Title:  Fragments of Light
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings:  (DS9/Voy) C/? P/?, B/? 
Notes: Sequel to Celestial Enlightenment and part IX of the Dark Desire series. 
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I’m getting them out of the ‘closet’ to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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"Fragments of Light"

 One of Tom's gifts was speed, and he used it with ease to move out of Chakotay's way, as the older man charged at him. Tom tried for the door, but one of Chakotay's gifts was telekinesis, and a table suddenly fell into him, knocking him down. 

 "Computer, seal off this room, Captain's orders!" Chakotay growled, looking more and more horrid, as the anger distorted his face along with the red eyes and fangs. 

 For the first time, Tom feels truly terrified being in Chakotay's presence. The beautiful noble soul that touched his heart seemed long gone from this room and what was taking its place was scaring the living daylights out of him. Tom started to feel panicked, so he blurred again, this time he headed into the secret room, hoping that Chakotay would have second thoughts about what he was going to do. 

 Tom turned to see the monstrosity that was his lover enter the archway, and Tom felt his soul constrict, for the anger and darkness in Chakotay's face was seething from him. Tom's own anger was gone from him, for at this moment besides feeling afraid, he knew he was only contributing to the loss of his love. "I'm sorry," he stuttered out, hoping to gain some control over the situation. 

 "Too late for that…" Chakotay started to say, his eyes glaring at Tom like an animal that has its prey in sight. 

 Just then the door chime sounded, and continued to sound as if someone was leaning on it and wasn't about to let up. "Open the fucking door!" Chakotay shouted as he turned toward the doorway. 

 The computer obliged and allowed the door to open to reveal Rebecca who marched in, though her face seemed calm and collected. "Captain, I have need of your help," she stated softly. 

 "Not now!" he growled and faced back toward Tom, who was still hanging back in the side room. 

 "Captain…" she said again.

 Chakotay only looked at her and she went sailing hitting the door hard and crumpled to the ground. "I said, not now." 

 "Chakotay! You said you didn't want to hurt anyone!" Tom cried out, seeing what his love did to their friend. "Don't you see what's happening?" 

 "Chakotay…please," Rebecca replied, as she slowly moved, her body obviously hurting. 

 Chakotay glared again at Rebecca, but then he froze as the vision of how he just hurt her and was about to hurt Tom came over him, and the anger started to slip away. In moments he looked normal again, but confusion filled his eyes. "I…I'm sorry," he stated, ashamed of what he had done. 

 Rebecca was up and moved to his side, gesturing to Tom to stay put. "I'm okay, Chakotay. No one was hurt. Perhaps you should simply rest, I can manage," she said in a tone of voice that seemed overly soothing, which it was, for that was one of her gifts. 

 "Yes, I think that's a good idea," Chakotay stated, then gave a guilty look at  Tom then headed off to the bedroom. 

 Tom stayed still till he heard the bedroom door close, then he moved to the archway. "Your timing couldn't have been better," he stated with gratitude. 

 "I sensed the problem and came to check it out, then I sensed your fear and his anger," Rebecca replied, eyeing Tom to make sure he was all right. 

 "That's some senses," he said. 

 "Empathy is one of my gifts, and it comes in handy," she smiled a bit. Then she got serious, "If he was ready to attack you, than it's getting worse. You should use this time and contact the Prince and see what he suggests. I can keep Voyager at bay, for after you message, I doubt they're begging to come over." 

 "I wish I could tell them what's going on, I know they would help, but…"

 "They would not be able to comprehend it, nor would I think they truly try. I also think they would panic and try to interfere with what we need to do. I care a lot about Chakotay, but the Alpha quadrant can not be made to suffer simply for him. I'm sorry, but I hope you understand this," she said gently. 

 "I know, but I personally don't intend to give up, and I know you don't either, but I understand what you're saying. I'll see what I can do."

