Title: Black Fire
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Pairings: (DS9/Voy) C/? P/?, B/?
Notes: Sequel to Passionate games and part VI of the Dark Desire
Disclaimer: Ok, as usual, none of these characters, besides Nolan
Osgood, belong to me, they belong to Paramount, and again I'm getting
them out of the 'closet' to let them be happy.
Rating: R

"Black Fire"

Tom sat in the room he had started to share a life with
Chakotay on board the Veil, but in the corner of the room, huddled,
hurt, scared, and angry. // Betrayed? By Harry! Cha is cheating on me
with Nolan and doesn't see a problem with it? I'm not even human any
more? What am I? // His mind cried.

He kept the lights off, for he couldn't stop crying, but since
the tears only reminded him of what he no longer was, he didn't want
to see them stain his skin. He went to Harry for a sense of normalcy,
but that was not meant to be. He closed his eyes praying to what ever
force may be listening to help him.guide him.

His mind wondered and in his minds eye he saw his old flame
and friend Julian sleeping in a bed. "Oh, Julian," he said softly,
wishing he could really speak with him. Tom started to believe it has
been nothing but some weird dream, when he first saw Julian in trouble
earlier. In his mind he moved and sat down on the bed and noticed the
beautiful man he had known intimately years ago suddenly turn and look
at him.

"Tom?" his tired voice spoke.

Tom felt himself smile, real or not, this felt good. "Jewel,"
he said, using his old nickname for his former lover. "Oh how I've
missed you," he smiled. "I so wish this was real and we could talk.I
really could use someone to talk with."

Julian sat up in bed, "But it is real, Tom," he smiled. Julian
looked around a minute, "This is the dream plane, some of our kind can
move along here and control its domain," he said and gently reached
out and touched Tom on the shoulder. "Here things feel real and to a
degree are," he said gently.

Tom considered this, and since he did experience something
like this with Chakotay he suddenly thought that he could tell the
difference between a regular dream and this kind. "How.how.I, I don't
know how I did this," he said, somewhat smiling at being here with
Julian and hesitant for not understanding how it came to be.

"How long has it been since you were embraced?" Julian asked
as he shifted some more so he was sitting next to Tom.

"Not even a week yet," Tom said, trying to keep his voice
light, and thought he was being successful, but then remembered, his
masks never worked with Julian, for some reason. "Jewel, are you.?"

Julian's gift of seeing into people's hearts, well most,
showed him that Tom had a heavy heart and was in pain, and confused.
Julian gave a reassuring smile, "Yes, Ace," he smirked, scruffing
Tom's hair like in the old days. "But my.cross over was very different
than yours would have been. It's a long story, and I promise to tell
you sometime, but for now.why don't you tell me why your heart is

Tom blinked at his old lover. Julian had seemed to be able to
get inside him better than the old days or Tom got more apparent. But
he needed someone he could trust.he 'had' to trust someone. As Tom
relayed all that happened between him, Voyager, and Chakotay, Julian
got him some wine and the two sat on the bed as Julian continued to
listen to Tom's situation.

When Tom was done Julian poured him another glass as well as
himself. "Since I've been at this for a few years now, I've made it a
point to learn all there is. Nolan is a good teacher.plus, at the time
of my creation, I, I seem to inherited a lot of knowledge, like a full
encyclopedia, but I'm missing volumes," He joked, glad to see Tom
laughed too. "From what you are telling me, it sounds like Chakotay is


Julian thought about how best to explain it, but with Tom he
knew only the straight forward would serve best. "Among our kind, our
blood holds our very essence, and is very potent and powerful if used.
There are many that learn how to use it to our benefit or
disadvantage, it's complicated," he said. "Well, if Vamire of a
stronger blood line.ah you do know about blood lines, yes?"

Tom shook his head no.

"Okay, A blood line is started with.the original, the first
one of its kind or our kind. Then those the first one creates are
branched of them, and those created from the branch are branches of
them.so on and so forth. The closer you are to the original the more
potent your essence or blood is, and it becomes weaker the farther you
get from the original. This is what I know anyway." Julian said as he
sipped his wine.

"Anyway, when a Vamire of a stronger blood line shares his essence
with one of our kind of lesser blood line three times in a year
period, but twenty-four hours apart minimum.that person becomes
enthralled with the giver. In other words, Tom; it sounds like Nolan
shared his essence with Chakotay and now he's enthralled with Nolan."

