Title:  Eternal
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Notes:  This is a collection of short stories that make up one whole story
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are no longer using them I’ve decided to take our boys out of the ‘closet’ and let them play and be happy. Enjoy. 
Summary: Were Tom and Chakotay really meant to be together?
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris 
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Eternal- “The Beginning”

 //Damn that man!// Chakotay growled to himself as he stomped across the last of several sand dunes. //Tom Pairs is going to be the death of me yet! That is, if I don’t kill him first!//  He stopped at the top of the dune and saw the sandstone building that he knew Tom Paris had once again, disobeyed orders and gone to explore. Chakotay pulled tight the cloth around his face to keep the sand out, and dressed like the natives moved swiftly downward. 

 They were on an inhabited planet, pre-warp, and had to dress like locals, even though they chose the lest populated area that could serve their need of supplies. Their tricorder read that there was a building near the dig site, and it was uninhabited, so Tom wanted to check it out. Chakotay wondered why Tom even bothered to ask, since it didn’t matter what was said, the irritating blond would just do what he wanted anyway. //If the Captain didn’t favor him so much,// he growled as he reached the steps to the building. He stopped long enough to take note that the building gave some resemblance to some of the ancient Egyptian architecture he had read about back at the academy. 

 He walked in slowly, feeling a bit small in compared to the large stone columns that lined both sides of the vast hall the entranceway led into. The walls had golden cat like creatures holding torches that were all light. Unusual colorful markings lined the wall and floors, again looking much like the hieroglyphics of Egyptian time period. It walked in further before he heard soft footsteps up ahead. It only took a moment before he saw Tom all the way up front by what looked like a shrine. //Damn, Fool!//

Something about the place had Chakotay’s instincts on alert so he skipped his idea of yelling and quickened his pace. Once he got within normal speaking range, “Tom, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Did I tell you…” 

 Tom turned and looked at the older man as if another child had entered his new playroom, “Look at this, Cha,” he said with youthful enthusiasm.  He was holding in his hand what looked like a human heart, but two halves that were held together with a golden cord. 

 “Put that back,” Chakotay growled as he reached out to take it and do it himself. Just as he touched the item, still in Tom’s hand, the item glowed and in an instant vanished.  “Just great!” 

 “Hey, it was perfectly fine when I touched it,” Tom snapped back in defense. 

 Chakotay felt his blood pressure rising, no one affected him the way Tom did. “Lieutenant, when we get back to Voyager, so help me, I’ll make you wish you never heard the word Jefferies tube.” 

 “Ah, Commander,” Tom said softly. 

 But Chakotay was livid, “Shut up, Tom, and lets go!”

 “Um, they may have other ideas,” Tom said, his eyes locked beyond Chakotay and a slight gesture made the other man turn around. 

 Chakotay turned to see that the once empty building was now filled with hundreds of men and woman, all carrying spears and pointing in their direction. He then looked at Tom and glared that, if we live through this, I’m going to kill you, look. 

 The two men were quickly surrounded. Then when Tom and Chakotay noted that everyone around them was looking upward, they slowly turned and did so too. They now saw three archways one higher than the two and in the middle. Emerging from them were several couples. From the left was pair of two women. The right pair of two men, and from the center, a woman on the left and a man on the right. All were dressed in simple white robes, their dark hair a contrast to their light pale skin, vast difference to the people below. The ones below had dark skin, much like Chakotay and light hair like Tom. 
 “You will return…” The women spoke as one.

 “What you have stolen,” the men finished as one. 

 “We didn’t steal anything!” Tom suddenly protested. 

 “You were seen holding the sacred heart,” the woman said.

 “You will return it,” the men finished. 

 “He’s telling the truth. We didn’t steal anything. The truth is, we were going to but it back, we shouldn’t have been touching it in the first place,” Chakotay said, glancing harshly at Tom, then back up, “When…it…vanished.” 

 “Vanished?” They all said. 

 “Yes…vanished,” Tom said. 

 The pairs looked at each other, some type of telepathy, for not a word was spoken. Then they turned back to face below them, where Chakotay and Tom stood awaiting, surrounded by hundreds of sharp pointed spears. 

 “You infidels have committed sacrilege against our Goddess’ most sacred treasure,” the woman state.

 “For this, you must face her judgement,” The men finish. “Take them to the eye of judgement!” 

 There was no point in struggling, the two men were quickly grabbed, their hands bound behind them and dragged further inward and then up a very long, long flight of stairs. 

 When they arrived to the top of the stairway, they saw that the three pairs were already present in a much smaller room then compared to below. It too was covered with hieroglyphics  and in the center of the floor was the colorful etching of a large eye. Without a word, two of  men from the guards moved to the large center of the eye and lifted open the hatch that made up the pupil of the eye. 

 Tom and Chakotay were then moved to the edge and made to face the three couples that seemed to rule this place. Tom and Chakotay couldn’t help but take notice, it was a long way down to the level they just left, and once false step and that would be it. 

 “You will face our Goddess’ judgement,” the women said. 

 “You can not hide from your fate or her judgement,” the men finished. 

 Then all six of them gave a small gesture and Chakotay and Tom noticed that the center of the eye that was a hole in the floor leading to the bottom of this building was filling with mist. Then before either one could say a word, they were pushed and both men fell through…

Eternal - “The Path of Honor”

 “My queen, I am certain that I am more than able to stop this wretch known as the Black Falcon,” the Royal general stated.  His tall slim figure and dark complexion made him look intelligent, if not formidable. 

 “General Tuvok, as gracious of your abilities I am, I have had enough of the courts complaints that this scoundrel has taken not only wealth from the very hands of our subjects, but has become entwined with the Elven race. This is not acceptable,” Queen Kathryn replied as she sipped her morning tea.  

 “The tree hugging fairy folk are of no concern to us, your majesty. We have proven over and over again this point,” General Tuvok replied with a hint of pride. 

 “True, but it is an additional insult to injury to think our subjects life’s blood is being used by…them. No, General. I have had enough. I have sent word to the Maquis knight hood and they are sending their finest, Sir Kotay,” she stated as she handed over her empty cup to her servant, and odd-looking fellow.  “I’ll lunch in the garden, Neelix” she said casually as she rose from her thrown and not waiting for the general to follow, but knowing he would, continued on down the stairs to exit the side doorway. 

 “I have every noble family from one end of this kingdom to the next complaining to me of this thug. I am dinning with Duke and Duchess Paris and their charming young son, this eve. It will please me no end to report this turn of events, and rest assured, General. Sir Kotay’s reputation is not only well known, but well earned. I for see an end of this rouge with in a fort night,” she smiled and moved forward to tend to other royal business, her loyal general at her heels. 


  That evening, Queen Kathryn dinned with several of her noble court, but Duke Own Paris held the most largest of personal estate, thus it was wise for her to give him some favor. Owen sat at the Queens right, the General to her left, and others spread out on both sides of the long table. 

 Two chairs down to her right, was the beautiful, charming Tom Paris, who every noble woman in the land sought to win his favor. He was well passed the age of marriage, and it was rumored that he did not do so, for his first choice, the Lady B’Elanna, was brutally murdered while traveling by a band of vicious Orks. Be it true or not, it was what was being said as to why the young man had not taken a wife. 

 Kathryn may be queen, but she was far from dead, so was not immune to the fair skin and sapphire eyes that shined so bright, it looked like pixy dust glowed within them. Though she gave her attention to Owen, her eyes always had room for the young blond. She started to muse that perhaps, in another year, a respectable amount of time to mourn the passing of King Marcus, she’d see about taking the young man herself. He was not only beautiful, but intelligent, and not to overbearing that he would try to take the kingdom from her.

 The meal was progressing as normal when the sound of a slight shuffle and the appearance of a page interrupted things. “Excuse me, your Majesty, but….Sir Kotay is here,” the young dark haired, half-elf male said softly. 

 Kathryn gave a wide grin, “Ah, as promised, my solution to the wretched rouge problem,” she chimed with glee as she smiled to Owen. 

 “Send him in, young Harry,” Tuvok replied. 

 Harry gave a deep bow and scurried off. 

 “Sir Cha Kotay?” Owen asked. “His reputation is outstanding!” 

 “I heard he single handedly took out a red dragon,” Tom stated with a slight board look. 

 “That would be a falsehood,” a deep voice stated in response. “I was not alone in the defeat of the creature.”

 They all looked to see a dashingly handsome man, of dark complexion and dressed in formal chain and tunic attire as was standard enter in the room. He moved in a bit farther and knelt with his head bowed, “Your Majesty.” 

The moment this gorgeous man walked in the room, Kathryn was up in the air between blond or brunet. He was strong, dashing, brave, and to live so long, intelligent, and honorable. //Only if I didn’t have to wait so long,// she thought to herself. “Sir Kotay, you honor us with your presence. Rise and join us, I insist,” she said with a warm smile. 

 Sir Kotay did as he was bided and noticed all eyes were on him, but since it was disrespectful to pay attention to anyone but the queen, noticed not. He took the seat offered him at the far end of the table. “Thank you, your Majesty. I have been informed of your situation and will not rest till the matter is settled to your satisfaction.” 

 Kathryn smiled, “With you in charge, good Sir. I have no fears left. This…Black Falcon is but as good as caught,” she chuckled, as did everyone else at the table. Everyone but Chakotay who gave a warm grin. 

 “So, you think you’re a match for the rouge that has managed to out wit our finest?” Tom asked, then turned to Tuvok, “No offense, General.” 

 Tuvok was silent. 

 “I know not if I am a match, young sir, but…I have been charged with his end, and his end I shall have or die trying. There are no two ways about it,” the dashing Caviler replied, warmly excepting a glass of wine. 

 “Where did you get that strange mark over your eye?” Tom asked.

 “Tom!” Owen stated, knowing to ask such personal questions of a man of Sir Kotay’s status was rude. 

 “It is alright, good Lord,” the Caviler replied warmly. Then looked at Tom directly for the first time and for a moment that seemed to last a lifetime, but spanned only a breath, he was transfixed by the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen. He then, without skipping a beat moved on, “It was given to me by the high Druid in thanks for my assistance a long time ago. It grants me permission to move through the sacred woods and any other land the druids hold holy.” 

 “Oh,” was all Tom could say, and remained silent for the rest of the meal, which went in perfect union as was dictated by decorum. 


 It has been over two months since I was charged to bring an end to the Black Falcon. I find myself sitting here in my room beside myself, wondering how I got into this mess in the first place. It is not that I can not find the rouge, far from it, he has made himself know quite well, though wisely at a distance from my hand, and over the days we have shared many words.  
 Nay, finding him has not been a problem. He has even become so daring as to send me letters, indirectly letting me know that he is no common man, for he can read and write, which most men can not. He has also let me know he finds our exchanges…amusing. Though he said it flatly, I can not fault him for his belief, for to a degree, I too have enjoyed them…great Spirits what is wrong with me?

 In our first meeting, his words were taunting and crude, no more than I expected from the likes of a common rogue, but over the days, his wit has…bewitched me some how? I find myself smiling when I should frown, and filled with joy when I should dread our meetings. I am charged with taking his treachery down, and yet… 

 My encounters of this rouge and a pair of blue eyes that set my soul on fire have haunt my dreams, both fill them every night. I have always known that I was different than most men when it came to the fire of the soul, so always believed that I would save myself the loneliness of a normal life by becoming a knight. In truth, I never thought I’d live this long, most knights worth their salt don’t, yet here I am. 

 The blue eyes belong to the noble Tom Paris, beautiful beyond words, but as arrogant as the day is long. In my dreams I mix his beauty with the fiery spirit of that charming rouge that makes me smile. Such is the way of dreams of course.  I must pull myself together, her majesty is not pleased that I have taken so long in my charge, but for a while there, when I was on the west side of town, the Black Falcon would strike on the east. It took me some time to figure out that there is an informant amongst the nobles, so I have decline to state my agenda. This has increased my chances of meeting up with the roguish spirit known as the Black Falcon. 

 In his latest letter to me he has become bold, and has even been forward in stating that he enjoys our matches. I find myself all a glow at the thought, for I too have enjoyed the banter, even if I look the fool when he cunningly eludes me. He is quick and dexterous where I am stronger and I know in the end more determined. But there is the rub, my determination? Do I really want to catch him? Sadly my duty states I must, but I find my heart is not so inclined. 

 Of course this only goes to prove just how much a fool I am. I am in love with a rouge, and lust with a noble man. This night I lay quietly in my bath, resting after a long and tedious chase through the woods after said rogue. I could see by his surprised poster, since his face is always covered, that he wasn’t expecting me to be there when he attempted to rob the Lord of his belongings. I took chase, on foot since my opponent is on foot. I know most people think it odd, but it states clear in a knight’s code that we meet our opponent on equal footing. 

 I know some would not think this Black Falcon worthy of such a thought, but I do, and so make chase on foot as he. I have long since changed from full plate to light chain, for I may be strong, but armor weighs on the body, and since my opponent wears only leather, he had the advantage, but no more. 

 The chase was long, and he almost lost me, for he has learned much about evading in the woods from the elves, they are well known for this, and I have seen their moves in his grace. But I know this area and make a detour and cut him off. He makes a break for it, and I grab him, but just then a scream fills the air. 

 It is a female child’s scream and filled with fear and anguish. I pull him toward the sound and see that a small child indeed is in need of help, for several Ogres looking for a meal are chasing her. I look at him, my eyes lock with his for the first time, they are blue, sky blue and stunning, but the girls scream for help shakes me. “Next time,” I say as I release him and dash off to protect the girl. 

 Her parents were grateful, though the nobles were not to pleased to hear I let the Black Falcon go to save a peasant child. But frankly, I don’t give a damn. I didn’t become a knight to please nobles, but to what was right, and I did. But my older body is paying the price of my activities of this day, so I soak and remember my chase, his slender form, and his eyes…his eyes! 

