By Morticia


(Sequel to " Reverberations")


Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Tom, Chak et al belong to Paramount. I am only playing with them and promise to put them back relatively unscathed.

At 2200 hours Tom finally unwrapped himself from his ball of abject misery and crawled out of the chair towards his bedroom. Retrieving his sheets from the refresher unit he began to remake his bed with painstaking precision.

Satisfied the sedative was finally going to take effect; an exhausted Chakotay finally stopped watching Tomís morose figure and went to bed. He was torn between fury and pity for the young man.

It was useless to deny his own attraction for Tom and his desire to teach the young man that he really needed a stable relationship. However, Chakotay was beginning to feel that Tom didnít actually WANT one. It was possibly just tiredness that made him forget to set the perimeter alarm around Tomís quarters; it certainly wasnít a conscious decision.

Meanwhile, Tom was pondering where to go. After his earlier nightmare it was unthinkable that he should try and sleep alone again. His options were limited. He didnít dare go near the Captain, BíElanna or Seven.

The computer confirmed that BíElanna was still in engineering. But Ayala, Dalby and the Delaneyís would all be at Sandrines at this time on a Saturday night. Yeah, he could go thereÖ

On the other hand, if he went to Sandrines there was always the chance that he might bump into Chakotay. Just because a quick location check had told him that the Commander was still in his quarters didnít necessarily mean he would stay there.

Shit. All he wanted was someone to spend the night with. Someoneís body to cling to when the nightmares came. At this point the sex was incidental. Except he couldnít imagine anyone agreeing to let him spend the night in their quarters if he didnít pay the usual Ďpriceí.

Chakotay would, a voice whispered in the back of his head, Chakotay would be happy to just hold you and hug you and help you sleep.

Tom shook his head furiously. Chakotayís price was TOO high.

That left Neelix, Harry and Tuvok.

Which really meant only Tuvok, although Tom wasnít sure he could cope with the Vulcanís "games" tonight.

Tom looked at the empty bed again and shuddered. He was just so tired, if he didnít get into a bed soon he would collapse where he was standing.

Abruptly he made the decision and tucked Ted gently under the pristine sheets before turning and scurrying out of his quarters.


"If you donít wish to participate, you are free to leave" Tuvok snapped irritably, twisting the scarves in his frustrated hands.

Tom gulped in panic; he just COULDNíT be alone tonight.

"I do, Tuvok, I just thought that maybe we could forget the restraints this time"

"Since you are aware that this is what I prefer and you chose to come here tonight it is illogical for you to attempt to change our usual scenario. If you do not wish to be tied, go elsewhere." Tuvok replied firmly

Tears prickled at the back of Tomís eyes. On top of his earlier dream the thought of being tied and helpless reminded him of too many occasions heíd much rather forget. On the other hand, being alone terrified him more.

Silently he lay back down on the bed and submissively spread his arms and legs to be tied down.

He managed to stay quiet as his first wrist was tied but a sad whimper escaped as Tuvok tied the other.

Tuvok blinked in evident annoyance.

"I cannot do this if you are going to moan and complain all night"

"Iím sorry" Tom whispered in shame "Iím trying but I canít help it."

Tuvok contemplated throwing Tom out. The lieutenantís unusual behavior was quite distracting. He wasnít going to be able to perform if Tom was going to whimper pathetically all night. Then he had an idea. Taking a spare scarf he stuffed it in Tomís mouth, effectively gagging him.

Much better, he thought as he made quick work of tying Tomís ankles to the sides of the bed. He always preferred Tom silent anyway.

Stripping quickly he lubricated his cock, knelt between Tomís legs and prepared to thrust into Tomís vulnerable opening.

Tom closed his eyes in anticipation and sighed with a combination of humiliation and desire. He was really pissed off with the heartless way Tuvok had gagged him, but the knowledge that in just a couple of seconds the Vulcanís cock would finally be buried in his own ass made his own cock begin to weep excitedly.

Then the earth moved. Or to be more precise, Voyager did. As a red alert wailed, the ship shuddered at the impact of an alien missile and Tuvok was thrown off the bed and began to pull his uniform back on in panic as he heard the Captain call for all senior staff to report immediately.

Tuvok was halfway to the bridge before he remembered that he had left Tom tied up.


"Shields holding at 80%" Harry called out as another missile rocked Voyager "They still are refusing to answer our hails."

"Return fire" The Captain snapped "I donít know who they are or what their problem is but letís show them what weíve got!"

Another missile rocked the ship

"Shields at 65%"

"At least TRY some evasive maneuvers, Ensign Wildeman" The Captain snapped at the terrified woman at the helm. "Where the hell is Paris?"

"The Doctor sedated him earlier. He must still be asleep" Chakotay replied

"Youíd better take the helm then!" Kathryn decided and Chakotay jumped to comply.

As he began to maneuver Voyager into a better fighting position he heard the Captain mutter irritably. "Sedated? If heís sleeping through this he must be dead!"

