Title: Welcomes (1/6)
Couples: C/P/7, T/K
Rating: R (for language)
Disclaimer:  I don't own the characters... Paramount does.  I can't even
get a micron of Voyager's dust for myself.  I made no money off the use
of their characters, and I promise to return everyone when I'm done,
happier and more sexually satisfied!

Warning!  This story contains spoilers for the sixth season episodes
"One Small Step" and "Equinox, Part II".  Also, I'm ignoring some the
events of the fifth season... especially a *few* of those portrayed in
"Course: Oblivion".

Summary: The madcap hilarity of birthing occurs in this plot... I think.

This story is dedicated to the four very entusiastic ladies.  Shamenka,
for getting me hooked on C/P slash in the first place.  Leone, my twin
and the person who encouraged me to post this story.  Stephanie, for
being one of the best Beta-readers I've ever had.  Finally for Bella
Morte, my fellow co-host in the Monday night chat for our graphics
group, I'd go crazy in there without her.

It is a quiet day aboard Voyager... which is not something the crew is planning on changing anytime soon. They had only recently gotten their ship back to acceptable standards after fighting with another group of nasty Delta Quadrant Aliens. So when the small shuttlecraft suddenly appears only one kilometer off the port bow, the bridge crew is understandably upset.

Ensign Harry Kim notices that they are being hailed on the Federation frequencies. He blinks a for moment, and then he relays the information to his Captain. "The shuttlecraft is hailing us Captain, on the Federation frequencies."

"Really?" Janeway gets a speculative look on her face, and says, "On screen, Ensign."

The main viewscreen shows a smiling humanoid face. The voice that comes across the comm channel is understood by the Universal Translator, and is relayed to those on the bridge of Voyager. "Greetings and Salutations! I, Setal Child of the Fifth Elder, welcome the Federation Starship Voyager, and her crew to Syreen space. Do not look so shocked Captain, I've been able to read Terran Basic, once known as English, since I was a mere babe of twenty-two yahren."

"You know of Earth?" Kathryn Janeway has no way of reacting to this news... usually she has to explain where her ship comes from.

"Of course... No Syreen worth hir name would not know of the second birthplace of our culture." Teal colored eyes sweep across the bridge, taking in the shocked expressions, and the rather neutral expression of the Vulcan. "But that is not my purpose for greeting you here on the border of our space." The Syreen clears hish throat and sits straighter. "On behalf of the elder council of Syra and the entire Syreen Alliance, we would like to extend our hospitality to the crew of Voyager. If you accept our hospitality, I am to instruct your vessel to the proper coordinates. Will you accept our hospitality Captain?"

Janeway exchanges glances with her XO. Neither are sure about this. They'd never had a Delta quadrant race seek them out and claim to know Basic before. The Borg really didn't count. Janeway closes her eyes and makes her decision. It was no decision really, though. The scientist in her just has to know who and what these Syreen are, so she turns to face the viewscreen. "We accept your hospitality Setal, Child of the Fifth Elder. How will you instruct our vessel?"

Setal smiles. "I will come aboard first, Captain. In order to properly instruct a ship, one must meet the ship. Please open your shuttle bay doors, and do not try to guide me in. The Lines will lead me on the proper path."

"Mr. Kim, open the doors on Shuttle Bay Two. Commander, please join me in greeting our guest. Mr. Tuvok, you have the Conn."

"Yes Captain." The Second Officer replies as he moves away from Tactical, and towards the command chair.

With the flick of a few buttons, Harry Kim opens the shuttle bay doors. Then he turns his eyes back to the screen and watches as the Syreen shuttlecraft begins its movements around the ship. He barely notices as his senior officers leave the bridge through the turbolift to his right.

From his place at the Helm, Ensign Tom Paris lets loose a whistle. "Whatever else is true about this Setal person... s/he can certainly fly a shuttle. Wow! Did you see that cornering Harry?" he calls back to his best friend.

Harry grins at Tom's admiration of the other pilot's skill. But he bites his lower lip to keep from blurting out a response, because he knows that Tuvok might say something about efficiency or relevancy. Just as Harry Kim is about to go back to monitoring his console panel, the main viewscreen switches to the Doctor's office in Voyager's Sickbay.

