Title: Angstrom
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Sometimes the smallest things can set off great chain of
events, for good and for bad
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris
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Notes: The poem "If Only" was written me. The song "Kiss Me Softly"
is off the new Journey album- Arrival; they own it, all of it, so
please respect that. Thanks.

(Part 9)

I start to come around and I feel the fear in the air. I open my eyes
and the first face I see is Tuvok's, apparently I'm using his lap for
a pillow. I look around and see that we are in a cell, and after a
quick mental count, I note it is the entire bridge crew, short
Chakotay. I start to sit up, and Tuvok gives me a hand. "What's
happening?" I asked, wanting to know whom I've lost and what games
that bitch is playing.

"So far, we have been kept in this cell, and no attempts to
assimilate any of us has occurred. Beyond that, I have no information
to draw any conclusions on," Tuvok replies.

I move to stand and I see Tom sitting in the far corner, and
he is withdrawn like many of the others here, awaiting the horrid fate
of being turned into a drone. I turn back to Tuvok, "have they gotten
the rest of the ship?"

"Not that I can tell, for though there has been a lot of
activity, no one else has been brought here, nor have I seen anyone

For a moment it gives me some relief that my crew is
resisting, and I hope they can get away, or at least set the destruct
mechanism, for I don't' wish this fate on anyone. I then see the Bitch
standing at the cell doorway. I move slowly toward her, and I
hesitate, seeing Chakotay standing next to her. He is still dressed in
the black jumpsuit we have provided for him, but he stares passed me
like another drone.

"I waited for you to awake, Captain. For I want you to witness
what I am going to do to your crew, one at a time. I presume in no
time that you will beg me to place you out of your misery, but I
warned you, if you resisted, I'd make them and you suffer, and so I
will," she says coldly.

"Murdering bitch!" I snap, not knowing what else I can
possibly say at the moment.

"You can make it easier on them, Captain. Order the rest of
your crew to surrender, resistance is futile."

I grin, my crew is keeping her at bay, and it fills me with
pride, "Go to hell!"

"I believe you will be there long before I," she grinned. She
then turned to Chakotay, "Assimilate," she ordered.

Seven other Borgs moved toward the cell, and then they moved
inside, keeping us all at bay, or holding us, if we tried to resist. I
watched Chakotay move in and walk past all the others and me to the
back of the room, to where Tom was sitting. "Leave him alone!" I
shout, but it did no good. He grabs up Tom like a rag doll and slings
him over his shoulder. All I can do is watch, and when I turn to see
him move out, Tom was doing his best to resist, I note the same type
of table that Chakotay had been on weeks earlier. When the other Borgs
leave, for it was clear that they were going to do this one at a time,
I move to the force field, crying, shouting, "Leave him alone, you
bitch!" But she just laughs.

Tom is shouting to Chakotay to not do this. He's pleading with
him, to resist, to not do this. I can see clearly from here, even if
my tears are blurring my vision. Tom's tears don't subtract from the
courage he is exhibiting as Chakotay lays him down on the table prone,
and locks his limbs in place. Then Chakotay moves to get something,
and then he injects Tom with it, and I see Tom lose consciousness. I
thank something for at least sparing him the same torment Chakotay had
gone through.

I watch as the other Borg surround Chakotay, for he is being
made to do the assimilation, some form of cruel irony on that Bitch's
part. I then see that she is staring at me, her face full of dark
amusement. "I don't know how or when, but someday you will pay for
this," I hiss.


"What the hell is going on?"

"It's the Borg, Ken. They've taken over the bridge and have
the bridge crew. There are high-level security fields all over the
place and they are changing harmonics faster than I can read the damn
readings. Though the crawl spaces seem open, that's how I got word
that most of the crew is gathering near engineering," Greg states as
he releases Ken from the brig and hands him a phaser riffle.

Ken moves out with Greg, "are you sure they have the Captain?"

The two men move out of the brig, "It's worst than that, they
have all the alpha shift, including Tom and the Commander," Greg
replies, placing a supportive hand on Ken's back.