Tom thought about this a moment. "Okay, you explained, how it
could happen, but.Enthralled?"

"The person that is enthralled thinks they are in love or
totally beholden to the other. The other can do no wrong in their
eyes.and if your going to be in that condition, its better to be
enthralled then the state of Black Fire," Julian said, a slight shiver
runs through him.

Tom finished his wine and asked for more, he had a feeling he
was going to need it, "Black Fire?"

Julian smiled, "I see this is going to become a tutorial," he
teased. "I charge by the hour you know?"

"I remember," Tom smiled, "But are you as cheap as you use to

Julian whacked him on the shoulder, "Just for that I'm
charging you double," he teased back, then got serious. "Tom, Black
Fire is an awful state to be in. It's the same process of making a
lesser bloodline enthralled with you, the only difference is that the
other person knows what's going on, that they are being manipulated to
feel the way they do. It's like hating someone with all you are and at
the same time being made to love them with all your soul.thus Black

Tom stared at Julian, wondering once more what kind of world
he entered into so blindly.for the love of Chakotay. "Are you telling
me that if I tell Chakotay that he's being manipulated.?"

Julian sat down and placed a comforting arm around Tom, " Ace,
listen to me. I don't know this Chakotay, but if you love his as much
as I see you do, then don't tell him. If he would even listen, which
at first he wouldn't, he won't be able to break the hold Nolan has on
him, and this would only serve to make matters worse."

"What can I do?" Tom asked in desperation. "I love him, he's

Julian felt an old pang in his heart, for Tom use to say that
about him, but not quite as passionate. He saw how serious Tom felt
and how desperate. "Let me ask you this? Have you drank his essence?"

Tom was quiet for a moment, "twice," he said softly. "If you
include the crossing."

"I do," Julian responded. "Well, I'm glad to see that this
passion you feel is genuine," he smiled. "First, the only thing I know
you can do is hope Nolan doesn't share his essence with Chakotay for
the next 365 day or so, otherwise.learn to share," he said flatly. He
knew another way to break the hold, but there was no way that Tom
could defeat Nolan.

Tom's look of defeat took its tool on Julian how reached in
and hugged him, "I also recommend you let yourself be bonded to
Chakotay.it will protect you in the long run."

"Bond?" Tom asked, his mind on overload.

"Though the effect is enthrallment, you are bonded.connected.
As long as you maintain this connection, Chakotay will always be able
to protect you for he'll know if you're in danger and vice a versa.
Plus, no one else, regardless of bloodline can bond you. Sort of a
cross between a curse and a blessing, much like we are," Julian said
softly, trying to forget just how good it felt to hold this man in his
arms again.

"Is that all I can do?" Tom asked, his whisper close to
Julian's ear as he hugged him tighter.

Julian closed his eyes taking in the feeling of Tom in his
arms, but tried to do the right thing. "It's all I know of for now,
but if there is anything new, I'll let you know, Ace. I just want you
to be safe and as happy as you can. Perhaps I can sway Nolan to let
Chakotay go, but.I can't promise anything other that I'll try, okay?"

Tom leaned back and looked into another set of dark eyes that
'enthralled' him so long ago and at that moment forgot just how long
ago that was. He was hurting, and Julian was always his jewel in the
night, and tonight it seemed that he was again. Before another word
was spoken, he leaned in and tasted the lips that burned his soul from
long ago and found them warm, and welcoming.

After an intense kiss, Julian broke it and looked at his old
lover, "Tom?" he said, knowing the other man understood his question.

Tom smiled warmly, "it's been a long time. I.I just want."

"Ace, you love Chakotay, that's a given. As much as I would
love to rekindle what embers still burn between us, I.you're not like
that Tom. Don't let this thing change your soul. If your not careful,
it will, I've seen it. No matter what anyone tells you, Tom.stick to
what you believed was right before all this happened," he said
suddenly with a fierce seriousness. "Your too special to let the light
in you be caste to the darkness, Tom. Promise me, if you wouldn't have
done it before crossing over, don't do it now.promise!"

Tom looked at the pain and severity in his friend and former
lover's eyes. "I.I promise," he said, knowing how important it was to
his friend too not only say it but mean it.

