By Morticia

Part 9

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17 ***WARNING*** This is NOT a nice story, there is rape And pain and psychological torture.

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Disclaimer:  The boyz don't belong to me (all hail mighty paramount) but this story does!

Hostage by Morticia

Over the last three weeks Chakotay had often been pushed to the brink of madness. His body had been assaulted at the genetic level. He had raped and been raped. He had lost control over his mind and body. He had been forced to co-operate with cannibals and pay lip service to their sadism. He had merely snatched the occassional hour of sleep for nearly two weeks.

Yet even at the brink of death, when his heart had literally been exploding with the unsatisfied Kítech-lust and every part of his spirit had screamed at him to give in and break to Iktonís demands, still he had managed to keep himself sane.

But seeing Tom in that cage of horror finally snapped any remaining semblance of reason. Fury filled him, rage at the Bírechík for what they did, for the Kítech for allowing it to happen but most of all rage at Tom.

The rushing emotion darkened Chakotayís face and his eyes flashed his outrage as he looked unbelievingly at Tomís quivering body. The pilot was a mess of bruises and scrapes; his blue eyes were stark with horror and hopelessness.

Chakotay found himself gripping Tomís naked shoulders with talon-like fingers and shaking him furiously.

"You STUPID BASTARD!" Chakotay howled at him.

He couldnít even begin to imagine how Tom had come to be in the cage. All he knew was that everything he himself had suffered had been in vain. Tom wasnít safe. Yet again Tom had managed to get himself into a situation so dangerous that his death seemed inevitable and the pain of that knowledge was so great that Chakotayís physical agony of the past weeks faded into insignificance.

Tom blinked in confusion, his eyes refusing to focus. He had spent days crouching in terror in the black gloom of the cage and his eyes were refusing to adjust properly to the sudden bright light. But he knew Chakotayís voice and recognised the tones of the man who he knew hated and despised him.

In Chakotayís voice he heard nothing but anger and disgust. He wanted to say something cutting and sarcastic, something that would make Chakotay hurt as much as he did in the face of such scorn. But he couldnít. Tom had looked death in the face and laughed so many times that it seemed impossible that he should have been so shattered by a mere week of captivity. Yet he had. He would do or say anything to get out of the cage, even plead to this man who hated him so much.

"Please help me." He begged Chakotay and felt Chakotay release his shoulders as though Tomís flesh had burnt him.

"Donít leave me here!" Tom screamed and scrambled to his feet, throwing himself shamelessly against Chakotayís chest.

The fact that Tom had even felt the need to ASK for his help had hit Chakotay solidly in the gut. He knew Tom had always hated and distrusted him. He simply hadnít realised how much. Tom Paris, the man he loved more than his own life, honestly thought he was capable of leaving him in this cage and the knowledge maddened him.

He was too exhausted and traumatised himself to think it through, to remember that Tom had been brutally raped and then had sat in a cage  as one by one Kítech were removed and butchered, knowing that he would eventually join the dismembered bodies himself.

Instinctively he tightened his arms around the pilot in comfort and was hurt, but unsurprised when Tom suddenly wrenched himself out of the embrace and staggered backwards, his face horrified.

"Youíre NOT him," Tom gasped incredulously "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?"

The pilot collapsed back to the floor, pulled his knees to his chest and began to rock himself desperately. Chakotay reached for him and Tom screamed again, his eyes dilated with terror.

Tom had only touched Chakotay three times in his life. The first time had been in the Maquis when Chakotay had had to drag his drunken body out of a bar, the second had been on Ocampa when he had pulled Chakotay from a collapsing staircase and the third time had been a couple of months previously when he had punched him on the bridge. So he wasnít exactly intimately acquainted with Chakotayís personal body odour, but it sure as hell hadnít been the almost electric musk that had tingled his body as he had snuggled desperately to tuck his head under Chakotayís shoulder.

Furthermore he was TALLER than Chakotay. This alien with Chakotayís voice towered over him by several inches and was almost whipcord thin under his ornate costume. Tomís eyes slowly focused on the giant alien. Despite the obsidian eyes, unnaturally smooth skin and sharp-planed face, the alien even almost looked like Chakotay. Tom began to laugh hysterically at the idea that Chakotay should have such a near twin on this ship and that even HE seemed to despise Tom Paris.

