The Shattering of the Mask 34
By Morticia

See part 1 for disclaimer

Tom's fingers began to move more insistently as he developed a rhythmic punching inside Chakotay's rapidly dilating ass. He
heard Chakotay's breathing change in time to thrusts of his fingers and dared to insert a third finger into the slick passage.

He felt Chakotay's buttocks clench in momentary fear, so he slid his left hand between the other man's legs and stroked tenderly
at the skin of his tight ball sac. The response was instantaneous, Chakotay groaned, his whole body shook and he instinctively
opened his legs wider to facilitate Tom's left hand, which caused his ass to relax and allow the fingers of Tom's right hand further

"Take a deep breath," Tom whispered.

When he heard Chakotay comply with a shuddering gasp, he pushed in deeply, until his knuckles disappeared inside
Chakotay's now welcoming passage, and he began to punch a little harder, curving his fingers to ensure he teased and caressed
Chakotay's prostate on each withdrawal.

Chakotay shivered and moaned in reaction, his hips bucking upwards with each internal stroke, his cock now rigid against his
own stomach as Tom's fingers sent snaking tendrils of fire through his body. He gave up his mental struggle against the
pleasurable spell that Tom was weaving with his magical fingers and resigned himself to the fact that against all expectation he
was actually enjoying being touched in this fashion.

Even so, the sensations only fired the aching need in his own cock and he had to struggle against the urge to turn around, wrestle
Tom to the mattress and plunge himself into the pilot. His balls were so tight with need that he feared he would explode if he
didn't find release. Chakotay crept his own right arm down the bed and began to slide it between the pillow and his groin,
needing to relieve the pressure that was building up inside him with each maddening touch of Tom's eager fingers.

Tom used his left hand to slap Chakotay's ass firmly.

"That's MINE," he laughed. "Keep your hands to yourself."

The feel of Tom's hand striking his flesh, and the verbal denial of his cock's need, woke a slumbering demon inside Chakotay.
For just a flickering splinter of time anger surged through him, temporarily blinding him as a black veil of pure fury descended
over his vision.  A wave of potential violence surged and rose within him, threatening to spill over into a mindless fury. He
stiffened, his muscles tense, ready to turn and take what he wanted, his body throbbing as blood surged into muscles that
rippled with his body's need to take control.

Then, as quickly as the aggression rose, it ebbed. The fire of his fury was extinguished by a wave of reason as he remembered
that it was the man he loved who denied him and in the face of that love the potential violence was crushed into no more than a
vague feeling of disquiet. The anger was banked, constrained, vanquished so easily by his feelings of love that it became just a
vague, nebulous memory. He relaxed back to passivity, in control of himself once more, as Tom continued to play with him,
seemingly unaware of the battle that had just taken place between Chakotay's body and mind.

Tom's left hand continued to trail swirling patterns around Chakotay's taut scrotum, his right hand punching mercilessly between
Chakotay's quivering ass cheeks, and the combined sensations were sending wave after wave of shuddering reaction through
the older man until the pleasure was almost painful in its intensity. Chakotay's cock was weeping and straining against his
stomach and he writhed against the pillow, desperate to create a little friction against his groin.

Tom slapped him again. "Stay still," he warned.

"I can't, " Chakotay gasped. "I need more."

He was paused on the brink of a precipice of sensation, unable to hover there any longer without exploding. Again he warred
with the conflicting need to either turn and ravage Tom or simply beg him for the mercy of release. The gentle side of his soul
could not bear the thought of simply taking what he needed, yet his darker side violently rejected the idea of begging for what he
could so easily take by force. He compromised by turning his plea into an order.

"Do it *now*," he spat through clenched teeth.

Tom's response was to withdraw his fingers completely, and Chakotay bit back a scream of outrage before nearly sobbing in
frustration at the sudden loss of sensation.

Then he felt the blunt, wide head of Tom's cock pressing at his now painfully empty ass, and instead of the earlier fear, all he
wanted, needed, was that wonderful feeling of being stroked inside.

