Title:  Celestial Enlightenment
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings:  (DS9/Voy) C/? P/?, B/?
Notes: Sequel to Dancing in the Dark and part VIII of the Dark Desire
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the 'closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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"Celestial Enlightenment"
      "How was I hurting Janeway?"
      I turned to face Chakotay when he spoke for the first time
after we returned from the dream plane. The look on his face was that
of confusion and I sat up in bed and looked deep into his eyes and I
could see him struggling with this concept. "Love, do you really think
you were doing her no harm by pretending to be her lost love and
manipulating her?" I asked, sure of how the Chakotay I knew so well
would answer.  But as I started at him I could see it was like a
battle going on inside his eyes…his soul. I prayed for the light to
win out, for I wanted the darkness gone from his eyes forever.
      "I…I…wouldn't…hurt her," he said, still struggling with this
concept that he was doing  wrong by her.
      I thought of another way of approaching it. "Would you think
it okay if someone did that to me?"
      He sat right up in bed and looked at me, "No!" he said. I felt
a wave of some joy, for this meant that I could still reach him.
      "Then it isn't right to do it to her," I reply softly.
      "But…but she was…hurting you," he says, as if he was not quite
as sure as he was not that long ago.
      "She didn't hurt me, Cha," I sooth. "She was worried about us,
and all she wanted to do was have the Doc check me out. She just
didn't think I'd cooperate, but she didn't hurt me," I reassure him.
I pulled him into my arms and held him tightly, for that struggle of
comprehension was back in his eyes.
      "Come back to me, Chakotay," I whisper in his ear. "Don't let
the darkness take your soul." Then I place a soft loving kiss on his
temple as I continue to hold him.
      "Tom?" he says softly.
      "I…I don't want to hurt anyone," he says, almost child like.
      "Then don't, Love," I reply.
      "But…" his voice trails off.
      "But what, Cha?"
      I then feel him stiffen in my arms and I lean back and see
that the darkness has made its appearance once again. He moves out
from my arms and gets up and glares at me as if I did something wrong.
      "I can't believe you did that!" He accuses. "I mean I
thought…well fantasies are one thing, that was another," He growls.
"You're mine, and don't you forget that," he snaps and then storms
into the bathroom, leaving me to wonder if I was going to win this
battle for him after all.
      I tried after a few minutes to follow him, but he actually
locked me out of the bathroom. I knocked a few times, but he didn't
answer. I was about to override the door when it finally opened and he
still looked pissed at me. He moved by me as if I wasn't there and got
dressed and when he was done and about to leave our quarters he
stopped and glared at me coolly.
      "Tomorrow I'm inviting some of my old crew over. Since you
have a problem with it, you're not invited," he said, then left.
      I wrapped a blanket around me, and sat on the sofa, trying to
figure out what to do. I could try and contact Harry, but Chakotay
would only be even angrier with me, but then I feel that it may just
be worth it. I sigh and head for the bathroom. A warm shower and some
rest and I'm sure something will come to me.
      I lay here in my bed, hours before my shift in the infirmary,
feeling the most sated I've ever felt in…well ever! The things he did
to me, with me was incredible! Though I can't think of when I decided
to go to bed with him?
      In fact, a lot of things are a bit blurry, but I still feel
damn good! As I lay here, I remember my surprise I got the other
morning, and I tremble slightly. I knew it was Vladimere who sent
Olivia's head to me, why? Cain said it was to shake me, and if you ask
me, it did a good job, till Cain arrived. Then that's when things get
blurry. I remember entering my cabin, upset, then he was there, and
then I fell asleep. The next thing I knew it was much later and I was
in bed, curled up in his arms.
      Oh , I was still dressed, but I was so comfortable in his
arms, and as I stirred, I felt his soft lips on mine, and that same
fire that I felt the last time he kissed me return in full force. The
next thing I knew we were making love, well I don't know about love,
but it was more than sex. The way he touched me, caressed me, made me
feel like I was the only one in the universe for him, and that he
really did cherish and treasure me.
