By Morticia


(Sequel to " Ruthlessness")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

Chakotay sat on the bridge, trying to restrain the grin that kept threatening to spread over his face at the sight of Tom squirming at the helm.

When the Captain finally asked Tom if he had a problem, Chakotay nearly burst out laughing at the Pilotís blushing denial.

It was not Tomís discomfort that amused him, he actually felt rather guilty at his own actions in replacing Tomís dermal regenerator with an empty one, especially as he had kept a distant silent vigil over the sobbing blonde for several hours, sharing his pain and misery in secret empathy.

But the public awareness of Tomís difficulty in sitting still this morning was absolutely crucial to the next part of his plan.

At 1030 he excused himself from the bridge, saying he had to work on crew reports and then he hurried to the sickbay.


As soon as Chakotay left the bridge, the Captain went to her ready room and summoned Tom to join her.

He was barely through the door before she turned to him suspiciously

"What the hell is wrong with you today, Tom? You look like your ass is on fire!"

"It is" Tom mumbled sullenly

Janeway looked at him in amazement

"I never thought Harry had it in him!" She said in surprise, "Thursday IS Harryís night, isnít it?"

"Yeah" Tom muttered, deciding it was far too embarrassing to try and explain the REAL reason his ass hurt so much.

Kathryn Janeway licked her lips speculatively

"Well, I must say Iím surprised. Personally I have always found him to be more of a one-shot and hope he hits the target kind of guy."

"Umm" Tom mumbled noncommittally

"I trust that THIS wonít interfere with tonight!"

"No, maíam"

"It had better not, Tom, I have had a stressful week, I would be MOST disappointed if you let me down."

"It wonít be a problem, Captain."

"Except I suppose youíll want to be on top this time." Kathryn muttered in annoyance

"Iíd appreciate it."

"Humph. Just donít make a habit of it. Dismissed Lieutenant!"

"Yes, Maíam"


"So let me be sure I understand you correctly, Commander. You are asking me, a doctor, to do something that is completely against all my ethical programming."

"I think your ethical sub-routines should be able to cope with the concept of Ďthe greater goodí Doctor. You are the only other person on this ship who seems to give a damn about the way Tom is being treated."

"Well, I admit that I have been concerned about Tomís behavior. However, my constant endeavors to educate him to the idea of safe sex have been wantonly ignored. He is quite obnoxiously unrepentant."

"Which is exactly why I have decided to re-educate him myself. However, I am fighting the whole crew on this one. Everyone is reaping the benefits of Tomís lack of self-control, they are hardly going to applaud my efforts to teach him some self-respect."

"Your solution is very drastic, Commander. She IS the Captain."

"Exactly, there is no other way to make her leave Tom alone and itís not as though I am suggesting we actually HARM herÖ"

"And what am I supposed to diagnose when she comes to sickbay?"

"She wonít. She wouldnít dare risk you entering it on her medical records." Chakotay chuckled

Slowly, an answering grin spread onto the Doctorís face.


Kathryn ate a leisurely dinner in her quarters and then began to prepare for Tomís arrival. Because of her position, and the need to maintain an illusion of decorum in front of her First Officer she always made Tom come to her quarters at midnight, when there was little chance of him being noticed.

So she had developed a routine, a quick sonic shower to get rid of the grime of the day and then a leisurely bubble bath with a bottle of her favourite wine, a box of chocolates and a racy novel.

Admittedly, it was difficult to operate the data pad with her wet fingers, but then she rarely got more than two paragraphs in before her rampant imagination took over and she would wallow for hours in the warm water planning her night with Tom.

Starting the water running into the bath, she stepped into the shower unit and turned on the controls.


"Okay, do it now" Chakotay muttered, trying to remain objective in the sight of the Captainís naked body when it made him want to howl at the thought of Tom touching it.

"Done" the Doctor said smugly, actually enjoying himself now he was sure he wouldnít be caught.

Chakotay watched Kathryn turn off the shower and walk to the bath, completely unaware of what they had done.

"You know, thereís a lot to be said for Starfleet uniforms" he muttered

"Oh?" The Doctor asked with interest

"Yeah, they are good at hiding a fat ass!"


Wallowing happily in her bath, contemplating how nice it was to be a Captain, and therefore have control of the replicator credits that maintained the water temperature, Kathryn became aware of a slight itching sensation between her thighs.

She reached down and scratched herself absently, reminding herself she needed to use her follicle remover before Tom arrived.

Forgetting her wet hand she picked up the data-pad again and gave herself a small shock.

"Shit" she hissed, dropping the padd on the floor, and then grinned at her un-captain like expression.

"Shit, fuck, asshole, twat, " she chortled merrily and then scratched herself again as the annoying itch persisted.

By 1100 she was hopping around the bathroom, foraging desperately in the bathroom cabinet for cooling gels to relieve the burning sting between her legs.

To her horrified disbelief she had discovered that both her personal medical tricorder and her regenerator had both got flat charges.

"What the fuck is Ė owwwwwww" she yelped, rubbing herself furiously but her actions only seemed to inflame the itching burning sensation.

At 1200 when Tom slipped eagerly into his loverís quarters he found a red-faced Captain wrapped in a bathrobe, with one hand buried in a pocket and her whole arm jerking.

Wondering what was in the pocket to make her so excited, Tom slipped down to sit next to her on the couch. He was so distracted by her strange antics that he quite forgot his sore ass.

"Ow" he hissed and shuffled painfully.

As though a light had gone on, Janeway saw Tomís discomfort and jumped to the obvious conclusion.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD" she howled and slapped him across the face.

Tom reeled in pain and surprise

He looked at the Captain in bewilderment

"What did I do?" He asked plaintively


Tomís lips quivered and his eyes filled with tears. His life was falling apart and he hadnít got the faintest idea of why.

He stumbled out of the Captainís quarters and ran to hide in his own.

As the door closed behind him he sank down to the floor in misery only to yelp as his ass touched the hard floor.


Watching the scenes unfold over Chakotayís shoulder, the Doctor murmured

"Poor Tom"

"Yeah" Chakotay replied

Then they looked each other in the eyes and both roared with laughter.