Title: Dark Kiss
Series: Dark Desires (this is part II)
Author: Kim R. a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairing: C/m, P.
Rating: R for language and m/m sex
Disclaimer: Paramount owns these boys, for if I did, do you think I'd share?
Summary: Tom's worried for Chakotay has left Voyager without a reason, just
how far will he go to be with the man he has loved secretly over the years?
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the idea, just ask me...thanks.
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"Dark Kiss"

He entered the loud bar scene with hopes of achieving his objective. His
mind was still focused on the events of two weeks ago; he still couldn't
believe it. They had come to a new sector of space, this one known for their
ruling class to have power and reign over the next hundred light years of
travel in any given direction. The sector was called Dark Haven, roughly
translated. The ruling class was called Vamirs and the rest of the society,
Catel. Neelix said that thought this sector was capable of dealing very
effectively with Voyager if it wanted too, they could also prove a good
alliance or prosperous trade, but beyond that there was little know about

Janeway made contact with Morshen, one of the Vamir council and the
conversation went very well. Voyager and their crew were invited to their
home world, ShaNo and as continued trade talks would occur the rest of the
crew would be allowed some R&R. This sounded wonderful to everyone. The fact
that when they got to ShaNo and found that the planet had a heavy could
cover and a slow rotation, meaning it was night time or close to it 85% of
the time didn't dampen anyone's spirits in the least. They all welcomed
shore leave, and Janeway had ordered Tom, Harry, and the Stoic Commander to
take advantage of it.

Tom and Harry never had a problem with short leave, so they knew the
Captain's orders were directed to the work alcoholic, Chakotay. The three of
them beamed down with the rest of the crew and thought deep down Tom wanted
to hang out with the older man, Harry's enthusiasm to chase women won out.
Chakotay gave them a warm simple smile and headed in another direction. To
this day, Tom wished he followed his instincts.

They all had been given two days and were to report back then. Tom was not
the only one to be concerned when the Commander didn't report back on time.
The by-the-book First officer hadn't even checked in during his entire two
days off, this was more than enough for great concern. Janeway had tried to
contact him but they didn't get an answer. Tom watched as the Captain
contacted Morshen and reported her missing man. He was a bit concerned, and
told the Captain he would have local authorities keep an eye out for him,
but that it was not uncommon for certain locations of the plant where
communication wasn't possible and that these areas would be his men's

Word spread quickly that Chakotay hadn't returned that evening and all the
former Marquis and a good portion of Fleet were up all night pacing with
concern for their First Officer. All attempts to locate him from the ship
had failed and they would wait till morning to form search parties. Tom
couldn't sleep so pulled an extra shift just so he could have something to
do, so he was there when the hail came in. Janeway, who also couldn't sleep
was on the bridge, "Put it through," she replied as coolly as she could.
The screen lit up and it was Chakotay, who looked very annoyed.

"I heard you were looking for me," he said dryly.

Janeway had to blink twice to make sure she was seeing the correct man, this
was not the way her First Officer spoke to her. "Commander, I was more than
looking for you," she replied coolly. "You are more than ten hours over due
to report back and all you have to say for yourself is that you heard I was
looking for you? Mister." She took a deep breath. She was relieved that the
Commander was all right, but his blatant disregard was totally another
matter. "Beam back here now, and we'll discuss this in my office," she

"No," the Commander stated flatly. "In fact, I've decided I'm staying here.
So, give everyone my best, if it matters to them, and have a good trip
home," he said dryly.

Tom's jaw wasn't the only one that dropped open at what he was hearing from
the known stoic, by the book First Officer. Then he heard Janeway growl,
"Mister, you get yourself up here, NOW!"

Chakotay laughed as he found Janeway's temper amusing. "You seem to be under
the impression that I was asking you if I could stay? Well, I wasn't. I'm
staying, now leave me the fuck alone," He said flippantly, and cut the

The bridge was silent, no one could believe that Commander Chakotay of all
people would just desert them like this, much less, talk to the Captain that
way. It was Tom that found his voice first, "Something is wrong," he replied

"No kidding," Janeway snapped as she got up from her chair. "Tom have senior
staff in the briefing room ASAP," she ordered then moved to her office.

Time sighed as he moved farther in the bar. That scene took place two weeks
ago, and no one had seen or heard from the Commander again, except a
communiqué of his resignation. But everyone was under the impression it was
under duress and so they have been searching this mud bowl ever since. The
cloud cover made looking for anyone in specific impossible, so they were
reduced to ground search and playing the asking questions game. The local
authority that seemed so helpful in the beginning said, after hearing that
it was the Commanders decision to stay, would stay out of it. So it was up
to the crew of Voyager. Had it been himself, the ship would have left two
weeks ago, this he knew. But since it was Chakotay and half the crew former
Marquise, they were going no where till they got to the bottom of this

Since Chakotay could have gone anywhere or been taken anywhere in the long
duration of time, Tom decided to hit the local seedy bar taverns and play
the game of twenty questions for what ever his money could get him each
night. Yesterday it may have paid off. He had gone to three of the larger
cities before he found several people that said they knew of a man that fit
the Commanders description, somewhat. It was the closest he had been in
weeks, so he knew he was reaching for straws as he moved in to the bar.

