By Morticia


(Sequel to " Romance ")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed

Tom opened his eyes sleepily as the bed dipped with Chakotay’s weight. Blearily he noticed the steaming coffee mug and clutched it desperately, closing his eyes again as he breathed in the rich aroma.

"Shit!" he groaned petulantly "It can’t be morning ALREADY."

"It’s been morning for two hours, Tom. If you don’t get up now you’ll be late for shift." Chakotay scolded.

Tom took a hesitant sip of coffee and sighed.

"Yeah, that First Officer is a BASTARD when I’m late." Tom smirked

"You’d better believe it, honey. But actually, I’m not on bridge duty today anyway."

"Still doing those crew evaluations, huh?"

"No, Seven picked up a warp-type signature near an M class planet in the next sector."

His comment did more to wake the pilot than the coffee had.

"Warp technology? Great." Tom enthused.

"I’m going to take a shuttle and take a closer look. We don’t want to put Voyager at risk until we have an idea whether they are friendly or not."

"Need a pilot?" Tom asked hopefully

"I’d love to take you, honey, but the Captain needs you at the helm of Voyager in case I stir up some unfriendly natives."

"I wish you WOULD take me." Tom muttered grumpily

Chakotay laughed. Tom had been making similar comments for days. His initial enthusiasm for "dating" had begun to wane as the week had progressed since their "first date".

"Soon, honey." He promised

"Not soon enough" Tom grumbled quietly. Then with a typical mercurial mood swing, he laughed.

"So you gonna wreck ANOTHER shuttle?"

Chakotay flushed.

"I don’t make a HABIT of it," he snapped.

"Could have fooled me." Tom grinned and a reluctant smile crept over the older man’s face.

"Cut the piss-take, Paris, at least I’M not going to be LATE, it’s 0750."

"Oh, Shit." Tom gasped as he finally noticed the time, "Why the hell didn’t you wake me EARLIER."

"I DID try, Tom, but you clearly told me to "go fuck yourself" as I recall."

"Well I was ASLEEP, Chak, I didn’t know what I was saying." Tom apologized as he leapt for the bathroom.

Chakotay watched with amusement as Tom quickly brushed his teeth before plunging his head into a sink of cold water, then he passed the pilot a clean uniform.

Shaking his wet hair like a puppy, Tom slid into his clothes and looked around in desperation.

"Lost something?" Chak asked smugly

"Shoes, shoes, where the fuck are my shoes?"

"I expect they are still stuffed down the back of the sofa, Tom, where you threw them last night."

Tom grinned happily as the memory came back. Despite Chakotay’s insistence on "going slow" they had definitely indulged in some serious heavy petting the night before.

"Yeah, well they were getting in the way" he sniggered and licked his lips, sliding against Chakotay and pursing his lips invitingly.

Unable to resist, Chakotay kissed the younger man, savoring the minty taste of Tom’s clean mouth, then firmly pushed him away.

"You’re LATE" he reminded

"Shitbuggerfuck" Tom snarled in disappointment and ran to retrieve his shoes.

Chakotay let the pilot get right to the door in his panic.


"Yeah?" Tom gasped

"I lied."


"It’s only 0700"


Chakotay grinned.

Tom flew at the older man, who grabbed him in a huge bear hug and kissed him until the blonde sagged in his arms.

"Resistance is futile" Chakotay growled as he ran his hands over Tom’s quivering hips

"Where have I heard THAT before?" Tom sniggered as he nibbled Chakotay’s earlobe.

"At least you’re awake now." Chakotay smirked

"Dunno why you didn’t just get back in bed with me." Tom grumbled

"Because you are such a bedhog, Tom, there wasn’t room."

"I’m not a bedhog, I’m just a mattress appreciator."

"I certainly appreciate you on MY mattress, Tom."

"Wanna prove it?"

Chakotay smiled hesitantly, blushing a little

"Do you know what day it is, Tom?"

"Monday." Tom replied literally

"It’s our anniversary, Tom. Seven days since our first date."

Tom looked at him in bewilderment and then a slow smile crept over his face

"Does that mean SOON is NOW?"

"Tonight, Tom, when I get back, if you are SURE."

"Sure? " Tom gasped incredulously "Shit, Chakotay, I can’t wait."

"But, only if YOU want to, honey, I mean, REALLY want to."

"Hell, Chak, if it takes getting that bloody tattoo to convince you, believe me I WANT To."