Stunned and bewildered by Tomís complete rejection of him, Chakotay could only assume that Tomís captivity had unhinged his mind.

Chakotay looked nervously at Baddiel who was shuffling impatiently at the door.

"Get up, Tom, weíve got to get out of here!" He hissed and reached for the pilot again.

Tom scrambled back on his haunches until the walls of the cage trapped his back.

"No good, huh?" Baddiel called out, "Oh, well, youíd best chose another. I havenít got all day."

"I want this one." Chakotay told him firmly.

Baddiel shrugged his surprise but then tossed him a collar and chain.

"Iím sorry, Tom. I have to do this." Chakotay whispered as he caught hold of the younger man.

Tom struggled wildly but was helpless against Chakotayís height and strength. He felt the collar snap shut around his neck and the fire in his eyes dulled to hopelessness.

"Get up, Tom, please, we have to get out of here." Chakotay repeated but the blue eyes were sullen and defiant.

Chakotayís temper snapped. Here he was trying to save Tomís life and yet again the stupid bastard was fighting him all the way. He gave a vicious tug on the chain and headed for the door, leaving Tom the choice to either be dragged along the floor by the neck or get up and walk.

To his relief, Tom finally understood the uselessness of resistance and jumped up to follow him sullenly to the door. As Baddiel let them both out he laughed delightedly at the look of pure defiance on Tomís face.

"Well, Iím sure Iím going to have to give him another good fucking before tonight," he smirked "Because the way heís acting heíll be back here within the hour and on tonightís menu after all."

"Iím sure he doesnít want to interfere with your planned menu," Chakotay told Baddiel but his eyes were locked with Tomís in a frantic effort to control the pilotís self-destructive urges.

"All Kítech know that disobedience is punishable by death and Iím sure you have already demonstrated to him your unique way of preparing meat."

He saw Tomís eyes widen in horrified understanding. Chakotay was sure the threat of having his throat cut wouldnít be enough to subdue Tom into submission, and maybe he wouldnít even care if he was eaten afterwards, but the way he had broken into a cold sweat as he had scurried past Baddiel had proved to Chakotay that the threat of being brutally raped again would be sufficient motivation for Tom to at least try to co-operate.

Chakotay wanted to cry. He wanted to hug the pilot and promise him everything was going to be alright and that he would protect him. Instead he merely snapped the chain and said "Come." And was gratified that Tom obediently scurried after him, head bent in submission.

He knew that as soon as Tom got over his initial shock he would revert back to his usual, irrepressible and fatal cockiness so he rushed back to his quarters, virtually dragging the pilot by the neck as Tom struggled to keep up with Chakotayís long legs.

Chakotay breathed a sigh of relief when the doors to his quarters closed behind them. Then he remembered that he was still probably being monitored so he kept the illusion of brutality and yanked the chain until Tomís face was only inches from his own. It seemed strange to be looking down on that face; to have to duck his chin to look into those haunted blue eyes.

To both his dismay and relief, a look of defiance was returning to Tomís face and that familiar sneer was twitching on his face as the pilotís eyes took in the sumptuous bedchamber and the submissively kneeling forms of Wi and Skan.

Looking at the opulent bed and the naked kítech, Tom had little doubt about the purpose of the alien in bringing him here. He opened his mouth to tell the bastard EXACTLY where he could stick his dick.

Chakotay pressed a finger on his lips to quieten him.

"One word, Tom. One word and theyíll take you back to the larder and I wonít be able to stop them." He warned locking his eyes on Tomís until the pilotís shoulders slumped a little in defeat.

Chakotay reached and unfastened the collar, and Tom rubbed his neck angrily where the metal had bitten and chafed.

"Go get in the bath." Chakotay ordered firmly.

For a moment Tom looked as though he might refuse but then fear of Baddiel not to mention the irresistible thought of submerging his cold body into the invitingly warm water and finally getting clean overcame his doubts. He nodded sullenly and complied.

Chakotay took a deep sigh of relief as he saw Tom lower himself into the water with an involuntary gasp of pleasure. He just watched until he saw Tom finally relax a little and begin to clean himself.