Tuvok ducked his head over the Ops console and gave thanks that there were no other telepaths on the bridge.


Tom was learning a new definition of the word panic.

He was trussed up, stark naked and helpless in Tuvokís quarters in the middle of an Alien attack.

Because of the gag he was unable to summon help, and his terror was now so much greater than his humiliation that he wouldnít have cared if the whole ship came to his rescue and saw him like this.

He struggled futilely with the silken bonds, his struggles only pulling them tighter. Tears poured down his face as he realised that he was now guilty of dereliction of duty during an enemy attack.

He wondered whether Starfleet still executed people for that.

His father would definitely vote in favour of it.

Tom sobbed in renewed terror.

His daddy would be SO mad at him.


Almost three hours later, when Voyagerís superior weaponry finally repelled the still unidentified would be attackers; the whole bridge sat back and sighed with relief.

Chakotay was shuddering with exhaustion. It had been a long time since he had had to fly the ship and he had forgotten how tiring battle conditions were. Tom always managed to make it look so easy.

Noticing the Commanderís weariness, and eager to drag Harry back to her quarters from where they had been disturbed, the Captain turned to Tuvok who was looking as cool and unflappable as always

"Would you please take the bridge, Mr. Tuvok" she asked

"Of course, Captain" he replied calmly, his face showing not one trace of his inward panic as he realised he wouldnít get the chance to return to Tom for some time.


Chakotay was in the doorway of his quarters before his tired brain remembered Kathrynís words.

"Sedated? If heís sleeping through this he must be dead!"

She was right. No way could Tom have slept through a three-hour battle, no matter how tired or sedated he had been.

"Location of Lieutenant Paris" he asked the computer

"Lieutenant Paris is in Lieutenant Commander Tuvokís quarters"

Chakotay was staggered by the reply. Why the hell hadnít Tuvok said something? Then Chakotay remembered the day he had crashed into Tuvokís bedroom and seen Tom tied to the Vulcanís bed and he put two and two together.

"You bastard, Tuvok!" he snarled as he ran for Tuvokís quarters.


A light flashed on Tuvokís console indicating an attempted security override on his own door by the Commander. He shrugged and released the door. Since it seemed unlikely that heíd get back to his quarters for several hours anyway, Tom may as well go home.


Chakotay crashed into Tuvokís bedroom like an enraged bear.

"You stupid little bastard" he howled at Tom as he took in the way that Tom was trussed up like a Christmas turkey.

Tom had pulled the restraints so tight with his struggles that Chakotay couldnít untie them. He swore as he replicated a small knife and began to saw at the silk.

"I canít believe you were both stupid and irresponsible enough to do this. Do you realise the whole ship could have been destroyed?" he snarled as he ripped the gag out of Tomís mouth and released the last restraint.

Tom curled himself into a tiny ball and sobbed, still lost halfway between the nightmares of his dreams and the nightmare of his reality.

"Iím sorry" he whimpered

"Sorry?" Chakotay repeated in disbelief "Youíre supposed to be Voyagerís pilot not her resident WHORE. I should put you both in the brig for this stunt!"

The word "brig" snapped what little remained of Tomís control. He howled in terror. Heíd be alone. All alone.

"Iím sorry, Iím sorry, Iím sorry Daddy, please Daddy, Iím sorry."

He whimpered

Chakotay reeled in horror as Tomís words sank in.

Spirits, what the hell was wrong with Tom?

"Shush, babe" he crooned gently, reaching for the sobbing young man. Tom flinched and then froze. Chakotay pulled his stiff resisting body into his arms and embraced him tightly until Tom eventually sagged against him and sobbed into his neck.

"Iím sorry, Iím sorry" Tom snuffled miserably.

Chakotay rocked him gently and wondered what the hell he was going to do. This was all his own fault, he realised. He had pushed Tom too far. He had seen the way the younger man had been falling apart all week and in his arrogance he had put Tomís misery down to the frustration of his sexual drive.

Belatedly Chakotay realised that Tomís sluttish behavior was only the outward appearance of a much deeper problem.

"Iím sorry too, Tom" he whispered gently, nuzzling Tomís head.

"I donít know whatís going on in your head, or why you behave like you do, but the games stop here. Iím going to get to the bottom of this, honey. We are going to sort this out once and for all."

Stealing a sheet of Tuvokís bed, Chakotay wrapped Tom and lifting him up carried him down the corridor into his own quarters.

When Chakotay lay Tom down on his bed, the pilot revived a little and looked around the Commanderís bedroom in shock


Chakotay pressed a finger to his lips to silence him

"Shush. Weíre both too tired now. Weíll talk in the morning."

Stopping only to slip off his shoes, Chakotay slipped fully dressed into his bed and pulling the blankets over them both, he wrapped his arms tightly around Tom.

Trapped and comforted by Chakotayís strong arms, Tom relaxed into the first decent sleep heíd had in nearly a week.