladimere laughed darkly, pushing Tom to the
side, handing the ruined dagger to a small boy that stood next to
Vladimere's thrown, now holding the dagger steady to Tom's chest. "I
think we'll end this now!"

In a blur he leaped to his feet and charged Chakotay,
knocking him back against the wall, leaving a large dent into the
stone wall. Chakotay shook off the blow and grabbed the slender form
of Vladimere by the shoulders, and leading against the wall, brought
up his left foot and shoved hard, causing a crunching, sloshing noise
as his foot pushed through flesh and bone. He then brought back his
foot and tossed the body to the ground. He stood staring at the body,
knowing that this was too easy.

Tom moved swiftly, for he had his gifts when outside of the
cell, and during the quick fight between Vladimere and Chakotay, he
removed the binds on his wrists. When Vladimere's body thudded on the
grown, he saw the boy pale, and with a swiftness all his own, Tom
snatched the blade from him and rolled away, for his feet where still
chained. "The Boy!" he yelled.

Chakotay turned to see Tom rolling away from the child, the
dagger securely in Tom's hands. Chakotay followed his instincts and
moved to Tom's side, not the boy that dashed off. "Are you okay?" he
asked as he broke the chains on Tom's legs with ease.

Tom sat up and looked at his love, and for a moment he saw
into his eyes and saw the soul he loved with all his.Chakotay was
free of his darkness. Then he snapped back to the moment, "The boy!"
he said as he handed Chakotay the dagger with the ruins upon its

Chakotay looked puzzled, "What about him? Vladimere is dead."

"No, he is not.he's the boy! I thought the same as you, but
it took me a while to see who was incharge...I don't know who you
killed, but the boy.he's the real evil that you seek."

Chakotay looked panicked, "But he's.he's a child?"

Tom took hold of his love's shoulders, "don't let his
appearance fool you. Look at him and see.and do what must be done,
Cha. You have too, for the sake of all, you have too."

Chakotay hesitated for a moment then nodded his
understanding. Taking the dagger he stood up, helping Tom to his
feet. He steeled himself for the hunt, // it must be done, // he told
himself. "I'll be back," he said to Tom with a half smile, dreading
what he must do, but knowing it was the right thing to do. Then he
turned, bringing all his senses in line and faded into the wind, in
search of the Boy.Dracula.

"Very insightful, indeed," a voice replied from behind Tom.

Tom whirled to see Nolan standing there, clapping his hands
softly. "Though I'm sure my love would have figured it out all by
himself, but yes.the boy is the one he seeks. Vladimere was.very
clever. He knew that those who sought him out would bee seeking out
an adult, so he transferred his soul into the child. When the current
body he had was.dispatched or something along those lines, he would
choose another, enter it, possess it, and then chose another child to
hide himself in."

Tom looked at Nolan with surprise, "You.you knew about it?"

"Of course I knew about it," he spat back, "You think I

"But why didn't you.?"

"Tell Chakotay outright that he would have to kill a child?
Please, my love would have rejected that idea.that's why I love him.
He is a good man, and too good for the likes of you," he added with a
dark sneer.

Though he didn't feel the fear that he should have, he did
feel the danger he was in and took an immediate step backwards. "I
thought you wanted to save the Alpha Quadrant?"

"Oh, I do, but for me. You see," Nolan said as he inched his
way toward Tom, "Once Vladimere is dead, I will regain what he stole,
and I will once again be able to exist in this universe, and I can
take back what was once mine."

"What? I.I thought you were stuck in Dark Haven.and Julian."

"Ah.yes.Julian. He served a vital role indeed. Yes, I was
stuck in Dark Haven, and yes my people were dying, but long before
Julian came along, there was Cain. He and I struck a bargain that
saved my people long before Julian existed. We were brought over to
this universe, and we lived and thrived well for quite some time. To
make a long story short, since you don't have a long time," he said
with a dark gleam in his eyes, "Vladimere found away to steal a
portion of my power and with it, he sent us all back to the other
dimension, where once again we suffered. Cain didn't want us back,
for he was having a bout of consciousness, and so he left Vladimere
to his own path. But there are forces older than we, and they made it
clear that I could return with my people if I found the `one' who
could be merged into darkness and still rise above.that was Julian.
But soon, he will be of no more use to me, and he will die."