 I sit up in the water. //it can’t be! // I think, but I know those eyes as well as I know how to breath. But if my suspicions are true…then what? I give a soft groan as I lay back in the warm water. Feeling it is just my luck that the two men that haunt me would be one, and neither can I have. 

 There is a knock on the door, “Yes?” I say, not wanting to move. The knock comes again and I growl softly, “Either enter or go away,” I snap.  I hear the door open and look to see from behind the privacy screen that it is a man cloaked. I feel no sense of danger, or I’m just too tired to care one way or another. I watch as the man closes the door and moves quietly inside. 

 “What can I do for you,” I say, standing up and wrapping a towel around me, wishing strongly to just be left along.

 “You are not like the others,” a familiar voice says. 

 I turn and face the cloaked man; my expression showing I recognize the voice, and now I really do hear the similarity of the two tones it is capable of expressing. But this part of my knowledge I chose to keep to myself for the moment. “You are either very brave or you think little of me to chance coming to my room like this,” I say as I step from around the screen, the towel tight around my waist. I would almost swear I heard a slight gasp when I did so, but take no real note of it. 

 “I do not think little of you,” he says. “In truth, most would have kept me and let the child die. The fact you did not do so proves to me that you are a true noble man, and so…I wonder if you would hear me out.”

 This is an unusual twist, the rouge coming to me. I find myself wondering as I pour two drinks why I have not even considered arresting him as he clearly is standing in my room, but instead only offer him a drink as I pull on a thick robe and sit down by the fire place and sip my wine. “Speak,” I say causally, though my heart is beating fast, wondering what he wants and why again I don’t act. 

 “I know what they say and think of me, sir. But I do what I feel is right, just like you, if not to your standards, by no measure,” he says, and sips his wine, the dark cloth that covers his face enhancing his lips. 

 I notice my eyes are locked on his lips and then blink to refocus, “Right?” I ask. “How can you say stealing is the right thing to do? By what motivation do you come to such conclusion?”  I don’t know why, but I feel amused by this situation and so give a small smile. 

 He moves toward me, a bit inpatient in his movement. I gesture toward a chair and he stops, I think taken by how casual I am treating him, knowing he is suppose to be my enemy, but I can’t feel that way toward him, not now that I know who he is. But now is not the time for my confusion, so I push it aside and just take one moment at a time. I see him sit.

 “Our people think we know so much,” he says, anger in his tone, “that we don’t take heed that we can do vast wrong. Not only to other races, but our kind as well,” he states, his conviction of his belief is strong in his voice. “I take the money from those who can afford to lose it, and give to those who can not afford to do with out it. I only want what is best for everyone, but the nobles are only interested in what is best for themselves. People are suffering, surely one such as yourself can understand this?”

 I sit up and look at him seriously. “I do understand that many of our people suffer, but tell me how does stealing from the nobles ease this?” 

 “Medicine, food, seeds, and peace cost money,” he states flatly. 

 “Peace?”  The other stuff I can understand, but why would peace cost so alludes me. 

 “Yes, peace. The Elves and Dwarfs in this area are fed up with human kind spreading out like a disease, and they show their temper to the locals near them. I use the money to buy some peace, for it is always the less fortunate that feels the wrath of anger long before a noble would.  Though the tribute is minimal, it keeps some peace and those on the edge can live another day in safety. But our queen is making this even an impossible task, for her view of the Elves has reached them and they are angry. I fear war, Sir Kotay, and I am here to plead with you. If her majesty does not make some gesture of good will soon, there will be war, and those I have tried to protect will be the first the fall.” 

 I stand up quietly thinking how the deities must be laughing at me, for here my charged enemy is asking for my help, in which sounds like a noble cause, and I’m seriously thinking of saying yes. I move to the window of my room, needing the air to clear my head. 

 The very presence of this man stirs me up inside like no other. But I am a Knight, and I must proceed with caution. “Do you have proof of this?” I hear myself saying. 

 “I can get it, but would you believe it?” he asks. 

 “I am far from the wisest man alive, but I have made it this far by trusting my gut. I feel that when push comes to shove,” I say as I turn to face him, “That your word is solid. So, if you can bring me proof that war is on the horizon, I will do what I can to have her Majesty make peace. But…I must ask you to stop your thieving.” 

 I see him stand slowly. “If I bring you proof, and deny your request to stop, does that mean you will do nothing?” 

 “No, it means that we will remain on opposing sides,” I say. “If you bring proof of war, I will do what is right to protect this kingdom, that includes the poor as well as the nobles.” 

 “I only promise to bring you valid proof. As for the rest…we shall see,” he states and gives a bow. “You are a very unique man,” he states. 

 I give him a small smile, “one could say the same of you,” I say. “How soon?”

 “I will have what you need by this time tomorrow, but I will not say where I will meet you, I’m sure you understand,” he says, the warmth in his tone warms me too. 

 “Of course,” I say. I tip my glass, “Till tomorrow,” I say and I watch him leave. I turn back to the widow and stare off into the sky, letting my mind have its way. 


 He kept his word, and brought me proof that the Elven nation was furious with our Queen for she was allowing our people to just move and home stead where ever they liked, with out regards to those who dwelled there previously. This I see as either arrogant or she is wanting war, but I can not see why? 

 But then again I can’t see why she dismisses my proof as frivolous and charges me of neglecting my duty of capturing the Black Flacon instead. I take her tongue lashing, for I have neglected trying to capturing him, for I felt keeping peace was more important, but I have been told that I am a to follow orders, nothing more. 

 True that is what Knights do, follow orders, but I always thought because it was the best way to do what was right. But how can allowing war be the right thing? I may not be in the ruling class, but even I know the Elven nation has always tried their best to keep the peace, even going so far as to relocate themselves, yet we as a race seem to seek out conflict. 

 I set out once more to find my quarry, knowing that our paths will cross again. Though if I truly wanted to bring him down, I could go to his very home to do so, but what real proof do I have? Other knights may feel that to charge someone based on a feeling is just, but I don’t. I could not stand before her Majesty and tell her that I know the young noble Tom Paris is the Black Flacon because they have the same magical eyes that haunt my soul day and night, as well as the same strong lean built. 

 I sigh, hanging my head down in shame. I have fallen far from my high ideas of what a knight should and shouldn’t do. Last year at this time I would have taken the young noble to the dungeon and keep him there till he confessed, which I know he would have. But this year…age, foolishness, spell or enchantment, I find I can not do so. 

 I move to the forest to seek it’s comfort, the only place where I seem not to be so harshly judged as of late. I walk my horse, letting my sorrow and confusion sink into me and I just walk. I stop when I feel a presence before me. I look up and see by the dark green cloak that it is a Druid. I push back my hood so they can see that I have permission to travel this land, and give my respect with a bow. 

 It is a female druid. She recognizes my mark and knows my name. She is Seven of the nine Druids in this area. I thank her softly and she leaves me to my fate as I keep walking my horse.  I lost track of time as I wonder forth, my heart and head in confusion. 

 “Why are you wasting time out here?”  A familiar voice states. 

I turn to see his silhouette, “how did you get out here?” I ask, thinking that most people can’t travel these woods. 

 “How do you think I get across the lands so fast,” he states as he moves closer, the moon light shining down on his form. “I too have earned my passage, but that is nor her nor there. Why are you here?” he demands.

 His tone irritates me. I know he has no clue to what pain I am suffering in his stead, but how dare he demand of me! “I am far from the mood for your banter,” I state firmly. “Be it here or in the court!” I know I just let him know I know, but I am too tired for any more of these games. 

 “Court?” he says, a slight shake in his tone. 

 I stop and let go of the reigns of my horse and stride myself in his direction. “Yes, the courts,” I say, and swifter than he expected I pull off his black hood and reveal his beautiful face. The moment I lay eyes on his pale skin being delicately kissed by the silver moon light, I feel my heart stop with awe, but my temper fuels me past this moment. “Aye, I have known of you for some time,” I shout.  “And you, young man have no right to demand of me!” 

 He stares at me, stunned. I can see he didn’t expect me to know, much less to just walk up to him and unmask him so. It takes some of the fire from my temper. “I am here,” I say, “for I have been charged in neglect of my duty shortly after presenting the proof you brought me. I am not to worry about such trivial things as the Elves,” I state, inflecting my Queens words, “But bring down the foul Black Falcon.”

 “If you have known…why…why?” he asks, so soft I almost have to hold my breath to hear him. 

 “I…I don’t know,” I say, which is not a lie, for I haven’t even admit to myself why I have chosen to ignore what I have trained my whole life for and leave him to carry on so. But his eyes are searching mine, and I find I can not look away. I have wanted to become lost in those eyes ever since I first saw them.  “Have you skill of the art?” I ask, a small smile on my face. 

 He blinks, not sure of what I ask. “Magic? Me?” he laughs. “Oh, how I wish,” he laughs, and I find myself laughing with him, it warms me so.  “Why do you ask?”

 I feel a blush hit my cheeks, but he has asked, and it is wrong for me to lie, and I find I do not wish to avoid this anymore. If I am destine to be forever the fool, so be it. “No one has…enchanted me the way you have,” I say softly.   I am rewarded by the smile that lights up his face. 

 “You never answered me why,” he says softly, taking a step toward me. 

 I find myself taking a step closer to him; we are now inches from each other, that I can feel his warm breath on my face. I look into his eyes again and feel myself falling. I know if I do so now I can stop myself, for if I let go and fall I know I will be forever lost in his eyes. I don’t know if it is the area, my years of loneliness, or the magic of the moment, but I decide to let myself fall. I lean in and kiss him. 

 Before I know it, we are on the ground, the warm night cooling our hot flesh as we are making love to each other. I am taking him in ways I have only dreamed about, and it all feels so right. I feel the call of his soul to mine and I must answer it with my own. That night I claim him as he claims me, everything else be damned. 


 Two days later I bring the Queen the mask of the Black Falcon and assure her that he shall never be seen in these parts again. She asks for details, but I honestly and skillfully evade giving answers, but still leave her pleased. She does not need to know that Tom and I have made a union, not only of our souls, but our skill. That he gave me his mask and vow that the Black Falcon was no more. I vowed to love him always. 

 I find that, even though we chose different methods to achieve our goals, they were the same goal, the good of the people…all people of all races. He and I will leave the kingdom to form a band that would make its home along the boarder between the human and Elven territories, aligned with neither but respectful of both. 


 Our boarder land became a strong mix of human, Elven and other races, and peace has held for many years. Tom and I have lived very happily together for ten wonderful years, but nothing so beautiful is destine to last forever. I now hold my love, my life, and my reason for living in my arms, he giving up his last breath after an Orks arrow pierced his chest.  

 My soul pours out of me as life has poured out of him, I know my time on this earth is limited, for I refuse to live without him. But I made him a promise, to keep the peace. The next day I return him to the earth we are sprang from and I do my best to keep my promise. 

It has been the longest, loneliest and most painful years of my life; for existing these last five years has been agony, but Tom is calling me, and I am more than ready to go. So I go willingly to be once again in my loves arms as my final breath is let from my shell and my soul soars toward his…

Eternal - “Master of my soul” 

 Life is harsh here in the desert, that is one truth anyone can tell you. As for what else is true? Well, that all depends on who you are what you are, and how desperate you are. For me the only other truth to life is that I was born a slave, and I’ll dye one, that much I know is true. As for anything else, like saviors from heaven and our people being set free? Well, I first heard that story when I was five, as far as I’m concerned, it was a story then it’s a story now. 

 But it does make for conversation in the mud pits, as I have been working in them since I was five, stomping straw into mud to make bricks for Pharaoh ’s latest city. You see, my people are Hebrew, and they believe in only one deity, where as the Egyptian’s have dozen upon dozen’s. Some say its because our God is out numbered that we are slaves and they our master, me? I think if we stopped cowering in mud pits and saw we out number them almost four to one, it wouldn’t be this way, but, I’m only a trouble maker, as I’m titled. 

 Me? What do I believe? I believe in the sting of the whip, which I want to wrap around the man’s throat that wields it, but don’t for my mother’s sake. Our ‘master’ has her as his latest house slave, and though many of ‘my’ people turn on her as if she betrayed them, she is my mother and I love her. Besides, it’s not like she had a choice, do it or die…some choice! 

 There is only one other thing I believe in, and that’s fire. Not the kind that can burn the flesh, but the soul. I know how it sounds, but I first experienced it when I was only ten summers old. I know that sounds young, but it’s the truth. I had been working the mud pit with my father, when I was ordered to fetch water and take it to the guards. 

 I really only did it for it got me out of that damn pit, but either way, I did it. I was of course covered head to toe in mud, like most of the men, who do that job, as I carried the water around from guard to guard. It was while I was doing this that it happened. One of the guards was being a creep and splashed the warm water in my face, shouting at me that I got the water dirty. Damn, I’m covered head to toe in mud, what the hell did he expect?

 He then kicked me down and I saw his hand raise when a shout stopped him. I looked, as did the guard, and an the most beautiful and strong Egyptian boy, about fifteen summers or so, strode up to him and ordered him not to touch me. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but I would soon come to learn that he was Ko Tay, son of Kolo, Governor of this region. The guard knew who he was and gave a slight bow and moved away. Ko Tay turned to me and actually offered me his hand to help me up. It was when I touched his hand and looked into his dark eyes that I first felt the fire that burns the soul, and no one has ever stirred me so deeply ever since. 

 Being just a slave, I only got to see Ko Tay from a far over the years, and I watched as he blossomed from the tall dark beautiful boy into a man to be reckoned with. If anyone of my people knew that it was thoughts of him that consumed me day and night, it would be me they called traitor, not my mother, for she had no choice, and at times I wonder…do I? It’s been years since I’ve seen him, but not since that one day has he ever took notice of me, and why should he?

