Dream Casting
*By: S’Eleene Paris<torres_01@yahoo.com>

*Raited: a mild PG-13

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*Synopsis: A Voyager short from a brain storming session on the P/T Collective Archive Message board. What if B’Elanna dreamt about Tom instead of Chakotay?

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S’Eleene Rose Marie Paris

Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris strode into Voyager’s Main Engineering section at a determined stride in search of a certain object. No not an object, but a certain person to shed a little light on the subject. To be even more specific, the name the Gods blessed her was Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres. He found the object of his search standing next to a
computer council, scanning and forecasting where problems around the ship will occur and fix the dilemma before it actually occurred so the ship could continue to run efficiently as possible. Tom stopped a few inches before her and waited for her to acknowledge his presence for she appeared to be the only one in the room. When she noticed his presence, she smiled. “Another conn report? I could have sworn that I just fixed that thing!” Tom knew she was just pulling his leg, or was she?
        “Nah, just an update. You did a great job and those thrusters are not too sluggish anymore.”
        B’Elanna caught the double meaning to his tone and just smiled as he hoped that it would have. “Thanks.” Was all that she could mutter out. 
        “In fact, it was enough to give you a little “Thank you” present for it.”
        “That is sweet, where is it?”
        “It’s too big to give you here. It’s back in my quarters, and you’ll have to get it in there.”
        “But I’m the only one here. What if…..”
        “The warp core decided to simultaneously combust? I highly doubt it, B’Elanna. It will just take a few minutes. Please, for me?” He gave her his best “puppy-dog” look, while his lower lip came over his upper lip.
        “Now, if I were a full Klingon I’d end up cutting that lower lip off if for some reason that lip stayed out there like that.” She watched as this pathetic look turned into one of uttermost shock.
        “But B’Elanna, no one will miss you since you’re the only one that is here to begin with. Come on,” he gave her his best devilish grin. “it will be fun.”
        “Fun, huh?” She grinned back. “What kind of fun are we talking about here?”
        “That all depends on how you take my surprise.”
        “Well, we’ll just wait and see then, now won’t we?” With that, Tom guided her to his quarters. When they finally reached his room, he made sure her back was away from him when they came into the living room. He came toward her as she waited him to bring her his present while looking out at the star field in the window. When he finally reached her, he could hear his breathing pattern match hers. For what seemed like hours; however, it were actual minutes he didn’t touch her. When he did, he strategically placed
butterfly kisses along her neck and spine. 
        She turned to face him and watched his deep gray-blue eyes grow wide with so much hunger and desire as her eyes did. Suddenly, he picked her up and carried her to his bed.

        “B’Elanna, wake up!” The voice called her. She knew the voice, yet she didn’t.
“Come on, B’Elanna. Wake up!” The voice became more persistent and when she finally did open her eyes, she caught Kes’ gaze. She grew aware of her surroundings and realized that it had been Kes that called to her. “Are you all right?”
        “I’m fine.” B’Elanna confessed, “thank goodness that it had been one crazy dream!” she praised in her thoughts. She realized that she appeared not in her room and in bed, but the floor on the main level in engineering. As if she were reading her mind, which she could have done since she could have because her telepathic abilities, she told her what had transpired. “Thank goodness it was only the alien controlling my thoughts.” She thought to herself. “The thought of Tom and I making love to each other is quite obvious that it was a dream.”
        “Or is it?” the other half debated with the other. “Why do you push him even more away than everyone else? All, the time, I mean. Admit it, you’re in love with him.”
        “B’Elanna!” the Captain cried as she interrupted her thoughts. She from that moment on was all uniformed and in command mode once, again. “Are you alright?”
        “I’m fine.” She replied. “I just hit my head a little harder than what I thought I did, that’s all.”
        “A concussion?” she asked the Kes.
        “The possibility of a small one has a good chance since it was the alien that controlled her.”
        “Take the rest of the day off once you check in with the doctor.”
        “But Captain, I feel just fine……”
        “No, buts. Captain’s orders.” The captain smiled at her. Damn, she hated when she did that.

        When she reached her quarters, her communicator rang, “Paris to Torres.”
        “Go ahead.”
        “Remember that the three of us were going to have dinner tonight?”
        “Oh, no! I forgot!”
        “Well, hurry up. Harry’s shift is almost over and meet me in my quarters in 5 minutes.”
        “Alright. Never rush a girl, Paris. Torres out.” The communications link ended and she smiled. “Yep, girl. You are head over heals.”

        Tom smiled once B’Elanna strode into his quarters. Harry arrived early and they were both waiting for the arrival of the chief engineer. They both figured that since she genetically turned out to be female that she would take forever and a day to find an outfit for the party, even though that she really didn’t have much in the dress department. “Wow, B’Elanna! Is that a new dress?”
        “Yeah, I just replicated it.” The white peasant style dress came down to her ankles and made a swift and feathery sweep when she walked toward them. Her shoes looked like white velvet slippers with a silver trim in a pattern near her toes. After they had finished eating, Harry’s communicator declared his need to come to the bridge. After the chief operations officer left, Tom and B’Elanna were left all alone. “When those aliens took over our dreams, I dreamt of you.” He admitted.
        “What were we doing?”
        “We were in engineering. Talking business.”
        “Why do you ask? Did you want something else to happen?”
        “No!” she swatted his arm. “Only if knew about the dream that I had.” She thought to herself. Out of nowhere came, “Carey to Torres.”
        “Torres here.”
        “I know the captain ordered you on leave, but we have a situation down here that could use you’re expertise.”
        “I won’t tell if you won’t. Torres out.” She turned to Tom, her host and apologized for leaving as well.
        “That is alright. Good night.”
        “Good night.” She smiled and she walked out of the room and Tom sighed to himself. “One day, Miss Torres. You will be mine.” The dream he had that day seemed so right somehow, while she and him made love in his quarters and sleeping in each other’s arms afterward. Of course it was all a dream that he received when an alien over took his body and thoughts. When he told her about his dream, he conviently left that part out. After all she would have ripped out his tongue and used it as a belt if he told her about that part of the dream. Sighing, he went to his desk and began to read a data PADD. 
        This couple of the Federation starship Voyager had no way of knowing that this dream, strange as it truly appeared to be, was an oman to things that were to come.

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