"Chakotay won't let you!" Tom shouted in anger.

"My love may be free of me at the moment, but it won't take
much to have him back, once Julian and you are out of the way," Nolan
grinned wickedly as he stood a foot away from Tom.

"I'm not afraid of you," Tom whispered, knowing death
lingered in front of him.

"Pity, I would so enjoy this more if you did," Nolan replied
as he reached out and grabbed Tom's neck with both hands and started
to crush it.


Nolan turned to see two figures emerging from the shadows. It
was Cain and he had Julian in a tight grip in his arms. He could see
in the young Prince's face that he had heard all that was said, and
gave a cold indifferent smirk, and proceeded to rip Tom's head off!

"Tom!" Julian shouted, but it was too late, Tom was dead.


Dark corner to dark corner, Chakotay moved swiftly through
the castle, sensing the presence of his prey near by. The boy was in
a panic and this was working in Chakotay's favor. It allowed him to
wield illusions within the halls to herd the boy toward him. file://No,
not a boy.Dracula.a thing! // he reminded himself, for he couldn't
afford to think of his prey as anything else.

It didn't take very long as the young figure dashed around a
corner right into Chakotay. He snatched the small figure up in is
left hand, holding the dagger in his right. The fear in the young
face penetrated his heart.

"Please, Mister.Please don't kill me," the child cried, as
tears fell down his cheeks from his soft innocent brown eyes.
Chakotay felt himself wanting to place the boy down and let him go.
for he couldn't harm a child. Just then a wave of incredible pain
burned through him and he dropped to his knees, releasing the child
and the dagger. "Tom!" he cried out, sensing his love's death. He was
so caught up in the loss that he didn't notice the small hand that
took up the ruin dagger, but the anger in him heightened his senses
and he looked up to see that this child.this thing had the dagger and
was going to use it on him. In a flash, Chakotay could see that there
were no soft innocent brown eyes, but an endless black hole full of

"Don't worry, you'll be joining your baby blond soon enough,"
the dark harsh voice echoed from the small body, as he plunged the
danger downward.

Chakotay roared and grabbed the boy's wrist and in a swift
move, used the boy's own momentum and allowed the dagger to strike
the boy's own chest. Chakotay saw the wide eyed expression of
surprise as death overtook the dark soul once and for all. The boy
released his grip on the dagger as blood drained from the wound, his
mouth, his ears, his pours, and stared at Chakotay as his body became
limp in Chakotay's arms.

Chakotay watched as the boy melted into a puddle of blood and
then evaporated into nothing. When the horrid vision was gone, his
heart still burned, and he himself vanished to find Tom and kill the
one responsible for his death!


"You fucking bastard!" Julian cried out, as he now knelt next
to Tom's dead body, as waves of pain, anger, and grief racked his
body. "HOW.HOW COULD YOU?" he shouted.

"I warned you, Nolan to leave Tom alone," Cain said in an
angry whisper.

"Shut the fuck up, Cain. You're no better than he is!" Julian
shouted. "You brought Tom here! You.both..nothing but son's of
bitches!" he roared, lowing his head on Tom's bloody chest, as his
heart filled with anger and remorse. "You used me," he cried, "You
both used me."

Nolan was about to reply when he felt a wave of power hit him
and a dark victorious laugh emerged from him, "Yes, my love has been
successful!" he shouted in triumph. Then he looked at Julian, "That
means I don't need you anymore. Pity you won't be the only one, for
it seems that you've.infected a large portion of my people against me.
oh well," he said, and pulling a small device from his pocket, he
pushed a button. It was minute, but the sound of a rumble echoed in
the air.

Julian looked horrified at Nolan, "What.what did you do?"

"Blew up the ship.any others that are infected against me
will be easy to dismiss. I'll just start again," he replied easily,
secure that he was victorious and nothing could stop him.he had won.

