Title: Angstrom
Author: Kim Riley a.k.a. MYSTIC
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount. Again since they are
no longer using them I've decided to take our boys out of the 'closet'
and let them play and be happy. Enjoy.
Summary: Sometimes the smallest things can set off great chain of
events, for good and for bad
Rating: R for language and sex
Pairing: Chakotay/ Paris
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(Part 2)
Janeway sat in her chair barely looking over her shoulder to take note
that Chakotay had just reported for duty. He usually had breakfast
with her, but she felt he still must be sore over the incident with
Tom. She felt that she'd give him some time to cool off. She watched
him move down to stand next to her, and she was about to comment on
how awful he looked, dark circles under his eyes, when he handed her a

She took it, read it, then glared at him, "You wouldn't?" she said in
an angry but hushed tone.

"It's regulations, Captain. And we both know how much of a
stickler you are for regulations. Plus, if you don't do it, you'll be
in violation and then I'd have to take command. Either way, we're
going back," he said softly, but those on the bridge still could hear

She narrowed her eyes at her First Officer, but he was right.
It was a regulation that no one may be left behind in an unsuitable
environment as form of punishment for any crime. It was also stated
that being stranded alone was a clear hazard to mental and emotional
well being. She knew Chakotay had gone all out on this, but he had
her. If she didn't go back and collect Tom, even if was to relocate
him to an alien world were he could possible prosper in, she'd violate
Starfleet regulations that prohibited her from purposely harming a
crew member for any crime committed.

"Lt. Betaheart, turn us around," she ordered quietly. "She knew by the
silence on the bridge that everyone knew where they were going. "I
hope you know what you are doing?" she asked of her First Officer as
he took his seat beside her.

He just looked at her, no smile, no glare, no response what so
ever, but a cold indifferent look. "All stations report normal,
Captain," he finally said, then looked back to do his duty.

Harry kept the smile he felt to himself, for he had prayed
that someone could help his best friend, and he had hoped against hope
it was the Commander, and he was glad he was right. He didn't know
what was on that PADD, but they were going back for Tom and that was
all that mattered.


The next few days had been tense. Commander Chakotay had
always been a good First Officer, that didn't change, but his attitude
to everyone else did. He was cool and professional nonstop. He didn't
smile, and he didn't socialize with anyone, and if they tried to
approach him, he'd either coolly rebuff them or walk away.

When the Captain had asked about his attitude, he simple
replied that she better get use to it, and that was the end of that
conversation. It was this conversation on the bridge that prompted
Harry to seek out Torres. It was lunchtime and he joined her at the
table, "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure, Harry, what's up?"

"Well, I was wondering if you know what's wrong with Commander
Chakotay lately?"

She stopped eating and looked down, guilt filling her eyes.
"He's angry. He's always been the type of man that believed in justice
and what was right, and we all like that about him, but."


"We're not all like him. He.he's angry that none of the Maquis
tried to stop the Captain from kicking Tom of the ship, or at least
stall till he got back."

"You couldn't do anything.could you?"

She slowly looked up to meet Harry's eyes, "I don't know.
Truth is, Harry, no one tried. I'm.I'm sorry," she said, pushing her
tray away for she lost her appetite.

"Don't feel too bad, B'Elanna. It's not like I staged a riot
or anything," Harry replied. "In fact, the only thing I did 'was' tell
the Commander in hopes he could do something."

B'Elanna smiled a little, "Looks like he did. "

"Yeah, but now look at things. Over half the crew is angry
with him for making them waste time going back for Tom, and he's
become the ice man cometh, if you know what I mean."

"Not really, Harry. But I feel for him and the situation." She
sat quietly for a moment. "You know, perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps
there is something I can do," she said, her mind locking in an idea.

"If I can help, count me in," Harry added.

"Then your in, Starfleet," she smiled. Then she got serious,
"I'll warn you now, it could mean trouble?"

"Let me be the judge of that, okay.Marquis?" He smiled back.

"Deal. Meet me in holodeck 3 at 18:00hrs, no uniform," she
said then left to return to work.


