Title:  The Burning Truth
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings:  (DS9/Voy) C/P, B/m
Notes: Sequel to In the Light of Day and part XII of the Dark Desire
WARNING: Those of you who find any unusual reference to their
religious fate easily offended, I apologize, and please remember this
is a story…no offense was meant.
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the `closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R
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The Burning Truth
      He just stood there dazed and dumbfounded, not able to
process just what happened. Cain was here and all was well with the
universe, and then Cain took Tom and vanished, leaving no trace on
any level as to where they went. Cain had kidnapped Tom to lure
Chakotay after Vladimere…but why?
      Why did Cain do it? Once again Julian realized that he was
out classed and out matched in this dark game, and that's when it hit
him…it was a game, and he was merely a pawn, not a Prince, but a mere
title to be used and abused. He was masterfully manipulated and…now
what?   Did he play a long? Did he really have any other choice?
Cain was right, Chakotay would find a way to pull out of the black
fire he was suffering for Tom, but could he face him or Nolan and
admit how much the fool he has been? Better yet, how could he not,
Tom's life was hanging in the balance, and he still loved him, a part
of him always would.
      Love…he thought about it and realized that it had become his
Achilles heel…first his loneliness for it, then Tom and
Chakotay. //Chakotay,// he thought. Yes, he didn't really know him,
but his spirit touched Julian's in the same unique way Tom's did, and
yes, he did love the other man. //Tom and Chakotay are destined for
each other…what have I done?// he thought, as the pain of reality
came crashing in.  Cain would use Chakotay's love for Tom to draw him
out and lead him to Vladimere, where he again would use the young
pilot against Chakotay leaving him vulnerable…//BASTARD!// Julian's
mind roared as his hands came up and covered the pain in his
face. //Fool! Fool!// his mind chided at himself as he dropped to his
knees. Those he cared about were now going to pay for his mistake,
and there was nothing he could do about it.
      After taking some time to gather his strength and his
courage, he exited the room the normal way and took the lift, needing
the extra time to gather his thoughts. He had to tell Nolan and
Chakotay everything and then pray for the best, but the problem with
prayers was, just who would be listening?
      First he was in the ready room of the Veil and the next thing
he knew he was bound and gagged and laying on stone of what appeared
to be an ancient castle. Next to him was Cain, and then he looked
around as best he could and saw a medium built light skinned dark
haired man, with a goatee, sitting on what could not be mistaken for
anything but a thrown. He was dressed in a silver white satin shirt
and matching pants, with black boots that matched his dark hair. Tom
didn't need to be told who this was, the man's very presents smelled
of evil, this was the infamous Dracula!
      "So, Cain, what brings you to my door?" Vladimere asked
nonchalantly, his feet up on the side of his thrown chair, as he
drank deeply of the dark red liquid that couldn't pass for wine, that
the Vamir used, it was blood. "Don't tell my your hear to rant and
rave over your puppet's death?"
      Cain's blue eyes narrowed, "Had you actually managed to do
him any harm, I would do more than rant and rave, as you say," he
smirked darkly. Seeing Vladimere sit up straight to his news and he
continued. "I'm not too found of being blown to bits, but it wouldn't
be the first time," he smirks some more.
      "You…you were…?"
      "Ah yes, I took my treasures place while he got…help," Cain,
smiled darkly. "Nolan is here, Vladimere and he has his sword of
justice with him. I just thought I would let you know."
      Vladimere reached out his mind, sure enough, Nolan and
other's were present…many others. He kept his concern concealed as he
met Cain's gaze, "So, he has arrived. I can deal with him," he
      "Can you? Well, in that case you won't need what I brought
you," he smiles and gave a bow making ready to depart.
      "What game is this that you play, Cain?" Vladimere asked, for
he too understood the way of the dark world they lived in.
      Cain turned cold and serious. "I want Nolan, and he and I
against each other are a formidable match, but with the one called
Chakotay, it would turn the tide of things in his favor. I have no
interest in the Alpha quadrant and so…" he turns and looks at the
blond by his feet. "This one is known as Tom, and Chakotay happens to…
love him. Use him well, and you can defeat the one who 'will' come
for you. But let me warn you, harm this one, and you will lose,
Vladimere, and I do not wish that to occur. Nolan has a weak spot for
this Chakotay…keep him busy and then defeat him, and when Nolan feels
his death, it will give me the opportunity to strike a vengeance long
since over due. Good enough of a plan for you?"