"Tom!" Chakotay cried out as he appeared, seeing his love's
dead body.

"Cain killed him," Nolan said swiftly, for he had long since
removed any blood from his clothes with a simple gesture of his hand.

Before Julian could say a word, Chakotay turned all his anger
toward Cain, "You will pay for this!" he vowed.

"No, it is you who will pay for this," Cain replied equally.
Then faster than Tom was, Cain blurred and then standing behind
Chakotay, sunk his teeth into the flesh of his neck.

Nolan roared with anger and moved to free Chakotay from
Cain's grasp, thus causing a large amount of flesh to be ripped from
Chakotay's neck as he was pulled free from Cain's grip. Chakotay went
limp into Nolan's arms and he stared at Cain with such fury.

Cain spit out the chunk of flesh, and licked his
lips, "Nothing like powerful blood to charge things up," he taunted.
Then he raised his hand and sent a wave of energy at Nolan sending
him flying back against the wall, with Chakotay in his arms, both
crashing into the stone and bringing it down on top of themselves.

Cain stepped toward the pile of rock and stone and ignored
the dust and tiny rock particles that filled the air around him. "I
will destroy Chakotay first and all that stands in my way, Nolan. It
will not be you that will control this quadrant.but me! You can do
nothing to stop me, as I can do nothing.much.to you," he growled and
with another flick of his wrist, sent another blast at the broken
stone wall and sent more stone and rock down upon the pile. Then he
moved swiftly and reached in and pulled harshly and a broken beat up
body of Chakotay soon appeared, and Cain finished draining what
little blood that was left in this vessel.

Julian remained still as he witnessed the force of power that
Cain was using on Nolan, and how he was now finalizing his kill of
Chakotay. file://First Olivia, then Rebecca, then Tom.then the ship.now
Chakotay! It has to stop.it has to end!// his mind whirled, as his
soul burned with hurt, anger, and the need for revenge. Not knowing
what possessed him, he suddenly stood silently, letting himself
transform, his eyes glowing a dark red, his teeth now sharp and
dangerous. Then slowly he moved behind Cain as he dropped Chakotay's
dead body, and Julian pounced.

Julian sank his teeth into Cain's flesh, taking the very
essence that kept him alive. He tightened his grip, as all his anger,
hurt possessed him. He had anticipated Cain's resistance, and was too
caught up in the many strange sensations that started to fill his
body to take notice that Cain wasn't fighting him at all.

His mind was now a whirl as so many thoughts filled him;
images of the past.Cain's past, of a brother he loved dearly and
sacrificed out of ignorance, only to lose his own soul in return. Of
a dark haired woman that sought him out in the darkness and offered
him revenge and how he took it. Visions of hundreds of Vamir
rampaging over the earth bringing terror, and Cain finally coming to
terms of his own responsibility for this plague; to rid the world of
Litlith/Nolan's minions as well as the creatures he himself created.
Thousands of years of pain and loneliness, and constant remainders of
his deepest sin to torment him day and night, filled his mind.

The image of a man dying on a cross and three woman that
mourned him, and then standing over the body, in a cave, watching it
rise from the dead, wanting to beg for forgiveness, but unable to do
so, and fleeing in fear. Thousands of more years of torment, finding
only tiny bits of peace in sleep, but waking every so often to take
down the numbers of Vamir that still lingered on Earth, when they
grew too powerful and out of control, for this.this was his
responsibility. The memory of being summoned awake only to be called
to dispatch a young Vamir and going off to test if this young one was
what he claimed. The feeling of joy when the young one passed his
test, and a sense of lust, for the young one was beautiful to behold.
The plans of bonding him secretly to use against his arch nemesis
Nolan passed in his mind, then the final bonding where things changed.
for he touched the young one's soul, and found love. He was in love
with Julian.real honest love.