The Doctor looks around the bridge, and smiles in the way only he can. "Ensigns Paris and Kim, you are to report to Sick Bay immediately. Your wives are in labor."

"Seven!" Tom Paris calls from the Helm position, as he hops to his feet.

"B'Elanna? But Doc, she's not due for another ten days." Harry Kim says from the Ops position.

"That may very well be Ensign. But let me assure you, I have two very pregnant ladies here, calling for their husbands. Ensign Paris, where is your husband?"

"Chakotay is with the Captain in Shuttle Bay Two. Should I call him?"

"No, I will take care of that. Besides, your wife specified I call her 'coaching husband' first. Lt. Commander Tuvok... I need the senior Ops and Helmsman in Sickbay right now. May they leave?"

"Of course, Doctor," the Vulcan replies calmly. The Doctor turns the comm channel off and the Vulcan second officer speaks again. "Computer, Transport Ensigns Harry Kim and Tom Paris to Sickbay, authorization Tuvok-gamma-six."

Tom Paris smiles at Tuvok, as he feels the normal tingling of a transporter beam take him away from his position at the Helm. Tuvok merely raises an eyebrow as replacements for both Paris and Kim take position, then he enters into the duty schedule that he was letting both ensigns have the remainder of the duty shift off.


While all this excitement was happening on the bridge, Janeway and Chakotay are waiting in the Control area of Shuttle Bay Two as the sleek Syreen craft comes to rest on the bay floor. Its pilot, and single occupant, moves from the command chair and towards the back of hish craft. S/he punches a few buttons on a panel near the rear hatch. It deconstructs itself, and forms steps to the floor of the shuttle bay. Once Setal is clear of the last step, the steps reform themselves into the rear hatch.

Janeway and Chakotay walk across the shuttle bay floor and the Captain smiles as she greets the Syreen. "Welcome to Voyager, Setal, Child of the Fifth Elder. I am Captain Kathryn Janeway, and this is my First Officer, Commander Chakotay."

"Thank you Captain. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Commander." Setal bows from the waist and stands upright, a broad smile suddenly on hish face.

Before either Starfleet officer can ask about it, the Commander's comm badge beeps, and the Doctor's voice calls out, "Doctor to Commander Chakotay."

Chakotay taps his badge, suddenly nervous about his two spouses. "Chakotay here."

"Commander, I'm calling to let you know that your wife has gone into labor. Seven is already here, and is already swearing at your husband. And I would appreciate it if you would let the Captain know that B'Elanna Torres is *also* in labor. Doctor Out." The comm channel goes quiet.

Chakotay turns to his Captain, and exchanges smiles with her. "Permission to go to Sickbay, Captain?"

"Permission granted, Commander. And tell Seven and B'Elanna we're all rooting for them."

"Of course." Then he hurries out of the shuttle bay, a broad grin spread across his face.

Janeway turns back to face a grinning Setal. "You knew, *before* the Commander did, that his wife was in labor."

The Syreen licks hish lips. "Not precisely. I just knew that three lives were about to begin, and that the gestational parent of two of them was cursing your first officer with her mind. Something about next time it was going to be *his* turn. Tell me Captain, can your ship's Doctor handle the birth of three children, all at the same time?"

"I hope so. Why do you ask?"

"I am a qualified mid-wife. I *think* that's the right word. I can assist women with the birth of their children."

"Yes mid-wife is the right word. Very well then, looks like you'll get to see Sickbay first on your tour of the ship." Janeway signals for Setal to precede her out of the shuttle Bay.

"One more thing, Captain. Please move your ship 100 kilometers along your current path. It will put your ship in Syreen space, and within our protection. I think you'll want protection while welcoming three new lives into the Universe."

Janeway smiles again, and as she leads the Syreen towards the turbolift, she taps her comm Badge. "Janeway to Bridge."

Tuvok's voice answers her call. "Bridge here Captain. I assume this has something to do with the forthcoming births?"

