By Morticia


(Sequel to " Relief ")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed

Harry stretched lazily in bed and wondered what to do with his unexpected day off.

When the Commander had thrown him off the Pool table the night before with his thinly veiled threats he had been positive that Chakotay had intended him some manner of harm. He had fretted and worried all the way back to his quarters and had finally reached for his comm badge and summoned the Captainís help.

Kathryn had heard his concerns silently and then had merely advised him to keep his head low and avoid Chakotay for a day or two. Her evident lack of concern for his health astounded him.

"But I am on bridge duty with him all day" he had spluttered

"So?" Kathryn had said but then had obviously remembered that Harryís physical well being was in her own best interests.

"Take tomorrow off, Harry. Iíll advise the Commander."

So Harry lay in bed and grinned smugly as he imagined the look on Chakotayís face when he realised that the only effect of his threat had been an unexpected holiday for himself.


Chakotay was having breakfast with Tom when the Captainís early morning call came through. He had woken a couple of hours earlier, untangled himself from Tom and had Ďmeditatedí in the shower, his slick fingers finally relieving the tension from the night before.

When he had finally emerged he had been surprised to see the bed empty and the unmistakable aroma of coffee wafting through from the living area. Wrapping his robe around himself, he wandered in to find Tom sat at a fully laden breakfast table. The blonde was as rumpled as he had been the previous morning, slumped over a huge mug of coffee but as Chakotay entered, his sleepy face attempted a genuine smile.

"Whatís all this for, honey?" Chakotay asked in a bemused but gentle voice.

"Well youíve been feeding ME for a couple of days" Tom mumbled

Something soared in Chakotayís heart. Such a small gesture on Tomís part but one that suggested that Tom was finally accepting that this was a Ďrelationshipí after all.

"Thanks, babe, I really appreciate it." Chakotay said softly and leant to kiss the top of Tomís head before taking his seat and pouring himself a large glass of orange juice.

"Of course, you paid for it, really." Tom confessed guiltily

"You won those rations fair and square, Tom. They are yours to spend as you like, so I DO appreciate breakfast. I trust you are also going to replicate yourself some new clothes though."

Tom flushed over his coffee

"Yeah, sure" he muttered sincerely, "I just didnít THINK," he admitted, referring to the damage his tight jeans had done to him the night before.

Chakotay nobly refrained from agreeing with him and merely took a bite of his omelet. He was still chewing when the call from the Captain came through.

Tom watched a decidedly evil grin slide over Chakotayís face as he was informed that Harry was taking an unscheduled holiday.

"Whatís that all about?" he asked.

"Have you ever played chess, Tom?" Chakotay asked

Tom blinked over his coffee at the apparent change of subject. "Yeah, a little" he admitted

"Then you understand that pieces always move in set patterns and by moving one piece you can anticipate the way in which your opponent will react?"

Tom considered gravely, not capable of his greatest thinking at this hour of the day.

"Sure - kind of"

Chakotay grinned at the blondeís bemusement.

"Just letís say that things are going to plan."

Tom nodded. He hadnít got the faintest idea what was going on but he decided he trusted Chakotay. Then his sleepy eyes widened as he realised the implication of his own thought.

Noticing Tomís sudden shock, Chakotay looked at the younger man in concern.

"Whatís wrong, honey?" he asked

Tom gave him a tentative smile as he rose to his feet. He approached Chakotay hesitantly and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"I do LIKE you, Chakotay." He said sincerely and then disappeared into the bathroom while the older man reeled in astonishment.

Tom loved pool, he loved flying, he loved sex but he LIKED Chakotay and that was something special, something precious that lit a new flame of hope in Chakotayís heart.

"I LIKE you too, Tom" he murmured to the closed bathroom door.


Having an unexpected day off was quite boring, Harry decided eventually. He played his clarinet for an hour or so until the complaints from Gamma shift (who were trying to sleep) finally defeated him. He hadnít got enough credits to run a personal program on the holodec but he idly checked whether one was running a public program.

To his surprise, a two-hour segment had been reserved in his name and already paid for.

Harry grinned, deciding that there were bonuses to sleeping with the Captain after all. A small disquieting voice murmured in the back of his head, asking whether his relationship with Kathryn was any less mercenary than Tomís previous behavior, but he dismissed it furiously. Tom was a WHORE. There was no comparison between them, none at all.

That settled, he hurriedly made his way to the holodec to enjoy his Ďperkí.

