By Morticia


(Sequel to " Reciprocation ")

C/P P/Tu

Rating: NC-13

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

Chakotay believed that his humiliation was complete until he walked onto the bridge and discovered that Ensign Wildeman was sitting at the Helm. He turned to Harry Kim who was the only other Senior Officer on the bridge.

"Where is Mr. Paris?" He snapped dangerously

Harry blushed nervously under his furious scrutiny.

"It's his day off, Sir."

Chakotay stiffened in outrage

"As First Officer I know perfectly well when Paris has a day off and today isn't one of them."

"Well, um, Mr. Tuvok changed the duty roster." Harry mumbled, refusing to meet Chakotay's eyes.

"And where, pray, is Mr. Tuvok?" Chakotay grated

"He's um, he's well, he's - I don't know, Sir." Harry spluttered at the uncharacteristic fury in Chakotay's eyes.

Realising that the only thing worse than having had his authority usurped by Tuvok would be to admit it to Harry, who after all had witnessed his previous humiliations first hand,

Chakotay swallowed convulsively.

"You have the bridge, Mr. Kim" he snapped when he could trust himself to speak and then he marched off the bridge.

In the privacy of the turbolift Chakotay exploded. It was bad enough that the whole crew seemed to be indulging Tom's wanton off-duty activities, it was another thing entirely when someone took it upon themselves to let Tom shirk his bridge duties too.

"Computer, Location of Tuvok."

"Lieutenant Commander Tuvok is in his quarters."

Shit, the whole bloody ship's discipline was coming apart. Even Tuvok couldn't be bothered to turn up for work today.

Chakotay reached the Officer's deck and rang insistently at Tuvok's door. He was kept waiting so long that his already frayed temper stretched to the point of snapping.

He had begun to initiate a security override on Tuvok's door when it slid open to reveal Tuvok hastily tying the belt on his toweling robe.

"What the hell do you mean by changing the duty roster without consulting me?" Chakotay growled, charging into the room like a raging bull.

Tuvok stared at him dispassionately, raising one eyebrow in surprise at the Commander's lack of control.

"It would have been inefficient to involve you in such a minor change. Ensign Wildeman expressed a desire for more time at the helm and since we are in a region of space with no apparent hazards it was a logical time for her to have bridge duty."

The reasonableness of Tuvok's argument left the Commander wrong-footed. He bit back his anger and trying to restore his dignity he continued in a quieter voice

"I am the First Officer. Duty assignments are my responsibility. In future I would appreciate being informed of any changes."

"Of course, Commander. I will keep you advised in future" Tuvok replied smoothly, ushering Chakotay to the door.

At the point of leaving, Chakotay hesitated, resisting Tuvok's move to evict him.

"Why aren't YOU on the bridge?"

"I've also taken the day off. I advised the Captain. I'm surprised she didn't tell you at breakfast" Tuvok said blandly.

Suspicion coalesced in Chakotay's brain. Shaking off Tuvok's restraining hand he marched to the bedroom door and threw it open.

He froze, stunned by the view.

Tom was sprawled naked on Tuvok's bed. His long legs entwined in the crumpled sheets, his blonde hair tousled on the white pillows, his wrists were bound with silken scarves and tied to the bedstead.

"What the hell...?" Chakotay gasped

Tom opened his eyes at the sound of Chakotay's voice. For a second he looked terrified and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, then a slow languorous smile crept over his face and his blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Care to join us?" he purred

Tuvok entered the bedroom without acknowledging Chakotay's intrusion, unashamedly sliding off his robe to reveal his glistening naked body and proud erect cock.

"Well?" Tom teased nastily, arching his back to better display himself to Chakotay's hungry horrified eyes

And Chakotay fled.


Several tension-filled days later, Chakotay was brooding in a dark corner of Sandrines, trying very hard not to watch Tom flirting with Ayala at the bar, when Tuvok approached his table.

"May I sit down?" The Vulcan asked politely

"If you want." Chakotay replied ungraciously

They sat in uncomfortable silence for several minutes until Chakotay's curiosity got the better of him

"What do you want, Tuvok?"

"I wish to apologise for my behavior, Commander. I appear to have offended you and our subsequent strained relationship is affecting the efficient running of the ship."

"You "Appear to have offended" me?" Chakotay repeated in disbelief "You stripped naked with the intention of having sex with Tom Paris in front of me. Of course you've bloody offended me!"

"I assure you it was unintentional, Commander"

"What exactly WAS your intention then?" Chakotay asked incredulously

"In view of the general belief that your objection to Mr. Paris is based on his refusal to partake in sexual relations with you, When I heard him invite you to join us, it was logical to assume that you would welcome the opportunity."

Chakotay bridled at the obscene arrogance of the Vulcan. How dare he believe that Chakotay would accept any crumb thrown him.

"So how long have you been sleeping with Tom?" Chakotay asked softly

"Several years. Ever since he generously agreed to help me with my Ponn Farr." Tuvok replied smugly

"So he's regularly sleeping with you, Harry, B'Elanna, Seven, the Captain, Ayala, Dalby, Richardson, Harris, Neelix and Megan Delaney, occasionally with everyone else and also the leaders of every alien race we encounter?"

"Essentially correct."

"Do you know what that proves to me, Tuvok?" Chakotay asked mildly

"No, " Tuvok said, surprised at the change in the Commander's demeanor

"It means that none of you can fuck for shit!" Chakotay snarled triumphantly

Chakotay rose abruptly to his feet and strode towards the bar.

Tom was sitting on Ayala's lap as they shared a cocktail with two straws. He didn't hear Chakotay approach, he only felt a large hand grab the back of his collar and haul him off Ayala and onto his feet.

Pinning Tom against the bar with his bulk, Chakotay smiled with amusement at the look of complete terror in Tom's eyes.

"We've got some unfinished business, Tom." Chakotay purred

Tom swallowed nervously. His eyes darted sideways to Ayala for help but to his disgust the Maquis just slid off his bar stool and slipped away. Tom blinked furiously at the tears that threatened as he saw that everyone in the bar was watching with avid interest but absolutely nobody was going to help him.

"You see, Tom. Nobody cares, nobody gives a damn. They are all just using you." Chakotay whispered sadly as he saw Tom's tearful understanding of everyone's betrayal.

"FUCK YOU" Tom hissed as Chakotay's words tore at him, their evident truth only making them crueler.

"Only if you ask me VERY nicely" Chakotay laughed, grinding his hip against Tom's rigid body, inordinately pleased to find that the pilot was responding to his touch.

As Tom felt his involuntary erection rubbed by Chakotay's own, a sneer corrupted his pretty face

"SO, you're just like THEM after all!" he hissed in disappointment

"Oh no, babe, I'm not like ANYTHING you've ever known before!" Chakotay promised and then dove for Tom's mouth and kissed him.

As the Commander's powerful body slid sensuously against his own and a clean musky scent filled his nose Tom could feel his knees giving way in surprise. So much blood shot down from his head into his groin as Chakotay's sweet tongue ravished his mouth that he sagged dizzily against the bar.

Eyes glazed, panting desperately with desire, his heart pumping wildly, Tom could only watch helplessly as Chakotay finally drew back and gave him a rueful smile

"Shame you aren't interested in a relationship, Tom." He said mildly.

Chakotay stared regretfully for a moment into Tom's flushed face.

"Oh well" He shrugged and to Tom's amazement he turned around and walked out of the bar as Tom watched him go with the bewildered eyes of an abandoned puppy.