Title:  I Object
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: There's going to be a wedding on Voyager.?
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing:  Sorry that would be telling!
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"I Object!"

Today was a special day on board Voyager, for they were about
to hold their first wedding since being stuck out here in the Delta
Quadrant. It had been almost five and a half years, and thought the
crew were paring off, the two people who were now currently standing
before the Captain, preparing to exchange vows were the first to make
it official.

Both crew members decided to wear there dress uniforms, and
both Tom and B'Elanna looked sharp as they stood hand and hand with a
nervous smile on their faces as they faced the Captain. Janeway
looked like a proud mother giving two of her fledglings away as well
as an honored Captain who got to perform the wedding. She went
through the typical lines as duty called for and had only one more
line before the vows.

"Before our couple takes their vows, joining them forever in
holy matrimony, anyone who has cause as to why these two should not
be joined, speak now or forever hold their peace."  Janeway was only
going to hold for a few heartbeats, since this was a formality, and
as she looked like she was going to move forth.a voice rang out.

"I object!"

A murmur broke out among the guest as everyone turned to see
who had spoken up, and many gasped as they saw it was Chakotay, the
First Officer, stepping forward, dressed in his dress uniform,
looking like a man on a mission.

B'Elanna looked astonished, and was wondering as to what her
friend had to say and if it had anything to do with why he declined
to give her way, and then she noticed Tom looked flustered as her
husband to be stepped forward to meet Chakotay half way.

"Tay, this `isn't' the time," Tom growled out, his cheeks
flushed with anger and embarrassment. "We discussed this already." he
hissed as quietly as he could.

"Oh, and when will be the right time, when you're married and
celebrating your anniversary? I don't think so! And no.you discussed
this.not `we', for I still happen to love you, damn it! And as much
as I love B'Elanna, and wish to see here happy, I'm not standing by
quietly and let her take the man I love.that simple!" he stated in
defiance, and folded his arms around his strong chest, looking like
an unmovable force of nature.

Tom looked back at B'Elanna a bit embarrassed, since he never
mentioned to her that he and Chakotay were still an item.it never
came up, "Just a second," he laughed nervously, and then tried to
pull Chakotay to the side, but he wasn't going to be moved. "Tay.?"

"Don't Tay me! I know you care for her, Tom, but I can't stop
the way I feel. It's not that I don't understand the baby needing a
father and all," Chakotay replied, his eyes softening as to why he
let this matter get so far.

Before Tom could reply, and while others looked on puzzled,
another voice rang out, "Yes, the baby does need a father!"

Tom and Chakotay turned to see Harry Kim stand up from the
group and make his way forward, a look determination filling his
face, as Seven, who was sitting next to him looks puzzled, along with
everyone else.

"Harry, Please." Tom started to say, thinking that the young
man was coming to his aid, but was stopped short when Harry moved
passed him and up to B'Elanna who was looking rather flushed
herself.  Tom did a double take to make sure he was seeing clearly,
and then looked dumbfounded at Chakotay and then back at B'Elanna.

"A baby needs a father.their `real' father," Harry stated
directly to B'Elanna.

"Harry." B'Elanna started, feeling put on the spot.

"Don't Harry me! I know things didn't go smoothly for us, but
I won't be quiet any longer." He turned to Tom, "I'm sorry, Tom. But.
well, the Doctor confirmed it.the baby's mine. It happened briefly
when you two were separated." he added quickly seeing the flare up on
Tom's face and realization in his friend's eyes.

"B'Elanna!" Chakotay gasped. "You.you knew this?" It was bad
enough he though he was losing his love to a woman who was having
Tom's child, but using the child to entrap Tom.?

"Wait a second!" she roared, seeing everyone looking at her,
and she was no on the offensive. "Yes, I knew Harry was the father,
but.well, Tom and I have a lot in common, and we wanted a family,
something `you' weren't going to give him," she shot back at Chakotay
heatedly. Then she turned toward Harry, "And if I recall, you told me
you and Seven were now an inseparable item.Hmm?" Then she turned
toward Tom, her anger lessened feeling her guilt, "I.I would of told
you.but.I thought you.wanted to marry me," she replied, her words
becoming more and more child like.

"Mr. Kim am I hearing correctly. Lieutenant Torres's child is
also yours," Seven asked as she approached the group, that was
totally ignoring the Captain and everyone else.

Harry turned to face Seven of Nine, "Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't
say anything sooner, but B'Elanna told me she wanted to keep it
quite, and thought I protested."

"Not very loudly," Torres growled out.

"Is that what you want Tom.a family?" Chakotay asked, as he
turned the young blond to face him, the look of hurt, anger and
confusion filling his blue eyes. "Why didn't you just say something?"

Tom looked back at Chakotay, his confusion only building and
shrugged, as he continued to follow the conversation around him.

"Mr. Kim, I do not think it is advisable for you and me to
see each other anymore. I find your lack of." she looked lost for the

"Honor," B'Elanna interjected.

"Honor, unacceptable. Though," she said looking at
B'Elanna, "Under the circumstance, it may be enough for the
Lieutenant here."

Harry grabbed B'Elanna as she started to lung for the former
Borg woman, cursing in Klingon.

Seven arched her brow, and looked passed the group, "Captain,
if your dinner invitation is still open, I accept."

The entire group turned to face Janeway who was doing
her `who me' look of innocence, "Ah.yes it is," she said clearly,
after gathering her self. Then she looked at Harry, "I made it before
I knew you two were going out together," she added for clarification.