Janeway chuckles at his response. "Yes it does, Tuvok. Setal asks that we move our vessel 100 kilometers along our current path, thus inside the borders of Syreen space. If you need me I'll be in Sickbay, with Setal."

"Very well, Captain. Helm, move us 100 kilometers forward. Bridge out." The comm channel closes.

By this time the Turbolift has arrived and the Captain and Setal are on their way to deck two, where Sickbay is located. When the Turbolift doors open they can see groups of Crewmembers standing about, trying hard not to be obvious about paying attention to the doors of Sickbay. The Captain shakes her head, and moves towards Sickbay, Setal following in her wake. People stare openly at the humanoid following the Captain, because s/he has skin nearly the same color as Crewman Chell, a Bolian.

When the Captain gets to the doors of Sickbay, she remains far enough back that the doors do not activate. She turns to face her crew. "Okay. All of you. Disperse! I know we're all anxious to know about the arrival of the newest members of our Crew, but please go back to your stations or cabins. I will make a ship wide announcement when we welcome them into the world." With some grumbling, the crew disperses from the hallway and the Captain steps into Sickbay, followed by Setal.

Setal sweeps hish teal colored eyes around the Sickbay. S/he sees two women on beds, one with only a single person standing next to her. Next to the other woman stands a man holding a small child in his arms. S/he notices Commander Chakotay pacing in a closed off room, and a balding man... no, a Hologram, wielding a tricorder and hurrying between the two beds. A grin spreads across hir face and s/he nudges the Captain towards the Commander. "I believe your first officer needs you more than anyone else out here does."

The Captain recovers from her momentary paralysis and heads towards the doctor's office, and her first officer. Setal moves to intercept the Doctor. "Hello Doctor, I understand you'll be needing help delivering some children soon."

For his part, Voyager's EMH merely blinks, trying to figure out who this stranger in his Sickbay is. Then he notices that the Captain has joined Commander Chakotay in his office. //Good! Now, if I can only get Naomi Wildman in there with them, my life will be perfect.// He turns and looks at the Syreen. "And just what do you know about mid-wifery?"

Setal smiles, s/he is used to this challenge, apparently. "I have been delivering babies of all sorts of races for 2000 of your years, so I would assume I know quite a bit. Now then, Doctor, may I suggest you stick with the birthing of the twins from the former Borg over there? You can leave me with the more simple operation of a Klingon-Human single child birth. Where can I disinfect my hands?"

Gasps are heard when s/he is able to determine exactly what was happening... and merely at a glance. But the doctor motions in the direction of the disinfection station, and Setal moves there. Pulling hish hair out of hish face, and securing it at the back of hish, s/he then moves to disinfect hish hands and forearms. That complete s/he moves to stand by the Ops Officer s/he had seen earlier on the bridge, and his mate. "Hello, I am called Setal. What may I call you?"

Harry smiles at the Syreen and replies, "I'm Harry Kim, and this is my wife B'Elanna Torres. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know?"

"It's in the very air around this room, Harry Kim. The Lines are screaming the information at me. I'd be bringing my Great Aunt's wrath down upon me if I did not know how to read the Lines well enough to know about birthing and races. And *trust* me... You don't want *HER* angry at you for any reason. She's not the High Elder, and matriarch of our Clan for nothing." Chuckling to hirself, s/he gets hish mind back to the task at hand.

Ignoring the Federation tools laying out on a table next to B'Elanna Torres, Setal lays hish hands on her belly, and closes hish eyes for a moment. "Your child is getting impatient to come B'Elanna. You must relax before s/he can enter this world. Please, sit up and let your mate sit behind you. Harry, please climb onto the biobed behind her and rub her back. B'Elanna, please return your husband's hand to him, so he can rub your back."

B'Elanna growls at the Syreen, but releases her husband's hand. She sits up enough that he can climb on the biobed behind her. She sighs as she feels his hands begin to work the tension knots out of her lower back. Her near purrs of joy grow louder when Setal begins to massage her feet as well.