"I don’t want you to think that you HAVE to, honey."

"Jeez, Chak, do you want me to BEG?"

Chakotay laughed in relief as he saw genuine desire in Tom’s face.

"Okay, sugar, tonight, unless you change your mind, and you can, you know, at any time…"

"Chak?" Tom interrupted

"Yes honey?"

"SHADDUP!" Tom snarled and then silenced him with a passionate kiss.


Tom flew Voyager in slow concentric circles, waiting impatiently for Chakotay’s return. The Commander had reported the definite presence of an alien civilization on the M – class planet and then a long communications silence had occurred.

Tom could barely sit still at the helm. Chakotay, his protector, his BOYFRIEND, was alone in alien space in god knew what danger and he was being forced to sit quietly and just wait.

The Captain had refused his request to move Voyager closer to the planet. He understood her caution, but it took all of his self-control to resist simply disobeying and moving anyway. It was only the knowledge that he would spend the rest of the journey in the brig, sans Chakotay, that held him passively in his seat.

Several more hours passed. Tom was ready to crawl the walls. The last week had proved to him that Chakotay was everything that he professed to be, loving, considerate and frustratingly platonic. Tom could barely believe that he had ever survived without the Commander’s presence in his life. Losing Chakotay was more than he could face.

Unable to bear the suspense any longer, he turned to the Captain.

"Permission to –"

He was interrupted by Harry.

"Transmission coming through, Captain, it’s the Commander."

"On Screen" Kathryn snapped, she had been concerned herself.

Despite her differences with Chakotay over the Tom situation, she had been increasingly worried over the First Officer’s prolonged silence.

"I don’t have visual, only audio" Harry apologized as he patched the message through

"Captain." Chakotay’s strong, calm voice filled the bridge, "I have made contact with the aliens. They have finally agreed to let me land on the surface to negotiate. I anticipate it will take several more hours, at least."

"Are they friendly?"

"They are CAUTIOUS. I advise that you keep Voyager within transporter range but no nearer. Although they have warp-technology, their ships and weaponry are limited. I believe they would see your approach as a threat. "

"Very well, Commander, keep me informed, Janeway out."

She watched Tom slump in his seat, obviously almost faint with relief and despite herself she felt her heart go out to the young man. She had misjudged Tom, seeing him as nothing more than a sex toy. He had blossomed under Chakotay’s care in little more than a week. Like a rare Orchid, Tom obviously had only needed nurturing to bring out his unique qualities.

She didn’t feel guilty for the way she had treated Tom, only regretful that she hadn’t been the one to realise what bait would finally hook the elusive catch. Had she realised Tom wanted someone to get all sappy over him, she could have played the role herself.

She hadn’t become a Starfleet Captain by being willing to accept defeat. On the other hand, the ability to accept the fact that you had been outmaneuvered was also a meritorious trait. As much as she missed Tom’s talents in her bedroom, she had wasted five years when she might had consolidated her position. It was too late to cry foul now.

"Permission to leave the bridge, Lieutenant Paris." She said

Tom turned to her in surprise, realised that she seemed genuinely concerned about him and nearly fell off his seat.

"Ma’am?" he asked questioningly

"The natives are apparently friendly and you are wearing a hole in subspace with your maneuvers, Tom. Go and relax somewhere." She said kindly.

His eyes wide with shock and gratitude, Tom nodded and slipped off his seat towards the turbolift.

At his station, Tuvok watched the exchange with confusion and growing irritation. It was about time someone remembered exactly what Tom’s real role on the ship was. He waited long enough to avert suspicion and then announced that he had some Security issues to deal with.

No one questioned him as he left the bridge.


Although Tom was relieved to at least be able to pace out his nerves, he was dreading the evening ahead. The day had started with such promise. Chakotay had actually said that tonight would finally be the night they REALLY slept together.

Chakotay had been so unbelievably hesitant about the suggestion. Actually seeming genuinely nervous. Tom had never seen the commander so unsure of himself but it only reassured him that Chakotay WAS "the one" as B’Elanna had put it.

Now it seemed unlikely that Chakotay would get back to Voyager that evening, maybe not even until the morning. Which was another problem of its own. Tom didn’t think he could face going to bed alone. What if he dreamt? What if, god forbid, he wet Chakotay’s bed?

There was nothing for it, he decided, he would have to just stay up and wait for Chakotay to return.

