Title:  Blind Faith (the final chapter)
Series: Blind Faith (sequel to the Unwanted series)
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Since they are no longer using them I’ve decided to take our boys out of the ‘closet’ and let them play and be happy. Enjoy. 
Summary: With all the changes Chakotay has gone through and will be going through, he finds it harder to come to terms with some of the changes then expected.  Part VIII following Leap of Faith, Blinded by the Truth, Blindsided, Faith in Shadows, Blind Ambitions, Faithless, Blind Trust,
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing:  C/P 
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“Blind Faith”

 The planet in question was fairly barren, and the two parties had beamed down to the surface, both Darlan and Janeway spoke, as Tom stood with Chakotay, who had become very quiet, having turned inward, focusing on all he had learned over the months with Master Cain, and stilling the doubts that tried to fill his heart. 

 The challenge was simple…or so they said. Chakotay and Kymelya would fight, hand to hand, till one could not stand, then the one who still stood had to make their way to the river, across the river in time to save the child who will be burned alive by the timed fires set underneath the wooden tower she will be placed in. 

 Janeway claimed this was barbaric, but was simply put in her place that it wasn’t her laws they followed, but theirs, and since the child was from them, she was bound to them till Chakotay proved otherwise, for it was agreed on that if Chakotay won, they would forfeit any more claims on AJ and leave them alone. The Captain was glad of that but not happy, especially when she realized that Eldorsha technology prevented Voyager from beaming out AJ safely, keeping them at bay; it truly would be up to Chakotay. 

 “All is ready,” Darlan shouted and moved back to his party. 

 “I can not believe that you would risk her life like this,” Kymelya snarled at Chakotay. 

 “It is not I that placed her at risk, but you. You should not have come back,” he replied calmly. 

 “Blind and a fool, well this won’t take long,” she replied. 

 “Good, for we don’t’ have long,” he replied. 

 “At my shout, the challenge will begin,” Darlan said, which also meant the fire would too…the fight could not take long or it would not matter who won…AJ would be dead. 

 Tom stood next to Janeway, his heart in his throat, his daughter so near and yet so far. He had to be held by Greg Alaya or he would be running to get her; almost not caring that if he did so, he would forfeit her to the other woman, but Chakotay said he would save her…and he had to belief in him, he had to have faith in him and that for once the fates knew what they were doing…he hoped. 

 “Just remember,” Tom said softly, “We need to be quiet, so Chakotay can hear…okay?” 

 “We understand, Tom,” Janeway said, her own voice betraying her own fears. 

 Kymelya stood in the middle of the open marked grounds as did Chakotay, both silent, both looking like proud warriors of their people. The arena was only ground, but only one could leave the area after the other was down and not getting up again, to move to the river and cross it in time to save the child. There were guards all around to make sure that the law was obeyed. 

 The rules of engagement were simple, only what the warrior naturally posses, heart body and soul could be brought in the arena of challenge and only one may leave after the child. 

 “Begin!” Darlan shouted. The challenge had started as did the fire under the tower. 

 Kymelya slowly circled Chakotay making her steps like air, believing this would prevent him from hearing her. She saw Chakotay remain in a semi-crouched position, never moving a muscle. //To easy,// she thought, but didn’t care. She took a step and leaped at Chakotay intending to kick him in the side, when he twisted his body and she sailed by him landing on the ground. //Okay, not so easy,// she growled as she got up and simply charged him. 

 Chakotay could feel her, sense her, more so, since learning the skill of Shoelin from Master Cain, and shifted his body to not only take her force but use it against her as he grabbed her as she collided with him he flipped her to the ground hard, and landed a blow to her chest that would have stunned a normal person. 

 Kymelya was stunned, but more from surprise than pain as she looked up into the face of the blind warrior. She reached up with her legs and locked them around his neck and tossed him head first into the ground, then rolling and delivering a bone shattering blow to his ribs. “Stay down you fool, and I will same my daughter!” she hissed. 

 “She is ‘my’ daughter,” he replied in pain. He grabbed her and managed a kick to her stomach and that tossed her over his head to land on the ground. He rolled as fast as he could, hearing she was doing the same thing, while the wind picked up his daughters cry…this caught his attention as Kymelya’s blow caught him off guard. 

 Chakotay rolled to the ground, his mouth bleeding from the punch, and the smell of smoke and the cry of AJ, fueled him. This was taking too long, time was running out… He braced himself on his knees and closed his eyes, and envisioned Kymelya from what he had Ben describe to him, and felt her presence coming toward him. With his mind he saw her lifting from the ground and then flying hard and fast across it away from him to the ground. The sudden intake of breath and the cries from the crowd told him that was what happened. 

 “What outrage is this?” Darlan shouted at Janeway. 

 It was Tom that spoke, “It is ‘his’ gift, and by your laws legal, for it is of his mind and his heart and soul.” 

 “All of your kind has this…gift?” Darlan asked with awe.

 “No, only Chakotay, but he paid for it with his blindness,” Tom replied, glad that after a second trip across the arena Kymelya was not getting up, but Chakotay was not moving…he had to know he could get AJ. “She’s down, go!” he shouted, “Go!” 

