Title: Dancing in the Dark
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings: (DS9/Voy) C/? P/?, B/?
Notes: Sequel to Black Fire and part VII of the Dark Desire series.
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the 'closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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"Dancing in the Dark"

The Vamire kiss from Tom was heavenly, and after that, there was no
way he could hold back from his desire to make love with the beautiful
blond pilot. It had been so long, and all the fire that was between
them before was present again, but this time, when Julian woke in the
morning, alone in his bed on DS9, he was filled with guilt.

He knew Tom was emotionally frustrated, and vulnerable, and Julian
felt that he took advantage of the other man, even if Tom did start
it. Julian dragged himself out of bed and took a long cold shower, his
mind light years away, in two different directions, the Delta quadrant
and Earth.

The depression of all the events were starting to way heavy on
his soul, and Julian was feeling lonely and vulnerable himself. He
knew that was why he didn't stop Tom from taking things all the way,
but that didn't make it right. He gave a heavy sigh as he dressed and
headed for work, plastering on a phony smile.

"Good morning, Doctor," one of his nurses said. "A package has
just arrived for you. As to why it was delivered here, I have no
idea," she added as she continued on with her work.

Julian moved to his office and saw the semi-large box. It was
wrapped in all white wrapping paper, with a silver bow. He looked and
saw a card and it was addressed to him, the handwriting was beautiful.
He felt a slight bit of anticipation as he opened it. He pulled back
the tissue paper that was covering its contents.he froze!


"I don't have all the answers, but I do have some," the EMH
stated to the current senior officers of Voyager. "They are not dead.
I know they read as such, but that is because their bodies are
functioning on a level lower than what we would constitute as.living.
But they are alive. As to how.that's another matter, and I.I don't
know.yet. To be forward, Captain. It's like working in the dark. I
only have half of the test results I need, and there is no previous
cases listed in the computer to compare this with."

" I understand. Thank you, Doctor," Janeway said, as she
sipped on her third cup of coffee, and it was still morning.

Just then the com unit beeped. "Sorry to disturb you, but
there is a message from the Veil for Ensign Kim."

Janeway looked nervous, then looked at Harry, "take it in my
ready room," she said as she sat back to finish her coffee. She
didn't notice the scrutiny she was receiving from Tuvok.

Harry moved in the ready room and sat down in the chair and
turned on the screen. He smiled ear to ear when he saw a smiling Tom
Paris on the other line. "Tom!"

"Hey, Har. I'm sorry for over reacting a while back. But
things.have been a big adjustment. So, will you forgive me?"

"Of course! Tom, you know we.we're just.concerned that's all."

"I know Har. It just took me awhile to remember that no matter
what, we'll always be like family," Tom smiled.

"So, Tom.what is.going on?"

"Ah, Har," Tom sighed. "I wish I could tell you everything,
but.it's not as bad as that may make you think. I happen to love
Chakotay, always have.I know, I know, that comes as a shock."

"No, not really," Harry states, feeling a pang of loss for the
young man he cares for.

Tom did his Tuvok imitation, "Not really?"

Harry smiled, "Tom, me and B'Elanna have had a running bet for
years now as to which one of you would break down and admit they were
attracted to the other first. By the way, who approached whom? I could
either be having steak tonight or Neelix surprise," he teased.

"Well, I guess it was Chakotay who approached first, the rest
was.mutual," Tom said, a slight blush filling his cheeks. By the look
on Harry's face, Tom knew his friend was having steak for dinner.

"How is everything.since we've been gone?" Tom asked casually.

"Well, as good as it can be. Many of the Maquis are upset with
Chakotay being gone. They are torn between believing that he was
influenced or he really chose to leave them. Do you know why he.left?"

"No," Tom said, though he had his suspicions, he didn't want
to get into that now, and not with Harry. There was enough to deal
with as it was. "Well, I can't talk too long, have duty too you know,"
he joked. "Can I talk to the Captain?"

"Sure, Tom. Ah, Tom.are you 'really' okay?"

Tom smiled, "Things have been.different, but I'm doing fine
now. Thanks Har."

Harry gave his best friend a smile of relief. "Just give me a
moment." Harry hit is com badge. "Captain, Tom wishes to speak with

The expression on Harry's face was a bit surprising as he came
back to look at Tom. "Ah.she.she said no," Harry replied, a puzzled
look on his face.

"That's okay, Har. Don't let it trouble you. She's
probably.cranky?" Tom teased, but looked close to see Harry's

"That is an understatement. She's been distant, and either way
to quiet or snappish. She's on her third cup of coffee already!"

"She's just worried," Tom lied, for now he had a better idea
of what Chakotay was doing to their former Captain. "I'll talk with
you later, promise." Tom clicked off.

Harry was just getting up when the door opened, admitting the
Captain, he saw her look to see if the com unit was still active, then
moved in. "Anything important to report?" she said, as she moved to
the replicator for her fourth cup of coffee.