Knowledge of the power Julian held, as did Tom, and Chakotay
flew into his mind, that they were the trinity that would bring and
end to centuries of darkness brought upon this universe by Cain and
Nolan, and that Julian would bring Cain the peace and salvation he so
longed for; for through Julian's love, Cain found the courage to ask
for forgiveness and it was granted. Then Cain's plan of pushing
Julian to do what he was doing now.taking is life, taking his
essence, and his power, also entered Julian's mind. That alone, Cain
couldn't defeat Nolan, nor Julian, but Julian, being of Nolan's
blood, and now having Cain's.he was more than Nolan could ever
anticipate.it was Cain's plan all along to have Julian be the savior
of the Alpha quadrant by being the one to take down Nolan once and
for all.

Julian pushed back, his chest heaving as if he couldn't
breath, this was all so much for him to perceive and understand. He
felt the blood dripping from his mouth and then looked at Cain, who
simply lay on the ground next to him.dying.

"Please," Cain said softly, reaching a tentative hand out
toward Julian, "You must."

Julian felt tears stinging his eyes; so much confusion filled
him, along with so much anger and grief. He moved to his knees and
looked down on Cain's face, knowing that he was wrong; Cain did love
him, so much so, that he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect
him and the Alpha quadrant. But he was angry too, for the
manipulation, the death of Chakotay, "Why?" he asked, even if he had
the answer, he still needed to hear it.

Cain looked up at Julian and gave a weak loving smile, though
sadness was in his eyes, "I'm sorry," he replied softly. "But.I had
to do what was right and stop.stop this. You.you brought me joy and
love.and forgiveness. Please, give me rest and then do.do what you
know is right.please?"

Julian saw real tears falling down Cain's cheeks, and felt
his own falling as well. He had asked for love and found it only to
lose it by his own hand, but he knew now what was needed and what was
right, for he now possessed almost all of Cain's knowledge and
power. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely," Julian replies with a
small loving smile as understanding falls upon him. "And it isn't
necessary," he add in a hushed voice. "I need not the rest of your
powers to end this."

"You must.Nolan."

"Shh," Julian interjects, with a new calmness and a wave of
love for the man before him, as he caresses dark damp hair from
Cain's face. "It's time for you to rest my love, time for you to go

"Home?" Cain asks, his voice like a lost child, his eyes
longing for this to be true.

"Yes, home," Julian says softly as tears fall down his face,
as he continues to offer a sincere loving smile. He leans down and
places a soft kiss of love on Cain's lips, "goodbye," he whispers and
follows it with another kiss and leans up to see his love's eyes
close for the final time, sensing his eons of torment coming to an
end. "Rest my love, for the next leg of this burden filled journey is
mine," he whispers as he stands, gaining streanght with in himself as
knowledge of the truth of his destiny fills him, the truth that Cain
knew and understood, now being his to draw upon.

Julian then wiped his mouth clean of the blood and lifted
Cain's body and laid it next to Tom's, then gathered Chakotay's and
rested him on the other side of Tom's body. By the time he was done
this, there was movement from underneath the large pile of rubble and
Julian turned to meet his destiny.the final battle of this dark

Part Two (see one for disclaimer)

Nolan came bursting forth from the stone and rock that had kept him
down, and shook off the dust and scanned the room, blinking in
surprise to see Cain, Tom, and Chakotay's dead forms lying on the
floor together.alone. He stepped from the pile and moved toward the
bodies, first checking on Cain; finding him dead was a pleasant
surprise, but finding Chakotay gone, stole some of the glory. "Well,
it seems I don't need you after all," Nolan states smugly as he kicks
Cain's body, referring to the bond they once shared.

"On the Contrary, It is I that don't need you."

Nolan turns to see Julian standing ten feet away from him,
slightly surprised that he is still here, and looking
unafraid. "You're not going to tell me, that `you' killed Cain," he
chuckled with disbelief.

"No, I released him of his bonds. It is you that will know
death, Nolan," Julian replies easily, a sense of conviction in his

Nolan laughs at this absurdity. "Kill me.by who.you?" He
laughs even harder, "What.what are you going to do.ripe my heart out.
no, no, let me guess, plunge a steak in my heart, or cut my head off.
it doesn't work that way.not for me."

"Actually I know that," Julian replies as he takes confident
steps toward Nolan.