      It was so easy to get lost in his arms, for they were strong,
but gentle, and I felt strangely safe. Which is odd, considering how
dangerous he is and how I was trying to avoid him so much. But
somewhere along the line, something changed, and though I don't know
quite what it is, I feel…happy, very happy.
      "I'm glad that you are happy," Cain said in his bedroom voice.
      Julian shifted to look up into sky blue eyes that were such
the contrast to Cain's dark complexion. Julian snuggled against Cain's
chest as he smiled, "It's not nice to read other peoples thoughts
without permission," he scolded softly.
      "I'm sorry, my treasure, but you were broadcasting so loudly,
I'd have to be in a coma not to have noticed," Cain says, as he
caress' Julian's dark hair and gives him a slight hug, followed by a
small kiss on top of his head.
      The two men just lay in each other's arms in silent content,
till Cain spoke first. "Do you remember me telling you what I told,
      "Yes, and thank you for that. I don't know what I would have
      "Well, I really do think you should take him up on his offer
for time off. In fact, I know exactly where you should go."
      "Please don't say, Earth," Julian groaned.  "As much as I want
to smash that pile of maggot dust back to where it came from, I don't
want to meet him on his level."
      "In this matter, I tend to agree. Beside, it wasn't Earth. No,
you should go to the  wormhole, or to be more specific, the Celestial
      Julian springs up and looks at Cain as if he lost his mind.
"What ever for?"
      Cain sits up, resting against the headboard, "Julian, you know
that there are other very powerful beings in the universe. Why should
you not ask for help? They control the wormhole, who is to say they
can not control others? You just may be able to bring your friends
here a lot faster than even they could estimate."
      "How…how did you know about them?" Julian asked, though he had
a good guess.
      "Sweet Treasure, I know all there is to know about you," Cain
smiles warmly.
      Julian looks at him puzzled. "Does this mean you've decided to
      "You can say that I've decided to help save the Alpha
quadrant…yes," he smiles, reaching out and caressing Julian's cheek.
The touch seems to sooth Julian's concerns.
      "What makes you think they'll help? And why don't you ask the
      Cain only smiles, "The only way I can answer that is by
saying, Nolan chose you out of billions of souls for a reason, my
treasure. Now, do you wish to leave first thing this morning or later
this afternoon?"
      "I…I can't go anywhere…I…"
      "Ah, yes…Tom and Chakotay."
      "I'm not too crazy about you poking around in my head."
      "Ah, sweet treasure, some habits are truly hard to break,"
Cain teases. "But as far as your friends are concerned, you could help
them better by getting everyone on the same playing field, don't you
      "Well, it would be nice to have help, and have them here,"
Julian relinquished. Then he looked up to see the warm enticing smile
Cain was giving him. "This afternoon," he said as he moved in to kiss
Cain passionately on the mouth and strong arms enveloped him and
pulled him up onto Cain's lap.
      "Then this afternoon it is," Cain whispered and he moved
Julian on to his back and began showing him what thousands of years of
experience can teach a man in the realm of making love.
      "You seem disturbed, my Love," Nolan whispered into Chakotay's
ear, as he held him tightly. "What seems to be wrong?"
      Chakotay, sat on the floor of the secret room where he could
reach Nolan, in his arms, still angry about what happened with Tom.
"Tom say's I'm hurting Kathryn," he states, almost in an angry child
      "No, you wouldn't do that, you're just making sure she leave
Tom alone, right?"
      "Right, but Tom doesn't thinks so."
      "Well, Tom is yours, perhaps he needs to be reminded of that,"
Nolan says softly, while caressing Chakotay's hair.
      "Oh, but now he says he belongs to Julian," Chakotay growls.
      "Julian? What does Julian have to do with Tom?"
      "Remember I told you about how Tom said he was able to talk
with him?
      "Yes, but that was a one time thing, right?" Nolan asks, not
liking what he was hearing.
      "Apparently not. The two of them ambushed me last night. I
didn't even know it was Julian till later," Chakotay states, a small
pout appears on his face.
