By Morticia

(Sequel to " Reconnaissance ")
(R Series part 33)


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing
with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed

Captain Kathryn Janeway turned away from the monitor and spat in
fury. Harry Kim flinched away from the look of complete hatred in her
eyes. He had been listening to the conversation too and was beginning
to wish he could disappear. He drew his naked body further up the bed
and curled his arms around his knees, pressing them to his chest in
an effort to shrink himself into a ball. To his relief, however, the
Captain's ire for once was not directed at him.

"Mutiny?" Kathryn screeched "That stupid bastard thinks he can put me
off my own ship! Well he's in for a big surprise."

Kathryn grinned wolfishly at the monitor. She had never been
satisfied that Chakotay had been kidding about taping her
conversation with him in her ready room.  It had taken a couple of
weeks but she had finally tracked down his illicit surveillance
program and rather than confronting him and insisting that he turn
over his tapes (which she still hadn't located) she had decided to
use it to do a little spying of her own.

When the computer had informed her of the gathering in the mess hall,
she had been intrigued enough to listen in and had been stunned by
the support that the Maquis bastard had received from Seven and
Wildman, not to mention the Doctor.  B'Elanna was no surprise, the
little Maquis bitch, and Neelix was of no consequence, Kathryn felt.
The little Talaxian was just a performing dog that would dance to
anyone's tune if the price were right.

She had, however, expected more of Seven. After all, the stupid cow
would still have been a Borg-drone without her interference. The
least she expected in return was loyalty. As for the Doctor, some
serious reprogramming was in order.

This is Tom's fault, she decided. The little slut had bewitched them
all with his whorish ways and then his subsequent pathetic act of
injured innocence. Kathryn knew too well that Tom had NEVER been
innocent. Even as a child he had flaunted his promiscuity, he had
faked tears and screams but he had never failed to satisfy her
sexually so she knew it was just an act.

Like Owen had pointed out, he had been born a slut, just like his
mother. It was his destined role in life and she was damned if she
would stand by and let anyone else fall for his `poor little me'
routine when he had been simply begging for it all his life.

It was time to deal with them all. She would have Chakotay, B'Elanna
and Wildman executed for attempted mutiny, Neelix would be brought
into line even if he had to be chained in his damned kitchen from now
on and the Doctor would have his inconvenient self-awareness routines
purged.  As for Seven, she would personally deal with the Borg's
reprogramming - after Tom had been dealt with, of course.

She waited until all of the conspirators were in their own cabins and
then contacted Ayala. It didn't take many minutes for her to arrange
for the mutineer's cabins to be doused with sleeping gas and for the
unconscious occupants to be taken to the brig by McKenzie and Jarvis.

A chime at her door some time later made Harry scramble under the
blankets to hide his nakedness.

"Enter" Kathryn said confidently and Ayala staggered in with Tom in
his arms.

"Put him in my bedroom." Kathryn said with the confidence of a queen
and Ayala blushed a little but did as she asked without protest. His
eyebrows lifted a little as he saw Ensign Kim already in place but he
said nothing as he dumped Tom's unconscious form face down next to

"Chakotay?" Kathryn demanded

"In the brig with the others and the Doctor is off-line as you
requested." Ayala replied proudly

Kathryn noted with distaste that Tom's inner thighs were smeared with
semen and blood.

"I assume that your delay in delivering Tom to me is the reason for
THAT mess." She spat.

Ayala blushed furiously.

"He was just lying there, naked, I couldn't help myself, Captain."
Ayala admitted guiltily

Kathryn smirked. She had counted on Ayala's uncontrollable desire for
Tom when she had asked his help in confining the mutineers. It was a
shame Tom had `slept' through the encounter though - the sooner he
realised that things were back to normal, the better it would be for
all of them.

"Go make sure that the others are secure. I want an armed guard in
the brig at all times. They are all electronics experts; I don't want
to run the risk of them figuring an escape. Only you, Jarvis and
McKenzie are to know about this. We will hold a closed trial and
execute them fist thing tomorrow before anyone else has a chance to
interfere. When they are dead, it will be too late for any protests."

