Title: The Acquisition of a Date
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of
the `closet' and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Tom wants a date real bad.
Rating: R just because.
Pairing: C, P,
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"The Acquisition of a Date"


The Crowd murmurs at the large amount just bided and I feel
my heart pounding, sweat on my palms as I respond without much
thought, "450!"

****In truth the only way to explain this entire scenario is
from the beginning, that being exactly one month ago to the day in
the Captain's ready room.***

"Captain, I've been going through the ships archives and I've
discovered and excellent idea, not only for raising moral, but with
all the repairs, there's not enough extra ration credits to hold
Harry and B'Elanna's wedding; well in the traditional style they've
stated they wish, and this would be a way to raise the credits and
the crew wouldn't feel like they were making a sacrifice," Neelix
stated with much excitement, even if he didn't share the idea yet.

Everyone in the briefing room looked eager to hear the
Talaxion's idea, since it concerned two of the main officers in the
rooms future plans, and the other's close and dear friends. The ship
was holding it's on, but the extra credit fund was dry, used up on
repairs, and though a lot of people had donated rations credits, it
wasn't close to what Harry and B'Elanna would need if they were going
to be married in what they both hoped was the first Klingon/Korean
wedding ceremony, and no one could really expect the crew to
sacrifice that much.even for them.

"Well, spill it," Tom quipped, seeing that B'Elanna and Harry
were on the edge of their seats.

"An auction," Neelix replies.

"An auction? What do we have to offer the crew that they
would want part with so much of their livelihood?" Harry asked
puzzled at the suggestion.

"Well, that's just it," Neelix smiled, "You don't offer
anything, so much, as to say, we all offer something, like a dinner,
a." he looks at Tom, "A hologprogram created, something special from
each of us, and the crew bid on it, the highest bid wins and all the
proceeds go to Harry and B'Elanna's wedding. From what I've read and
observed, people are much more likely to part with
their `livelihoods' in exchange for something of value and a good
cause, than simply a good cause."

"He has a point," Chakotay replied, a small smile on his
face. "But to raise that kind of credits, it would have to be

"Ah, that's why I've been talking with Seven and she says.
well, tell them?" he states looking at the former Borg who is sitting
quietly next to him.

She arches a brow, "I have looked over the various forms of
auctions and the more personal the item or action bided on."

"Action, like creating that program, Neelix suggested," Tom

"Yes, something like that, and from the high ranking
officers, would increase the probability of raising enough credits to
hold the wedding on schedule. Thought I would recommend not holding
the auction for a month, giving time for the crew to save their
credits, and `simmer' over the possible prizes they could.win."

"Simmer? Sounds like you've been hanging around Lieutenant
Paris to much," Janeway teased, with a glimmer in her eye.

"Perhaps," Seven replied flatly.

Janeway looked around the room and all seemed to be in favor,
or there was at least no objections, "Very well, we'll give it a
shot," she replied.

"I then will require that all officer of Lieutenant and
higher submit to me by the end of the week what it is that they wish
to place up for auction. If I do not receive a submission or a party
is unable to determine a suitable idea, I will handle the matter
accordingly," she stated easily.

***Looking back, I wonder, did Chakotay hear what she said or
did he simply thought it wouldn't apply to him.one must wonder. Any
way, I'm getting a head of myself***

"Very well, I' can't wait to see what every one comes up with
and I leave it in your capable hands," Janeway stated, looking at
Neelix and Seven. "Okay, unless there is anything else, you all have
your agenda's for the week, dismissed."

Everyone started to exit the briefing room, and I saddled up
to Harry, "So, Har, what are you going to auction off.obo lesions?" I
tease with just enough glimmer in my eyes so he knows I wasn't
referring to the obo. As usual Harry misses it and B'Elanna slaps my
arm, only getting it to well.

"Pig," she smirks, and then heads off to engineering, but not
before sneaking a kiss from her fiancée.

I take my seat at the Helm, doing my job and quietly debating
what I would do for the auction, leaning toward the holodprogram
suggestion, since I am really good at it, or so I've been told.by

****The next few days have really nothing to do with this
current situation, so I'm sure you won't mind if I skip them.okay?

It was five days later and I was meeting up with Harry in
Sardines to shoot a game of pool and share a drink, when the man of
my dreams walks in.