 //What the hell is wrong with me lately? I can't believe I was about to…to…shit! // Chakotay thought as he laid down. //Things were going so well. I found people that understood me, accepted me for me, and for the first time in my life I felt free. Then to have someone like Nolan to want me, and Tom wanting me…spirits it was terrific, and to have my own ship on top of it all? But it's all falling apart.// 

 Chakotay tossed and turned, felling that his insides would literally split apart, for he couldn't settle on how he was feeling. On one hand, he felt happy to have it all, and if he stashed his jealousy aside, Julian was a very sexy man, and the sex…wow! But on the other, Janeway and the crew of Voyager were becoming liabilities to his world, and Tom was insisting to interfere with how he wanted to deal with it. //Lord Nolan said it was the best way, why can't Tom see that he's right?// he thought, then a dark part of his mind replied, // because Tom is being influenced by that bitch Julian!// 

 "Ahh!" Chakotay growled as he tossed again. //Nolan said I shouldn't let anyone take Tom, and I won't, even if it is the prince!// Then his mind remembered something Tom had spouted… [You’re a stupid fucking old man, who’s being manipulated by a fucking blood bond that makes you think you love Nolan and he’s mister wonderful!]…//Blood bond?// 

 Just the very thought alone made Chakotay's head hurt and his soul feel on fire. He crawled up in a ball and tried to push all his thoughts on any subject away. He wanted…needed peace. He needed time to think. It took a long time, but Chakotay was finally able to dull the pain in his soul and let his mind become empty so he could rest. 

 Returning to DS9 after lingering out of range for a while, so they would think I really did go to Bajor, I headed straight to my quarters. Not simply because I want to talk with Cain, but because as soon as my feet hit the station Sisko called me and has me going on a medical emergency and I need to pack some stuff. 

 I enter my quarters and feel disappointed that Cain isn't there waiting for me, not that he said he would or has any obligation, but…being that I'm now bonded to the man, I want to be with him. I wonder if expected me to figure it out? 

 "Not so quickly, no," Cain said, appearing from the shadows. 

 Julian turned to the dark alluring man and smiled, "You really have to stop reading my thought, or let me into your head. Fair is fair," he teased. 

 Cain approached slowly, "So, you really aren't angry with me?" 

 "I should be, I know, but…no, I’m not," Julian replied as he moved to close the gap between them and kissed Cain tenderly. "Not at all." 

 Cain returned the sincere smile, "I am glad. Did you have any luck?" he asked as he hugged the young man. 

 Julian allowed himself to be fully embraced by Cain's strong arms, on some level they reminded him of another pair of dark strong arms he had felt not too long ago. //And no, I'm not comparing you to him, // Julian thought, knowing Cain was poking around in his head.  Julian smirked as Cain chuckled to his thought. "Yes, they will help. But I have to cross over via Tom first. But Sisko…"

 "I know what he wants. I'll take your place."

 Julian leaned back, "Take my place?"

 "Yes, you have to go to Tom so I'll go on Sisko's mission. I can assume an illusion strong enough for them to see only you, and you know I can sound like you…"

 "But you are not a doctor," Julian added.

 "No, but you are," Cain smiled.

 "Don't tell me that you've gained all my medical knowledge…"

 "No, but I can link with you, since we are bonded, and you can work via me. This way, you can be in two places at once. For your mission to Tom can't wait." 

 Julian sighed, he knew Cain was right. "Okay." 

 "You go make ready and I'll handle the rest here. I'd like to see you off safely, that is…if you don't mind," Cain smiled seductively. 

 "Not in the least," Julian purred as he allowed Cain's lip to devour his mouth in a passionate kiss. It was Julian that broke the kiss, but not because he wanted too. "Tom's in trouble, I feel it!" 

 "Then you have to go to him," Cain insisted. "Don't worry, my treasure, all will be well. Now, go get ready," Cain instructed as he gently pushed Julian toward the bedroom. //With you gone, Vladimere can't touch you, my sweet treasure, and when you return, you will bring that bastards death with you, along with other over due debts to pay. // 


 Tom had never done anything like this before, so with Rebecca's help they sealed the room, so Tom didn't have to worry about Chakotay suddenly coming in an interfering. She said to light the candles, strip, and stand in the middle of the symbol, for it was a ruin representative of the word gate way and open his mind to Julian and call to him. The rest is on the young Prince; Tom would just have to be patient and enduring. 

 Tom did what he was instructed to do, but he took a few moments to calm down. He was still upset over what he witnessed with Chakotay. If he had any doubts that his love needed saving, he didn't anymore. Feeling Julian's mind, even if it was just the connection, soothed him. He moved to the center of the floor and knelt like he saw Chakotay did for Nolan and closed his eyes and reached out his mind to Julian. 