He noticed that a program was already running, one he was unfamiliar with. He grinned in anticipation and entered to discover whatever surprise Kathryn had in store for him.

As the arch disappeared behind him, he found himself in a candle-lit room dominated by the presence of a huge bed, its black silk sheets a perfect backdrop to display a debauched angel sprawled in wanton nakedness.

"Tom" Harry gasped in shock

Tom opened his eyes and grinned lasciviously

"Hiya, Harry Ė didjya miss me?" he purred, rubbing his erect cock suggestively.

Harry quickly averted his eyes from the sight, pretending desperately that the resultant bulge in his own pants was just due to the thought of the hot tight promise of Tomís ass.

"What are YOU doing here?" He squeaked

Tom rolled over onto his front and raised his buttocks until Harry could see the entrance that his cock craved so much.

"You complaining?" Tom purred

"But Ė but what about Chakotay?"

Tom rolled over again, and looked Harry straight in the eye.

"Heís not here!" he stated and smirked.

Harry felt a grin starting. Oh yes, this was a perfect revenge on the Commander.

He began to unbuckle his pants.

"Turn over, Tom" he ordered as his weeping cock sprang free.

"Nah, I donít think so." Tom drawled

"What the FUCK do you mean, you donít think so?" Harry spat

"Well, Iíve been thinking, Harry. I mean you always say that youíre straight, and youíre fucking the Captain, after all. Youíll probably regret it."

"Not as much as you will if you donít bloody turn over." Harry hissed aggressively as the blood coursed into his frustrated dick.

Instead of his usual tearful capitulation, Tom just laughed coldly.

"Threats wonít work this time, Harry. The only way you are getting my ass today is if you finally tell the truth."

"What truth?"

"That the thought of my ass is the only thing that makes you hard. That the Captain is just a poor substitute for ME. That you ARE gay!"

"Bastard!" Harry hissed and struck Tom across the cheek so hard that the pilot collapsed back on the bed.

"Youíre just a fucking slag, a whore, you mean NOTHING to me!" he snarled as he wrestled Tom onto his face

"So why do you want me?" Tom laughed "Why not go fuck KATHRYN instead?"

"Because she wonít take it up the ass!" Harry admitted with a snarl and then he rammed home in one vicious thrust.

"And thatís all you really want, isnít it?" Tom gasped in triumph

"YES" Harry screamed and began to pump furiously, only to freeze as a large cold hand tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his head in panic and looked straight into the evil grin of Commander Chakotay.

"Computer, halt program" Chakotay said and the room, the bed and "Tom" all disappeared.

Harry found himself kneeling on the grid, his erection now exposed to the cold air and rapidly shriveling.

"What? How? Why?" He gasped in humiliated terror.

"Call it an experiment" Chakotay smirked. "Since you arenít "Gay" I wondered why you had taken Tomís retirement so badly. I mean, you ARE sleeping with the Captain, so itís not as if Tom was just a substitute for your hand. But now it seems that the Captain is actually a substitute for Tom. I wonder how she is going to feel about that?" He mused

Harry looked at the Commander in horror.

"Shit, sheíd KILL me. You canít tell her Ė Iíll, Iíll deny everything."

"I thought you might, thatís why I made a vid-tape of the whole thing. I particularly liked it when you said she wouldnít take it up the ass!"

Harry curled into a ball of misery.

"I swear, Iíll never touch him again, Sir, never, heís yours." Harry whimpered

"Not good enough." Chakotay snarled

Harry began to cry.

"Wha-what do you wa-want?" he sniveled

"From this moment on you will not only keep your filthy hands off Tom but you will also treat him with respect. If he lowers his standards enough to invite you to play pool, or anything else, you will be grateful and comply. You will NEVER upset him again or I will make you PAY. Do you understand, ensign?"

"Yes, Sir. Yes I do, Iíll be his friend again, I promise."

Chakotay stiffened and grabbed Harryís hair and yanked his head back to look him straight in the eyes

"You are not, and never have been, his FRIEND, Kim. You are a despicable piece of trash that isnít fit to lick his boots. But since he seems to enjoy your company, Iím going to let him pretend. This isnít about YOU, ensign, itís about making Tom happy, do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Harry mumbled in terrified defeat.

"Good" Chakotay smirked "Oh, and by the way, I have just finished your crew performance report and itís poor, very poor. I trust you wonít feel the need to discuss it with the Captain?"

"No, Sir." Harry sniveled, closing his eyes in misery and by the time he found the courage to open them again, the terrifying figure of the First Officer was gone.