"Oh, do you? And how is that? Oh.wait." sudden realization
dawns on him, "You did kill Cain," Nolan states in amazement. "You
took his essence and since his is above you in blood.you gain all
that is his. Well, I didn't think you had it in you," Nolan replies
with a tiny bit of respect.

"Like I said, I didn't kill him, but yes, I took of his blood
and essence. I released him of his burden, and it is now mine.mine to
deal with and mine to end.here and now," Julian replies as he is now
almost upon Nolan.

Nolan gives another laugh, no fear of Julian what so
ever. "Well, if you have Cain's knowledge, then you know that no
Vamir or mere mortal can hurt me. I existed long before any of you
were created," he sneered at the young pup before him.

"Yes, I'm aware of that. I also know that thanks to you I am
no longer mortal, and I have recently come to understand that I am
not Vamir.never have been. Oh, don't get me wrong, I thought I was
and so I tried to behave as one, but I couldn't, it wasn't in me to
begin with," Julian said easily.

Nolan gave Julian a wry smile, "Oh and how did you create
Olivia, if you were not Vamir?"

"I didn't.you did. It wasn't clear to me, for I didn't want
it to be, but I now know, that when I tried to embrace her, I
couldn't and passed out, for I couldn't harm her. I didn't know that
you were able to come across, as you had been doing all along to make
sure our bond remained true, for you feared that the distance was the
cause of its failure. You came that night and created her, knowing
full well she could handle it.but you didn't want her too, and so you.
you corrupted her. When I awoke and found her, I believed that I did
do it and took responsibility. But you erred, for when she turned on
me, I didn't become angry as you hoped in blaming Vladimere, and
create the army you wanted, no, I backed off and released her of her
pain." Julian took another step toward Nolan and was now less than a
foot away from him, "You see, I know it all now. I know how you
wanted Chakotay for yourself, to possess a good soul, like a token of
triumph, for having been tossed into the darkness for so long. You
created your own hell and dragged others with you, but no more."

Nolan stayed unconcerned, "Okay, if your not Vamir, than.what
are you? And just what do you think you can do to me?"

Julian gave a triumphant smile, "You know who I was and now
due to Tom's and Chakotay's death, have become. Three have become one
and stand before the darkness to shed its light of salvation to bring
peace to the weary, mercy to the suffering, and love to the

Nolan's eyes grew wide with concern as Julian continued to
speak; his honey coated accented voice, filling Nolan with a sudden
sense of dread. "It can't be," he whispered in fear, knowing real
fear for the first time in eons. "You were just a man! A.mortal man!"

"You have been known to so many by so many names, Lilith, one
of the first created to turn from the light. A dark angel that
whispered into the ear of an innocent man, and swayed him to kill
what he loved most, so you could offer him false salvation. A friend
and disciple of truth, so you could see it taken from the world,
fearing that it might stop you from existing. If you had opened your
eyes.your heart, long ago, none of this would have had to occur, but
you refused, and thus began your age of darkness."

"You act as if I'm evil incarnate.I'm not! I did what I had
to do."

"No, you are not evil incarnate.that title belongs to another
and will be dealt with in accordance to the laws beyond either of us.
But you are not good either, for you have done much wrong and harm,
and you refuse to change.and now it must end," Julian replies, and
grabs Nolan by the collar of his shirt, and though his grip is not
harsh, Nolan finds he can not break it or escape Julian's
grasp. "What was once done to me, I do to you," Julian says softly,
and leans in and places a kiss on Nolan's cheek. When Julian lets go,
Nolan falls to his knees, as he sees himself fading into nothing, and
vanishes before he can even make a sound.

"It is done," Julian says in a reverent whisper. Julian turns
to face those he lost, and instead of finding them, he finds himself
in a white landscape that is somewhat familiar to him.

"You have done well."

Julian turns again and sees Garak, and he realizes that he is
back in the Celestial temple and this is a prophet. "I have done what
needed to be.but well? No, it is not well, but." he let his voice
trail off, for he had no words to describe how he felt. He felt good
to have Tom, Chakotay, and Cain within him, but he felt bad at their
loss.no there were no words for it.