 Tom first felt the connection, then he heard in his mind Julian tell him to simply wish him there, for it would aid in making the mental path easier for them both. Tom did this, but he suddenly felt as if his insides were set all a fire and froze all at the same time. He felt drained as well as full of energy, and these contradictions continued. A fraction of Tom's mind noted that Chakotay didn't look as if this hurt, but then the older man was much more in control of his mind and Tom, this was all new to him. 

 He could feel moisture from his body, dripping down his skin, drenching him, but he didn't move he simply continued to focus his mind on wanting Julian with him. There was no sense of time, only that Tom felt he was soon going to pass out. Suddenly he felt himself fall forward, but instead of hitting the cold floor, he was caught in someone's warm arms. 

 "It's okay, Tom. I’m here, I made it," Julian said as he sat down next to the young blond and held him tightly. Julian looked exhausted and he knew Tom was. "I’m here, Ace. I'm here." 

 Tom opened his eyes and looked into the dark doe eyes of his jewel. All he could do was smile as sleep over took him. Julian, who was dressed in a simple white robe, for it was easier to transcend then other forms of clothing. He gently laid Tom's head down on the floor and got up and moved to where the doorway should be. It took him a moment, but he was able to open it, the breeze of circulating air filled the room. With a wave of his hand all the candles went out and he moved to Tom and picked him up and carried him out to the quarters. 

 Julian looked around a moment and saw what looked like a door that would lead what he hoped was a bedroom. He moved that way and wen the doors parted was glad to see he was right. He moved in, still carrying the sleeping pilot toward the bed and saw Chakotay balled up asleep there himself. Julian laid Tom down on the otherside of the bed and covered him up, not bothering to dress him. Then Julian moved and sat down next to Chakotay and for a few minutes watched him sleep. 

 //Not very peaceful, // he thought as he saw the strain in which Chakotay's face was revealing. He reached out his hand and gently brushed some of the older man's hair aside, and continued to caress his hair as he watched the stress leave Chakotay's face. Then Julian gently unraveled Chakotay, soothing his back, then his legs, so the man could rest in peace, not with all the tension that was hurting him, physically and mentally. 

 Julian then tucked both Chakotay and Tom in, placing a kiss on their cheeks, then moved to the replicator for some clothes. 

 "How are you feeling, Captain?" Tuvok asked as he arrived to visit with her in Sickbay. 

 "I feel much better, thank you," she replied, though she was irritated at still being made to stay in the infirmary. "I really don't need to be here," she added.

 "The doctor and I disagree. You had unnormal brainwave activity for two point five hours, Captain. That is not something that can be ignored."

 "He's absolutely right, Captain, till I find out what caused it or how to prevent it or that it doesn't happen again, I must medically insist that you remain here for monitoring," The EMH added as he walked into the room.

 "But that happened when I was sleeping. I'm not sleeping…"

 "That may be true at the moment, but you are exhausted, Captain, and you are in need of rest, lots of it. What ever was occurring, it kept you from getting the proper rest, plus it had the side affect of mild addictive properties."

 "You want to run that by me again," Janeway stated. 

 "What ever state you were experiencing, you wanted to go back, right?"

 "Right," Janeway replied, not too enthusiastic about admitting it. 

 "So, like any addictive property, the more you experience it, the more you want it. So, I need to one, make sure you get the needed rest and two, that you don't go back to that state, while three, figuring out how you got that way in the first place."

 "Sounds like you have your hands full," Janeway replied sarcastically, not happy at all about this. 

 "Well, I do have one lead," the EMH stated proudly.

 "Please, Doctor, if you have any information in regards to the Captain's condition…"

 "It is connected with the Vamir."

 Tuvok raised and eyebrow, as did Janeway. 

 "When you were in this state, I took reading. There were some rare levels of activity I thought I had seen before. I just finished my research, those rare activities matched up with what scans I was able to get off Mr. Paris and the woman that visited us."

 "So, you are saying, that they some how are or were responsible for what was happening to Captain Janeway?" Tuvok asked for clarity. 

 "Whether or not it was deliberate, I can't say. But are they the source, yes." 

 "Well, am I being affected now?" Janeway asked. 

 "From what I can tell, not anymore. What ever was causing it ahs ceased, at least for the moment."

 "Fine. Then I'm going back to work, but I'll report here for sleeping," she stated as that was that and started to get out of bed. 

