By Morticia

Part 6

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17 ***WARNING*** This is NOT a nice story, there is rape

And pain and psychological torture.

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Disclaimer:  The boyz don't belong to me (all hail mighty paramount) but this story does!

Hostage by Morticia

As though he were in a dream, Chakotay felt the strong arms of a Bírechík lift and carry him through the endless corridor while Tate scurried worriedly at his side, struggling to keep up with the Bírechíkís long stride so that his chain didnít choke him.

Chakotay was only vaguely aware of arriving in his quarters. He struggled a little when Tate attempted to undress him. His main brain functions had overloaded and shut down and he was unsure of why the thought of the Kítech touching him made his skin crawl but still he flinched from the boyís hands and then thrust him violently away so that Tate stumbled to the floor and quivered in terror.

He saw the fresh tears on the boyís face and wondered briefly who had upset him, but then the strange Bírechík had undressed him and led him to the bed. He recoiled again when he saw Wiís sleeping body and he scrambled as far away from the Kítech as he could manage, shivering uncontrollably.

The Bírechík saw his reaction, considered removing the Kítech and then grinned as he tucked the blankets gently around Chakotayís frozen body.

"Never mind, youíll need him soon enough." He told Chakotay.

Chakotay gazed at him with blank, haunted eyes but could make no sense of the words, they were like a foreign tongue, his ears could hear the sounds the other man made but his brain simply couldnít process them.

A different disembodied voice filled the room.

The Bírechík listened in surprise to the instruction and then spoke sharply to Tate. A few minutes later a goblet was pressed to Chakotayís mouth and he was forced to drink. For a moment the fiery liquid gagged him and then a raging thirst took over and he gulped greedily. The liquid spread through his gut, permeating his body and replacing the cold numbness of shock with a feeling of warm languor. One by one his limbs became unbearably heavy, his eyelids fluttered closed, his heartbeat slowed and his frantic breathing steadied and deepened into sleep.

"It hit him hard." The Bírechík said to Ikton who had entered the room as he had been administering the potion.

"It always does, Frey." Ikton said sadly

"I thought you were going to let him wake up before we gave him the Kureishi, sir."

I was, but then I decided the fun wasnít worth the risk. You havenít witnessed the change before, have you?"

"No. But I was fully briefed before the mission, just in case." Frey replied defensively, a blush staining his pale high-cheek boned face and making him look even younger.

"Of course, you were." Ikton replied mildly, amused at the youthís embarrassment "In fact, I have decided that YOU can be his mentor."

"Really?" Frey gasped in excitement.

"I think he is the type of Bírechík who will respond to your particular charms. He sees me as cruel and will question anything I say. Your youth and intelligence will disarm him."

Ikton smiled at Freyís ecstatic grin. The truth was that Frey was disgustingly naïve and had the kind of face that couldnít deceive a meat kítech. Someone as intelligent as Chakotay would quickly realise that Frey had no capacity for guile and therefore would accept his words as being the truth.

"What do I have to do?"

Ikton laughed, "After the Kureishi, just tell him the truth."

"I see." Frey said, although he didnít.

Ikton looked at Skan and made a moue of distaste. "This Kítech is too badly damaged for our purposes. I donít want to break Chakotayís spirit too quickly. Replace him."

"Iíll call Baddiel." Frey gushed

Ikton closed his eyes and counted to ten before replying.

"I MEANT replace him in the bed with another of Chakotayís kítech. Our new friend has grown attached to his particular toys, it would be a mistake to change them at this stage of the game."

Frey blushed and nodded. He waited until Ikton left and then turned to Tate and Wi. "YOU," he snapped at Tate "Move that animal then come serve me." Then he turned to Wi, "You, prepare yourself for your master."

He didnít wait to see if they would comply; with typical Bírechík arrogance he KNEW they would. He instead wandered over to the dining area, lay down on one of the couches and unfastened his trousers. He knew it would be a couple of hours before Chakotayís first waking and he had no intention of being bored in the interim. The Hostages were always given the prettiest Kítech from the larder, which meant they were not only younger than he was used to but also even more willing to please than even the best trained of his own personal Kítech.

When Tate sank between his knees with a look of eager anxiety Frey sighed with pleasure and closed his eyes.


