Title: The Cop and the Speeder.
Series: "Playtime"
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: I think my first PWP. the boys decide to play The Cop and the
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris
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"Playtime" Scenario: The Cop and the Speeder.

It was nighttime and the only sign of life on this dark lone
country road came from the lights of the two vehicles pulled over to
the side. The driver of the old 1974 green impala sat with
apprehension as they saw the police officer step out of the patrol
car. The officer was well built, this determined by the silhouette
that approached. Suddenly a light was shined in the driver's face.

"License and Registration," a deep voice demanded.

The light sparkled in the blue eyes of the driver as he moved
to cooperate. First he reached into his tight blue jeans and pulled
out his license and then he reached over to the glove box to pull out
his registration, then handing both to the officer. The driver
reaches up and nervously wipes a strand of blond hair from his face.
"What seems to be the problem officer?"

"Do you know how fast you were going?" the deep voice asks.

The driver squints, trying to look at the Officer, but the
flashlight is still shining in his face. "Ah.I'm sure not.that fast,"
he quips, attempting to give a charming smile.

"Right," the officer drawls. The light is suddenly switched
off as the officer leans back. "Step out of the vehicle, please."

The driver easily opens the car door and steps out. He stands
there, allowing his eyes to adjust to the moonlight and the cop
lights, and sees the big, dark strong Officer standing not too far
from him.

"Remain here while I run a check on you," the Officer states
and cautiously moves back to his vehicle, which still is running

The driver switches the weight from one foot to another, not
too happy about the situation, as he sees the Officer on the radio,
calling his information in. This was all he needed to end a perfectly
lousy night.a ticket!

He sees the officer approach, having received his information.
"Seems you've already have a few points on your license already. If I
give you a ticket, your driver's license is going to get suspended."

"Just great." the driver gripes, the misery clear in his tone.

The strong looking Officer approach's the young man, "Why were
you speeding anyway?"

The young blond looks up to barely make out dark concerned
eyes. "Well, if you must know, I was just heading home from dropping
off my date," he replies, the lack of joy very clear.

"Did you break up with her?"

"No, though I'm not sure.I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated."

"About what?" the older man asks, taking another step closer
to the young driver, now only two steps away from him.

The young man sighs, "see, we've been dating for over two
weeks now, and.well." He blushes.

"Ah, won't put out," the Officer states flatly.

The young blond blushes even more, "Something like that. I
just wanted to get home, you know?" Suddenly the drive feels a strong
hand grabbing his crotch, feeling the semi hard on he had been
sporting, wanting to get home to take care of. "Ah."

"So, if you didn't have a reason to speed home, you probably
wouldn't do it again, would you? For you don't want to lose your
license do you?" the Officer states, letting his strong fingers rub up
and down the slim cock that was growing with his every touch.

"Um.no, I don't want to.um.lose my license," the drive
replies, barely able to keep a thought in his mind. The feel of the
strong hand was setting his groin as well as his body a fire.

The Officer stepped right up to the driver, "Do you want help
removing the cause of your problem," he states, as his free hand
removes his hat; allowing him to lean in closer so he was only an inch
from the soft firm lips of the driver. "Do you?"

Soft moan escapes the driver's lips; this felt too good to
deny, "Yes," he whispers. Then before he knew what was happening, the
Officer's sensuous mouth was covering his, and a strong arm was being
wrapped around his waist, pulling his slim body close to the strongly
built older man.

Soon the feel of hard flesh being pressed against him from the
other man replaced the strong hips. The driver moaned again and opened
his mouth to allow the kiss to deepen. Then he felt strong hands
clamping on his butt and squeezing them tightly. "Oh yes," he cries in
between kisses.

When the kiss broke, the Officer grabbed the young driver by
the belt and pulled him around to the otherside of the Impala and
opened the back door. Then the older man captures his willing
prisoner's lips again, pulling the slim body once again against his.
He then trails passionate kisses down the driver's soft pale neck as
his left-hand starts opening the buttons on the light blue shirt the
young man is wearing. When it is open, he strokes his hand up and down
the smooth chest, caressing the now firm nipples, eliciting another
set of pleasant moan's from the young man.