 "Captain, I must insist…"

 She held up a hand to stay the EMH or Tuvok's words. "You just said I was not being affected and I feel that way too. So, I'm going back, Doctor, that's that. However, if Tuvok or myself notice anything I'll report back sooner, otherwise, I'll see you tonight, Doctor," Janeway stated, and moved out to change. 

 "I don't know why I bother," the EMH huffed. Tuvok simply raised his brow and turned to leave. 


 Chakotay felt relaxed and rested as he stretched out. He felt a warm body curled up next to him and his mind automatically told him it was his Tom. He rolled and embraced the body and by it's sent he knew he was right, it was Tom. He hugged the young man to him, feeling his cool skin, and savoring the feel of it under his touch. It had been a long time since the two of them had made love, for it was one thing or another that seemed to keep them apart. Sure, they had sex in the dream plane, but it wasn't love. 

 Chakotay opened his eyes and saw Tom's damp hair and the small pout he got when he slept and smiled. "Tom," he whispered softly. 

 Tom stirred, then after a moment opened his eyes and saw his love smiling at him, "Hey," he replied sleepily. 

 Chakotay's eyes locked with Tom's and he could see so much, more than he cared to admit and guilt filled his own eyes. "Baby, I am so very sorry…I…don't…"

 Tom hushed him gently with a soft kiss. "Don't love. Just know I love you no matter what and we'll get through this together." 

 "I love you, Tom."

 "And I love you," the young man replied as he leaned in and kissed Chakotay showing him just how much. 

 The kiss was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Chakotay snapped his head in that direction and his eyes went wide when he saw Prince Julian standing in their doorway dressed in black jeans and a white button down shirt, with the Vamire symbol on it. "How…?" 

 "I brought him," Tom said to answer Chakotay's unfinished question. 

 "I'm sorry for disturbing you, but, since I don't have anywhere else to go at the moment and the crew doesn't know me, I'd thought I'd let you know I was here," Julian stated. 

 "Why are you here?" Chakotay asked, as his arm protectivly pulled Tom closer to him. 

 Julian saw this and understood what was going through Chakotay's heart, a lot of confusion and defiantly the wrong idea. "I am not here for Tom, if that is what you are thinking," Julian replied as he moved in to the bedroom on Chakotay's side. "He loves you, Chakotay, very much. We all know this, and even if I just met you, I happen to care about you too," Julian finished as he sat down on Chakotay's side of the bed. "That's why I'm here. You know as well as I that something is eating at you inside, making you want to do things you normally wouldn't do, am I right?" 

 Part of Chakotay wanted to tell this man to fuck off, while the other wanted to hold him just like he was holding Tom, it was indeed confusing. He looked at Tom, and remembered earlier. All he could do was nod yes. 

 "Chakotay, from what Tom has told me of you, you are familiar with spirits, yes?" 


 "Then you know, some are good, others bad, and others can be corrupted. You have a good heart and from what I've heard from Tom, a good soul. But something, other than being Vamire is trying to twist it. I'm here to help you, if you let me. I'm sure between me and Tom, we can, for I don't want to see another good kind soul become lost," Julian said, his eyes misting from memory of the past. 

 Chakotay looked between Julian and Tom once more then back to Julian, "I'm not sure if I understand all of what's going on, but if it'll stop me from becoming that…that monster that almost…" he couldn't say it. He took a moment, "I don't want to hurt people," Chakotay stated more like his old self. 

 "Then, we'll just make sure you don't," Julian smiled. "Why don't you send for your First officer, and have her get me settled, since I'm going to be here for a while. The two of you have some…catching up to do," Julian teased as he stood up. 

 "What, not going to join us?" Tom teased. 

 "No, no I'm not," Julian replied seriously, looking more at Chakotay. "You two need to be with each other. As I said, I have things to do." Then he turned and left the two lovers. 

 Chakotay called Rebecca and told her that Julian was here, and was surprised at how excited she was. When he turned off the com, he was sure she'd take good care of Julian, for he had plans on how to take care of his Tom. 

 Chakotay barely got into bed when Tom pounced on him. Tom's passionate and fevered kisses were contagious, and it took all Chakotay's control not to fall of the bed while still kissing Tom and getting himself undressed. 

 "I've missed you, baby," Chakotay whispered. 

 "And I've missed you. He's right, Cha, I love you with all my heart and soul. I've given up my world and my life for you, I don't know how else to prove it?" 

