Title: The Hitchhiker and the Outlaw
Series: "Playtime"
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: the boys decide to play The Hitchhiker and the Outlaw.
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris
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"Playtime" Scenario: The Hitchhiker and the Outlaw.

'California or bust' is what the sigh said, and has for the
last few days. The lone hiker, a brown leather backpack on his slim
shoulder, adjusts his white T-shirt that's a bit grimy from his
journey. Then he ties his jean jacket around his slim waist and
matching pants. The young blond man kicks off some dust from his boots
and then begins walking; it's a long walk on this lone Arizona
highway, and there isn't a car for miles around.

The young man pulls a kerchief from his back pocket and wipes
his forehead, which is covered in sweat from the desert heat. Then the
sound of a motor catches his attention and he turns to see a lone
figure cruising in his direction on a motorcycle. Seeing an
opportunity he turns and pulls out his sign and hopes for the best.

The figure approaches and for a moment appears that they won't
stop, but then suddenly they do pull over, about forty paces past the
young man. The blond turns to see a dark skinned man, dressed head to
toe in black leather, a picture of a growling wolf on the back of his
jacket. He moves closer, hoping it's not another joke, the kind where
he gets close and the driver takes off.

The other man turns to look at him, his eyes covered with
matching black sunglass, but his face is strong and mesmerizing none
the less. "Want a ride?"

"Yeah. How far are you going?"

"As far as I want," the other man states seriously, then gives
a small smile. "You can either get on or walk, the choice is yours."

The blond looks around, and then starts to climb on behind the
big man, knowing that it would be stupid to walk in a desert when he
didn't have too. "Sure, thanks," he states.

When he's on, "You ever ride before?"

"Well, um.no."

The older man just grins, "place your feet there," he points. "And
hold on to my waist, and bend the way I do, and most of all, relax,
got it?"

"Okay.a got it," the blond states, seeing what appears to be a glare,
since he can't see the other man's eyes. He places his feet where he
was told and then places his hands gently on the guy's waist. He's
then surprised to feel the other man pull on his arms and clasp them
around his waist tightly. Then before a word could be said, they were
on their way.

They drove in silence for several miles, the blond relaxing his stiff
posture on the bike and feeling comfortable holding onto the strong
build older man. They older man had passed back a pair of dark
glasses, to help the young man see where they were going, and all
seemed pleasant.

Till they passed a bulletin board, and one-minute after they did, a
patrol care came roaring out, lights and sirens all a blaze.

The young man looked back concerned, "There's a cop behind us!" he
shouts, believing that perhaps the older man didn't know, though it
did seem odd that he didn't react to it. When he got no response, he
suddenly noticed that they were going faster, that the older man had
hit the throttle and was now accelerating even farther away from the
police car behind him.

"Ah, you're suppose to stop." the blond started to shout, but the dark
man just laughed.

It was instinct for the young man to hold on tighter, since they were
going faster. He thought about asking to be let off, but he didn't
relish being dropped off in the middle of the desert, and the
likelihood was the Cop would grab him up just to make up for losing
this.outlaw. Not seeing much of a choice he just held on and hoped
for the best, but as they crossed the first crossroad, another one
joined the lone police car.

"Hey, what the hell is going on?"

"Relax, Brighteyes, just a few long arms of the law thinking they can
net me."

The young blond closes his eyes, for he knew he had accepted a ride
from the wrong type. "Any chance of getting out of this?" he asked.

"What's the matter, Brighteyes, afraid?" the older man quips, and
gives a looks over his shoulder, sporting a killer smile.

The blond shifts a bit on the bike, for he felt a slight tingle in his
groin that he though was not appropriate at the moment. "No," he
snapped back, then wondered why he lied like that.

"Good," the dark sexy man replied and accelerated the throttle even

After twenty more minutes, two police cars were approaching from the
opposite direction and there was now three behind them, things didn't
look good.

"Aw, man, are we in deep shit!" the blond cried out, feeling a bit
more panicked then he originally let on.

Just then the rider turned, and headed off the road, kicking up sand
in his wake. The police cars followed suit, and his trial. The young
man held on for dear life, as the older man gave a few chuckles he was
definitely enjoying this way too much. But it looked like the fun was
going to come to an end, for they were heading for a canyon.

The rider slowed down and skidded doing a half turn, seeing the cops
still far behind. He looked over his shoulder, seeing the blond
starting to get off the bike. "Just what are you planning on doing?"

"Ah.It's over.were trapped," he said, annoyed as well as relieved. He
then just stared at the other man who started laughing.

"Get on, I'll show you who's trapped," he growled between a wicked

He reached out and grabbed the blond man, pulling him on the bike.
Since he was forcing the man on, he had the young blond now in front
of him, straddling him, so he had to slid back and reach around him to
control the bike, which he did with little effort.

"What do you think you're doing?"

The older man leaned in and kissed the blond man's mouth shout. Then
revved up the bike and headed back toward the Police cars, opening the
throttle up as he went. As he approached the cars, he leaned to his
left and then did a partial slid, making a U-turn, and then full
throttle headed toward the Canyon. "Computer, disengage safeties,
Chakotay, alpha bravo seven," he shouted.

"Are you fucking mad?" Tom shouted. But he was in no position to do
anything, but hold on. They were going to fast and approaching the
cliff. He looked over his shoulder and saw Chakotay was going to use
one of the partial rocks as a ramp, but still, it was one hell of a
jump, and without safeties.? He turned back and held on for dear life,
and closed his eyes. He may like flying, but this is not what he had
in mind.