"Just that he understands what we were trying to do," Harry
replied. He was going to brave asking her why she didn't want to talk
to Tom, but she dismissed him, and he simply left.

She sat at her desk, her eyes looking off into the distance,
"Don't worry, Mark. I'll stay way from him.I promised you, for I won't
lose you again."


"Some things is wrong," Rebecca said to her two oldest friends
as they sat in her semi-lavished quarters.

A tall dark haired, blue eyed man of medium build, and
pleasant to look at, handed her a golden goblet. "You mean beside the
usual things that go wrong among our kind?"

"Yes, Jarrod, that is what she mean," a red headed brick of a
man replied, sipping on his own glass.

"Thank you, Yonish," Rebecca smiled back while giving a
soothing look to her other friend. "I'm worried. I mean, I know what
the risks are when someone is brought over, and we have all watched
people change, but."

"Chakotay's a good and descent man," Jarrod McKnight, head of
engineering adds as he takes a seat near the First Officer of the
Veil. "I liked him immediately," he smiles.

"Aye, me too. In fact, if the Lord didn't give the sign that
he had interest." Yonish Tallot head of security, just laughed with a
wishful smile.

"I know what you mean," Rebecca smiles. Then she gets serious,
"But I really get the feeling the changes he's going through are." she
seemed lost for words.

"Influenced?" Yonish interjects.

"Yes, influenced. And on top of that, I think Tom is a lovely
man, but.he doesn't belong with us, so I don't understand why the Lord
would allow him to be embraced?"

"Hey, what's wrong with Tom? I happen to like him too, you
know," Jarrod protests.

Rebecca gives a chuckle, "Nothing is wrong with him, just he
really isn't the type that could handle our world, well not for any
real amount of time. He may have a big mouth," she teases.

"And a sexy one to boot," Jarrod adds.

All laugh. "Yes, that too, but he's really sensitive and our
would can be.a bit brutal. I know Chakotay can handle it, he's a
warrior, and I feel it deep inside me, if what ever is influencing was
not doing it, he'd be one of the few that could remain the

"Well, I may not have you gift of insight, Becky, but I would
definitely agree. But what can 'we' do about it?" Jarrod asks with
sincere concern.

"True, but there 'is' something the 'two' of you can do," she
smiles bashfully.

Yonish looks at her, his eyes wide, knowing what she's up too.
He lowers his glass slowly, "Ah, Becky, you aren't suggesting we.you
know that It's dangerous.you do know that, right?"

Jarrod lowers his glass; he too finally gets what the First
Officer is suggesting. "Oh no, Becky. The last time me and Yonish did
something like that.it almost killed us!"

"Guys! I wouldn't even think it, if it weren't urgent.
Besides, you two were far away and we didn't have the resources we
have now to replenish you. Just think about it? For Chakotay?" she

"Becky, you know that our visions are not always clear. They
can be down right obscure, a riddle. It may not help?" Yonish replies.

"I know, Yon. But.well, I think Nolan himself is behind
Chakotay's changes," she states quietly.

"Lord Nolan?" Jarrod states, not too happy to hear this. "I
don't know what 'you' plan on doing if he is, but as much as I care
about Chakotay.well, I'm not going up against the Lord!"

"I'm not asking you too!" Rebecca replies, standing to drive
her point home. "I'm only asking for some future insight, to give me
some idea of what direction I can take to help him and Tom, that's
all. If I can't.than I can't!"

Yonish stands and places soothing hands on his friend and
First Officer's shoulders. "Easy, lass." He looks at Jarrod then back
at her, "All right. We'll do it."

She whirls on the big man and hugs him tightly. "Thank you."
Then she moves and hugs Jarrod; " I mean it. I just want to help."

"Me, too, Becky. I just want to live long enough to see this
endeavor over with," Jarrod states softly.

"Don't we all," her and Yonish say together.

"How soon?" she asks.

"What's wrong with now?" Yonish replies. "We're all off and as
you said, we have the resources. So, you move the furniture, and
Jarrod and I'll make ready. You know how cloudy his mind is," Yonish

Jarrod stands and places his goblet down. "Well, at least it's
not clouded with porn, like yours always is," he grins.

"Can I help it if I have an active imagination?"

"With over half the crew?"

"It is not over half the crew! Just the really exceptional
ones," Yonish chuckles.

"Boys, some of us are getting old here," she laughs, as
Rebecca starts to move the couch to make a clearing in the center of
the living room floor.


Julian recovered; he then closed and then grabbed the box and
without explanation told everyone that he was taking the day off. He
moved through the promenade as quickly as he could and when he was on
his level he ran all the way back to his quarters. Once inside he
locked the door, dropped the box and started to cry.

He sank to the floor, pulling his knees to his chest as he
sobbed even more, and his body started to tremble. He was so full of
grief that he didn't notice that he was no longer alone. He didn't
notice right away that he was being picked up gently and cradled on
someone's lap till he felt he strong arms embrace him to a strong
chest. He blinked some tears away as he looked up to see it was Cain.
The older man had just showed up and was now trying to sooth him, and
it was working.

