By Morticia


(Sequel to " Ruptures")


Rating: NC-13

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

Having stormed out of the mess hall in fury, Tom found himself hovering in the corridor, completely bewildered as to the direction he should go.

Like Neelix said, it was Wednesday. Tom always spent Wednesday evenings with Neelix. What the hell could he do now?

For a moment he actually contemplated turning around and going back. After all, he had probably just overreacted to a genuine mistake.

But for the first time in years, his stomach actually churned at the thought of the Talaxian touching him. To be honest with himself he knew that he had used the replicator error as an excuse to escape. But the thought of returning home alone terrified him.

He simply couldnít cope with being alone when the dreams came.

He knew any of his "regulars" would be pleased to get an unexpected "bonus" but that would give them the impression that they had some kind of hold over him. Tom had to be in control. He had his routine organized so that no one could ever take more than they were offered. Heíd just have to go to Sandrines maybe, find one of his "occasionals" and let them know that tonight was their lucky night.


Chakotay monitored Tomís exit from his padd with a clever little surveillance program that he had kept since his days in the Maquis. He watched with interest at Tom stormed away, stopped, walked back, turned, walked away again towards his quarters, stopped and then changed direction again.

"Gottchya" he muttered as he realised where Tom was now heading.

He quickly tapped his padd to arrange an illegal, but untraceable, site-to-site transfer and materialised in Sandrines a few seconds before Tom entered.


Tom hesitated at the doorway long enough to unbutton his shirt slightly, pulling one tail end out of his tight jeans to give himself that wanton, hardly dressed and ready to strip again look that never failed him. He ran his hands through his hair to create a rumpled "this hair belongs on a pillow not in a bar" impression and then licking his lips so that they glistened invitingly he squared his shoulders and prowled into Sandrines like a cat in heat.

Light from the corridor formed a halo around Tomís body as he entered the dim bar. He looked as deliciously rumpled as a debauched choirboy and Chakotay felt the room heave with anticipation as a whole pack of hungry wolves realised that Tom was obviously, unexpectedly available tonight.

Tom was only halfway to the bar as shadowy figures abruptly jerked to their feet around the room and began to circle him like vultures. The sudden tension was electric. Tom froze like a scared rabbit, trembling in a mix of fear and anticipation as he waited for someone to declare himself the Alpha male and make his move.

Chakotay watched the drama unfold with wry amusement. He let the others silently challenge each other and then just as he could see Vorik closing in for the kill, he leapt to his feet and charged in, grabbing Tomís arm and hauling him towards the bar.

Chakotay slammed Tom onto a barstool and ordered two scotches. Then he thrust one at Tom and ordered him to drink.

Still in complete shock, Tom took a gulp of the fiery liquid, just as Vorik charged up to them in very un-vulcanlike fury.

"Good Evening, Commander. You seem to have made an error. Tom is with ME tonight," he said, his seemingly polite words dripping with menace.

Chakotay gave a feral grin:

"Heís drinking MY scotch. Which means you are mistaken ENSIGN"

Vorik swallowed nervously, belatedly realising that not only was Chakotay twice his size, he was also the First Officer.

"My mistake" he murmured and backed away

"What the fuck are you doing?" Tom gasped furiously

"Marking my territory" Chakotay replied with a smirk, one of his large hands pinning Tomís thigh to the stool.

"Let go of me!" Tom hissed furiously "you havenít got the right to interfere in my life!"

"You think so, huh?" Chakotay grinned

Suddenly Tom remembered the feeling he had had when Chakotay kissed him. Shit, heíd much rather go home with the Commander anyway.

He turned a brilliant seductive smile on Chakotay

"Lets go fuck" he purred

Chakotayís cock nearly leapt out of his trousers at the combination of Tomís words and the bright hunger in Tomís eyes. He had to use every meditative technique he knew to force himself to reply


The shock on Tomís face would have been comical if not for the genuine hurt in his eyes. Then Tomís face twisted in anger.

"Then get your fucking hands off me and let me find someone who knows what their dick is for." He hissed viciously

Chakotay swallowed his automatic anger, instead wondering what the hell made Tom act this way. He was determined to save Tom from himself.

"No, Tom. We are going to sit here and have a pleasant evening, a few drinks, good conversation, the kind of things normal people do."

Tom looked around in panic. If he spent the evening Ďchattingí with the Commander he hadnít got a hope in hell of ending up in someoneís bed that night. In fact given the wary looks everyone was currently giving Chakotay, Tom was beginning to wonder whether he was ever going to end up in anyoneís bed again.

Tom slumped in misery.

"Please donít do this to me" he whispered

"What are you so afraid of, Tom?" Chakotay asked in genuine concern.

Tom closed his eyes in pain. How the hell could he explain his fear of being alone, of lying in the dark without another body next to him? How could he make the Commander understand that any amount of pain or humiliation was better than the terror of waking up alone?

Why couldnít Chakotay just be satisfied with his offer of sex? Tom had never known the currency of his body to be insufficient before.

"If you arenít interested in fucking me, why the hell are you doing this?"

"I never said that I didnít want to fuck you, Tom. I just donít want to share you. Since you have a problem with that concept Iím going to make sure that everybody else understands." Chakotay grinned

"So thatís what you meant by marking your territory" Tom hissed in disgust.

Chakotay gave a wolfish grin at Tomís impotent anger

"Just be glad I didnít do it by pissing on your leg!" He chortled.