Ayala paled a little at her words. He had no problem with spacing
that sanctimonious bastard, Chakotay, but he wasn't happy about Sam
and B'Elanna being executed too.

Seeing his hesitation, Kathryn dangled her bait.

"After their unfortunate demise, Tom will need somewhere else to
live. He hates sleeping alone, as you know. I'm sure we could come to
some arrangement for sharing him, after all you WILL be the new First
Officer." She purred smoothly.

Ayala licked his lips and grinned lecherously at Tom's ass, already
picturing himself in Chakotay's uniform.

"Yes, Captain." He agreed happily, "I won't let you down."

"Make sure you don't." Kathryn snapped "Dismissed."

Harry waited until Ayala had left and then crept out of bed, padded
over to Kathryn and sank to his knees and nuzzled his face into her

"What?" Kathryn sighed irritably at his attempt for attention

"Permission to speak, mama?" Harry asked nervously

"Yes." She snapped, her attention irresistibly drawn by Tom's supine

"Why did you have HIM brought here? What do you mean `sharing him'
with Ayala?" Harry demanded jealously

Kathryn stiffened dangerously

"Don't you dare question me, Harry. I am the CAPTAIN!" She screeched
and slapped him away from her.

"But you have ME." Harry sobbed in confusion, "I LOVE you!"

"Why the hell would I choose you over Tom Paris? You can't even
keep an erection without a cock-ring on. Besides, You enjoy our games
too much. I prefer REAL screams not your poor attempts to pretend you
aren't thoroughly enjoying yourself. At least Tom can ACT!"

"He's just a WHORE." Harry snivelled bitterly "He doesn't love you
like I do!"

"He satisfies me, in ways that you never have and never will. I
suggest that unless you want to spend the next week standing up, you
do as you are told." Kathryn snarled, her glance deliberately moving
to the paddle that had quelled Harry's last attempt at bravado.

Harry's eyes followed hers and he gulped nervously, remembering the
last occasion he had questioned her. He might have thoroughly enjoyed
the experience at the time but the next few days had been sheer
agony. His eyes dipped sheepishly.

"What do you want me to do, mama?" He whispered in defeat.

Kathryn smirked.

"Clean him up, inside and out, and then put him in the sling before
he wakes up. I am going to my ready room to make the arrangements for
the executions and then I'm going to enjoy watching them.  When I get
back you and Tom can entertain me."

"Me and Tom?" Harry gasped in disbelief

"For God's sake Harry, you've had your dick in him hundreds of times.
Anyway, if you impress me enough with your prowess, I might
reconsider swapping you for him." Kathryn sniggered and smiled
nastily at the look of hurt on Harry's face.


After rooting through piles of Starfleet regulations, Kathryn finally
found a justification for the executions.

So, okay, the mutiny hadn't happened during a red-alert situation,
but the records could easily be amended to cover that one
discrepancy. Besides, it was unlikely that they would ever get home
and only Samantha Wildman's demise would be investigated if they did.
Chakotay and B'Elanna were just Maquis after all.

Naomi might be a problem though. As much as she would like to space
the little brat too, she would have to arrange some form of fostering
for the child.  There was no place on a Star ship for children, she
decided grimly, choosing to ignore the fact that most modern ships
carried families. She could undoubtedly find suitable `parents' on
one of the worlds they visited. Perhaps she could even trade the
child for something useful.


"I promised I would take care of him." Chakotay sobbed quietly,
nursing his broken wrist and welcoming the throbbing pain as
punishment he more than deserved.

When Ayala had arrived at the brig he had taken great satisfaction in
unfastening his uniform pants and displaying his bloodied cock for
them all to see. Chakotay had gone insane and had rushed the force
field with such fury that he had been repelled into the wall with
bone-crushing force.

"We ALL promised to look after him." B'Elanna spat furiously, pacing
up and down the narrow call like a caged Targ. "We were careless and
stupid and he's going to pay the price."

"I don't mind dying." Sam said bravely "But I'm so scared about what
will happen to Naomi and Tom."

"Somehow I will protect them both." Seven promised. She was
bewildered as to why the Captain had decided to execute the others
and not herself. The least she could do was try to offer comfort.

"It's too late." Chakotay whispered brokenly "Ayala has already raped
him. His mind has probably snapped completely this time."