      Vladimere stood up and moved down the stairs taking in Cain
and then the blond on the floor, "He is rather fetching isn't he,"
Vladimere said, leering at the young blond.
      "You can chose to ignore my warnings, Vladimere, but if you
want to win this battle keep this one safe…till after the battle. You
don't want to fuel the one in which prophecy has empowered the right
to defeat you…do you?"
      Vladimere squatted down next to Tom and caressed the fair
skin, chuckling at the quiver his touch caused in the young male,
knowing it wasn't lust that was the cause. "Perhaps after this is
done, this fine creature and your pretty puppet would make a fine…"
      Cain had suddenly grabbed up Vladimere by the collar, lifting
the man off his feet. "Hear me, Vladimere. I have given you the key
to your victory, but touch my treasure and as I have sworn, I will
become the bane of your existence," he spat, his fangs in full
view. "And please, stop thinking that I 'have' to return to sleep. It
has been by choice, nothing else, so I am quite capable of stalking
your every step," he added and then dropped him. "Julian is mine!
What you do with this one, 'once' this is over, is your business.
Now, I have things to do as I am sure you do too," Cain growled.
      Vladimere straightened up his shirt and stepped back to his
chair and retook his seat. "Very well, Cain. You will have your
revenge and I will have my quadrant…sound fair enough?"
      "More or less," Cain replied coldly. Then he turned to Tom
and picked him up, seeing fear now in the blue eyes. He wiped some
hair from his face and gave a dark grin, "I suggest you behave
yourself, if you want to live through this," he said. //Keep your
eyes open to truths and do not believe all you see and you may unlock
the key to Vladimere's defense,// he thought toward Tom about the
same time, then dropped the young man unceremoniously on the
ground. "Vladimere," he said and then left.
      Tom looked around and felt afraid, but Cain's mental thought
gave him hope where before he was sure he, Chakotay, and Julian were
being betrayed, but now, he wasn't  so sure of anything. If this was
a way for him to help Chakotay get the goods inside of Vladimere's
place, why was he kidnapped? //Perhaps he said that so I wouldn't
give too much of a fight,// Tom thought.
      Tom was startled out of his thoughts when from out of the
shadows from the area of the thrown came a small boy the age of ten
or so. The boy was well dressed, with dark hair and a fair complexion
much like Vladimere's but his features were all wrong, so there was
no relation that he could see. Then he noticed that the poor boy had
bite marks on his arms, and Tom shivered. They boy may have been well
kept, but at first glance, the boy was just a walking food bank.
      Another moment later several other men entered the room and
grabbed him up and held him as Vladimere was once again in his face.
Tom shivered at the cold touch this…thing had.
      "You do possess a quaint beauty," Vladimere smiled with a bit
of a leer in his eyes. "It would be interesting to see…" He stopped
and looked at Tom some more. "Are you bonded to you Chakotay or
      Tom at first didn't respond, but a hard slap in the face
helped him along. He shook his head no as he glared at Vladimere.
Then he almost missed it for it was subtle, Vladimere had looked over
at the boy, the boy nodded once and the quick action was over. Then
Vladimere was grinning at him again.
      "I wonder what  your Chakotay would do if he arrived to find
you fighting on my side," he smirked darkly.
      Tom shook his head harshly indicating no!
      "Oh, I think in three days you'll change your mind,"
Vladimere replied, then gestured for the men to take him to the
      Tom realized that Vladimere planned on blood bonding him, but
Tom knew he was safe from this, since he was bonded to Julian. The
thought of his first love and his friend brought him concern, but
there was nothing he could do about much of anything. He was tossed
into a dungeon that had strange markings on it, and left to his own
      He stilled himself outside the doorway, watching Nolan cradle
Chakotay's body, and was filled with a mixture of emotions. He was
angry at himself for his stupidity, and Nolan and the universe for
being so lonely that lead him to being weak and allowing Cain to take
advantage of him. He was also jealous, envious, of Tom and Chakotay.