 *Whack * 

 Grrr, I swear I’m going to ring that overlord’s neck! I’m stomping as hard as I always do; I think he’s just board and gets his kicks from beating us down. I try to keep my calm, for I’ve already pushed my luck, my mother has warned me that if I attack one more guard, I’ll be killed. The pits being the only place I seem to have any value, I’m told. The ‘master’ tried to turn me into a house boy, when he found out that I had blond hair, a prize among the Egyptians, for they are all dark skinned, dark eyed, and dark hair. Of course, on one it’s just perfect!  However, I’m no house boy and I refused to do some of the things they wanted me to do. 

 I even gave a serious hurt to one man that though he could touch me down there and get a way with it. It was then that my mother intervened and she was taken in and I was kicked back out to the mud pits. The only good thing about being covered from head to toe in mud is that after so many layers of mud are built up on you, the lash doesn’t reach the skin as deep, and so doesn’t scare as much.  I think that’s the only good thing, besides having strong leg muscles. 

 *Whack *

 That’s it! I’ve had enough. I don’t care if I die; I’m not taking this anymore! I jump out of the pit so fast and knock the overseer silly before being tackled myself. I struggle, shouting that I’m tired of being beaten like an animal, that I’m not one, and then…nothing. 


 “Please!”  I hear a woman’s cry.  It takes me a few minutes but I recognize that it’s my mother’s voice. I come too and see that I have been dragged inside, and the ‘master’ is looking at me from a far, the disgust on his face clear, as my mother is on her hands and knees begging him. I move to tell her to stop, but between the guards and the pain in my head, I don’t really get far. Then I’m dragged up to my knees. My head hurts and I can’t really look up. 

 “Please, I beg you,” she cries again. Then I hear a smack and I hurt my head by trying to look up, but I don’t have to look far to see my mother on the ground, her mouth bleeding. The son-of-a-bitch hit her again. 

 “What seems to be the problem, Regent?”  A deep voice rang through my head. My head hurts, so all I can do is listen to the conversation.  

 “Ah, Governor, a thousand apologies, but it seems one of my slaves has decided he prefers death to the mud pits. Do not concern yourself with such trivial matters,” I hear the ‘master’ grovel. 
  I force my head up, to see the man who could make the ‘master’ grovel with his very presence, some form of satisfaction I think to take to the grave with me. To my surprise I see him it’s him! I would know his beautiful face and eyes any were. I can’t help but give a small smile seeing him again, even if it is to see him walking away.  A smack across my face wipes the smile off my face and the guard growls how dare I look upon the Governor of this region.  It was when he turned around to the sound of the smack that our eyes locked once again. The same fire that burned me almost ten years ago fills me once more. 

 “Take him out and be done with him!” I hear the Regent, my ‘master’ order, so I make sure to keep my eyes on Ko Tay, hoping to keep the memory of his face with me to the last moment. 


 I feel myself stopped being dragged and then I realize that it was Ko Tay that has spoken. I watch in amazement as he walks up to me and looks at me, I mean really looks at me. The fire I feel in me consumes me, I don’t know what it is about this man before me, but I know I would do anything for him, anything. 

 After what felt like eternity does he look away and to the Regent. “I will take him off your hands,” he says flatly. 

 The Regent is a bastard, but not a stupid one…greedy, but not totally stupid. “My lord, Governor, by my just ‘giving’ him away…” 

 Bastard thinks he’s going to get something for me, but the gleam in Ko Tay’s eyes gives me a thrill. “Will do no more or less damage than just killing him. Plus, I though you would see it clear how such a…tribute would reflect on you, Regent,” I hear him say. 

 The Regent has no choice but to agree, like I said, he’s greedy, but not that stupid. My mother grovels her thanks at his feet. This angers me, for she shouldn’t do that. I know she loves me, but I’m old enough to make my own fate. Then Ko Tay amazes me again. He offers the Regent a nice sum to have a house woman capable of tending his wife and his children. 

 The Regent again has no choice, not if he wants to stay on this powerful man’s good side. He accepts the offer and I find myself feeling relieved that my mother will at least be away from him. I also feel…strange, hearing him state he has a wife and children, even though it would be expected of someone like him, it bothers me anyway…why? Does it matter? I ask myself…no, is the answer. 


 I don’t know how long I was a sleep, but I do feel rested as I wake to feel the sun on my skin. I look up to see that I am still shackled to the wagon and my mother is a sleep, also shackled near by. 

 “Mother?” I whisper softly.  She stirs  “Mother?”

 “Thomas?” she says softly, propping her self up on her elbows. “Are you all right?”

 I want to cry. Here I am the cause of her pain and she asks me if I’m all right. “Yes, Mother, I’m fine. I’m…I’m sorry, mother.’

 She smiles the smile only a mother can, the one of unconditional love and forgiveness. “Were still alive, son. Just please…please try to keep your temper at bay,” she pleads.

 “I will try,” I say. I never promise, for that would be wrong, since I know I can’t control it that well. Since we are still moving I close my eyes, taking advantage of the best rest I had in years.  I don’t think I fell a sleep, but I do remember being startled when the wagon suddenly stopped. Then the tarp flap opened and guards moving in and unlocking some of our chains and we are herded out of the wagon. 

 The place is as large as a small city, and I see people, slaves, guards, Egyptians of many station levels all about as I and my mother are taken inside to a lower area where new slaves are processed. I find myself not minding the mud pit this time, for I think that on a good day I will get a look at my new ‘master’, or so I could hope. 

 The mud is so dry and thick on me, I crack as I walk, but remain silent even when a guard hits me to move faster. I move in the entrance room, knowing the procedure I kneel and wait, as does my mother. To my surprise it is not an overlord that comes down and checks us out, but Ko Tay himself. 

 “The woman is to be a house servant,” he says. I take note of the word servant, not slave. It seems of little difference to outsiders, but to us it has a world of difference. My mother will have a bit of respect and some trust among the house hold. For this I thank who ever would listen to my prayer of thanks. 

 “The young man,” he states, but hesitates. I don’t want to disrespect him, not him, so I kept my eyes down as was proper. But I feel strong fingers on my chin that gently pull my face up. I than find myself looking once again into his beautiful face and eyes, and the fire is once more alive within me.  “Have him soaked and cleaned. I wish to know what I have under all this mud,” he states and then moves off as cool and calm as can be. My heart races, and I don’t care if I’m beat, I smile at seeing his grace, though kept it small, I don’t want to disrespect him…no, not him.  

 I’m taken to a large bath area and told to clean myself up, to soak the grim off and then change into a white tunic that is laid out for me. I do as I’m told and after a few minutes notice that I’m left alone to clean. Whether or not it was a test or over sight, I have no intentions of running off, for this is probably the closet I’ll ever get to him. So I rest back in the bath and let the water soak into my skin, and I think I wash my hair at least six times, each time taking out a layer of mud. 

 I don’t believe it, but I fell asleep in the bath. I know this for I’m startled awake from a soft laugh. When I wake and look around I’m stunned once more, it’s him!  I start to scramble up, but his voice stops me. 

 “Relax,” he says. “The bath is soothing, is it not?” 

 I don’t know how to respond, so I nod. My eyes stealing glances at him even if I know I’m not suppose too. “Do you have a name?” he asks. 

 “Thomas,” I say softly, taking note that a large towel is now in front of my face. I take it gently and move to get out of the water. I see another young man, strange looking eyes, lighter skin than any Egyptian, hand me another towel. 

 I take the towel and feel myself start to blush, for I feel his eyes on me. Part of me wants to run and hid; another part wants to let him look all he wants. I take a deep breath and wrap the second towel around my shoulders. 

 “Do you like the pits?” he asks me in a sincere tone. 

 I know I’m not to look at him directly, but his question takes me off balance, I do and when my eyes meet his again, all I can think of was how beautiful he was, standing there, his dark muscular chest bare before me, his dark nipples perked, and I so wanted to touch him. Not that I ever touched a man to bring him pleasure, but…I did want to do it for him. But some sense of pride or stupidity got a hold of me and I turned my eyes cold and turned away just as fast. I shake my head no, not trusting my voice. 

 “This is Har Ree, my wife’s house boy. He will assist you in dressing and getting a meal. You have two choices, Thomas. Work in my house or out in the fields and pits. The choice is yours. Which ever one you chose, however, I expect you to do your best and you will be treated fairly. You have till after you are done your meal to decide. Then Har Ree will show you to where you will go,” he says and I turn in time to see him leave. 

 “Too Mass?” the strange young man says.

 “Thomas,” I reply a bit harsh, but then feel guilty for it. It’s not his fault that I’m messed up in the mind. “Thomas, I say again. Har Ree?”  I see him nod

“I am from the far east,” he says. “My ship caught in a storm, I only survive, and found here. Master Tay good man, keep me alive, for others though I demon, I no demon,” he smile. “I sever Mistress B’Elanna, Master Tay’s wife.” 

I note the blush in his cheeks and from my knowledge of house slaves, I know how he serves her. I give a nod myself and follow him. I’ve placed on the tunic and sandals and find I like feeling clean and dry, clothes and skin. He gives me a comb for my hair and some herbs that make it easier to comb it. It smells rather nice. 

Then we move to a small table in a small garden just outside of the bath area. There is fresh fruit and some bread and water there. Har Ree gestures for me to eat as he too eats. “If I stay inside, what would I do?” I ask.

“I’m not sure,” he says. 

“It will be up to Master Tay, but I can tell you, he is a kind man, and to some of the stories I have heard other slaves tell, I would not want to serve in another house. I have been here eight years and have only felt the lash once, and that was only in the first year I was here…I, I tried to run away,” he says, the look of guilt moves me. 

I eat in quiet and feel good. I don’t think this will last, but I really was expecting to be dead by now, so I decide to enjoy it. When I’m done I’ve made my decision. I rather scrub floors here then be out in the pit, plus, I may get to see Ko Tay even more. I see Har Ree is looking at me. “Inside work, if you don’t mind,” I smile. 

I follow him as he leads me through the corridors of this huge place, and I realize that I have no fear for my mother what so ever. If I can be treated so good, knowing what a low level slave I am, I am sure my mother will do well here. We travel for a long time and then stop outside a set of double doors. Har Ree knocks and when the door opens he bows. I follow suit. 

“Come,” the familiar deep voice states. 

I see Har Ree lift up enough to walk in; I again follow suit, so when he kneels, so do I. 

“I see you’ve chosen to work for me in my house,” I hear him say, as well as hear him get up from where he was sitting. I can see his feet as he walks up close to me, and I can feel his eyes on me, and once again I feel the heat fill my cheeks under his gaze. 

It’s subtle, but I can feel his strong fingers brush along my hair, and a shiver shoots through my body. I will never forget his touch, not on my chin or my hair, for his hands are so strong by the looks of them and they are capable of such gentleness. 

I feel my self freeze when I hear him ask in a soft voice if I would have any problems serving him. It takes me all I have to nod my head no, then I hear him tell Har Ree to teach me all I need to know. That he’ll be back from his trip to the Capital in two weeks, and I should be fully trained by then. He then places something over my head, but I remain frozen and don’t look.  It’s not till Har Ree pulls me away and we are out the door that I look at the medallion that now hangs around my neck. 

“He has favored you,” Har Ree says warmly. “As long as you wear his favor, no guard will hit you, so long as you remain on the ground and behave yourself,” he smiles. 

He then shows me his, which he got from the Lady B’Elanna, and I can’t help feeling pleased. “Well,” I say to him softly as we move down the hall. “You have two weeks to make me into the best house servant this place has ever seen,” I say warmly. It was when Har Ree giggled that I knew we’d become the best of friends. 


It has been challenging to keep my temper, for everyone seems to want to touch me, but the one I would allow. I have served the Great Tay for the last three months now; still managing to keep his favor, so no real beatings come my way, but nothing else either. I have gotten some warnings, but I won’t let anyone touch me that way! 

One of Ko Tay’s overseers has been out for me since I got here. His name is Pol, big, mean, and ugly as the day is long. He keeps finding me when I seem to be either cornered out of sight of others or alone, trying to convince me he’d bee good to me. I’ve mouthed off at him a few times, and he just laughs, then gives me a dark promise look that scares me. I some times wonder why I don’t just ask to go back to the pits, but then I remember as soon as I lay eyes on Master Tay, and his warm dark eyes smile in my direction, even if it is subtle. 

He also talks to me, well, sort of. Where others would say “boy get this or that” he say, “Thomas, would you be so kind as to get me, hand me…” things like that. I like that. I like him. Though with all the things I’ve done over the months, the one thing I was nervous over and torn between doing and not doing was bathing him, like most house boys, but he doesn’t have me do that. He has women do that…lucky them!

There is suddenly a major disturbance from the kitchen area. I like many slaves move to see what it is. Pol and his guards are overturning the slaves quarters, which is just off the kitchen, shouting something about a thief and a traitor of the house of Tay. I like others watch, but I notice that Ko Tay has entered the room, his face stone, his eyes all a storm. His eyes will sing the world to you if you can read them, and I know I can, for they sing to me all the time. 

“Here it is!” One of the guards’ shout and to my horror they pull from my bed a box that I have only seen once before on Ko’s work table. Before I know it, I’m being grabbed and dragged before Ko being called a thief and a traitor to his house. 

My eyes are wide with disbelief; I can only shake my head no, for I can not believe this is happening to me. I look at him, the pain and anguish of feeling betrayed is in his eyes, and it hurts me to my soul. “I didn’t do anything!” I shout. His silence and gesture to take me away cuts me to the quick. He’s believing this lie! “Master Tay, I swear I would never betray you!” I shout and am rewarded with the back of a guard’s hand as I’m dragged away and placed into a cell in the lower part of this building. 

The room is dark, except where a hole from ceiling, where the sun shines in on a bright day. There is nothing else. I sit down in a corner, feeling tears flow, and I finger the medallion around my neck. My initial instinct is to pull it off and through it away, but I don’t. I hold it tight, and ache over when someone will come and take this away from me too.