He didnít know what the hell he was going to do. He had been hurt by Tomís obvious lack of trust in him. The pilot had behaved as though he was just another Bírechík. And, with that thought, realisation finally struck him. He WAS Bírechík now. He dwarfed Tom.  He looked for the first time into the mirror behind the bath.

He realised that he hadn't wanted to look before, hadn't wanted to acknowledge the Change. Now he stiffened himself to face whatever it was that had terrified Tom so much.

 He had lost weight, well not really but effectively given his extreme growth, and his face had taken on new hard lines and angles where the flesh was stretched uncomfortably over his jaw and cheekbones.

 And his tattoo had gone.

The realisation struck him like a knife in his chest. Quickly he pulled up his right sleeve. He had a deep white scar on his right bicep where a knife wound had once been left too long before regeneration. The scar was gone. It was as though every molecule of his body had been changed and replaced until even his skin was shiny and perfect. He turned his hands over and looked at them. There were no lines on his palms, no swirls on his fingertips.

Nothing of Chakotay remained. He didnít even really look like himself anymore, he realised, and the most definite and undeniable change was in his eyes. Pain and suffering had hardened them and they were darker now than he remembered, no longer chocolate brown but so dark that the black of his pupils merged with his iris and gave him the same stony stare of the Bírechík. The other Bírechík.

He heard footsteps and turned to see Ikton entering his quarters and walking towards the bath to take a closer look at his new Kítech. His heart hammered as he realised that Ikton KNEW Tom, but when Ikton had finished his inspection he merely looked confused.

"Heís pretty enough to fuck, I grant you, but a bit thin, donít you think?"

"Why do you think Baddiel made me choose him?" Chakotay replied with a smooth laugh.

Ikton grinned and then frowned slightly. "You can chose another if you prefer, you know. Baddiel is so wrapped up in his work that he forgets that Kítech have other purposes. Besides the meat gets a bit greasy sometimes. A bit of lean meat might make a nice change." And he stared at Tom suddenly like a fox in a chicken coop.

Tom had gone as white as a ghost as he listened to the two aliens calmly discussing whether to fuck him or eat him. To be honest he wasnít sure which fate scared him the most, except he knew Baddiel would simply fuck AND eat him. He was therefore relieved when the alien who looked so strangely like Chakotay replied negatively to the idea of swapping him.

"I may as well give him a try. As you said, I can always exchange him later if I am displeased." Chakotay told Ikton smoothly.

Ikton looked back at the bath and Tom froze under his scrutiny.

"He looks a little wild to me, Chakotay. I donít see him pleasing you and the Law IS the Law."

"Perhaps wild is exactly what I want?" Chakotay replied, "Iím bored with GOOD Kítech."

Iktonís eyes widened and then he gave an amazed laugh. "You mean youíd ENJOY a Kítech resisting you?"

"Why not? You enjoyed me resisting you." Chakotay shrugged

"Itís not the same."

"Isnít it? When was the last time a Kítech really turned you on? I donít mean the Kítech-lust but real, sensual pleasure?"

Ikton frowned.

Chakotay looked at him thoughtfully. He had started this conversation only to establish grounds for saving Tomís life when the idiot inevitably spouted off at the mouth again. He wanted to be able to claim he took Ďpleasureí in Tomís defiance. Yet just as he had appealed to Keyshís better nature on behalf of the Kítech, now he decided to appeal to Iktonís cruelty.

"You said yourself that the Kítech enjoy being hurt. Doesnít that disappoint you somehow? Wouldnít it be better if their pain was genuine and they struggled against you so that you REALLY had to subdue them?" he asked and saw the emotions flashing over the Captainís face as he considered Chakotayís words.

"I agree that the Kítech are a little too docile sometimes." Ikton agreed reluctantly.

"Sometimes I think it WOULD be nice if they had a little more intelligence. Thatís why I wanted your Kítech from Voyager."

Chakotay heard a low gasp from the bath but ignored it for the moment.

"Iíve been thinking about that, Ikton. Surely you would have been in serious trouble if you had returned with a Kítech rather than me?"

Ikton laughed. "Definitely, but it was just part of the game. The law meant I could only claim one of you. I was sure that you would come after him so Iíd end up with both of you, whereas HE would hardly have come chasing after you. It was a gamble, I lost but I got you so it wasnít all bad."

Chakotay closed his eyes and counted to ten.

