By Morticia


(Sequel to " Repercussions ")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

Tom watched Chakotayís back disappear through the doorway and then turned unsteadily back to the bar. He could hear the volume rising as people began to discuss Chakotayís kiss and he wanted nothing more than to run and hide.

However, between his rubbery legs and his raging hard-on he doubted his ability to balance.

"Scotch" he muttered at the holographic barkeep "A large REAL scotch"

"Let me get that for you, honey" Ayala murmured, slipping back to Tomís side as though the incident had never happened

"Fuck off and die, you bastard" Tom hissed

"Hey, lighten up, hon. you didnít honestly expect me to get involved between you and the Commander, did you? I mean youíre a good fuck Tom but even youíre not worth doing brig time for." Ayala laughed

Tom reeled as though he had been slapped and took a gulp of his scotch. He told himself that it was only the strength of the alcohol that caused his eyes to water furiously.

"So come on, Tom, how about we split this joint and get horizontal" Ayala said, throwing an arm around Tomís shoulders.

Tom shrugged off the arm.

"Iím not in the mood tonight." He muttered

Ayalaís face darkened and he gripped the front of Tomís shirt and pulled the pilot towards him.

"Donít fuck with me, Tom. Itís Tuesday, that means youíre coming home with me, so drink up and letís go."

Tom swallowed nervously, his sad eyes searching Ayalaís face, comparing the thin slash of Ayalaís lips with the full lips of Chakotay. He shuddered as he remembered Chakotayís velvet touch, his hot tongue, his gorgeous body rubbing against his own. Chakotay had kissed him. Actually kissed him. Tom closed his eyes in pain at the memory.

Ayala tightened his grip, bringing Tom back to reality.

"Well?" he hissed dangerously

Tom forced a smile

"Sure. Why not?" he replied and as he watched the tension drain out of Ayalaís body and saw the dark expression replaced with an affable grin, he knew that he was doing the right thing. It was better to play safe. He knew where he stood with Ayala. All Ayala wanted was his body, and that was available to anyone.

But when Chakotay had looked into his eyes earlier, he had understood that the Commander wanted his soul. Wherein lay the problem, since Tom knew he didnít have a soul left to give.


The next morning in the Senior Staff meeting, Chakotay noticed that Tom was unusually subdued, he offered none of his usual glib comments that always made the Captain hide a smirk.

Every time he thought Chakotay wasnít paying attention he would sneak a furtive glance and Chakotay would immediately catch his eye and give an enigmatic smile back that would cause Tom to flush and look away.

Chakotay could almost see the confused wheels turning in Tomís head. He was satisfied that he had obviously upset Tomís equilibrium but he was not pleased that when he had checked Tomís location last night he had discovered that he had been in Ayalaís quarters.

He was evidently going to have to take more drastic steps to break Tomís sluttish pattern of behavior.


Seeing Tomís blonde head above the queue, Neelix abandoned the gelatinous gloop he was serving and rushed to program Tomís favorite dinner. It was Wednesday night so it was doubly important to put Tom in the right mood. He swiped the pizza out of the replicator just in time to present it with a flourish to the pilot.

"There you go, Sweetums" he whispered conspiratorially "A special treat just for you."

Tom gave him a blinding smile and gently stroked the back of the Talaxianís hand as he accepted the offering.

Shamelessly, Tom plonked his laden tray on Harryís table and ignored the Ensignís plaintive look of longing.

"Just give me a small piece, Tom." Harry begged

"Nah, Iíll need all my strength, Harry. Heís like a horny Targ. Those pointy teeth arenít just for show." Tom muttered, surprised at how reluctant he suddenly felt.

Harry shuddered and decided that tonightís Neelix special was edible after all.

Tom took a deep bite of the pizza and began to chew with satisfaction. Then suddenly his eyes shot open in almost comical horror and he began to retch violently.

"Tom. Whatís wrong?" Harry squawked

"Water" Tom gasped, his eyes watering furiously as the roof of his mouth exploded in hot agony "water"

Harry raced for a jug of water and then watched helplessly as Tom gulped it down as though he was putting out a fire.

Neelix came waddling out of the galley in panic

"Tom, Sweetums, whatís wrong." He asked plaintively

Tom turned his blood-shot eyes on Neelix in fury

"What the fuck kind of sick joke was that?" Tom snarled after he had finally finished choking

Neelix looked at Tom in bewilderment as Harry reached forwards and took the tinniest pinch of the pizza topping and tasted it.

"Urggh" he gasped, reaching for Tomís water jug "Itís pure chili powder."

Neelixís mouth gaped in horror.

"Oh Sweetums, Iím so sorry" he began, reaching out to pat Tom comfortingly on the arm

"Get your fucking paws off me." Tom hissed

"But it was an accident Tom. There must be something wrong with the


"Yeah, you used it, you fucking moron" Tom snapped, lurching to his feet and storming out of the mess hall in fury

"But itís Wednesday!" Neelix called after him plaintively.

Unnoticed in the corner, Chakotay grinned with satisfaction as he erased a name off the list on his data padd.