Julian then shifted back from Tom. Guilt filling his eyes, "I
made the mistake of taking a pure heart, thinking I could protect
their kind soul.I failed, Tom. I swore not to make that mistake again,
and though I didn't have anything to do with your choice, I can warn
you of the dark traps that a wait in the shadows for you. The gifts
will make you feel more powerful than what you may start to perceive
as mortals. This could lead to power hunger, superiority
complexes.greed, hate, indifference, anything that could corrupt the

Tom saw the pain his friend was in and moved to comfort him,
"I'm sorry," he said.

Julian smiled at Tom, "Don't be. I wanted to kiss you too, but
I don't think you would do well to play this game. Nolan may enthrall
Chakotay, but from what you tell me, he loves you with all his soul.
If you think of it on terms like that, what part of his soul is not
enthralled or in Nolan's hand is all yours. And no matter what anyone
said, Ace.you're a one plane pilot. Always have been, always will be."

Tom realized at that moment that he did and always would love
Julian. Though he knew he was destined to be with Chakotay, his jewel
would always be valued in his heart and soul. He gave Julian a kiss on
the cheek. "So," he said, changing the subject. "You're the lone
Prince out here battling the evils of the Alpha quadrant," he teased.

"I guess. I take you know about Vladamir? He's gained enough
power to start to take hold on key positions in the Federation, and I
would go so far as to say some non-Federation governments too. I've
managed to keep things under some control, only thanks to the war.but
now it's over.he's free to concentrate on taking over and I'm just a
one man show," he smiled warmly.

"Well, we'll be here soon and together we'll kick old drac

"Yep!" Julian said. "Two months?"

"Yeah, that was the first estimate, but Chakotay thinks that
if we give Voyager some of our technology we can get it up there to
warp 9.99 and cut that time drastically. But there is a problem," he

"Ah, yes, you mentioned all that. Well, I'm far from the great
sage, so.I hope you work things out.I.I have my hands full," he said,
deciding not to load Tom down with worry should he have heard of Cain.
One major crisis at a time was his current motto.

Tom hugged his friend again, "Don't worry, Jewel. We'll be
here soon. Just keep the fort locked," he teased. "I should go, these
type of dreams are exhausting," he yawned.

"Since you and I have a link, why." he smiled, "who knows, but
if you concentrate like you did, while still letting your mind reach
out, we should be able to talk again. I'm not as good with the dream
plane thing.but I have my share of gift too," he teased. A chaste kiss
and he watched as Tom faded away.


"Captain?" Harry said again.

Kathryn blinked; she had drifted off again. This was so unlike
her, "I'm sorry, Harry. I.I didn't sleep too well last night," she
lied. The truth was she slept great, better than ever. The dream of
Mark and her being together was so real and intense; it took all her
control not to let her mind go back there again. Plus her mind was
having trouble wrapping itself around the fact that her beloved Mark
looked so much like Chakotay. "What did you say?"

"I said, Tom looked hurt, Captain. I think he feels I betrayed
him!" Harry exclaimed.

"Nonsense!" B'Elanna stated. "If Tom has a sliver of himself
in that remake, or what ever has happen to him, he'll figure out that
you were only doing what he would do if things were reversed."


"But nothing, Harry! You going over there to talk with him is
a bad idea, and you know it," B'Elanna interjected.

"Going over?" Kathryn asked, realizing that she was missing

"Are you well, Captain?" Tuvok asked, noting that she was not
focused on her duties at all today.

"I'm fine, Tuvok. Just tired as I said," she lied again. Then
looked at Harry, "No one is going over there or coming over here till
we get some answers as to what's going on here. I lose my First
Officer and chief Pilot to aliens, and I want them back! Plus, I want
to know why they are so generous to 'escort' us back to the Alpha
quadrant, which could be a 70 year trek?"

"I think they know something we don't" B'Elanna replied.
"Chakotay may have been taken over, but he's no fool. You can bet, if
he's out here, there's a good reason and friendliness isn't it, or we
wouldn't have all this tension between us."

"I tend to agree with you," Janeway replied. "But we need to
find out what? So far all we got is that they read lifeless, but with
fantastic brainwave functions. I need answers, and I know they're all
on that ship, but till I know of a safe way of sending someone over
and getting them back the way I sent them.no one is going anywhere!"