As he looked around he felt disappointed. This bar was not as seedy as he
first thought the farther he emerged inside and he saw a lot of Vamir having
a good time. Since they were the ruling class, they had free reign and a
strong presence to them. Tom had seen how some of them eyed him, but he
wasn't in the partying mood. He knew he loved Chakotay, had for years. But
there was too much between them and the fact that the Commander was
straight, that kept it from being more than a painful dream. He could live
with Chakotay's dismissal of him, he couldn't live with the man's death or
worse. Just then the bar tender walked up to him and asked what he'd have.

"Ah, yeah. Some wine would be nice," he smiled warmly, hoping to build a
bond with the bar keep so he could question him later.

"Wine's for Vamir only," he snapped back.

"Then I'll take what every you recommend," he replied easily. Then Tom
froze. He felt strong hands on his back then on his shoulders. He wanted to
whirl around and knock back the ass that dared to touch him without his
permission, but he learned quickly that to do so, to a Vamir would be a
serious breach in the law. He was about to turn around to face his assailant
when he felt cool lips brush across his neck and then to his ears.

"I know what you want," a familiar voice whispered.

Tom spun around and his face was in full shock. Before him was Chakotay, but
he looked different. First the gray in his hair was gone. Second, his hair
was long, down to his shoulders. Third, if it was possible, he looked more
beautiful than ever, but darker somehow. He stood before Tom, dressed in
black soft leather pants, a rich vibrant red button shirt. A gold crest was
on the red shirt pocket and he had a diamond jeweled belt that he carried a
sword on it, like most of the Vamir did to signify class. His dark eyes
glistened with a deep fire that Tom had never seen there before. "Am I
wrong?" He asked softly; as he closed the few inches between them so that he
was toe to toe with Tom.

"Co.Commander?" he stuttered. Tom couldn't believe not only what he was
seeing but also hearing. Chakotay was coming on to him.

Chakotay smiled a leering grin. "Chakotay. I'm not with Voyager anymore," he
replied in a husky tone. "And you didn't answer my question, Tom. Am I

Tom felt his heart beating furiously as the presence of the man he desired
for so long was swallowing him whole. "Ah.about what?" he stammered again,
trying to clear his brain so he could think straight.

Chakotay's grin grew as he leaned up to Tom's ear. "Know what you want, Tom.
I know what you want, and if you can tell me yes.you can have it," he
whispered in a seductive tone.

"Oh, yes, Cha! Yes," he breathed out above a whispered in response. Then was
surprised to feel the cool lips he had been dreaming about for so many years
brush against his. Then in seconds his mouth was swallowed whole by
Chakotay's as strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him in and down
ward, he was being dipped in an old fashion kiss. When he was aware that he
was right side up again, it took a few minutes to get he barring again
before he could focus on the sexy man before him. "Wow!" was all he could

Chakotay laughed a deep and hardy laugh, "Damn Tom! Had I known that I could
shut you up that way, I'd done it a long time ago," he teased with a warm
caring smile.

Tom blushed under the light taunt then his purpose of his presence returned
to him. "Cha," he said, feeling that after a kiss like that he might as well
call him that. "Why? Why did you just leave.Voyager like that?" he wanted to
say why did you leave me, but since they were never an item, that was a mute
point. But now after such a kiss, Tom was wondering if he had wasted years
that could have been filled had he just said something.

"Ah, Pooka," He smiled knowingly. "I had a better offer, though I am so glad
that you're here," he smiled.

Tom blinked astonished. "Better offer? What kind of offer?" He demanded,
hurt and anger filling him at the moment. //Did he just call me Pooka? // He
thought then shook it off.

Chakotay was reaching up and caressing the warm creamy skin when another
voice came ringing through the crowd. "Tay! Lord Nolan wishes to see you," a
woman called politely.

Chakotay took a deep sigh at the prospect that duty called. "I'm coming," he
replied over his shoulder. Then looked deeply into Tom's sweet face,
focusing deeply on sky blue eyes. . "Tom.Pooka. Go back to Voyager. Tell
Captain Janeway that you spoke to me and found me in my right mind and well.
I don't wish to return and that she and the others need to call off the
search. Then when you leave with Voyager, I want you to find someone and
make a life for yourself, understand me?" He smiled lovingly as he saw Tom
nod his okay then stepped back and let Tom leave. He turned to face the
light haired woman that was waiting for him patiently.

"So.That was Tom, hmmm?" she asked teasingly, seeing the cool look in her
new friends eyes.

"Yes, that was Tom, Rebecca," he replied coolly, though it wasn't the woman
that had him upset, it was making Tom leave. He loved that young man with
all his heart, but it wasn't destined to be.

The two Vamirs moved out the back way of the bar to where a small ship
awaited. They climbed in and were taken to a large mansion high in the
hills. It only took a few minutes and an additional ten for the two
individuals to make it to the audience room where Chakotay was summoned.
They both took a formal bow to the young handsome man that sat on the
thrown. His long dark auburn hair cupped his delicate face and enhanced his
rich violet eyes. "Thank you, Rebecca," the Lord said in a light deep voice.

