Title: The Final Ruling
Author: Kim Riley
Pairing: C/P
Rating: R language and m/m
Summary: Just how far is Tom willing to go for his man?
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"The Final Ruling"

Tom was on his way to the mess hall to meet up with Harry. If
anyone might know what Tuvok may have done with his knew found
information, Harry would, or so he hoped. Both he and Chakotay have
been on edge since they realized that Tuvok found out about them.
//Damn, Vulcan! // Tom growled to himself, but really felt at fault
for not thinking about the jacket in the first place.

He turned the corner when he heard his name being called. He
looked around and saw Greg Alaya, one of securities finest. Greg had
been one of the few that were cool over this whole mess about John
Carter. Tom was glad that those who believed him were more than his
select group that consisted of Harry, B'Elanna, and now Chakotay.

"Hey, Tom!" Greg called out as he caught up with him. "How's
it going?"

Tom wanted to tell him, but he and Chakotay had enough trouble
without letting the whole ship know what was going on. It's not that
he thought Greg would tell, it's just he didn't want to bring anyone
else in their mess. "As good as it can be," he returned, trying to
give a charming smile. "Though I'd fell a lot better if Dalby would
call off his hounds."

"What hounds? Kevin hasn't got anyone hounding you," Greg
replied surprised and sure of his answer.

"I know you and Dalby are friend, Greg. But ever since that
day he attacked me, accusing me of the murder, I've had a constant
variety of shadows," Tom stated.

Greg gave a look of sympathy toward Tom, "Look, I know Kevin
can come off as a jerk at times, but he's really a descent man. I
happen to know he feels real bad about what he did to you, and he does
'not' have anyone following you about. If you do have people shadowing
you, it's on their own accord, not Kevin's"

Tom took this information in for a minute before responding,
"If your sure, Greg, then I'll believe you." Then Tom had a thought,
"Hey, Greg, what's Tuvok been doing as of late? Any news?"

"I don't know, possibly. He went to see the Captain a few
hours ago and even for a Vulcan, he looked pretty agitated about
something. But like usual, he hasn't shared anything with me till he
feels it time," Greg answered. "Well, I just wanted to see how you
were holding up, got to get back to work, catch you later, Tom."

Tom watched Greg leave then sped up his pace to meet with
Harry. After what Alaya just told him, things can't be going to good
or they may have found the real killer. He entered inside in time to
see Harry take a seat, "Hey, Har!" he called out and was rewarded with
a smile and a gesture to join him as soon as he got his meal. Tom
grabbed what ever since he wasn't really interested in eating, but
talking, yet he had to make it look good.

"Hey, anything edible today?" he teased.

"No more than usual," Harry laughed.

Tom sat down and started his typical routine of picking at the
food, then when in for the questioning, "So, Har. Anything special
going on, on the bridge today?"

"Not really. Just I think the Captain may be considering shore

"Oh?" Tom thought this sounded out of left field. "Why do you
say that?"

"She's had me scan the area for a M-class planet or an
inhabitable one. I found one, but it was inhabited with a pre warp
society. Though come to think of it, it was unusual that she had me
give Betaheart the coordinates anyway. Perhaps it's a food run," Harry

"Hmm, perhaps," Tom said. But he spoke with Neelix on a
regular basis and just the other day the Talaxian was saying that the
food stores were full. No this was something else. "So, when did she
ask you to scan for this planet, after Neelix met with her?" he

"No, it was.about fifteen minutes after Tuvok left her office.
Oh, speaking of Tuvok, even for a Vulcan he seems on edge about
something. Do you think he and Chakotay have a clue as to who it is?"
Harry asked, anxious for his friend to have his name cleared. But he
saw that the young pilot wasn't even paying him any attention. "Tom?"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry, Harry. Just.thinking. What did you say?"

"I just said, do you think he and the Commander know who it

"I'm not sure, Har," Tom replied. "Well, that's enough for
me," Tom stated and gathered his tray, dumped it and headed out of the
mess hall without so much as a good bye.

Harry was stunned, not so much of he friends lack of a parting
comment, but that Tom didn't eat anything.


Chakotay calmed himself before entering the Captain's
quarters. He was suspicious of the unexpected invitation to join her
for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow as they had agreed on. He chose
to wear his uniform, so to keep things on a professional tone. When he
entered inside he knew he was in trouble.