"You have taken on a monumental task young one and now I must
ask you to consider another," another prophet states as they step
forward, looking like Chakotay.

file://Young one? // "Before it was, the Bashir, why is it now the
young one?"

"Before you were only the Bashir, now you are the young one,"
a prophet that looked like Tom replied as he stepped forward.

"Will you hear us out before deciding your next path?"
another prophet said, this one looking like Cain.

Julian stood transfixed for a moment looking at this latest
prophet, "Yes, I will hear you out."


He beamed down to the dark planet, for it was in the dark or grey
over 85 percent of the time. He saw Harry begging Tom to follow him,
and as much as he wanted to get to know Tom more, for he knew him
better than people thought, for he observed him so much. He knew his
mouth was a defense for his deeper feelings. He knew he was a good
and kind person that would risk his life in a second for others. He
knew he loved him, not just because Tom was beautiful on the outside,
but because of how beautiful he saw him to be on the inside. Sadly,
he knew Harry would win out and he just gave them his blessing as it
were and moved away. He didn't have plans so he just wondered around
the city, taking in the sites and the people.

He didn't have a clue as to where he was going nor did he
care. He walked and saw some of the crew in the distance and would
turn down another road, trying to escape their ever-prying
judgmental eyes. He was now moving down a long populated side street
when he saw the little girl about to be seriously injured as she was
playing along the stone wall that boarded the old fashion type
bridge, as an older style of transportation, a carriage, passed. It
happened fast, but he was able to see that it was going to be an
innocent accident. The girl shouldn't have been up there and the
vibrations of the carriage were enough to cause her to lose her
balance. Chakotay burst into action and caught the little girl by the
foot as she was about to plummet fifty feet to the river below.  A
woman had screamed and just as he had the little girl up and safe an
older woman grabbed the child, blessing him for being there.

As he stood there letting his own heart beat get back to
normal as he watched a grateful mother and child head home, he
noticed that the carriage had stopped and someone had gotten out and
was standing at the edge of the bridge. Figuring that they were
concerned he moved over toward them. He saw a beautiful woman, blond
hair, bright eyes, and a warm friendly smile. Chakotay didn't know
why, but he liked her immediately, he wasn't attracted to her, but he
liked her, she seemed.kind.  "The girl is fine," he said politely.

"I can see that, thank you," she replied warmly. "The driver
is most beside himself, he didn't notice the girl on the wall or he
would have slowed down," she smiled. "If.well, we are very glad you
were here," she finished.

"I'm just glad I didn't miss," he laughed, the nervous
thought now shook through him.

"His Lordship would like to thank you as well, if you don't
mind that is," she said softly.

Chakotay looked at the young woman, "Lordship? I didn't know
there was a royal structure here?" he said innocently.

"Ah, well, the Catel are governed by the Council, but the
Vamir are in a rank structure, and our Lordship is.our Lord," she

Chakotay couldn't help but smile, the woman's laugh was like
life, warm and friendly. "I would be honored to meet his Lordship, so
long as he won't take my scruffy appearance in offense," He said

"Not at all. He was taken by your bravery. This way, please,"
she said as she started back toward the old fashion carriage and the
four horses.  "By the way, I'm Rebecca St. Cloud," she says
warmly. "And you would be?"

"Chakotay.  Commander Chakotay of the USS Voyager.  My people
don't have last names," he says so there wouldn't be any offense.

"A very strong name," a light strong accented voice rang
forth from the carriage.

Chakotay looked up and saw the second most beautiful man in
the universe, Tom being first, this man ran a close second. His long
dark black hair framed his strong delicate golden features and
enhanced his dark hazel eyes that had a soul-piercing gaze to them.
His breath gave a small catch, and then he composed himself, glad
that it wasn't obvious that this young Lord had stirred long
neglected feelings. "Your Lordship," Chakotay said with full respect.
He couldn't help but feel that he was being drawn in and captured by
the deep dark eyes, he felt wanted and warm, and so when he found he
could blink, all he could do was smile.