Harry finished up his shift and headed to his quarters to
change and then headed of to holodeck 3. When he got there he was
asked to identify himself, which he thought odd, but did so. He was
given admittance and walked into a large room, over half of the former
Marquise and half a dozen Fleet like himself were there. He also saw
Neelix and Seven of Nine present as well. He moved through the puzzled
looks, for none of them seemed to have an idea as to why they were
there either.

"Glad you could all make it," B'Elanna said from a small podium, up
front. "I called all of you here to discuss a sensitive subject. That
subject is Tom Paris and what happened to him. Like Commander
Chakotay, I too feel he was wronged. If you feel the same I ask you
to stay and hear me out. If you don't then you should leave, though if
you feel like staying so you can be a snitch, forget it. This meeting
will be recorded, for I don't plan on doing anything illegal."

She watched as only five people left, mostly former Marquise,
the rest stayed. "Good. It's simple. We may not be able to change
anything, but we can make our voices heard. Commander Chakotay should
not be standing alone on this issue and I for one won't allow it any
longer. I plan on making a personal complaint about the injustice that
Tom was given and submit it publicly."

This got many in the crowd to murmur, for to do something like
this was inviting trouble. "Aren't you concerned about what may happen
to you?" Someone called out.

"I look at it this way. Chakotay was right. We 'are' the type
of people that stand up for what is right, at least I am. Once again,
he has had to show us the way, and pay the price. Well, no more. I
think what happened to Tom was wrong, plain and simple. If anyone has
a problem with him or me, they can bring it to my face!" she took a
deep breath, anger would not serve this moment.

"The real question is, will you serve the injustice with your
silence or will you speak up with me? My statement is already on this
PADD, those who sign it will be standing with me. Again, this will be
made public. But the decision is yours," she says. Then she signs the
PADD and moved down from the podium and lays it on a table and stands
back to see what people will do.

She smiles to see that Harry doesn't even hesitate, he walks
up and signs right underneath her name. "Should of told me this is
what you were up too, I could of saved myself the trip and sighed it
at lunch time," he teased.

Out of the sixty-five people in that room that stayed to hear
B'Elanna out, sixty signed with her, including Neelix and Seven of
nine. She took the PADD with pride and chimed the doorbell of the
First Officer's quarters.

"Enter," he said coolly.

She marched in and saw him wrapped in his night robe, going
over reports. She couldn't help but smile, he looked so cute when he
was so serious.

"Can I help you, Lieutenant?"

"No, Commander, but I think I can help you," she said then
moved in and handed him the PADD. "This was just posted a few minutes
ago, but I thought you might want to get a first hand look at it,

Chakotay took the PADD and switched it on and read it. His
face shifted from cold stone to soft disbelief, then for the first
time in days a small smile crossed his face. He looked up, "You guys
really posted this?"

She smiled with pride, "Yes, sir. We may not be able to do
much to help Tom, but we know now that remaining silent was just as
wrong. At least people and the Captain will know where most of us
stand on this matter. I.we.didn't want you to think you stood alone.
It was bad enough that we let Tom think that he did," she said, guilt
returning to her eyes.

"Knowing, Tom, he probably blames himself," Chakotay said
softly. Then he looks out the window behind him, "I hope he's okay."

"Me too, Sir. Me too. But we'll be there by tomorrow

Chakotay stood up and tied his robe around him even tighter.
Then he moved toward B'Elanna, "Thank you," he said softly. He leaned
in and hugged her.

"You're welcome.Captain," she said softly.


Another sunrise another boring day on planet Chakotay. Yep, I
decided to name it after the big guy, for I'm sure if he were here,
he'd be having the time of his life. There are no end to the trees and
mountains around here. The animal life is moderate enough that he'd be
right in his environment. a true nature boy.

I tried to hunt the way I though Chakotay would do it.bad
move. I now sit here by my shelter with a twisted ankle. It could have
been worse, Chakotay really could have been here to see that baby
bunny lead me on the stupidest goose chase ever! I laugh now, but it
hurt like hell falling and landing face first in to.never mind, I
don't intend to let it go down in history just how idiotic my first
hunt went, you'll just have to use your imaginations.