"My sweet treasure, what happened to bring you so much grief?"

Julian curled up in the older man's arms, he didn't want to
talk about it, so he just pointed to the box, then buries his face in
Cain's chest. He felt soft long strokes on his back, and in his hair.
Then he felt the tension leave his body as Cain was whispering words
that Julian couldn't understand in his ear. Soon he was a sleep.

"That's it, my treasure," Cain said softly as he manages to
stand up while still holding Julian in his arms. He carries the young
Prince to the sofa and lays him down gently. He places a pillow under
his head and moves to the bedroom and returns with a blanket. He
finishes tucking in the young man, caressing some of Julian's hair
from his face before moving to the white gift box.

Cain lifts up the box and moves with it to the table, and
opens it. He raises an eyebrow. He lifts up the card that is lying on
top of the head that is in the box. He reads it: MISS ME? Was all it
said. Cain looked at the card again, then he lifted out the head. It
was female, and Bajoran. The person had been dead for some time by the
signs of decay. He placed the head back in the box and them moved to
sit by the sleeping prince. He places a gentle hand on Julian's
forehead and closes his eyes.

{"Are you sure about this, Olivia?"

"Yes, Julian," a beautiful, spirited Bajoran woman replies, sitting on
the edge of a bed. "I trust you," she states confidently.

"Okay. As long as you've thought this through."

"Julian, it's not like we're making a baby," she teases. Then she gets
serious, "You told me everything, and I made my decision. You need
help and I want to stop that leech as much as you do. So let's get
this over with so we can start kicking that creep's ass!"

Laughter fills the room. }


{"Olivia, stop this!"

"Ah, sorry, my pretty. But I've come to see that Vlad is right," the
Bajoran woman growls, her face distorted with anger and her eyes glow
a yellowish red. Her fangs are dripping with blood.

"I can't let this happen.not to you. Please, Olivia.STOP THIS!"

"Make me," she growls, then she leaps like a wild beast at her target.


{The scene changes again, the woman looks more like her old self, but
her head has been removed as well as her heart from her chest. She is
being placed in a coffin, in a grave in the ground, for the dirt is
muddy and every where.

Red droplets fall onto the face as the head is placed on the neck, but
the heart is left out.
Then the coffin is closed, more red droplets fall, and then the dirt
slowly starts to cover the coffin up. }

.Cain open's he eyes, the look of sorrow fills them as he caress'
Julian's hair. "Ah, sweet treasure, no wonder you are so alone," he
whispers. "I was going to wait, but perhaps now would be a good time,"
he says.

"Sisko to Bashir."

Cain reach for Julian's com badge, for he knows the young Prince will
not wake for hours. "Bashir here," he says, using Julian's voice.

"Doctor, would you mind explaining to me why you suddenly decided to
take off without informing me?"

"I.I received some really upsetting news, personal, Captain. I
apologize, I.I just wasn't thinking, and I needed some time. A.dear
friend of mine.died," Cain replied, still sounding just like Julian.

"Oh, my apologizes and my regards for your loss, Doctor. Please, take
the all the time you need today. If you need anything, just let me

"Well, since you've mentioned it. I would like some time off, to go to
the funeral. I.I can give you more information later, if that's okay
with you."

"That would be fine, Doctor. Take it easy," Sisko replied then closed
the com channel.

Cain remained on the sofa, his blue eyes intent on the sleeping beauty
next to him. "My sweet little one," he said softly, caressing Julian's
dark hair once again. "It seems that we must move up the time table
and get you some help, for you should not be so alone. I must do what
I must, as you will do what you are destined to do," he said, he eyes
still filled with sorrow and sadness.

Cain reached in his coat pocket, and pulled out a tiny vial containing
a deep rich red liquid. He rolled Julian to his back. He opened the
vial then placed it to Julian's lips as he opened the young man's
mouth with his free hand. He poured the last does of his blood into
Julian's mouth, and watched as it naturally trickled it's way down the
young man's throat.

Even in sleep, Cain could see small twitches in the young beauty's
face, for the bond between them was forming. Soon Cain would have
control over the young Prince, and he could easily enter his mind and
learn all he needed to know, and make his plans in accordance from
there. "Easy, my sweet treasure," he soothed with a gentle hand on
Julian's cheek, to ease the transition. He leaned down and placed a
chaste kiss on the sleeping man's lips. This seemed to ease him, and
Cain just sat close and watch the young man slip back into a blissful
slumber. Cain then closed his eyes and delved again into Julian's
mind, this time even deeper.


"Many players dance around, some in the dark about others, none having
full knowledge of the game, but one player has more of an edge, for he
still dwells in the shadows unknown to many," Jarrod states.

Rebecca sits quietly, her living room having been changed into a room
marked with ritual symbols, and Yonish and Jarrod sit in the center,
their eyes closed, their hands clasped together.

"The past is the key to the Prince, the Prince is the key to the
future," Yonish states.

