By Morticia


(Sequel to "Relocation")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed

Never having been a possessions man either, Chakotay appreciated the comparative size of his quarters for the first time as he showed Tom where to put his meager belongings away.

Fortunately the bedroom had a large double wardrobe and his own clothes barely took up half the space available. The bathroom cabinet was roomy enough to hold both men's toilet items and there was a chest of drawers on either side of the bed.

Tom hesitated uncertainly.

"Which side?" he asked quietly

Chakotay thought for a moment. It wasn't a question he had needed to answer for a long time.

"I prefer the left side" he lied. The truth was he had always preferred to be on the right side, but the left side put him nearer the bathroom, which would probably come in useful later.

When Tom and he finally made love, he wanted to be the one who took care of cleaning them afterwards. Little touches like that would make all the difference in letting Tom know he was loved and cared for.

Solemnly Tom placed Ted on his cabinet and then flashed a look at Chakotay to see if the big man laughed. Chakotay simply gave him a smile that was so sweet it nearly took Tom's breath away. For a moment he was tempted to throw himself into Chakotay's arms. It had been so long since those strong arms had wrapped him in that wonderful, safe embrace.

Then he shivered at his own stupidity. No one was safe. Everyone used you. Some people did it with blows and some with smiles but in the end they all hurt you. He could cope with the idea of being Chakotay's sole property. He could see many advantages to his new role, not to mention the fact that the Indian's smoldering good looks made him hard every time he looked at him.

But he wasn't going to be idiotic enough to let their relationship be anything but sex.

"Finished?" Chakotay asked mildly

"Yeah" Tom muttered and let Chakotay put his empty bag away into a cupboard.

"Then let's get something to eat, I'm starving" Chakotay said and led him into the lounge

"What would you like?"

Tom blinked uncertainly "Aren't we going to the mess hall?"

"No, I thought we'd eat in tonight"

"I - um - I don't have enough rations" Tom admitted awkwardly.

His week of forced abstention from his usual 'customers' had severely depleted the state of his account.

"So?" Chakotay said in puzzlement "I asked what you'd like, not how many rations you had."

Chakotay ALWAYS had spare rations, his lifestyle was too frugal for even the limitations of Voyager's rationing to affect him so he didn't realise his mistake until he saw Tom's reaction.

Tom wasn't actually very hungry. His body was too sore for food to offer much comfort. But the Commander's offer confirmed to him that he was being bought and paid for. So he smiled seductively and purred

"Anything you like."

Chakotay turned away and dialed up soup and salad and crusty French bread, cursing himself under his breath for his own stupidity. He didn't want to make an issue of Tom's misunderstanding, he just hoped that his failure to exact payment for the meal would be a lesson in itself.

Silently he placed the food on the table and motioned for Tom to take a seat. As Tom sat he gave an involuntary flinch as pain shot through his abused ass.

"You okay?" Chakotay asked with concern

Tom smirked

"Yeah, sure, right as rain" and he quickly dove for his food, filling his mouth with bread before the Commander could ask any more damned stupid questions.

Chakotay took a mouthful of soup and watched Tom wolfing his dinner with pretence of hungry absorption that Chakotay knew was just an act.

He felt tired and depressed and too damn old to play this game.

The chirping of Tom's comm badge interrupted Chakotay's self-pity.

Tom quickly swallowed his current mouthful of food and then replied


"Where the FUCK are you?" came Dalby's angry voice.

Tom paled as he shot a guilty look at Chakotay.

"I'm - um - I'm - " he stuttered nervously

Chakotay leaned forward so that his voice would be clearly heard

"He's with ME, Crewman." Chakotay stated quellingly

There was a long silence, interrupted only by the sound of a high-pitched giggle (presumably Megan Delaney) then Dalby responded in a far more respectful tone

"Sorry Commander, only Tom had an appointment with me and he's late."

"He's not late, he's cancelled." Chakotay replied firmly

A longer silence and then

"You mean he's on duty, sir?"

"No, I mean that Tom is now with me, permanently, he won't be keeping any more appointments with you or anyone. Do you understand?"

A shorter silence and then

"Yes Sir, of course, sorry to have disturbed you, Sir." And the comm link was severed.

Tom turned a furious face at Chakotay

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" he accused

"Enjoyed what exactly?"

"Humiliating me."

"Keeping your "appointment" would have humiliated you, given the state your ass is in, and no, I didn't enjoy that, it pissed me off to be honest. I gave someone clear instructions to pass the word around that you were with me now, and they obviously haven't complied." Chakotay snapped

"You're really serious aren't you?" Tom asked in wonderment, as it finally sank in that Chakotay was really not going to share him.

"Tom, if it takes a tattoo saying "this ass belongs to Chakotay" on your butt, everyone is going to understand that I have claimed you for myself. You are mine, Tom. Get used to the idea."

Tom sat is stunned silence for a moment and then a grin crept over his face

"Would you? Really? I mean would you really do that? Tattoo me I mean?"

Looking into Tom's over bright eyes Chakotay sighed, he really felt too old tonight for this shit.

Fortunately, his less than understanding response was interrupted by the chirping of his own comm badge

"Chakotay" he snapped impatiently

"Commander, could you please come to my ready room." Janeway's voice said with a definite touch of annoyance.

"Of course, Captain" Chakotay replied. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and stood up.

Tom looked at him speculatively and then gave a particularly nasty smirk

"Sounds like the shit just hit the fan "commander"" he drawled sarcastically "nobody's gonna like you hogging one of Voyager's assets. I'm like energy, I have to be rationed."

Chakotay looked at Tom's smug face for a long moment before replying and instead of the anger Tom expected, Chakotay's voice was full of sadness

"You poor little sod, you just don't know any better do you?"

Then he turned and left the room.

As the door closed behind Chakotay's back, Tom felt the grin melt off his face to be replaced by bewilderment. He replayed the conversation over and over in his head until slow confused tears started to pour down his cheeks.