 Hearing Tom’s voice and trusting him he stood and listened for the river and moved as fast as he could, getting up as quickly as he could after every stumble, for he could not overstep every rock or ditch that stood in his way, but hw would not give up, his daughter was in danger and he had to save her. The smell of smoke and the crackling of fire pushed him harder as did the sounds of her cry…her fear. 

 “I think the fight took to long,” Darlan said sadly, as he saw the tower was almost fully engulfed, the top, still safe but no way for anyone to reach it. 

 “No!” Tom shouted, and was kept back by Greg, who suffered his own pain in keeping Tom back, but Tom ordered him to do so, and he promised no matter what that he would. “The tower is engulfed, Tay! Please do something!” he shouted as tears fell down his eyes and the helplessness filled him.  “Law or no law, if she dies, so help me…” Tom started to say, but was cut off by Janeway laying a hand on his arm. 

 “Darlan, surely we can put a stop to this?” she asked with hope. 

 “I’m afraid we can not,” he replied sadly, “our law is our life, we can not change it for any one…you agreed to it, what happens is the will of the heavens…not ours.” 

 Janeway wanted to smack him and would have if Tom’s hand didn’t land on her arm to stop her. 

 Tom and Kathryn and others watched at Chakotay finally reached the river, that alone would take time to cross, and there wasn’t any. They both thought Chakotay was giving up when he fell to his knees at the river’s edge, for Tom had shouted once more that there was no longer a way for him to reach AJ in the wooden tower. 

 “Look!” Neelix shouted. 

 Everyone looked up and saw AJ floating upward, but not quite clearing the tower walls. Tom knew what Tay was trying to do, “Higher!” he shouted. Then he saw her go higher. “She’s clear! Forty-five degrees down right to you!” 

 They watched as AJ floated downward toward Chakotay as the rest of the wooden tower became engulfed in flames. “She’s in front of you, just reach out,” Tom shouted, trying to get loose of Greg. He turned to him, “It’s okay, it’s over, you can let go now,” he said. He thanked Greg silently for his streanght and then stepped forward intending to go to his husband and daughter now in his husbands arms when he saw it…the tower was collapsing and they were right in the way. “TAY!” 


 Tom was pacing in the doctors office, holding AJ, as his own tears fell down his face, the words unfair, softly escaping his lips. The vision of the nightmare he had witnessed on the planet below still played before his eyes; the fiery tower falling, Tay and AJ right in their path, no way for Chakotay to know which way to move and be safe and it fell on top of both of them…or so he first thought. 

 He as others ran to the fire and saw Chakotay was using his gift to protect himself and AJ who was snuggled under Chakotay’s body, but there was still smoke, heat, and how long could Chakotay mentally hold off the fiery beams with his gift; they were going to find out. 

 Because of Eldorsha technology and laws, they were forced to use old fashion methods to put out the fire and move the heavy wooden logs out of the way. Had it not been for Chakotay’s gift, both AJ and Chakotay would have been dead, as it was, AJ suffered smoke inhalation and Chakotay…he suffered a brain embolism and now laid on the biobed…brain dead. 

 Tom couldn’t believe it…all this, only to lose his love, “How, how could you?” he asked out loud, calling on Chakotay’s spirits, the same ones that he started to believe in. “What purpose does this serve?” he asked, as more tears fell down his face, holding his daughter tightly, though not too hard. “He never even got a chance to see her,” he cried softly. He then stopped pacing and turned for he sensed a presence behind him… Kymelya

 “YOU!” he growled with anger and hate. “How dare you show your face here, haven’t you done enough damage as it is or do you need more blood, for if you do I will take you on,” he growled, “and I will not show you any mercy.” 

 This time Kymelya’s attitude was not smug or arrogant, “I have not come here for blood or claim, and you are right, I have caused enough damage out of my own pain and anger. I have come to see that I used the law for self gain and in so doing so aided in the loss of a life. I have gone to the council and informed them of my injustice against you and your mate…her…protector,” she said looking at AJ, who seemed to know her Papa was gone, though she no longer cried. 

 Tom sneered, “That’s nice, so what? He’s dead…”

 “No, not yet, we…I…can bring him back.” 

 Tom stopped his anger in his throat, “Back…you can save him?” 

 “Yes, but I needed the councils permission, I have…received it.” 


 “Do not thank me. I do what I must in order to save face for my family, for I have brought dishonor to them and heart ache to yours because I did not accept the law. I bid thee safe journey Tom Paris… Airiest Paris,” she said softly and then turned and left. 

 Tom looked at AJ, then moved out of the office to see Kymelya standing over Chakotay her hand on his chest and she began to glow a golden hue. 

 “A life for a life, a gift for a gift, that is our way,” she said in a quite prayer like voice, and then she was engulfed with light and then was gone. 

 The sensors on the biobed started sounding strangely, “Doc!” Tom called out as he moved to Chakotay’s side. 

 The EMH in a different part of Sickbay came when Tom called and seeing the monitor scanned the Commander, “I’ll be…what happened?” 

