By Morticia

Part 4

Pairing C/P  C/others

NC-17, and some rather unpleasant imagery

Set shortly after the Jonas incident.

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Hostage by Morticia

The next morning, Chakotay had only the haziest recollection of the remainder of the evening.  Unable to leave the dinning hall without causing suspicion, he had been forced to watch an unbearable progression of drunken savagery as the Bírechík crew demonstrated their complete domination of their personal Kítech.

He had no doubt that it had been a Ďdemonstrationí, yet another lesson for him that the Kítech were infinitely disposable. Fortunately, other than allowing Tateís constant nuzzling at his groin, he had not been expected to join in. So he had sat and watched in growing disgust. He had been unable to avoid the constant refilling of his goblet and he had then become grateful for Tateís attentions, even as that part of him that remained detached and in control noted that his physical dependence on the Kítech was exactly what Ikton was trying to achieve.

By the time Tate had helped him back to his quarters on unsteady legs, he had probably been more than receptive to Wi and Skanís welcome, he realised, although he honestly couldnít remember how he had ended up naked in bed with two of his Kítech. He was laid now in the luxurious bed, with the two Kítech nestled either side of his body and was watching Tate prepare the table with breakfast items.

His head ached too much to move it yet, and he fervently prayed that he wouldnít be expected to drink to excess again too soon.  He was physically intolerant of alcohol at the best of times; he certainly didnít need the added worry of having to watch his every word while he was drunk.

From the quantity of food that was being lain out, and almost certain that the Kítech would not expect to eat with him, he realised that he must be expecting visitors.

"Tate?" he called out, and then flinched as his own words hurt his ears.

Tate scurried over, sank gracefully to his knees beside the bed and looked up at him from under his long golden lashes.  Chakotay noticed that the Kítechínar were still adorning the boyís body and he resolved to ask about that later. At the moment, though, he couldnít think for the pounding in his head and the ache in his body.  He assumed the latter was due to his unprecedented sexual activity of the previous day. He liked to keep his body as fit as possible, but life as a First Officer of a Star ship rarely left him enough time to exercise. Yesterdayís activities had consequently left him physically shattered.

"Do you have anything for a hangover?" he asked Tate quietly.  The Kítech regarded him in confusion, his pretty face scrunched up with confusion and the fear-shadow that accompanied it. Failing to understand a master was full of stress for a Kítech, it led to punishment and worse.

Chakotay sighed at the boyís fear "A painkiller" he explained softly, and saw Tateís face light up in relief. The boy scampered off, presumably to fetch one and Chakotay relaxed his aching head back on the soft pillow and looked at Wi and Skan.  Wi was still motionless at his left, his face relaxed in the innocence of sleep. Skan, on the other hand, had woken at his words and was watching him with a strange mix of fear and sly satisfaction.

Well, that answered the question of why his groin ached so much, Chakotay realised and reached down to stroke the boyís hair in apology. Skan arched into his hand like a cat, rubbing his silken hair ecstatically under Chakotayís fingers and practically purring with bliss.

Remembering that the three Kítech had been previously consigned to the Bírechík larder he understood their desperate need for his approval and it sickened him that he had to play this game. When Skanís fingers crept towards his groin, he stiffened with guilt and pushed the boy away.

"Go run me a bath!" He said firmly and Skanís momentary terror at the rejection was replaced by a look of pleasure at being able to serve. He rolled quickly off the bed and trotted to the sunken bath, passing Tate who was returning with a nervous smile and a goblet.

Hoping the cure wasnít Ďhair of the dogí Chakotay took a deep drink. The liquid was refreshingly fruity, although it tasted nothing like anything he could identify.  He felt its effects immediately as it tingled through his bloodstream, clearing his head and settling his stomach. Still feeling slightly queasy though, Chakotay remembered the heavy perfumed water of the day before and called out "just PLAIN water". Skan gave him a disappointed nod and proceeded to prepare him his hot bath.

The hot bubbling water called to Chakotay like a sirenís song and he detached himself from the still sleeping Wi and padded to the spa. He realised that he was being observed, but under the circumstances he felt very little embarrassment at his nakedness. Only the spirits knew what kind of drunken performance he had given in bed last night, so it was a little too late for modesty, he decided.

As he sank into the water, he felt the warmth creeping into his aching muscles and sank back with a sigh of bliss. He allowed Skan and Tate to climb in with him and massage him, although he firmly drew the line at any attempt to take the physical contact further. They acquiesced with an alacrity that surprised him until he realised that they were probably even more physically sore than he was.