When Chakotay woke his mind was blank, his eyes refused to focus and his body was alive with pain. He couldnít remember who he was, where he was or why his body was burning. He began to panic and then he managed to catch an elusive thought as it drifted through the hazy fog of his brain. He was a Bírechík he remembered.

He also had the most painful hard-on that he could remember. All his thoughts coalesced suddenly into his groin. He WAS his groin. He was on fire. His cock was swollen and angry, even the slight frictions of the silken sheet over its head making him gasp and arch his spine against the agony.

His movement made him scream as the silk slid over his cock scratching his sensitive glans. His nostrils were assaulted by a smell that took his breath away. A musky heady scent that pervaded his hazy mind and drew him inexorably towards it like a fish on a line.

Blindly he crept towards the aroma. His nose bumped into a warm quivering cushion and he took a deep breath. His tongue flicked out and tasted the softness. It was salty and good and was the flavour of that delicious smell. He sighed in ecstasy and nibbled at the softness, his teeth biting sharply. The cushion jerked and from a distance he heard a sobbing yelp but the sound had no meaning in this dream of irresistible fragrance and delectable taste.

The objectís movement had released a new smell, heavier and more appetising. He nuzzled downwards hungrily, licking and biting towards the musky promise of more delight. The more he savaged the softness with his teeth, the saltier the taste became and he sucked deeply, filling his mouth with the doughy texture and chewing lightly. Slowly he worked his way downwards until the warm tasty cushion parted into two globes.

One by one he bit deeply into the mounds until a metallic taste filled his mouth and he savoured the taste, licking his lips and running his tongue delightedly over his stained teeth.

His cock was burning up like a raging furnace that erased all thought. His hands were rubbing desperately against the agonising pain even as he sucked and chewed on the irresistible softness that cushioned his face but still the pressure was growing until he thought he would explode. His nose delved hungrily between the sticky, coppery mounds and he finally found the source of the delicious smell.

There was a secret cavern here. His tongue flicked out and into the soft inviting walls of the entrance. It opened and caressed his tongue, bathing his flesh with scent and promise.

Instinct made his cock rear angrily and he understood that this was where the pain could be released. With a roar of relief he scrambled blindly until he was positioned before the dark succulent cavern and he thrust himself into its depths. For a moment the pain blossomed and raged into even greater suffering and then the walls of the cavern clutched and held him, caressing and stroking his agony and he sobbed because the promised relief had not come.

He lay there gasping for breath, unable to imagine what else he could do to ease the fire in his loins.

A soft voice whispered in his ear and he struggled to understand it above his misery and the distant sound of sobbing.

"Move, Chakotay, move and the pain will go." The voice whispered over and over.

"Move" Chakotay muttered to himself "Move". His mind grappled helplessly with the idea and he jerked in frustration. Immediately a tingle of pleasure interrupted the endless pain.

"MOVE!" he screamed in triumph as his body finally understood the word and he began to thrust over and over.

Frey watched in satisfaction as Chakotay pounded furiously into Wiís battered body. Each thrust was accompanied by a primal scream and Chakotayís brown eyes were glazed with blind animalistic need. The sweat was pouring off him and dripping onto the body of the Kítech. From neck to ass Wi was covered with bite marks, many of them darkly bruised where Chakotay had sucked the skin until the blood vessels had burst.

Frey wished he had been paying attention. He had been so distracted by Tate that he hadnít even realised Chakotay had woken until Wiís sobs had become screams. The hostage was so damn hot, Frey decided, watching the way Chakotay would pull almost all of the way out of the Kítech and then give his hips a little twist before burying himself with a roar of triumph.

Of course, Chakotay was going to be pissed as hell when he woke up properly, Frey realised.  Still, like the Captain had said, once the change began there was no going back so the sooner Chakotay understood how things now were, the happier he would be.


"Heís sleeping?" Ikton asked

"He wore himself out with the Kítech. Under that cool exterior heís surprisingly passionate. He was still pretty out of it, but I managed to get him to drink the Kureishi again before he slept."

"Good, heíll be receptive to the Kítech again and speeding up the process like this will hasten the change. I donít want to risk losing this one, Frey. By the time he realises what he has done it will be too late for him to fight the addiction."

