Title: The Actual Date
Sequel: to The Acquisition of a Date
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Now that Tom has the date, just what is he going to do about
Rating: R
Pairing: C, P, if lucky C/P heehhe.
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"The Actual Date"

Tuesday had been far too long in coming, but it was finally
here, and Tom was beside himself. He had put every spare moment he
had into planning this date with the man of his dreams, Commander
Chakotay, and even if he did get the date via a stupid auction by
being the highest bidder, he had won, and now was his chance to win
the big guy's heart.

He had planned things to the tee, starting off with a light
lunch in the holodeck where he programmed a special restaurant off
the Monterey coast, one of his favorite spots, and he was sure
Chakotay would like it too. Then while in the holodcek, they could
take a leisurely stroll on the beach, talk a bit, then go boating,
where they would have the physical challenge of the sea, for Tom had
made sure they would, and the pleasure of each other's company. He
would take the big guy to Santa Cruz, to their boardwalk, where they
could relax, give the inner child a chance to shine, and Tom hedged
his bet by making sure that the very last game he played, he would
win an adorable Teddy bear, for the man that looked as cuddly as one;
the other games were all on the up and up, otherwise it wouldn't be

Tom had sent a message to Chakotay, who ever since that day
of the auction was cool as a cucumber toward Tom, not showing a bit
of concern or excitement over the date, a message to meet him at
holodeck one at noon and to wear comfortable yet casual clothes and
bring a light jacket. It was all Tom was going to say on the matter,
for he wanted Chakotay to be surprised, hopefully impressed, and have
a good time…with him.

Tom chose to wear a light blue button down shirt, a white
windbreaker to match his white jeans, set off his black boat shoes.
He approached the holodeck, glad that Chakotay had his back turned to
him, for he could appreciate openly for a moment the gorgeous man
before him. Chakotay was dressed in black jeans, a white button down
shirt, sneakers…? and carried a light black jacket in his
arms. //Heavenly,// Tom thought, then controlled his emotions as he
arrived next to the man he so desired. "Hi, ready?"

Chakotay turned and smiled easily, "Yep, let's go." He
watched as Tom entered the code to let them in to the holodeck, the
program already running per Tom's instruction. The doors opened to a
warm breeze, and Chakotay smiled at the feel of it. He stepped in and
saw the beautiful and very detailed wharf, and the blue sapphire
ocean behind it. "Oh, Tom…" he exclaimed, his breath catching at the
site of otters playing in the water at a distance.

Tom glowed, not two seconds in the door and everything was
going great. "Hope you like seafood, for I've made reservations at
that restraint, straight ahead," he pointed, showing Chakotay the one
by the very edge of the wharf overlooking the bay.

"Actually, I do," Chakotay smiled, "Even though I am a
vegetarian by choice, I have an incredible weakness for clam

Tom's pleasure grew even more, "Well, welcome to Monterey,
home of the best clam chowder on the west coast," he said, gesturing
for Chakotay to lead the way.

"Tom, you made this program, all by yourself?" he asked, very
much taken with all the impressive details.

"Well…yes," Tom said, feeling a blush fill his cheeks. "It's
not totally done; I only had two days…"

Chakotay turned toward Tom, stopping in his tracks, "You did
all…this…in two day?"

Tom felt bashful, and looked down, finding the stones on the
wharf suddenly appealing, "Well, I wanted a nice place for us to go,"
he said, feeling self-conscious at the moment.

There was silence for a moment, "Thank you, Tom," Chakotay
said in a soft voice, then seeing he made Tom uncomfortable, and
seeing that the hotshot was more shy than he led on, gave a tiny
grin, "So, lead on to that clam chowder, I'm starving," he said to
change the subject.

Tom looked up, once more pleased with things, and did just
that, he led Chakotay down the wharf to the restaurant, pointing out
all the different shops, and relating how he use to come here when he
was younger, "If for some reason I couldn't fly, sea Captain was my
next choice, though I know my dad wouldn't have approved," Tom stated

"Oh, why not, being in charge of a ship, even on water is
quite an accomplishment, much like being a damn good pilot of a star
ship," Chakotay replied easily, his eyes locked on the large sea
bulls lounging on the far off rock wall, as otters and sea gulls
volleyed for some of the fish scraps that were falling off some of
the fishing boats that were heading back in to port.

Tom looked at the handsome profile of the Commander, and was
taken back by the sincerity of the comment. Chakotay had delivered
what he thought was the truth with ease and no second thought, and
for Tom, it meant the world to him. "Thanks, Tay," he replied, trying
not to let his voice crack with all the emotion he suddenly
felt. "Hey, it's getting late, don't want cold chowder," he teased,
once more changing the subject.