"Come here" he beckoned Skan, and then pushed him against the side of the spa. Skan folded himself until his upper body was lying over the edge of the spa and his buttocks were raised over the waterline, then he spread his legs to allow Chakotayís access.  The only access Chakotay wanted was visual, but the boyís position gave him a clear view. The puckered flesh of Skanís ass was swollen and red, but untorn. Chakotay sighed with relief.

Unable to actually remember, he had imagined himself raping and ravishing the Kítech in his drunken state, particularly given the undoubted aphrodisiac in the wine.

It appeared that he had either used lubrication, after all, or that the boys were well accustomed to being entered. The latter, more probable, explanation sparked his outrage once more. He had entered such a den of debauchery and horror that despite his avowals to control his temper, he was finding it harder and harder to remain objective.

"Donít let us interrupt you, Chakotay." Iktonís voice boomed out.

Chakotay looked up to see the Bírechík Captain enter with two companions. They were all looking hungrily at Skanís exposed ass.

"Iím done." Chakotay replied firmly, deciding there was no way they could tell whether he had just penetrated the boy or not, since his back had obscured Skan from their vision.

"A pity." One of Iktonís companions drawled with a knowing smirk. "Your Kítech looks eager for more."

Chakotay watched in growing alarm as the Bírechík stripped himself and descended into the bath.

"You donít mind, do you?" The Bírechík said, taking Chakotayís place in front of Skanís buttocks.

"Of course he doesnít" Ikton replied, his eyes flashing to Chakotayís warningly "You are his guest this morning and therefore have use of ALL the facilities."

So Chakotay found himself unable to do more than clench his fists futilely under the water as the new Bírechík penetrated Skan with one fierce thrust. The Kítech screamed as he was mashed against the cold metal of the bath rim and then the air was punctured with loud sobs as the Bírechík savagely demonstrated the obscene way in which a penis could be used as a weapon.

By the time he came with a roar, the water was tinged pink with the streams of blood from Skanís ass.  He reared back out of the torn flesh, wiped his bloodied cock in the warm water and then looked straight into Chakotayís furious eyes.

"NOW he looks like heís been fucked!" He said and smirked again.

It took all of Chakotayís self-restraint not to launch himself at the Bírechík and wipe that smirk permanently off his face.  The only thing that kept him in place was the sickening realisation that this had been just another "lesson".  Clearly the Bírechík knew he had not fucked Skan, and this was their punishment. The message was clear, either he maintained his sexual relations with his Kítech or someone else would do it for him.

Looking at Skanís shivering, sobbing body he knew he couldnít risk angering the Bírechík any further. But he promised himself that one day he would make them all pay.

Chakotay wasnít just a Starfleet Officer, he was Maquis. He knew how to wage a campaign of resistance against terrible odds.  He had to box clever.

He gave the Bírechík a self-depreciating smirk.

"Actually, I didnít do it to him at all!" He confessed and saw the Bírechíkís eyes widen at the confession.  Chakotay slapped a comradely arm around the stranger and led him out of the bath so that his next words were also directed at Ikton and his other companion. "I was so bloody worn out after last night that I couldnít. You know how it is, the mind was willing but the flesh was weak!"

Although the phrase was lost on them, the meaning wasnít and all three Bírechík roared with laughter.  Ikton grinned understandingly at Chakotay

"Well, you DID have quite a night of it, Chakotay. By the way, this is Syal our navigator and Baddiel our cook. "

Chakotay nearly choked at the realisation that the Bírechík who had just raped Skan was the same fucker who had Ďdressedí the Kítech for last nightís dinner. He barely noticed Tate and Wi as they rushed over with towels and began to dry and dress both himself and Baddiel.

"You are indeed a man of many talents." Chakotay said to Baddiel, only a deep fire in his eyes betraying any emotion. "I should compliment you on both performances."

Baddiel grimaced.  "Itís always a problem when the Kítech are that old. The meat needs a lot of tenderising to make it edible."

Syal sniggered. "Never mind him, heís only pissed because the Captain sent him down pre-slaughtered. He prefers to tenderise the meat in his own unique fashion and he hates fucking corpses."

Baddiel shrugged "How I prepare meat is my business, I donít tell YOU how to navigate!"

Considering the pointlessness of a Navigator on a star ship that ran on permanent auto-pilot, Chakotay was sickened by the realisation that Baddiel was the only person on this ship that had a real job function, which either made him more or less powerful than the others depending on how exactly this sick society worked.