I sit, for how long I don’t know when the cell door opened. It was Pol, and I feel a shiver run through me. Then the door opens more and it’s Ko Tay, with several guards. I move to my knees and bow my head, slowly moving the medallion off my neck, for that's why he’s here. I hold it out; my head still bowed, and remain still. 

“Leave us,” I hear. 

I want to look up, but manage to remain still, and hear the cell door close and footsteps move toward me. I feel the weight of the medallion being taken out of my hands and I feel as if my heart is being torn from me as well, tears fall, I can’t stop them. Then unexpectantly I feel strong gentle feelings touch my chin, raising my face up, to look into his concerned face. 

Our eyes lock, I try to convey with all my soul that I would never do anything against him, but remain silent. I feel his fingers caress my cheek, wiping away some of my tears. “You didn’t do it, did you?” he says softly.

His faith in me is like a light, for I feel my darkness fade from me, a smile reaching my face. “No, Master,” I say softly. Feeling confident, I continue, “I would never betray you, Master, never you!” I vow before him. 

His fingers move and brush some of my hair from my face; a small smile reaches not only his eyes, but his firm lips. “I believe you, Thomas. However, who ever has committed this crime against me has seen to it that you look guilty. They just never counted on my knowing your soul,” he says softly. 

When he replaces the medallion around my neck I vow then not only to do him no wrong, but stop anyone that would even dare try. “Who do you think would do this to you?” he asks me. 
I’m taken by the fact he’s asking me, and though I have some ideas, it’s wrong for me to pass judgement without proof. I tell him this, and he looks at me pleased.  

 I watch him move to the cell door and with a word it is opened. I remain on my knees, watching, waiting, hoping for the best, but if I must remain here, at least I know he knows the truth. I see him turn to me, “Unless you want to remain,” he says warmly. 

 Master Tay has a wonderful sense of humor, and charm that always warms me. I shake my head no and stand up and follow him. It was on my way out that I catch the look of disbelief in Pol’s eyes…that bastard! I had my suspicions, but now I know. 

 I follow Master Tay back up to the main house and he gestures for me to continue to follow him, so I do. After a few minutes I notice we are heading for the baths, my heart suddenly starts racing. Again I start to wonder how I feel about this, but find I can’t stop following him, even if I dared to try. 

 We walk in, his three women that usually take care of him are entering the room, hearing him enter, but he politely dismisses them, and tells them that he doesn’t want to be disturbed while he soaks unless it is an either an emergency or word of the Pharaoh. They leave and he gestures for me to close the doors, making it so that only he and I are in this large room. 

 I move and gather some towels, as Har Ree once shown me and all the other supplies one would need to bath with. I am startled when I hear him speak. 

 “Do you think your people are treated fairly?” he asks me. 

 I turn, taken off guard by the question, then taken off balance as I watch him strip down, revealing all of his deliciously firm body. “Mmm…Master?” I manage. 

 He moves and takes a seat in the warm water, runs a strong hand through his short dark hair, his eyes looking at me sincerely. “I want you opinion, Thomas. I have taken notice that you are much more brighter than people have given you credit for over the years,” He says. “Do ‘you’ think that the Hebrew people are treated fairly?” 

 I’m not sure how to answer this question as I move slowly toward him and kneel beside him, laying out the soap, and oils to tend to him. I decide that I can’t lie, to him anyway, and pray for the best. “No,” I say softly. “Not as a people.” 

 I’m not sure if this will anger him or not, but I brace myself for his reaction, and find his soft chuckle perplexing. I look up and see him looking at me warmly. “I knew you would be truthful to me, Thomas. Thank you,” he say. 

 Then he sits back and relaxes as I start to gently touch him for the first time, to caress soap on his bronze skin. I feel the heat of his flesh burn through my fingers all the way to my soul, but try very hard to focus on this being very relaxing for him. 

 “It’s refreshing to have someone tell me the truth,” he says sadly. Then he looks at me, “You are right you know. Your people are not treated fairly, and I doubt that will change anytime soon,” he states as if this information is painful. 

 “I know not out of this region, but they out number you, four to one, yet are more than willing to cower to the whip. Till they are willing to live and die to be free, they are undeserving of it,” I state, not knowing why I suddenly feel so free to be so bold. 

 “So harsh, Thomas,” he says softly. “Not all birds that have been born to the cage are able to fly if freed,” he says, pointing upward to where an example of this is perched. I see several white birds just sitting there, knowing they always sit there, when they can easily fly out of the window.  “Others make flight, taking the cage with them if they have too,” he teases, looking at me. 

 I feel a blush fill my cheeks, and then move into the water, as trained to finish washing him. I feel a bit unsure as I take off my tunic, but it is what is expected, so I do so. I feel his eyes on me again, and feel the fire I always feel when he pierces my soul with his look. 

 “Can I ask you something, Thomas?” 

 “Of course, Master,” I say softly, gently taking the cloth and moving it along his strong shoulders. 

 “Have you…ever touched a man?” he asks gently. 

 I know what he’s referring too, but I don’t trust my voice, so I nod no. 

 “Has a man ever…touched you?”

 Again I don’t trust my voice as I feel the fire burn my tongue, so again I just shake my head no. I know I’m all blushed, but I won’t lie. 

 Then he turns around to look at me, his eyes taking me in, and I feel my breath catch. “Would you like to be touched?” he asks in a very soft voice, as he moves closer to me, but still no connection between us.

I feel my blood rush through my veins, I just barely manage to shake my head yes, and I can’t even bring myself to look at him. My senses are being filled with his presence as he reaches out and gently touches my shoulder. 

 “Would you like to touch me?” he asks as he moves up on me, I feel the heat of his breath on my face, as he leans my chin up and my eyes lock with his. His strong gentle fingers caress my lips as I shake my head yes, for I know he can see my desire for him in my eyes. 

 When his lips touch mine and his arms wrap around me, I knew than that I belonged to him, body and soul, that I was his. His hands burned my flesh as his mouth devoured my very essence; it was heaven on earth! I had never been touched this way, and I melted into him, daring myself to taste of him, and being rewarded with a sound of pleasure from him. This is music to my soul and so I do all I can to bring him pleasure. 

 He has to show me what he wants, even how to do it, but I learn very quickly, for I want to please him so much. He moves me from the water and lays me on my back, as he moves gently on top of me, “What would pleasure you the most, Thomas?” he asks sincerely. 

 I have bared by body to him, I can not but help bare my soul, “make me yours,” I say. “Only yours!” 

 “Oh, Thomas!” he cries as he makes claim of me. When he spreads my legs and soon enters me, I know then that I will belong to no one but him! He is my reason for breathing, existing, and being created in the first place. I understand now that I was not born to serve Egypt, but Ko Tay…only him! 

 “Oh Yes!” I sob in delight. 

 “Louder,” he says as he thrust into me harder, and I shout my pleasure to the heavens themselves! 

 The sound of his roar of pleasure is the sound of my triumph, for that is what I want to please him. But then he makes my body explode too, and I am lost. When I an aware of my surroundings, he is laying next to me on the towel, holding me to him. When I try to move, thinking that I should clean him, he gently pulls me to him, and my body just snuggles up to him, it’s where I want to be, no…it’s where I belong. 

 “You are mine, Thomas,” he whispers as he closes his eyes, holding me tightly. 

 “Only yours, Master,” I whisper in return as sleep takes hold of me too. 

 A year has passes since that wonderful day when the master of my soul claimed me to be all his. No one baths Ko Tay but me anymore! When we are a lone, he shows me how much he loves me, not by how he claims my body, but how he treats me as an equal as we talk on all kinds of issues. He has confessed he wants more, but dare not, for fear that others would whisper foul things into the Pharaoh ’ ear, and he could lose me. I see this to be true, for Tay has many enemies, simply because he is Governor and a good man. So, Tay takes a lot of baths so we can be properly alone. 

Pol is long gone, way of disgrace, when he was caught trying to force himself on me. I never knew till that night that Tay was capable of such anger. I swear he almost tore Pol to pieces with his bare hands, had not my cry for him to stop broke through his haze. 

 I would not want Tay to ever regret his actions that are involved with me, and I know a portion of his soul would regret killing Pol, Tay’s such a good and kind man. After Pol was sent away that very night, Tay took me to the training hall and decided to teach me the Sai. At first I was taken back at how forceful he was in teaching me, but soon understood that he didn’t want me to ever be helpless again, for if he had not been there…

 With this understanding, I have worked very hard and have mastered the Sai to Tay’s satisfaction. I of course never saw how else this mastery would benefit me, for not only do I get to be the only one to bath my Master, he has named me his personal bodyguard! Now I can be with him, even if silently, all the time now.

 Everything is going so wonderful I first think no one could mess things up, but I was wrong. It seems that Ko Tay’s wife, Mistress B’Elanna has suddenly developed a jealous streak were I’m concerned. Not that I can blame her, for she only has his name and duty, I have his heart and soul, and she knows this. I am the one who places the light in his eyes each morning as he places breath into my very being. 

 I have learned much being around Tay, and so have learned to be very careful not to leave myself open or anyone close enough to do Master Tay harm, physically or politically. How do I manage the latter? Being a slave I have the inside track with other slaves, and we hear and know much more than other masters give us credit for. I think only Master Tay is the only one who sees us as people and not just labor animals. 

 I had heard that one of the Regents had their eye on Tay’s position and was daring to plan to remove Tay to make way. When that Regent came to visit, he couldn’t even get close enough to Tay to even give proper respect, and I thank the Gods that Ko Tay was not too cross at my behavior. Of course when I stopped the servant that was assigned to kill Tay, I don’t Ko ever cross at me again for my over protective nature. See, I learned it from him, for he treated me the same way in the beginning, no one got close to me, now I can return the favor. 

 This matter was taken to the Capital where I get to accompany Ko Tay there. I have been there twice before, and every time I find it even more spectacular to view. Ko Tay is highly valued by the Pharaoh, which to me shows how smart the Pharaoh is.  Of course, except when I’m bathing Tay, I wear the dark wig, like most servants and dress as I should, not just because its expected, but Ko has told me that he treasures my blond hair, and doesn’t want to share, this makes me very happy. 

 Things turn ugly, for the Regent has charged this upward to a matter of personal honor between houses. The Pharaoh has declared that a representative of each house must satisfy honor, since the Regent is a ball of mush, and Tay could take him in his sleep. But what concerns me so is that the battle is to the death. Not just of the representative of the house but the head of the house as well. I think the Pharaoh chose this, thinking that one would back out, but I know Ko Tay would not, and I know that mush ball thinks he has a champion on his side.

Retorres is our house’s Champion, and I see that all is expecting him to stand for Ko Tay, especially Tay’s wife. So it is not only her that is surprised when he chooses me to stand for him. I know I have mastered the Sai, but I fear that I am not worthy of such a responsibility.  The look of hatred that fills Mistress B’Elanna’s eyes lets me know that she would not be so sadden if I was to die, and I wonder if she realizes that if I die, so does her husband. 

 Ko Tay has moved with me to a side room where I am to prepare for the battle and when we are alone I turn to him, “Tay, I am not worthy of this,” I say, half pleading. “If I die…” I say, letting him see in my face that it is not for myself were my concern lays. 

 He hugs me and kisses me softly, then he looks deep into my eyes, “Where others would simply fight, you will fight for me, and thus have more reason to win,” he states firmly. Then his eyes warm and his face softens, “Plus, if you were to lose, then I would soon follow, and we would still be together,” he states. “For I love you, Thomas. Ra created you to be the other half of my soul, without you, I would chose not to continue,” he states. 

 I reach out and kiss him back, showing him that I feel the same way. “I will not let you down,” I vow.

 “You could never do that, Thomas.”  

 He then kisses me again and moves to my ear, feeling my body quiver with need of him, he whispers. “Take of me my essence so that it will give you strength.” 

 I kiss him and then kiss my way down his hard firm body where I find his excitement is waiting for me. I drink deeply of him and feel is fire and passion fills me as I take all of him into me. When I’m done, my own excitement if aching, but he pulls me up and hugs me tightly. 

 “Use the fire to your advantage, my love. When this is done, I will reward you,” he whispers and kisses me again, his lips full of promises I know he’ll keep. 


 My opponent is twice my size, but, Tay is right, I am more determined to win, plus I learned from the best. The first round seems to go in my opponent’s favor, but I am really doing what I was shown, testing him to see his strengths and weakness. He is strong, but slow, so I start to use my speed to out maneuver him, making him overtax himself. I also take note that he is easily angered, and I recall Tay telling me that a man blind with anger is a dead man. So I start to taunt him with smirks and glares. 

 Damn it! He got a hit on my side and though only a shallow cut it hurts like hell. My opponent grins from ear to ear, but I can not afford to lose, so I take a deep painful breath and focus. I tumble and roll to his right and when he tries to turn around I give a kick and he trips over my leg and goes flat to the ground. I whirl my Sai and just hit his left arm as he rolls away from me. 

 The blood sprayed and is all over me as I flip up and take my defense stance, knowing he’ll come at me. He does, and I block each attack, and when he tires to corner me, I slip down and make my move to go behind him, as I come up he’s turning and I plunge my Sai in his heart! His wide eyes, full of surprise indicates that it’s all over…I won, and Tay will live. 

 I move to the bottom of the stairs that lead to the platform where Ko Tay, his wife sit quietly near the Pharaoh. I bow, but still can see that Ko Tay has suddenly gotten up from his seat and walks down to me, an intense serious look on his face. When he reaches me I lean up and I see him move his hand and rips the medallion off my neck, the one that bares his favor.

 I feel my eyes water as I look at him wondering what I did wrong. Did he want me to die? I look confused, but then I hear his voice. “A free man does not need the favor of a master,” he states. 