The woman, hearing this was her cue, bowed again and exited the room. With a
single gesture from the young lord, Chakotay was by his side on one knee.
"You have sent for me, my Lord?" he asked with sincere warmth.

The Lord leaned down and caressed the dark handsome face before him then
leaned down and kissed Chakotay sensuously on the lips. When he leaned up he
wiped a small amount of blood from his mouth as he smiled pleased. "A
passionate creature indeed," he mused warmly. "Such a soul as yours was lost
in the dregs of that prison, Love," he smiled then stood up and gestured for
Chakotay to do the same.

"You were more than a capable Officer on Voyager. Here you will be a Captain
of your own ship. I will supply you with a crew, like the other Officers in
my Amada. As you go along, you can hand pick you crew as did the others, so
long as you please me," he smiled easily at the older man, that didn't look
quite as old as he did two weeks ago. "Your first assignment is to get
Voyager to leave. They were welcomed, but now they are overstaying their
time and I want them gone.one way or another." He turned to face Chakotay.
"Your personal life, as I said before is your own. Be very selective..
Understand?" He saw Chakotay nod a crisp affirmative then smiled at the man
before him. "Yes, you please me much, Tay," he said as he stepped closer and
caressed the bronze skin around Chakotay's neck. The Lord leaned in and laid
a soft kiss on that skin, then another one, even more sensuous then the
last. "Very much," he whispered as he stretched his mouth to allow his fangs
access and bit deeply into the flesh beneath him.

Chakotay didn't move, but he did give a soft yelp, then he moaned in ecstasy
as he felt his life force being taken from his slowly. It was the most
erotic feeling he could ever imagine and he wanted nothing more than for it
to continue. Then he gave a soft sigh of disappointment as he felt a moist
tongue lick his neck and miraculously healing the wound that was present a
moment ago. But Chakotay would always know where it was and how good it
felt. He felt a bit dizzy, but he knew it would pass, it always did. "My
Lord," he replied in a bashful breath.

The Lord smiled. "Yes, you are a welcomed addition, Tay," he purred. "But we
have.time, to discuss this later," he chuckled. "I shall give you the Veil,
one of my strongest ships. Go; take care of the problem.all your problems.
Then report back here when you are done. I'll give you three days to handle
the matter at your discretion, now go." He said and watched as Chakotay
bowed and left the hall. //Ah, such a passionate creature, // he mused
again. //Such a waist lurking in the shadows all a lone and lonely.well no
more, // he chuckled.


Tom had done exactly as he was instructed then wondered why. He was there
to talk Chakotay back to the ship or find out what had forced him to leave.
Tom shook his head and looked at the Captain who was looking at him
strangely. "Captain?"

"Well?" she asked, but looking at Tuvok, who also was sitting in the room
with them.

"He was under a mild hypnotic suggestion," Tuvok replied. "But easily
broken. He has apparently fulfilled most of his instructions, the rest I
have not be able to determined, but I have erased it."

"What are you talking about?" Tom inquired.

"Tom, who gave you those instructions?" she asked.

"What.oh, Chakotay.why? What's going on?" Tom asked again.

Janeway looked at her Security Officer with concern. "Well?" she asked

"He is under the impression that it was indeed Commander Chakotay he had
spoken too," Tuvok replied. "Lieutenant. You returned to Voyager and were
acting in an odd manner even for you. When all attempts to determine why
failed, for I would not let you see the Captain with you behavior so out of
character, I did a mild mind meld. I didn't go beyond what had caused you to
be in your current state."

"But I did talk with Cha.Commander Chakotay!" he insisted. Then looked at
both of them, but they didn't seem to believe him.

"Tom, we know you think so, but there is no way he could have planted that
suggestion in you mind," Janeway said sympathetically.

"But." Tom started, when Harry's voice rang over the com channel.

"Captain. A Vamir ship has just arrived off our port bow and are hailing
us, and they have weapons powered up, though shields are currently down"

"On my way" she said and moved from her office to the bridge with Tom and
Tuvok behind her. She took her station as Tuvok and Tom took theirs. "Okay,
Ensign, put it through."

The screen filled with a beautiful light haired woman, dressed in dark
pants, a low cut blouse with the same crest golden all Vamir wore. Tom
blinked and gave a look to Janeway that he knew this woman, but Janeway
wasn't paying him any mind. "I am First Officer of the Flag Ship Veil. My
Captain wishes me to inquire, on behalf of our Lord, why you insist on over
staying your welcome. Our Lord was more than generous in the trade, and
hospitality freely given. But a good guest should know when to leave without
being asked," she stated politely.

Janeway gave an equal look; "I apologize, as I have told your government.
But we have a man missing, and we will leave as soon as we find them and
bring them home safely," she replied warmly. The laughter that filled the
screen insulted Janeway to the core, but it was not the woman's she was
hearing but a mans She watched as the woman smiled amused and stepped aside.
A large black leather chair swung around and revealed Chakotay dressed the
same as Tom had last seen him.

