By Morticia


(Sequel to " Reinforcement ")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

For five hours Chakotay maintained his vigil over Tom in Sandrines. He seemed completely unfazed by Tom's sullen monosyllabic answers to his occasional questions. The rest of the time he did his quiet stoic Indian impression while at the same time managing to glower dangerously at anyone foolish enough to even consider approaching.

Tom squirmed restlessly on his seat. The forced inactivity was driving him witless, not to mention the clean heady musky scent of Chakotay's body odor that kept wafting in his direction. God the man just oozed pheromones. Tom's tight jeans were getting uncomfortable. Between the hard seat under his butt and the strain at his crotch, Tom was becoming desperate.

"Can we leave now?" he hissed for what seemed like the millionth time.

This time, to his surprise, Chakotay nodded pleasantly.

"Of course, babe. Itís time for bed."

A bright smile transformed Tomís sullen face and he leapt to his feet.

"Where we going then?" Tom asked

"Your quarters of course." Chakotay replied in apparent bemusement "I presume that IS where your bed is?"

"Sure" Tom said happily and led the way through the deserted midnight corridors. He unlocked his door and walked in, only to freeze at the realisation that Chakotay hadnít followed him in.

He rushed back to the empty doorway only to see Chakotay disappearing into his own quarters and the door closing firmly behind him.

"Bastard! Fucking bastard!" Tom sobbed.


By 1900 on Thursday night, Tom was shuffling from foot to foot in excitement in front of Harryís door. It had been 48 hours since he had been fucked and his body just didnít know how to deal with the deprivation.

As Harry let him in Tom swept inside and planted a huge kiss on the surprised Ensignís face.

"Yuck, Tom. You know I donít like you kissing me." He complained

"Sorry" Tom muttered.

He knew that Harry was completely homophobic. Although he had been fucking Tom for years he never reciprocated, never touched any of Tomís "male" parts and resolutely refused to kiss him. Doing any of those things would make Harry "gay". Tom understood the mind-set; heíd encountered it enough in prison.

He stripped quietly and bent over Harryís bed, careful to tuck his own balls and cock under his belly out of sight. He knew that Harry hated to see them.

Harry didnít bother to undress, he just slipped his pants down to his knees, then realised he had forgotten the lube and had to shuffle to the regenerator.


In his quarters Chakotay watched the scene with his surveillance program. He was furiously blinking back tears at Tomís humiliation.

"You little fucker, Harry Kim" he whispered in fury. For some reason he had always imagined that at least Harry would have treated Tom with some respect.

Never mind, it would make his next plan so much easier to implement. He quickly tapped a command into his keyboard.


Harry shuffled back towards the bed, unscrewing the lube. He couldnít take his eyes off Tomís ass so he only absently noticed that the consistency of the lube was different in his hands and he had already begun to apply it to his cock before the unusual heat registered.

The immediate incredibly pleasant sensation made his balls draw up and as he gasped in ecstasy he shot his load into the air. Pearly streams of cum splattered Tomís ass.

Tom jerked up in surprise and turned to see Harryís sheepish grin and limp cock. For a moment he gaped in dismay and then his temper snapped

"You fucking selfish bastard!" he cried "What about me?" and he pointed to his own unsatisfied erection.

Harryís eyes avoided the offending sight

"Sorry, Tom, I donít know what happened."

"At least help me take care of this" Tom pleaded

"Shit, Tom, you know I donít do that "gay" stuff" Harry said, turning slightly green at the thought of touching Tomís cock.

"Bastard. Fucking bastard" Tom snarled, dragging his clothes on.

"Iím sorry" Harry mumbled helplessly

"You will be next Thursday, you fucker!" Tom spat and he marched out of Harryís quarters leaving the miserable ensign wondering why on earth he had come so fast.


Chakotay turned off his computer, fixed a look of surprise on his face and walked to his door. He reached it just as the entrance chime sounded so he waited a few seconds and then opened it.

"Tom, what are you doing here?"

Tom pushed past him into the room, the tension in his body causing him to shake uncontrollably as he paced around Chakotayís living room.

"Did you want to talk some more, Tom?" Chakotay asked innocently

Tom stopped pacing and moved towards Chakotay with desperate need

"No I donít want to fucking ĎTalkí" he hissed as he threw himself against the big commander and ground against his muscular body.