****Okay, I guess I owe you an explanation of that too don't I. Long
story short, I've had a.thing.a crush.ah hell, I've been head over
heals for Voyager's walking bad ass and First Officer since I first
laid eyes on him. But let's face it, if you know anything about me
and or Chakotay, I don't have to spell it out for you.or do I? In the
beginning it was H.A.T.E, or at least on his part it was, I just
retaliated with the big mouth I have. Then it was T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E,
again on his part, and now, I'm sure I've got his respect and a dash
of friendship, but alas.nothing more. To say he fills my every waking
and none waking thoughts.would be close, for I do make time for
flying and friends.the rest.all Chakotay. Anyway, shall we continue.

Chakotay comes walking in looking fine, black slacks, and a simple V-
cut white short sleeve shirt, and strolls over to the bar where Harry
and I are finishing up our drinks. He gives a nod, and I smile and
it's then that I notice how tired he looks, so of course I can't
simply show my concern, "You could hide luggage under those circles,
Commander. Shouldn't you be sleeping or taking some vitamin E?" I
tease lightly.

He gives me a look, not quite angry, not quite amused either. "Funny,
Paris," he states dryly.

"Hey," I say, seeing that since he's not angry, it `must' be all
right for me to continue.

****see, all mouth, no brains.***

"A quick fuck would get all the kicks out and have you in blissful
sleep in no time," I stated, believing deep down that he would figure
out the offer.

"You know, Pairs, it's amazing all the crude that comes out of that
pretty little mouth of yours," Chakotay drawls, sipping his beer.

****It was the `pretty little mouth' that got me****

"Well.it is a.talented mouth," I state, moving closer to him,
practically daring him to take me up on the offer.

Chakotay snorts, "I bet it is. I'm sure you manage to make good use
of it," he adds, looking at me, his dark eyes filled with
mischievousness, and a tiny grin crosses his face.

Believing this is my in, "Perhaps.you.would like to make use of it?"
I say, lowering my voice, not caring if Harry is blushing next to me,
for this is an opportunity not to be missed.

****or so I thought***

Chakotay leans in close to me, his smile widens, and I can
feel the heat off his body, and I lick my lips, just a little in
anticipation of the moment. "Your right, I would like to make use of
that mouth of yours," he practically purrs. Then he leans up, "Neelix
asked me to find him an auctioneer for the auction, consider yourself
volunteered," he replied, and with that he finished his drink and
started heading out, leaving me stunned.

I did managed to register the fact that he looked at Seven
and Neelix as he informed them of my `volunteering' and Seven
reminding him that he had not submitted his part for the auction and
him stating he'd get right on it.

*****Smooth as silk. Of course I meant him, I was a total dolt. Well
time passed some more and again I'll skip it since it has no real
barring, only to say, things were really busy.****

Three days since that humiliating night at Sardines, I was back at
the weekly briefing, listening to all the stuff that was going on,
when the Captain asked if there was anything else.

"Mr. Paris has volunteered to be our Master of Ceremonies and
auctioneer," Neelix quipped.

"Oh, that reminds me," Chakotay replied with a small snap of the
fingers. "I forgot to submit that I was going to place my services to
help someone gain their spirit guide." he started to say when Seven

"You have missed the agreed upon deadline."

"Well, surely you could add." Janeway started, but the arch brow from
Seven hushed her.

"I have already distributed the list, and as agreed upon those that
did not meet the deadline, I would handle accordingly. Commander
Chakotay was among four other officers that had neglected."

"I didn't neglect anything, I've been busy." Chakotay replied in his

"So has everyone else, but they have managed to meet the deadline.
However, I would not concern yourself, as I have stated, I have
handled the matter and made a listing on your behalf," she stated
with her cool efficiency.

****To be honest, I don't think anyone saw this one coming***

"What exactly did you put down for me?" Chakotay inquired with
puzzlement and some what justified concern.

"It's obviously not flying lesions," I tease, even if Chakotay is
good, lady luck and shuttles are not friendly toward him.

"Obviously," Seven replied.

****Ooh, the woman can be cold***

"Having gone over the various types of actions and services that
could be offered and taking into account the person in question and
the crew, I chose the most obvious that would raise the most amount
of credits. I placed you down for a date."