"Aye, Captain," they all said.


"No one messes with my, Tom" Chakotay says in a soft tone, his
conviction strong and clear. "That bastard just insulted him.I put him
in his place," he chuckled softly. "I know everyone thinks I did it
because he came at me, but that wasn't true.he insulted my love. Now

"No one messes with you love, love," a soft firm voice says as
slim strong fingers come caressing up Chakotay's strong bare shoulders
from behind. Nolan caress' Chakotay's shoulders, then moves his hands
to Chakotay's strong chest as he kisses his neck, "No one messes with
Tom," he said. "So? What are you going to do with her?" he asks as he
kissed Chakotay's jaw line up to his ear, pleased at the soft moans he
was creating in the other man.

"I.I won't hurt her, but." he laughs darkly, "She won't even
look at Tom cross eyed when I'm done with her." Suddenly Chakotay
finds himself on his back as Nolan lays on top of him, also naked
their erections touch and he moans, "Yes!"

"Tom is yours as you are mine, Love. Soon you'll be in the
Alpha quadrant and with the power you will gain, be able to defeat
that murdering thief who is trying to rule your world. You my love
will be my sword and bring down justice and vengeance as I see fit,"
he said as he leaned down and kissed Chakotay soundly. Then he leaned
up and bit his lip so it bleed, and again kissed Chakotay, who sucked
deeply. // Yes, // Nolan thought, // You will be mine to wield. //


Tom was still upset at knowing that as he sat at the helm of
the Veil, his love was in the arms of another man. But all that Julian
said rang true, especially the more the thought about it. He then
decided to accept things, for as Julian said, there was little he
could do to change it. Tom had decided that he would only accept Nolan
because he had no choice, but if anyone else even thought about
Chakotay.he felt a darkness start to creep up in him and shook it off.

He was going to entertain the dark thoughts, but he promised
Julian he wouldn't do what he wouldn't do before, and really harming
someone was not who he was.he would try to keep that from being who he
is now.

He focused on work, skipping 'lunch' as it were, but made
plans to be with Chakotay later, let the older man make it up to him.
He couldn't tell Cha what was going on, for he would never wish that
kind of pain of knowing what you think is real is fake but not able to
stop feeling that way.not anyone. No, he would follow Julian's advice.
Keep silent, accept, bond with his lover and pray Julian can get Nolan
to back the FUCK OFF! He found himself growling.but again, the promise
played in his head and with some deep breaths calmed down and moved

He also had time to think about what happened over on Voyager,
and after he had his emotions under control he could now see that they
only did what they thought was best to help. That his friend thought
that he and Chakotay were under some alien influence, and in some way
they were, weren't they? He knew he would have to contact Harry and
let him know that all was okay, but Chakotay had clamped down on
communication with Voyager and no one was allowed to go over or come

Feeling the peace of his resolve, he was able to give Rebecca
a genuine smile, as he was about to finish up his shift. She was
turning out to be a good friend to him and Chakotay, and he was
learning quickly that in this dark world, true friendship would be
more difficult to find than it was in when he first arrived on
Voyager. After a few kind and amusing words, Tom headed to their
quarters to meet with his love.

When he entered he found it set up for a romantic evening;
soft candle light, music, flowers, and his love looking radiant in
tight black pants and silk red shirt. Tom smiled as he walked in, "For
me?" he asked softly.

"No, for Janeway," he teased as he walked up to the younger
man. Then he got serious, "I'm so sorry, Tom. I.I just don't
understand, but if you."

Tom knew that Chakotay wanted him to explain what had him so
upset but now understanding that if he did he could hurt the man he
loved deeply, had decided not too. "It's not your fault, love. I.I was
just over emotional with things, and I'm having some trouble with
adjusting to all this.please forgive me?" he asked, giving his puppy
dog look, knowing Cha couldn't resist it.

He smiled as he saw Chakotay melt and move in and kiss him
deeply. After a few minutes Tom decided that if they wanted to speed
up the mission, Cha and Janeway need to make some peace. "Cha, I don't
want you to be angry with her," he said softly. "She.she just
thinks.well, she's concerned, that's all."