At the other biobed, Tom Paris is holding his wife's right hand with his left, while his right arm is holding Naomi Wildman to him. He looks over towards the other biobed and grins. The nearly ecstatic look on B'Elanna's face is one he hadn't seen in some time. He turns back to see his wife's blue-gray eyes dancing in merriment as she watches him. She looks at Naomi. "Naomi Wildman, I did not get the chance to thank you for your quick thinking. Without it, Lt. Torres and I might still be screeching in pain in Astrometrics."

Naomi smiles at her closest friend on the ship after her mother and Neelix, and says, "That's okay Seven. Tom, Chakotay, and Harry told me I was supposed to make sure you two were alright together, and that you weren't letting your hormones control you and cause you kill each other."

Tom mumbles under his breath, "Out of the mouths of babes...." The Doctor merely looks amused, and Seven of Nine Chakotay-Paris just smiles back at the young girl.

"That is what I had suspected, Naomi Wildman, but do not tell B'Elanna or we will have to look for a new Senior Ops Officer. Now, please go and calm my other husband down, and leave me here to birth my children."

Naomi signals to Tom (her third favorite adult, right after Seven) to let her kiss Seven's cheek. Then she skips over into the Doctor's Office and hugs Chakotay. "Seven told me to calm you down, Chakotay. That other person sure looks weird. Kinda like Chell."

The two adults laugh at her statement, and Chakotay swings her up into his arms. He walks around the room holding her, talking to her to relieve his tension. "So Naomi, how come you're here in Sickbay? You didn't get sick last night did you?"

"Oh *no*! I came to Sickbay with B'Elanna and Seven. I'm the one that called for the Doctor."

"That was very good Naomi. But how did you know to call?" The Captain asked her.

"Oh that's easy! *Seven* told me to. Besides, she and B'Elanna were screeching real loud when I got to Astrometrics for my daily chat with them. So I called the Doctor when Seven told me to, and he told me to get them up here. I didn't even have to persuade B'Elanna. She just swung me into her arms and carried me up here. I think Seven's pains come sooner than B'Elanna's do." She pats the shoulder of the worried looking Commander. "How come you're not in there, Commander?"

"Because I failed to not crumble under pressure during Lamaze class. I yelled back when both B'Elanna *and* Seven were screaming at me during class. So we decided that Tom would be her 'Coach'. But I already know she'll probably be yelling at me when the time comes."

Janeway and Naomi both laugh at his assessment. Janeway finally found out though why Tom was Seven's Coach, rather than Chakotay or both of them. She'd have to remember to report it to Lt. Ayala, the man running the betting pools on the two pregnancies. About this time the Doctor comes over, a smile on his face. "Well Doctor, how are your patients doing?"

"Seven's water broke just after they both got here, and B'Elanna's has yet to break. Hopefully Seven will be done before B'Elanna needs me. May I ask, Captain, where this impertinent person came from?"

"That is Setal, Child of the Fifth Elder of the Syreen. S/he greeted us just at the borders of their space, and will be guiding us to their homeworld. Why?"

"Well, s/he told me that s/he had been birthing babies for 2000 years, a statement I doubt very highly, sinces/he is probably unsure of our measurements of time. But nevertheless, s/he did exactly what I was going to do - get Ensign Kim to help his wife relax." He turns to face Chakotay. "Well Commander, I see you have my newest assistant safely in your arms. May I suggest someone call her mother or Neelix and tell them where she is?" Then a screech from Seven turns his head back towards the interior of Sickbay. "Well... back to trenches." With a chuckle at his own humor, the Doctor heads back to Seven's side.

Chakotay looks at Naomi. "So who should we call, Naomi? Your Mom, or Neelix?"

"Call my mom. She can start passing the news around Engineering that B'Elanna is having her baby, so the betting pool knows how things stand." With an angelic smile, but knowing eyes, Naomi Wildman, the first child born on Voyager, lets the First Officer know her mind.

The Captain chuckles and taps her comm badge. "Janeway to Wildman."

Ensign Samantha Wildman's voice calls out. "Wildman here. How can I help you, Captain?"

"Sam, I was just calling to let you know that Naomi is currently keeping me company in Sickbay while we await the arrival of Seven and B'Elanna's babies."