He felt their love for each other and he longed for such love
himself, foolishly believing in Cain. Then there was Nolan himself,
the one who seduced him, brought him over, guided him in this mass
game, were he thought he played a valued piece, to discover he was
the lowest of the low…a pawn.
      //Tom. // his mind reminded him, and he braved forward. He
moved silently till he was close enough to kneel down and rest a hand
on Chakotay's blood soaked brow. He leaned in, not caring what Nolan
thought of him at the moment and gave Chakotay's sweet lips a gentle
kiss. Then he leaned in toward his ear, "Tom's in trouble, Cha…you
have to save him."
      The words made Chakotay stir, but only a little bit. Julian
laid his hand on Chakotay's forehead, " Tom is in danger, Chakotay!
You are the only one who can save him!"
      "What are you talking about?" Nolan snapped.
      "Tom has fallen into Vladimere's hands," Julian states
coolly, his eyes never leaving Chakotay's body.
      "How? He was here…"
      Nolan's eyes grow wide, "What did you say?"
      "Cain. Cain took him to Vladimere."
      All Julian could see was that his words were reaching
Chakotay as his eyes started to move, though he could sense Nolan's
anger, and knew he would strike at him…he no longer cared.
      Suddenly there was a strong hand over his throat, sending
pain throughout his body, and Julian closed his eyes to the pain, but
not making a sound. "Cain? What does he have to do with this? How is
it he is involved in the first place? Answer me!" Nolan growled.
      "Vladimere woke him to kill me, but he didn't. It seems he
has other plans," Julian replied as best as he could. "He took Tom a
few minutes ago, there still maybe time…"
      "Tom?" Chakotay's voice though weak broke the angry tension
in the room.
Nolan dropped Julian and was by his side, "Love, are you all right?"
"Who has Tom?"
"Don't worry about that, you are weak…"
"Vladimere has him. Though I'm sure he's being used at bate to lure
you there. He's all right, that much I can tell you for a fact,
though scared, but physically all right."
"How do you…" Chakotay was weak.
"The bond," Julian replied as he moved back next to Chakotay. Seeing
the pain in his dark eyes, "He loves you, Chakotay, with all his
soul. Our bond is nothing to what you two share. Don't let pride
stand in the way of such a rare thing as true love."
"I need to save him…" Chakotay croaked weakly.
"Yes, but first you need your streanght back, " Julian says softly.
"He is in no condition to face him," Nolan snarled as he stood
up. "I'll deal with…"
Julian's eyes sparked with fury, "You'll have your hands full with
"Cain wouldn't have the guts…"
"To show up?" Cain replied right behind Nolan.  "Come, Nolan. Let's
leave the children to play, we have much bigger game to folly," he
smirked and vanished, never looking at Julian.
Nolan glares at Julian, "I will deal with you later. He is in your
charge. Anything happens to him…"
"I won't let it," Julian states in a solemn vow.
When Nolan vanishes, Julian moves to cradle Chakotay up in his
lap. "You need to get to Tom, and there is only one way for you to
regain your strength fast enough. Though to be honest I don't know
were Vladimere has him?"
"I can find, Tom," Chakotay states, a tiny smile on his face.
"I bet you can, " Julian smiles slightly in return. Then growing
serous, "Accept what is and move forward with your heart," he says
softly. "I hope you don't mind," he states as he leans in and give
Chakotay another soft kiss, "But the two of you have come to mean an
awful lot to me." Then  he blinks back his emotions and pulls up his
sleeve, "take what you must," he states and he takes a tiny dagger
and cuts himself deeply and let's the blood drip into Chakotay's
"Don't fight it," he states, as Chakotay tries to deny his hunger,
not wanting to hurt Julian. "Tom needs you," he states even softer,
and places his wrist in Chakotay's mouth. He winces when Chakotay's
instincts take over and sink his teeth into his skin. Then he lets
the feeling's fill him, allowing himself to float away on them,
letting his loneliness be a thing of the past along with his pain…to
be greeted by darkness and nothing.
      "What is it you want, Cain?" Nolan demanded as he appeared in
the midst of a dark grove somewhere on Earth at a late hour.
      "Oh, how about a chat before the real fireworks begin," Cain
replied with a sinister smile, as he sat comfortably on a park bench,
illuminated by a single street lamp near by.