"Chakotay's soul is being forged, whether in darkness or light will be
up to those who do love him and those who will love him," Jarrod

"Many players wear masks to hide the truth, but soon all will be
revealed in the dance when the darkness fades," Yonish speaks again.

"History verses Myth, Love verses Death, are some of the battles to
come, winner takes all."

"What should I do to help Chakotay?" Rebecca asks softly.

"Prevent the expendable from being expended and light will prevail,"
Yonish states.

"Let him find his path in the dance," Jarrod answers.

Rebecca stands up, not sure if she understand all this, but seeing her
two dearest and oldest friend soaked in their own blood, for it is
literally sweating out of them. She moves into the circle breaking its
hold on her two friends. Both men sway as if weak, she reaches a hand
out to both and keeps them steady, "easy," she says.

"Did it help?" Jarrod asks, reaching for a large towel with his left
hand and a goblet with his right, gulping its content down.

"Yeah?" Yonish asks, doing much the same as Jarrod.

Rebecca smiles at her friends, "I think so. Though as you said, it was
obscure, but one part I do understand clearly."

"That would be?" Yonish asks, grabbing a second goblet of wine and
gulping it down.

"The crew of Voyager are considered expendable in this situation, and
'we' must make sure they are not allowed to be so. For if we don't,
we'll loose the good and noble man we call friend for good."

"And just how do we do that?" Jarrod asks, as he gulps down his third
glass of wine.

"I'm not sure, I just know we have to do it," she says.

Tom was in his quarters, staring out in space, watching Voyager from a
distance once again. He then felt strong arms wrap around his chest.
He smiled, "Nolan, what would Chakotay say," he teased.

"Nolan?" Chakotay states, not catching the joke right away, but then
seconds later he does. "Brat!"

"But you love me anyway," Tom says, wrapping his arms around

"Oh, yes Pooka," he says, nuzzling Tom's neck, glad to hear his love
respond. "Please, don't be mad at me. Or at least tell me what I'm
doing wrong?"

Tom wished he could tell him what the problem was, but he couldn't,
not if he didn't want to hurt him more. He turned in Chakotay's arms
so they were now face to face. "Love, I told you, I'm still adjusting
to things. But do not ever doubt that I don't love you. I'm here
because I didn't want to lose you, I don't plan on letting that happen
now that I have you," he smiled.

"Then.why did you turn away from me last night?"

"Janeway has been our friend and our Commanding officer for years, I.I
just didn't, it doesn't matter," he states, changing the subject. He
smiles sweetly, knowing how to best distract this handsome man. He
leans in and kisses him first softly, then after a moment it turns
passionate for the both of them.

"Oh, baby! I love and need you so much," Chakotay whispers in Tom's
ear as the younger man moves from kissing him to nuzzling up his Jaw
to his neck.

"Cha? Would you answer me something?" Tom asks, kissing up and down
the older man's neck, savoring the tangy taste.

"Anything, baby."

Tom leans back and looks deep into Chakotay's eyes, "Why? Why did you
accept Nolan's offer? I mean, you never really told me."

Chakotay perched his lips, not sure how to answer this question. "Tom,
on Voyager I played a role, one of my own making, but a role none the
less. I thought it was needed to make things work between Starfleet
and Maquis, and it was.but." He gave a soft sigh and moved with Tom to
sit down, cuddling the young man in his arms.

"No one can live a lie for ever, no matter how important it may be,"
he states.

"A lie?"

"Tom, I'm much more than the stuffy, always clam, in control, by the
book, First Officer. Hell! I love to have a good time just like
anybody else, perhaps more," he smiles. "But my role was needed, and I
felt that being too much of the real me was not the example I should
set," he states.

"If you set the role, why didn't you."

"Change it? Tom, I tried, several times. First it was Kathryn, she
made it clear that she wanted what she had, and the crew, they.they
just didn't seem like they would let me. Then, it really became
difficult to maintain when I wasn't needed anymore," he says, sadness
and hurt in his eyes.

"What do you mean, not needed anymore?" Tom asks. "Believe me, Cha.
You are most definitely needed!"

"I wish that was true, Pooka, but it's not. I mean, take a look over
the last year or so. I mean really take a look. Of all my input into
things on the ship, how many has the Captain or the crew really used
or taken seriously?"

Tom thought about it for a moment, "Well, the crew always have
listened to you, and they have taken your lead on many things," he
states with confidence. "The Captain," he started, then it occurred to
him, she really wasn't taking him seriously for some time now. "Oh.I.,
sorry Cha," Tom said softly.

"Baby, it's not your fault," Chakotay replies, caressing Tom's face.
"I was lonely, feeling I no longer had a purpose, and going home
didn't seem to be enough anymore. When I met Nolan and the others, I.I
fit in immediately. I understood them, and they me. They were willing
to accept me.the real me. I.I didn't think I was giving anything up,
since it gave me up long ago."

"That's not true, Cha. I never gave up on you," Tom replies, kissing
his love deeply.

"I know that now, Tom. I.I just didn't know it then," he smiles.