"The Kítech was badly damaged, should I replace him?"

Ikton looked thoughtfully at Chakotayís unconscious body and then at the battered Kítech slumped in sobbing misery at his side.

"No, I will send Keysh over to repair the internal tearing. Weíll leave the visible scars and bruises though, they will be useful when Chakotay wakes up."

"Keysh is a doctor, he doesnít treat Kítech!" Frey gasped in outrage

"Keysh does as he is told, as you had better too. This man is too valuable to us. It has been years since we had a fruitful hunt. I am not prepared to return to Bírechík and explain that we managed to catch a hostage but then let him kill himself. Itís a real risk, Frey, he will fight the change. His guilt over what he has done to his Kítech will be my way of binding him to us. He knows that his death will mean theirs too."

"But they are only Kítech!" Frey said in bewilderment

"If you are going to deal with barbarians you have to understand how their minds work. He was a Captain in his previous life. He understands his responsibility to his subordinates. THATíS why trying to change whole crews doesnít work. There are too many individuals who put their own lives first. A Captain can never do that. Itís in their mind set that they have to protect the weakest members of their crew. Their strength becomes the weakness that breaks them."

"Even so, these are animals not people. Why would he care?"

"Legends say that at the time of the crossing there were many different meat animals."

Frey nodded in acknowledgement

"Apparently there were also animals kept as pets. They didnít even have a sexual function. They were simply fed and pampered and lived for no other purpose than to fulfil a need in people to nurture and protect."

"Thatís a sick idea." Frey said indignantly "Itís a waste of food for one thing."

"Indeed, but still they did it. Many of the previous hostages have also come from worlds like that. This Chakotay says that his people do not eat flesh at all. He has an insane idea that animals have souls or something."

Frey giggled and Ikton gave him a kind smile.

"So, you see, Chakotay is an intelligent man but he is STILL a barbarian. Once the change is completed he will understand the error of his thinking. Until then, we will use that erroneous thinking as a way to control him."

"So he thinks of his Kítech as Ďpetsí and thatís why they canít be replaced even though they are damaged?"

"Exactly. Never mind, after the change he will undoubtedly decide to replace them himself. In the meantime, we will repair the worst of the damage he inflicts."

"How long are we going to use the Kureishi?"

"A couple more days, I think. More than that and the physical exertion could damage him. Then you and he will have a talk."

Frey grinned.

"Try not to enjoy it TOO much." Ikton warned him with a mock glare.


It was, in fact, three days later when Ikton decided it was finally safe for Frey to stop administering the Kureishi. It had been a tough decision between forcing the change along at a swifter pace for as long as possible, to reduce the chance of the Hostageís suicide, and the very real risk to his heart from the ceaseless sexual activity.

Chakotay had lost several kilos by then and his bronze skin had taken on an unhealthy greenish pallor. His groin was swollen, the flesh bruised and slightly blistered but Keysh had been closely monitoring his heart and had taken regular blood samples and measurements.

"Heís grown two inches." Keysh told Ikton as they sat in the observation room, waiting for Chakotay to wake.

Ikton raised his eyebrows in obvious surprise. "Then he is adapting quickly. Good."

"You understand that his mind will be the last thing to change, though." Keysh added worriedly

"Of course, Iíve done this before. First he will begin to achieve more stature, then his vision and finally his thought processes."

"The addiction will have already taken hold but he will be able to fight it to an extent for several more weeks." Keysh added

"He canít. His mind may be strong enough at the moment but his feelings of responsibility to the Kítech will undo him. If he doesnít give in, they will die. He knows that."

"I feel the need to question your choice of Frey as mentor. Heís an idiot." Keysh grumbled.

"But an HONEST idiot, nonetheless. Chakotay will believe him faster than he would any of us and time is important right now. He only has THREE Kítech to lose, after all."

Keysh looked at Ikton in surprise. "I thought you enjoyed that part of the process." He told his Captain.

Ikton grinned nastily "Of course, but it would be inconvenient if they all died. I suppose we could stand to risk losing one of them though." And he gazed thoughtfully into the monitor.