Ken stops as if stunned by the news, "Tom?"

"I'm sorry, Ken." Greg then gives Ken a gentle nudge for they
need to get moving. "So far the security fields are holding, but the
number of Borg is increasing, we need to come up with a plan and

"What has B'Elanna to say?" Ken asks, moving into the crawl
space and heads to the ladder that will take them down to engineering.

"Don't know, haven't spoken to her directly. Word is going out
to gather around engineering, and prepare to repel the Borg should
they breech the fields, which is only a matter of time."

Ken steps out of the crawlspace and steps to the ladder, but
he stops, and turns to Greg, he takes this moment and leans in and
steals a kiss. Greg smiles, "What was that for?"
"Incase I don't get a chance to do it again," he replies

Their eyes lock as the seriousness of the moment and what is
in their hearts are silently communicated. Then Ken Dalby breaks the
look and starts to head down the ladder as fast as he can, with Greg
behind him.

They enter engineering to find over fifty percent of the crew
already gathered there, taking up arms and strategic positions. Ken
and Greg move to the center where Seven of Nine is with B'Elanna
discussing a course of action.

"I have gone through the computer system, the new field
harmonics was recently added, and they are quite capable of staying
off the direct assault of the drones. However, it is only a matter of
time before they will start to cut through the hull to get to us,"
Seven states.

"Who added it?" Ken asks, liking to know their situation
straight up.

"Unknown," Seven replies.

"Does it matter, Ken? We have our hands full here. The ship is
crawling with Borg, mostly on the bridge and a few halls, but that
won't last long. The ship is dead, and we have no place to run too,"
she growls.

"Have you tried to get the engines up again?" Greg asks.

"What good would that do? We can't pilot the ship from here,"
B'Elanna retorts.

"No, but we can from the holo deck," Ken states with a grin on
his face. He notes the curious looks he's getting. "It's something Tom
was trying to work on before.well, before we discouraged him from
being more part of the crew," Ken added, a bit of guilt filling his
eyes. Then he squared his shoulder, knowing there was no time for
this, "He was creating a program that would feed information from the
helm to the Simulation Bridge to add to the authentic aspect of the
training sequence. Why don't we just reroute the program so it sends
the signals to the helm, and fly Voyager from the simulated helm on
the holodeck?"

The group looked at each other, taking in this idea; it was
Seven that spoke first. "It may work. I will access the computer and
see how much of the program is in place and what changes are

"Okay, then I'll see if I can't override what shut us down,"
B'Elanna adds.

"We're going to need Rick, he's the next best pilot we've
got," Greg states, looking around the crowd.

"He's trapped near the hydroponics bay. There are no crawl
ways to get to or from his position, and there are Borg in the way."

"Speaking of Borg, they'll be in the way of us getting to the
holo deck too," Sam adds in, moving closer to the center group, her
daughter in tow.

"Then we're just going to have to knock them back, and out of
the way," Ken replies. Then he looks at Greg, "I'll get Rick, you
secure the holo deck." He then turns back to see if B'Elanna is
agreeable to this, since she is the ranking officer at present.

"Take what you need, but be careful, understand?"

Ken and Greg exchange a look and then gather two other crewmen
each, and headed back into the crawl way's each determined to succeed
in their missions.

B'Elanna starts giving out orders to keep the area secure, as
well as start to get the ships systems fully functional again,
specially the engines and the weapons.


Greg Alaya managed to secure the Holo deck they would need to
gain control of the helm. He contacted B'Elanna who reported that with
Seven's help they got passed the override no problem, in fact it was
rather easy and stations were up. She also informed him that the
program Ken was talking about was fully functional and Seven was
working on reversing the connection.