The nights have been filled with a lot of distant fireworks.
Their small in comparison to the sky above, but being a space brat, I
know that somewhere within this galaxy there is some kind of war going
on. I just hope Voyager is not involved. I'm pretty sure they were
heading in the opposite direction, but who knows. After last nights
sky dance I'd almost swear what ever is going on is coming this way,
but, this place is uninhabited, so I'm sure I have nothing to worry
about. Besides, even if I did, what could I do about it? If my warrior
skills are anything like my hunting..well, let's say I'm glad I got a

Plans for today, same as yesterday. Tend to the garden as best
as I can, then go down to the rive and take a swim. Then its back here
and tend to the few daily chores I've set for myself and by then it'll
be bedtime. I'll cry myself asleep once more; still holding tightly
that Chakotay will come save me from this dreary world.well I'd better
get started.

Tom did just as he said he would. He tended to what he hoped
would be a prosperous garden, even if there was lots of food around,
it gave him something to do. Then by noon he headed down to the river
for a swim. He stripped off his clothing and wadded into the water and
relaxed. The sun boar down warmly and he felt good just laying here
letting the water run over his body.


Tom jumped and snapped open his eyes. He hadn't heard a human
voice in days, so when he did look, he couldn't believe his eyes. He
raised his hand to his forehead to see if he had a cut or a fever to
explain why he was hallucinating.

"Are you okay, Tom?" Chakotay said warmly, seeing how confused
Tom looked.

"I knew I'd go crazy some day, but this is too early on the
timetable," he quipped. He looked up as the figure of Chakotay simply
laughed. Then he saw the older man being joined by B'Elanna and Harry.

"Tom!" Harry shouted with a warm smile and splashed out into
the water to greet his friend with a big hug. He didn't care what
anyone thought, not anymore.

Feeling Harry's warm arms around him, Tom suddenly knew that
this was real. They really came back for him, and Chakotay led the
way. He started to laugh and hugged his best friend with all his
might. "I can't believe you here!" he exclaimed.

"Thank the Commander," Harry said as he hugged his best friend
again, then started to drag him out of the water.

"Ah, Harry, let me get dressed first," Tom said, as he started
to blush, with all the set of eyes on him.

"Oh, yeah," Harry replied and moved up to the bank keeping his
back to Tom as he made sure the others did too. Then he turned when he
felt Tom's hand on his shoulder.

"Is it true, Commander?" Tom asked softly, but just a touch of
his smart-ass attitude to cover up the pain he felt inside from being
left in the first place.

Chakotay gestured for the others to leave, he wanted to talk
with Tom alone. He could see their reluctance, but pleased that they
listened to him. Then when it was just the two of them, "I don't want
to get your hopes up, Tom."

"A bit late for that, don't you think?"

"Would you please?"


"Look, Tom. I'm sorry I wasn't there to stop this.this
travesty. I'm even more sorry that I can't do as much as I want."

"What does that mean?"

"Tom, the only reason I was able to get the Captain to come
back was because this environment is considered unhealthy for you in
the long run."

Tom could see the guilt and the play of emotions in the dark
eyes he had learned to read so well over the years. Chakotay was
sincere in that he was sorry he wasn't there to help him, but he
wasn't here to make things all better either. "Explain?" was all he

"Tom, the Captain thinks that this is only a reprieve till a
suitable place can be found for you."

"and you?" he asked. He didn't give a damn what the Captain

"I.I'm hoping that I might be able to get you to reconsider
and stay," Chakotay replied softly. "You have the right to be who you
are, and no one, not even Starfleet has the right to take that away
from you much less punish you for it. Their wrong, Tom, not you, and
I'm sorry that you have to bare the burden of such small minds."

The only thing that Chakotay could of said that was any
better would have been he loved Tom, but the young pilot saw
Chakotay's acceptance of him and his willingness to fight for him just
as warm and touching. So in a sense, his dream of Chakotay coming to
his rescue came true! "Perhaps I could do a little brig time," Tom
smiled back softly.

Chakotay smiled too, "Well, if I have anything to say about
it, you won't even have to do that, but I won't make promises I don't
know I can keep. But I do promise that I'll look out for you," he
said, his eyes warm and full as he looked down at the young blond.

Just then a strange feeling overcame him and the beautiful
environment blurred and he was no longer on the tiny moon. Instead he
and Tom were now in a strange cell. He moved to see if Tom was
alright, then moved to look out of the force field. "Shit, Borg!"

****END OF PART TWO**********