Chakotay woke to the familiar raging pain in his groin and reached blindly for comfort. His hand found only emptiness next to him and he snarled in frustration. He opened his bleary eyes and blinked uncertainly. The hazy shadows slowly pulled themselves into focus and with the restoration of vision his abused brain began to slowly drag itself into reality.

"Where Ė what Ė " he croaked in confusion.

A goblet was pressed to his chapped lips and he drank greedily, faintly registering that it was the same fruity concoction that Tate had given him on that first morning.

"Tate?" he gasped in panic and with terrified slowness the Kítech approached the bed and quivered before him, his eyes fixed firmly on the floor.

Chakotayís eyes widened in horror as he saw the boyís battered body. The pale flesh was bruised from neck to toe. Vivid bite marks blazed like accusations all over the boyís chest and groin.

He sat up in outrage crying "WHO DID THIS TO YOU?" only to see Tate flinch away from him and cower at the foot of the bed in abject terror.

"You did." A cool youthful voice said with cheerful helpfulness "Would you like to see what you did to the others too?"

Frey settled himself comfortably on the side of the bed and gave Chakotay a friendly smile.

With a scream of rage Chakotay launched himself at the Bírechík, fixing his hands around the youthís neck and squeezing until Freyís eyes bulged.

"YOU BASTARDS!" Chakotay screamed, splattering Frey with spittle as the knowledge of the last four days crashed over him and drowned him in guilt and horror.

Frey slapped his left hand violently onto Chakotayís sore, swollen cock.

The agony of the blow made Chakotay release his grip and sink into a sobbing protective ball around his groin. The pain had refuelled the fire that had been blazing in him for days. Suddenly he could smell the Kítech again, the air was ripe with their fear-induced sweat and it was maddening to him.

"What have you done to me?" He hissed at the Bírechík, as he fought for control over the mindless impulse of his body.

"We havenít done anything to you. This is the change." Frey replied reasonably.

"YOU DRUGGED ME!" Chakotay yelled, trying to rise but defeated back into collapse by the agony in his groin.

"We gave you the Kureishi, but it was only to make things easier for you." Frey said sincerely, "We want to make the change as painless for you as possible."

"Painless?" Chakotay repeated in disbelief "You made me RAPE them."

Frey gave him a kind smile "Oh no, you donít understand. YOU wanted to rape them, we merely helped you feel better while you did it."

Chakotay managed to drag himself into a sitting position, his back propped against the headboard, and he dragged the silken sheets up to cover his nakedness. He winced as the material touched his angry cock but he consciously detached himself from the gnawing pain in his body and looked Frey in the eye.

"You drugged me until I had no control over my mind and gave me some kind of aphrodisiac. I may never forgive myself for what you made me do, but I at least know that I am not responsible for my actions." He said with quiet dignity.

Frey looked at Chakotay with surprise. He had half-expected the hostage to attack him again. This dignified response was most unexpected. He remembered Iktonís instructions to simply tell the truth.

"Can you smell them?" He asked Chakotay conversationally.

Chakotay pretended not to understand the question but the slight dilation of his eyes and a small but noticeable quickening of his breath gave him away.

"Delicious, arenít they? The way they smell, the way they taste?"

"Shut the fuck up." Chakotay hissed as his cock twitched and groaned in excitement and his mouth watered in memory of that taste. His nostrils were flaring as the musky smell of Kítech drowned his senses.

"THATíS the change." Frey purred

"THATíS YOUR FUCKING DRUGS!" Chakotay screamed in desperation.

"No." Frey replied calmly "The Kureishi isnít an aphrodisiac. It is a narcotic. It removes your ability to think and lets your body react without the constraints of conscience. Your attraction to the Kítech was real, your need to bite and taste and fuck them was real. All we did was let you enjoy yourself without having to worry about what you were doing."

Frey looked at Chakotay with honest cruelty. "The Kureishi is out of your system now. Itís been several hours since the last dose and the restorative you drank will have purged your system of any remaining traces. But your senses are still on fire, arenít they? Your cock is weeping at the thought of embedding itself back inside your Kítech. Your mouth is salivating at the thought of biting their flesh. THAT IS THE CHANGE."

Chakotay buried his face in his hands and wept as he finally accepted the truth of Freyís words.