Tom snuggles in his love's protective arms. "So, now what?"


Tom looks up, "we're not fighting, love," he smiles.

"I mean with Voyager. How about we hold a gathering, invite some of
our friends over so they can see we're okay. Then Kathryn and I can
discuss the new technology. What do you think?"

At first Tom was delighted at the idea, but as he looked into his
love's eyes, that dark streak was back, hiding just behind that
beautiful smile. Tom could feel that Chakotay wasn't lying to him, but
he was also up to something. Something that Tom knew wasn't going to
be good for the crew of Voyager. "Ah, just a simple gathering.
Nothing.special? Any surprises?" He asked, hoping to get some
information on this matter.

The dark streak glistened in Chakotay's eyes, and this made Tom sit
up, using all his willpower not to shiver. "Maybe a few entertaining
surprises, but nothing to be concerned with," Chakotay replies.

"Um.sounds great? How about in a few days? Not right away, I.I want to
get settled more, for I want them to know just how good your taking
care of me," Tom says, giving his most charming smile, and then
cuddles up to Chakotay.

"How about in two days?"

"Four.please? I also want to fix our quarters up," he smiles, placing
small kisses on Chakotay's neck.

"Three, and you have a deal," he laughs. Then he pulls Tom's mouth up
to his own, "Oh, Baby, I want you," he whispers and takes deeply of
Tom's lips.

"Make love to me, Cha," Tom whispers back after a few moments.
Chakotay doesn't hesitate, he scoops up his love and takes him to
their bedroom, to make love and make up for all the lost time between

When the loving was done, and exhaustion found it's place, both Tom
and Chakotay let their body's rest while their minds slipped away. One
on a mission of vengeful control, the other to fulfill the next part
of the plan that would hopefully save the man he loved.

"Ah, my love. You seem to be in a good mood," Nolan smiled as Chakotay
joined him on the dream plane in his study. "Does that mean Tom as
finally come around?"

"Yes, my lord," Chakotay replies and gives a proper bow. "I have also
offered to make peace with Voyager," he grins, the darkness of his
statement creeping up on his face.

"Good," Nolan states as he moved from his books to sit on the sofa,
and with a gesture indicates Chakotay to gather some drinks. "Though I
have plans that you will can carry out that not only will give you the
satisfaction you are looking for, but will serve our cause," Nolan

Chakotay had gathered two drinks in crystal glasses and hands one to
his Lord and then joins him on the sofa. "With pleasure my lord. May I
ask what you have in mind?"

"Simple, love. I wish you to expand you crew," Nolan laughs, Chakotay
joins him.


Julian looked very sensuous as he stood in his room wearing only a
robe, staring out the port view, a sated look on his face. He turned
as he felt Tom join him, "Tom," he grinned.

"You are looking.well sexed," Tom teased.

Julian moved to embrace Tom warmly, then leans back the after glow of
great sex was exactly what Tom saw. Julian blushed, "I'll tell you
about him.something," he smiled. "But not now," he sighed. Then he got
serious. "How are things?"

"He's up to something. He said he is going to invite some of our old
friends over and make peace, but that look was there. Plus, Captain
Janeway won't event talk to me, and according to Harry sees on edge
and distant, just like you said she'd be."

"So he is messing with her on the dream plane," Julian replies,
releasing Tom from his hold. "Well, then we will have to start there
instead. Before I can help him in the real world, we must make him
release his hold to her on this plane."

"How do we do that?"

Julian smiles, "Ace, between you and me and his jealousy over you?" he
chuckles, "I don't see that being a problem. We just have to change
settings to get his attention, and when he's not looking, you release
Kathryn since you can work this plane as well. I'll tell you how."

"Sounds like a plan," Tom smiled. "So.?"

Julian's smile faded, "Ace, you know I will always care for you. I
also know how much you love Chakotay, even if I have never met him,
I.I can't help but feel I took advantage of you yesterday."

"Jewel, no one took advantage of anyone. I needed you, and you needed
me," Tom replied, placing a soothing hand on his old lover's shoulder.
"There will always be a bond of some sort between us.I," Tom started
to look guilty.

"No, Ace, don't. You were right. I needed you that night too," Julian
smiled. "But perhaps we should keep it under control to night?"

Tom smiled, "okay, I'll try, but you are pretty irresistible,
especially when you get that look," Tom's face changed to a seductive
teasing leer.


"Oh, the one you get when your eyes are half closed and soft moans
slip through your lips," Tom whispers as he traces a finger along
Julian's throat.

"Tom," Julian says to break the spell as he steps back. "There is more
than one way for us to do this," he says as he moves to gather an
empty glass, then moves and gathers a sharp instrument and cuts
himself, bleeding into the glass. "It doesn't have to be much," he

Tom takes the glass, a look of disappointment on his face. But he
drinks it without complaint. "So, tell me about this guy," he asks,
just a fraction of jealousy in his tone.