Iktonís words had confirmed it. The stupid bastard HAD come after him. This wasnít some bizarre Bírechík trick, Tom had voluntarily landed himself in this mess and the only thing in his favour was that Ikton didnít know who he was. Yet.

He was so mad he could kill Tom himself and yet he was also ridiculously touched. He was also furious with Kathryn. Why the hell had she let him do it?

"Well, if youíll excuse me Ikton, I have a need to attend to." He told Ikton with a wink and the Captain gave a grin at Tom.

"You wonít mind if I watch? " he purred, seeing the unprecedented fury in the Kítechís face.

"Not at all, although perhaps it would be less distracting if you did it from your USUAL location?"

Ikton laughed delightedly, "Thatís what I like about you Chakotay, you are so cool and direct. I shall go and sit comfortably then."

Chakotay waited until he left the room and then stripped. Wi and Skan started forward to help but he waved them back. His groin was still oddly passive but he wasnít sure whether close contact with Kítech would still overcome him. He sure as hell didnít want to be turned into a mad rutting bull with Tom watching him.

He lowered himself into the bath and saw Tom frantically back-pedal in the water until he was as far away as possible.

"Iím not going to hurt you, Tom, but we need to talk and we are being monitored so you have to come closer." Chakotay murmured quietly.

"It IS you." Tom suddenly hissed in obvious disbelief

"Yes." Chakotay assured him quietly "but we have to talk quietly, Tom, please. I think we are far enough from the monitor but Iím not sure. They donít know who you are and we have to keep it that way. I know you are terrified and that I look different but please trust me. I AM really Chakotay and I swear I wonít harm you."

"I thought they had eaten you," Tom confessed with a choking sob "But-but- what have they done to you? What ARE you?"

"Iíve been infected with some form of genetic disease, Tom. They call it the change."

"Yeah?" Tom laughed hysterically "Well itís some fucking change for sure."

Chakotay reached out to comfort him. Tom saw the huge, unnaturally shiny hand and shuddered.

"Donít touch me, just donít fucking touch me."

Chakotay closed his eyes in pain. He could see the monster he had become echoed in Tomís frightened eyes. He decided that the only thing he could do was tell Tom the whole story and pray he would understand.


"So let me get this right. You have sex with THEM," and Tom gestured angrily at Wi and Skan "or you have to eat them?"

Chakotay ducked his head in shame

"And you canít control this urge?" Tom demanded

"No." Chakotay admitted in a quiet voice.

"And are you planning on raping me too?" Tom spat, although his voice broke at the word raping as he remembered being almost ripped apart by Baddiel. He hadnít believed it possible for something so huge and hard to fit inside him and he had witnessed Chakotayís naked descent into the bath so he understood exactly how Bírechík Chakotay had become.

"Youíre not Kítech, Tom. You donít have the smell. I CAN control myself with you," Chakotay promised as he caught a faint whiff from Wi and Skan but managed to ignore it.

Tom shuddered but nodded his understanding.

"YOU smell," he told Chakotay quietly "itís not a BAD smell, actually its kind of nice but really heavy, really alien. Thatís why I didnít know it was you, well that and the fact that you are seven foot tall, of course."

"Of course," Chakotay replied with a weak smile at Tomís attempt at humour. Then he took a deep breath. He really needed to know how Tom had arrived on the ship but he had known there was no point asking Tom questions until the younger man was sure he really WAS who he said he was. The problem was that they had been just talking for nearly half an hour and he knew Ikton would be wondering why he hadnít already taken Tom.

"Do you trust me, Tom?"

Tom looked at him suspiciously and then sighed, "I guess Iím going to have to, arenít I?" he replied with resignation.

Chakotay took another deep breath, "Tom, I need you to come and sit on my lap."

Tomís eyes flashed dangerously, "No fucking way, SIR!"

"Tom, I am Bírechík, you are SUPPOSED to be Kítech. We are being watched. You need to come straddle my lap and look as though you are pleasing me."

Tom looked at him in horror. The idea of letting his ass anywhere near the monstrosity that now masqueraded at Chakotayís penis made him nearly wet himself. He shuddered at the memory of what Baddiel had done to him. He understood Chakotayís reasoning but his body simply wouldnít agree to move.