"It will drive you insane. The needing, the wanting. It happens to most Bírechík at puberty. Suddenly our bodies change and the Kítech become irresistible to us. Itís like a madness. For weeks there is nothing but sex in our minds and we are sent to the farms until we learn control." Frey laughed in memory of his own initiation "Its too embarrassing to go through the rut in public, you see."

"You said you learn control." Chakotay gasped between his shuddering sobs.

"The only way to control the needs of your body is to eat the meat." Frey told him bluntly "Digesting the meat satisfies your bodyís chemical need for the Kítech. Then you regain the ability to control yourself around them."

"So my choice is to eat them or rape them?" Chakotay laughed incredulously

 "Well, most of us do both." Frey smirked.

 "I wonít do either." Chakotay spat. "I canít stop you drugging me but I sure as hell wonít touch them again unless you do."

 "Are you sure?" Frey purred, "Canít you feel the burning, the needing, the wanting?"

 Chakotay gave a sob of pain but refused to respond to the question. He finally had a first hand idea of what Ponn Farr must feel like and his heart went out to the Vulcans. No wonder they were so damned unemotional if they had to deal with the humiliating horror of being so completely dominated by their sexual needs.

His whole body was screaming at him, his senses were flooded with the smell of the Kítech but still he managed to look into Freyís eyes and say sincerely "Tell Ikton Iíd rather die."

"I had a feeling youíd say that." Iktonís voice boomed cheerfully from the doorway "Poor Chakotay, you must be in so much pain."

Chakotay closed his eyes and took a deep breath to control himself. Iktonís faux sympathy was the last thing he needed when it was all he could do not to throw himself out of bed and attack Tateís quivering body. His nostrils flared again as a fresh whiff of Kítech hit him and he swallowed convulsively.

"Of course, itís not YOU who will die." Ikton continued as he walked over to Tate and gave the terrified Kítech a kick. "Get up, Meat." He hissed and Tate jumped to his feet and stood in shivering misery before him.

"Remove the Kítechínar. Your master no longer wants you." Ikton said cruelly, his eyes meeting Chakotayís in vicious triumph.

Tate gave a wail of terror and ran from Ikton. He threw himself at the floor beneath Chakotayís bed and looked up, his terrified eyes streaming tears

"Please Master, Iím a GOOD Kítech, Please, Please."

Chakotay reached out a trembling hand to comfort the boy. His thumb wiped against Tateís tears and then he snatched back his hand as the touch of the liquid sent an almost electrical charge through his skin, up his arm and then down into his groin.

Poison, Chakotay whispered to himself helplessly as the Kítechís essence charged through his veins, changing him, enslaving him, making him into a monster, making him a Bírechík.

He buried his face in his knees and covered his ears with his hands to deafen himself from Tateís screams as the boy was stripped of the Kítechínar and led back to the larder by Frey.

Ikton regarded Chakotay with astonishment. He had been sure that even if the threat to the boy had not been sufficient then the touch of him would have been. His hostage had to be in physical agony and his rejection of Tate had been most unexpected.

"Iíll tell Baddiel to leave him off tonightís menu in case you change your mind, but donít think for TOO long." He muttered and turned and left Chakotay to his own thoughts and returned to the observation room.


"You know what this means?" Keysh asked him as he entered

"Of course. He has decided that suicide is his only choice and since his death will inevitably cause that of the Kítech too, it makes no difference whether we take them now or later."

"Heís surprisingly strong-willed. I remember how the change felt. Even after all these years just the thought of it makes my balls want to crawl up and hide." Keysh commented

"I really wanted him to come over to us willingly." Ikton sighed.

"I know, but itís too dangerous. Heís not going to give in and we canít risk his death."

"I thought I would show him that there are worse things that can happen to Kítech than being eaten." Ikton grinned, "It might change his mind."

"It would be safer just to tie him down and let the Kítech ride the passion out of him. A week or so of that and the change will be fully on him."

Ikton looked thoughtfully at the monitor and then smiled.

"If we gag him so he canít bite, the smell of the Kítech will drive him mad. He will soon be insane with the need to taste them."

"You have a devious mind, Ikton." Keysh smiled

"Thatís why Iím the Captain." Ikton smirked.