As Tate led them meekly to the breakfast table, Chakotay grasped Wi by the arm and pointed him meaningfully at Skan, who hadnít moved from the bath.  Wi gave him a look of pure gratitude and rushed off to help his unfortunate friend.

Chakotay found the couches strange and uncomfortable. The idea of eating in a prone position struck him as both unnatural and needlessly lazy. But he lay down without complaint and took his first look at the table.  Fruits, bread rolls, honey and thin golden pancakes made his mouth water. Then he noticed a plate of bacon strips and fat sausages and remembered what Ikton had said about there being no other meat on board except Kítech.

He had an insane urge to laugh at the idea of Kítech sausages, but he identified it as incipient hysteria and told himself to get a grip. He felt like he was walking the edge of madness. Each renewed proof of the Bírechíkís monstrosity made him totter precariously at the edge. It took a huge amount of willpower to reach over and fill his plate with several of the pancakes and some honey.

Syal looked at him with interest. "Ikton said you were a Ďvegetarianí. Is that really true?"

"My people are all vegetarian. We do not eat flesh." Chakotay replied, careful to keep his tone light and free of any condemnation.

Baddiel snorted in disgust "No wonder you are so short. Stunted growth, thatís what it is. Bloody unnatural being vegetarian."

"Actually, Iím glad you brought that up." Chakotay said politely

"You mentioned that you were actively looking to increase your gene pool." He said, turning to Ikton and ignoring the look of distaste on the Captainís face over the change of topic. "Since I am obviously physically smaller than you Bírechík, I do not understand why you find me a suitable prospect."

"You are admittedly small, but well-made, handsome and sharp-witted." Ikton replied generously

"What he means is that beggars canít be choosers and since the portal broke down, we have had to take what we can get."  Baddiel said nastily.

"Then why didnít you take the whole crew of Voyager? You had the firepower to disarm us." Chakotay challenged.

"We used to. Take whole crews, I mean, but it always caused more trouble than it was worth. Most of a shipís crew are useless anyway; they donít have the brains to compensate for stature. Then, when the women die, the rest of them usually go crazy and have to be put down. Itís needlessly distressing for everyone." Ikton confessed.

"What do you mean, when the women die?" Chakotay asked

"Most women canít survive on Bírechíknar. There is something in the atmosphere that affects them. The current population of Bírechíknar is about 10,000. We have only 293 women. "

Chakotayís mind reeled with the statistic. He understood at least why women were not allowed on star ships. Presumably they were kept like a national treasure, imprisoned and protected, as helpless in their slavery as the Kítech.

"After several generations, the male Bírechík have a tendency to become sterile unless new blood is introduced. We assume it is the same atmospheric problem that affects men, but obviously over a much longer timescale." Ikton continued. "A man like you can single-handedly ensure the survival of a new generation. With the use of our laboratories, we can splice your genes and create endless permutations."

"But, even so, your population must be shrinking, unless you have extensive facilities for artificial wombs."

"It is and we have." Ikton replied confusingly

Baddiel grinned at Chakotayís incomprehension.  "What he means is that since we have no more idea how the technology works than we do about this bloody ship, as things break down we canít fix them. The situation is getting worse year by year. In another century or two the only creatures left alive on Bírechík will be the Kítech."

"Thatís heresy," Syal hissed

"Itís the truth, whether people like it or not." Baddiel replied smugly.

"Back up a little," Chakotay said "Why the Kítech?"

"Because they breed like rabbits." Ikton replied derisively

"Rabbits?" Chakotay repeated, stunned again by an earth reference

"Little fur-covered four-legged animals." Ikton replied with a dreamy look "We have vids of all the animals that came in the crossing. Of course, none of them survived Bírechíknar. "

"The vids are fake." Baddiel sniffed "Animals covered in FUR. How the hell would you cook them?"

Ikton shrugged "Maybe their cooks had more imagination."

Seeing Baddiel preparing a vitriolic reply, Chakotay cut in to get the conversation back on track.

"How do the Kítech breed if there arenít any women?"

Syal and Baddiel both gasped in horror but Ikton laughed easily. "Remember the language problem, Chakotay is an alien, heís not being deliberately offensive."

Both Syal and Baddiel nodded and relaxed, while Ikton turned to Chakotay

"You must learn to use the right terminology, Chakotay. A woman is a female PERSON.  A female Kítech is an animal."  Ikton informed him with a warning flash in his eyes.