"Oh, Tom, Please." Julian replies. "Besides, you have work to do


"Yes, you have to edge your way into Chakotay's dream plan and become
a shadow. You have to understand what he is doing and using to control
Janeway. Otherwise we go in blind."

"How do I do that?"

"Simple, instead of focusing on me, focus on Janeway. This way you'll
be present when he arrives or if he is already there, he won't detect
you, so long as he doesn't see you. Sit back and listen and observe.
Then when you have learned all you can, we'll be able to act

"Alright," Tom replies, and moves in to place a kiss on Julian's
cheek. "This will work, won't it?"

"Yes, Tom. I promised you to do all I can, and I am convinced we can
save Chakotay. Now go, I'll see you tomorrow night about this time."
Tom smiled then the scene faded around him and then changed into a
large estate, the kind he saw in pictures of the old south. From a
distance he saw Kathryn sitting on a large porch swing, sipping
lemonade and smiling at Chakotay who was dressed like a proper
gentleman. Tom moved closer, keeping low and heard Kathryn call
Chakotay Mark. As he listened it became clear as to what his love was
doing to his former Captain. This upset him and his mind started to
think about how he could teach his lover a lesson or two.


"How was your trip to the dream plane?" Cain asked as he caressed
Julian's bare shoulder, as the younger man rolled into his arms. Both
men were unclothed and wrapped in the other's arms as they lay in
Julian's bed. Julian snuggled up to Cain.

"Well," he replied as he placed a soft kiss on Cain's chest. "Step two
is done, and Tom is going to try and find out what Chakotay is doing
with Janeway," he says in a soft sleepy voice. "Chakotay has invited
some of the crew over for a gathering soon, and Tom feels that they
will find more than they bargain for."

"That is most likely true, my sweet," Cain says as he pulls the
younger man up so their lips can meet in a searing kiss. Then after a
moment he breaks the kiss, " but you my sweet treasure have what it
takes to penetrate this Chakotay's soul. Though in doing so, you may
find yourself at odds with Nolan?"

"So?" Julian states while placing kisses all down the other man's jaw
and strong muscular chest. "I'm not afraid of him."

Cain smiles, his hold on the young Prince was strong. "Indeed, my
treasure, you have no reason to fear the likes of him." Cain rolls
Julian over to his back, "Tomorrow, make arrangements for to leave the
day after, my sweet. There is much to be done and not much time," he
whispered, "You will do this for me?"

"Anything, my love." Then closes his lips over Julian's and takes the
young man on another sexual revelation.


"Captain, may I have a word with you?" Tuvok asked as he
entered Janeway's ready room before the morning briefing.

"Of course," she says, sipping her coffee, while trying to
hide the slight tremble that was in her hands this morning.

"I have noticed, that you have been distant and you have had
rapid mood swings. I first decided they were contributed to the loss
of two vital crewmembers, but I have since reevaluated this decision.
The problem has become worse and I wish to request that you see the

Janeway listened quietly, then glared at her current First
Officer, "How dare you! I have no need of medical anything!" she

Tuvok raises an eyebrow, as if her very response was his
proof. "Captain. I wish to keep this as in formal as possible, but if
you insist I will make it a form complaint, in which you will have to
receive a full medical examination or be constituted as unfit for

"You wouldn't?" she glared.

"Indeed, Captain, I would. You are too vital to the crew of
Voyager to let this matter continue as it is. I prefer again to do it
in formally. However the decision is up to you?"

"Very well," she snapped. "After the morning briefing I'll go
see the doctor. When he gives me a clean bill of health, I expect a
full apology from you."

"If the doctor give you such, I will be more than willing to

"Let's get this over with," she growls and moves to get this
day over with, sooner done, the sooner she could return to her

After the meeting, having informed her crew that they would be
attending a small gathering on the Veil to regain some trust, much to
many protests, Janeway found her self in sickbay under heavy sedation.
The cause being that the EMH stated that according to his read outs,
she hasn't slept in days. He would make sure she slept than would
monitor her over night to see what was keeping her from getting to the
proper resting stage.

All was quiet, according to the read outs, as midnight approached, and
the EMH was puzzled as to why the Captain seemed so exhausted. Then
the readings started to go off the chart.


"Mark!" she exclaimed as her love entered in the door of their
home. Kathryn flew down the spiral staircase into the arms of her
husband to be. "Oh, how I've missed you!"

The big dark skinned man held her lovingly, kissing her on the cheek,
"as I have missed you, my Kat. Have you been good?"

"Very," she replies, like a child proud of the gold star the
teacher gave them.

"How about a walk?" he asks, taking by the arm, then we can
sit, share some more wine, and plan our wedding, what do you think?"

"Oh lets!" she exclaims, and takes his arm, letting him lead
through the large manner toward the back garden.

They pass a set of double doors that lead to the ballroom,
they were closed, but music was coming from inside the room. What made
it even more stranger was that it wasn't the right type of music for
this time period.

The man stopped looking at the double doors. "Something
wrong?" Kathryn asked, seemingly unaware of the music coming from the
room. She watched as her love moved and opens the doors, still unaware
that there is a problem.