Greg then Contacted Ken Dalby to get his status, and to hear
his voice and know he was alright. He had been in love with the pain
in the neck for year, always seeing what was just under the surface
and thinking himself crazy. He couldn't believe his ears when he heard
Ken confess to Tom that he too was gay. This made Greg's heart do
summersaults, but he remained cool, for he wanted to talk with Ken, to
see if it was his hiding in the closet that kept them apart; to his
delight it was. When he and Ken talked and he risked making a move on
the other man, he was more than thrilled to have Ken return the kiss
with equal passion and desire. But now that he and Ken had just
'found' each other, his soul was in panic that he would lose him.

"Ken, status," he shouted over his com badge.

"I sure as hell hope you have the holo deck secure, because
we're heading your way, and are rifles are low, and Borg troops are on
our ass!" Ken shouted back.

"Holo suite two is ready for you. I'll meet you half way,
okay," he stated, not really waiting for an answer, as he closed the
channel and moved to the door. He turned to the other two crewmen,
"Keep it secure," he stated then headed out the door.

Greg got as far a end of the hall when he spotted Ken, and six
others making their way toward him, one of them being Rick Betaheart.
"Over here!" He shouted.

He moved to the other corner and started firing, slowing down
some of the Borg. He was glad that Seven had adjusted the Riffles to
switch harmonics every other shot, or they'd be up a creek without a
paddle. Just then Rick was shot in the leg and fell. Ken rushed to his
side along with another crewmember, and they got Rick up on his feet,
but a drone was up on top of them, and Ken turned to face the thing
one on one.

"Ken, No! Get away from that thing!" Greg shouted, but it was
too late, Ken was grabbed and injected, he fell to his knees. Greg
saw red as he fired his riffle without mercy, only when all the drones
were back far enough, for the forward ones had been dropped, he ran
and grabbed Ken and dragged him to the holo deck were the others were
and secured the door.

"Ken.Ken.fight it Ken," Greg said, as he laid the other man's
head on his lap, watching the slow and painful transformation.

"Kill me, Greg," he whispered. "I.I don't want to be one of
them," he pleaded.

Greg knew what he was saying, but he couldn't lose Ken, not
now. "Just hang one, Ken. We can reverse it, you know we can, just
hang on. I swear, I won't let you become one of those," he said,
holding back the tears he felt seeing the man he love pale and
blotches start to cover his face.

"Cover my eyes, and move me away from here, for I can feel
them in my head," he says softly.

Greg does as he is told, he moved Ken to the farthest part of
the holo deck, now bridge, and uses his Jacket to shade Ken's view.
What Ken knew so would the Borg. "I know it may seem to soon, Ken, but
I love you, so you fight it, you hear me!"

"I'll try," he said, raising his hand up to the other man's
face, "but.resistance is.futile," he said, then passed out.


Janeway couldn't see what was happening on the table, and she
was glad of it. The only thing that kept her by the force field was
the few growls of discontent the Borg queen would give every once and
a while. It seemed her crew was holding up a lot better than was

"It's only a matter of time, Captain," she grinned, not
wanting to concede that she was being put off so long. Then she moved
off to coordinate the taking of Voyager and see why things were taking
so long, there was an echo in their thoughts, and it was slowing
things down. This was unacceptable.

Janeway then noticed that Chakotay had moved from the table,
still slow and without emotion. There was blood on his hands, and she
felt ill. //Heavens, Tom, I'm so sorry! // She thought. She had cried,
but her soul was hardening, for she knew that was the only choice she
had, for she knew that unless her crew pulled off a miracle, what was
to come. She then raised an eyebrow, for when she saw Tom, he was
still his normal pinkish color. Then she saw a small metallic lump
lengthwise down his spine, and small lights were blinking. It looked
thin and delicate, and fit perfectly down the center of his back from
head to tail bone, but she couldn't see if it went farther for he was
still wearing his underwear. She then watched Chakotay hit a switch
that released Tom's limbs and then moved back to him, rolling him

Then she saw Chakotay grab the hand of another Borg who was
about to inject something into Tom. There was an exchange, she
couldn't hear it, but the Borg drone backed down, and Chakotay
continued what he was doing. He gave Tom another injection and to her
horror, Tom started to come around.