"A What?" Chakotay, Janeway, and myself where heard asking in

"A date, Commander. The one who bids the highest will be entitled to
going out on a date with you. A simple and harmless action but with
the highest appeal, in accordance with the crew's adamant appeal for
you," she stated.

****I must admit, it was very nice to see the big guy blush***

"Seven, I don't think.that is." Chakotay stuttered. "I think we
should change that."

"It is too late, as I have already stated. Besides, since I would not
change the assigned activity of the other four, I can not make an
exception for you, it would be illogical and show favoritism, and
that would hamper the goal of this being a moral booster. Though to
your credit, Commander, as of this morning, moral has risen thirteen
percent, and the day is still young."

"Come on, Commander, it's only a date," I state, using my `charm' for
the power of good for a change, for let's face it, to get Chakotay to
date anyone is for the good.yes?

"Yes, Commander it is for a good cause, besides, its only a date, it
doesn't mean anything beyond that, and I'm sure you can clarify what
exactly that date will entail.yes?" she asks, looking at Seven,
making sure the Borg hadn't gone too far with this.

"Indeed. Though a date typically consists of diner, dancing, and an
evening activity, such as a movie or going to the theater," Seven

"Very well," Chakotay said along with a defeated sigh.

****That's when it started for me. From that day on till today, the
day of the auction, I called in every credit owed me and hustled pool
till I could drop and pulled a few stunts that would have gotten me
brig time had I been caught, in order to have enough plus some to win
that date with Chakotay, for I saw it as my `big' change, and
probably my only chance. To give you an idea of things, I earn two
hundred credits a month, a LT Commander, two fifty, Commander, three,
and the Captain, being a fair woman, three fifty. By the day of the
auction I had six hundred and forty credits to my name. I also did
some digging; too quietly size up my competition, and to no end, what
irked me the most was that it was the Captain of all people. Perhaps
she though she would be saving him, but I wasn't so sure, nor could I
take the chance, so I tapped into her account.only to look, she had a
total of six hundred and fifty. My gut told me it would be close.but
I was praying.very hard.
The day finally arrived, and with a lot of pleading and manipulating,
I had Neelix place Chakotay at the end of the bidding, hoping that
everyone, especially the Captain would buy other stuff and use their
credits, and I made a deal with the Doc to Auction the Commander, for
it would be awkward for me to bid on him and, well you know. Then
the moment arrived, and all but the Captain had fallen for my ploy. I
handed over the microphone to the Doc, who was only to pleased to
take over, and the Commander was introduced.heaven's he looked
gorgeous in his tight black jeans, and long sleeve button down white
shirt! The man must know how sexy he looks in those simple colors!

It started off simple enough, the Commander blushed and stood quietly
as the Delaney sisters took first bid.one hundred credits. There were
some tiny other ones, 105, 110, but it was the Captain that made the
next substantial bid of 150. I was glad I was not the only guy on
board interested, Greg and Geron put in a bid, but I think a few
people were surprised when I shouted 175 credits; especially
Chakotay. The bidding continued, but by 300, it was down to the
Delaney sisters, Captain Janeway, and me. The sisters bid 350, the
Captain then shouted 400, which takes up to the present, even I don't
know what's going to happen next.***

"450 credits from Lieutenant Paris," The EMH stated with a gleam of
excitement in his eyes, for this was the most exciting bidding of the
night, the last one was for mud wrestling lessons with Lt. Davidson,
mind you she's something else and got 250 credits from Ken Dalby no

I saw Chakotay move back from the make shift stage in Sardines, most
likely feeling like a piece of meat, a damn fine cut I must add, but
feeling uncomfortable none the less, but I was determined, and sadly
so was the Captain.

"500" she shouted, along with more comments from everyone.

I had originally had hoped to have some of the credits left over to
show Chakotay a good time, but hell, I have to get him first. "550" I
shouted, looking at Janeway, letting her know that her rank wasn't
going to sway me, though I was hoping her love of fresh replicated
coffee would sway her in not using all her credits toward this.

Janeway smirked, "575."

Great, now she's playing coy, "600." I watched her think as the Doc
did his routine, I've been doing it all night, and I was praying that
he'd say the closing remarks and I'd win but.