 I am glad he has not stopped loving me, and to be free is…is wonderful, I think. I stand stunned, not knowing what to do. Then I see that the Pharaoh has joined us with his wife, so I bow in respect and remain silent. I listen and suddenly all makes sense. Tay had to act quickly, for the Pharaoh was going to make me apart of his house, a request that neither Tay or I could deny, but since I am now free, I can make my own choice with out insulting the Pharaoh. 

 The Pharaoh asks me that since I am free would I stay with Ko Tay or see work here in the Capital. “I shall stay by my lord Ko Tay’s side for as long as he wishes to have me,” I state softly.  And that is just what I do. From that day forward, Tay and I work together to help the land prosper, and I am always by his side. 


 I protected him from assassins, enemy solders, and political leeches, but I did not see her coming. Ko and I have been side by side for four years since I earned my freedom, and though I knew she was jealous, she still had Har Ree and others, but that was not enough for her, she wanted what I had, but it was not for her to have. It was not just Ko’s love, she wanted the bonding of the soul, but that belonged to Ko and me, and for we both knew we were made for each other.

 The asp poisoned him; it was slow enough that he could wipe my tears from my eyes as I held him. I know she did it for she stood there looking at me, telling me that she had had enough of us, and that if she couldn’t have her husband to herself, no one would have him, especially me. She also told me that she was going to accuse me of this crime, and her word would hold more weight than mine would. 

 Tay told me to run, after she ran to get the guards, playing her role as the distraught wife. “Go, don’t let her win, my love,” he says. 

 “No!” I cry. 

 “Don’t cry, love. I will wait for you on the other side, and if they should send me forward before your time, I will find you again, I swear,” he whispers. 

 “You are my heart and soul, I can not live without you!” I cry, feeling his last breath on my face. Then I hear the footsteps of the guard, and with anger I leave my love to flee, but not to hide. 

 I waited quietly till my love was properly entombed, then the night before they closed it I struck, brining down my love's vengeance on the viper that struck at him so. I killed B’Elanna and then took to the desert once more, knowing how to hide from all my love has taught me. 

 Again I wait till the night they are to enclose my loves tomb, for his wife, by tradition, will be placed with him. That night I make my way in and find the two, having been placed side by side and I sneer. I desecrate hers and all the jars that contain her life, then I open the sarcophagus that holds my loves body. It will be crammed, but so what. I take out the poison that I know will work fast and drink it. I lay myself in with him and with the last bit of my strength I close the lid, and let death take me to my love’s awaiting arms. 

Eternal - “Cosmic Joke – Part I” 

 A: Today’s my wedding day, I’m not too happy about it, for my Father chose my husband for me, which is traditional in our tribe, but please…did he have to chose the only guy in the village that is less than a man than I am, I mean I’m a woman, but you know what I mean. Ah, but, my father is his high priest in our Inca society, it wouldn’t be proper for me to disgrace him so, but if I leave tonight I could catch a boat that is heading north…duty before dishonor, damn it! 

 B: Today’s my wedding day, I’m scared through and through. My father, General Taggart Lee chose Jeffery for me, for he believes that he’ll take care of me. Both my father and Jeffery think I’m fragile and could break any minute. I wonder if it’s too late to sneak out and catch up with John. He’s going south on an expedition, oh, my father would show up now, Damn it!

 A:  That’s it! Two years of being with child and having to do all his work…I don’t think so! I swear, from now on if I’m going to do the work, I want the credit! I don’t care if that sounds shallow, but give me a break. The man does nothing and demands everything! Last night I told him if he ever touches me again, wifely duty or not, I’ll personally reestablish the ancient sacrifices, starting with him!

 B: I’m so tired, but father and Jeffery seem to enjoy life. I swear I have spent every year since my marriage with child! I have four and number five is on the way. I tried to tell Jeffery that we have a large enough family, but he chuckles gently and tells me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m the woman and it’s my job to provide him with heirs. I’d like to heir him, if you know what I mean, but…I was brought up to be a lady. 

 A:  My husband finally passes away, thank the spirits, and my children are all grown and my daughter takes after me, thank all.  But my son? He takes after his father, poor kid. I’m now an old woman and have much insight to life, and I have come to a conclusion…

 B: My father loved me, this I know, but he had no idea just how much Jeffery was an idiot. I performed my duty as best I could, and thank the heavens that Jeffery was called off to war, for I don’t think I could have taken much more. I mean ten kid and three miscarriages, but alas that is the past. The children are grown, some with children of their own, and me? I never remarried when Jeffery died. So here I sit on what’s left of our worn down estate and I have come to a conclusion…


Eternal - “Betrayal of the Heart”

 I’m so nervous my palms are sweating! I left the states and traveled all the way over to London England in hopes of being trained of as a pilot. Of course I knew they would take me, I’m a good pilot already, but to be placed in ‘his’ squadron!  He’s been my hero since, well since I can remember reading about him years ago and his daring feats at the end of WWI. To think that we’ll get to fly together to kick Hitler’s ass…wow! 

 I sound like a schoolboy, though I’m all of twenty-one, but it’s not every day you get to meet and work with your idol. I just arrived at HQ and now I have to sit outside his office, and my nerves are getting worse. I remind myself that I’m a good…no, damn good pilot, other wise he wouldn’t have requested me. But that’s why I’m also nervous, what if I don’t measure up? Oh, great! I just handed my file over to the clerks and it’s starting already. 

 You see, I have one of those names that people just love to make fun of. My name? Charles Otay. So you can imagine, “is everything Otay?” things like that. But, I’ve grown a bit more thick-skinned over it. My friends call me Cha, why? Who knows, but I like it. It seems to fit with my Hispanic heritage. They’re telling me I can go in and see ‘him’ now; I take a deep breath and go in. 

 “Lieutenant Charles Otay, reporting for duty, Sir!” I say as I snap to attention and salute my superior officer. 

 “At ease, Lieutenant,” he says. 

 I can’t help it, even if he is almost twice my age he’s…he’s  beautiful! I know one should not refer to their commanding officer as beautiful, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at his soft blond hair, his sky blue eyes, and the lines on his face make him so much more distinguished! I’ve suddenly decided that not only is Colonel Gene Thompson just my hero but I’ve just fallen in love with him! 

 I stand at attention as he looks through my file, the seriousness on his face suites him, and I find I’m no longer nervous, for my thoughts have become filled with thoughts that would most defiantly be considered in appropriate. I swallow hard, and refocus on flying routines, it wouldn’t do to have a boner in front of your superior officer either. 

 He finally looks up at me and I know it sounds silly, but when our eyes meet for the first time, it’s like electricity! He stares at me for what seems like forever, then he blinks, clears his throat and continues on as if nothing happened, but I know something did. 

 “Lt. Otay, I’ve been apprised of your flying skills and I’m most impressed, that’s why I’ve requested you to be assigned to the Delta squadron. Unless you have any objections…?” he looks at me a moment.

 “No, Sir!” I say with a huge smile. 

 “Then welcome aboard,” he states as he stands up and he reaches out to shake my hand. When we touch hands, again the electricity is there, and I see…what I want? I swallow hard, for I could just be imagining it all, wishful thinking and all that. 

 “Thank you, Sir” I say and I leave when I’ve been dismissed. I gather my new orders and head to my new barracks at the airfield. The way things have been going, we’ll probably be on mission in the next two days or so. I only hope I get a chance to know him before….no bad thoughts, Cha…stay positive!


 Flying that bomber yesterday was like flying a washer machine with a load of lead in it! They warned me it was out of shape, but that was ridiculous! But, I was determined not to look bad, not on my first mission, and not in front of Colonel Thompson. It may not have been gracefully, but I got that bucket of bolts over the target in Nuremberg and ‘BOOM’. 

 Of course there was a price to keeping that metal pig in the sky, it took all our fuel, so I had to do an emergency landing. I know, I know, most would have ditched it, but during the raid the damn Gerry’s shot three of my crew, they’d never make a jump, so…landing was my only option. 

 There’s nothing like being slapped on the hand while being patted on the back. What do I mean by that? The Colonel scolded me something fierce for not following protocol and not ditching the plane, but told me he was proud of me for getting my crew home alive, and that it was one hell of a landing. I think I lit up his office I was beaming from his words. He’s even suggested that we go out for drinks and he’ll ‘bore’ me with his war stories, as if he could. 


 It’s been three months and ten missions later and Gene and I have become the best of friends. He’s so not like his official persona. He’s got a great sense of humor that I just love and he treats me like a man, not a kid. We seem to have a lot in common, flying, strategic games, and having a good time, so long as it doesn’t interfere with our duties. 

 I also discovered that the old man can cook, can you beat that? He’s invited me over for dinner tonight, fifth time this month! I decided to use a few favors and get a bottle of his favorite scotch. I mean, he’s not only been a friend, but he’s taught me so much, and well…I’m still very much in love with him, though…I know it’ll always be my secret. 

 He opens the door to his apartment, and I see the table is set for two, some music, the Andrew sisters, in the background and I gracefully, which means not so graceful, hand him the scotch. I’m rewarded by a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his beautiful face.  He asks me to make myself comfortable, so I try, but after two minutes I’m in the kitchen helping him make the salad.

 “I’m quite competent in the kitchen,” he teases. 

 “I know, Gene, but…you know me? Can’t sit still for a minute unless ordered too,” I quip back. The joke was poor, but he laughs none the less. 

 Rank has its privileges, for he scavenged up a chicken, so it’s Lemon Chicken with salad and wild rice. Even though wine would have been better, we don’t have any so it’s scotch, which after a bit isn’t bad.  We talk about everything, and I think I drank more than my share for as we move to the sofa to continue our conversation I ask, “How come you’ve never married?”

 The look he gives me makes me almost regret opening my mouth, he looked so…sad. “Just never met the right one,” he states softly.  Then he changes the subject, “What about you, got a girl back home?”

 I laugh softly, “No, don’t think I ever will either,” I say way too honestly. 

 “Why not? You’re a smart and handsome man,” he states.

 It must be the alcohol, “You think so?” I ask, feeling that if he said it, it must be true. 

 “Yeah, I think so.” His smile burns right through me. I feel this urge to reach out and kiss those firm kissable lips, but sense takes hold, sort of. I just shift closer to him, making it look like I was getting comfortable.  

 “Cha, can I…I ask you something?” He asks in a hesitant voice. “I…I mean without you being offended or becoming angry?” 

 I turn to him and let him know with a look that I’m serious, “Anything, Gene. What is it?” 

 He shifts closer as if he’s going to whisper something to me, so I lean closer, “Cha…I…I wonder if…I…” 

 He’s so close to me that I can feel his breath on me. His eyes are so intense on me that I feel myself falling into them, and I can taste him. His hesitation is so appealing and I feel that draw again, and this time I don’t resist. I lean closer and before I know it I’m kissing him, hard and passionately. Then I start to come to my senses and my eyes snap open, ready to beg for forgiveness, but instead I feel his arms wrap around my waist and his mouth respond eagerly to mine. I close my eyes and put everything I have into that kiss. I want him to know how much I love him right from the beginning. 

 “Oh, Cha!” he cries out as I start nuzzling his neck while my hand is rubbing up and down his firm chest. I may not have ever done this before, but I have dreamed of this moment for far to long to not have a clue to what I want. “I want you, Cha!” 

 “Take me, Gene,” I cry back. “Make love to me, please!” I say as I lean back, just long enough for my eyes to lock with his again and he can see just how much I mean it. He then pushes me on to my back on the sofa and is on top of me, oh he feels so good! His mouth and hands know exactly what to do and has me all a quiver beneath him. “Yes!” I cry as his hand moves down and strokes my hardness. 

 Before I know up from down, my clothes are gone as he is just finishing taking off his pants. For an old man, his body is sexy beyond belief. He then climbs back on top of me and out lips meet once more. “So beautiful,” he whispers as he starts to kiss down my neck to my chest.  Soon he’s sucking on my nipples and all I can do is cry out in ecstasy as my hands play in his soft blond hair. 

 Then he starts downward again and when he takes my hard member into his mouth I feel as if I’ve come home to where I belong. “Oh, Gene, Yes!”  I shout. 

 “Shhh, baby, easy,” he says in a gentle voice. His hands sooth me and keep my hips from rocking into his mouth. “Let me love you,” he says softly. “Let me love you, Cha.”

 “Please, Gene. Love me,” I say as tears fall down my face, I’ve never know such joy and intense pleasure before this night. 

Then I know more, as his hands find my clef and soon I feel his fingers within me, I squirm begging him for more. He knows what he’s doing, for he stops sucking me when I know I’m close and then he jerks me off! “Come for me baby,” he says, and my body will always follow his orders. 

 When I feel air returning to my lungs I feel him using my cum and using it to put on his fingers. Then soon another ecstasy occurs as he plunges his hardness into me. It hurt at first, but he did warn me, and he was very soothing about it, so after I relaxed into him, he moved in further…Oh MY WORD! Then he started to fuck me and I knew then that I was his and always would be, for I don’t think anyone could ever make me feel the way he is tonight. 

 When I hear his roar of pleasure I find myself following with my own once more. Then he’s laying on top of me, exhausted, and I reach up and caress his face. His eyes open and look at me, when he sees me smile at him, his eyes light up so bright, that I fear the air raid wardens may come knocking and yell at us to turn the lights out. 

 “Oh, my beautiful, Cha,” he whispers. “Stay with me?” 

 I nod yes, feeling that no words can express how I am feeling. I lean up and kiss him again, pulling his body tighter to  mine and after a few minutes he begins to laugh. “Whoa, hotshot! You may be ready for another mission, but these old bones don’t refuel as fast as they use to,” he says.

 “My dear, Gene, are you trying to tell me…your…old?” I say in dismay. Then I laugh, “You not old, just out of practice,” I state and then proceed to prove myself right. 


 The next morning when I entered the kitchen and saw Gene, I could tell he was unsure of how I would react to him. I mean, this kind of love has such an ugly stigmatism to it, but to me, last night was beautiful. I see him look at me sideways as he sips his coffee, still unsure. I decide to alleviate his concern by walking right up to him and embrace him tightly and kiss his cheek.