"I'm not worried about Janeway," Chakotay smiled. "I'm
confident that she'll.come around, and all will work out just fine."

Tom couldn't help it. There was a dark look in his love's eyes
that was not there before. Then Julian's words echoed through his
head, that there were many dark traps that could corrupt the soul if
one was not careful. The thought of his love, a pure and noble man
being enveloped in darkness struck a cord of fear in Tom's heart.
Something was wrong. "Cha, what are you up too?"

Chakotay chuckled softly, "Seducing you, my love," he teased.

"I mean with Captain Janeway?" he asked seriously.

Chakotay seemed pleased with himself, "Oh, nothing," he said
in that I'm not going to tell you tone, even if it was playful.

But Tom saw that dark streak glisten in his lover's eyes and
again a cold chill ran down his spine. "Cha?" he asked, his tone
indicating he wanted to know now.

Chakotay turned serious, "Tom, she messed with you. No one
messes with you.your mine! I'm just going to teach her a lesson, but.I
won't hurt her," he said.

Tom pulled back out of Chakotay's arms. He couldn't believe
his ears. "Listen to yourself!" he shouted alarmed. "What's wrong with

Chakotay stepped closer, "Nothings wrong, babe. And as far as
Janeway is concerned, I said I wouldn't hurt her. It's not like she's
like that walking sack of bones earlier that insulted you," he said

Tom felt himself pale. Chakotay had just admitted that he
killed the guy in the mess hall over him, not in self-defense as he
originally thought. "You.you 'killed' him.over me?"

"Babe, he insulted you," Chakotay replied as if that explained
everything away.

This was getting to be too much. "Cha? Are you listening to
your self? You 'killed' someone." he didn't know what to say. It
wasn't like Chakotay hasn't taken life before, but always in
self-defense.this was.murder. Tom wanted to blurt out Julian's
warning, but for some reason, or some instinct he felt the need to
keep Julian out of this. // Nolan! // Tom cursed. Somehow Nolan had
bonded his love and was blinding him to what was really going on. The
question was why?

When Chakotay rested his hands on Tom's shoulders, Tom knew
then that he couldn't go through with his initial plan and bond with
Chakotay. He loved the man enough as it was; he couldn't afford to
become blinded to him.not if he was going to save him.some how. He
gently backed off. "Not tonight, love," he said quietly and moved off
to go to bed for the night, indicating that he had full intentions of
just sleeping.

Chakotay watched his love leave off to the bedroom and gave a
soft growl. // I don't know what that bitch did to you to upset you so
much, // he thought coldly, // but she'll pay! //


Julian was tired as he walked into his cabin. It had been a long
day, between his regular duties and trying to keep some tabs on
Vladimere was becoming too much. Since lunch time today, Julian was
seriously thinking that he might go on a sabbatical or some long
vacation.to StarFleet's knowledge, so he could go to earth and
concentrate on the Count directly.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw that his dinning table
was set with gold dishes, and gold utensils, and several dishes that
smelled heavenly even though they were covered, the steam from them
evident. Two crystal candleholders were on each end and lit as soft
music of some unknown origin played in the air.

Then Cain stepped in view, his long dark hair caressing his
dark skinned cheeks and laying softly on the silky white shirt he wore
that enhanced the form fitting black slacks he wore. Julian felt the
fire in his soul stir at seeing the gorgeous historic icon stand
before him. He had forgotten that he agreed to dinner, and now he was
torn between giving up and melt into those sapphire eyes that burned
into him or run in the opposite direction as fast as his feet could
carry him.

"Ah, my sweet treasure, just in time," Cain smiled.

Slowly Julian moved in.


"Mark, what's the matter?" Kathryn asked her fiancée as they
walked in the garden of her family estate. "You seem so.so distant?"
she said as she fanned her self as all southern women did to keep cool
in the southern heat.

Mark turned to her, his dark eyes penetrating hers, somewhere
in the back of her mind a nagging sensation that Mark looked different
was there, but most of her didn't care so long as they were together.
"I know what you've been doing, Kathryn," he said in a cool tone.

Kathryn looked at him wide eyed, "What do you mean?"

"Tom Paris, that's who I mean. I know you have eyes for him.
But I tell you know, Kathryn, leave him alone or I'll leave
you.forever." Mark stated coolly.

