By Morticia


(Sequel to " Rejections")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed

Chakotay led Tom to the holodec. The younger man jogged at his side, evidently nervous but every now and then flashing Chakotay an excited grin. It was like taking a small child to a fair, he thought, especially when they approached the closed door and Chakotay felt Tomís slim fingers fumble tentatively into his hand for reassurance.

Squeezing Tomís hand he dragged the suddenly reluctant pilot through the holodec doors and into Sandrines. Their entrance was eerily reminiscent of the day he had watched Tom trolling for custom, less than a week before. All eyes seemed to turn and devour Tom hungrily and then raked over Chakotay with definite unfriendliness.

With quiet dignity Chakotay tugged Tom to the pool table where Harry was racking up the balls for a new game with Jesper. At the Commanderís approach Ayala went white and shuffled nervously from foot to foot, looking anywhere but at Tom.

"My game, I think, Ensign." Chakotay purred

Harry looked up in amazement at the sound of the Commanderís voice. He nearly dropped his pool cue as he noticed the way Tom and Chakotay were holding hands like lovers.

"Um Ė well, we were here first." Harry mumbled

"But Tom said you didnít WANT to play pool tonight. Isnít that right, honey?" Chakotay said, turning to Tom for confirmation.

Tom blushed furiously and looked down at the floor.

Taking his action as a nod, Chakotay turned back to Harry

"So since you donít WANT to play, you canít have any objection to us having a game instead."

"But I Ė that is Ė "

"Unless it was TOM you wouldnít play with?" Chakotay asked, as though the thought had just occurred to him

Ayala was already creeping away from the table so there was no point in opening himself up to the Commanderís ire, Harry decided.

"No. No, of course Ė itís all yours Ė enjoy your game."

"Oh, I am sure I will." Chakotay replied, his eyes glinting nastily and Harry had the sudden realisation that the bigger man knew exactly what had gone on between Tom and himself.

Harry handed his pool cue to the Commander and began to leave, only to stiffen as he heard Chakotay say

"Iíll see you later, Ensign."

Despite the softly spoken words, Harry Kim had no doubt that the words were meant as a threat.

Watching Harry scuttle away, Tom looked speculatively at Chakotay.

"You enjoy throwing your weight around, donít you?" he accused with an odd mix of bitterness and admiration.

Chakotay ignored the barb, deciding it wasnít worthy of comment.

"Why donít you start while I get us some drinks?" he replied easily.

Tom blinked in surprise and then grinned "Yeah, I guess youíd better buy a round while you still have credits left."

Chakotay smiled. "I might surprise you yet, Tom Paris." He said softly

"Believe me, you already have." Tom replied sincerely and then flushed scarlet as he realised what he had said. He turned abruptly to make his shot and hide his blush. Momentarily stunned by Tomís words, Chakotay watched the younger man bending for his shot. He then swallowed at Tomís unconscious presentation of a perfect muscular ass.

Shit, he was going to have to do something about Tomís wardrobe. All of the pilotís trousers were deliberately a size too small. He appreciated the view; he didnít, however, like the fact that he was sharing it with a roomful of reprobates.

Several synthales and three games later, Chakotay finally called a halt. He had played surprisingly well considering the fact that he hadnít touched the game since the academy, even so, Tom had won all three games and enough credits to put a smug smile on his face.

"Just one more game, Chak?" Tom begged plaintively. He had honestly lost himself in the easy-going company of the older man and didnít want the evening to end.

"Sorry Babe, Iíve left a stack of reports unfinished."

Tom looked at Chakotay, his disappointment warring with his gratitude that the Commander had abandoned those reports in the first place just to make him feel better. And he did, feel better that is. He couldnít remember the last time someone had actually done something nice for him without any ulterior motive, and since the Commander already had first option on his ass there was no way he could benefit further from his act of kindness.

"Okay" he whispered and prepared to leave.

"You can stay if you like, Tom, I wonít be going to bed for a couple of hours yet."

"Nah, Iím tired." Tom said. Jesper Ayala was still lounging in the corner of Sandrines and Tom didnít want to run the risk of bumping into him alone.

Returning to their quarters, Chakotay turned back to his computer to work on a little program for the following morning, while Tom disappeared into the bedroom to change.

Although Tom had been reluctant to call the evening to a close, the truth was that his tight jeans had rubbed mercilessly on his raw ass making new abrasions that had bled into the fabric and adhered it to his skin. Grimacing, he peeled the trousers down, wincing as he removed tender skin.

Hearing Tomís sharp intake of breath, Chakotay rose and wandered to the bedroom door. Tom was bent to release his jeans from where they had pooled around his ankles. His exposed ass was raw and bleeding.

"Spirits, Tom" Chakotay snapped. He had been all too aware of Tomís tight trousers all evening. Why the hell hadnít he remembered the state of Tomís ass underneath?

"You need a bloody KEEPER, Tom Paris. You havenít got the brains you were born with." He chided angrily as he marched into the bathroom, rattled noisily in the cabinet and returned triumphantly clutching something.