Silence on the other end of the comm channel. "Excuse me, Captain, but did you just say Seven *and* B'Elanna? Lt. Torres wasn't due to give birth for another ten days."

"You heard me right, Ensign. Please be sure and tell everyone concerned that Seven went into labor first, and that *your* daughter's quick action is what got the two women to Sickbay before either's water broke."

"Thank you. I will. And make sure Naomi knows that screams and curses are a natural part of childbirth, and that I don't expect to hear them repeated at dinner tonight."

Janeway bites down on her lip when she sees the completely innocent look of 'Who me?' pasted on Naomi's face. Then she answers Wildman, "You just did, Ensign. Janeway out." She turns to look at the other two people with her. "Well, what do you say we play a game of Canasta? As reigning ship champion, Naomi, you get to choose the dealer." The three sit around the doctor's desk, and play Canasta with the deck of cards Naomi always carries in her pocket.

Back in Sickbay proper, both women are advancing well through the early stages of labor. B'Elanna's water finally breaks, but Setal has Harry remain behind his wife's back, continuing the massage. Checking on how far along she is, Setal merely smiles, and then continues rubbing the arches of the Lieutenant's feet.

Tom Paris brushes his wife's hair out of her eyes, and smiles at her. "How you holding up, Sweetheart?"

"I am within acceptable limits for pregnancy."

Tom smiles at his wife's Borg-ism. She only resorts to those when she is feeling particularly stressed. He gives her some more ice chips, which seem to calm her down, and glances towards the Doctor's Office, and his other spouse. He still couldn't get over the shock... who'd have thought he'd every have one spouse, let alone two? Seven tightens her grip on his hand. "Another contraction Seven?"

The Doctor becomes worried at that, but Seven just smiles at him. "No, Darling. I just want you to go get Chakotay for me. Take his place at the Canasta game for a while. I think your hand needs a little time to relax before we get down to the real pain."

Tom chuckles and lets go of her hand. He leans over and places a soft kiss on the ocular implant above her left eye, then turns to the Holodoc "Well Doc, take good care of her 'til I get back."

"Of course I will, Ensign. Now Seven, what have you considered in the way of names?"

Tom hears that last sentence as he enters the Doc's Office. He walks up behind his husband and rubs his shoulders a moment. Chakotay purrs and says, "I'll give you ten minutes to stop doing that." He turns around, then grabs Tom's head and brings his lips down for a kiss. "Hey, Baby. How's she doing?"

"Pretty good. She wants to see you for a little while. In fact, she told me to come in here and take over your Canasta hand while you go see her." He turns to look at the Captain and Naomi. "Well, who's winning?" he says, as he gets his husband out of the chair and headed towards the main part of Sickbay.

Chakotay goes and stands next to his wife, one of the owners of his heart. He takes her right hand in his left hand, and bends down to kiss her. "How are you doing Baby?"

Seven just smiles, and looks about a moment as if confused. She raises her silver eyebrow and asks, "Were you talking to me Chakotay? Because I'm sure you normally call Thomas 'Baby'. I believe you call me Honey." Her monotone voice is not able to hide the mischief dancing in her eyes.

"Smart ass! Although I know who taught you to be like that. So, how do you feel Seven?"

"Like the last nine months were a breeze. This birthing action is taxing on me Chakotay."

"I know Seven, but you're doing so well." He brings her hand to his lips and kisses it, smiling as her next contraction goes through her. Only the tightening of her hand and slightly wide-eyed stare let him know she feels it. When the contraction finishes, he wipes the sweat off her brow and kisses her forehead. "Just hang in there Seven. Do you want me to go get Tom for you?"

"No. Stay awhile, until the pain gets great enough that I start using something other than Basic."

The Doctor chuckles. "Well Seven, you are dilated to ten centimeters, it shouldn't be too long now. And you still haven't answered my question about what names you've chosen."

Chakotay smiles. "That's because we're keeping it a secret, Doc. We know you're one of the worst gossips on the ship, and don't bother denying it! My wife learned her gossiping skills from the best."

The Doctor straightens a little at the compliment, then looks towards the Torres-Kim birthing area. "Well, if you two will excuse me, I'm going to go and check on Lt. Torres."