      "I don't plan on wasting time…"
      "Make time," Cain growled menacingly. Then he eased his
temper, "You may have plans, which is all well and good, but you
don't know all you have started, Nolan. But I do, and I would be more
than delighted in telling you, should you care to know, that is?"
      "What are you rambling on about?" Nolan sneered his thin
layer of patience showing.
      "You recall my story, don't you? How long ago, when I was
truly a young and innocent boy that looked like a man, the
commandment of the powers of One came down from the heavens. The
command was simple, or so I thought. Sacrifice that which you love
most to me in my name."
      "I know your story, Cain," Nolan retorted in a tight
disdained voice.
      "Do you? Perhaps, but listen anyway, you may learn
something," he retorted smugly. "As I was saying, the command sounded
simple enough, but it wasn't. For as you know I loved my brother Able
more than life itself, and to me it was all too clear. I recall
standing at the alter after he had finished with his offering,
looking at him with awe and sadness and joy. For as much as I knew I
would miss him, I knew he would be going to a better place. I feared
that he might suffer, and so, when the ashes of the alter had
subsided, I moved and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned and at
that moment when our eyes met, he saw in my soul what was going to
happen. As my eyes registered his fear, my hand moved fast and I
struck true to his heart…his eyes looked at me then in disbelief as I
laid him down on the alter. I told him I loved him and as life faded
from his body I placed a loving kiss on his forehead. I knelt at the
alter, tears down my face, again a mixture of sadness and joy…that is
till the sound of thunder rang through me and the valley around me. "
      "Yeah, yeah, God or the One was angry and condemned you, I
know all that. I know about how the angels came to you later asking
you to ask for forgiveness and you thinking you did no wrong said no,
and in return for you arrogance and defiance, you were cursed by all
twelve of them, I know all this. I was in the darkness where we met,
      "Oh, yes, I remember quite well. Of course, you used another
form, female, and called yourself Lilith…knowing I was too…schooled
to respond to your true form. You offered me a way for revenge and I
took it, not knowing how it would link us for all eternity."
      "My people were dying, and you were the perfect choice…I
didn't lie to you about anything except my real gender and name. You
chose of your own accord, so don't go blaming me…"
      "Did I? Did I really choose all on my own? I wonder, because
I think anyone with any offer at that time in my life would have been
accepted, and I think you knew that!"
      "Give this pretense up, Cain. I made an offer, you accepted
it, this is old new and nothing new," Nolan growled as he folded his
arms around his chest, looking seriously annoyed, his shoulders tense
and ready to begin a physical confrontation with Cain.
      "Thirteen," Cain said, shifting slightly on the bench, with a
calmness settling upon him.
      "Thirteen what?
      "There were thirteen angles not twelve," Cain replied
      "I was there…"
      "Yes, I know, in the darkness, but that's why you only saw
twelve and not the last one, for he did not come to me in darkness,
even though I was cursed to it forever, or so I thought. No, Noland,
he came to me in the light of salvation and gave me words that have
forever lingered in the back of my mind, and not till recently have
they made any sense."
      Nolan looked at Cain with deadly suspicion, "And what was
      Cain stood slowly, "In time, the One will forgive and you
will be ready to ask for that forgiveness. For to know God is to know
Love and to know Love is to know God, for one can not exist without
the other, in this you will find the path to salvation."
      Nolan raised a brow, "And what does that have to do with me?"
      Cain laughed hardily at Nolan, "I guess…nothing," he smirked.
Then he got deadly serious, "I know what you're up to Nolan and I
won't allow it."
      Nolan looked at Cain as if he was nothing more than an absurd
child, "Won't allow it? Since when do I need your permission or
acceptance for anything I do? You can no more take me than I you, for
we were created at the same time, remember. I was in the darkness,
but you…you made me real as I made you real…in essence we are one."
      "No, we are not! Our existence maybe, but we…we are not one!
But I tell you now, Nolan, that it has been through your own hand
that has brought your undoing," Cain stated with a cold sense of
      "Oh, enlighten me oh wise one," Nolan with sarcasm.
