This little PWP was written in response to a challenge: Each line starts with the letters Z-A
And then back again A-Z. The same first words are used each time but reversed so that
What Tom says Chakotay then says and vice versa.

Just a pointless drabble of dialogue,  but I rate it NC-17 for discussion topic.
Disclaimer as always – these characters are not mine, they are Paramounts.

Trivial Pursuit
By Morticia

Tom:  Zalkonians  - so I win.

Chak: You’re cheating, Tom, the encounter at Farpoint wasn’t an example of buried treasure.

Tom:   X marked the spot.

Chak:  Well since the Zalkonians were living inside the ‘spot’ it was hardly buried, was it?

Tom:  Very pedantic of you under the circumstances.

Chak: Under these circumstances, I have to agree.

Tom:  Treasure is a relative term.

Chak:  So is buried.

Tom:  Really, I don’t know why you are making such a bloody performance of it.

Chak: Quantum mechanics

Tom: Pardon?

Chak: Observation proves that these objects can’t co-exist in the same space

Tom: No one has ever complained before!

Chak: Maybe they were less well endowed

Tom: Like bloody Klingons, most of them.

Chak: Klingons wouldn’t fit in THIS!

Tom: Jesus, Chakotay that hurts!

Chak: I am trying to be gentle, Tom

Tom:  Hold on to that thought, but just do it, will you?

Chak:  Great ass, Tom, too tight though.

Tom:  Fuck me, already, dammit!

Chak:  Exactly  how many times did you say you’d done this before?

Tom:   Don’t you think you’d have more chance of getting it in if you used lube?

Chak:  Come on, Tom, just bloody relax a bit.

Tom:   Bastard

Chak:  As much as I regret saying this, it isn’t going to work, Tom

Tom:  As much as YOU regret it?

Chak:  Bastard thing won’t fit.

Tom:   Come on, Chak, use some bloody lube.

Chak:  Don’t you think I would if I had some?

Tom:  Exactly how did you think it was going to work without any?

Chak: Fuck.

Tom:  Great answer, big guy

Chak:  Hold on, I think something is giving way!

Tom:  I can’t believe you are seriously…. ahhhhhhhh

Chak: Jesus, you feel SO good, honey, so tight.

Tom: Klingons at least use lube, Chak, not spit and a prayer!

Chak: Like me to stop?

Tom: Maybe you should just get on with it, now you’ve got in….ohhhhhhhh

Chak: No problem, although I’m damned if I know how I did get in.

Tom:  Observation changes the character of the physical system under consideration.

Chak: Pardon?

Tom: Quantum measurement theory..

Chak: Really took quantum physics 101 seriously, huh?

Tom:  So, now you appreciate my education you can concede that I was right about the Farpoint mission.

Chak: Treasure is definitely buried in surprising places, I grant you.

Tom:  Under is no more satisfying than  being inside.

Chak: Very astute observation.

Tom:  Well, was I right?

Chak:  X DID mark the spot

Tom:  You’re so cute when you admit defeat.

Chak:  Zalkonians, hmmm, okay, you win the point but you’ll never get the NEXT question right!

The End