 "Ah, Pooka, its not you that needs to prove anything. You're right, you have shown me you love me. No, it's me that needs to show you, and stop acting like a jealous old fool," Chakotay replied, holding Tom close to him. "Tom, you said something about a blood bond, what is that and what did you mean by it?"

 //Oh shit! // Tom thought. //Me and my big mouth! I can't let him know about what Nolan is doing to him, not yet anyway, it would hurt him. // Tom thought about what he could say, but he didn't want to lie, so he did the next best thing, he changed the subject, "I don't know," he mumbled as he leaned in and captured Chakotay's lips with his own, letting his hands roam to all the sweet spots he knew would have the older man writhing under him in no time…it worked. 


 Julian walked down the hall of the Veil Rebecca, amazed at how much it looked like a star ship, then it occurred to him. It was his bringing them over and his knowledge that led to this development. It was also him that discovered the method used so the Vamir no longer had to hurt anyone for their survival; it was a momentous step forward. 

 "I can't believe you’re here," Rebecca stated, doing her best to remain professional, feeling more like a high school girl meeting her favorite rock star. 

 "It's a bit of a surprise to me too," Julian replied warmly, still taking in his surroundings as they stepped in to the turbolift. 

 "You know, you're not quite how I pictured you," she replied, then got nervous that he may take her statement wrong. "I…I mean…"

 Julian laughed and smiled, "Didn't know anyone would want to picture me," he teased to ease her. "It's not like I'm all that spectacular," he stated in sincere modesty. 

 Rebecca looked at him even more found respect, "You save our world, your Highness, you sacrificed much so we could exist and be real, instead of forever trapped and tormented in the plane we swore was to be our eternal hell. You are more than spectacular, you are our soul reason for being!" 

 Julian was truly touched. "Halt lift," he said softly, then turned to the woman he sensed was far older than he was. "I am touched that you honor me so, but I should not be your reason for anything. All life is precious, that's why I did what I did. It's why I continue to do what I do; for the people in the Alpha quadrant are in trouble, and so are some people here…"

 "Like the Captain," she interjected. 

 Julian was glad that she was not only able to see it was a problem, but from what he could see in her heart, wanted him to be alright as well. "Yes, like Captain Chakotay. I have a way for all of us to return to the Alpha quadrant much sooner than originally planned, but first, we need to get things settled here. I think it would help if you filled me in on all you know."

 "Certainly. There are other members of the crew that want to meet you, well, the entire crew does, but these people want to help Chakotay too."

 "Well, lay on McDuff," he teased, and gave the Computer the okay to move again. 

 Rebecca took Julian to the bridge, where all stood ready to receive their Prince. Julian felt awkward, but remained gracious, for he understood from Nolan how important rank and station was among the Vamir. He let everyone know he was pleased and more than impressed as he let Rebecca lead him to the Captain's ready room where he met Jarrod McKnight Chief engineer and Yonish Tallot head of ship security. "A pleasure, gentlemen," Julian stated as he gestured for everyone to take a seat. Then he asked Rebecca to fill him in on everything.  Rebecca let the other's know what Julian had said, as to why he was here and he wanted to help. The three painted Julian a full picture of what they understood of the situation. 


 Janeway was sitting in her ready room, resting. She was glad that she no longer felt the need to dream or what ever it was she was doing. She felt more in control of herself and it let her be able to think on matters more. Of course this only led to the same old questions that no one was able to answer. What happened to Chakotay and Tom, and why did she push Chakotay away, and why did Tom go? 

 //You know the answer to the last two question, Kathryn, just be honest with yourself, // her mind taunted. She sighed, it was right, she did know. //Tom love's Chakotay, he even admitted to Harry on the holodeck. As for Chakotay…?  He scared the hell out of you. He could take Voyager under his control without a blink of an eye, and you were afraid he'd do that, so you set out to undermined him, even if it wasn't consciously, you still did it. You also knew he was tried of playing the perfect first officer… Shit, that's it! // She said to her self as she leaned back in her chair. //How many years can someone be expected to play a role? Even if he chose the roll, I encouraged him, and then dismissed him, but still wanted him to play his part…stupid, stupid, stupid! Chakotay bent over backwards for this crew and this merger. He offered you his loyalty, his friendship and even at one time, his love. How you repay him? Face it, Kathryn, you fucked up, big time! Real question is…what are you going to do about it? // 

 "Captain, we are receiving a hail from the Veil, requesting to speak with you," Harry's voice stated over the com unit. 