Chakotay saw the emotion in Tom's eyes, and for a moment
realized how much his opinion counted with the young man before him;
though seeing Tom wanting to change the subject, allowed it to
be. "Hot or cold, I'll take it, but if you don't want yours," he
teased as they moved to the restaurant Tom had made for him.

"Fat chance, big guy," Tom replied as they entered inside.
They were met by the head waiter who found their reservations with
ease, and escorted them to a privet table by the window overlooking
the bay. The ambiance was mellow, so one could be relaxed or more
personal, without the over taxation of unwanted intimacy, at the
present moment.

"This is great, Tom, thanks again," Chakotay said, as he
placed his jacket on the back of his wooden, softly padded chair, and
turned toward the tall slender dark haired waiter who placed two
glasses of water on the table and then offered both men the
menus, "Would you care for something to drink before you order?"

"They have a good selection of teas," Tom stated, knowing
that this was the Commander's usual drink of choice.

Chakotay gave Tom a pleasant smile, "Thanks, Tom. But do you
mind if I have something else?"

"No, not at all," Tom stated, not sure if he felt rejected or
not, for Chakotay always drank tea.

"I'll have an Alabama slammer to start. As for the meal, I
already know what I want," he said, offering back the menu to the
waiter. "How about you, Tom?"

Tom had to blink a moment or two, //Alcohol, Chakotay is
drinking alcohol?// "Ah, yes, I'll have a, Rhoads Island Ice tea,
and I too know what I want…err…for lunch," he replied, also offering
his menu over. I'll have the Clam Chowder."

"Bread and salad?"

"Yes, please. Italian dressing if you have it."

"Yes, sir. And you, sir," the waiter asked of Chakotay.

"The exact same, including the dressing on the salad, if you

"Very good, I'll have your drinks in just a moment," the
waiter stated politely and exited to do his job. Then Chakotay saw
the subtle surprise in Tom's eyes, "What?" he asked, giving a small

"Um, well, I've never seen you drink," Tom stated, "and we've
been co-workers for sometime now."

"I'm sorry, I hope I haven't upset you, it's just that I
don't drink very often. Perhaps once in a blue moon, and I have a few
guidelines I use when thinking about drinking. One, I can't be on
duty soon, or over tired, or alone, or depressed…this and drinking
don't mix, not for me anyway. So, being out here it's kind of hard to
meet those conditions, so, I drink even less than I use too, which
wasn't very much," he smiled.

"Oh," Tom said, discovering something new about Chakotay
already. "Well, that makes a lot of sense, really. Well, then I'm
glad I helped you to meet all your conditions so you can kick back
and relax," Tom replied, feeling even better about things. //It's
going great Tommyboy,// he thought as he saw the waiter bring their
drinks. "Thank you," he said, taking his drink. He gave Chakotay a
half salute and drew on his straw taking some of his drink…

"What the…!" Chakotay was up out of his seat, taking a napkin
wiping off the liquor that Tom had suddenly sprayed all over him.

Tom was flushed, as he coughed, trying to catch his breath,
for he was unprepared for what he put in his mouth, it tasted like
oil. Soon he felt a strong hand rubbing his back, helping him relax,
and stop gasping on the liquid still caught in his throat. "Drink…
bad," he gasped out.

Chakotay felt for the young man, "Sorry, Tom. Are you okay,
you want some water?" He saw Tom shake his head yes and handed him
the glass, only to be glad that he was now behind him, as the water
went spraying out too. "Tom, are you alright?"

Tom looked up, his face scrunched up in distaste, "Water bad,
too," he gasped.

Chakotay suddenly started to catch on, and grabbed his own
glass and took only a tiny sip, and spit it right back, it tasted
like dirty socks. "Oh, Tom, what happened?"

Tom's face was now red with embracement, "I'm sorry,
Commander, I checked all this out last night and it was fine,
including the water, I swear."

"It's okay, Tom. And it's Chakotay, were not on duty," he
chided softly, trying to let Tom know it really was okay. Just then
the meal arrived and both men looked apprehensive, especially since
no one reacted to their situation with the drinks.

Tom took the spoon and carefully put it in the chowder and
started to stir it, it smelled good, but when he noticed that the
spoon was shrinking, he lifted it out, too see that the end had
disintegrated…the chowder was acid. He dropped the spoon and stood
up, tears building behind his eyes, this couldn't be happening, not
now. "Paris to Torres," he called out.