"There has to be something we can do. She can't get away with just
killing us." B'Elanna growled, "The rest of the crew won't stand for

"The rest of the crew don't know." Ayala smirked from the other side
of the force field. "It's 0400. Your execution is set for 0700. Most
of the crew will still be in bed when we float you out the airlock.
Oh, and by 0800 I will probably be buried in Tom's sweet little ass
again, telling him all about the pretty picture you all made as you
exploded into the vacuum."

Chakotay surged to his feet and leapt for Ayala's grinning face, only
to be repelled again and again as he crashed futilely into the energy

"Temper, temper, Commander" Ayala mocked "It's traditional to ask for
last requests, but since I am in no doubt as to what you would say to
me, I shan't bother."

B'Elanna grabbed Chakotay and dragged him back to sit on the bed.

"Save your strength, they have to open the cell at some point to take
us to the airlock." She whispered

"Unless they transport you directly outside from here." Seven
mentioned helpfully and then ducked her head from B'Elanna's furious


When Tom woke up, his head pounding from the chemicals still
rampaging through his system, he was aware of a strange floating
feeling, which was quickly explained by the reality that he WAS

He was suspended in the air, his body weight comfortably supported by
a thick web of strapping while his arms and legs were pulled upwards
and secured by four leather cuffs. His inner thighs were stretched
wide enough for the muscles to be protesting in a dull ache that
paled in comparison to the throbbing pain in his frighteningly
exposed ass.

The pain was familiar enough to him for him to instantly understand
that he had been raped while unconscious, and his current position
left little doubt about the likelihood of it happening again.

Terror struck him so forcibly that his heart pounded and the blood
rushed through his head so quickly that he lost consciousness again
for a few minutes. The ache between his thighs forced him awake again
and his mind skittered in panic, searching desperately for an escape
from reality.

His eyes began to glaze as he found a remote room in his brain, a
dark secret place where he could hide forever in numb disassociation
from the hell that was his life.

But a stray thought kept needling into him, constantly cracking the
door open each time he tried to close it and float away.

Chakotay. Where was Chakotay?

He burrowed deeper into the depths of his mind, running from the
thought, trying to ignore the way it was forcing him to face
something he simply couldn't bear to deal with. But like a discordant
note, the thought kept breaking into his self-induced trance.

Chakotay. What had happened to Chakotay?

He forced his eyes to focus again, unable to refuse the summons of
that all-important thought. At the corner of his vision he could make
out Harry's features as the younger man sat naked and apparently
miserable on the side of a huge bed. Tom looked around in increasing
panic as he realised whose quarters he was in.

Swallowing his urge to scream his terror, and blinking back the hot
humiliated tears that formed in his eyes as he realised the utter
helplessness of his position, Tom spoke.

"So you prefer rape now, hey Harry?" He croaked from his dry throat.

To his surprise Harry nearly jumped out of his skin at his words.

"It wasn't ME!" He whined and then looking at Tom's obvious disbelief
given the Pilot's position and his own nakedness he added "It was
Ayala, when he fetched you from Chakotay's quarters. I just cleaned
you up." Harry decided not to mention the fact that it had been
himself who had put Tom in the sling.

Tom closed his eyes against the thought of Ayala having touched him;
the thought was enough to make him want to scurry back to that safe
dark place in his own head where no one could hurt him again. His
body shivered and sweated as he wrestled against the urge to hide and
concentrated instead on the important thing.

"Where is Chakotay?" he croaked

Harry had been sitting for hours mulling over the situation, dreading
Kathryn's return and what she was expecting him to do for her
titillation. He was particularly angry at the way his own cock kept
twitching at the thought of embedding itself in Tom. He shouldn't
want this. It was a betrayal of Kathryn.

Kathryn's desire for the blond was probably as involuntary, Harry
decided. Tom was a dangerous menace. He shouldn't be allowed near
decent people, he thought bitterly. He felt an urge to hurt the Pilot
for making him feel this unwelcome lust.

"The Captain is executing him, B'Elanna and Sam for attempted mutiny.
It will be over in another couple of hours."