 "On my way," she stated and got up and headed to the bridge. She walked down to take her chair, "did Chakotay say what he wanted?" she asked as she took her seat. 

 "It isn't Captain…err…it isn't Chakotay," Harry replied. "It's someone calling himself Prince Julian." 

 //A new player? // She thought. "Put him through," she said, matching Tuvok with the arching of her brow. 
 The screen lit up and sitting was a young handsome man she'd never seen before, with the Veil's First Officer sitting next to him. "How can I help you, your Highness," she asked in her most diplomatic voice. 

 "Captain Janeway, thank you for speaking with me. But I think the question is, how can I help you," Julian said warmly. 

 "Oh, how so?" 

 "We have a mutual cause, Captain. One that I don't think you even have a clue about. That's where I can help you. I know your first concern is Chakotay and Tom, they are one of mine too. There is also the Alpha quadrant." 

 "Alpha quadrant? What about it?" she asked suspiciously. 

 "It's in trouble, but we, and I do mean we, Captain, have what it takes to make things right. But the com channel is no way to discuss this matter. If you allow me, I wish to com aboard and fill you in on the situation. Though I warn you now, you may find most of it unbelievable, but it will be the truth."

 //This is a twist? // She thought to her self. "Why the sudden change of heart? And why now?" she asked suspiciously. 

 "As I said, Captain, I'll answer all your questions once I'm there. But, as to why now? Best way to explain that is, I just got here," he smiled, hoping to ease some of the suspicions the Captain was obviously feeling. 

 Janeway wanted to say no, but if this young man was offering answer, she couldn't deny him the chance. "Very well, your Highness. But I warn you, I have a lot of questions and I want answers," she replied. 

 "I'll do my best, Captain. I shall see you in a few minutes, if that's all right with you?"

 "It is," she said, then saw the channel closed. "I want security tightened on all levels and I want him beamed directly to the briefing room. Also have the Doctor and senior officers present," she ordered. 

 "Do you really thinks he's going to give you answers, Captain?" Harry asked. 

 "I don't know, Mr. Kim. I only know it's the closest to having something since this mess started," she replied. 


 "I can't believe you're going to tell them everything," Chakotay states not too pleased. 

 "It's for the best. We're going to need their help and there is no way I’m going to leave them here in the Delta quadrant when I don't have too. Besides, I can see they miss the two of you a lot more than you, Chakotay are willing to admit," Julian replied. 

 Chakotay sighed, "Lord Nolan will have a fit."

 "Well, don't tell him," Julian smiled. "Chakotay," Julian said, as he moved to stand next to Chakotay in his office and lay a hand on the strong man's shoulders. "I know what you're feeling, I do. But use your heart? Do you want to leave them behind?"


 "Do you like keeping them at bay?"


 "Then we should let them in. Besides, it's temporary. Once we get back to the Alpha quadrant, between you me and a few others, they won't remember what we don't want them too. But we are going to need their help if we are going to face Vladimere and his bunch. The war kept him at bay, but it's pretty much over and he's storming out of the gate as it were. Even with the crew of the Veil, it won't be enough."

 "Then why don't we bring them over, like…"

 "Nolan said?" Julian asked, now really surprised. He was under the impression that Nolan had valued life and no one should be embraced if they would find this life a curse…no one. But he saw the truth in Chakotay's eyes; Nolan had wanted him to embrace the crew. A part of Julian felt himself ache at this realization. But knowing that Chakotay was under Nolan's influence; he needed to proceed carefully. "That won't be necessary. Besides, that's a lot of people? No…this way is much better. If Lord Nolan has any question, just have him talk to me, okay?"

 "Okay," Chakotay replied. "You going to be all right over there? I'm sure she'll try something, I know I would?"

 "What would you do?"

 "Have your pattern scanned and then have you scanned during the meeting."

 Julian smiled, "Oh, that's not a problem. I assure you, I register totally human." 

 Just then Tom walked in, "Hey, is it true?"

 "What is?" Chakotay asked, smiling at his love. 

 "That we're going to let Captain Janeway and the crew of Voyager in on what's going on with us and the Alpha quadrant?"

 "Yes, that's the plan," Julian smiled. "I'd better get going," he finished, glad to see the looks of love Tom and Chakotay were sharing. He barely got to the door when he doubled over in sheer pain, his mind screaming, //CAIN! // 

To be continued in: Shades of Gray.