"What are you doing? Why is he not assimilated yet?" the Queen
shouted, her anger clear in her tone.

Janeway could see that Tom was moving, unaware that he was
moving his legs, he was moving his legs without effort. Then what she
witnessed next took her by surprise as well as the Borg Queen.

Tom bolted up, he was free and the nightmare was real, Borg
surrounded him, and they were going to assimilate him. Then he noticed
he was moving, legs and all. He turned to see Chakotay move to a panel
and enter a few commands. Then Chakotay looked up at him, "Access

//was that a smile? // Tom thought, but seeing the other Borg
reaching out for him he shouted, "0425!" to his surprise the Borg
around him stopped in their tracks. Tom looked around and saw the
Queen's expression go livid.

"Assimilate him! Assimilate all of them!" she ordered, her
patience at an end.

Chakotay moved up to Tom and placed his com badge in the young
man's hand. "Sorry," he said, then hit a button on a control panel.
"Take care of them," he added and Tom started to feel the tingle of a
transporter beam, but he didn't fade away till he saw Chakotay laying
sprawled on the floor, after being shot.

Janeway couldn't believe it. Somehow Chakotay had resisted
enough of the Queen to free Tom, and she was having a strong suspicion
that he did more than that. Tom was sent back to Voyager, now able to
walk, and she remembered that security fields had sprung up just
before the Borg attacked. //Just what are you up too? // She thought,
but she was pulled back to the present by the Borg Queen's shouts.

"Get him back! Assimilate them!" she ordered, pointing to the

The Borg around the table started to move again, this time
toward the cell, and other Borg moved into the room too, but when the
ones at the table started to engage in battle with the others, it was
clear that the Queen was losing control.

"What is going on!" she growled as she whirled around, trying
to make sense of what was causing the disharmony in her collective.

The Borg right next to her, first aiming for one of the rouge
Borg, stopped what he was doing and backhanded the Queen. Then it
spoke, "It's called taking over," it growled. Then before it could
shoot her, another Borg shot it. But the room was in chaos, and it
became more and more difficult to determine who was in control and who

Then the Borg near the cell stopped firing at the renegade
Borg and turned to the cell and deactivated it. "You must leave,
Captain. I can't keep this up for ever," the Borg said.

Janeway stared at the drone, and every instinct in her told
her what she needed to know, "Thank you Commander," she smiled, and
moved out. She and Tuvok grabbed the Commander's body, and Janeway was
concerned, it wasn't breathing.

The Borg that opened the cell called out, "Just open your com
badges, the ship's computer will do the rest," then he was hit and
fell to the floor, dead.

"Chakotay!" She shouted, but before she could move another
drone stepped near her.

"Get out of here, Kathryn, and take care of Tom and the others
for me," the female drone stated, staying off anther volley of
assault, for the others to escape. Seeing that female fall was the
last thing Janeway saw till she reappeared in engineering of her ship.

"Captain!" several crewmembers shouted.

She stood up to see her crew was there, and the EMH was there
examining Tom. "Doctor!" she called out, not wanting to waste a

The EMH moved to the Captain, noting by the tone of her voice
that it was an emergency. Then he spotted Chakotay laying on the
floor. He bent down and started to scan him.

"Can you save him?" she asked in a hushed tone.

The crowd parted as Tom, now able to walk moved passed them to
Chakotay and the Doc's side. "Cha!" he cried out, but Janeway gently
kept him back, so the Doctor could do his job. After several long
minutes, and the use of a neurostimulator, he had the body working and

The Doc scanned him again, "He's stable, but his brain
functions are minimal. I'm not sure what that means at the moment,
till I get him to sickbay, and that's not an option right now."

"Can't we just beam there?" Tom asked, his concern full on his

"It isn't a matter of method, it's a matter of the Borg. They
are crawling all over the ship," the Doctor replied, his distaste for
them showing.