"My, my Kathryn. You are a stubborn woman," he laughed. "Since you can't
take a hint, perhaps we can deal directly.shall we?" he smirked. "I am the
Captain of this vessel," he said as he stood up. "I am of the Vamir now, so
unless my Lord bids me otherwise, here is where I'll stay. You have been
given more than enough to last you for years if your wise. which I know
you.Can be," he said sharply. "So, unless you are so distraught with grief
that you can't think clear, leave! Otherwise give over command to Tuvok and
have him set a course elsewhere. You leave no one behind," he snapped.
Feeling pleased at seeing Janeway thoroughly taken back by his brashness, he
smiled. Then he let his eyes drift down and saw Tom and for a few minutes
allowing his eyes show the sadness of letting Tom go, then snapped out of it
to the sound of Janeway's voice."

"What the hell has gotten into you? They've done something to you!" she

Chakotay gave her a dark smile, and drew himself up as he would before a
long discussion, resting his hands behind his back. "Your right, I have
changed. But it was 'my' decision; no one forced me or threatened me. I
found something I was looking for here, and so here I will remain. My Lord
wishes you gone, as do I. He has been most kind and has given me discretion
of how to handle the matter and given you three days, but I however am not
so generous. You will leave here tomorrow by 12:00hrs or I shall have to
prove to you just how serious I can be," he stated dangerously.

"You wouldn't!" Janeway countered.

"YOU don't know what I would or wouldn't do!" he growled. "You've been too
busy dismissing me and my suggestion and opinions for the last three years,"
he growled again, his eyes taking on a dark shine that was new to him.

"But what about your crew?" Tom interrupted.

Chakotay eased his anger at the sound of Tom's voice. His eyes fixed on the
beautiful blond, "They wish to go home, see to it they do," he said softly.
Then his face-hardened again. "Noon, Captain. Not a minute more," then the
screen when blank.


Though the former Marquis were taken back by the revelation that Chakotay
had chosen to stay behind, they were still not so inclined to leave him
behind. They had voiced their opinions to the Captain that he had to be
influenced in some manner and they had to save him. But Janeway wasn't so
convinced, till Tuvok pointed out that Commander Chakotay had referred to
his Lord twice and to their knowledge a council ruled this planet. This
didn't sit well with Janeway and so she contacted Morshen and was surprised
at his aggressive attitude. When she informed him of the situation, the lead
council member laughed at her and told her that the council was ruled by
their Lordship, and that Chakotay was indeed a blessed man, and cut off

This only succeeded in pissing Janeway off. She had her senior officers
calculate the odds of being able to either take the Flagship or take
Chakotay back. They found the latter to be the most practical. He obviously
wasn't in his right mind since he acted so different to what they knew of
him. Only Tom mad a soft mention of did any one really knew Chakotay well
enough to make that assumption, but no one listened, again. So they made a
plan to kidnap their First Officer and hightail it out of there.

That night as Tom slept, he was dreaming that he was back in the bar again,
this time, they were not interrupted. He dreamt that Chakotay swept him up
in his arms and carried him upstairs to a bedroom and made wild passionate
love. Then in his dream as he laid sated next to his love as he heard
Chakotay ask him what they planned to do tomorrow. Were they going to leave?
Tom felt that in this dream he had no need to lie to his beloved, "Not
without you. Were going to bring you home, my love. Then we can be together
and all will be well," he replied as he kissed the dark strong chest next to

"What if I don't want to go, Tom?" Chakotay asked him softly.

His blue eyes met fiery brown, "Why would you stay? Am I not enough for
you?" he asked, his insecurities filling him.

"Oh, Pooka, you are more than enough," he smiled. "I love you so much. If I
had known how you felt I might have mad another decision, but I didn't and
now it is too late. I must stay, but I so dearly want you to be happy," he
replied lovingly, though pain of loosing his love was in his eyes.

"Why!" Tom asked as he sat up to look at his lover with confusion and

"Tom," he said as he sat up. "I've made a deal that in exchange for my
absolute loyalty I have been given a great gift. I can not turn my back on
my word. I may be more than people thought, but I was never a liar either.
My word means everything to me. But I was drowning back on Voyager. Soon, I
think I would have unknowingly done something stupid and got myself killed,
for I wasn't free to.to be me. Now, I can be," he sighed. "My only regret
now.is you. I so want you to forget me, but I can feel you won't.easily. But
I can make you forget me," he offered.

Tom thought about this, then the briefing with Janeway and Tuvok where they
though that Chakotay couldn't possess the ability to give him a hypnotic
suggestion, then his eyes widened. "You! You did plant some thought in my
head, didn't you?" he demanded.

Chakotay looked guilty, "Yes, Love. But only to get you to leave, you
weren't safe there in that bar, and I also hoped to help you be happy on
Voyager. But I know now how you feel, and I feel it too.but." He let his
voice trail.

"Say it. Say it.please," Tom asked softly.

"I love you, Tom. I think I've loved you as long as you loved me," he
chuckled. "A couple of fools," he smirked, but to no one in particular. "But
like I said, it's too late now. I can make you forget me, but I won't force
it on you. Though I have taken a couple of liberties," he confessed softly.

Tom arched his brow, "What kind of liberties?"

"This is more than a dream Tom. We are really having this conversation, and
in our minds we did make love a few minutes ago, I'm sorry.I shouldn't have
tricked you like that," he replied and lowered his eyes.