      "Easy, Love. I understand your upset," Nolan says, still
stroking Chakotay's hair, but his mind is going a million miles a
second, as a dark gleam filled his eyes. "Sounds like Julian is trying
to take your Tom away from you. You're not going to stand by and let
that happen are you?"
      "I…Tom says he loves me, but…"
      "Love, you can not let others push you around or they'll take
what you love from you, like Tom. I told you, people need to see and
understand just how strong your are and that you're in control of you
world. No one takes Tom from you," he whispers.
      "No one takes Tom from me," Chakotay replies.
      "No one takes Tom from you," Nolan states again, his voice
hypnotic. "Not even the Prince. In fact, if you don't stop him, he
'will' take Tom from you."
      "No one takes Tom!" Chakotay growls, his eyes beaming a wild
blood red.
      Nolan chuckles darkly, "That's right, Love. No one Takes Tom
from you." //But me, when I no longer need him.//
      "Thanks for the invitation, Rebecca," Tom smiled as he took a
seat on her soft sofa.
      "My friends call me Becky, but you can call me Ms St. Cloud,"
she deadpanned, then burst out laughing seeing she got Tom.
"Seriously, Becky."
      Tom seeing that his new First officer and perhaps a new friend
was in a good mood, he relaxed a bit. "So, what can I do for you. You
said you wanted to talk?"
      "Yes, and I want to be candid with you. I care very much for
Chakotay, and it's solely because of my concern for him that I will
be," she said, the sipped on some of her wine, knowing Tom would drink
his if he felt comfortable to do so.
      "Okay," Tom said, now concerned.
      "I don't know if you noticed, but the Captain,
well…he's…something's not right about him."
      "The dark streak that's come over him," Tom said flatly.
      "So, you have noticed. Well, I'm not sure of all that is going
on, but I do have a few friends, and with some difficulty they are
able to get some insight to things."
      Tom moved to the edge of the sofa, "You know what's going on?"
      "No, not really, but I do know that your old friends on
Voyager are in danger, and if Chakotay is allowed to do what I feel he
may be planning, he'll be lost to the darkness forever. And Yes, I
know how melodramatic that sounds, but it happens to be true."
      "I know," Tom replies, somewhat relieved to know that he
wasn't the only one that cared about what happened to Chakotay, in the
Delta quadrant. "He's going to invite some of his old crew over here.
I don't think they'll like what he has planned."
      "I said I'm going to be candid, so here it is. I'm pretty sure
Lord Nolan is behind this. Why? I don't know. What he wants? I don't
know. I do know that you shouldn't have been embraced. Please don't
take that wrong, but you're just too sensitive to last in this dark
world without it swallowing you hole. Sorry, but I've been around long
enough to call them the way I see them."
      "That's okay, I have a feeling you're right. But Nolan did
give permission and here I am. What about Chakotay?"
      "He's the type that could stand strong in the face of a storm,
if he knew about it. No, I think Nolan is using the back door, if you
know what I mean. But I and no one else in his service is strong
enough to go against him, even combined, so that isn't going to
happen. The best I can offer is to aid in keeping Voyager's
      Tom looked relieved and grateful, "I don't know how to thank
you, Becky. I love Chakotay so much, and I didn't even have a clue as
to what was going on. Had Julian not given me some clue…"
      "Julian? Prince Julian? How in the….you two have linked
Tom flushed, he wasn't sure if he should of said anything, but Rebecca
was being up front with him, so he felt, he didn't feel right not
being so with her. "Yes. It turns out that the Prince of the Alpha
Quadrant was an old flame of mine," Tom blushed "And we have some
link, where we can talk and meet."
      "Wow, that's some gift," she smiles. Then she looks serious,
"How is the Prince? I mean, all of us in Dark Haven owe him so much.
If it wasn't for him, we'd still be stuck in that damn plane,
literally starving to death and suffering unspeakable torments," she
said, the dark reality of her words rang true.
      "He seems tired, but holding up fine. I can't believe he's
lasted all these years alone," Tom states, sitting back and sipping
his wine.