Triumphantly he felt the huge bulge of Chakotayís erection meet his own.

"Oh come on baby," he gasped in excitement, "I know you want it, Chakotay"

Chakotay took a deep breath to control the urge to rip Tomís clothes off then and there. He knew it was too soon. If he gave in now, Tom would consider him to be just another trick.

"Go home, Tom" he said firmly.

Tom looked at him in astonishment; he reached for the huge bulge in Chakotayís trousers and squeezed.

"You canít tell me this is my imagination, Chakotay. You do want me!"

"Yes, I do, but unlike you, Tom, I donít do my thinking with my dick. Get out of my quarters!" Chakotay commanded

Tom reeled in shock. Chakotay couldnít possibly mean it, he thought, so quick as a flash he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankles. He wasnít wearing briefs. Chakotay swallowed hungrily at the gorgeous sight.

Tom turned slowly to reveal his well-muscled ass

"You mean you canít think of anything you want to do with this?" He purred, positive that the Commander would be unable to resist.

Chakotay felt his cock struggling violently in his trousers at the invitation. For all his good intentions, his self-control nearly snapped.

But when Tom spread his legs shamelessly and began to lean over to reveal his most private place, Chakotayís lust was quickly extinguished by his horror at Tomís complete lack of self-respect.

He charged forward, grabbed Tom around the waist and carried him over to the couch. Then sitting down on the arm, he bent Tom over his lap and began to lay a series of hard slaps onto Tomís bare ass.

"Ow!" Tom screamed "Get off me you bastard"

Chakotay ignored him and placed six more hard slaps on each butt cheek before standing up and letting Tom tumble to the floor.

"You fucker!" Tom howled, "What did you do that for?"

"If you come in here acting like an out-of-control child, Tom then I will treat you like one. Next time I tell you to leave, perhaps you will listen. And more to the point, perhaps you will think twice before stripping uninvited and asking whether someone can think of anything they want to do with your ass!"

Tom winced as he pulled his jeans back up over his smarting ass and struggled to button them over his unsatisfied cock.

"You bastard, it will be a cold day in hell before you see my ass again. Youíll wish youíd taken the opportunity when you had it."

He sobbed in fury at the unaccustomed rejection

Chakotay merely smiled at his sulk

"I donít intend to join the long queue of people who are parking in your butt, Tom, at least not until Iíve had it sterilized."

Tomís face crumpled as tears of humiliation vied with fury, he shot forwards and pounded his fists at Chakotayís chest

"Bastard!" he screamed

Chakotay caught him in a bear hug and silenced his curses with an undisputedly loving kiss.

Tom sagged in his arms as the kiss went on and on. Finally, Chak pulled away to catch his breath. Tomís eyes were huge with confusion and desire.

"Iím sorry" he whimpered, "Please donít be mad, Chak."

Chakotay looked lovingly at Tomís trembling face

"Iím not mad with you Tom, Iím just mad at the way you behave. Coming in here, acting like a slut, you deserved to be spanked."

"I know. Iím sorry," Tom said humbly. "I know I shouldnít have done it" he admitted quietly, "I just wanted you to lose control"

"Well you wonít make that mistake again, will you?" Chakotay asked, his eyes twinkling with amusement

"No" Tom muttered sullenly

Chakotay kissed him gently on the forehead and pulled him in to his chest for a hug.

"Iím sorry if I hurt you, Tom" he whispered.

Tom shivered happily at Chakotayís forgiveness

"So youíll fuck me now?" he asked hopefully

Chakotay stiffened in outrage, thrusting Tom away so he could look into his wide blue eyes

"You are un-fucking believable, Tom. Get out. GET OUT NOW!"

"But Ė but -"

"Do I have to say it again?" Chakotay raised his hand threateningly

Tom looked at him in panic, decided that the throbbing in his ass was worse than the one in his cock after all, and he fled.

Chakotay turned to his computer and pulled up his surveillance program, swiftly locating Tomís bathroom cabinet. Then he went in his own bathroom, took out his personal regenerator and emptied the charge.

He carried it back to his desk, tapped a few keys to arrange a site to site transfer and a few seconds later Tomís dermal regenerator arrived on his desk to be replaced by his empty one.

"Sorry, honey" he murmured softly, "But sometimes youíve got to be cruel to be kind"