"What is it, Tom, I've got my hands full," she typically

"Well, sorry, but you have some more, I'm on holodeck one,
and I double checked the program I'm running now last night, and I
can assure you, the food wasn't acid, like it is now."

"Acid? Tom what are you getting at?"

Chakotay chimed in, "It seems the holodeck has a glitch in
it, it's changed the base particles of the food into non-edible even
dangerous substances. You better check it out."

"Oh my, I'm on it, Commander, stand by."

The Channel closed, and Chakotay stood looking at a very
embarrassed and upset Tom Paris. "Hey, we can always go to the mess
hall, grab a quick bite and come back and enjoy the rest of the
program, for it really is beautiful, Tom. I'm sure you had more
planned than just the meal, right?"

Tom was grateful that Chakotay was being a good sport about
all this, "Yeah, I created a boat program…" he was going to say more,
but there was an odd look in Chakotay's eyes that didn't sit well
with him, "What?"

It was Chakotay's turn to look embarrassed, "Ah," he gave a
nervous laugh, "Tom, I ah, I get sea sick," he stated, feeling his
face flush.

"Sea sick? Well, there are medications…"

Chakotay's dark face turned even redder, "They make me sick
too, sorry Tom," he said, really feeling bad for the young man who
had gone to so much trouble to make this date special, and they
hadn't gotten through lunch and things had become a disaster.

"Oh," was all Tom could say, his dreams of this day came
crashing around him.

"Sir, is everything all right," the waiter asked.

"Ah, I'm sorry, but no," Tom said, not paying any real
attention to the hologram. "I'm afraid it'll have to go, along with
everything else," he added, not aware of the disappointment in his

Chakotay was going to say something to comfort Tom when he
spotted the silver glint and all he could do was fall back on
instinct and move into action.

"How about if you go," the waiter growled, suddenly producing
a huge kitchen knife, and would have stabbed Tom, had Chakotay not
knocked him and himself out of the way.

"What the fuck!" Tom shouted, as realization of what almost
happened, if not for Chakotay. "Computer, end program," he shouted.

The room shimmered, but the black and yellow stripped walls
as was expected did not appear. Instead they were both on the dusty
ground in the middle of an old fashion western town. Chakotay helped
Tom to his feet, "Computer, `END' program" he shouted, but this time
nothing happened. "Chakotay to B'Elanna" he called out, also

"This isn't good," Tom stated as he too called out for
B'Elanna with similar results, none.

"If the holodeck is malfunctioning, which I presume it is,
then there is a good possibility that the safeties are off line too,
so we'd better be very careful," Chakotay stated, concern in his

"I'm really sorry about all this," Tom said, feeling like it
was all his fault some how, for every disaster in his life somehow
turned out to be his fault, this couldn't be any different.

Chakotay placed a gentle hand on Tom's shoulder, "Hey, it
just as well could have been my program too you know, had I planned
out date, so Please, Tom. Don't take this as your doing. B'Elanna
knows we're here, and that there is a problem, all we have to do is
stick it out and," he turned to look at all the people giving them
both weird or dirty looks, "and find someplace to lay low"

Tom also looked around, "I think your right, for not only do
we not have the right clothes for this place, and no money, they seem
to really not like you."

"Well, go figure," Chakotay said, picking up his jacket, and
slowly walking with Tom toward what he hopped was out of town. "This
is the Wild West, were your people and mine didn't exactly see eye to
eye on anything, accept that the other was no good."

"Just terrific," Tom muttered under his breath. "What else
could go wrong," he said, then regretted the words as he saw the
town's sheriff heading their way. "Just be cool, Commander, and let
me do all the talking, for if what you say is true, they won't
respond well to you."

Chakotay looked around again and gave a nod, "and it's
Chakotay" he reminded the young man.

The sheriff, standing six foot tall, two hundred pounds of
muscle, strode up to the two strangers, shifting his gun belt, and
scratching the itch his light brown mustache was giving him, the only
hair on his entire head. "What's a fine boy like you hanging around
an injun like that fer?" he asked, giving Chakotay a dirty look.

"We're just passing through," Tom said quietly, thought
turning on his charm. "In fact, we'll be out of town before you know

The sheriff eyed Tom, then Chakotay, who made the mistake of
looking back, "Didn't ya teach ya injun manners, boy!" he growled,
staring at Chakotay, daring him to continue to look at him.