 The smile on his face and the relief in his eyes warms my soul. I wrap my body around his and kiss him hard, he drops his coffee, but the kiss continues. I blush for when the kiss ends I actually giggle. I mean, me…twenty-one years old, a Lieutenant in her Majesties air force giggling? 

 “Sorry,” I say as I blush and laugh warmly. 

 His eyes transfix me as I feel his hand caress my cheek, “for what?” he smile. 

 “I feel like a school boy,” I joke, but the happiness is clear on my face. 

 “Well, so do I, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the inside of a school yard,” he chuckles.  Then his eyes turn serious, “are you…sure your okay with this?” 

 I meet his gaze warmly, “Think me not the fool, Gene, but I was yours the moment I laid eyes on you,” I say softly. 

 “And I yours,” he responds and kisses me again. 

 I feel the fire start to build up and I move from his mouth across his jaw to his creamy neck, and hear him whisper that we don’t have time for another personal mission. I laugh and back off. 

 “Dinner?” he asks me.

 I smile from ear to ear, “Of course, as often as you want me,” I say, suddenly feeling serious myself. 

 He cups my face in his hands, “I want you often,” he replies seriously. “I want you by me as often as you want to be here,” he states. 

 I hug him tightly, so much I feel is conveyed in this embrace, for I feel it returned and all my desperation matched. We hold each other quietly for what seems forever, but only fifteen minutes. Our pact between each other is sealed during this silent moment, I feel it. 


 This year has been difficult, but no matter how bad things has been, there is always Gene to come home too. I’ve lost good men on many missions, as has Gene, but no one said war was a picnic. I’ve been given a field promotion to Captain and now have a small squadron of my own to command, so I understand the pressure Gene is under much better. 

 It’s a known fact that Gene and I are best of friends, and I don’t think anyone has a clue that we’re lovers, and of course they won’t. We’ve had our ups and downs, but it’s mostly due to the pressure of the war and the damn war department. They have Gene jumping all over the place at all hours of the day and night and still heading missions. 

 What upsets me the most is that I know he wants to share things with me, but he can’t, he’s an officer and that’s par for the course. But he does let me know that he love’s me…yes, he’s actually said it! I was so thrilled that I blubbered like a schoolboy again. I love him so much I can’t begin to imagine life without him, nor do I intend too. 

 Tonight he seems so tense and so…affectionate; I’m not sure what to make out of it. We both know we’re scheduled for another mission tomorrow, but this isn’t something new, but something is weighing heavy on him. I try to sooth him the only way I know how, since talk is out. “Loose lips sink ships” is the popular saying, sadly it’s true. 

 I’ve become quite the chef with Gene as my tutor, for he said that if he had never climbed in a plane as a boy he’d been a chef, I believe him too. I make dinner and arrange for him to have a warm bath, and he gawks at me, wondering were I found the time for all this; since I have so much of my own work to do. 

 “Rank has it’s privileges,” I chuckle as I bring him a glass of sherry, as he soaks in the warm bath. 

 “And what is that suppose to mean?” he smiles at me. 

 “It means I’m not telling you,” I say as I kiss him soundly on the mouth and move just in time as he swipe at my butt. “Don’t get lost in there, dinner is ready,” I say and make my way back to the kitchen. 

 Gene looks so much better as he sits down to dinner after the bath, so much more relaxed. “Better?” 

 “Much,” he smiles. He looks at the table and lifts the lid and grinned, “Spaghetti and meatballs,” he grins and then smell deeply, “From down the street,” he chuckles. 

 I laugh, “Well, I may be a good cook, but did you really think I had time to make dinner and prepare you a bath? Get real!” We both laugh and enjoy dinner. 

 Afterwards, I’m cleaning up as Gene makes us tea, but I have notice the solemn look in his eyes has returned. “Can you give me a clue?” I ask softly, letting him know I know something is wrong. 

 He walks up to me and wraps his arms around me and hugs me tightly from behind and whispers in my ear, “No matter what, believe only what’s in your heart.” 

 That was the first and last thing he was going to say on the matter that night. We made love as if there was no tomorrow, and by morning I feared there wouldn’t be. Before we left the haven of our apartment, which we stated we shared to save cost, I made sure he knew how much I loved him. 

 “And I love you, Cha. Never forget that!” he said so seriously that I felt the fear fill me, but by the time I could speak again he was already out the door and in the real world, we’re just friends. 

 The sun isn’t even up yet as we reach the airfield, the silence between us is deafening, for I feel the tension, something is up. He is called to the office as I head down to the airfield to meet up with the crew. I intend to triple our checklist, I don’t care if the men bitch or not. If anything happens, it won’t be because of this plane or it’s crew. 

 Everything was going so well. We made our run on Heidleburg and was now over occupied France when all the warning lights went off. Gene was in the pilot seat, I his co-pilot, and I couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. We were losing fuel pressure as well as oil pressure, we were going down. 

 “We’re over the channel, have the men bail!” Gene orders. 

 I nod yes and move my way back to give orders and assist the younger crew, for I can smell the fear. There were no seriously injured so they will all be fine. “Gene!” I shout. “Come on, they’re all gone!” I shout again as the last of the crew jumps. 

 “Go on! I’ll follow!” he shouts back. 

 I start to put on my parachute, but I can’t do it. I can’t leave him here. I start to make my way back to the front of the plane, but there is a sudden shift and a shutter and the last thing I remember is some of the equipment falling and then every thing going black…


 My head hurts! It takes me a few minutes to realize I’m lying down, and there are strange voices around me. I first wonder if I’m dead, but as I open my eyes I see that I’m in a hospital. I blink some more and though my vision clears, my hearing is still messed up for I can’t understand anything that is being said around me. 

 It’s when I turn my aching head and see the men in uniform that it all makes sense. I’m in a French hospital, and the enemy has captured me. I swallow hard and try hard to recall my serial number, for that is all I am suppose to give. 

 “Ah, Captain Otay, how good of you to join us,” the German officer states as he sees I’ve come too. I glare at him, not liking the fact that he even knows that much about me.  “I’ve been told that you will live,” he sneers. 

 “I am Captain Charles Otay, serial number 54867…”

 “3992, yes, yes I know all that,” he states impatiently. “I could care less. You’re only here for one reason and one reason only, Captain, and that is to peas my superior who will use you to make a prisoner exchange. I highly suggest that you do as your told, for even if my superior wants you alive, there are many who would not think twice about shooting you,” he threatens and then walks out. 

 I try to move and it’s then that I notice that I’ve been restrained to the bed. I try pulling on them, but they are too strong and my head still hurts like mad. I then relax and it dawns on me. If they have me, did they have Gene? I shout for the nurse. 

 When one comes in I start asking if she speaks English, but she just ramble something and soon another nurse comes in. “I speak your English, what is wrong?” she asks, her eyes darting from me to the German guard outside my door. 

 “I…I want to know if another prisoner was brought in with me?” 
 “They only bring you, no one else they bring,” she states. 

 “But…” I want to shout, but I can see she is being honest, and is afraid, so I just nod I understand and lay back; it takes all my will not to cry, I won’t give those bastards the satisfaction! 


 I refuse to eat, especial if they think they are going to spoon feed me like a baby. It’s humiliating as it is to be tied down like this; I can’t even use the bathroom with out help, not because I can’t, because I’m not trusted. Not that I can blame them, I’ve been thinking none stop since I woke up this morning of how I’m going to get out of this place and find Gene! 

 The nurse is pleading with me to eat, since I have not taken a bite all day. She turns as my eyes shift to see that same jerk from this morning enter in and shoo her out of the room. I glare at him coldly. He walks up to me and slaps me across the face and sneers. “I don’t see what makes you so special,” he growls softly. 

 He then checks the straps and then moves to the door, “you have a visitor,” he states and then exits the room. I personally don’t care if it’s Hitler himself, I just lay there wishing like hell to know if Gene is alright, but when the door opens and I see who is standing there, dressed as a General I just want to crawl up and die! 

 “Gene?”  I say in disbelief. I blink, for it can’t be! 

 “Leave us,” the man states and the guard closes the door and it is only me and…Gene?

 I watch him walk up to the side of the bed, I don’t know what my face is showing, I only know my heart is shattering with every step he takes. “It…it…it can’t be!”

 He looks at me almost coldly, but then I see a bit of warmth in his blue eyes. “Why didn’t you jump as you were told too?” he growls at me softly.  “You would have thought me dead, and you would have never had to know.” 

 My mind is filled with anger, hurt, and confusion. “Gene…how…why?”  I know how stupid these questions sound, but it’s what I want to know. “Why?” 

 “Why? I was born in Germany, though my dear mother took me away when I was but a boy, my heart was always here,” he states. Then he looks at me and lowers his voice, “I was called home, I did all the damage I could, but they wanted the latest technology of our latest bomber, so…I was to deliver it to them, and let Gene Thompson die…a hero.” 

 I close my eyes, feeling the fool that I was and am. I feel the moisture fill them and I try to hold it back, but I know I will fail. There is only one way to face this, as in all moments of war, hardening of the heart and soul. I swallow my tears and become silent. There is nothing more to say, for the man I love…loved, with all my heart and soul is a traitor. 

 “Everyone thinks I should have you killed,” he states flatly, “but…well lets just say for old time sake, I’m going to make sure you get home. After that…well all’s fair in love and war,” he states. I think I hear a quiver in his voice, but I don’t even acknowledge him anymore. It’s when he leaves and I know I am alone that I allow myself to grieve the loss of my love and nurture the hate that was sowed that same moment. 


 I’ve been taken to a small village near Normandy, were I will be placed on a boat and given as trade for the return of some of their German officers. I’ve been tied up and bound like a dog, but I remain silent, for I want to make it home. For once I’m there, I will personally find away to take down the traitor known as Gene Thompson! 

 I didn’t expect to see him enter the office and toss the guards out. He then unties me; I stand still, wondering what his game is. I look at him coldly, and I can’t help but shift my eyes away when I see the familiar warmth in his…damn my own soul! 

 I freeze when he reaches out and caress my face. “I really didn’t want it to be like this,” he states softly. “But…” 

 I feel him move closer to me, part of me wants to push him away, but the part that misses him wins out. I remain still as he lays his lips on mine. I feel the familiar fire that only his lips can bring me, start to fill my soul. Then I feel his arms wrap around me and pull me close, his tongue exploring my mouth as if it was his sanctuary to hold, which it is. A soft moan escapes my lips as his hands wonder down and grabs my butt and pulls me even closer to him, so I can feel his fire next to my own. 

 “Let me love you one last time?” he asks in a soft whisper in my ear. 

 Everything about him is intoxicating, it always have been. I feel myself melting into his touch as his hands start to unbutton my shirt. His hands touch my skin and I’m all a fire. “Oh, baby, you feel so good,” he whispers to me as his hands rub up my bare chest and then to my back. 

 I feel tears fill my eyes, for I know now that I will always love this man. “I love you,” I whisper. 

*Bang * (muffled)

I see his eyes go wide as he moves back from me. I can see he can’t believe it, but then he looks and sees that I have his gun in my hand. The shock is clear and then he grins at me, as blood seeps out of his mouth. 

I catch him as he falls. “I will always love you,” I vow. “But…I can’t let you betray us to the Germans. I’m…I’m sorry,” I say as tears fall down my face. 

“Not as sorry as I am,” he says softly, his hand gently caressing my cheek. “Go, they will kill you…if they catch you…go…my…love.” 

He gives his last breath in my arms and I hold him tightly, wanting to die too, but I can’t afford too. I have to let England know what has been done. I sneak out the back window and make my way to the channel, mother said I was a born fish, I guess we’ll find out. 


I’ve been sitting in this stupid office for over five hours! I’ve told and retold my story so many times that I could have written a book on it by now. Of course, I can see why they are unsure of things, for I did lie. I decided somewhere along my long journey back across the channel that I couldn’t tarnish Gene’s good name, I just couldn’t do it. He may have been a traitor, but in the end I could tell…his love for me was real. 

I stand at attention when the General enters the room with a few other superior officers and I sit when he tells me too. He dismisses the others and to my surprise offers me a drink. I say no, but he gives me one anyway. 

“I’m glad you made it back, son,” he states. “I’m only sorry our plan didn’t work.”


He looks at me sadly, “I know Colonel Thompson and you were the best of friends, to…watch him die…” he slaps his drink back and then takes a seat across from me. 

“It means that they didn’t believe the cover story we built around him, damn Gerry’s!” 

“Cover story?” I ask, feeling a tremor in my gut. 

“Son, Gene was to go undercover, posing as a traitor, but he was a double agent. He was suppose to deliver that particular plane for it may have looked all high tech on the inside, but it was filled with everything we wanted the Gerry’s to get their hands on, if you know what I mean.”

I slam my drink down, “He…he was…too…to…” I can’t speak. 

“I’m sorry, Son. But Gene knew the risks,” he says softly and then moved to exit, but not before patting me on the shoulder. “We’ve all lost good friends in this war,” he says and then leave me alone to think about what he said. 

I start to shake as realization hits me. His last word to me, “No matter what, believe only what’s in your heart.” I didn’t! I believed what I saw, and now… “Oh God!” I cry softly as I fall to the floor. I killed him! I killed the man I love! It wasn’t even for the good of the war! 

 The next thing I know I’m waking down the hall of the building where I first met him, not really aware how I got here or what anyone is saying to me. 

 “Hey, is everything Otay?” someone jokes. 

 I remember feel of metal in my hand and then hearing a bang and then a scream and shouts, but I keep moving forward. When I get to his office I close the door and lock it. I sit in his chair, tears falling down my face. I see myself scribbling a note saying I killed him! I’m sorry, I didn’t know! Then silence fills the air as I feel the heated metal of my gun in my hand being pressed to my own temple and then…

Eternal - “Cosmic Joke – Part II”

A: I just met the most beautiful woman there is!