"You want this, don't you?" the Officer asks the young man, as
his left hand now moves down to caress against the hard cock that is
trying to push its way out of the tight jeans.

"Yes, oh, yes," the young blond cries, humping himself against
the strong hand that is just barely caressing against him.

"Then strip," the Officer states. He steps back and watches
the eager beautiful young blond do as he was told. After a minute, he
is able to take in the full view of the pale creamy flesh that glows
from the lights of the moon and the police lights.

"Lay down on your back," he orders.

The young blond, being on fire at the touch of this strong
gorgeous man, and seeing the promise of so much more in the lust
filled dark eyes, does as he is told. He crawls into the back seat of
his car and lies on his back. From his position, he can see the
Officer remove his gun belt and place it on the front seat on the
passenger side and then opens his dark uniform shirt, revealing a
strong smooth bronze chest to die for. The young man feels his
breathing coming even quicker at anticipation at touching the other
man, especially when the Officer opens his pants to show just how well
built he really was.

The drive watches as the sexy dark Officer moves in on top of
him, pinning him to the seat, and recaptures his mouth with his own,
while pressing his firm body on top of the drivers. The feel of flesh
on flesh caused the young man to gasp with delight. Then to feel the
thick hard cock pressing against his own was driving him made, he
wanted more. "Take me!" he cried, wanting to release all control to
the other man and letting him do what ever he wanted to him.

"Oh, I will," the Officer growled, causing a shiver of
anticipation to run throughout the young man's body. "I'm going to
fuck you so hard, you won't even remember what you ever saw in a

The older man grounded his hard slick cock against the one
beneath him, and then reached in between his body and the young man
and gathered up the pre-cum on his fingers. Then he moved his hand
down between the young man's legs in between his cheeks and fingered
his pucker.

"Oh my word!" the young man shouted at the feel of strong
fingers penetrating him. "What are you doing?"

"Preparing to fuck you. Do you want me to stop?" the big older
man asks as his fingers continue to penetrate the younger man's ass,
using a scissors motion to allow him entry without hurting the blond.

The driver is quiet for only a second till he feels a strong
finger brush up against his prostate and the sensation throws him into
orbit, "No! Please no!"

After a few more stretches, the older man removes his fingers,
the lifts the young man's legs over his shoulders, "You looks so
beautiful this way," the older man purrs. "Your date must have been an
idiot not to bed you."

"Date? What date?" the blond asks, too focuses on what is
about to happen. "Do it.please? Take me?" he begs, his body wanting to
be touched and possessed by this man.

The older man grins with pleasure seeing the state he has the
young man in and moves into position. Then he pushes his hard cock
inside the tight passage, slowly, to allow the young man the time to
adjust to his large size. When he feels the tight muscles relax, he
pushes the rest of the way in. "How does that feel?"

"Oh, fuck yeah! More, please, more!"

"So beautiful," the older man purrs again, as he caresses the
now sweaty chest of the blond, then takes hold again of the young
man's hips and starts to move his hard cock in and out of the tight
passage that it is currently possessing. "Oh, soooo Goooood!" he cries
out, and starts to pump harder, still steady strokes.

"FUCK YES!" the blond shouts. "More.more, harder.FUCK ME,

"OH, TOM! You feel so fucking tight.I'm going to come!"

"In me, baby! Shoot it all in me! I want it all, baby.oh fuck

The older man reaches to the hard weeping cock of the young
man and starts to pump it in time with his thrusts. Then after a few
more, there is a mutual scream and roar of total pleasure and ecstasy

The older man collapses on the blond. "So beautiful," he whispers in
between panting breaths.

"Oh, Cha, that was.wow!" Tom says as he wraps his arms around his
lover. Then after a moment Tom starts to giggle.

Chakotay leans up and looks at Tom, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, I'm just glad I decided not to go with the Z, no back
seat," Tom grinned.

Chakotay laughed. "Well, it could have been worse, you could
of chosen that Z and I could of gone for a motorcycle," then a sudden
wicked grin crossed Chakotay's face.


"I'll tell you, love. Better yet, I'll show you, next time we

<The end>