      "Alone? Why would he be alone? He has the power and the
freedom to create…embrace?"
      "He told me he tried that once, but it went bad, and so he
won't do it again. He won't aid in another good  soul going bad
because of being brought over. That's why he's agreed to help me with
Chakotay," Tom smiled, he looked like he was glowing at the thought of
Julian, and Chakotay together.
      "How can he help you from the Alpha quadrant?"
      "Oh, like Chakotay is Nolan's conduit, I'm Julian's," He
smiles with pride.
      Rebecca sits up alarmed, "Chakotay is Nolan's conduit?"
      "Yes," Tom replies, his face taking on a sour look thinking
that the two of them were probably together now. "Nolan's been on
board several times. He's probably here right now," Tom growled
      "Tom, you do know that to be someone's conduit, um…you have to
      "Bonded to them? Oh yeah, I know about that," Tom smiled. "I
belong to Julian," He states with a strange sense of pride.
      "Bonded? How?"
      "Dream plan. You wouldn't believe how active that plane can
get," Tom teased.
      "No, I wouldn't. Not many of us can maneuver there," she
states softly, taking in all the new information.  "Well, what is the
Prince going to do?"
      "I don't know, we haven't discussed all of it. He's suppose to
come here and together help with Chakotay, but I'm not sure how."
      "Hmm. Well, I guess one thing at a time, uh?"  She smiled.
      "I know Captain Janeway is already suspicious of things, and
if I sent a communiqué telling them not to come, they may listen but…?
      "But what, Tom?"
      "Chakotay already knows I don't agree with what he's doing, so
he told me I wasn't invited, if you know what I mean. I don't think
he'd take to kindly to me interfering. But it may have to be that
      "If only it were that simple," Rebecca sighed. "If someone as
strong as Chakotay wants to embrace his old crew, he really doesn't
have to get them here. He's quite capable of going over to Voyager and
doing it without them stopping him.
      "Then what are we going to do?"
      "I'm not a hundred percent sure, that's why I invited you,"
she said, with a  smile. "But we have to do something, and fast."
      I sent a message to the Captain, letting her know that I was
fine, but Chakotay was still angry about what happened, and that any
attempts for peace should be held off for a bit, till things really
calm down over here. I don't know how they're going to react, but by
the look in Chakotay's eyes, I can tell how he's going to.
      "How dare you go over my head like that!" he growls at me.
      "Cha… I only…"
      "Lover or no…I am you superior officer. I expect you to always
remember that!"
      "Excuse me, Captain!" I snap back, feeling my own anger taking
hold. "I thought that keeping you from making the biggest mistake in
you life…oh, wait, second biggest. I wasn't' there to stop you from
fucking that manipulative bastard Nolan!"
      "Watch your mouth! Nolan was there for me when no one else
was," he replied between gritted teeth.
      "That's a lie! I would have been there for you, but you were
too busy putting up fronts and barriers, how could I?"
      "Don't give me that. You were just as caught up in the desire
of maintaining the stoic Commander just like everyone else was. I'm
quite aware of what is and isn't my doing, which is a lot more than I
can say for you!"
      "Oh and what's that suppose to mean?"
      "You told me you wanted to be mine, then you whore yourself
off to this…. this…Julian!"
      "Whore? Whore! I'm not the one who conveniently forgot to
mention they were already in a relationship before dragging me into
this fucked up world!"
      "Dragged you! I didn't force you to do anything! My belonging
to Nolan has nothing to do with us!"
      "Oh, but if I belong to Julian…our Prince, I might add, I'm a
fucking whore, is that right?"
      "You belong to me! I made you!"
      "You didn't make me, Chakotay! You only corrupted me!"
      "You fucking little bitch! How dare you! You came to me,
remember? You begged me, to be with me, I didn't crawl to you!"
      "I didn't fucking crawl? I thought I was in love! In fact I
still am I just don't know where the hell he is at the moment. But if
you see my Chakotay, let him know, his little 'bitch' is waiting for
him," Tom growls and starts to move to exit the room of their
      "Where the fuck do you think your going?" Chakotay growls, and
storms after Tom, grabbing him and tossing him across the room,
sending him flying into the sofa that falls over and hitting the port
view. "You're not going anywhere!"