"May I remind the bidders that all credits must be paid in full by
the end of the bidding," the EMH stated, I think more towards me,
than the Captain, thinking that I was bluffing. But again, I was
determined, and somehow would make a good evening for the Commander
and myself, even if it did mean a month of Neelix's food. "630" I
said, knowing deep down I was close to the end, for she had what it
took to out bid me, and somehow I was getting the feeling she did

"Ah, Tom," Neelix whispered in my ear.

"Not now," I hushed back.

"635." Janeway quipped, taking it close to the closing once more.

"But it's important, Tom."

I glared at Neelix, and gritted my teeth, "640," I shouted knowing I
was at my last credit. Then I listened to the Doc making the call.the
seconds turned into minutes.

"Going, going."


I felt my heart burst when she said that, but all I did was close my
eyes, wanting to cry, though I did nothing.till I felt something
pushed into my hand; then I opened my eyes and saw a credit
rod. "Neelix?"

"Two hundred credits, we'll talk later," he said, pointing to the
Doc, who was about to finished the call.

I had almost blown it, for it took me a moment to process the fact
that Neelix had just given me 200 credits, "655" I shouted with a
sudden jolt of vengeance and triumph. It was then that I knew Janeway
had known my account status when she scoffed, so I looked at her and
said, "And I can pay every credit here and now," just so there was no
doubt that I was not pulling a fast one. I can not tell you the
thrill it gave me to listen to the Doc make the call, knowing she
didn't have any other credits to her name.unless she pulled in favors.
she didn't.

"Going, going.Gone, to Lieutenant Paris for 655 credits," the EMH
shouted with enthusiasm, though he added for me, "due now."

I was only too pleased to walk up and pay, even gladder that I had
some extra credits left over; though I would be paying Neelix back
for a few months, but I just know it's going to be worth it. I
couldn't help myself; I looked over at Chakotay, who only sat in the
back in a chair, a hand clamping the bridge of his nose, shaking his
head. After I paid, I moved over to the Commander and gave a goofy
grin, no other way to describe it; I was feeling top of the
world. "So, how about this coming Tuesday, for I happen to know we
both have the day off?"

Chakotay took a deep breath before looking up, his stone mask in
place, his eyes so unreadable and said, "Okay, Tuesday it is, and
I'll plan something."

"Oh, I was wondering if you'd let me plan it.I promise, you'll like
it," I add, not wanting him to think that I was being my typical
smart ass, for this was too important. I knew he was going to plan
something normally being his task, but than it wouldn't be all that I
was hoping for, and since I was only getting one shot at this, I
needed to make sure it was a good one.

I saw Chakotay hesitate for a few moments and than he agreed. "Very
well, Tom, I'll let you plan it," he replied and then got up and
moved out, ignoring the wolf whistles everyone was giving him for
being top prize.

I floated down to find Neelix and walked right up to the tiny
Talaxion and hugged him, "Thank you a million times over," I said,
and clasped him on the back. "I promise, I'll pay it all back, you
can count on it. Though I must ask, why?"

I saw Neelix hesitate then look at me, "Let's just say I knew how
important it was that it turns out in your favor," he smiled. "And
don't worry about paying it back."

"Trust me, Neelix, I'll be paying you back with interest," I smile
and started to headed out to start making my plans for my date when I
felt an arm on mine and I turned to see it was Neelix, who pulled me

"You don't need to pay me back, Tom, seriously."

I looked at him puzzled, "Of course I do," I replied. "This means an
awful lot to me and without your help it would have gone." I shiver
at the thought of losing.

Neelix pulled me in closer, "I don't like to break a confidence, so I
won't, but I will say this, the credits didn't come from me, I was
only the messenger."

This was a shock to me. "What do you mean you didn't give them to me?
Who did?"

"Tom, I can't say, but trust me when I say, it all worked out the
way `everyone directly involved' wanted," he smiled and then left
before I could grill him some more. I looked around the room and
wondered who it could have been, but with all the jealous or
oblivious looks, it was no one in here, at least not that I could
tell, so for the moment I decided I didn't care.I got my date, and I
was going to make the best of it; ultimately I would love for it to
end with us in the sack making passionate love, but I won't settle
for anything less than a kiss from those sweet lips, if I have to die
so he'll give me artificial respirations i.e., mouth to mouth. Yep,
I headed out; flipping the credit rod in my hand.Chakotay wasn't
going to know what hit him!

<The End>