Chakotay was a smart man, and normally might not consider
this an option, but for Tom's sake, he lowered his eyes, though the
anger of it showed in his shoulder.

Tom saw this and he was angered by this, he wanted to show
Chakotay how much he meant to him, not humiliate the man, "Ah, we'll
be going now," he said, taking hold of Chakotay's arm and trying to
guide him around the sheriff.

"Just one dog gone minute, Boy!" the Sheriff stated, grabbing
hold of Tom's arm. "I think that injun of yours needs a lesson or
two," he growled as he pulled his gun, turning it over so the butt of
the handle was outward, then he started to swing it toward Chakotay.

"No!" Tom shouted, and punched the Sheriff hard in the face,
then the stomach, then the face again. "No one touches him!" he
growled with fury.

Chakotay was taken by surprise at Tom's fast reflexes and his
anger, but not too much that he couldn't spot that help was going to
arrive, and they were not going to be a reasonable as the sheriff was
going to have been. "We got to get out of here, Tom," he shouted,
pulling the young man with him as they started running.

With Chakotay in the lead, still holding on to Tom's arm, the
two men dashed across bystanders, ducking in and out among people, so
no one would get stupid and start shooting, but their options of
directions were seriously closing to a minimal, as more and more
people were getting involved.

"Can you ride a horse?" Chakotay shouted over his shoulder,
as the two men took a sharp right down an ally way that would take
them back toward the main street.

"No," Tom cried out, ducking as an old woman tried to hit him
with her bag purse.

Chakotay broke out of the ally way with great force that
anyone nearby had to stand back, then watch as the Indian grabbed one
of the saddled horses and jumped on with such power and grace, that a
few women for got that he was a outlaw Indian, and swooned with
delight. Once on the horse, Chakotay grabbed Tom and pulled him up in
front of him and he got the horse in motions, galloping as fast as
the beast could move out of town, trying to doge the bullets that
were flying their way by those in the town.

Tom had heard a gasp of pain, but was in no position to do
anything but hold on for dear life; grateful that Chakotay was
holding on to him, otherwise he would have fallen off by now. After
what seemed like an hour, only minutes later, the horse slowed down,
and came to a stop. Tom shifted and first looked behind them, no one
was following, for the moment at least, then noticed that Chakotay
eyes were closed, "are you okay?" he asked, then noting the blood on
the mans right shoulder. "Shit, you've been hit!"

Unfortunately, Tom needed Chakotay's help down, then he
helped the older man down, and took the reigns, and led the two of
them into the woods, where following Chakotay's instructions,
tethered the horse and then moved to see how bad Chakotay was hurt.
Slowly he moved open the white shirt, trying not to take notice of
how the sun glimmered on the strong muscular chest, and focus on the
task at hand. He carefully ripped off the sleaves as the seems, and
used the slightly used one to clean up the area, and was relieved, it
was a deep scratch, but a scratch, Chakotay would be all
right. "Geesh, Cha, again I am so very…"

"Please, Tom, once and for all, stop apologizing for
something that is not your fault," Chakotay interrupted, then
grimaced at the pain, as Tom did his best to clean the wound and then
bandage it with the clean sleeve, leaving Chakotay in a sleeveless
shirt…which looked very sexy on him.

"Okay, okay," Tom said, still feeling at fault.

"Look, Tom," Chakotay said, stilling Tom's hand with his
own, "When we get out of this, I'll see to it you get a full refund
of your credits, and yes, I would do it for anyone this happened
to…" Chakotay was going to continue, seeing the sour look Tom was
getting, not understanding what he was getting at, when…

"Commander…*static* can…*static* Tom…*static*"

"B'Elanna!" Tom shouted, recognizing her voice.

"Are you…*static* Can you…*static*…"

"Your breaking up! We in danger, get us out of here," Tom
shouted, not sure how much of his own words was getting
through. "Danger, get us out, now, out not!" he shouted, hoping that
would help. Though he jumped when Chakotay placed a hand on his
shoulder to calm him.

"Don't shout so loud," he warned, I doubt those town folk
took this lying down, and will be looking for us, we don't need to
make it easy for them, and please," he said, a smile crossing his
face as he saw Tom about to speak, "don't say sorry."

"…*static* change…*static* hold on…" was B'Elanna's garbled

Suddenly Tom and Chakotay were plunged into water, and it
took both men a moment to get their barring and swim, both taking a
huge gasp of air, and Chakotay grimacing in pain. They were no longer
in the western town, but now in the middle of the ocean, with no land
around for miles. Tom could see that normally Chakotay would be
alright, but from what he read about old fashion gun wounds, even a
deep gash caused serious issues with the muscles in the area, and it
seemed to be right, for Chakotay was having trouble.