Kathryn greeted him wearing a simple yellow, low cut dress
that accented her small figure. Her hair was down and she was just
finishing lighting the candles. It was a romantic dinner for two

"Ah, Captain, you didn't say anything about dinner tonight
being anything more then a meal," he joked in hopes of letting her
know he wasn't 'up' to this tonight. Though truthfully, he wasn't up
to it with her at all. She was old new to him now that he was
completely in love with Tom.

Kathryn saw Chakotay enter her quarters wearing his uniform,
which she suspected he would and then the look of shock on his face.
She was hoping to get the man off balance, this way she would be able
to maneuver him better to where she wanted him, her bed and out of
Tom's.permanently. "Don't worry about it, Chakotay," she smiled as
she walked over to him and offered him a glass of wine.

Chakotay's mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure a
way of getting out of this evening's little trap without making things
worse. He believed that if Tuvok had said something, Kathryn wouldn't
be smiling and offering him wine, "Thank you," he replied and sipped
on it. Not sure what to do but play the room, "You look lovely
tonight, Kathryn."

"Oh, this old thing, please," she laughed as she moved to the
replicator and punched in the codes for their meal.

//I can't believe she used that old line, // Chakotay thought
somewhat amusingly. //Funny, not that long ago, I'd be beside myself
for an opportunity like this, and now all I can think of is how to get
out of it or replace Kathryn with Tom in this setting. //



"You didn't answer me. Do you like eggplant Parmesan?" Kathryn
asked as he was carrying over the French bread to the table.

"Oh, yes, yes I do. Sound wonderful," Chakotay replied. //This
is bad. If she's going all out she had plans besides light dinner
conversation. // "So, miss me on the bridge today?" he asked in a
teasing manner.

"Of course," she replied as she gathered the rest of their
meal to bring to the table.

"Did Tuvok have anything interesting to report today?" he
asked, watching her movements like a hawk. He saw her stiffen, it was
enough to let him know what was really going on here. "About the
case," he added to let her off the hook.

He noticed how she relaxed and turned around to face him with
such ease, "No, afraid not," she said as she placed the two dishes
down on the table. "Dinner's ready."

Chakotay moved to his seat, "It looks great," he mused as he
focused in on the meal and not the woman across from him.

He ate slow and did his best to keep the conversation light.
He soon realized that he couldn't postpone the end of the meal any
further and finished up. "That was terrific," he said. "Did I luck out
enough that there's desert?" he hoped.

Kathryn just smiled as she took away his plate, "Oh, perhaps
after some coffee on the sofa," she purred.

//Oh boy! // He remained at the table, even as the Captain
replicated to chocolate mocha's and took them to the coffee table and
sat down on the sofa, giving the spot next to her a soft pat.

Inwardly he groaned, but he didn't want to piss her off, not
yet anyway. He started to move toward her, wondering if he could get
away with playing hard to get. Then fate was kind and her door chimed.
//Bless the spirits! // He thought as he stopped.

Janeway looked annoyed, "enter,'' she snapped. //It better be
damn good or who ever it is will be on jeffrie tube detail for a
month! //

The door opened to reveal Tuvok and Tom. It was only a second
for Chakotay to see that Tuvok had a phaser pointed at Tom's back.
"What's the meaning of this?" Chakotay demanded, keeping his calm till
he knew best how to handle things.

"Captain, I caught Mr. Paris here breaking into the computer.
Specifically, your personal logs."

Chakotay gave Tom a look of why and Tom's look was one of
anger and desperation.

Janeway was furious, "What!" she exclaimed as she jumped to
her feet. "Just what the hell were you doing in 'my' personal logs,

"Just confirming a suspicion!" Tom growled. "You were just
going to dump me Haggis, you bitch!"

"Watch your language Mister Pairs," Tuvok stated.

"What are you talking about, Tom?" Chakotay asked, trying to
get a clear picture of what was going down before him.

"Take him to the brig," Janeway ordered. She didn't want any
conversation between the young spawn and her Chakotay, not when she
was so close to winning him back from the edge of his despair.

"If you'd please come with me, Lieutenant," the Third in
command stated.

"Tuvok?" Chakotay said, getting angry that he was being
ignored. But his momentary distraction was enough for Tom to whirl on
the unsuspecting Vulcan and grab the phaser from him. Unfortunately
the trigger was pulled as Tom attempted to dodge the never pinch he
saw coming. In the commotion the phaser setting must have been
knocked, for instead of stunning the Vulcan officer, it vaporized him.

"You bastard!" she cried and started to charge at Tom, but she
froze in place as she saw it was now pointing in her direction. "You
murdering disgusting bastard! You killed Tuvok, and you probably did
kill Carter, too," she growled.