"You."Tom was speechless. He just confessed their entire plans for tomorrow
and now he could lose his love forever.because he was tricked? "How? Why?
Why!" he shouted. Though he did care how, he was more concerned over losing
Chakotay then the details of current event.

"Tom, I.I was concerned that I might have to carry out my threat with
Voyager. I said I would, and I will, but I don't want to. If I knew what to
expect I could find other means to handle the situation. But I was wrong to
trick you this way. But the fact I love you is no trick and very real! What
happens to you does matter," he replied, with his heart in his eyes.

"Why don't you ask me what I want?" he said in a hushed tone.

Chakotay looked at his apprehensive lover, "Okay, Tom. You know I can't
leave here, but I can make you forget me. So, What do you want?"

Tom looked at his lover in total seriousness, "If I tell you, will you do
it?" he asked.

"So long as I don't have to break my word, Tom I'll do what ever you want.
But I hope you understand the situation we're in," Chakotay replied.

"I do," Tom said softly and leaned and whispered what he wanted.


Early the next Morning Janeway was surprised that Chakotay had agreed to
meet with anyone off Voyager to say good bye if they so desired, but on his
terms. The Captain thought this might be a good way to either assess the
situation or get a better lock on their friend in need, so she posted the
message. Two dozen crewmembers wanted to take him up on that offer,
including Janeway herself.

Chakotay had agreed to meet the group in a sector of a large city he knew
that the sensors would be useless and so would the transporters. The group
consisted of Janeway, Tom, Harry, B'Elanna, Alaya, Geron, and many others of
the Marquise and Fleet. The inn that was chosen was very elegant and a large
breakfast table had been set out for them. The moment was awkward as
Chakotay and several members of his new crew strode in. He was very polite
and asked everyone to take a seat, but as he expected, B'Elanna charged
right up to him and tried to slap him...tired. He griped her hand and then
kissed it.

"B'ell, I'm flattered you care so much, but I don't wish to have your hand
print on my face," he smiled.

"You bastard!" she growled.

Chakotay's eyes darkened, "Yes, I am a bastard," he replied coldly. Then he
glared at the others in the room. "I would try and explain, but I can.feel,
your not interested or you wouldn't understand," he stated. "I thought that
you might, but I should have listened to my first instincts and left things
as they were," he growled.

"Why?" B'Elanna growled.

Dark dangerous eyes meet hers, "How about I give you a reason even you can
understand," he seethed. Then he looked up and at the breakfast table. In an
instant the entire table flipped over without anyone near it. "How's that!"
he snapped. Then he looked around to see all the stunned faces and laughed.
"Think what you like, but power was the smallest reason, but apparently the
only one your willing to accept," he said dryly and turned and snapped his
fingers as he left with the members of his new crew behind him.

"Didddd, you see that!" Harry exclaimed.

"Captain," Geron said softly as he handed her the tricorder.

She looked at it and her face paled. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes, Captain. I took the readings several times and on others in the room
to make sure it was working.I'm sure."

"What is it!" demanded B'Elanna.

Janeway looked up stunned, "According to these readings, we have just been
shot down by a corps," she said.

"Huh?" Harry responded. "Now that can't be, can it? What do you think,
Tom?" he asked "Tom?" he looked around and saw his friend no were about.
"Captain, Tom's gone!"


Tom met Chakotay outside around back as was planned and was still surprised
to see everything play out as he dreamed, but now he knew more so that, that
had not been your typical dream. He entered in the ship with his love and
his crew and couldn't help but notice the grin he was getting from the blond
woman. "Hello," he finally said.

She had a soft musical laugh, much like his mother. "Hello, Tom. I'm glad
to finally meet you, since I've heard so many wonderful things about you,"
she said warmly. She laughed again as she saw Tom blush.

"I forget my manners," Chakotay stated. "This is Rebecca, my First Officer
and a good friend. The tall dark haired, blue eyed man is Jarrod, my Chief
engineer and also a good friend. The red head is Yonish, head of ship
security and a friend," Chakotay said warmly.

Tom surveyed them and they did indeed seem sincere in their warmth for
Chakotay, but the men were very suspicious of him, only Rebecca seemed to
accept him. "It's a pleasure to meet you," Tom replied nervously. He was
feeling very uncomfortable under their intense gaze till he felt Chakotay
grip his hand and gave it a light squeeze.

Soon they were at a large beautiful manner, where Tom was told the Lordship
tended to stay from time to time. He was led by Chakotay and Rebecca down
many elegant hallways and corridors till they reached a set of golden double
doors and then they entered, Tom was breath taken, not just by the decor,
but the beautiful man that awaited them on the thrown. He was glad that he
was ribbed or he would have totally forgotten to bow.

"Come," he said easily.

The three moved forward. As Tom had been instructed by Chakotay earlier, as
he was to the bottom of the steps to the thrown he knelt down as did the
others and bowed his head. "My Lord," Chakotay and Rebecca stated. Tom was
silent. He could hear the steps of the Lord as the young man slowly stepped
down and moved around the trio.

"So, this is the one that holds your heart, Tay," the Lord said, his tone
crisp, almost unapproving of Tom. "How much does he know?"