"You are a kind and giving man to act so selfishly without
thinking," the Lord smiled easily. "Commander Chakotay.do you mind if
I call you Tay?" he asked casually.

"Not at all, your Lordship," Chakotay responded, not
concerned if the first name was one sided.

"I take it you are on some R&R, do you have any compatriots
with you?" the Lord asked with a warm and causal smile.

"Ah, no, Lordship. I was merely taking a long walk enjoying
the sites of you city, I guess the spirits moved me here in time to
save the child," he said, a smile of his own still on his face.

"Ah.a spiritual man, I see. Well, Tay, I was heading in town
with Lady Rebecca here, perhaps you would care to join me and some of
my friends in an evening of festivities, for it is the lest I can do
to thank you.and your spirits for your gracious act," The young
handsome Lord proposed.

file://His eyes are so warm, // Chakotay mused, realizing where is
thoughts were going he shook them out of his head. "I am honored.."

"Then say yes," the dark beautiful lord quipped.

"Yes, Tay. Please join us, I think there are many whom you
would find appealing company besides myself and his Lordship,"
Rebecca encouraged.

Chakotay thought about it a brief moment, "I'd be glad too,
but my dress."

"Easily taken care off when we arrive," The Lord said as the
carriage driver opened the door and aided Lady Rebecca inside then
waited till Chakotay entered inside the large plush ride.


Chakotay wasn't too keen on the fact that the Lordship had
stopped and picked up two members of his crew, stating it would be
good to have more of his friends to heighten the festivities. There
was no way Chakotay could tell the young lord that Tom Paris and
Harry Kim were not his friends, that he didn't have any of those. So,
he sat quietly as he watched Rebecca step forth from the carriage and
introduce herself to the two young officers, and make the invitation
on behalf of the Lordship.

Neither Tom nor Harry would have turned down the offer, so
when the other two men climbed inside, Tom was squished up long side
Chakotay, with Harry on his right. Tom couldn't help but give a smile
seeing that he would get to spend some time with Chakotay after all.
Then Tom looked over to greet the Lord and his mouth gapped open for
a moment, and then closed it.

"Is something wrong?" the young lord asked warmly.

"Ah.no. It's just.you remind me of someone I use to know,"
Tom replied quickly.

"Good, then let's be off, "the Lord replied and gave a knock
on the carriage side and they were moving once more.


It was late even by his standards and he couldn't bring himself to
bring an end to such a wonderful evening. Though the young Lord was
only present at the large gathering of the Vamir at one of the more
refined taverns, a short time, Lady Rebecca stayed and introduced him
around. She was able to ease past all his built up walls and
encourage him to `be himself' and for once in a long time he was. He
was laughing, joking, singing for pete's sake, and even playing games
with many of the others he had met and to his surprise with Tom and

He found Rebecca to be the epitome of a true friend and loved her
company through out. She was the kind of women that could go from
soft to one of the boys in a heartbeat with no discomfort or lack of
grace. Chakotay had first started to envy her this ability, but as if
she was reading his mind, she said that she knew Chakotay could blend
in anywhere he chose, but try just being Chakotay and no one else for

He did so and renewed long forgotten aspects of himself as he
found others he enjoyed spending time with. A tall dark haired, blue
eyed man called Jarrod McKnight, and a red headed brick of a man
called Yonish Tallot. In a matter of hours he found out that Rebecca,
Jarrod and Yonish served on several ships with in the Lordships
Amada, and that all things belonged to the very powerful and well
respected young Lord. He discovered that he had so much in common
with these people that after ten hours of time, he felt he knew them
all his life, and they were friends. He was even surprised to
discover that he and Tom had so much in common. He found out they
both had a love for `old things' as Harry put it, and had Fathers
that didn't understand them.

As the even rolled to an end, Rebecca and the other two men
he had met, gathered up Harry, who had too much to drink, and
promised to see that he was taken care of for the night. Rebecca told
them they had a room to stay in, and to get some rest, that she would
see them both soon. Both Chakotay and Tom bid her good night.