Kathryn placed her hands on her love's shoulders, "No! Please,
don't leave me, Mark. I swear I have no intentions toward that man! I
swear, don't leave me!" she begged.

"Then stay away from him or keep him away from you, my dear
Kat, and all will be as you desire," Mark purred as he enveloped her
into his strong arms. He kissed her deeply and felt her melt into his

"I will," she swore in a breathy promise. "I won't let anyone
take you away again, nor give you cause to leave.I love you, Mark!"

"I know you do, Kathryn," Mark said as he hugged her tightly,
his dark eyes looking past her and a dark smile glistened through out
them. "I know you do." Then it was gone as he looked down at Kathryn,
"Why don't we move to the patio and have some wine," he smiled.

Kathryn blushed, "it's a bit early in the day for spirits,
don't you think?"

"No, my love. It's the perfect time to bond our love," Mark
said as he led her to the patio.


Julian and Cain were laughing as they both sat at the table;
the meal gone and both men seemed relaxed. Cain was telling Julian of
his experience with William Shakespeare and how some of those plays
got their inspiration, and Julian hung on to his every word.

"I almost want to say I don't believe you," Julian smiled,
"but since I know it is very possible that you were there, I can not."

"I have no reason to lie over such trivial matters such as
that," Cain replied warmly. "Though I'm glad to see that you take all
I say with some salt, as it were. It shows that you are not willing to
be blinded or overwhelmed by me, this I find refreshing and pleasing."

Julian once more felt the fire in his soul stir when Cain
looked at him with that seductive smile. Cain was beauty incarnate,
with a sense of charm that would put Casanova to shame, along with an
intellect that could shade ones presence, but he never let that occur.
No, Cain made Julian feel very comfortable around him, and this is
what made Julian concerned.

"I haven't eaten like that in a long time," Julian said, as he
sipped his wine. "I also never had anything like that," he smiled.

"Ah, years of study to find a way of preparing food so our
delicate system could digest them like the wine we drink," Cain
replied as he poured some more wine from a gold pitcher in his own
glass and offered Julian some more, which he agreed too. "I'm glad you
enjoyed it. It's been a long time since I had a dinner companion that
was able to.keep up with me," he says, showing some hesitancy in his
eyes for his comment.

Julian noted the hesitancy, unusual for this man, he was sure.
"Keep up?" he smiled, trying to ease the moment.

Cain sat back in his chair; "I've lived.or existed a long
time, and most around me either too uneducated in the world or too
busy being filled with what they think they know. You.you are very
educated, yet you are willing to listen, accept without being blinded
or overwhelmed, and can follow me when I run off on some intellectual
tangent of mine," he grinned. "In other words, young Prince, I
thoroughly enjoy your company."

Julian felt a slight blush reach his cheeks, "Thank you."
Julian shifted in his chair and didn't see Cain's eyes close as if
sensing something, for it was quick.

"Sickbay to Dr. Bashir," his com badge chirped.

"Bashir here," Julian said.

"We need you in sickbay," came the nurse's urgent voice.

"On my way," he stated than turned an apologetic look at Cain.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this and see myself out," Cain
said softly. "Though I do hope you will consider dinner with me
again," he smiled.

"I'd.I'd like that," he said as he stood up and moved to the
door. He gave Cain a warm smile, "I'd like that very much," and then

When Julian was gone, Cain waved his hand and all on the table
vanished to be replaced with what normally sat on the table, a vase of
fake flowers.

"Ah, my Prince," Nolan's voice echoed in the room. His wraith
like form appearing from the shadows.

" Lord Nolan," Julian said, giving a slight bow as Nolan
appeared in the room.

"I'm glad that all is well. I've had some trouble reaching
you," Nolan stated.

Julian gave a warm sincere, but tired smile, "Vladimere, but
nothing that I can not handle," he replied.

"Ah," Nolan responded, things making sense now. "You know that
you wouldn't have to face him a lone if you'd only.create some help."

Before Julian could respond, Nolan waves his hand cutting him
off, "I know, I know. You won't risk another Olivia, I understand, my
sweet Prince." Then Nolan smiled, "That's why I have worked so hard in
finding you the right sort of help to send you, though I do have even
better news," he smiles.