B: I just met the most gorgeous man in the world! 

A: She’s smart, funny, and has a heart of gold!

B: He’s strong, and I don’t just mean in body. He’s a real leader and we share the same principles! 

A: I knew the moment our eyes met that we’d be the best of friends, that there was something special between us.

B: I knew it was our karmic destiny when I looked at him and he smiled at me that way certain way that touches the soul. 

A: She’s stood by me through thick and thin ever since that first day we just met…wow what a woman! 

B: He’s been there for me when all hell breaks out and is there to make the good times roll, boy, what a man! 

A: Everything would be perfect, for she’s everything I could possibly want in a life mate if not for one small, not so tiny detail…

B: He’s my soul mate, I know this, but there is a problem…


Eternal - “My Beloved Enemy”

 At the dawn of the 22nd century, there are only two kinds of people, them and us. Us being those born of natural parents the way nature intended us to be and them…the ones that were created in a lab. It’s our own fault, we tried to tamper with nature in our arrogant attempt to play god, and now our own creation is striking back, and they are winning. 

 They were designed at the DNA level to be stronger, better than the average human with all their so-called flaws. Well, being one of those so-called flawed humans, I can tell you, for at least we have a soul! That is the conclusion at to what went wrong, that in all the DNA manipulation, what constitutes as a soul was manipulated right out of them. 

 This may or may not be true, but what really matters is that they have a lot of advantages over us. They are smarter, for they were designed to retain and recall information as fast as any computer to date. They are stronger, faster, and all their senses are heightened. And what is worse, they are breeding. 

 The only real thing we have on our side is numbers. We out number the Genetically enhanced two hundred to one. It use to be more, but they bombed a lot of our heavily populated cities to “Control the numbers better.”  The very thought of this irks me, but not as bad as it use too. 

 Sadly, they out maneuvered many of our top strategist and taken control over the government and all-vital areas in order to establish order. We thought we were done for, but then an unexpected turn in events occurred. The so-called, Genetic elite…split up. There were no  longer one fraction, but two. 

 Northern and Southern Hemisphere now divided the world, and those not apart of the solution were part of the problem, if you lived in the south. I am my family fled to the north only because there was at least some sense of mercy were in the south under Khan, there was no tolerance what so ever. Plus, my Father, and Mother and siblings had no value to him and his people so were marked for death. 

 At least in the north, under Kota, we can survive, and I have joined the resistance, much to my mothers sorrow, but she told me she understood. I don’t know as much about this Kota as I do Khan and his party, but slavery is still slavery. 


It’s frustrating to see people forced into fighting a war that isn’t their own. Khan and Kota have been going at it for three months now, and we…we suffer for it. We of the resistance have found islands were some of our people can go for refuge, but most of us have to deal with the every day horrors of war. 

 So, when I was approached by one of the leaders of the resistance to undertake some treatments and go undercover and spy for them, of course I said yes. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but someone had to do it, and they say I fit the build and make up of most of the template creations…no offense of course. 

 The treatments were minimal, just enough so I’d pass any medical scan so they would think I was one of them. I was filed away in the computer and then set into motion. The resistance of course bombed the computer so no one could really tell if I was always in there or not. 

 I went to work as a low-level guard in one of the main buildings. I was told to take things slow, don’t rush into anything, for these guys weren’t stupid. So, that’s what I did. Took things one day at a time. I heard many things about Kota and Khan, but still knew more about Khan than this Kota, who held the Northern Hemisphere in his hand. 

 It was during a routine assignment, protecting a convoy of officers or some important person, for we were not told who, when someone was stupid and started to fire heavy-duty weapons at us. Well, survival is a deeply ingrained instinct, so I moved for cover and started shooting back. I saw one of the official cars being hit and it shot up into the air and tumbled several times as it hit the ground. The windows were shattered and the vehicle was on fire, but to my amazement someone was still alive, trying to crawl out of the car. 

 I don’t know what possessed me that day, but I had been playing guard so long I just acted. I moved and lent a hand. To my surprise it was a beautiful dark-skinned, dark haired woman, even as cut up as she was set my soul a fire. A round of gunfire brought me back to the present and I helped her get away to safety. 

 “Thank you,” she said as I handed her a cloth to wipe some of the blood from her dark eyes as I returned fire to  insure our position was safe. 

 “Your welcome,” I smile and then I turn to her, her dark eyes drink me in as if I’m liquid and I feel I can’t breath, not till I see her smile, which thankfully she does, for I was turning blue. 

 “Are you all right?” she asks as she laughs warmly. 

 “I’m fine,” I stutter, and then gather what is left of my wits. I take a look and see the all clear signal. “They caught them” I say as I stand up and offer her a hand. 

“Ah, chivalry is not dead,” she chuckles as she takes my hand. When we touch I feel drawn to her and I feel that she is also to me.  “What is your name?” she asks me softly, still holding my hand. 

 “Paris-12,” I say, for many of the Genetics were named after the city they were created in and numbered by their order of creation. 

 “You have not chosen your own name?” she asks in mild surprise.

 “No,” I smile, feeling my cheeks blush under her scrutiny. “Have you?”

 “President Kota! President Kota, are you all right?” several top security guards shout as they rush up to us.  My eyes widen and I feel the fool. Here I am, trying to make time with the leader of the Northern Hemisphere!

 “I am well, thanks too…Pairs, here,” she says. It is then that I notice not only is she beautiful, and graceful, but she has an aura of a born leader with in her. Her strength becomes clear to me, not because she survived the blast, but because of the look she gives me, it’s in her eyes.  “I wish this man to be assigned to me,” she states and then looks at me. 

 I take a moment, but only a moment, and then I follow her as she moves off heading for another vehicle. I keep my mouth shout as I listen to the report. It was a norm, as the non-enhanced are called, but they are sure that Khan and his party backed the norm. 

 “That bastard thinks I will be that easily intimidated, he best think again!” she says, her dark eyes all a fire. 

 I find myself quietly sharing in her anger. 

 “I broke from that power crazed dictator for a reason,” she snaps. “We may have been made more superior, but all life has value! I will not let him enslave this world. I know my methods are not much better than his, but I can not let him win.”

 That was it, my heart was lost. 


 Over the next year I quietly served two masters, or one master and one mistress. I fed information to the resistance, mostly on Khan’s party as I keep Kota safe. She’s an amazing woman. I have stood by her side every day since that moment when I pulled her out of that burning car, and I have seen what others can not…that she does have a soul. 

 She is so strong in front of everyone, but it is when she is alone, meaning me silently in the corner and no others around, that I see her cry. Three months ago I could stand it no more and moved to offer her comfort. She found it in my arms as I did in her kiss. Tonight is no exception for her tears to flow. She cries almost every night, for she takes all the loss of life personally. 

 “Perhaps I can make a deal with Khan,” she says to me. 

 I look at her in surprise, she has never asked my opinion, nor have I ever offered it. I’ve always just been her comfort and I have to admit, I love being there for her. “Deal?” I ask. 

 She sits up in bed and gives me a smile that melts my soul, “How much do you know of Khan and me?” she asks innocently. 

 “Um…same as everyone else,” I say to cover up the fact I know very little. 

 “Then you know that Khan and I come from the same research facility,” she says. I simply nod. “But what most people don’t know is that we were…literally…made for each other.” 

 It’s my turn to sit up in bed. “Made for each other?”

 “Ah, Paris,” she sighs as she folds herself into my arms. “We were to be the Adam and Eve of a new race of leader. To lead the world into prosperity, but…” she looks down, guilt filling her dark eyes. 

 “But that’s not what he wanted,” I finish for her. 

 “No. He saw that only by enforcing his rule on everyone could there be prosperity, but I tried to explain to him that humanity would never bow to such a thing. That only together would we be able to reach for the stars as one people, but…he called me a dreamer.” 

 She turns in my arms and hugs me tightly. I feel torn between wanting to confess to her my heart and keep the resistance safe, for even she is against them, though I am starting to understand why. She has tried to tell them on several occasions that she is fighting for us, not against us, but they won’t have anything to do with the enhanced, so she must fight them too. 

 “Paris, our children are to be what norms are to us. I know how scary that sounds, but if I offer Khan a…heir…he might…”

 “No!” I say, the fire of determination and possession fill my voice. “You know that’s exactly what he wants.” 

 “But, Paris…” She looks at me, and for the first time I see the lost look in her eyes. “People are dying. They are dying for a cause they don’t even believe in…how long can I allow this to continue?” 

 “Bring Khan down,” I whisper in her dark hair as I run my hands through it, holding her strong body to mind. I decide to take a risk, “If the resistance won’t work with you, you can…still work with them,” I say. 

 She moves back and looks into my eyes, “how?” is all she says. 

 “I…I am sure they have ears about, let out knowledge that will benefit them against Khan…use them as it were to achieve the same goal…the end of a dictator.”

 “Many see me in the same light,” she says, her soft lips puff out, almost child like. 

 “If Khan were gone tomorrow and you were asked to step down, let the world chose its own leaders, would you?”

I see here thinking, for I didn’t expect her to jump to an answer, for that would not be like her. She takes the time to think of things from all angles. Then she looks at me seriously. “I would, but slowly. I would make sure none of my people would suffer retribution for what has occurred, and I would relinquish power, slowly, so long as they kept their word and my people are treated fairly. Contrary to what people may think, ruling half the world sucks, having it all must suck twice as much.” 

 I laugh, for I do see that she has no joy in what she does, only the satisfaction of keeping Khan at bay. I kiss her, and we make love leaving the weight of the worlds trouble for another day. 


  Another year has passed and I feel old, and I don’t bare the burden that Kota does. But my burden is far from easy. I keep feeding the resistance information, still mostly on Khan, but I have to give some of Kota, and that hurts my heart. But I know it is what I have to do.

The problem with being more liberal than Khan is that it allows more room for betrayal, and Kota not only accepts it, she expects it.  I have come to see the weariness in her eyes as each casualty report comes in. She has done what we had talked about; she has let information leak out on Khan, which has helped, but by allowing the spies access so they will believe the information, it has hurt her as well. 

 Though she is holding her own, and the resistance, thanks to her, is pushing Khan back, I think today has become the straw that proverbially broke the camel’s back. Khan is now using biological weapons and has just taken out the state of Arizona in the North American continent. 

 I don’t know if anyone noticed the light go out in those dark eyes of hers when she read the report of the hundred of thousands that died, but I did. “This has to end,” she says to no one in particular. 

 “If the resistance wins, all of us will be wiped out!” one of her cabinet states. Sadly, he is correct, the resistance will destroy all the created, this is their prime goal. 

 “And if Khan win?” she asks, looking at the man who is afraid for his life. “What kind of world will there be to live in? He will suppress the norms to the status of cattle, and what will happen when our ‘children’ come to think of us as we do of the norms, now? No! if there is to be a future, it can not be with Khan at its helm,” she snaps. “If he must be in the picture, then it will have to be with reigns.” 

 I feel a shiver up my spine. But I remain silent as I always have over the years. I know people on both sides know me and Kota are lovers, so what! I love her and have come to see what she wants is a unified world, where everyone is treated the same…but I don’t think anyone will let it happen. 

 “Leave me!” she says, but I don’t feel the concern till her eyes meet mine, and I know she is including me in that order. I don’t want to, but I do so. I stand close to the door enough to her order he secretary to get Khan on the line, then she sets up the sound barriers, but I fear I know what she is going to do. I love her, but I have learned enough about Khan to know he’d never let a woman rule over him…sexist pig…I think that was the old term for it.  I have to let the resistance know! 


 Well, I was partly right, she did make a deal with Khan, but not quite the one I though she was going to make. She told me that she offered to bare his child in exchange for peace and a location for the two of them to meet and consummate this deal was chosen. I of course let the resistance know of this. 

 While Khan and Kota were…together, the resistance hit a vital part of Khans army, and much to our surprise, Kota’s army hit another…almost wiping them out.  I am amazed at this as word reaches me back at the base, where I wait for her to return. See, I may have told the resistance of the deal, but I do love her and won’t let anyone hurt her, not even the resistance. 

By the time she arrives back home, word of Khan and the last of his people escaping in a ship called the Botany Bay has also reached the people. This has caused a moral push to the people and they are going crazy attacking openly all Enhanced people. I have been given what is needed to prove I am not one of them, the resistance payment to me for all my help. Well, I took two of the devises, for I won’t let them kill her either. 

 She enters the door, alone and tired. I run to her side and when she looks up and sees me, I swear she looks surprised to see me. “Are you all right?” I ask, my concern for her is real. 

 “It’s over,” she says softly. “The people no longer fear and are taking back what they feel is rightfully theirs,” she says as she collapses in my arms. It is then that I notice all the bruises. 

 “You’re hurt!” I say as I pick her up and move her to a sofa. 

 “It is only a matter of time before I am dead,” she says as if she knows this to be a fact. 

 “I can get you out of here,” I state calmly and with conviction as I wrap a blanket around her and move her to the secret exit. 

 “Move to the basement,” she says. “I…I know of another way out,” she states softly. 

 I move through the narrow halls behind the walls of the building that is being attacked by people that sound more like a pack of wild animals. I suddenly feel ashamed to be one of them. I exit into the basement and wonder around but I can’t find a door leading out. This is where the incinerator chamber is, as well as the trash shoot, but it is too small for us to fit through. 

 “Is there a hidden door?” I ask, concern filling my voice. 

 “Do you love your people?” she asks me. 

 I look at her and for the first time it dawns on me…she knew, she knew all along. “I love you,” I say truthfully. 

 She smiles, but I see that there is sadness in her heart, for I see she knows I betrayed her. “As I love you…Paris. But this will not end simply with my death, there must be nothing left of me…or the child,” she says, moving past the pain in her heart. 