Tom moved up behind him, "Lean back, relax, three time swim
champion and four summers of life guarding," he shouted.

Chakotay tried to protest, but gave up quickly, he was
becoming sea sick, "Spirits, Tom, I…" he closed his eyes, trying to
calm himself.

"Open your eyes, Cha, and look straight up, to the sky, and
simply listen to my voice, and breath, it's going to be all right, I
can float us for hours if I have too, just relax."

Chakotay could only do as Tom instructed, for though he knew
how to swim, one had to if they were going to be in Starfleet, the
heavy movement of the ocean, along with the pain in his right
shoulder was making him ill. "Okay, Tom" he said, doing his best to
breath and relax, feeling how strong of a grip Tom had on him. "I
only hope B'Elanna is some how monitoring this and we don't have to…
test your floating skills," he said, still feeling green.

"I'm sure she is," Tom stated, recalling what he needed to
do, to insure that he and Chakotay stayed afloat, and secretly hopped
there was nothing bigger than a gold fish swinging in these waters
along with them, but he didn't mention it, for he could see Chakotay
already had a lot to deal with, he didn't need the idea of being
Shark chow among them. Knowing that Chakotay didn't want him to
apologize anymore, he decided to take the other route, "Say, when I
take someone out on a date, I go all out, don't I?" he joked.

Chakotay gave a small laugh, regretting it only slightly as
another wave of nausea came over him, "Well, I can say, boring and
predictable is not a word one can use to describe this day," he tried
to jest back.

"Nope, you can't say that about me," Tom said, though his
eyes looked hurt, for he was sure Chakotay was more than ready to be
away from him and this disaster. As if in answer to a prayer, Tom
felt the tingle of the transporter on him and soon both him and
Chakotay were on the floor of sickbay.

The EMH turned around in surprise, "What the?"

"Holodeck malfunctioned," Tom gasped, taking a deep breath as
he let go of Chakotay. "The Commander has been shot, though not
seriously, and sea sick," he said, trying to stand, but found he was
exhausted from keeping Chakotay and himself afloat.

"Take it easy, Lieutenant, you can explain the particulars to
me later," the Doc said, as he scanned both men, and seeing Chakotay
was the worse off of the pair, helped him first to a biobed, then
Tom. He gave Chakotay something for his nausea, and something to
prevent infection from the wound on his shoulder. Then he gave Tom a
vitamin shot, and something for the sea water he swallowed, along
with some other unusual substance, though they were tiny in
proportions. "Rest," he stated, and turned back to the Commander and
fixed his shoulder.


Chakotay had insisted that he walk Tom back to his quarters
after they both were cleared from sickbay. Janeway had been notified,
and both men had been credited on their accounts and given the next
day off. It also turned out that on their last information exchange,
they picked up a computer virus, which would have affected `any'
program being run that day. For this at least, Tom was glad, for it
really wasn't his fault, but the date…it had been a disaster.

Tom now stood outside his quarters, feeling depressed that
things didn't go so well. He looked up to see how tired Chakotay
looked, and felt that he should let the guy off the hook, "Thanks,
Chakotay," he said, then walked in his quarters, letting the door
close behind him. He moved to the sofa, and plopped down, things
couldn't have gone worse had he planned it, his opportunity to win
Chakotay's heart had been blown big time, thanks to a stupid virus.
Tom was seriously thinking of getting a drink, when he recalled
Chakotay's rules of drinking, and gave a small smile, for in the
beginning there had seemed like so much hope…

The door chimed, //probably Harry,// he thought, feeling
miserable. "Enter," he called out. He was surprised to see Chakotay
walk in, and he stood up, not sure what the Commander
wanted. //Perhaps to clarify that the date was held, even if it was a
disaster,// he thought.

"Tom, I was wondering if I could talk with you a moment," he
said, moving in and stood in front of the young man that looked like
a soft breeze could knock him over. "Since we both have off tomorrow,
I was wondering, could we try this again?"