      "I'd be glad too," Cain replied with a menacing smirk and
swifter than wind he moved and grabbed Nolan, sending a powerful wave
of thought in the other's direction, and the reality around them both
began to shift…
      Chakotay paced by the young Prince's bed side, filled with
guilt and concern. "Will he be all right?" he asked looking at
Rebecca, who was wiping a small cool cloth over the now pale golden
      "Yes, as surprising as it seems, he will be," she replied
with reliefe.
      "I…I could have…if you didn't come when you did…"
      "Chakotay, you told me yourself, and I know it to be true, he
offered and you were in no condition to resist. So, please, stop…"
      "I can't stop feeling guilty. I…" Chakotay stopped his pacing
and looked once more at the angelic face of Julian Bashir. Before,
knowing the madness of the Black fire, he had been willing to die
then be used by Nolan or hurt Tom or anyone again. But when he heard
that his Tom was in danger it brought him back from the edge, but he
was far too weak to do more. Than Julian shared his blood with him,
and now…now he was stronger, and as strange as it seemed, he felt
more himself than he did since all this began. He felt he had full
control of his life and his mind. He knew Tom would be okay, for he
was bait and Chakotay would play along, but first he needed to make
sure Julian was okay…for it mattered very much to him now…now that he
was back to being himself in spirit. "He saved me in more than one
way," he replied softly.
      Rebecca stood up from the bed and crossed to her friend's
side and hugged him, "I can see that," she whispered, "And for that I
know many will be grateful."
      "Thank you," Chakotay replied, hugging her in return. Then he
released her. "If he is going to be fine, I then must go and find
Tom. I…I can sense him, but I know I will not be able to reach him
directly, I'll have to use," he grinned, "normal methods."
      Rebecca smiled, "Are you sure you have to go alone?"
      Chakotay saw her concern, "I'm not alone, Becky, I have Tom
and Julian, in here," he replied pointing to his chest. Then his eyes
grew solemn, "take care of them should…"
      She placed a finger on his lips, "I won't make such a
promise, for you `will' be here to do so yourself," she said, though
in her eyes she did promise him to look after those he loved.
      Chakotay only nodded, then, "Give me a moment, and then I'll
be going." He watched as one of his newest and dearest friends left
the room and then he sat down next to the unconscious Prince. He let
his fingers softly caress dark curls from Julian's forehead, "I love
Tom with all my being, but there is something about you…something
special…" he said, expressing his heart, but not understanding it. "I
was so jealous of you at first, but now…I see how Tom can still love
you and be truthful with me as well, its just something that can't be
helped," he chucked softly, and with a tad of sorrow. "I'm not sure
what's going to happen, but I know you'll look after Tom if things go
bad, and knowing this give me more streanght than I think I would
otherwise have, and for that…and for other things, I am grateful," he
replied and then leaned in and kissed Julian's soft lips with a
loving touch.
      He stood up and moved to the door, looking back at the
sleeping man, feeling so drawn to him and so connected, but in a much
different way than he was drawn to Tom. Tom was his love, his mate
and his destined; Julian…he felt like his light, his soul…his life.
There was no time for further pondering, he had to go and he exited.
He was going to Earth, back to where it all started in the legends so
long ago…Transylvania.
      Reality had shifted and soon Nolan found himself looking
through hazed eyes at memories of the past, as if he was more of an
observer than someone present. Once he got his baring, he was more
than able to pull himself out of this situation, but curiosity more
than anything else was what kept him here. "Where are we?" he
demanded of Cain.
      "Looking in on a past that you may find interesting," Cain
replied softly, for he as was Nolan were nothing more at the moment
than thought, as they looked at scenes of long ago pass before their
eyes. "From you knowledge does that figure on the cross seem…
      Nolan thought for a moment, "Sort of, why? What does this…"
      "Look, watch and listen, and you will understand," Cain
replied, no hostility in his voice for once. "The figure is a man
that in some history existed and in others he didn't. He is called
Jesus the son of God or the One…ring any bells now?"
      "Hmm, okay…but…"
      "Just listen. We are witnessing his death on the cross, a
famous part of his legend, and an event that truly took place, but
more importantly as far as you and I are concerned are the three
women at his feet, who have traveled far and wide to morn his loss."