 Her dark eyes fill with tears and guilt, “I told you we were made for each other. I knew I was pregnant immediately, and I tried to abort it, but my system will not let me. Though Khan my have other offspring, they will not have what are DNA combined will create…this is good. This…this can not be allowed to live, and neither can I.” 

 Tears fill my eyes, she is asking me to kill her. That is why she brought me down here to the incinerator, so there would be nothing left for anyone to find and use against the future world. I hold her tightly as noises of the assault echoes down here. “I can’t,” I cry. 

 She hugs me then pushes away from me, “Then I will do it. Go, slow them down if you can,” she says as she stumbles from my arms toward the chamber. 

 “You can’t do this!” I say as I grab her. 

 She looks at me, a strange calmness is in her eyes. “Some things are meant to be, others are not. For that I am sorry,” she says and she suddenly hits me square on the jaw…I’m down for the count. 

 I’m not out too long as I get up and see that she is inside the chamber, but by the look of frustration on her face, the devise she was using to set the incinerator off has failed. I can’t but help but feel relieved, then noise of footsteps take my attention away. 

 I move and encounter resistance fighters. I show them my proof of who I am, and thankfully one of them recognizes me. I tell them all is clear down her, and they tell me to keep my eyes open for Kota. That they want her alive. I hear some shout how they are going to take her back to the lab and dissect her like a rat. Others yell about controlling the beast for next time…next time?

 I wait till they leave and close this area up. I move to the chamber and I see her sitting there in tears, she has failed in her eyes. I open the door and she looks at me sadly, more concerned that I’ll be angry with her than anything else…what a strange and amazing woman. 

 I say nothing as I look over the wire of the devise she was trying to use to trigger the chamber. I notice that in her rushing one of the links came undone. I quietly fix it, and place a timer on it, while she stares at me. 

 “Are you sure?” she says softly. 

 I look up at her and tears are in my own eyes, “They are already talking about a next time,” I say. 

 She nods and knows I now understand where she is coming from and why she must do what she must do. But I won’t let her suffer. “Give me a few minutes,” I plead. “They have already come this way and will not come back till they have searched the rest of the place.” 

 “I will wait,” she says, and her promise is in her kiss. 

 I run fast through the narrow halls to my destination and then back as quickly as I can. She kept her word, I knew she would. I reset the devise and set the timer for thirty minutes after being triggered. 

 “What are you doing?” she cries as she sees me closing the chamber door, me in the room with her. 

 “Doing what I know is right,” I say with quiet conviction. 

 I hear the door seal as she tries to reopen it. “No, you must go! You must not let them win!” she states.

 “Too late,” I say as I show her the empty needle. 

 She stares at me, “What…?”

 “I don’t want you to suffer, so the poison is painless and then the fire will consume our bodies, and my DNA and yours will be mixed for I also rigged the chamber to blow after it is done…nothing will be left. 

 I feel lightheaded and I feel her take me to the table she was going to lay on. “Here I say as I hand her a needle filled with the same poison. She lays me down on the table and then takes the shot and tosses it to the ground. She then joins me on the table after she starts the devise. 

 We wrap each other in the other’s arms and I feel her head rests on my chest. “I love you, have since the moment I heard you declare your heart that day we met,” I say.

 “And I loved you long before we met, Paris…if that is even your name,” she laughs. 

 “Chase…Chase Jennings. My friends call me Cha,” I smile as I kiss her temple. “What do you mean you loved me long before we met?” 

 She laughs, one filled with hope and promise, “I believe in soul mates and you are  mine as I am yours. They may have made my body for Khan, but my soul was created for you,” she says with an eerie conviction. 

 “You believe in all that reincarnation crap?” I ask. 

 She laughs again, “Well, we’ll find out if I’m right or not soon enough,” she says. 

 I don’t hear anything else after she whispers she’ll look for me in the next life.

Eternal - “From the Top”


 Two men, one dark, one light, hit the floor as if tumbling poorly through a window. They land on their backs and both are breathing hard as they opened their eyes and stared upward. It takes a few moments for them to realize that they are not dead after what they were sure was to be a long fall. 

 “Tom?” Chakotay panted. 

 “Chakotay?” Tom answered, also panting. 

 The two men continued to stare upward, the hole in the ceiling where they were pushed through was still present and they started to recall all that happened to them. 

 “You shot me?” Tom panted in a disbelieving tone. 

 “I’m sorry,” Chakotay said softly. “If it helps any, I shot myself too.” 

 “I guess,” Tom states, not knowing how to take all of what just occurred. 

 “Do you think…any of that was real?” 

 “I’m not sure,” Tom states quietly. Then Tom softly grins, “all it took in…what ever that was, was a look and we were totally in love with each other.” 

 “Each time,” Chakotay confirms. 

 Tom starts to feel vulnerable as all of it begins to replay in his head. He reaches out, and without looking takes Chakotay’s hand for comfort. “What if it was real?” 

 “What if?” Chakotay says, still keeping a soft tone. 

 Both men still stare upward, still trying to regain their senses of the moment. “Each time?” Tom says softly. 

 Though Chakotay is still looking upward, he smiles, and gives Tom’s hand a gentle but firm squeeze, “Each time, Tom. Each time.” 

 It is Tom that moves his eyes away from the ceiling first and looks toward the man next to him. “Really?”  

 Chakotay rolls to his side facing Tom, but not breaking his hold on Tom’s hand. His dark eyes meet his sky blue and for a moment they are locked, then Chakotay looks away. “Yes, really. I…I don’t know why or I should say I didn’t know why…but even as I knew I loved you when I first saw you, there was so much…wrong between us.” 

 “Neither one of us helped the situation,” Tom says as he sits up, pulling Chakotay with him. “I carried the pain of you hurting me…”

 “As I carried the pain of you hurting me,” Chakotay said.  “Again, for what it’s worth, I am so sorry.” 

 Tom looks deeply in Chakotay’s dark eyes, “I believe you. Will you forgive me? I only did what I thought was right, as did you.” 

 “Yes,” Chakotay says and moves forward and embraces Tom in his arms. 

 “You know, I can’t help but feel cheated,” Tom states. 


 “Yeah, we meet and have such a short life with each other…we never got to grow old together and have a family?” 

 “Or we don’t meet or not under the right circumstances,” he laughs. 

 “I’m glad you find this all amusing,” the female voices say, as the two men jump up, suddenly aware that they are surrounded again. 

 “You have been judged,” the men say. “What if we say that one of you must die for this crime?” 

 Chakotay immediately places a protective arm around Tom, who holds tightly to Chakotay.  “If anyone must die here, it’ll be me. I was the one in charge…”

 “No, I was the one who came in here without permission,” Tom protested. 

 “Tom, you are under my authorization, I’m in charge…I…”

 “No, Cha. I ran off, and I touched it. I won’t let you die in my place…I won’t!” 

 “I won’t stand by and let them kill you, Tom. This I swear!” 

 “Enough!” both the women and the men say. “Make your peace!” 

 Chakotay looks deeply at Tom, no longer filled with past regrets he didn’t understand he can see clearly into Tom’s soul. He nods. 

 Tom looks into Chakotay’s eyes, also no longer filled with past regrets and misunderstandings he too can see clearly into Chakotay’s soul. He nods. 

 They hold each other and state as one to the head priests, “if we die, it will be together.” 

 Then they look at each other, “I love you my beautiful rouge,” Chakotay says as he caresses Tom’s cheek. 

 “As I love you, my knight in shining armor.” 

 They lean in and kiss…

 When they break the kiss, they are standing in the same position they were in when they first both grabbed the item. It takes both Chakotay and Tom a moment to realize that the item in question is in their hands and no one is about, the building is empty. 

 As one, they put the item back on its holder and look at each other. It seemed that nothing had occurred, but it didn’t feel that way. 

 “Um…” Tom was lost for words. He remembered so much, but did it happen, was it only in his own mind?

 “Did I shoot you?”

 “Only if I roasted you,”  Tom quipped, still unsure. Then he felt his hand being taken by Chakotay and he looked up to see why. 

 “Each time, Tom,” he said as he squeezed Tom’s hand. 

 Tom didn’t hesitate, he jumped into Chakotay’s arms and kissed him soundly on the lips. Then Tom hugged the other man with all his might, and whispered something in his ear. 

 “What was that?” Chakotay asks.

 Tom looked at Chakotay a moment, and then grinned in realization, “That was German, hot damn! I…I remember it all.” 

 Chakotay was silent a moment, “I do to.” Then with Tom still in his arms he turns to the item…the two halves of a heart, bound by a gold rope. He traces his fingers over the hieroglyphics, “only the eternal may know of its blessings.” 


 Chakotay smiles, “ Yes…eternal.” Then he turns to Tom. “We really were made for each other, love. We’ve been trying to prove that over and over again, lets not waste anymore time this life time…okay?” 

 “Otay,” Tom smirked. 

 Chakotay grabbed Tom and tickled him, then embraced him, “Marry me?” 

 “Yes. We both know it’s meant to be, I just want…”

 Chakotay placed a loving finger on Tom’s lips, “One life time at a time, love. We don’t know what the future holds, so lets take it as if there is none, even though we know we always be together,” he says and kisses Tom. 


 No one could believe it, Tom and Chakotay had returned from the surface of the strange planet hand in hand. When the Captain asked what happened they only said a history lesson. Then they told the crew the very next day that they were getting married. 

 The Captain tried to stop it, thinking it was way to fast, but all she could do was hold off on the official vows. Tom and Chakotay moved in together and by the end of the week, Tom bore Chakotay’s family crest on his brow…as far as they were concerned, they were already married. 

 Janeway held out only for another month, but finally she broke down and agreed to the marry them. She couldn’t really stand in their way, and truth be shown, the two men were happier than ever. 

 “For richer for poor, till death do you part.” Janeway said. 

 “I Chakotay of Dovan V take Thomas Eugene Paris to be my lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health, for richer and for poor till the end of eternity.” 

“I Thomas Eugene Paris take Chakotay of Dovan V to be my lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health, for richer and for poor till the end of eternity.” Tom stated before the Captain could say her part. 

 Janeway shrugged and continued, “I pronounce you wed. You may kiss the groom.” 

 The two men kissed, uncaring of the cheers and whoops and hollers they were receiving. All that mattered was the other. 

Eternal - <The end? Yeah right!>

 Beginning of the 25th century, on a space ship, heading toward the Alpha quadrant. 

 “Doc, Jenny Wilderman-Kim is about to give birth,” an older human-Bajoran woman states. 

 “Ah, leave it to the Wilderman genes to never stay on schedule,” the EMH states. “How is Kathryn Alaya-Paris doing?” 

 “On schedule,” the nurse states. 

 “Prep both birthing rooms,” the EHM states. 


 An hour later a tall dark skinned, grey haired man enters sickbay? “Well?” 

 “Ah, Captain Chakotay, I’m proud to announce that we have two new arrivals on board Voyager,” the EMH states as he lead the older man to the viewing window. “You are the grandfather of a healthy baby girl and the Wilderman-Kim’s have a feisty baby boy.” 

 Captain Robert Thomas Chakotay-Paris husband to Emily Betaheart-Henley looked in on the two new arrivals and smiled then raised an eyebrow. “Why are they in the same crib?” 

 The EMH looks flustered. “Well, to be truthful. When they were born, we had our hands full, since your sister, DR. Paris is on an away mission, and the nurse placed them in the same crib…no harm done, I assure you…but…”


 “They have a fit if we try and separate them.” 

 “You’ve got to be kidding,” the Captain chuckles.

 “No, it’s true,” the Nurse says, and walks up and smiles at the children. “Look at them, it’s like…like they were made for each other,” she states. 

 “Have the parents given you their names yet?” the Captain asks, since it is his proud job to make them official members of the crew. 

 “Yes. We can welcome aboard Eugene Harry Wilderman-Dalby-Delaney-Kim and Tayko Dovana Alaya-Janeway-Betaheart-Chakotay-Pairs,” she states with pride. 

 “I don’t know about you, Captain, but this idea of keeping up with the lineage is getting a bit ridiculous,” the EHM quips. 

 “Ah, look at them curl up to each other,” the Nurse coos. 

 //I told you I’d find you.//

 //I never doubted it. // *yawn * //You’ll always be my dashing rouge, arriving unexpectantly to save the day!// *giggle * 

 “Look, I think she giggled.” 

 “Babies at this age are too young to…giggle, Nurse. Surely you know this,” the EMH states. 

 // And you’ll always be the master of my soul.// *yawns * *snuggles * 

 //Ah, I think that would be mistress now.// 

 //Anything you say love!//  *snuggle *

 //Hey keep your hands to your self, you’ve got a good eighteen years before I’ll let you start that!// 

 //Eighteen? I was thinking about marrying you as soon as I could talk!// *giggle * 

 //Well, sixteen then. But nothing serious till eighteen, and I’m not getting married till my twenties…just so you know, I’ve got plans on being the youngest to Captain this ship. // 
 *giggle *

 “That was a giggle,” the Nurse states under her breath as she watches the two babies babble at each other as sleep starts to over take them. 

 //Aye, aye, Captain my Captain, oh Captain of my heart! // 

 //Tom…err Eugi, go to sleep my love. We’ll forget most of this anyway.//  *Yawn * //Besides, we’ve got some growing up to do.//

 //I may forget some, but I won’t forget all. You and I are destined and you know this Cha…err Tay. I’m not waiting any longer than I have to. So, ready or not, here I come!//  *baby flips and lands his head on other babies chest. * 

 Nurse moves in to move Eugene so Tayko can sleep, but Eugene fusses, as does Tayko. “Oh, all right. But don’t make this a habit or you’ll parents will have my head.” 

 //Such a pretty head too. //

 //Eugi? //

 //Yeah? //

 //I love you…now go to sleep. //

 //I love you too Tay…till the end of eternity! // 

*Two yawns…both sleep * 

<Now it’s the end…of the story anyway. >