"That is correct," Seven stated. "2100hrs, till later
Captain," she stated and turned and left.

"Look, Tom." B'Elanna said, feeling the guilt filling her
even more. "I." she sighed.

"Excuse me," Janeway said loudly. "But perhaps you all would
like to discuss this.privetly," she said, eyeing the crew that was
standing toward the back of the room whispering.  Janeway took the
lead and moved passed the now silent gathering and herded out the
rest of the crew out. Then she turned to everyone."Sorry," said, not
knowing what else could be said, but she knew there wasn't going to
be a wedding. "If you need me.?"

"Captain," Chakotay said, not responding the `I'm going to
discuss this fiasco with you later look' in Janeway's eyes, and
gestured for her to move back in the room. Then he looked at
Tom. "Tom, I love you. If I had even a clue that you wanted to
marry." suddenly he was losing his nerve, thinking that perhaps Tom
simply didn't want to marry him and that's why he never said

"Tay.I do love you, I thought.I thought you wouldn't want.I
mean, I haven't exactly been faithful." he stuttered his emotions
overwhelming and confused.

"Sit down," Janeway interjected. "All four of you, sit." She
waited till they all took a seat. "I'm not too happy about how today
has gone, but what is done is done. At least this didn't happen on
duty.but.it shouldn't have happened at all. Now, before I but out,
I'd like a clear picture here. Tom, you cheated on Chakotay.here.how
long have you two," she pointed, "been together?" she asked, not
realizing they were together at all.

"Two years," Tom and Chakotay replied.

Janeway did a quick impression of a fish, and then decided to
move on, chiding her self for not knowing about this aspect on her
ship. "Okay.you cheated on Chakotay with B'Elanna, after two year? Um.
two years, and B'Elanna, I know how long you and Tom were.supposedly
going together." she took a breath, "You cheated on Tom with Harry.
Harry, you interfered with Tom and B'Elanna's relations ship before
or after Seven?"

Harry looked guilty, "Ah.during the beginning of it."

"Hmm," she said, placing her hands on her hips, feeling like
a mother that found her children being naughty. She then looked at
Chakotay, "So.who did you sleep with?"

Chakotay looked pale, "Ah.you know who," he replied in a
rasp, his throat going dry.

Tom looked at Chakotay with disbelief, "You.slept with the

"Hey, it was after you told me that you we were through since
you were  and I quote, `doing the right thing, and marrying
B'Elanna'," Chakotay retorted.

"Commander, how could you come to me." Janeway started.

"Whoa!" Chakotay replied as he stood up. "I was not cheating
on Tom! He broke it off with me.yes, I still wanted him.still do, but.
but." his mind whirled, and his eyes narrowed, "and you never
mentioned the dinner invitation with Seven.hmm?" it was his turn for
holding his hands on his hips. Seeing he got Janeway off her high
horse, he continued, "But none of this matters, for what matters is
what's going to happen now," he says looking at Tom and the others.

"You were only marrying me.because you thought you were the
baby's father?" B'Elanna asked with some hurt.

"I'm sorry, B'El.but.yes." Tom replied, feeling like a heel,
and then looking at Chakotay with a whole new light. "You see, I do
want a family.I." his words failed him.

"B'Elanna,  I don't know about marriage, but I want to be our
child's father. At least, let me be there for her.and you?" Harry
asked, taking the young woman's hand into his.

"I think you all need to have a long talk with each other,"
Janeway added. "So, if you don't mind," she said, a light flush
filling her cheeks, "I have a dinner to prepare for," she smiled
awkwardly, and left the group to work things out for themselves.


Today was a special day on board Voyager, for they were about
to hold their first wedding since being stuck out here in the Delta
Quadrant. It had been almost six years, and thought the crew were
paring off, the two people who were now currently standing before the
Captain, preparing to exchange vows were the first to make it

Both crewmembers decided to wear their dress uniform, and
both looked sharp as they stood hand and hand with a nervous smile on
their face as they faced the Captain. Janeway looked like a proud
mother giving two of her fledglings away as well as an honored
Captain who got to perform the wedding. She stepped forward looking
at the loving couple and then over their shoulders to the crew, and
gave a light smirk.

"Due to some difficulties last time we tried something like
this, I thought it best to get the delicate question out of the way.
If there is anyone that thinks these two should not be married in
holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold their peace."  Janeway
surveyed the crowd, and all was quiet, accept for a few giggles from
the Delaney sisters. Just as she was about to continue.

"I object!"

Janeway looked up to see Neelix rushing forward then looked
at the wedding party.

Tom looked surprised and looked at his husband to be
Chakotay, who looked equally baffled. "Ah, Tom.I swear.I didn't."

"Well, I know I sure as hell didn't," Tom added, as he
watched Neelix approach them both.

"Mr. Neelix.why.are `you' objecting?" Janeway asked, not able
to fathom this one.

"They can't get married without their rings," he protested
and held out the two specially made wedding bands. Then looked at
Chakotay, "You forgot them," he replied easily and handed them over
and took a seat.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other, then over to their
best man, and best friend, Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres, holding the
ring barer, little Kimmy Torres-Kim, and all four of them busted up

"Well, I guess than its all right if I proceed then," Janeway
laughed, and when all simmered down, she proceeded in marrying
Chakotay and Tom, the first married couple on Voyager, and most
likely the last if this was going to be the norm.

The End.