Tom paced restlessly up and down the quarters. Without Chakotay’s presence they seemed sterile, almost hostile. He decided to put on some music but then hesitated, feeling uncertain whether he had the right to use Chakotay’s things in his absence. For the first time he felt like an intruder in Chakotay’s home.

He was relieved when the entry chime sounded. He decided it must be news of Chakotay, after all, no one except B’Elanna had spoken to him all week and she was undoubtedly still in engineering.

"Enter" he called out happily, only to freeze in confusion as the door slid open to reveal Tuvok.

Tom opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again, completely bewildered as Tuvok silently stepped inside and began to peel back his uniform sleeves to reveal black armbands. Slowly and methodically, Tuvok began to unravel the bands until he was holding two thin silken scarves, which he brandished triumphantly.

"I – um – I – " Tom stammered helplessly "Wha- what are you doing here?"

Tuvok looked at the blushing pilot dispassionately.

"It is Monday, Tom." He intoned firmly

Tom began to shudder as the significance of Tuvok’s words sank in.

"B-but I’m with Chakotay now" he whispered

"He is not on board, Lieutenant, I AM and I find your obvious reluctance illogical. We have been sexually intimate for three years. It is unacceptable that you should refuse."

Tom’s temper flared

"The last time you fucked me, you left me tied up naked on your bed in the middle of a fucking battle, you bastard."

"I assume your attitude is an attempt to increase your price. Let me assure you that I have no intention of paying you any more than your usual fee, Paris. Now remove your clothes, I have little time today."

"No" Tom replied, but his voice held far less confidence than before, the Vulcan immediately noticed.

"Would you prefer me to make it an order?" Tuvok asked reasonably, deciding that Tom was obviously too intimidated by Commander Chakotay to capitulate quickly and he really did have to get back to the bridge soon.

Huge tears appeared in Tom’s eyes and began to slowly roll down his cheeks.

"Please, Sir" he begged, "Don’t, don’t make me, please."

Tuvok blinked in annoyance at Tom’s emotional display. Deciding he had no more time for niceties, he moved towards the weeping pilot.

Tom backed up in panic, his eyes darting for a means of escape as the Vulcan approached.

As his back hit the closed bedroom door, Tom realised he was definitely retreating in the wrong direction. He fainted to the left and then ducked right, rushing past the Vulcan before he could react. He almost made it to the door before he felt Tuvok’s hand descend on his shoulder and then close in a nerve-pinch.

Had Tuvok been human, he might have grinned as Tom slumped to the floor unconscious. As it was, he merely raised a speculative eyebrow before scooping up the pilot and carrying him into the bedroom.


B’Elanna was in Jeffries tube 19, sorting out another damned problem with Voyager’s gel packs, when she heard Harry’s conversation with Carrey. Unaware of their audience behind the service hatch they were sniggering nastily about someone getting a rude surprise.

Intrigued, she slithered up to the doorway to eavesdrop. As much as she loved her job, she was lonely. Her position as Chief Engineer (not to mention her reputation for foul temper) meant she was always left out of the juiciest gossip.

"So the Captain told him to go and "relax" and 5 minutes later, GUESS who left the bridge?"

"The Captain?" Carrey breathed in disbelief

"Nah, Tuvok. I guess he decided that since it was Monday, he’d sneak in a little freebie!" Harry sniggered

"Chakotay will have his BALLS" Carrey gasped

"Nah, the little slut is hardly going to admit it, is he? The Commander would throw his butt out so fast he’d leave skid marks in the corridor."

B’Elanna choked. There was no mistaking who they were discussing. Chakotay was away and Tuvok was evidently making a move on Tom.

"Computer, location of Tom Paris and Tuvok" she demanded

The emotionless reply chilled her. She knew how much Chakotay meant to Tom, but she was all too aware of how vulnerable he would be to Tuvok's demands. Unless she did something quickly a major tragedy was going to happen, and she had a horrible feeling that Tom would end up hurt.

She crashed out of the Jeffries tube, swinging the hatch so violently that Harry Kim was bowled over headfirst into Carrey, smashing his head into the engineer’s and they both tumbled to the ground in a tangled heap. B’Elanna leapt over them with a savage grin and raced down the corridor towards the turbolift.


Having quickly stripped Tom and tied him firmly to Chakotay’s bed, Tuvok began to peel off his uniform, pleased to see that the pilot was regaining consciousness. He really preferred sound effects with his sexual encounters.