Tom blinked; surely he didn't hear this right. "Try…this…

Chakotay laughed, "Well, perhaps we could cut the poison
food, and the mad waiter, and the shooting and drowning part, but the
date…yes, I would like to try it again…if you want. I mean, I you
don't I'll understand…"

Tom slowly felt life stir in him again, for Chakotay was
asking to go out with him again, to give him another change…//did he
say if I don't want to?// "I sure as hell do," he exclaimed, not
realizing he shouted it at first, then felt the flush of
embarrassment cross his face, seeing the amused look in Chakotay's
eyes. "I mean yes, yes I would definitely like another date with

Chakotay smiled, his eyes dancing, "I'm glad, for even if
this one was hell, it was…fun," he smiled, then feeling a bit
awkward, shifted, "I should go get some rest," he said, looking at
Tom for a long moment then started for the door.

"Wait," Tom called out as he dashed to the door, and then
moved in front to block Chakotay's way. "The dates not quite over…

Chakotay looked into Tom's bright blue eyes, "How so?" he
asked his voice sounding soft and husky.

Tom feeling his brashness return leaned in and brushed his
lips across Chakotay's then pressed them deeper, letting his mouth
taste the sweetness that was all Chakotay, then he leaned back, "A
date isn't officially over without the goodnight kiss," he stated, a
smile on his face and in his eyes.

"So, does that mean, if this was a semi-date, I get a semi-
kiss, and tomorrow I'll get a whole one?" Chakotay asked, his dark
eyes sparkling with mischief.

Tom felt a blush fill his cheeks, "Yes, but, if we was this
was a `first' date, and tomorrows was a second date, you could…" he
laughed; he wasn't feeling that bold anymore.

Chakotay's eyes were now dark with desire, and Tom swallowed
hard, seeing the fire there as the man stepped in closer toward
him, "Then we should say goodnight properly if this is our first
date," he said, and leaned in and wrapped his arms around Toms waist
and pulled the man close to him as he took Tom's mouth in is own,
plundering it for all it was worth; his hands caressing up and down
Tom's smooth strong back, then gently stopped, his breathing as fast
as Tom's "Good night, Tom" he said, then with great effort, left.

Tom stood there feeling higher than a kite in March, and
literally jumped up and down till he plopped on his soft, with joy,
the evening wasn't a total disaster, Chakotay wanted another
date! //Damn can that man kiss!// he thought, draping himself over
the back of his couch, wondering if the man would think him easy if
he went to him now…

Tom's fingers touched something, and he looked up and saw it
was the credit rod from the other day at the auction. It was empty
now, for he had transferred it to his account, but he still didn't
know who gave him the credits, and up till now had been far to busy
to think much less care, but now…

Tom got up and went to his computer console, and with the
same fancy work he used to check on the Captain's account, he started
looking for who had a withdraw from their account around the time of
the auction for the precise amount of two hundred credits. After an
hour, he sat there stunned, and with a goofy grin on his face. "Well,
I'll be damned," he said to himself, as he stared at the screen that
showed him that during the time of the bidding, Chakotay had not gone
to the back because he was shy, but to assure that Tom won…he had
withdrew two hundred credits and transferred it to a credit rod, that
was the only proof there was, for Chakotay covered his tracks very
well. Tom shut off the computer, positively glowing, for now he knew
for a fact that Chakotay wanted the date, wanted him!

It was late, but Tom was sure he'd be forgiven, as he grabbed
the empty credit rod and headed to Chakotay's quarters. He rang the
chime and entered when he hear Chakotay call for the person to enter.
He walked in and was surprised to see Chakotay had not changed his
cloths either, but no matter. Tom smiled and walked up to Chakotay
and decided to skip the conversation about the credits, it wasn't
important, and wrapped himself around the strong body he desired and
kissed Chakotay senseless.

Chakotay wrapped his arms around Tom's body, then when he
could breath, "Tom, I though we were going to take it slow, our
second date isn't till…"

"Now, it's now, and we can have our third, fourth and fifth,
right here," he said, while nibbling on the salty tangy bronze skin
that haunted his dreams and senses for years now before him. "I want
you, Cha, not just for tonight, but for as long as I can have you,"
Tom said, no longer afraid of rejection, he had proof in his pocket.

Chakotay moaned at the assault his body was
receiving, "That's an awful long time, Tommy, are your sure?" he
asked, his voice more like a purr.

"Never more sure, Baby, as of this moment, you belong to me,
body and soul, as I do you," he said, and proved it with a soul
searing kiss. The next thing he knew he was in Chakotay's arms being
carried into the bedroom. Tom could feel the hard rod in his pocket,
and smiled for it was nothing compared to the hard rod in Chakotay's
pants, and as he reached in his own pocket, going to toss the rod, an
idea crossed his mind as his eyes locked with his love's, he knew
what he was going to do with the item…//matching crystal wedding

<The End>