Tom straightened himself up painfully, paling as he saw what was in Chakís hand. He tried for a wise crack, failed to think of one and instead just stared at the older man with wide blue eyes full of misery, realising that the honeymoon was evidently over. He had pissed Chakotay off. He had fucked up, as always. He had had a couple of hours of genuine happiness and was now going to pay the price.

"Lie down, Tom" Chakotay said.

Tomís cock stirred at the words even as tears brimmed in his eyes. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from speaking. Chakotay had bought and paid for him, it was too late to complain now. If only he wasnít so damned sore. He lay down on his front and spread his legs invitingly, praying that the Commander would use enough lube.

The bed dipped as the Commander knelt on the bed, unscrewed the cap of the antibiotic cream and warmed it in his hands before applying it gently to Tomís abraded anus. The tight muscles relaxed instinctively at his touch and he slid a finger inside to stroke and soothe Tomís internal tears.

"Do you have any idea how easily you could get infected, Tom?"

Chakotay scolded as he worked "Your ass is the LAST place you want open wounds. I suggest you use some of the credits you won off me tonight to replicate some trousers that actually FIT you."

Tom jerked under Chakotayís questing finger. As soon as he had felt the gentle application of the ointment he had realised that yet again he had misinterpreted the Commander. Given the tender delicate way Chakotay was applying the medicine there was no way he had any intention of turning the act into a sexual one.

Which relieved him until Chakotayís blunt finger worked carefully into his ass but then an automatic response to the sensation had shot straight into his groin. His cock had stiffened so abruptly that it had almost levitated the rest of his body.

As Chakotay soothed his ass lovingly, he was evidently unaware of the pain in Tomís crushed cock and balls. Tom whimpered with need, clutching at the sheets, writhing and pushing helplessly back against Chakotayís finger.

Appalled, Chakotay pulled his hand away and rolled Tom onto his back. The pilot was flushed, his eyes glazed with lust, beads of sweat gathering on his brow.

"Spirits, Tom, Iím sorry" Chakotay whispered, angry at how thoughtless he had evidently been "I didnít mean to turn you on, honey."

"PLEASE fuck me" Tom begged shamelessly

"No, Tom, I canít" Chakotay replied guiltily

Tom closed his eyes in despair.

Chakotay looked at the younger man thoughtfully. He had been well aware from the frightened look in Tomís eyes when he emerged from the bathroom that the pilot had expected him to use him. He had assumed that by failing to take advantage, he would teach Tom another lesson about love.

What he had completely failed to count into the equation was the fact that Tomís body would respond regardless of his feelings. Effectively, his actions had turned into a cruel tease, and yet if he gave in to Tomís pleas he would only re-inforce Tomís feelings of being an object to be used. Not to mention the damage he would do to Tomís raw ass.

He looked at Tomís weeping cock and made an abrupt decision.

He leaned down over Tomís groin and licked his lips. Then he ran a moist tongue carefully over the glistening glans.

Tom jerked in surprise; his eyes flying open at the wet caress. Chakotay met his eyes; smiled impishly and then opening his mouth and relaxing his throat he swallowed Tomís shaft.

Tom gasped as Chakotay bobbed gently up and down, his hot tongue stroking the full length of Tomís erection. Every nerve in Tomís cock shuddered in blissful reaction to the pressure of Chakotayís mouth.

Tom arched off the bed, his hands clutching at Chakotayís hair, his fingers clawing through the older manís scalp.

"Oh, donít stop, please donít stop." Tom begged

Unable to answer verbally, Chakotay renewed his attentions, proving his intent by actions rather than words. With relish he devoured Tomís succulent flesh, gently massaging Tomís balls until they tightened and drew up.

Tom came with a deafening scream, erupting his sweet essence into Chakotayís welcoming mouth, and then sagged bonelessly back onto the bedcovers, his chest heaving with exertion.

Chakotay released Tomís limp cock and gave it a last, regretful kiss before sliding up the bed to take the pilot in his arms. For a few moments Tom lay there quietly, catching his breath and then he began to move seductively against the older man, his hand creeping to the unmistakable bulge in Chakotayís pants.

Swiftly Chakotay grabbed Tomís wrist and gently but firmly pushed it away.

"No" He said softly

Tomís blue eyes met him in confusion.

"I can make you feel so good, Chakotay" he purred desperately

"Do you really want to make me happy?" Chakotay asked

Tomís eyes shone as he looked at the man who had given him the first blowjob of his life and his face creased into a huge sunny smile

"Sure, Chak."

"Then go to sleep, honey." Chakotay replied firmly

Tom blinked in confusion. Not only had Chakotay done for him what previously Tom had considered to be "his job" but also now the big man didnít even want reciprocation.

"I donít understand" Tom finally whispered

Chakotay bent down and kissed Tomís forehead.

"One day you will, Tom" he replied enigmatically and climbed off the bed, leaving Tom alone.

Returning to his computer, Chakotay ignored the pressure in his groin and finished preparing his little surprise for Harry.