"NO!" Tom screamed in agony, shock forcing away his own self-pity. He
struggled angrily with his restraints "Let me down, Harry. Let me go
to him."

For a moment Harry was tempted to agree. At least that way both he
and Kathryn would be safe from Tom's influence. But his fear of
Kathryn was too great " I can't." Harry whimpered quietly "She'd kill
me, she wants you for herself." And he began to cry pathetically.

Tom looked at Harry in disgusted fury and opened his mouth to scream
a rain of obscenities onto the other man, and then suddenly his brain
snapped into gear.

"That must really hurt you." Tom said softly "I'm so sorry, Harry."

Harry looked up in surprise, his long black eyelashes wet with tears.

"I love her but she wants you!" he wailed bitterly

"You know what I'm like, Harry. I'm a whore. It's not your fault that
I have more experience than you. She is hardly going to choose you
over a professional, no matter how much you love her." Tom said with
as much sympathy in his voice as he could fake.

"I should kill you, you fucking SLUT." Harry yelled, jumping to his
feet in agitation at Tom's words.

Tom swallowed nervously, that hadn't been the reaction he had been
hoping for.

"Yeah, you could. But then, she would be so mad with you she might
never forgive you."

"She'd kill ME." Harry admitted and sat back down in defeat.

"There's another way, Harry." Tom whispered seductively

Harry met his eyes hopefully

"Let me down, help me rescue Chakotay. That way you know that the
Captain won't get the chance to choose me instead of you. I guarantee
that you and the Captain won't be hurt. We will find an M-class
planet somewhere and leave you both together."

Harry's eyes shone with glee at the thought of being left on a planet
with Kathryn. He would never have to worry about sharing her with
Tom. In fact, he never wanted to see Tom again himself.

"It has to be an uninhabited planet." Harry insisted to Tom's
surprise. "I don't want anyone else there to take her from me."

"Sure," Tom said, deciding that Harry was the sick puppy Chakotay had
described, after all. "You can have her to yourself for ever, Harry,
but you have to help me before it's too late."

Harry dithered uncertainly for a few moments and then shook himself
and proceeded to release Tom from the sling.  As Tom rolled about on
the floor, trying to bring his numb legs to life, Harry found them
both some clothes and began to dress.

"What now?" Harry asked, chewing his lower lip and near tears again
at his sudden doubt at the wisdom of having released the furious

"We need to find some people we can trust." Tom stated firmly and
then bit his own lower lip as the enormity of that task hit him.
There wasn't anyone on Voyager that he trusted except the people who
were in the brig.

Realising it was too late to change his mind about helping Tom; Harry
swallowed nervously and then said "Ensign Murphy and Lieutenant

"Who?" Tom asked in bewilderment, the names meaning absolutely
nothing to him.

"Kathryn was listening to Chakotay and the others on a security
monitor and I overheard it all. Ensign Murphy and Lt Hargrove are
dating B'Elanna and Seven. They would probably help us."

"Freddie Bristow is in lust with B'Elanna, he won't stand by and see
her executed. Come to think of it, perhaps all we need to do is
announce to the crew what is going on and let the whole thing sort
itself out." Tom decided. "But to be on the safe side, lets gather up
the people we can trust, arm them with plasma rifles and get to the
brig. THEN you can go to the bridge and make a ship-wide announcement
of what is going on."

"Oh no, not me, Kathryn would HATE me." Harry whimpered

Tom grabbed the shorter man by the collar and shook him viciously

"Believe me, Harry Kim, if you don't and Chakotay dies, I will
personally send Kathryn Janeway to hell and then I'll be coming back
for you." He promised grimly

Harry blinked in surprise. The Tom Paris he had known for years had
been completely malleable. He had abused and manipulated the Pilot
and Tom had only ever come back for more punishment as though he
truly believed that he deserved every thing that happened to him.

The man who stood before him now was a stranger. Tom's whole being
radiated danger to anyone who stood in his way.

"What's happened to you?" Harry asked nervously

Tom grinned with a confidence that allowed Harry to glimpse the man
that Tom MIGHT have been had he only had a normal childhood.

"Chakotay loves me." Tom replied, as though those three words were
the key to the universe. "Let's haul ass and save his butt."