"You ready?" Tom asked tentatively, pausing to slide a little more lubricant on his cock, just in case.

Chakotay chuckled, realising he had been out-psyched by a master. In a matter of minutes he had gone from being terrified of
being penetrated to being terrified that he wouldn't be, and the realisation that Tom had cared enough to ensure his comfort was
enough to chase any last vestiges of hesitation from his mind.

"Yes," he told Tom firmly.

Still Tom hesitated on the brink of action, remembering his own first time. He remembered the pain, the humiliation, the tearing
of the delicate membranes of his ass.  What if, despite his preparation, he hurt Chakotay?

"Spirits, Tom. Don't make me beg," Chakotay groaned.

Tom jerked in surprise. Was that what he was doing? Was it as cruel to stop now as it might be to continue?

"Take a breath," he murmured again, and slowly pressed his cockhead forward, pushing against the still too tight muscle of
Chakotay's sphincter.

Tom felt a momentary resistance as the last vestiges of Chakotay's false pride caused his body to stiffen and try to repel its
invader, then, as though a wall crumbled under his assault, he was through and Chakotay gave a deep gasp of shock.

Tom froze, rubbing soothingly at the skin in the middle of Chakotay's back, and waited for permission to move again. It took all
of his self-control to pause there, waiting for Chakotay to adjust to his presence, when the need to plunge forwards and bury
himself deeply inside the hot, tight sheath almost stole his ability to think.  Yet, as much as his cock was screaming silently for
satisfaction, Tom was equally aware that his own real ache was in his ass.

He understood the need for this joining, for this act which would somehow equalize them, yet all he really understood, as he
paused awaiting Chakotay's compliance was that he really hoped that Chakotay would find it as unsatisfying to be the bottom as
he was finding it to be the top. Then he flushed with shame, understanding the selfishness of that thought when Chakotay had
trusted him enough to do this for him, and so Tom was suddenly determined to make this as good for Chakotay as he could,
after all.

Chakotay gave a small grunt of compliance and Tom carefully inched forward a little more into the tight heat.

There was pain, Chakotay decided, a sharp almost indescribable sensation of being breached, and then the feeling of being
stretched wider than he believed it possible to be opened without permanent damage.

Yet, after the first blaze of almost knifing pain, the sensation, while still uncomfortable, became tolerable and although there was
no pleasure, neither was there any discomfort other than the psychological trauma of knowing that another man was entering him
in this way. The tight pressure in Chakotay's groin waned as his erection wilted.

Still Tom continued to move within him, frequently pausing so that Chakotay could adjust to the ever increasing feeling of being
filled and stretched past capacity, and when Tom finally stopped, fully embedded, his balls resting tightly against Chakotay's ass,
the older man's first thought was of disappointment that this was all there was to something he had both dreaded and anticipated
with an equal measure of terror and excitement.

It all felt a little anticlimactic now. Far less satisfying than Tom's finger or even his own hand on his now barely interested cock.
He couldn't for the life of him understand why Tom would like this position. It certainly didn't do anything for him, Chakotay

"You okay, Chak?" Tom asked, his voice cautious.

"Yeah," Chakotay replied, and his disappointment was so great that he almost sobbed the word.

Tom heard the note of sorrow in Chakotay's voice and almost withdrew completely. He couldn't continue if Chakotay was in
pain, and he couldn't maintain his self-control much longer. He was trying to be considerate and gentle but his cock was aching
with the need to move, to plunge, to take Chakotay with hard powerful thrusts. Tom knew if he started to move, he would be
unable to be gentle. Maybe he should just stop now before he lost all self control.

Maybe he should just confess to Chakotay that what he really wanted, needed, was to be lying in Chakotay's position.

"You want me to stop?" He asked Chakotay, careful to keep the hope from his voice.

Chakotay heard the tightness of Tom's voice, assumed it was due to disappointment and realised he was being selfish. So okay,
maybe he wasn't cut out to be a 'bottom' but so what? That wasn't enough reason to deny Tom his own pleasure.