Tom shook his head in confusion, coming to with a mother of a headache and sharp pain in his wrists and ankles. Opening his bleary eyes he saw Tuvok’s naked body crouched between his splayed legs, the Vulcan’s erect cock dripping as it sought his ass.

"NOOOOO" Tom wailed, flailing helplessly in his restraints.

Completely impervious to, or perhaps even enjoying, Tom’s evident distress, Tuvok positioned himself to thrust into Tom’s hot depths.

Like an enraged Targ, B’Elanna flew through the door and leapt onto Tuvok’s naked back, wrestling him onto the floor. Even the Vulcan’s strength was no match for the scratching biting hellcat of an enraged half-Klingon. He collapsed under her assault, green blood splaying the carpet as B’Elanna ripped into his throat with her teeth.

Agony gave Tuvok a surge of adrenaline and he fought back, his hands shoving against B’Elanna’s shoulders and scrabbling in an effort to engage a nerve pinch. Even in her blind fury, B’Elanna realised what the bastard was trying to do. She swung a fist at his jaw, hearing several teeth shatter under her knuckles and then slid down his body, seized his engorged penis between her sharp teeth and snapped her jaws shut.

Ignoring the spout of green blood that bathed her face, and the agonising howls of her victim, she chewed on the gristly flesh, savoring her victory, and then spat it out.

"Computer, medical emergency, beam Lieutenant Commander Tuvok to sickbay." She said coolly and then stepped away from the screaming Vulcan.

As his body dematerialized, she grinned. "So much for Vulcan mind control, huh? He certainly SCREAMS like a human." She mocked.

Then she turned to the bed where Tom was lying in complete shock. As she untied him, she realised that his shock actually seemed to be medical, he was freezing cold to touch, his teeth were chattering wildly and his eyes were wide blue pools of anguish.

Realising that the sickbay was probably not the wisest place to take him under the circumstances, she ran into the bathroom and started hot water running into the bath. Then she grabbed Chakotay’s toweling robe and rushed back to wrap up the shivering pilot while the bath filled.

"Come on, Tom, snap out of it, there’s probably a dozen security guards coming to arrest me, you’ve got to try and pull yourself together."

Tom looked at her blankly, then tentatively raised a trembling hand to wipe at the green bloodstains on her face.

"I’m sorry, B’El" he eventually whispered

B’Elanna helped him to his feet and into the bathroom, firmly holding his shoulders as he slid down into the bath. As the warm water surrounded him, Tom finally closed his eyes and began to shake with reaction, sobbing and laughing hysterically.

"You bit his dick off, B’El." He gasped, "You actually bit his fucking dick off."

"I guess the doctor will put it back though" B’Elanna griped

"They’ll arrest us, won’t they?" Tom said, the thought of the brig making him shudder again, despite the warm water.

"They’ll arrest ME, it wasn’t your fault Tom." B’Elanna soothed

"I’m sorry." Tom cried, grasping her hand for forgiveness

"Why did you let him tie you, Tom?" B’Elanna asked with surprising gentleness

"I DIDN’T, B’El, I swear, he knocked me out."

B’Elanna snarled

"I should have bitten his fucking balls off too then!" she hissed

The water began to cool so she helped Tom back out of the bath and guided him to the bed. His legs were still trembling but at least he had stopped his terrible shivering. Fetching extra blankets from the underbed store, she tucked him in carefully and then popped back into the bathroom and washed herself.

When the last traces of blood had been removed she went back into the bedroom. Tom was curled on his side; crying softly and clutching a battered teddybear like a forlorn child.

She climbed next to him and spooned up behind him to give him a comforting hug.

"Why hasn’t anyone come?" he whispered fearfully

"I don’t know Tom. I thought that the Doctor would have reported it immediately. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t have."


In the sickbay, the Doctor checked his patient was still anaesthetized and began to perform the microsurgery necessary to reattach Tuvok’s rather chewed penis.

Immediately realising WHERE the transport had been from, and remembering the unmistakable indentations of B’Elanna’s teeth, it had not been difficult for him to surmise the nature of Tuvok’s ‘accident’.

Besides, Chakotay had made a point of letting him know that B’Elanna was now a potential recruit to the "Saving Tom Paris Society".

He had decided to wait for the Commander’s return before reporting the nature of Tuvok’s injuries.

With intricate care he performed the operation that would restore Tuvok’s penis to apparent normality. He knew that urinal function was a necessity, but decided that the restoration of sexual function was a waste of Voyager’s limited resources.