"Of course, forgive my ignorance." Chakotay replied smoothly and was rewarded by a noticeable relaxation in Iktonís shoulders. "So the female Kítech survive on Bírechíknar?"

"Yes, and no. The survival rate of female Kítech is decidedly higher, in the region of 20%, and they are very fertile, with a tendency to large litters."

Chakotay chewed his pancakes thoughtfully as he digested the information. Something in the Bírechíknar atmosphere was fatal to humans. It manifested itself most dramatically in humans with a Y-chromosome. It was more fatal to people who carried the genes for dark hair and eyes and for some reason was most benign to women with blonde hair, blue eyes and a genetic predisposition to have multiple-births (or at least that was what he assumed by litters).

"So how many Kítech do you have?"

Ikton looked puzzled for a moment. "I donít think we count them, but probably 20,000 personal Kítech at the moment, and another 200,000 or so on the farms."

Baddiel laughed, "You can tell heís not a cook. There arenít that many. More like 50,000 farm animals at any one time. Thereís no necessity to keep too many since itís a waste of grain. We breed them as necessary. Each farm has a strict quota and if they exceed it, the surplus are culled."

Chakotay pondered the facts, even if Baddielís figures were correct, the Kítech outnumbered their masters 7 to 1. On the other hand, since the Bírechík preferred their meat Ďtenderí, most of the Kítech were probably children and only the personal Kítech and the breeding stock could be counted into the equation, so the figure was more likely about 30,000. Still the odds were still 3 Ė 1, so why the hell hadnít they revolted?

Because they were bred as animals, and treated as animals, and no doubt thought of themselves as animals, he reminded himself bitterly. Yet, from the corner of his eye he could see the careful, loving way that Wi was looking after Skan, and he remembered the very human gratitude in Wiís face when he ordered the Kítech to help Baddielís victim.

He felt a kernel of hope. There WAS a potential for revolution, as long as it was handled correctly. He had seen Bajoran children take on Cardassian warriors and win. With the right planning and the right leader, perhaps the Kítech could escape their tragic destiny after all.

It wasnít even a REAL breach of the Prime Directive, either, he realised. Since the Bírechík themselves admitted that it was only a matter of time before they died out and left Bírechíknar to the Kítech he wasnít changing anything, just hurrying it along.

Then he smiled at his own attempt to justify his actions. The truth was he didnít give a stuff for the Prime Directive. He could no more walk away from this situation than he had been able to walk away from the Maquis cause.

"You seem happier today, Chakotay." Ikton said, noticing his smile.

Chakotay gave him a genuine smile back

"Oh yes, I am. I can see a real purpose for myself here." Chakotay replied.

Ikton, Syal and Baddiel exchanged pleased smiles at Chakotayís apparent acceptance of his future as Bírechík Ďbreeding stockí.

"You wonít regret this decision." Ikton said as the three rose to leave.

"When should I report for duty, Captain?" Chakotay asked

Ikton waved his hand expansively "Feel free to wander around the ship if you want. We only man the bridge if we encounter hostiles. If that should happen an alert will sound. Other than that we pretty much do as we like. Iíll see you at dinner, then."

Chakotay was left gazing at their disappearing backs. As far as he could tell, no one (with the noticeable exception of Baddiel) actually did anything on this ship. It was just an excuse for a four-month holiday of eating, drinking and fucking.

From Iktonís comments about the lack of anyoneís ability to repair the artificial wombs, he suspected that life on Bírechíknar was similar. The Bírechík were uneducated, undisciplined and ruthlessly cruel idiots, he decided. Then he recalled Baddielís mention of a portal and kicked himself for not having picked up on it earlier.

If the portal was the way the Bírechík had travelled from the Alpha Quadrant, then it was possibly a way home. Just because the Bírechík couldnít fix it, didnít mean he couldnít. As far as he could tell, the Bírechík would struggle to rewire a light switch.

He began to laugh at the irony of it. Here he was, perhaps weeks away from finding a way home and Voyager was flying off in the wrong direction.

He didnít realise he was crying until Tateís tentative hand stroked his cheeks. He blinked and gave the Kítech a reassuring smile.

"Tell me, Tate. Why are you still wearing the Kítechínar?" He had noticed the Kítechís groin looked swollen and uncomfortable, and he assumed the cock ring was biting into the boyís penis.