      It takes Tom a moment to recover and he stands up, his eyes
glowing red, just like Chakotay's. "You don't tell me what I can and
can not fucking do! You don't own me!" he grins darkly, "Julian does!"
      "I think you need a lesson on who's in charge around here,"
Chakotay growls in a deep dark dangerous tone.
      Tom changes his poster, ready for what ever may come his way.
"And who's going to teach me? You? You're a stupid fucking old man,
who's being manipulated by a fucking blood bond that makes you think
you love Nolan and he's mister wonderful! I'm not the one in need of a
lesson around here, it's you!"
      That's it, Chakotay had enough! He growled and charged!
      I can't believe I'm doing this. I asked for a shuttle to head
to Bajor, and with a bit of tricky flying I'm heading to the wormhole.
They're going to know when it opens, but Cain said this would be a
good idea, and I can't seem to fault him.
      The more I think about it, I feel so drawn to him that I start
to dream about being with him all the time. That's what became my
first clue. I'm not sure how he did it, but I know he bonded me to
him, and at the moment I can't be angry at him…nor do I want too. I
mean, I've heard of the horrors that having black fire inside can be
like, and since he has treated me well…hell, damn good, why put myself
through that.
      I enter the wormhole; not even sure if I'll reach the beings
called the Prophets. I mean, during the war, hundreds of ships passed
through here, the Prophets bothered with none of them. But as I go
through, my shuttle starts to slow down on it's own, and soon I'm
surrounded by white mist.  I know I'm not on the shuttle anymore, I
can feel it.
      "The Bashir has arrived," a voice says from behind me. I turn
and see Garak, though I know it really isn't him. I know the Prophets
take on forms of those you know.
      "I…I've come to ask…"
      "For our help," Tom says, moving toward me.
      "We were expecting you," Garak states.
      I want to say how, but these aliens are considered the
Prophets, they move along time and space different then we do. "So…can
you help me? Get Tom and the others here faster?"
      "We will do as the Bashir wishes, for it benefits what is to
come," the one that looks like Tom states.
      "What is to come?"
      "Darkness," Garak replies.
      "Desire," a prophet that looks like Cain adds.
      "Hope," Tom says.
      "And Sacrifice," Chakotay finishes.
      I stand there, not knowing how to take this. I feel
overwhelmed, doomed, and triumphant all at the same time. "What…what
should I do?"
      "The Bashir must go to the Paris and let the light guide you.
It will bring all we say into passing," The one that looks like Tom
      "When time has settled and all is as it should be…return,"
Garak adds, and then I'm back in the shuttle, coming out in the Alpha
quadrant, again.
      "You will leave him alone!" Cain growls at the reflection of
      "I don't have to listen to the likes of you, Cain. You may be
more powerful than I may, but you can't destroy me, we both know that!
And now I know that, that little ameba of a Prince is not the one
      "Then you have no reason to bother with him," Cain retorts.
      "That annoying little mosquito has been a thorn in my side for
the last time, Cain! I could care less if you've made him your puppet
or not. By tomorrow, he will be dead!"
      "I'm warning you, Vladimere, attempt to do him harm, and I
will be the eternal thorn in your side, do you hear me?"
      "Look, Old man! I know as well as you, that your time 'up' or
awake is limited, your downfall for your current status. Your threats
don't scare me. Soon you'll be out of the picture and by the time your
back around; this quadrant and possibly a few others will be mine! So
it is you who should be careful!"
      "Very well, Vladimere. The gauntlet has been tossed and I
accept your challenge. But mark my words, stealer of souls and wielder
of lies. I will not rest again till you have seen true death, and he
is closer than you imagine!"  Cain states coolly, and with a wave of
his hand breaks the connection. The look of dark determination clear
in his blue eyes…for he knew, death was close…and soon to be even
TBC: Fragments of Light