"Instead of two months, with the new technology upgrade, I am
sure I can have aid to you in under a months time.perhaps weeks," he

"Ah," Julian smiled hopefully. "Just.how much and what kind,
may I ask," he said quietly.

"I know I wouldn't tell you before, for I wanted it to be a
surprise, but." Nolan smiled as he approached Julian closer, "I found
some of your lost lambs out in the Delta quadrant and I am sending
them along with the Veil, my lead ship to aid you. Though only two of
the humans have joined our cause," he smiled, the others on Voyager
will be of use, this I am sure," he grinned wickedly. "Plus, I have
found one that will be able to take care of Vladimere once and for
all. He is strong and growing stronger everyday. With him by your
side, my Prince, you and Chakotay will destroy that murdering thief."


"Ah, a strong man, his strength in the spiritual plane and the
dream plane is almost equal to mine, but.he needs.conditioning to
prepare him, but be not concerned, he'll be ready for you when he
arrives," Nolan smiles sweetly.

Julian nods his understanding, "So, when they get here, soon I
take it, this Chakotay and others will help me take out Vladimere.then
what?" he asked.

Nolan's smile shifted a bit, "why, just what we agreed on, my
Prince. When all is as it should be, I will take my people home to
Dark Haven and finally free ourselves of this universe. You'll be free
to return to your existence, if that is what you still want?"

"I do," Julian said softly as he approached Nolan's wraith
form. "And.I can't wait for this to all be over with," he smiled.

"Don't worry, my Prince, it'll all be over soon enough. Now,
be on your guard, and hold steady, we'll be here soon."

"We? Are you coming too?"

"Ah, you guessed one of my surprises," Nolan smiled. "Chakotay
is my conduit, so yes.yes I'll be here. Now, I must go. I'll speak
with you again soon. Till we can meet face to face, be strong, " Nolan
smiles and fades away.

"Till we can meet face to face," Julian replied coolly as his
form blurred and Cain stood quietly in Julian's quarters. He turned
and looked around him; " I'm no fool, Nolan. But it seems you have mad
an error. You didn't bond your Prince to you when you had a chance.
Your error will be my advantage," he grins. He walks to the table and
a wave of his hand, and the illusion of the stuff on the table being
gone is dispelled and all is back as it was. Cain focuses and all the
dishes slowly fly from the table to the recycler. "Two does have been
given, and when I'm ready a third, and your Prince will be my puppet,
Nolan. Then we'll see just what game you're really playing, won't we."


Tom stared out the port window, looking at Voyager race
through space, keeping pace with the Veil. He looked to see his love
fast a sleep, but he knew that Chakotay was messing with Kathryn, but
he didn't know how, but he had his suspicions. He tried to sleep
himself, but that look in his love's eyes rattled him to the core.

He was confused, he wanted to protect his love, but he didn't
want anything to happen to the Captain, she was just doing what she
thought was right. He knew he had to warn her or someone that she was
in trouble, but who and what did he tell them? They knew nothing of
the truth, and if the did? Would they flip out the way Chakotay had
said they would? He could see the possibility, but what choices did he

He hated to do this, but he needed some advice, so he closed
his eyes and reached out his mind. "Julian?"

It took a few moments when his surroundings swirled and he was
in an observation room on board DS9, Julian standing near the port
window, Tom smiled, "It worked!"

Julian walked up to his old flame and always friend and hugged
him, "of course it worked, Tom." Then he gave Tom a serious look,
"What's wrong?"

"I tried to follow your advice, but.it's Chakotay. Something's
wrong with him. He.he doesn't see that he's doing wrong, plus when I
look in his eyes."

"There's a dark streak," Julian finishes for him, a sadness in
his voice.

"Yes," Tom replies. He looks at Julian for hope, "Tell me that
It's not too late for him, please?"

Julian sat down with Tom, holding his hand, "I'm not sure,
Tom. But, if there is a chance to keep the corruption out of him, are
you willing? It won't be easy."

"Jewel, I'll do what ever it takes. Chakotay has always been a
good, noble, pure soul. Seeing that being chipped away at is.I won't
let it!"

Julian gave a small smile. He sat in silence for a long time,
thinking of his options, and taking in all the current events that was
going on. He looked up to Tom, and seeing the pleading for help in
those blue eyes that held a key to his soul finalized Julian's
decision. "I think I can help," he said softly. "Nolan spoke of
Conduits, and from what you told me, Chakotay is his, you.you might be

"Conduit? Yours?"