"Well, Tay. I have to admit, I haven't had such a good time
in a long, long time," Tom chuckled. He felt since everyone else was
calling him Tay, he might as well too, for the reemergence of the
Commander was the last thing he wanted. "I wish you could be this at
ease on board Voyager," Tom spoke, before realizing what he said and
clammed up. `

"I do too," Chakotay replied before realizing what he said.
Then he looked at Tom, and laughed, a hardy warm loving laugh. "You
know, I'm starting to wonder why I can't."

"Why don't you?" Tom asked, seeing the subject was open for

"I painted this picture of myself as the perfect officer, I
painted such a good portrait, I didn't feel anyone would want the
real me," he replied, feeling it must have been the drinks that were
making it so easy for him to talk, or it could simply be that he
wanted to talk with Tom, and here he was listening.

"I want the real you," Tom said, placing his hand on top of
Chakotay's. Then blushed as he wondered what possessed him to admit


Tom looked up into dark hopeful eyes and he knew his heart
was right, now was the time. "Really," he whispered as he leaned in
and placed a soft loving kiss on Chakotay's lips.

The kiss quickly developed into one of great passion, before
both had to stop and breath. "I have wanted you for so long."
Chakotay huffed; trying to confess his soul to the man he loved.

"Then lets not wait any longer," Tom panted back and took
Chakotay's hand and led him to the front desk and got the key to
their room and raced upstairs, Chakotay on his heels.

From the shadows below Rebecca steps forward, "Don't you
think you should have let them work things out for themselves?"

"So, I gave them a push," the young Lord said with a warm
satisfied grin on his dark golden face. "I didn't make them do
anything they didn't want to do."

"So Julian, what comes next? We united two cross lovers, and
thanks to you, the Vamir will continue to exist and grow in the
light, so what's next?" Rebecca asked warmly, placing her arm around
Julian's arm and her head on his shoulder.

"We help Voyager get home and forge an Alliance with the
Federation, to help them prepare for the next round of darkness that
will strike their quadrant and possibly ours. Tom will never place me
as his old lover, the prophets have seen to that, though he can never
truly forget," Julian gives a slight sigh, "but he will be happy as
will Chakotay as they are destined to be. Together they will bring
good fortune to the Alpha quadrant."

"You will bring the Alpha quadrant good fortune," Rebecca
adds, and gives Julian a hug, seeing the heavy burden on such young
shoulders in her young Lord's eyes and heart.

"I hope so. But, I have accepted my burden, and my path," he
replied with a slight smile. "Come, let us go, there is much to do."

Julian and Rebecca arm in arm walk toward the inn door and
are about to exit when someone slams into them both, knocking them

"I'm so sorry," a deep sincere voice states.

"That's okay," Rebecca replies easily, and looks at Julian,
who also is fine, but staring at the young Starfleet officer that
accidentally bumped into them. She could sense that Julian was drawn
to this man, as the man was drawn to Julian. file://Good time to get
lost, // she thought wickedly, and without a word, slipped away.

. He stood six foot three, medium to large build, with a
caramel complexion that enhanced his strong chiseled features. Julian
felt his heart race immediately as dark silver blue eyes locked with
his own. "Do I know you?" Julian asked, for he would swear he did,
for this man looked so familiar, but he couldn't place him, and was
quickly on the verge of not caring.

"I don't think so," the young officer replied, his eyes
locked on the golden beauty before him, his own heart racing. "I'm
sure I'd remember you," he laughed, then felt a slight blush fill his
cheeks. "Um.Cain," he said, offering his hand in friendship.

"Julian," Bashir replied, taking the strong dark hand, and
felt the connection as their fingers touched. "Ah, care for a drink?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," Cain replied as he slowly took his
hand back and then followed Julian to a table.

"So what do you do on board your ship," Julian asked,
pointing upward.

"Oh, I'm a historian," Cain laughs. "You?"

"I use to be a doctor, but now.now I'm a guardian. Perhaps
I'll tell you more about it.say.dinner?"

<The END>
Hope you enjoyed it.