Chakotay was dressed as a southern gentleman, releases
Kathryn's arm as he looks upon the wild scene before him. For he
didn't see the ballroom that was suppose to be present, but a large
dark, room, filled with men and women, moving and dancing to primitive
beats that vibrated throughout the soul.

Chakotay stood in the doorway, transfixed by the sudden scene
change, not noticing another man, walk up to Kathryn and gently move
her aside.

"M..mm..Mark?" she says, looking at the figure of a man that
really looked like her love.

"My beautiful, Kat. Don't you know that nothing and no one
could make me leave you?" he says, as he pulls her to him. "I'm
waiting for you, Kat. Hurry home to me, my love, and fear not. I'll
never leave you." He leans in and kisses her, they both fade from the
area and the scene changes to only the nightclub setting.

Chakotay looks about and notices that he has lost control of
the scene, but before he moves off, his eyes catch a glimpse of
something or someone on the dance floor. He mentally changes his
clothe, black pants, dark red button down shirt, boots to match the
pants. He moved in to see if what he was seeing was correct.

As he approaches the dance floor, he sees he was right. It is
Tom. His lover was dressed in blue jeans and a blue shirt that made
his eyes sparkle. The shirt was half unbuttoned, and the jeans looked
painted on, they were so tight. But the delicious blond was not alone.
He was bumping and grinding up against a very attractive man, dressed
in tight white jeans, and white silk shirt, making his golden skin

Before Chakotay could start to feel jealous, he saw Tom look
in his direction and smile, seductively. Then Tom moved around up
behind the dark beauty, spooning his body to the slim form before him,
and they moved together as one, as Tom's hand slid up and down, the
white silk shirt, his eyes locked on Chakotay's. He mouthed, 'do you

Chakotay moved closer to the two men. He had never really
considered voyeurism, not till this moment. Seeing Tom looking at him
as he moved his hands and body along the other man's equally sexy form
was getting Chakotay very hard indeed. "I like," he replies, as he
gets even closer.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Tom asks, as he opens the final button
to the shirt of the beautiful man in his arms, revealing a smooth sexy
muscular golden chest.

"Very," Chakotay replies, then his eyes become locked on Tom's
hand as it moved down the golden chest to the man's stomach and then
unsnapping the top button of the tight white jeans, sending a chill of
anticipation throughout Chakotay's body.

The two men were keeping time with the wild beat, caressing
their bodies together, while Tom's hands roamed, and he nuzzled the
man's neck. Then he looked at Chakotay, "Touch him," he says softly.

Chakotay find himself drawn into the two men's sensuality,
wanting to be a part of it. He moves closer, letting his fingers trace
gently across the young man's golden chest. The dark beauty then
shifts from Tom on to Chakotay; matching up his hips, then grinding
his body to the big man, and letting his hands roam the strong body
before him.

Tom moves to the otherside of Chakotay, spooning up behind his
lover. He places his hand on Chakotay's and directs them as if they
are his own, "Beautiful," he whispers in Chakotay's ear. Then when he
sees that Chakotay is more than capable of gliding his own hands over
the other man's body, he starts to slowly remove Chakotay's shirt,
placing small kisses along his neck and caressing his nipples as he

Chakotay grabs hold of the dark beauties' firm ass and pulls
him closer, so when they grind against each other the friction on his
erection is increased. // Spirits this is good! // Then he felt a hot
mouth against his chest, sucking on his left nipple, as Tom's hand
teased his right.

"Can I fuck him, Cha?" Tom asked his lover. "Can I take him in
front of you. Then you can take me, and he can take you?"

Chakotay's mind was all a fire, "I want to take you both," he
growled, grinding harder against the hard sexy body before him.

"How about we both take him," Tom whispers and moves back
around to the young man, turning him so his back is to Chakotay. He
pulls the young man in for a kiss before anyone can protest, then
while holding him, he eyes Chakotay. "By the way, this is Julian," he
says with a wicked grin.

"He's more gorgeous than you let on, Ace," Julian purred, as
he eyes up Chakotay. This was not suppose to go like this, but at the
moment he no longer cared. Tom was sexy and so was Chakotay, and he
was more than primed to take them both.

"Julian?" Chakotay says, but his mind is too hazed with fire
to make any connections.

Julian turns on Tom, wrapping his body around the beautiful
pilot, opening his blue shirt the rest of the way. He then sways down
to a crouch then licks his way up the creamy smooth chest, letting his
tongue flicker along hard pink nipples, receiving a moan from Tom and
from Chakotay who is watching.

Suddenly, Julian is pulled backwards, feeling strong hand
holding him around the waist, and a big firm hardness pressed against
his clef. His shirt is removed as hot wet kisses fall all over his
neck and shoulder, while another set of lips suck on his dark
chocolate nipples, while delicate fingers start to undue his zipper to
his pants.