"I didn't murder anyone!" Tom cried out, somewhat shaking as
the realization of what just happened sank in. "Tuvok was an accident!
I.I didn't mean too."

Janeway seeing a possible opportunity took a small step
forward, but Chakotay spoke up softly, "Let me handle this, Kathryn."
She thought that since he and Tom did have something going on, as
disgusting as it was, he could calm the boy down and regain control of
the situation. Then she was going to space the son-of-a-bitch!

"Take it easy, Tom. I know it was an accident. Your not the
kind of person to go around harming innocent people or anyone unless
in self defense," he said as he moved slowly toward the young man.

"I." he took a breath. "She was going to abandon me!"

"Tom. Give me the phaser and let 'me' handle this, okay?" he
ordered in a gentle tone as he got right up to his young lover. Then
he reached out and took the phaser from him and gave him a hug.

Kathryn saw that Chakotay had the weapon and moved to her com
unit to contact security, for she was in a dress and the com badge
didn't go with it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Kathryn," Chakotay said,
his voice calm and even.

She stopped and turned; her eyes went wide as she saw he was
now pointing the phaser at her. "What is the meaning of this?"

"I have no intention of letting you just drop Tom off at the
nearest planet," he replied easily.

Since Janeway had already changed her mind about that, she
knew she didn't have to lie about what her actions were going to be "I
have no intentions of doing such a thing!"

"You lying, bitch!" Tom growled. He then turned to his lover,
the proof is in her logs."

Chakotay rubbed Tom's back to sooth him, but his eyes never
left his target. "Computer, override code, Omega Chakotay alpha.

<Override complete. >

"Lock down these quarters and all communications except with
my authorization," he ordered.

"Computer ignore those orders!" Janeway shouted, but the
computer didn't respond to her. "What did you do?" she hissed.

"Oh, just a little back up I placed in the computer when I
first arrived, just in case," he smiled and lowered the phaser. "No
one but Marquis is officially recognized for high level commands," he
grinned. Then he sobered up, "bring up your personal logs," he

"I will not!" She huffed.

"I'll get them, Tom stated as he moved to the desk and worked
the computer. After a few minutes, since he did the hard part already,
he had them up. He brought up the part in question, "Here it is," he
said as he turned and glared at Janeway.

Chakotay moved over to the desk, still keeping an eye on
Janeway, then he glanced at the screen. Sure enough, there it was her
plan to dump Tom off at the nearest planet and via seduction get
Chakotay back on track.

"You're not going to get a way with this," she growled.

Tom turned to Chakotay with concern, "Just what are we going
to do? She's not going to just forget about this?"

Chakotay leaned in close, "Do you love me?" he asked softly.

"You know I do. I'd do anything for you," Tom declared.

"And I feel the same way about you, baby. So, let me handle
this, okay?


Chakotay gently nudged Tom out of the seat and tapped on the
computer for a minute and then gestured for Kathryn to come and sit in
the chair. She did so slowly. "I think this solutions suits us best,
don't you?" he asked her as he turned her to face the computer screen.

Her eyes went wide, and then she turned to Chakotay with fear.


The senior staff sat in the briefing room, less the tactical
officer and Janeway. Chakotay was sitting at the head of the table
with Tom to his right and B'Elanna to his left.

"This is going to be tough," Harry said, wiping his eyes. "I
know it's been two days already, but still. who would of thought that
Tuvok." he let his voice trail.

"Harry, you really can't hold too much against him. His Pon
Farr was upon him, and we all know how it can drive a Vulcan mad. It's
a crying shame that he first attacked John then the Captain," B'Elanna
said, as she placed a supporting hand on Harry's shoulder.

"It's going to be tough for us all, Lieutenant," Chakotay
stated, regarding Harry's promotion. In fact, they all were promoted.
Tom and B'Elanna were now Lieutenant Commanders, though Tom held the
First Officer's position, and of Course Chakotay was now Captain.
"But we'll carry on, for I know that's what she would of wanted," he
said softly.

"That was a beautiful eulogy you gave," Harry replied.

"Thank you," was all the new Captain said. "Now, if we're
agreed, I'll attend to the replacement of the rest of open positions,"
and with that he dismissed everyone, but Tom. "Come with me," he

Tom and Chakotay entered into, now Chakotay's ready room to
see Greg Alaya and Kevin Dalby sitting there, then stand as was
customary. "At ease, gentlemen," Chakotay said as he moved behind the
desk and took a seat.