Tate flinched uncertainly and then dropped his eyes

"Am I no longer YOUR Kítech, master?" he pleaded

Chakotay suddenly realised that he had unwittingly nominated Tate as his personal Kítech by his actions the previous night. Presumably it was an Ďhonourí Tate wanted to retain.

"You look uncomfortable." He said gently, his fingers reaching out and touching Tateís cock gently.

Tate blushed furiously. "I am a good kítech, master." He said desperately

"Iím sure you are, Tate." Chakotay replied soothingly

Tate looked at Chakotay helplessly. His master didnít SEEM upset with him, but on the other hand he couldnít understand why he was being made to suffer like this. He had assumed he had done something wrong, and had borne the pain without complaint, as Kítech must do. Now, he began to realise that his new Master didnít even seem aware of the pain he was causing.

He opened his mouth to explain, but his nerve failed him. He would rather die from the agony in his groin than be returned downstairs with the other meat Kítech.

Seeing the boyís struggle, Chakotay led him gently to the bed and sat him down. He didnít know if he was breaking some cardinal rule, but he was damn certain he wasnít leaving Tate in pain. He reached and unfastened the viciously tight cock-ring. For a second Tate sighed with relief and then he stiffened and clutched his groin desperately.

"Go" Chakotay hissed as understanding struck him, and he watched Tate run frantically to the wall behind the bath and pressing an invisible panel to reveal a urinal, he relieved himself.

The boyís actions reminded him of his own need to go and he joined Tate. When he had finished, the boy dropped to his knees and licked Chakotay clean.  Chakotay shuddered with distaste. It was one thing to have his cock licked clean after sex, to have it done after taking a piss was obscene. It was only the knowledge of the Bírechík monitors that made him allow the boy to do it.

He realised that he would have to take his instructions from the Kítech. They knew how THEY should behave, he would simply have to take his cues from them and swallow his own moral indignation. That decided, he raised Tate from his knees and looked the boy straight into his wide blue eyes.

"If I ever make a mistake like that again, you must tell me. Do you understand?" He said firmly

Tate flushed and avoided his eyes

"Was it not a punishment, master?" He asked in confusion

"NO!" Chakotay snapped but then seeing the fear and bewilderment in the Kítech he gave the boy a hug

He couldnít imagine ever raising a hand to any of the boys, let alone deliberately punishing them, but he was wise enough to know it would only confuse the Kítech if he said so.

"When I punish you, I will tell you what it is and why I am doing it. If I have not done this, and you are in any pain or discomfort you will tell me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master." Tate whispered gratefully.

"So explain the Kítechínar to me."

"The Kítechínar are worn to show that we are not meat kítech, master." Tate said and then looked fearfully at Chakotay, belatedly realising that if his master had not understood the implications of his gift, he might now take it back.

Chakotay gave him a reassuring smile and then picked up the cock-ring. "And this?"

"It is not permitted that a Kítech should ever respond to his masterís touch. We are Kítech and our function is to give pleasure not to receive it."

"So this is to ensure that?"

"Yes master." Then Tate bit his lip uncertainly.

"Go on." Chakotay encouraged gently

"It is usually only in public that a Master concerns himself with such things."

"So in my quarters you do not need to wear it?"

"If master pleases."

"I do. From now on, as soon as we return home, you will remove it." Chakotay replied and Tate gave a relieved smile.

"What about Wi and Skan? Can they wear the Kítechínar?"

 Tateís face fell and tears brimmed in his eyes.

 "Iím sorry, sorry, sorryÖ." He began to mumble

Chakotay grasped his trembling chin and held it up

"I mean as well as you, Tate." He explained softly and saw the panic fade from the boyís eyes.

"If master pleases." Tate confirmed with a hopeful look.

Chakotay felt his stomach churn over. Yet again his ignorance had caused hurt and fear. When he had put the Kítechínar on Tate last night and had left Wi and Skan unadorned, the poor little bastards must have thought he was still undecided about whether or not to return them to the kitchen.

He needed to learn, and he needed to learn fast. It was time he sought out some other crewmembers and got to the bottom of the rules of this sick society. Maybe they had a manual, he thought wildly and began to laugh.

The immediate fear in Tateís eyes warned him he was bordering on hysteria again and he pulled himself together.

"Go tell Wi and Skan to put on the Kítechínar" he said and Tateís sunny smile proved to him yet again that whatever else the Bírechík had taken away from the Kítech, they hadnít stolen the ability to care for each other.

"Iíll be back later." He promised and then let himself out of the door.