He then felt them lifting off the ground, the sound of the open
throttle surging through his ears, along with his heartbeat. The
moment seem to become frozen in time, for when he opened his eyes,
they were still in the air, crossing what would surely be to their
deaths if Chakotay miscalculated; then with a hard bounce, and some
dirt kicking up, they were on ground, the back tire just gripping the
edge of the otherside, and then they moved away from it, and Tom
realized he was holding his breath, and released it, and breathed.

Chakotay let out a howl of triumph, and then after a few more feet, he
did another partial slide, and brought the bike to a stop. He looked
back at all the cops getting out of their cars, amazed and stupefied
that he did such a thing. Being out of reach of hand or gun, he turned
the motor off and gave a gesture toward the officers, as if he was
tipping a hat.

"I can't believe you just did that," Tom snapped, smacking Chakotay in
his chest. "You could have gotten us killed!"

Chakotay smiled darkly, "But you enjoyed it, I can tell," he says
pressing his hard erection on Tom's. "Face it, Paris. You like the
thrill of danger just as much as I do," he purred, as he wrapped
strong arms around a slim waist.


"But what?" Chakotay asked, leaning in and devouring the pale neck of
the man in his arms. He didn't seem to care if the Cops across the way
were watching.they were holograms, well most of them. They did ask
Harry and B'Elanna to play, but they were not invited to this part of
the game. Chakotay had won his prize and he was going to collect

Tom didn't stand a chance, he loved it when Chakotay lost control and
entered his beast mode. He began to melt under the older man's
ministrations. "What.what about.the others?" he barely asked, starting
not to care if they were watching or not. His body was already
stimulated by the chase and the jump, and what Chakotay was doing to
him with his hands, only served to push him over another type of

"They can collect their own prize, your mine!" he growled, biting into
the soft flesh where neck and shoulder meet. He grinned darkly when
Tom howled, but he knew the young man liked it, or he wouldn't have
done it. Tom liked being marked by him.making it clear who owned him!

Very quickly Tom felt his jacket and shirt gone from his body and his
pants were making a quick exit too, for Chakotay was fired up, and
slow and easy wasn't in the cards, not at the moment anyway. The big
man's engine was all revved up, full throttle and he moving in for the

Tom reached down and opened Chakotay's black leather pants, letting
his thick hard and weeping cock free. "Reach in my pocket, baby. Lube
me up and then climb on for the ride of your life," the older man

Tom stood up, letting Chakotay remove his shoes, followed by his pant
leg, and so he could reach Chakotay's pocket and get the tube of oil
to make this joining much easier.on his ass. When he got it, he
flipped the cap and with a heavy amount slicked up Chakotay's cock.
Then he felt his love side forward a bit, so Tom could straddle him
and let gravity do the rest of the work.

Tom knew this was going to hurt, but at the moment, that's what he
wanted, he didn't want to waste any time of preparations when he could
be fucking. He moved and slides down on Chakotay's hard flesh. "Fuck
yeah!" he shouted.

"Oh, baby.Yes! Ride me, baby.ride me!"

Tom was now lost in wild abandonment, his head slung back, the wind
blowing through his hair as strong hands played with his ass and
nipples. He was in heaven! "I want you to cum in me, Cha! I want all
of you!"

"Anything you want, baby! Just keep doing that!"

The sound of their grunt and groans filled the air, soon followed by
their shouts and roars as orgasm overrode each of them.


"Oh, Tom.Tom.Oh spirits.Tom!"

Time froze, as all that could be heard was heavy air exchange.

"Oh, baby, that was wonderful," Chakotay huffed, leaning up to take
some of the pressure off his back, for motorcycle handles didn't feel
too good to lean on.

Tom smiled as he eased himself of his love and lover. "That was pretty
intense," he replied. Then he looked serious again at Chakotay, "but
I'm still not to happy about you disengaging the safeties like that."

Chakotay gave a dark, wicked grin, "Baby? Did you ever hear the
computer confirm?"

Tom was about to say how could he, but by the look in his lover's
eyes, he figured it out. "It was a trick?"

Chakotay chuckled, "Got your blood going didn't it?"

"Grrrr," Tom replied and whacked Chakotay several times, not hard,
just enough to express his frustration at being tricked like that.
"How could you do that?"

"Hey, babe. I only wanted to spice up the moment, did you really think
I'd take any chances with you?" He then grabbed Tom's hands, gently
but firmly; "You're my life, Tom. I may play, but I play to win, but I
would never play with you that way," he says gently. Letting his eyes
express his heart. Then he leans in and gives his love a deep kiss.

After a minute, Tom blushes, "Oh, my.Harry.B'El.shit!" he remembers
they're in the holodeck, just on the other side of the ridge.

As Tom moves to the far side of Chakotay, to end the possible show he
was providing his friends, he reaches for the wet towel they keep when
they play, so they can clean up. Tom feels himself blushing more. "I
can't believe we did that.in front of them?"

Chakotay smirks, it wasn't him all naked, but he doesn't say anything,
he just hands Tom his clothes. Just then a siren goes off. They both
look and see that one of the police cars's set off their lights and
sirens. Both men laugh, for it seems that the good guys as well as the
bad guys got theirs this day.

"Oh, just for the record? It's my turn to chose what we play next,"
Tom grins wickedly.

<The end>

TBC: Making the Grade