By A'Lehsen Paris

Summary: What would have happened if Tom, B'Elanna and Harry had had dinner with Max Burke in the season finale? Here's what *I*
think about it.

Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew, plus the Equinox and *her* crew
belong to Paramount/Viacom, not me. :-( But, since this isn't 
marketable or anything, I can still write about 'em!!!!:-)

R: NC-17


Tom wasn't very comfortable about this whole thing. After 
all, who wants to eat dinner with his girlfriend's ex? It didn't 
really matter that they hadn't seen each other in over five years.
It was the principle of the thing. 
Burke had seemed like a nice guy. Of course, he could just 
be pretending to be nice to get on B'Elanna's good side and then 
steal her away. 
*What am I thinking?* he asked himself. B'Elanna loved him,
he knew that. She told him that all of the time. She certainly
wasn't the kind of woman who would go behind her boyfriend's back
with another man. 
*Harry and B'Elanna were right. I'm jealous. I just can't
help it. She obviously found Burke attractive at one time. She's
so beautiful, and I love her so much. I don't want to loose her.*
Well, he was almost there. Just a few more meters and he'd 
be at her quarters. Then he would sit at the table watching and
listening to B'Elanna and Burke remember old times, laughing and 
teasing each other. Could he stand it?
It was too late to reconsider. He pressed the chime button.
B'Elanna answered the door, looking gorgeous in a maroon dress that
made her dark hair and eyes look even darker. 
"Tom!" she said with a welcoming smile. "Come on in, you're 
the last one here. Max was just telling Harry some Academy stories
that I really didn't want anyone to know about." 
He thought that her smile was perfection. Why did the reason
she was smiling have to be Burke, though?
He had to stop thinking like this, or he'd never get through
the dinner without going crazy. He'd never felt so jealous. In fact, 
he couldn't remember a time when he had been jealous before.
"Hi, B'Elanna," he said with an answering smile. Without 
really thinking about it, he leaned down to kiss her. Okay, maybe
it was a longer kiss then they normally shared around others, but 
he just couldn't help himself.
When B'Elanna finally pulled back, she smiled up at him, a smile
that--maybe--suggested that later......
Tom stopped himself from thinking about that as B'Elanna took 
his arm and led him to the table. It was fully set. B'Elanna had
replicated a honey-baked ham, a dish of creamed corn, a bowl of 
mashed potatoes, and a bottle of 2274 Merlot. B'Elanna sat down 
beside Harry, leaving the empty seat between Max and herself for him.
This was getting better and better.
"Hey Harry, Burke," Tom greeted them as he sat down.
"Tom, you really have to hear this one. Did you know that 
B'Elanna was voted the Most Likely To Kill a Teacher Before Next 
Semester after her first year at the Academy?" Harry asked with a 
"No, but I can believe it. She has all kinds of violent ten-
dencies," Tom said with a wickedly suggestive smile. B'Elanna glared
at him in mock-anger, but he could see the answering smile in her
"Well, at least I *didn't* kill any of them, even if I wanted 
to," she said.
Tom looked to his right and saw Burke watching him. He raised 
an eyebrow, but Burke just smiled a small, regretful smile. Tom had
to agree with him. Any man who lost B'Elanna *should* regret it. He
knew that he would never make that mistake if he could help it.


B'Elanna was pleased, an hour later, at how well the dinner had
gone. Max hadn't made a scene, for which she was grateful. She
definately glad that he hadn't brought up any of the more--intimate
details of their Academy days. It had been nothing compared to what
she had with Tom, but Tom might not see it that way.
Finally, Harry had to leave because his shift would start in 
fifteen minutes. He managed to get Max to go with him, which made 
B'Elanna eternally grateful to him. 
When they were gone, B'Elanna turned to Tom and saw him looking
at her. She allowed herself a long look at what he was wearing. It 
was one of her favorites, grey and blue and designed by him. She had
been surprised when he had told her that.
"Well, that was convenient," Tom said. He stood up and reached 
for her hand. She gave it to him, and he led her to the bedroom.
"Computer, lights dim," B'Elanna managed to say before Tom's 
mouth came down on hers.
She felt the usual warmth spread from her lips to her fingertips
and toes. Her body felt like it was on fire within seconds.
Their bodies were pressed together tightly. That was fine 
for the moment, but they both knew that soon she would want more--
and he would give it.
She couldn't remember undressing. She pushed him onto the 
bed and let him pull her with him. Hot flesh met hot flesh. Her
nails bit into his flesh even as their mouths met again in another
wild kiss. They were laying on their sides, but she didn't want 
that. She pushed him savagely onto his back. He retaliated by 
twisting until he was on top. 
His mouth traveled down her throat to suck on one of her taut
nipples. She growled and pulled him closer.
They were close, they knew it. Tom was ready, but she wasn't,
not quite yet. She needed to be hotter, and she told him that by arching
her body and letting her hand slip between them to clasp his penis.
It was so hard, so hot...She felt nearer as she began to caress him
It was his turn to growl, and he bit her breast, just the way
she liked it. There was a tumble that resulted in his entering 
her hot sheath.
They moved rhythmically together with the perfection that 
comes with practice--a lot of it. B'Elanna reached her climax first,
and Tom followed as he felt her muscles tightening around him.
They collapsed into the soft matress, still holding each other 
"I love you, B'Elanna," Tom said huskily. He looked into her
eyes, and she could see how true his words were. 
"I love you, too," she whispered back.
"I'm sorry I was so jealous earlier. It's new for me," he
"It's okay. I kind of enjoyed it, knowing that you felt so 
unhappy about losing me," B'Elanna said with a smile.
"Never leave me. I don't know if I could take it," Tom said.
His blue eyes begged her to make that promise.
Not that it was hard. "I'll never leave you. I promise, 
Tom. We'll always be together," she said. 
"And I'll never leave you," he promised in return.
They sealed this vow with a kiss. 

The End