"Only what I was allowed to tell him, my Lord," Chakotay replied softly.

"And he still agreed to come with you?" the Lord mused. "So.Tom," he said
as he moved in front of the young blond and reached down to lift up his face
so he could see into his eyes and his soul. Violet eyes locked on blue and
searched deeply into the one called Tom Paris for what seemed like a small
eternity. When he let go, Tom sunk down as if drained, but the Lord smiled.
"You chose wisely, love. I grant you your request. But.you must do it. That
is my only condition. Rebecca can instruct you on how," he said then moved
back to his chair but didn't take a seat. "I hope to be properly introduced
to you real soon, Tom," he smiled then faded into mist and was gone.

The three stood up. Rebecca gave a small jump for joy, "Congratulations!"
she offered and then saw that Chakotay was pale and Tom very confused.

"What does he mean.Chakotay has to do it? Do what?" Tom asked puzzled.

"Oh, dear. He didn't let you tell him much did he," Rebecca said gently to

The new Captain of the Veil shook his head no, then looked at Tom. "If you
are to stay with me, I must bring you across," he said softly but

"Bring me across? Across to where?" Tom inquired. "You said it was a privet
selective group, the Vamir, and that you'd explain in more detail later. I
think now is later," Tom replied concerned.

Chakotay and Rebecca headed out of the audience room and down to a small
side garden of the estate. "I also told you that once you were a member you
would be for life, no changing your mind," he said quietly. "That it was a
physical process, not just a mental one, right?"

"Yes, but I'm getting the feeling you left something important out. What?"
he asked.

Chakotay looked to Rebecca for help, but she only shrugged, "Tell him the
truth," she said.

Chakotay took a deep breath or what seemed like one, "Tom.I'm dead."

Tom blinked then laughed.

"I'm serious, Tom. I and the other Vamirs are what earth would
call.Vampires," the older handsome man stated directly.

Tom still laughed till he saw that neither Chakotay nor Rebecca was
laughing. "You've got to be kidding! There are no such things!" he snapped.
Then he looked at the serious faces that stared at him, "But how? In the

"They're just that myths. Some basis of truth but stories just the same.
Yes, my body is considered dead, and I do need a chemical compound found in
blood to be sustained, but the Vamir had found a way to extract it without
harming the people around them. It did cause a physical change as you can
see, inside as well as outside. But each set of gifts is different, like a
work of art, all depending on the creator and the clay. So, though I can
tell you some of the things to expect, I can't tell you everything."

"You're joking.right?" Tom asked one last time.

Chakotay closed his eyes then opened them, they looked like dark cat eyes
as he smiled and showed a set of fangs. Tom took an involuntary step back
then saw that Rebecca looked the same way. His instincts told him to run,
but his heart told him he could trust Chakotay not to hurt him or let harm
come to him. Then he saw both people close their eye and revert back to the
people and faces he recognized.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, Tom," Chakotay said softly. "Now that you
know, If you want time to think about it or change you mind, I will
understand," he said. "My offer to help you forget is still there if you

Tom felt a tremor in his body. "That is what I must become to be with you?"
he asked in a hushed tone.

"Yes, Tom it is," Chakotay said then looked at him then Rebecca then back
at Tom. "I'll let you think about it. Either way, I have to be back on the
Veil before noon," he said then moved off.

Tom looked at Rebecca, "What's it like?" he asked.

She smiled, "Like anything else, it has its good days and bad," she smiled
then got serious. "He loves you with all his heart, and neither of you would
grow old and could be together through thick and thin, if you want to.
But.you won't grow old but you will watch those around you do so. Time can
become a burden as well as a treasure.it all depends on the individual," she
replied. "For some this would be a curse.for others it is a blessing," he

"I.I wish he told me why he did it?" Tom thought out loud. "I mean he gave
me some answers.I.I'm not sure if I understood them or not?"

"I can only share with you what he has shared with those of us he has
called friends," she said softly. "He said he felt imprisoned and now he
doesn't. From what I can see in him, in his mind of how he was before and
now.he was. To him, this is a strange blessing. Though I know that if he had
to harm anyone to survive, he would have passed this offer without
hesitation. He's a good man, though hurt and angry over something's.like
you," she mused. "But.if time does heal all wounds," she chuckled, "Then
he'll be fine."

"Um.how.how long." Tom tried to ask.

Rebecca laughed again, "Oh, only 256 years. A baby to many, but we're not
in as large numbers as you may think. It is against our laws to bring anyone
across without the Lord's permission. To do so invites death to the creation
and the creator. He is also very.very selective of who he offers the gift,
making sure that it would be a gift for them. He must have seen that it
could be for you or he wouldn't have given his permission. But, it is your
choice," she finished. "I'll let you think on this," she said then left to
find Chakotay and instruct him just in case he would need it on how to bring
Tom across.


Chakotay had three hours before he had to get back to his ship and possibly
force Kathryn to leave. Though he had anger over many issues, he didn't want
to hurt them, they were still important to him. But they couldn't see what
they had done to him, or what he had done to himself. He had allowed them
and himself to be painted into the 'perfect' office, that he didn't dare
show anything different. He couldn't remember the last time he could just
let loose and be himself. It felt so good to be able to do that on 'his'
ship and with people he knew understood him, like Tom could. No, they
couldn't understand how free he felt and except for the matter of Tom, he
was happy.