In moments, Julian is stripped, all three of them sill
grooving to the beat of the music that is pounding throughout the dark
room. Somewhere along the process, Tom gave Chakotay a tube of
lubrication, for Julian felt slick large fingers move between his
clef, as hot most kisses still assaulted his body, and gentle fingers
caressed his thighs. Tom and Chakotay were suppose to be doing this
themselves, but this felt too damn good to stop.

Preparation didn't take long, and soon, he felt the thick
large shaft being placed with in him , as he hear Tom's voice telling
him to take it easy, and how beautiful he and Chakotay looked
together. When the big man was all the way in, he cried out how good
Julian felt, then started to move in and out of the firm body before

Tom moved down and started to suck on Julian's long firm
shaft, eliciting a series of moans, gasps, and incoherent phrases of
pleasure from his old lover. Tom could tell that Julian wasn't going
to last long, he wouldn't either under the same situation, which he
was hoping to be in real, real soon. Then Julian cried out, spilling
his essence into Tom's mouth (his third and final dose) while Julian's
orgasm triggered Chakotay's.

Twenty minutes later, it was Tom that was in the center,
crying out his pleasure, followed thirty minutes more by Chakotay as
the center of attention. By then the scene had changed to a large
elegant bedroom, and now the three men laid sated in each other's
arms, Tom in the center.

"This was not how this evening was suppose to go," Julian
panted softly.

"I don't have a complaint, do you, Cha?"

"Julian, you were wonderful," he said with a yawn.

Tom chuckled, "Shouldn't that be, my Prince, you were

"What are you babbling about, Tom?" Chakotay asked as he
shifted his love in his arms.

"Julian, surly you remember who he is?"

This got the older man's attention. Chakotay bolts up right in
bed, all of it sudden things coming clear to him. "Prince Julian?" he
asks, looking at Tom and the golden beauty on his love's otherside.

"Pleasure to meet you," Julian says, reaching out and taking
Chakotay's hand and giving it a soft kiss. "Though after what we just
shared, Julian.please," he smiled.

"Tom.what's going on here?"

"What does it look like?" he grins. "The three of us just had
a hot time!"

"Ace here is one hell of a lover, isn't he?" Julian asks,
caressing Tom's chest, placing small kisses on his shoulder. Feeling
that he could still keep somewhat to the plan of making the older man
jealous, just enough to make him want to spend time with him on the
dream plane, leaving Janeway free of him.

Tom rolls over and starts caressing Julian's chest, "You
pretty good yourself, Jewel," he replies, then kissing soft lips.

Chakotay no longer liked this. It was one thing when he
thought it was all just a fantasy, but this was different, Tom was
his! "Stop that!" he growled. When he saw a surprised Tom looking at
him he continued, "How.how could you? I mean, I thought.I thought.?"

"It wasn't real, so it doesn't matter? Well it is real, well
on this plane anyway," Tom replies, having regained his composer.
"Plus, you shouldn't be upset. As you belong to Nolan, I belong to

"I love you! How.how.? You belong to me!"

"I love you too, Cha," Tom says as he moved into Chakotay's
possessive arms. "I always will, but I belong to Julian. That's just
the way it is, no big deal."

"No big deal? NO BIG DEAL! Yes, it is a big deal!"

"Chakotay, you can no more stop belonging to Nolan then Tom
can stop belonging to me. But don't fret, he loves you with all his
soul, and I don't intend to interfere with you two," Julian says
softly as he gets out of bed. "This was not suppose to happen, and I'm
sorry if I upset you. I.we.just wanted to stop you from harming
Captain Janeway anymore."

"I wasn't harming her!"

"Love, what do you think you were doing my misleading her into
thinking that you were Mark? She didn't hurt me, but you were hurting
her," Tom said, holding his love tightly, hoping he can reach him this
time. Tom leaned back to see that Chakotay looked very confused.

"It's a start," Julian says softly to Tom. When I get there,
we'll be able to fix it," he smiles. "I.I better go."

"No, please."

"Tom.you love Chakotay," he smiles softly. "I'll see you
soon," Julian says then fades away.

Tom fights with his new mixed feelings of love for Chakotay
and Julian, now stronger for the bond between them was complete. He
looks up at the man he knows is his destiny, "Lets go home, love."
They both fade out.

Chakotay woke up with Tom by his side. He knew they were back
in the real world, but what occurred had shaken him deeply. He looked
over to see his love looking back at him patiently. Then he looked
away. It was the first time that he had true doubts about what he was
doing and what he was suppose to do. // What did I use to do in times
like this? // He asked himself. Then it came to him, he would meditate
and seek spiritual guidance, but he had not done this since before he
left Voyager.

"I need to think," he said softly as he got up out of bed and
walked out of the bedroom. He was going to meditate but he remembered
he left all his stuff back on Voyager. With a heavy sigh he moved to
the port window and stared at the ship he once called home. "Home," he
whispered to himself. He felt like he was trying to see through a deep
haze and he was losing the struggle, something was wrong, this was the
only sure thing he was currently sure about. // Spirits.help me? //

To be continued in: Celestial Enlightenment