"I canít," he whispered helplessly

"You have to, Tom," Chakotay replied gently "I swear I wonít hurt you."

Tom bit his lower lip until it bled while his eyes searched the black alien orbs in ĎChakotayís face.

"You wonít hurt me?" he finally whispered, hating how pathetic his words sounded even to his own ears.

"I promise," Chakotay replied and reached his hand out slowly.

Tom hesitated for another minute and then took the proffered hand and let himself be pulled forwards. He froze for a moment as he saw the outline of Chakotayís huge alien thighs under the water but then parted his legs and allowed himself to straddle Chakotayís lap.

Chakotay pulled until he felt Tomís groin smack and press tightly against his own and then bent down and kissed the top of Tomís head.

"Thank you." He said sincerely. He could feel Tom trembling and in view of his appearance, Tomís experiences and his own admission of the effects of the Ďchangeí, he truly appreciated Tomís act of trust.

The faint Kítech smell was still in his nostrils but fortunately Wi and Skan must have been far enough away because his cock only gave a tiny twitch in response to the caress of Tomís flesh.

He took hold of Tomís waist and began to bob him up and down in the water. Tom gasped at the friction as his cock was rubbed up and down against Chakotayís muscular belly. He flushed deeply at the realisation that the movement was arousing him. Other than Baddielís assault, he had never touched a man intimately or even considered the idea. He was horrified that he could get turned on like this.

Chakotay saw the embarrassment in Tomís face and sighed. He knew Tom was straight as a die, and as much as he had always regretted the fact and had had many wet dreams about teaching Tom the error of his ways, he knew that Tomís involuntary arousal was as humiliating for the pilot as his own reaction to the Kítech had been for him.

"Just imagine itís your own hand, Tom, and relax. Youíre just responding to the friction, not to me." Chakotay assured him gently and was rewarded by Tomís shy embarrassed smile of thanks.


"Whatís happening?" Ishtar asked, looking at the screen in interest.

"Chakotay chose himself a wild Kítech from the larder. Must be one of those from the Dregan Farm." Ikton replied

"Thatís a strange choice."

"Heís a strange man."

"So whatís happened?"

"He spent about 30 minutes talking the Kítech into it." Ikton replied with an incredulous laugh.

"He certainly seems to have convinced him." Ishtar commented as he watched Tom throw his head back and give an orgasmic scream as he rode his masterís lap in the bath.

"Hmmm - I might try it myself sometime. Anyway, Iím bored now, letís go eat."


Watching Tomís face as he orgasmed was the closest thing to heaven that Chakotay had ever seen. He had done this, he realised. In the middle of all this horror and despair, he had managed to give Tom a few moments of pleasure and relief. No matter that the scene had been played for the Bírechík, that Tomís reaction had been involuntary and that he himself had only been incidental to Tomís pleasure, still the fact that for a few moments Tom had managed to leave reality and escape into bliss made Chakotayís heart ache for what he had always wanted and could never have.

Then Tom screamed and came.  His cum shot through the water and clung stickily to Chakotayís groin.  It wasnít until he felt the familiar tingle that dread shot through the older man. He looked sharply at Tomís unfocused eyes.

"How long have you been on board, Tom?" he demanded urgently

Tom shuddered reluctantly back to reality, surprised by the grim tone in Chakotayís voice.

"Iím not sure exactly, but at least a week." He replied.

Chakotay gathered his will power and ignored the dull throbbing ache that had started in his groin. He gently detached the pilot and pushed him away before Tom noticed his erection.

Tom looked at him in surprise.

"Iím sure the Bírechík were fooled Tom, you can get off my lap now." He said gruffly

Tom blushed, "Yeah sure," he mumbled in embarrassment and swam back to his previous perch.

Chakotay sighed with relief as Tom left him. He realised that the faint whiffs of Kítech werenít wafting across the room from Wi and Skan. They were coming from Tom.  Just as his first sexual contact with Tate had given him the infection, so Baddielís rape must have begun the process that was making Tom into a Kítech.

He wondered what the conversion would mean for the pilot. Would his wonderful sharp brain be dulled? Would his irrepressible spirit be replaced with docility?

And more to the point, would he himself be able to keep his promise not to rape him?

"I think youíd better tell me how you got here, Tom." He said, as much to distract himself as to hear the answer.