He had listened to what Rebecca had to tell him and he a waited in the room
she chose for him to wait in and bring Tom across should he chose it. He
wasn't sure what scared him more, doing it or not doing it. If he did it,
Tom would change.but how and how much? If he didn't he would lose him, but
he'd carry on, but his heart would be shattered, since he knew now that Tom
had loved him for as long as he had loved the blond pilot. At the sound of a
noise by the door he stood up and turned to see Tom enter in the room and
shut the door. "Hi," he said softly.

Tom smiled nervously, "Hi," he replied as he walked up to Chakotay. He
faced the older man and gave a warm smile, "I'm scare as hell, but twice as
much at the thought of being with out you. I love you, and I 'want' to be
with you. So...bring me across," he said confidently.

Chakotay reached out and caressed his love's face. "Are you sure?" he
asked, looking deep into Tom's eyes and saw what he needed. "Okay," he
replied and moved in softly and kissed his lover's lips. Then in one swift
move he swept Tom into his arms and carried him to the bed.

He laid Tom down and slowly climbed on top of him, placing sweet hot kisses
down around Tom's neck. Then he reached down and slowly undid Tom's shirt
and for every inch of skin revealed he greeted it with a kiss of his lips.
Soon he was kissing Tom's firm muscular stomach. Then he raised his head to
see the love and trust in Tom's eyes, it moved him deeply, "You're so
beautiful," he whispered.

"So are you," Tom breathed back, his light panting evident in his tone.

Chakotay removed Tom's shirt then his own so skin could touch skin. He
deeply kissed Tom as he wrapped his arms around his slim body, letting every
sensation of his love's body fill his own. Then once again he made a trail
of kisses down south till he reached the waistband of Tom's pant. He showed
Tom just how skilled his mouth could be as he undid the young man's pants
with only his mouth then used his hands and caressed the flustered creamy
skin as he removed the pants and underwear. He couldn't help but take a
moment to take in Tom's beauty. Then with a smile he moved in and continued
his trial of kisses south.

Though technically this was the first time for the two of them, for Tom it
was just as wonderful as the time they did it in his head. It felt just as
hot and as wonderful, and though Tom didn't know what to expect, he had no
complaints. "OH, yes!" he cried as he felt his engorged flesh being sucked
into his lover's mouth. Everything Chakotay did to him was so intense, that
he lost any fear what so ever and only wanted to get lost in his lover's
touch. Then he screamed in pure delight as he felt strong fingers penetrate
him. "Oh, Cha!" he cried.

The room had everything Chakotay would need to care for Tom, so he reached
for the lubrication as he prepared Tom to be fucked into oblivion. As soon
as both of them were ready he moved Tom into position, he want to see his
lovers face as he entered him. Tom's flushed, sweating and wantonly look
surged like electricity through Chakotay. "So beautiful,' he chanted. Then
he entered into his love, slowly at first. Then as he was fully in, he let
Tom have a moment to adjust to his cock before moving. As soon as Tom
indicated that he was ready, Chakotay started to pump him like a piston. He
could feel his love writhing under his touch and could see the look he
elicited from his love; the thought that he was causing Tom to feel and look
that way enticed the moment even more.

He could feel that Tom was close as he continued to pound into his love's
body. He wouldn't let Tom touch himself, "Not till I tell you," he said and
was glad that Tom was willing to listen. Chakotay couldn't resist his own
body anymore, but he was changed and so, even though he roared in release,
his body didn't flow out the same fluid it once had. He knew this would
scare Tom, but he also knew that Tom was so hard for his own release, he
wouldn't notice the red stain on the sheet. It was now time to release Tom.

"Oh, Love!" he had screamed. Then as soon as he was soft, he let himself
slip out as he lay down on Tom and placed soft kisses on Tom's face and neck
as he wrapped his hand around Tom's hardness. He pulled and caressed it as
he sucked gently on Tom's neck. He could feel Tom's heart beat faster and
his body ready to convulse in pleasure, "Now, babe, now!" he said as he
pumped Tom's erection. He felt Tom arch as the organism took over is body,
and he took advantage of this moment to bit deeply into his love's creamy

Tom screamed in ecstasy as his body arched into his organism, then his body
tripled in pleasure and he was paralyzed with such sensations that he could
barely breath. He had never felt this good in his life. He felt as if he was
slipping his soul into Chakotay and the thought was erotic and welcomed. He
felt his breathing ease as his body was now relaxing down to a slight tingle
of pleasure and loss and then a small chill filled him, but feeling
Chakotay's arms around him kept the fear at bay and he let the sweet
darkness take him.

Chakotay leaned up and saw his love lying there motionless.close to death.
His heart clenched, but he had to act quickly. He pulled the knife from
under the pillow and cut his wrist and let his blood drip into the now pale
lips of his lover. He paid close heed to the amount as Rebecca had told him
and as soon as he saw Tom's body start to convulse, he stopped. He used his
gift to close the wound on his wrist and then held Tom tightly as his body
started to die and change.

