Title: *THE* Seduction
Author: Ped (sturdevk@calweb.com)
Codes: VOY, C/P/7
Rating: NC-17 (For SMUTTY situations)
Spoilers: None that I can think of.. well except for the fact that Seven
is aboard the Good ship Lollipop... I mean Voyager!
Summary: This is pure PWP

Notes: To quell the call for my blood after posting such an excellent
teaser for the next part of the Welcomes-verse... I was talked into
posting this little scene I wrote many moons ago.  *THIS* is not related
to "Welcomes"... same people different situation.

Candlelight... soft jazz... Tom lying on Chakotay's bed wearing nothing but a smile *and* some flavored body paint. The door locks behind Cha, and the only place he can go is into his bedroom. He walks there slowly, removing only his boots and the jacket of his uniform.

Chakotay gets to the foot of his own bed, and looks at the man lying there. "You had better be serious about this Tom. I'm through playing your games."

The Blond lying on his Commanding officer's bed just smiles. "We've never been more serious in our lives Chakotay. Wouldn't you agree, Seven?"

From the shadowed corner of the bedroom Seven of Nine steps away from the wall. "Right you are Thomas. Do not fear Chakotay, we won't hurt you." Then she steps forward, and helps the Commander divest himself of his uniform. When he is completely naked, she takes a step back and simply looks at the man standing before her. She turns to face the blond, still lounging on the bed. "Catch." Then she sweeps the Commander's legs out from under him....

Tom only has the space of an eyeblink to react to Seven's statement, then his arms are full of naked Indian. He runs his tongue up the side of Chakotay's neck. "Hey Big Man! Bet you weren't expecting us both, although you probably should have."

Seven stalks over to the bed, removing the towel she'd been wearing tied at her breasts as she did so. She straddles Chakotay's lap, and runs her hands down his chest. "Mmmmmm. Yes, he should have. But I think he *likes* our surprise Thomas." Seven leans up and captures Tom's mouth with hers.

Chakotay cannot help but stare. The two people on this ship he desires most of all were seducing him, together. He moans at the back of his throat as he feels Tom's fingers stroke his back, as Seven's fingers stroke his front. His moan causes the pair kissing over his head to stop their kiss.

Seven of Nine's blue-gray eyes look into the brown ones before her. She smiles and licks his face, from his chin to the tip of his nose. "Don't worry Chakotay. I didn't forget about you." She leans forward a bit more, forcing Tom to cradle Chakotay against his chest, and Chakotay to lay on Tom. "The two of you look best on your backs. You will remain there."

To ensure that her statement comes true, Seven crawls up Chakotay a bit, so that she can reach the bodypaint on Tom's calves. She removes the brown lines she had put there, and then leans down to share the chocolate taste with Chakotay.

Meanwhile, Tom's hands have been far from idle. He has been tracing the ribs on both Chakotay and Seven, and grins when he hears Seven's breath catch as he runs his hand over her left flank.

Chakotay is still awash in emotions. Beneath him he can feel Tom's growing need, and he can feel his own. Deciding that Seven wouldn't help them all get what they really wanted soon, he takes matters into his own hands. More precisely, he runs his mostly captive hands up her inner thighs, and briefly comes into contact with her clitoris.

Seven's eyes widen, and she stops her tonguing of Tom's knees to look at Chakotay. She notes his dilated pupils, and his large erection. She smiles at him, and brings her pelvic region lower down his body.

Chakotay grasps her hips in his hand, and guides her over him. He adjusts himself so that Tom will get the most friction from his backside that he could, and then he lets Seven set the pace of their love making.

Seven closes her eyes as she takes the Commander deep within her. She moans in pleasure as she feels herself being filled from the inside by the beautiful dark man below her. She winces a little as she feels something tear inside her, but does not let it affect her taking the Commander into her fully.

Tom moans as he watches the man he loves posses the woman they both loved. He notices her wince of pain and winces himself... he should have remembered to ask her about that before they agreed to this. But then he feels the pair in front of him begin to rock, and all coherent thought leaves his brain.

Together the three lovers set a pace all want, and their moans begin to grow louder and more passionate. Seven is gasping out words that neither of the men below her can understand, then she suddenly screams. The clenching of her internal muscles, causes Chakotay to feel his own orgasm building, and with one more thrust he screams out his own orgasm. At the same moment Tom feels his orgasm hit, and he feels his warm semen spray Chakotay's back and his chest.

The three lovers collapse onto the bed together, beyond caring about wet spots or heaviness. Seven stirs first, and she sits up. Noticing that unlike her two previous lovers, these two seem to need to recover some. Seven of Nine slides off of Chakotay and moves to the bathroom.

Once there she notices that besides semen, there is blood dripping down her leg. Not wanting to disturb her lovers, she wets a cloth and quickly removes the evidence of her injury and the semen from her legs. She wets two more cloths and takes them back into the bedroom.

She carefully cleans the front of Chakotay, making sure that she removes all traces of her blood from him. Then with no help from Tom Paris, she turns Chakotay over, and cleans his back. Knowing that this cloth was useless, she throws it on the floor, and begins to clean Tom with a fresh cloth.

The Blond man is roused from his near slumber when he feels the warm cloth drag itself along his torso, and down to his cock. He hears a voice whisper, "Shhhh... It's okay Thomas. You sleep, I will take care of you." The love evident in that voice reassures him, and he snuggles into the warmth to his left.

Seven smiles when she is done cleaning Tom of his own semen. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, she decides to leave the body paint on Tom. Grabbing the cloth she had thrown to the floor, and the one she had used from the bathroom, she throws all three into the 'fresher. That complete, she crawls back into the bed behind Tom, and pulls the covers over all three of them.

Sleep does not come easily to her, even after having over a year of practicing it herself. So she nuzzles the neck in front of her, letting the noises coming from Tom and Chakotay lull her into sleep.