      The view altered, so Nolan could see three woman, dressed in
dark clothes, covered head to toe, kneeling, weeping as the one known
as Jesus hung from a cross, dying. "Okay, you peeked my interest…go
      A smile could be heard in Cain's voice, "Soon, the guards
will determine once and for all that the man is dead," he said as a
Roman solder moved as if being instructed by Cain's words.  The guard
stepped around the three women as if they were not even there, and
rammed his spear into the man's side piercing through his chest, then
pulling back his spear, startled by the sudden arrival of a
tremendous storm, dashed away in fear.
      The three women wailed in sincere sorrow, not realizing how
they were gathered around the Lord Jesus' feet. A drop of blood from
the Lord's right hand dripped down and fell on the head of the one
below, as did a drop of blood from the Lord's left hand fall on the
one below it, as did a drop of blood from the Lord's heart drop on
the head of the one in the center. Their tears stopped the moment the
drops touched them and absorbed into them, taking away their sorrow.
      Then the scene altered once more and Nolan got a good look at
the man on the cross, and it suddenly hit him, he looked like Tom
with a beard! But it was more than that; he had Chakotay's build,
skin color, calm streanght, and as he looked deeper he saw…Julian's
eyes and soul, one of purity, able to be touched by darkness and
raised back into the light.
      "Impossible!" Nolan snapped, and soon found himself and Cain
back where they were, in the park.
      "Is it?" Cain asked softly, pleased that what he had to do
was done, for the moment.
      `Are you telling me that those three are some how…
related….connected…" Nolan didn't know how to phrase it.
      "I'm not telling you anything, Nolan. I just showed you
something I thought you would find interesting, I know I did," he
replied. //time to change the subject slightly, // he thought, "Did
you know that Julian isn't bounded to you?"
      Nolan was started by this comment, "What?" he asked irritated
by the sudden change.
      "At first I thought you a fool for not bonding Julian, but
I've come to see that was not the case…he's simple not bonded to you…
or me for that matter, not that he knows it."
      Nolan looked really annoyed, "That's not possible, the blood
bond lasts and I made sure that he had what it took to keep…" he let
it slip that he was able to reach Julian during his time supposedly
alone in the Alpha quadrant. //Oh, well, as if it matters.// he
thought coldly.  "It's not possible."
      "Oh, really," Cain smirked knowingly, "I bonded him myself,
and was so very surprised when it didn't take. Oh, it seemed at first
it did, but it didn't stay that way, no…after a few days, he was not
bonded to me, accept through his own will. Strangely, he doesn't even
know it's by his doing that we are connected, and not mine…don't you
      Nolan's eyes narrowed, "What are you playing at? What you are
suggesting is impossible!"
      Cain rose from the bench once more, "Is it? No more possible
than you bringing together the three parts of one whole…by pure
coincidence? Or is it perhaps possible that there are forces older
than you and I at work here, Nolan. If that's the case, you've
already lost, and I `will' know my peace at last."
      "I wouldn't count on it," Nolan snapped. "Once Vladimere is
dead, I will have his power and his hold to this plane of existence
and will no longer need Julian or that mouse…Tom! What you do is your
business, Cain. You can no more appose me than I you, but we can
exist much easier if you stay out of my way and I yours."
      Cain glared at Nolan, "I strongly recommend that you leave
Tom and Julian alone, or Chakotay will suffer, for I know you have a
soft spot for him."
      Nolan sneered, "We'll see," he replied, and then took his
leave and vanished.
      Cain sat back down on the bench, and after a moment his cocky
and confident attitude was washed away as he sagged and placed his
face into his hands. //Am I doing the right thing? // he whispered in
he heart, not for the first time since all this became clear to him
when he bonded with Julian.  He looked up and into the heavens, his
age and tired soul clear in his eyes, "Please, I have begged for your
forgiveness often, but now I beg, please…help me do the right thing?
I have finally come to understand that to sacrifice what one love's
most is not to bring it harm but to give of ones self to prevent it,
but…you know what I must do…so please…please…the gift of Julian's
love and knowing love truly is my treasure, I place it all in your
hands, keep him safe, since I can not, not in the way I wish and
still do what must be done…please care for him…and all of them…amen,"
Cain replied as tear rolled down his face…real tears.
TBC in: The Kiss of Death – The final Battle.
(And yes the last part…yeah!)