"You asked to see us, Captain?" Greg asked.

"Yes I did," Chakotay said easing back into his chair. "I
wanted to see you two about a little thing called the truth."

Tom noted that Kevin suddenly looked pale and Greg anxious and
was the one who spoke up, "About what, Captain," he said trying to
sound innocent.

"About the fact that the four of us all know that Tuvok didn't
kill John Carter," Chakotay stated.

It was Tom that looked surprised as he looked at his lover, "I
thought that." then he felt ashamed.

"That I did it?" Chakotay said with a light chuckle, "No,
love," he said softly as he reached out and grasped hold of Tom's
hand, no shame in his action what so ever.

"I did it," Kevin Dalby said quietly, staring at the ground.
"Greg had nothing to do with it," he added insistently.

"That's a lie, Kevin. Captain, I'm sorry, but I did it. Don't
believe a word."

"Enough, gentlemen. I just want to hear what happen.and the
truth if you please," Chakotay ordered.

Kevin looked up, his eyes full of shame as he glanced at Tom,
"John had come to me about his concerns about Tom coming on to you,
sir. I told him that the regulations he was quoting was outdated and
to let it go, but he left with a holier than thou attitude and I was
afraid there would be trouble, that he'd stir up things.so."

"So you killed him?" Tom asked in disbelief.

"No," Greg said. "He came to see me." Greg then deciding to go
for broke reached out and took Kevin's hand in his.

"Wait a second," Tom stated in surprise.

Chakotay grinned, "How long have the two of you been
together?" he asked, as he gently placed his arm around Tom's waist to
indicate he was more than okay with the two men having a relationship,
and to pull Tom down to sit on his lap.

"Ten years," Kevin stated.

Tom was again stunned, he was seeing Kevin Dalby of all people
being bashful in front of him and Chakotay, but the look he gave Greg
was the same one Chakotay gave him when they looked at each other.with
total love.

"Married for seven," Greg added.

"You guys are.married?" Tom asked.

"You bet ya!" Greg said as proud as he could be. He then
looked at his former now once again Captain, "We met in the Marquis as
you know. We got married about a year before we came on board Voyager.
We.we knew a lot of Marquis were former Starfleet, so we decided to
keep it quiet till things settled down. We.we never thought we'd be
serving on a Starship, sir."

"I understand," Chakotay replied as he gave Tom's waist a
squeeze. "There's a lot that can occur that we never expect to happen
that happens. So, what else happened?"

"Well, you can imagine why Kevin was upset. If John filed
charges against, Tom, then the whole ship would be turned upside down
and every one would become suspicious of peoples activities. We hardly
get to spend as much time with each other as it is, this would only
make it worse," Greg stated, still holding Dalby's hand.

"It's bad enough being a jerk 90 % of the time to keep people
at bay," Kevin added.

Tom grinned, "You too," he said softly, indicating that
keeping people at bay was a good portion of the reason for his earlier

"So, Kevin and I were discussing things, he was upset, I
wanted to comfort my husband, and as fate would have it, John decided
to walk into Kevin's room at that moment."

"We were friends, it was second nature to give him my code,"
Dalby stated, tears welling up in his eyes. "And Greg and I have been
so careful, and he was to have gone back to his shift."

"He caught us kissing," Greg stated. "Then he stormed in and
spouted off at the moth at Kevin about how vial he was and a deceiver.
How he was going to make sure all our kind would either be kicked off
this ship or placed in the brig for the rest of the trip home. I saw
how he was devastating to Kevin and I.I couldn't let him hurt him.
He's my mate, my soul, I couldn't." Greg stated, but then let his
voice trail as he squeezed Kevin's hand tightly. Then with a
sorrowful look he continued. "So as he turned to go, I stopped him,
permanently. It was my idea to stash him in the barrel below deck, I
totally forgot about Tuvok's monthly check of those levels."

It was Kevin's turn to once again look guilty and sorrowful,
"I'm sorry, Tom. I only acted did what I did for I knew people would
expect me to over act and.to through suspicion your way. I.I didn't
want anything to happen to Greg."

"I understand," Tom replied truthfully.

"Captain, what ever your going to do to Greg, I'm just as
guilty," Dalby stated with deep concern.

"Relax, Kevin," Chakotay replied Then he looked at Tom, their
eyes sharing unspoken words and Tom nodded. "Greg, you covered your
tracks well, had it not been for your unusual behavior at the funeral,
and the some time errors in the computer logs, I wouldn't have figured
it out. But that isn't the only thing that let me know that Tuvok
didn't kill Carter," he stated.