"I want you to fuck me, Tom," Chakotay said firmly. "I want to you fuck me hard, so I can feel you moving inside me."

"You sure?" Tom asked.

"Yes," Chakotay almost roared, deciding if Tom didn't make his mind up soon he was going to call a halt to the process himself.

But Tom didn't wait for Chakotay to change his mind. He pulled almost completely out of the tight embrace of Chakotay's slick
passage and then thrust back in, this time in one fast, almost brutal, movement and the unexpected feeling of Chakotay's tight
internal muscles rippling over his cock as he plunged inside almost made him come on that first stroke. The sensation was so
unlike that of fucking a woman, Tom realised. The embrace was so much hotter and tighter as he forced himself into the slick
passage and felt his shaft being clenched and caressed by the undulating walls of flesh.

"SHIT!" Chakotay yelled, a wave of liquid fire exploding through his whole body, as Tom rammed home.

"Did I..." Tom began, terrified he had hurt the older man.

"I don't know what you did, Tom, but do it again," Chakotay replied breathlessly.

Tom didn't need to be asked twice. He began to glide within the other man, his biceps straining as they took most of his body
weight so that he could twist his hips with each entry, angling each thrust at Chakotay's prostate, delighting in the groan of
pained pleasure that accompanied each down stroke.

As Chakotay writhed and twisted beneath him, his sobbing gasps punctuating the brief pauses between Tom's thrusts, the
younger man almost drowned in the unexpected waves of pleasure that ripped through his body. Yet he was still aware at some
level that as blissful as these feelings were, it was not as wonderful, perhaps, as being the recipient of Chakotay's attentions.

Which reminded him, belatedly, that he was completely ignoring Chakotay's own needs.  He pulled almost brutally at
Chakotay's hips, dragging him upwards onto his hands and knees. The movement was so sudden and fierce that the older man
howled as Tom sank impossibly deeper into his ass.

For a moment Chakotay panicked, sure he would be ripped apart by the invader that surely threatened to split him in two. Then
he felt Tom's arm slide around his waist and long fingers wrapped themselves around his cock, stroking with a frantic, almost
painful rhythm.

Chakotay's fear was forgotten as the new sensations drove him back to the brink of madness and he abandoned himself to
pleasure as Tom's hand moved deftly up and down his cock, stroking it in time to his own thrusts.

Harder and faster, Tom drove himself into Chakotay's body, his eyes blinded by the perspiration that poured down his
forehead, the sounds of his slick thighs slapping against Chakotay's ass almost lost in the roaring beat of his own pounding heart,

"I can't, can't.." Tom gasped, as his balls tightened in warning, but was unable to even complete the sentence without it
becoming a reality.

He couldn't wait, couldn't hold back any more. He froze, knowing that even the slightest movement would make him erupt. His
fingers slid up and down Chakotay's thick cock, frantically trying to bring him to completion ,so that they would come together.

Chakotay stiffened and then bucked beneath him, bellowing as he erupted a geyser over Tom's hand. A series of violent
shudders rippled though Chakotay's body as he came and the savagery of the undulating flesh, as it clenched and milked Tom's
deeply embedded cock, ripped away at the last of Tom's self-control.

Tom stiffened, trying to resist, wanting to prolong the moment, instinctively knowing that this was not only the first time he had
topped Chakotay but, despite their mutual pleasure, was almost certainly the last.

Yet Chakotay's whole body was demanding his obeisance, the offering of his essence, the homage of his cock to Chakotay's
ass. The clenching, hungry muscles  were impossible to refuse. Even in this, when Tom had imagined he had some autonomy,
Chakotay's body quickly overwhelmed and defeated him.

He gave a last, almost desperate, thrust into Chakotay's ass and came with a scream of combined pleasure and defeat,
emptying himself inside Chakotay with a series of deep, grunting thrusts before collapsing so heavily onto Chakotay's back that
they both crashed to the mattress in a boneless, gasping quiver of sweat-drenched flesh.