B'Elanna moves up, hugs Tom, and hands him a jumpsuit, "We've
used that program you made, and created a simulated bridge, that
allows us to connect to the real one," she states with glee. "It's
almost up and running, and it's secure," she adds.

"What program?" Tom and Janeway ask together

"The one where you connect feedback from the real helm to the
simulation to allow for a more realistic feedback," B'Elanna replies.

Tom looks puzzled, "How.how did you know about that?"

"I never heard of that?" Janeway states.

"Ah, well, I.never perused it," Tom replies, feeling awkward.

"Well, too bad, it's a great program. Ken mentioned it. Right
now we got engines and weapons up and Rick at the helm. We were
getting ready to make a break for it," she states, hoping no one would
think less of them for it.

"Transporters are functional," Seven states. "I can do a site
to site transport now," she adds.

Janeway stood up and gave a nod, and gave a look, which was
all it took for the Alpha shift to take positions. She waited till Tom
stood by her.

"Take care of him, Doc," Tom stated, then with a nod, the
Alpha shift vanished.


No one was more surprised than Greg was when he saw the Alpha
shift appear on the simulated bridge, and Tom standing on his own two
feet. "Captain?" he said, from the corner, where he was holding Ken,
still unconscious, as the transformation was crawling through his

Most of the crew took their regular station, but Kathryn and
Tom moved toward Greg. "Greg, what happened?" Tom asked.

Greg gave a stress laugh, "I could ask the same of you," he

"I'm not sure," Tom said, for there was no time to go into it.
He moved the jacket and gasped with concern. Ken was pale and was well
on his way to being assimilated.

"Janeway to Torres. Lock on Alaya and Dalby's signal and beam
them to your location. Ken is down," she ordered. Then she looked at
Greg, "The Doc is there and we can reverse it," she said, and was
rewarded with her second in charge of Security's smile as he faded

The ship rocked!

"Station!" she shouted as she moved to her chair, and Tom
moved to his.

But Tom wanted to know what was going on, even if he was
trying to adjust to the fact that he could move freely again, and his
back felt unusual, but it didn't hurt. He checked to see if the real
ship was moving and not just the computer saying it way. When he
confirmed with B'Elanna that it was working, he turned to the Captain.
"All up and running, Captain.'" He said as the view screen came up and
they could see the Borg cube that held them prisoner.

"Captain, sensors are detecting that the Borg on board are
beaming back to the cube!" Harry shouts, his joyous relief in his

"Captain, the tractor beam has disengaged," Tuvok states.

"Way to go Chakotay," she states with pride. "Get us out of
here," she orders.

Tom sets the coordinates, but can't help but wonder why the
Captain is thanking Chakotay, who was laying unconscious in
engineering. But till they were clear of here, he'd have to wait to
find out.

They managed to start pulling away, meeting only minimal fire.
"Captain, all Borg have been cleared from the ship," Harry states.

"I am detecting that several key locations on the cub have
lost shielding, Captain," Tuvok adds.

Kathryn hesitates for a moment, but only a moment. "Target
those locations and fire," she orders, feeling her throat constrict as
she says the words. She watched at the photon torpedoes were fired
along with phasers and in minutes the cube started to explode into a
mass fireball. With Tom at the helm they avoided any debris that flew
in their direction. When it was all said and done, and Harry stated
that there was no sign of the Borg, Kathryn gave the order for the
crew to take up the regular bridge and get out of this location as
soon as possible.

"Tuvok, you have the 'real' bridge," she said, and remained
seated, as the Alpha crew hustled to get to their real stations. She
noticed Tom was taking his time. She rubbed her temples, how was she
going to explain that after all this hell, the only thing they saved
of their savior was just his shell. Somehow Chakotay had managed to
merge his mind in the Collective and not be taken over by it. In fact,
he took control of it, but his body was dead at the time, and his mind
was over in the Borg ship that she just ordered destroyed. She looked
up, Tom now standing right in front of her. //Heavens, how do I
explain this? //

******END OF PART 9******