"Nolan can literally be on the ship with you because he can
travel through Chakotay to be there. I.I may be able to do the same
through you.but."


"Come with me," Julian said, as he held out his hand. Tom took
it and the area around them misted into vapor then they were in a
small room that looked like a fancy library.

"Where are we?" Tom asked.

Julian smiled, "This is the dream plane, remember? Here much
is possible, and though I can't move along it as freely as you, when I
am here, I can come to this place.Nolan's old manor. Here in this
library is much of the knowledge that I have learned over the years.
Though it far exceeds what there is out there to learn on our kind,
it's a start."

Julian moves to a book and pulls it out. He flips through the
pages as if he wasn't even looking at them. He then finds what he was
looking for. He reads it, and then he takes another book and does the
same till he finds what he is looking for. Then he looks up at Tom,
his look serious.

"Okay, here it is. We have what it takes to clear Chakotay's
soul of the darkness, but like any disease, it's only temporary, not
necessarily the cure. Together, you and I can make this happen, but.I
need to be there."

Tom looked hopeful, but seeing that Julian wasn't smiling he
knew there was a catch. "What's the down part?"

"For me to use you as a conduit, I'd have to bond you to me.
But, I can determine if you are one I can use without doing so, but if
you are, and you want us to free Chakotay."

"I'd have to bond with you, not Chakotay." Tom remains silent
for a moment. "Am I?" he asks softly.

Julian walks up to Tom and looks into his eyes, for a moment
the two of them are locked, then Tom feels himself start to sweat,
then the look is broken and Julian moves back. "Yes," he says in a
whisper. "Yes, you are."

Julian moves to take a seat on the sofa and looks at Tom, deep
in thought of this information. "The choice is yours of course, Tom.
Plus, I'd let you go, but."

"The bond will last for a year," Tom says.

"But it won't stop you from loving Chakotay, and I swear I
won't take advantage of you, but again, it's your choice."

Tom turns to Julian, "Are you sure we can help him?"

"I'll be honest, Ace. I'm relatively sure, but.I can't
guarantee anything. I have my hands here, but I'm willing to do what I
can for you, for I see how much you mean to him."

Tom sits down next to Julian. "How long?"

"Three days exactly. You must consume a does of my blood three
times within a year, at lest twenty-four hours apart. Then you are
bonded for a year from the moment of the last does is taken. I told
you what it will be like, I've never lied to you, Ace, I'm not about
to start now."

"Will this work, being that we're on this.dream plane?" Tom

"For you and me.yes. We already have a link; this will only
make it stronger. For anyone of our kind, they would have to share
essence in the real world, though we can bond mortals to us on this
plane, but its not the same as if done in reality, not quite as strong
or long lasting," Julian replied.

Tom thought about it, his instincts told him he could trust
Julian, he had too. He had to trust someone, and he needed help to
save Chakotay. "What about Nolan?"

"He's not talking to me, must be busy," Julian stated. "Plus,
I don't see why he should care. What we would be doing won't affect
the bond between him and Chakotay, just keep Chakotay the way he
started out being.a good man. Plus, there is no way I'm going to sit
by and let another Olivia occur if I can stop it," Julian added.

Tom thought about it a moment longer and turned to his old
lover, "Okay," he said softly. "I'll trust you," he said as he leaned
in and kissed Julian's soft lips. He then wrapped his arms around the
strong familiar shoulders and pulled the young doctor to him,
deepening the kiss between them. There was still plenty of fire left
as the kiss sparked a passion in both of them. Tom moved his kiss down
Julian's jaw and to his neck, nuzzling it, feeling Julian's body
respond to his touch, a fire burning in his own soul as his body
remembered just how good Julian felt to touch and taste.

"Tom, stop," Julian said in a panting breath. He gently pushed
Tom back, he did want to take him, and could feel the pull, "I said I
wouldn't take advantage of you," he said.

Tom grinned, "but I didn't say I wouldn't take advantage of you," he
teased and leaned in quickly and before Julian knew it, Tom was biting
him, drinking in Julian's essence, as ecstasy filled them both.

TBC in "Dancing in the dark"