 “Kymelya said something about a life for a life…and other stuff, she glowed, and then vanished; now this…is he…”

 “Going to be all right,” the EMH smiled warmly. Just then he looked down as Chakotay slowly started to come around. 

 “Tay, baby, can you hear me?” Tom called out, placing a gentle hand on his temple. He saw Chakotay open his eyes and blink, then blink again, “Honey are you alright?” he asked with great concern. 

 “I don’t know, I think…am I in heaven?” 

 Tom arched a brow, “No, your on Voyager, Tay are you okay?” 

 “Are you sure, for I’m looking at an angle,” he smiled warmly. 

 It was then that Tom noticed it; Chakotay was ‘looking’ at him. “You can see?” 

 Chakotay laughed, “Yes, I can see, and you are the most beautiful sight I ever laid eyes on,” he said, reaching up and caressing Tom’s face, “Beautiful,” he whispered. Then his eyes shifted and he sat up slowly, his eyes locked on the bundle in Tom’s arms. “AJ?” he asked unsure. 

 Tom glowed, “Yes, and she perfectly fine, thanks to you,” he said as he handed her over to her Papa. 

 Chakotay’ eyes went wide as he took in the beauty of his daughter for the first time. “My heavens, she looks…she looks,” he looked at Tom, “She looks like you, only with my complexion,” he grinned. “Oh, Tom, she’s…” he didn’t have any words as his eyes locked on the bright dark eyes of his daughter as she cooed to her Papa, once more knowing all was all right. Chakotay hugged her and wrapped an arm around Tom, as tears of joy fell form his eyes. “I love you both,” he whispered. 

 “And we love you,” Tom replied, //And thank you Tom where ever you are, for I know I have what you did not have…thank you!// he thought silently. 

 “It would seem Commander that you are now in perfect health,” The Doc happily declared. 

 “Does that mean I can go?” 

 “Yes it does, and I’ll inform the Captain of ‘all’ the good news,” the Doc smiled and left the family alone. 

 “You ready to go home?” Tom asked warmly. 

 “Actually, I’d like to go to Sardines, and ‘see’ everyone, if you don’t mind,” Chakotay asked, looking at his beautiful husband and daughter. “But then I want to go home and see for myself what a beautiful husband I’ve acquired,” he smiled with a leer. 

 Tom laughed, “Anything you want, Tiger,” he said, as he and Chakotay left sickbay. 

 They entered Sardines and it was only minutes before the place was crawling with the news that not only was Chakotay fine, but had his sight back. 

 “Hey, does that mean I’m out of a job?” Ben asked, not too upset at the prospect. 

 “No, Ben, I’m sure I can find plenty of work for you to do,” Chakotay smiled warmly, taking in all the faces he had come to love on one level or another around him. 

 “Hey Tom, how about some pool?” Harry asked, seeing that Chakotay was going to be busy for a little while as everyone celebrated. 

 “Ah, Harry, haven’t you lost enough to me?” Tom teased, as he held his husband’s shoulder. 

 “Oh, Tom, go ahead, besides, you never know, Harry could beat you,” Chakotay said with a warm tease. 

 “Okay, Harry, I think that’s my cue to teach you a lesson,” he joked and gave Chakotay a kiss on the cheek as Janeway walked up to Chakotay. 

 “I can’t believe it!” she smiled and gave Chakotay a huge hug and a tiny kiss to AJ. 

 “What happened to the Eldorsha and Kymelya?” Chakotay asked with some concern. 

 “They said the law was fulfilled and Kymelya had made good on her name, though I don’t know what that was about, but they won’t be interfering in your lives anymore, as promised. So…” she was about to ask if Chakotay wanted a drink, but saw him staring at the pool table. 

 “Ha! Did you see that Tom!” Harry shouted as a complicated shot suddenly made good. 

 “Yes, Harry I did,” Tom replied and looked up in time to see the mischievous look in his husbands eyes. “I saw it alright,” he smirked. Then he looked at Harry, “I bet you can’t do it again.” 

 “You’re on, Tom,” Harry replied. 


 Chakotay looked back at Kathryn, “Yes?”

 “Is everything alright?” she asked with a bit of concern. 

 “Everything is great,” he said taking a seat, as AJ slept on his shoulder, uncaring of the noise around her. “Want a drink?” he smiled, his eyes twinkled. 

 “Sure, I’ll go…”

 “Oh, don’t bother,” he said, and then looked, focused, and then from his seat poured two drinks, then placed them on a tray and raised it above the crowd who didn’t even seem to notice and brought it to the table. “Here you go.” 

 “Oh boy,” Kathryn said, seeing that her First Officer was going to be a handful from now on. She picked up her drink “What should we toast to?” 

 Chakotay picked up his drink and looked around the room, seeing all that mattered to him and the sleeping child in his arms, “To…seeing. May we always see the blessings we have and never allow ourselves to be blinded by our fears as we continue to have faith in those that guide our footsteps.” 

 “Here, here,” Tom said as he joined them a drink in hand. 

 “To Voyager,” Harry added coming up behind Tom. 

 “To Voyager” everyone else said their own drinks in hand. 

 “And to…family,” Janeway said, and all clicked glasses and drank. 

<The End.>