B'Elanna Torres is in heaven. Her husband is still massaging her back, and the alien is at her feet, is relieving tension there she didn't even know she had. She looks around when she gets a funny thought, then she speaks it aloud. "All we need is someone manning a gong and someone manning that stick thing, and we could have ourselves an old fashioned Bajoran birth."

Harry chuckles behind her. "You trying to tell me something B'Ela?" He teases her lightly. "Should I go and make sure Gerron Tem knows that his son will be born soon?"

B'Elanna growls at her husband. "No, I was just stating that with you rubbing my back, and Setal rubbing my feet, we're nearly performing the Bajoran birthing ritual."

At about the same time, the Doctor comes over to their area. "Really, Ensign Kim. You shouldn't question whether or not the baby is yours. I don't want to have to treat you for a concussion, while I'm also trying to deliver the Paris-Chakotay children." He turns to their alien visitor. "Do you mind, Setal, if I check on how Lt. Torres is doing?"

"Not at all, Doctor. Scan away, but you'll find that Lt. Torres is just barely over five centimeters dilated, and her contractions are still seven minutes apart."

Setal keeps rubbing B'Elanna's feet as the Doctor runs a medical tricorder over her. He makes a small sound when he finds out the Syreen is right, and then hooks B'Elanna up to the monitoring system over her bed. "Well Lieutenant, you're coming along fine. I think you'll probably give birth by this evening."

"What?!?" B'Elanna screeches. "I've already been in labor for over two hours! Now you're telling me I have nine more hours of this? Someone get me a hydro spanner! I want at those Holo-emitters!"

"My wife, the Engineer," Harry Kim states, then wraps his arms around B'Elanna's waist and nuzzles her hair, while placing small kisses along the side of her neck. B'Elanna calms down soon enough, but the Doctor has already fled back to Seven's side.

Setal smiles up at the loving couple above hir. "You two remind me of my oldest and hish mate. They both live, breath, and eat engineering. And I can tell you for certain that Enjal, that's my oldest, actually used the specs for a new type of drive unit as foreplay once." Setal winks at the couple.

Harry snickers. He'd heard similar rumors about himself and B'Elanna since they became a couple. "How do you know for sure Setal?"

"I was there when it happened. Faster than you can blink, Enjal's mate Fior was in hish lap and placing kisses along hish neck. Before too long they went towards their bedroom, leaving the rest of us to our own devices for over three hours. I though it was rather rude of them. It *was* their first dinner party, after all. And *yes*, we all stayed until they came back. It's now one of the family's many jokes."

"I bet. B'Elanna, I promise to never seduce you with specs during a dinner party we're hosting. I give no promises when we're at someone else's party though."

"Right back at you, *Starfleet*." She kisses her husband, as another contraction rips its way through her body. In her reaction to the pain she bites on his lower lip, causing him to bleed.

"Damn *Maquis*. That hurt!" Harry holds his fingers to his now injured lip, then lowers them and notices the blood. "Ah, B'Ela. Look what you did! I'm bleeding now."

B'Elanna Torres merely licks at the blood escaping from her husband's mouth. Her arms wrap around his neck, and the removal of the blood becomes a passionate kiss. Setal removes hish hands from the biobed, and the couple on the biobed wrap around each other. Setal merely sits back in bemused silence, then decides to go and meet the woman able to capture the hearts of not one, but *two* powerful people. Setal rises and makes hish way to the other biobed.

Setal smiles at the scene hir. Commander Chakotay is leaning against a biobed, stroking the face of the woman lying there. Both barely notice the others near them, so intent are they on each other. Setal stands next to the rather impatient looking doctor. "So, Doctor. How's your patient? And before you ask, I figured that Lt. Torres would probably want some time alone with her husband. They're too busy with mutual saliva comparisons right now for me to be of much use there."

The Doctor glances over at the biobed containing the Ship's Chief Engineer *and* Senior Ops Officer. He chuckles at Setal's comment. "I'll have to remember that for future reference." Returning his attention to the alien, he says, "Well I was about to go and get her coach from the Canasta Game. Excuse me."