Kevin and Greg looked at each other than back at Chakotay.

"It's also because Tuvok is innocent of killing anyone."

"I'm afraid it's my fault he's dead," Tom stated, the look of
guilt clear in his face.

"I don't understand?" both Kevin and Greg asked.

"Tuvok found out about Tom and me. He informed the Captain. He
resolution on the matter was to.abandon Tom and anyone else that might
be in violation of the no same sex regulation," Chakotay replied.

"Oh, but she was going to keep Chakotay and save him from my
depravity," Tom growled.

"Well, to make a long story short, Tom need proof, he found
it, but Tuvok found him. They both entered in Janeway's quarters. She
ordered Tom to the brig and no one would give me an explanation of
what was going on. Then Tom and Tuvok struggled and the phaser went
off; it was an accident."

"But.the Captain?" Kevin asked, stunned at what he was

"I had no choice," Chakotay stated coolly. "She wasn't going
to forget about things, and there was no way in hell I'd let her
separate me and Tom, he too is my soul, my mate."

The room was silent for a few minutes as the truth of
everything sank in.

"Greg, I have an opening for a tactical/ head of security, do
you want it?" Chakotay asked.

Greg looked at Kevin then back at Chakotay, "I don't want to
hide anymore," he stated, a decision made.

"That's fine," Chakotay replied, "I don't want you too, nor
should anyone. That bullshit regulation is no longer in affect on my
ship. We may still look Starfleet, but I'm still Marquis at heart," he

The two men looked at each other, Kevin shrugging, then Greg
smiled as he turned back to Chakotay, "Yes, sir."

"Congratulations, Lieutenant, Commander," Chakotay replied as
he reached in a draw and then tossed Greg a tiny box that held his
rank change in it. "In the mean time, why don't the two of you take
the next two days off, talk, make some decisions on how you want to
get the word out, and of course figure out you knew room assignment,"
he smiled.

The two men stood up, "Thank you, sir!" they smiled and left
after a nod from Chakotay.

Chakotay looked up at Tom and saw sadness in his blue eyes,
"What?" he asked softly.

"I completely understand why Greg did it. Just like I
understand why you did it, but."

"You're a good man, Tom. As Captain in the Marquis I've had to
do thousand of things I normally wouldn't do for what I believed in. I
more than believe in you, Tom, I love you with all my heart and soul.
What would I do if the one who rules it was torn from me?"

"Like me, you would die," Tom whispered as he leaned down and
kissed his love.

"You're good with regulations," Chakotay started.

Tom laughed, "Knowing them or following them?"

Chakotay laughed too, "Since were out here in the middle of
now where, and the Captain has the power to marry people, who marries
the Captain?"

Tom grinned, "His boyfriend when they get to the next planet
that will agree to perform the ceremony," he replied as he caressed
his love's face.

"Hey, do you think that Haggis will do it?" Chakotay asked.

"It may be a bit of a challenge, but I've got a gut feeling
that things will work out just fine, Love," he said as he leaned in
and they kissed. Then the leaned forehead to forehead as Tom
whispered, "mine."

Suddenly a chill descended upon the room and the two lovers
froze in place feeling the change in the room. Then the lights in the
ready room began to blink and flicker as if they were ready to blow
out and Tom and Chakotay jumped to their feet, their instincts kicking
in, something was wrong.

A high pitched whining sound came from the replicator and as
the two men turned it started pouring out coffee. It puddles and then
flowed to the floor, it was brown and thick, giving the impression
that the ship was bleeding.

The two men then turned to each other in hopes one of them had
an answer to what the hell was happening, but it was clear that
neither of them knew by the look of distress that filled their eyes.

They moved to exit with a sense of escaping the bizarre
occurrence, but the doors wouldn't open as the madness continued.

"Tom?" Chakotay suddenly said in a shaky hushed voice.
"Something just touched the back of my neck."

Tom turned to see that Chakotay looked pale, himself still
hearing his heartbeat in his ears for an unknown feeling of fear was
starting to overwhelm him. "What's going on?"

Chakotay clipped his com badge, "Chakotay to." but static
feedback came crackling out than silence.

The two men looked around trying to determine their foe, in
hope of fighting off what ever was assaulting their surroundings. Then
a soft delicate familiar female voice filled the air, speaking only
one word.


Then it all stopped.

<The end.>