Chakotay's eyes widened as he saw Tom's blond hair grow and had some slight
curl to it. He saw all the lines of stress and time fad from his face and
his face softened and his muscles tighten. Chakotay didn't think Tom could
be more beautiful, but once again, life proved him wrong. After a few
minutes he watched as Tom opened his eyes, much like Chakotay had done so
many weeks ago, but he saw the Lord's beautiful face and he knew what Tom
would be feeling.hunger. He gasp at how deep blue his love's eyes had bee
come, and how intense they now were. "I'm here love," he whispered.

"Cha.hung." Tom tried to speak but his mind was too clouded.

Chakotay took the blade and ran it slowly across his chest, just enough to
cut him. The site and smell of blood was enough to prompt Tom up and he
started licking and sucking on the wound like it held his life.which it did.
The enhanced feeling of letting Tom take from him was so erotic and so
intense that Chakotay wanted to taste Tom again, be he knew he was too weak
for that.now. Chakotay moaned from the pleasure, but he had to keep Tom
from taking too much, so he had to eventually push his young love back and
close the wound of his chest. Then he looked down at the blood covered
wanton face and was filled with mixed emotions. Love, desire, and some guilt
for corrupting so lovely a soul.

"More," Tom pleaded softly.

Chakotay was prepared for this too. He reached over to the pitcher and
poured some of the Vamirs wine that was mixed with the blood element that
they both now needed. He gave Tom his fill of that, but knew in the
beginning, only real blood would do. Tom was fully over and they could be


With only a half-hour to go till noon, Tom was bouncing up and down as the
three of them; he, Chakotay and Rebecca were heading to the transporter at
the base that would take them to the Veil. Tom had been properly introduced
to Lord Nolan, as was tradition and after some time was now heading up.

Chakotay was glad to see that Tom was like a kid, full with excitement with
all the new gifts he was discovering. He found that his reactions and
reflexes were ten times that as before and he had some serious speed if he
put his mind to it. But it all tired him so, after some wine and some rest
he was up and ready again.

Once they reached the ship, Captain Chakotay made the announcement that
they had a new crewman and senior pilot. Tom thought it interesting that,
though the ship was large, it didn't need such a large crew. Three quarters
to what Voyager needed. He noticed that all the crew were Vamir on this
ship, but was told that wasn't the case on other ships. But he didn't care,
he was flying and he was with his love, which was all that mattered.

"It's fifteen minutes till," The Captain said and indicated a channel to
Voyager be opened. He saw the screen light up and a very pissed off Kathryn
greeted him. She didn't even let him get a word out.

"Where the hell is Tom!" she barked.

Chakotay smiled, "Why, right here," he said and let the monitor back up so
she could see who was piloting his ship. He saw her gasp, for his changes
were more outward than his own were though he too did look different.

"What did you do to him?" she demanded.

"Nothing I didn't want done," Tom responded sincerely, then turned to see
if he got Chakotay mad. He had a habit of speaking out of turn on Voyager
and it seemed to make his love angry at times. He was glad to see the warm
loving look on his lover's face, then turned back to his former Captain.

"Kathryn," Chakotay said in hopes to defuse her temper. "You have to accept
that some things are out of your hands," he said softly. "How ever, I am
glad to be able to tell you that I no longer have to be aggressive in my
actions toward you. My Lord has given new orders that you may or may not
like. He has asked us to escort you home. The question is, would you want

Kathryn looked puzzled, "Home? To the Alpha quadrant? Why would he do

Chakotay smiled, "Because he knows how difficult it's going to be for you,
a ship alone in what he knows to be very hostile territory. And this ship is
equipped for the journey. All you have to do is decide. We can come with
you, but we will maintain separate crews or you can go without us, your

Janeway looked like Chakotay had flipped his lid. "It's over 60 years
away.you would never make it back, what's the catch?" she asked.

Chakotay gave a warm laugh, "On the contrary, Kathryn. We, the Vamir would
make it back, one of the many.secrets to this ship," he replied. Then he sat
back, "My Lord, wishes to know your decision soon. Just in case I'll make
preparations. Either way, I would like to escort you at least to our
boarders, if I may."

"I'll think on it," Janeway said then closed the com channel.

Tom looked up at his love, "Do you suppose she suspects?" he asked.

Chakotay smiled warmly at his love. "Kathryn suspects everything," he
laughed. "I'm hoping she'll say yes on the off chance she thinks she can get
to the bottom of this mystery," he chuckled as did Tom. "But either way,
were off to the Alpha quadrant, we have our orders," he said seriously and
saw Tom nod his agreement.

Two hours later Janeway did agree to the company and the two vessels headed
toward the unsuspecting Alpha quadrant. The Veil equally matched voyager in
size, but the Veil had far superior weapons.

Janeway retired to her cabin in wonder to what was really going on, in
hopes she could some day find out. She knew many of her officers felt the
same way.

Chakotay and Tom retired to their quarters, which Chakotay made sure Tom
knew it was 'theirs' and as far as he was concerned, expect for Command
decisions, all he had was Tom's. That night they brought a new dimension to
their lovemaking.

<The End>